It’s Not What You Think



  1. Happy Pre-Wednesday.

  2. re-commentated:

    I don’t drink gatoraid. I laugh because all around me people will be mainlining carbs and going no faster than me, and I don’t even eat until after the race. I drink some water about halfway through the walk.

  3. *throws Gatorade packets at leon

  4. Does Gatorgum still exist?

  5. Oh man. Loved me some gator gum.

  6. Catchy.

  7. kill me noaw.

  8. I don’t actually drink gatoraid. It’s just a joke going back to when scott used to tease me about running half marathons.

    I usually drink a bit of water, unless I feel I’m sweating out too much/gonna have an issue.

  9. But it would be cool for people to be out handing me water on my longer runs. It’s sucks to carry.

  10. I usually need a little something to eat around mile 7 or so. Or I’ll die around mile 9.

  11. The guy who does the kayaking leg usually joins me without a pack for the last 5 miles of the hike and brings my water with him. Helps a lot since the uphill is in the first couple of miles and I don’t have to carry water through it.

  12. Half doubles, half marathons.

    I’m sensing a pattern here.

    *imagines half a garden

  13. 30 year old Gatorgum is available on eBay for about $100 a pack.

  14. How much work are your blueberry bushes, Carin? I’ve got space if I knock down some mid-yard trees.

  15. * puts on one shoe *

    * walks halfway to mailbox *

  16. I saw your governor on TV last night, scott. He was whining.

  17. *combs the left side of my hair*

  18. Sounds about right. He was probably being stupid too.

  19. *does not want to log into facechimp if everyone has lost their mind*

  20. His stupid busway has been the most discussed topic in decades. For years it’s been discussed everywhere, local media is covering non-stop.

    So what are our tax dollars doing right now? Being spent on ads promoting the busway…between news stories about the busway.

  21. Blueberries are all about the quality of the dirt. Has to be the right PH etc. You can get dieback in the winter – so if they were far from the house, I’d cover the roots good with some mulch. SLOW growing.

  22. I don’t work half doubles.

    FAKE doubles.

    I mean 11 or 12 hours, on your feet w/o a meal break or any break to speak of isn’t technically a double.

    It’s just a really long ass shift with no break.

  23. Hmm, sounds like the ads for Obamacare.

  24. I haven’t tested our soil PH yet.

  25. Gawd, I hate the stupid. I don’t know if I have any more fight in me today.

    /facebook off

  26. Do you have pine trees?

  27. Several, Scott.

  28. Fewer now, I cut a few down last year.

  29. If you really limit your vision, and close your mind, you can see where they are coming from. You have to squint, but they have a point.

    Seriously, I am gonna have a hard time defending this one to my friends. One of whom is gay and conservative, but his partner is pro-gay all the way, PRIDE rallies and all. The misinformation is strong.

  30. leon has pine trees, and he’s not making gin yet?

  31. Why are you going to have a hard time?

    It’s all so freakin stupid.

  32. He needs juniper bushes for gin.

  33. Because everyone points to the perceived outcome of the law, not what it actually says. You have to get someone to agree to that first, and that’s like talking someone off a ledge.

  34. Juniper bushes, pine trees, what’s the difference! He’ll make it in a barn with horses.

  35. Butt chugging gin seems dangerous.

    I say we get leon to try it and report back.

  36. I thought Miller Light was the one made from horse piss?

  37. I’m boycotting all 20 states that. . . Wait! Whut?!

  38. If you’re still talking about Indiana’s law, ask yourself who is making a fuss about it and why now? Is a SCOTUS decision about to happen or is this being jacked up because there are several issues before the court regarding religious freedom and they’re trying to influence the outcome?
    Or I heard someone say it is hullabaloo to get Hillary to take a position on Bill’s bill and to advance Warren.
    Why now and why not when all those other states passed the same laws?

  39. As far as the who — same f*cks upset with Hobby Lobby. LiVs weren’t as easy to get wound up about that one….so what better way to make them weepy over gays getting targeted by evil Christianists who will lock their doors and not sell them donuts.

  40. Even though it’s the same law that protected Hobby Lobby.

  41. It’s been awhile.

  42. Jay, there are plenty of articles out there explaining the law that you can show your friend. It’s not all about the gay thing.

  43. Because it’s politically convenient now, and wasn’t then.

  44. That reminds me MJ. Have you all see this guy – TommysBeastieChannel – on youtube? Here’s a taste. I advanced it to the commentary.


  45. * puts on one shoe *
    * walks halfway to mailbox *



  46. One good reason to support this law? Because the fanatic gays are so screechy about it. Let them turn back this law and we’re f*cked. They’ll smell the blood in the water (or the spaghetti in the spine).

    The screechy, bitchy fags want to get around to that lawsuit against a church, and they want to win it with a dick judge. If you don’t know that, you haven’t been paying attention.

    This isn’t about live and let live, this is about, YOU WILL APPROVE AND SUPPORT MY LIFESTYLE OR ELSE I’LL MAKE YOU PAY!

  47. Exactly mare. They don’t want a middle ground, which this law seeks. They want you to bow to them.

    The right of association implies the right not to associate. If that is no longer true, then we are no longer free.

  48. hahahaha, Rush nailed it in his first sentence on air, “Why are lefties gays and democrats so anti Christian?”

  49. Ah ha, the guy in the video looks to be conservative. He is being interviewed here on white guilt and dealing with race and check out what he says when he gave a’fun euphemism’ to a lesbian that upset the gay brigade.
    “All hell broke loose, and on instagram, my instagram post was deleted within 15 minutes.”
    Check it out, good commentary — invokes Voltaire and who actually owns us by who we can’t talk about.

  50. Lefties, gays, democrats, don’t like being judged. They want to diddle anything that moves, whether the object likes it or not, and they want to rob, cheat, and steal their way through life no matter if you like it or not. Bend over and give them everything they want.

  51. ^ That should be amended to say ‘a lot of gays’. There are plenty who don’t have screws loose.

  52. “Why are lefties gays and democrats so anti Christian?”

    Because self-discipline is required for a free society. They don’t want a free society, they want one where the people are controlled by their base impulses.

  53. Democrats always need to have a “bad guy.” It whips up their base and draws attention from their failing policies.

    Global warming, big oil, fracking, Scott Walker, Haliburton, racist cops, acid rain, Chick Fil a, George Zimmerman, Dick Cheney, war on women, State of Indiana…… will never stop.

  54. I think Colorado Alex once eloquently said here, that very few of (us) care what goes on in peoples bedrooms, we don’t care about the two gentlemen who live next door and run the local bakery.

    I should find his exact comment.

    But the point is, this law is a reaction to gays forcing religious people to support their lifestyle publicly or otherwise.

    I still think most, if not all, gays have a mental illness or are “off” in some way. Statistically, I’m right although I understand I may be in a minority thinking it and being willing to say it.

  55. What is going on behind our backs while the media and certain people are pushing the gays are being discriminated against, meme? Did Barry sign us over to Iran….did Hillary’s girlfriend get arrested..what, what what (<– Said in the voice of the Captain on McHale's Navy)

  56. Scott is right. They define themselves as being opposed to something, not understanding differences.

    It’s simple and easy to be leftist so in order to feel good about themselves they need to be fighting something.

  57. Ah, Colorado Alex is here, do you remember your comment Alex?

  58. Racism was getting old.

    Enter the war on gay people. It won’t last long, it’s too stupid even for them.

    It could be time to dust off the war on women.

  59. I still think most, if not all, gays have a mental illness or are “off” in some way. Statistically, I’m right although I understand I may be in a minority thinking it and being willing to say it.

    In my hobby – soft sculpture dolls – there are a lot of gays. My observation is that more than half have issues and are self-centered, in-your-face, look at me, very catty, screwballs.

    And then the others just quietly shake their heads and try to ignore the assholes…until the wrath of the queens try to pull them into the self-made drama.

  60. But the point is, this law is a reaction to gays forcing religious people to support their lifestyle publicly or otherwise.

    It’s actually a reaction to the government forcing religious people to violate their conscience.

  61. Yes, you are correct, xbradtc.

  62. Mare,

    I’ve made a couple of comments along those lines. I think the comment might have been that we don’t care what happens in your bedroom. The problem is that the left wants to drag the bedroom out onto the front lawn, and then demand applause.

    The problem isn’t Tom and Bob, the nice couple who live down the street and run a bakery. It’s when Tom and Bob demand the right to parade in public in thongs, openly announce how they’re not monogamous, and sneer at the rest of us for not being “enlightened” like them.

  63. Democrats always need to have a “bad guy.” It whips up their base and draws attention from their failing policies.

    What’s Ace always saying? “You don’t need God for a religion, just sin and The Devil.”

  64. This will all get sorted out when we’re all under Sharia law.

  65. This will all get sorted out when we’re all under Sharia law.

    HA! I was thinking that very thing.

  66. We are going out for pork belly, while we still can.

  67. Btw, my ear only zinged once today while I was crawling out of bed.

  68. Nevermind, I jinxed myself. Ow.

    Why is it so flippin’ hard to find cotton yarn for hook size F?

  69. I can’t find pork belly. In Iowa. Yet scott can.

  70. does the hook size go with the cup size?


  71. John Ekdahl tweeted this video which I think for non scientists is pretty good:

  72. They are out, until tomorrow.

  73. I can find pork belly…….under my shirt.

  74. Nailed it, Alex.

    But I fear Carin is correct, this will be moot when Sharia takes over (because NOTHING is more sacred, evidently, to gays than keeping quiet and falling in line when muslim countries hang, stone, and throw gays off buildings).

  75. I can find pork belly…….under my shirt.



  76. does the hook size go with the cup size?

    Pffft, ignores that ^^

    Thicker the yarn, the bigger the hook.

    Cotton yarn is thinner than kite string and regular yarn, but thicker than thread. I wanna crochet some edging on pillowcases. Regular yarn won’t do.

  77. Hey, speaking of stepping on sacred things like fake religions, did any of you watch the show on HBO last night about scientology?

  78. Jay, did you try B&B in West Des Moines?

  79. I have a juniper bush. Sometimes the chickens get the berries.

  80. just keepin’ it H2, beasn!

  81. I have not, scott. Usually I can order from my local grocery, but not lately.

  82. We have to travel about 20 miles to get it. Nobody in or around Hartford carries it.

  83. mare, I don’t get HBO but a FB friend was talking about it. Are the hollyweirdos upset?

  84. I’m headed to Boston. It’ll probably snow.

  85. The place is interesting. It’s right on the CT River, and has been in operation since the old days when cattle were shipped here by boat.

  86. I didn’t see it (I don’t have HBO ). But I get the impression that it was not a positive look on the Scientologists. Which seems appropriate.

  87. I’m going to order Outlander today.

  88. Scientology is every bad thing ever said about religion made manifest in a modern con job.

  89. Also it kept Katie Holmes out of Dark Knight, and put Maggie Gylllenelnelelylyleehalll in her place.

    That’s clearly an act of Satanic forces.

  90. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 31, 2015 2:45 pm
    Scientology is every bad thing ever said about religion made manifest in a modern con job.



    Evidently, the scientologists own a not insignificant part of downtown Clearwater. Fine, fine, however, as a religious entity they don’t pay taxes and it’s had some effect on the tax base. Don’t know what $$ they’ve brought into the area to counter this effect.

  91. Also it kept Katie Holmes out of Dark Knight, and put Maggie Gylllenelnelelylyleehalll in her place.


    How did that happen?

    Pretending Maggie Gyllslslshalslsllka was beautiful enough and interesting enough to have two rich studs be in love with her was too much for my healthy suspension of disbelief.

  92. I’m going to order Outlander today.

    If you’re talking the DVD, Target has it on sale for 19 something.

    I ordered my copy from amazon, last week. It says it’s shipping today. Should be here by Easter.

  93. Didn’t Travolta just come out against Scientology?

  94. Against? Wow, he was one of their big proponents.

  95. Maybe not. I might have misread a headline.

  96. How did that happen?

    When she was supposed to be filming it, Tom was busy brainwashing her and having her impregnated. Her career died when they met, basically.

    Pretending Maggie Gyllslslshalslsllka was beautiful enough and interesting enough to have two rich studs be in love with her was too much for my healthy suspension of disbelief.

    Yeah, I had no trouble buying her as a kinky submissive in Secretary, but Dark Knight had me laughing out loud with its assertions of her beauty.

  97. The AoS commenters are basically of average intelligence and not funny.

    When did that happen? I don’t usually read the comments but today has been a shitshow.

  98. Shut the fuck up, MJ.

  99. MJ, I stopped readying HQ years ago. I didn’t have the time to sift through the bs.

    This place is more my pace. And lots for recipe/crossfit talk.

  100. MJ, I was following that thread and really it was just a few shit stirrers that compelled people to comment on their dumbness.

  101. The Cook thread?

    I thought the best point was in the post. They aren’t denying gays, they are refusing to take part in a political action.

  102. Theigh gap for MJ.

    Enjoy! You’re welcome.

  103. Crack. It’s what’s for dinner.

  104. L to R: Hotspur, MJ after the gym.

  105. There are 800+ comments on that thread in a few hours.

    No one’s got TIME for that.

    *snaps fingers.

    So, what are they saying MareJ?

  106. Tara looks horrific.

  107. I like the spring michigan one better.

  108. I like this comment:

    I think a business owner should be able to serve whomever he wishes. And decline service to whomever he wishes. He doesn’t serve blacks? So be it. He’s missing out on business (profit) if he does. He’s only hurting his own endeavor.

    As for the black person? He’ll find a place that will serve him, and the owner will profit from his business. Free markets. The word “free” is the key.
    Posted by: Soona at March 31, 2015 03:36 PM (/HX7u)

    Of course other whites who do not appreciate the “no blacks policy” will go elsewhere too.

  109. Yeeeesh, Tara looks only humanoid.

  110. I liked this comment too:

    Whereas what’s really going to happen is that inside of fifty years, militant Muslims will have attained a demographic critical mass in Western countries including the USA, and the likes of Moo Moo will suddenly become very very quiet about their previously voiced opinions of how “religion is bullshit”.
    Posted by: torquewrench at March 31, 2015 03:28 PM (noWW6)

  111. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 31, 2015 3:35 pm
    Crack. It’s what’s for dinner.


    And breakfast and lunch.

  112. Second look at burqas?

  113. Somerandomguy, do you want to invest in my Burqas business? I’m hoping my grandchildren will profit from it the most.

  114. Okay, last one, but I laughed out loud when I read it:

    And it is. Nothing in this law changes that. I can guarantee you that if I went to the same hypothetical baker and said I want you to bake me a cake for my open marriage which isn’t really so much a marriage as me shacking up with 3 women but it wasn’t a choice for me this was the way I was born and they declined to make me a cake because they didn’t approve of my lifestyle exactly nobody would give a shit.

    The only reason, THE ONLY REASON, anyone gives a shit about this is because the love that will not speak has become the love that will not shut the fuck up and it has become oh so trendy to jump to the defense of the poor gaystapo. Soon, people will tire of their constant whining and demands and they can go back to quiet self-loathing.

    Not soon enough though.
    Posted by: JackStraw at March 31, 2015 03:48 PM (g1DWB)

  115. They can go back to fucking themselves.

  116. HS is SRG?


  117. I’m hoping my grandchildren will profit from it the most.

    Your grandsons, sure. Your granddaughters won’t be allowed to own property, businesses or stocks or their own funds.

  118. Soon, people will tire of their constant whining and demands and they can go back to quiet self-loathing.

    Faster please. Maybe that’s why my ear hurts. It’s sick of hearing all the bullshit.

  119. On my tweeter feed I retweeted someone who found the official voting list in Illinois for an almost exact law as Indiana. Guess who voted YES?

    Yep, Obama.

    This is all bullshit.

  120. Your granddaughters won’t be allowed to own property, businesses or stocks or their own funds.


    Damn, you’re right again. About all of it.

  121. Are they called voting rolls? What’s the word?

  122. Roll Call

  123. A NASA spokesman said “There is no reason to fear Project Sweet Meteor of Death”

    Heh, nice sidebar article, and title.

  124. Hillary was slamming Indiana too. I guess they’ve both evolved on this matter too.

  125. Other than the zombie pick-up, I think the HQ got the butt end of the LGF crowd when Mr Bicycle wigged out.

  126. Hillary was slamming Indiana too.


    Yeah, it’s never too late for a political whore to chime in.

  127. And there you go…radio blurb….Pence is asking for changes to the wording of the bill he just signed.

  128. blah blah…because ‘some’ people are saying the bill gives business owners license to not serve gays (radio reader said that part)….even though it hasn’t happened in the 20 years the main law and others have been around.

  129. It’s a shame. He had such good hair, too.

  130. Christian photographers in NM were one of the first cases that the Gaystapo won.

  131. Told ya, Pence is a putz.


    This could have been such a coup for him, to simply stand up for the law with conviction and put to bed all the bullshit said about it.

    I liked him too, now, not so much.

    Remember when Chick fil-A went out of business because of their stance? Me neither. Indiana would have been fine.

  132. I had H8CHKN for breakfast on Saturday. Mmm…H8 shakes!

  133. OT: I don’t know why, or how, but you can play Pacman on googlemaps. RIGHT NOW!

  134. I’ve never been to a Chick fil-A.

  135. I can’t remember the last time I was in a fast food place for anything other than coffee.

  136. I’ve never been to one either, Scott. About the only fast food I do is Chipotle, and only because the Mrs asks.

  137. Over-priced chicken sammich served with H8. Plus, we share a parking lot and it’s one of the few places we can eat and be back at work in 30 minutes.

  138. In the meantime, while the usual suspects are frothing up the LiVs, Obama is doing dirty deals with a regime who has no gays, because they kill them when they find them.

    And Hillary accepted millions from gay-hating regimes while SoS and deleted subpoenaed emails that would incriminate her in the Benghazi disaster – – arming gay-hating terrorists to oust Assad.

  139. They used to primarily be in Malls. They are closed on Sunday. Malls started expecting them to open on Sunday or face rent penalties. Free-standing H8 CHKN was born. They are in the SUB at UNM. Some students wanted them to be kicked off campus. More students wanted them to stay. I bet they are gone the next time the contract comes up.

  140. beasn, one of the gays on my FB says that he has to worry about the people that would discriminate against him or kill him here. Doesn’t have time to worry about “There”

  141. Pence calls for a fix, clarification, to Indiana law.

    Headline from Democrat underground, “Public Pressure Works

  142. I don’t consider Chipotle fast food, it doesn’t make me feel like crap, the way fast food does.

  143. the love that will not speak has become the love that will not shut the fuck up

    SRG hearts Jackstraw

  144. I’ve been calling it “the love that won’t shut the fuck up” for years.

    Where’s JackStraw been?

  145. He should be here so he can read things before he has to think them up himself.

  146. I can get pork belly ordered at a place in Bangor. I emailed them earlier and got this reply:

    “Hey Jim!!

    Our Pork Belly is 3.99/lb!! Let me know if you have any other questions!”

    Is that a good price?

  147. Wait a second, did Arkansas just pass a religious freedom bill?

    Holy crap, I’m loving Arkansas right now. Talk about not buckling to intimidation.

    Just heard Pence on Hannity, not sure what to think. It seems weak to redo the law under pressure and not from pressure from his own constituency…that would be different.

  148. Decent bacon in MI is $6/lb. $4/lb for pre-bacon seems high, but not overly so.

  149. Sliced Slab Bacon


    Indiana Bacon – 1 lb Package


    Thick-sliced Ranch Bacon – 1.5 pound package


    Those are their prices, I guess I should check out their bacon too.

  150. That’s about what we pay.

  151. I’m not sure what Indiana bacon is but I wonder if it falls under the RFRA

  152. This is the place

  153. mmm, ranch flavored bacon

  154. beasn, one of the gays on my FB says that he has to worry about the people that would discriminate against him or kill him here.

    How many gays are being killed over here for being gay? Can he back up his claim? And he can’t count gays involved in bad meth deals.
    And when was the last time he was discriminated against for being gay and not just being an asshole?

  155. I will sell potatoes to gay people.

    I will even sell them ass potatoes.

    I will not sell them gay potato-based art.

  156. Everything is an anti-gay whistle to him. I just ignore him. Really can’t have conversations with the militant ones.

  157. I’m so over the hypocrisy and faux outrage. Wyoming is looking better every. fucking. day.

  158. Wyoming is a really nice place.

  159. So is Alaska.

  160. Does Wyoming have an income tax?

  161. So many reasons not to sell a gay cake to these two.

  162. Mare, nope.

  163. Just bought a fifth of Mount Gay. Wanna come over , Mare?

  164. Yes.

  165. And I don’t even know what that is.

  166. WTF did stupid chive make you link via Facebook or twitter?

    Ruined all my funny.

  167. Link through twitter. Most of us are there.

  168. I have loads of gay friends. Most are quiet unassuming people. It’s the rest of the liberal shit stains who make all of the commotion, and who who suck heaping gobs of gentleman’s sausage.

  169. But I need to link here for the “only the tools at the H2 will get the nuance of this stupid thing I linked.”

  170. Those aren’t gentlemen.

  171. I don’t have any close gay friends, never have. I knew a bunch of gay guys when I was LARPing, but they were mostly the shit-stain sort.

    Jewstin is cool, but he abandoned us to make peach butter.

  172. It’s the Folsom Street Fair crowd, the bitter angry lesbos, the “YOUR CHURCH MUST MARRY ME, and also the “we need to make every parade a gay pride parade” wing of the gay population that makes me push back on all of them.

    Otherwise, I don’t think I care and they don’t care that I don’t care. Which is as it should be.

  173. I’ve always really liked Jewstin. Hard working guy, always looking for a nut. I respect that. He told us about his dates and I thought some of them sucked but I was always hoping he’d find someone with some bucks so he wouldn’t have to work so much and could comment here more.

  174. I have quite a few close friends that are gay. Even the conservative ones are getting pushed to the prog side over some of the SoCon issues. I used to be able to make ghey jokes with them, but lately only a few have a sense of humor. My boss at work can be funny in person, but not on FB. Lucio once told me he was “Gay, but not a fag”. Now, he’s hurt that I’m giving my $ to H8CHKN.

  175. Did anybody realize that anybody else was bound to catch them since they stopped to paint a super-realistic-looking tunnel on a wall in the middle of a chase today?

  176. hahahahaha, Yes, Sean,

    Raises hand.


  178. Same situation here, oso. Influence has affected friendships.

  179. J’ames, makes me sad. I’ve been through so much with friends and family, and now, everything is so politicized. I always work on Good Friday, so I’ve never made a pilgrimage to Chimayo or Tome. Family members vote D-rat and support abortion and same sex marriage: Make Good Friday pilgrimages.

  180. I blame Facebook.

  181. I’m going to ask Versace to make me a suit that says, “AIDS, KILLS FAGS DEAD” on it then sue them for discrimination when they turn me down. Because I’m black.

    Am I doing it right?

  182. I think so.

  183. MJ, Dolce & Gabana are getting the gay H8

  184. You could also use “AIDS, KILLS BLACKS DEAD”, because you’re gay.

  185. Scott, I blame me being too lazy to set up different “Who can see this?” Groups on FB.

  186. I’ve heard. The left is going to eat itself over the next few years.

    Your average lefty douchebag can’t possibly keep up with the militant, radical left.

  187. In the 70’s this was obese

  188. They’re creating a giant vacuum for a “sane democrat” that’s fiscally center-left and doesn’t think the Fulsom Street Fair and SJW crowd deserves the time of day. If the Ds think they can gain electorally by ditching these guys, they’ll vanish from the news completely.

  189. Scott, he wouldn’t even be the fattest guy at my gym.


  190. Scott, last Saturday, we had several Members that were too fat for the Amigos. 500# weight limit.

  191. A flight I was on recently ran out of seat belt extenders.

    We should start selling the H2 personal seat belt extender.

    Avoid the embarrassment of having to ask for one. And what happens if the airline runs out? Buy your own, personal, seat belt extender.

    Available in blue, black, and wing sauce color.

  192. Big people are going to be the next group for Democrats to target.
    If blacks, indians, hispanics, gays, women, and the elderly are all victims, why not heavy people?

    It’s only a matter of time. The war on weight.

  193. Went out to dinner with a group of coworkers. One is bisexual and kind of obnoxious about it. Finds any excuse he can to mention it.

  194. We have 13 Amigos at our Club. They are usually all in use at the same time. 14th asshole doesn’t understand that they have to wait. I was just shocked that we had so many Members too fat to ride and had to walk.

  195. Candy Crowley should be outside of the corporate offices of that airline with a bullhorn demanding justice.

  196. The only problem is that most heavy people believe it’s temporary although sadly it isn’t.

  197. CoAlex, I don’t like Hetero PDAs or TMI either. None of my business.

  198. The H2 Large American Accessory Store.

  199. I feel like a fatass. Still bigger than I should be. I still wear my boy shorts. Anyhoo, a guy was looking for basketball shorts for his kid. I told him that I wear 14/16 so a 10/12 should be fine. Kid: You wear boy shorts. Me: yeah, but I buy the reversibles at WalMart for $7.88

  200. It’s going to happen. They have already said it’s genetics and people get disability for it.

  201. Differently bodied.

  202. If they organized, they could riot and burn down a city the next time a cop shoots a fat person.

  203. I was making fun of women not looking at mirrors before going to the store…I was wearing camo windwear from the Boys Dept and a 25 yr old tee. With clog sneakers.

  204. Second interview with BH went pretty well. I’m meeting with the director on Monday.

    I didn’t say anything about Buffet being a cocksucker which was probably a good move.

  205. They should boycott Sam’s Club. 500 lb weight limit?
    That’s discrimination and possibly a hate crime.

  206. American Fat Ass.

  207. MJ, good luck if you want BH. Scott, waiting for it…

  208. I need to get a bullhorn and gain 200 lbs, and figure out a name for my coalition.

  209. Try to get your stock options in BRK-A, not BRK-B.

  210. TUSH Coalition

  211. With an extra 200 lbs you’re still kind of average.

    I keep thinking I’m average but it turns out the average American male is my age, has a 39 inch waist, and a BMI that is borderline obese.

    195 pounds.

  212. Ok I’ll bite. What does coalition stand for?

  213. I can become a Reverend online for free?

    * orders 3 cases of Weight Gain 2000 *

  214. I’m average height and average weight for American woman. 40# over my “Ideal” weight.

  215. *runs from blog crying

  216. *slowly

  217. Good job, Jay. You’ve started running!

  218. Dammit.

  219. Tush is a nice way of saying ass.

  220. You guys are funneh.

  221. We should come up with a TUSH acronym.

  222. Tubby Under-appreciated Super Heroes

  223. Nice. Needs a tee logo. Mr Chumpo can do this!!!

  224. Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff…

  225. I’ll just leave this here for you:

  226. I have 12 hours of meeting tomorrow where absolutely nothing will be accomplished.

    Nighty sweet wet dreams.

  227. Bisexual men are the wrong sort of bi.

    Oh hush. You know you all were thinking it.

  228. Justified tonight. Just sayin’.

  229. Dan gets to spend the AM with his mom, come back to the Westside to take me to work AND take his mom to the acct tomorrow afternoon. Both Miss Daisy’s in one day!!!! You may all laugh at him.

  230. Me too, MJ!

  231. RL friend just posted pics of her daughter’s 4th yr ring at TX Cheer. I remember when she was competing in HS. Soooo glad Jessica’s pic never showed up at the HQ.

  232. GN. Dan is being needy. IYKWIMAITTYD

  233. You don’t see me flyin’ to the red
    One more you’re done
    Just follow the seasons and find the time
    Reach for the derp side

  234. “TUSH Coalition”

    Rainbow TUSH Coalition, LLC

    apply for funding from the EPA, DOE, DOJ, NASA, White House Slush Fund, Inc., The Congressional Office on Rainbow Coalescing, BBMBH Partnership, (bring back my bullhorn) , TUSH Are Us®, The Society for TUSH Gendered Normalization, and others.

    Your theme song could be “TUSH it Real Good” by the much maligned skoliosexual pedo-group ROY G. BIV

  235. “Dan is being needy.”
    did you make him a decent sammich and btw what took you so damn long fetching it for the poor lad?

  236. heh:


  238. for mj:

  239. and for the rest of you:
    Tridacna gigas:

  240. Bisexual men are the wrong sort of bi.

    They are responsible for nearly all heterosexual female HIV infections, as I understand it, making them literally the worst sort of bi.

    Also most “bisexual” women are just doing it for male attention.
    You know I’m right.

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