MMM 166: I’d like to check her for ticks

Greetings, homies and homos, welcome to Monday. Today we’re going to talk about gardens, our feckless, ignoble, and tyrannical government, exercise and fitness, and very likely recipes.

But first we’re going to look at pictures of trannies, like this dude.

And this burly guy.
These two guys cross-dressing guys at the gym.
Tucked wayyyy back.
Tucked selfie.
Muscular back on this buff guy right here.
More tuckage.
These four guys used to be linemen on the varsity football team. True story.
Extremely cleverly hidden junk on this guy.
And that’s that for this week. Next week I might go back to posting hot chicks, but I thought y’all might enjoy a week of almost-passable boys with bewbs. Happy Monday!

Update: Here’s some motivation for you. Totally a different Leon.


  1. Psyops.

  2. I stayed up for this?

  3. No, you stayed up to wait for your midget pr0n torrent to complete.

  4. Actually, tonight’s torrent is Gina Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight.

  5. I remember that being watchable.

  6. It’s not as much fun when you admit it up front.

    Also, I’ve liked Geena Davis since I first saw her on the TV show Buffalo Bill.

  7. I wonder what Olympic Event requires the kind of ass displayed by Miss Brazil???

    Good morning….

  8. Wow, 6 year license renewal, $20, online, didn’t have to wait in line. Good job, Iowa DOT!

  9. Geena Davis first showed up on my radar in “Earth Girls Are Easy”

  10. Wakey wakey.

    Yesterday was no internet day. Effen satellite internet. Now I work a fake double.

    Starting a healthy eating/weight loss challenge at work. I floated the idea and everyone got excited, so I had to make up rules, etc.

  11. That first gal has huge thighs not a huge butt.

    That last gal is sure pretty.

  12. I wonder what Olympic Event requires the kind of ass displayed by Miss Brazil???

    My guess is some kind of sprint-y track event.

    It’s not as much fun when you admit it up front.

    Sometimes I take away fun things from people out of spite. I’m small and petty like that. But then I laugh like a leetle girl.

  13. For hating crossfit, Leon sure has a lot of crossfit gals on here.

    Just saying.

  14. Did I miss any important gardening stuff yesterday?

  15. I hate running, too, but sometimes hot chicks hate themselves and run, and I use their pictures too.

    I’ll never knowingly poat a vegan, though. I’ve got standards.

  16. Peas go in tomorrow.

  17. I gotta get some straw for my potatoes in a horse trough experiment.

  18. That should work well, Leon. Homegrown taters are wonderful.

  19. How much sun should they get on top of the straw? Safe to do on the north side of my barn? Might get about 6 hours of sun a day.

  20. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 16, 2015 8:08 am
    Wow, 6 year license renewal, $20, online, didn’t have to wait in line. Good job, Iowa DOT!


    As it should be. Well done, Iowa!

  21. Ours were full sun.

  22. Byyyyyyyyyyyye Mennen.

  23. I think the sun exposure might be a bit feeble, Leon. You can try it but you should do a control group elsewhere.

    With 6 hours of good strong sun and good drainage I think you’re likely to get a fair yield of smallish potatoes. The main thing is what kind of shade is it? If it is damp and cool there (more hospitable habitat to ferns, which is typical of North side shade) you may have more slug/ bug/ rot problems than direct sun-deprivation issues.

  24. We’re supposed to freeze again, isn’t everyone else?

  25. I’ve never tried raising them in the straw method, though. I got some mixed reviews on that and I enjoy digging, anyway.

  26. Yes, Jay, we are.

  27. It would be north side shade. I’ll see if there’s a place I can get them in Eastern or Western exposure. I’m not sure I have a full sun location where I’d actually want to plop a giant rubbermaid trough.

  28. Make the holes in the bottom of the trough *huge.* I did trash can potatoes one of my first years. Scott cut a can in half the short way for me. The cut-off top of the trash can- just a large plastic ring sitting on the soil surface, filled with more soil- grew potatoes well. The bottom of the trashcan, which I perforated many times, gave inadequate drainage and I got a few small spuds from it.

  29. I might have to change containers, then. I was planning on just pulling the plug intended for the heater coil and hoping that would be adequate.

  30. Listen, don’t let me change your plans. I can relate all these experiences but it doesn’t mean a hill of beans if your climate and weather are significantly different. Too many variables in play.

    If you get a dry Summer, that water-holding capacity may be a blessing instead of a curse.

  31. Did anyone pull the plug on your mom yet?

    I’m asking for HS.

  32. One year I had so many cucumbers growing out of my ears that I couldn’t even share them all. That was a warm rainy summer. Haven’t been able to grow a good crop of cukes successfully since, and it’s probably been five years or so.

    Sometimes tomatoes go like gangbusters, sometimes they all die. Same with corn, etc. You plant a variety of crops because you never know what kind of year it will be. Something will fail, something else will prosper, you just don’t know which it will be.


  34. Does that sound anything like Everything is Awesome?

  35. Some seed packets arrived last week from Johnny’s. I held them and looked at them and thought about them while I had them in my hands, and afterwards too. They were papery and made rattling noises when I shook them. The one with celeriac seeds in it smells very nice.

  36. We have sandy soil and piles of horse manure, so I expect the tomatoes and peppers to grow well, same for zucchini and summer squash. I’m trying out onions for the first time this year, so we’ll see. Potatoes are really cheap in Michigan, and I already have the trough, so it’s a cheap experiment to run.

  37. Hotspur’s search history:

    Florida + cougars over 60 + liquor stores + coconut oil = your mom

  38. Growing onions is fun. I’m doing several kinds this year, including leeks.

  39. My boss and I have about 700 onions in the ground. They should be ready to harvest around middle May. I’m gonna give it another 3 wks to warm up and then plant some sweet corn in a spot that I’ve tried to grow tomaters the past couple of years. I’ve grown some massive bushes (SYWM) but they just won’t fruit out. Don’t know what the problem has been but I’m not trying it again.

  40. Hey…..this garden talk is fun and shit.

  41. Welcome to the dark side, PG.

  42. This is the year that I put in the semi-permanent garden complete with painted fence posts and gate. I’m hoping to only need the tiller for this area once, but I might do a field somewhere else with something low maintenance/slow-growing like pumpkins or melons.

  43. Morning, people.

    Leon, I hear you’ve been running around buying tiny pink bows and tutus and whatnot. Congratulations.

  44. That was just for him, too, lipstick! Wait until he starts on the baby!

  45. I’ve got several Burpee catalogs and all I do is look at them.

    Most of my yard is red clay. Took over 10 years to turn a few spots into decent gardenable dirt.

  46. That red clay is perfect for growing waterlilies.

  47. You’d need water too. Not sure the husband wants to turn the yard into a giant pond.

  48. You could get a gondola.

  49. I remember Alton Brown telling me that pineapple doesn’t get ripe by letting it sit.

    Bullshit. I’ve been letting them sit for about 4-7 days (hint: pick the most yellow ones), then cutting them up. This one is pure sugar, and so good.

  50. I don’t understand why a tropical fruit is $2.98 apiece in March, in Iowa.

  51. Sounds like it might be from Mexico; they’ve been pretty cheap here too.

  52. >>>Sounds like it might be from Mexico; they’ve been pretty cheap here too.

    Are we talking pineapples or your mom here?

  53. Yes!

  54. The masochist that I am (SYWM), I scheduled both boys to get their wisdom teeth out back-to-back this morning.

    I’m down to just the one as The Axeman’s blood sugar was stupid high over night and into the morning, so he’s off the hook.

  55. Cut the top off a pineapple and plant it. now you have another pineapple in 20 mo.

    Jeez, we’re all gardeners now.

    Hey, Lips.


  56. L to R: Jimbro, Cyn

  57. Pulling the whizdom teeth can be a thing. Mine went smoothly and I was 38. Hopefully they just pop right out.

    Stupid giant teeth.

  58. beware

  59. I’m ware. Vewwy ware.

  60. I have a garden in my office, a tangelo tree:

  61. What about mom’s pineapples?

    Also, gross.

  62. I tried growing one, chumps, but had no luck. Probably got too cold. We don’t keep the house very warm in winter, we like it cold.

  63. Age 38 for wisdom teeth? Ow.

  64. Hey! Lipstick!

  65. We got both my daughters wisdom teeth out on the same day. One was 16 and the other was 13 IIRC. I don’t know if it was pain or not cause I went back to work after we got them home. Male Privilege and Patriarchy and all that shit.

  66. I got one wisdom tooth pulled on one day, then went back a week or so later for the other three.

    Only problem was when the dentist dropped a tooth and I started choking on it. That was a scary half minute or so.

  67. Hi Cyn!

  68. My dentist had mild tremors, so it was a little scary watching his wobbly hands entering your mouth with a drill. He was good, though.

  69. Bananas around here are .50 per/lb.


  70. I’ll just leave this here for everyone.

  71. It would appear to me that MJ needs a strong dose of this.


    Not magic…. socialism.

    80’s Poland but it could be present day Venuzuela.

  73. LIPSTICK!!

    I know. It’s cuter with puppies.

  74. BUFF!!


    (I can’t open your link at the moment. Computer is still wonky.)

  75. Let the drug induced hilarity begin!

  76. Is this real life?

  77. I’m going to call him David when he comes out.

  78. helloo?

  79. Printer is out of toner. Replacement at Staples is $72, at it’s $45 and they have knockoff brands for $18.

    I love that place.

  80. David? You should call him Shirlena.

  81. I only almost swerved off the road laughing three times and pulled over once for a bloody mouth.

    All in all, so far so good.

  82. The biggest giggle was him rattling off square roots as he was waking up!
    *wipes away a proud geek mom tear

  83. You’re gonna freak if he replies “Dave’s not here, man” in a Cheech and Chong voice.

  84. inorite?!

  85. I had my wisdom week taken out on a Monday and I took the rest of the week off.

    They called me in Tuesday and had me work all week under the promise of double-time pay.

    I never got it.


  87. Wisdom week? Huh.

  88. Wot wot, poofterz?

  89. I’m pretty sure I had less wisdom once mine were taken out.

    That explains a lot actually.

  90. I still have two. My dentist wants to yank one out at some point, but Cyn may be onto something.

  91. Scott should be able to confirm; he’s pre-med.

  92. Just doing some quick, back of the envelope math here, that could result in a 50% reduction in my already small supply of wisdom. Which is nearly half!

  93. I don’t know if Leon still brings paleo foods to social events, but if so, he should check out krupuk. They are made with tapioca flour. They satisfy the cracker-crunch jones.

  94. Klingon food?

  95. Ha ha ha! It does sound like Klingon language, doesn’t it. You’re adorable, Seamus.

  96. I take a food thermos full of beef stew or chili most of the time.

  97. I found a couple boxes of them in the pantry, still sealed. I fried up some of the crab ones and they are sooo good. It might just be a nostalgia thing for me. But Scott tried them and didn’t gag, so they must not be too awful.

  98. So, what are they?

  99. I’m thawing hamburger for meatloaf. Just got a text from Dan: I need you to check my meat. Before I had a chance to reply, I got a follow up text: You have such a dirty mind.

  100. It’s a savory snack chip that you fry up yourself. They come as these little hard chips but when you throw them in hot oil, they quickly puff up and look kind of like a rice cake. But more thin and crispy. They can be made with different kinds of seafood but most of them are shrimp. ‘Shrimp chips’ or ‘prawn crackers’ is what they’re called in some places.
    My mother’s late BF was 1/2 Indonesian and he used to make them. You can usually find them at any Asian grocer. I remember being so surprised the first time he made them for us. It was like a miracle, how they puff so fast, lol. Eating them makes me remember the guy. He was a good man.

  101. But Scott tried them and didn’t gag, so they must not be too awful.

    Sounds like a ringing endorsement.

  102. Our best local Asian market has lots of stuff we buy, but I get ill shopping in there. The smells. Sense memory. At The Club they are having Lenten Demos. I H8 the smell of fish. Lift drivers were getting irritated by me this past weekend. I was avoiding all the fish demos.

  103. Yeah, Oso, I can’t get near the meat section of the Chinese grocery. What the fucking fuck, over? Does the health department never visit?

  104. shrimping

  105. Okay, I’ve seen those in their pre-fried iteration before, but never the DIY version. Sounds interesting.

  106. shrimping

  107. The things you find in the Asian market freezer section:

    Duck faces
    Lime leaf

    That last one is really important for good curry. Not so much for the other stuff.

  108. lauraw, I don’t go to the carnicerias either. WTF health department?

  109. I had my wisdom teeth removed in 1985, Oral surgeon was telling me that he was a dentist to stay out of VN. My 3 tour vet dad paid for my extraction. Thought it best to just be quiet to each of them.

  110. Duck face is really cheap.

  111. They have duck faces in the freezer?

    Fuck the health department, call the cops!

  112. You know what is really gross? Chicken feet.

  113. Ever eat a hot dog?

  114. Chicken feet is also in waffles, and duck face.

  115. Yep. And real dog, And probably cat. (Our Amah said that dog carts were really cat carts most of the year. I thought it was beef!!!! Never saw a cow) I like to feed hot dogs to the wieners. True confession time: I really don’t like Brats.

  116. Whenever I say that I don’t like brats, I always have a bunch of Midwesterners telling me that it is just because I haven’t tried “Their” brats. I really like Hot Links, though.

  117. For osita:

  118. TY Sean. Love love love.

  119. Looove me some prawn crackers. All the Chinese restaurants in London have them, but I haven’t seen them at any here. Boo.

    I’m so deprived.

  120. LIPPY!!!!

  121. LD, they are easy to acquire and a cinch to prepare! Hie thee to the asian grocer.

    Don’t buy the Chinese ones, though. Vietnamese are better.

  122. Okay – sold: they’re going on the shopping list.

  123. poor oso, doesn’t like brats. so delicious.

  124. I think Pho sounds good tomorrow, with all this Vietnamese food talk.

  125. Tomorrow is corned beef and cabbage day!!!

  126. meh, I’m not Irish.

  127. This poor boy is starving. I broke out the chopper and came close to liquifying soup noodles, adding that to the broth. And now he’s polished of a package of lemon jello.

  128. There’s a grocery chain throughout most of Texas called HEB. I don’t know how they rank in the civilized parts of TX where Dave and VMax and TiFW live, but in Midland and Odessa they’re the top end. They’ve almost got a cult following in those two towns.

    So every time I go to HEB in Midland (the higher median household income of the two towns by about $15k) I hangout by the meat and seafood section and just sigh repeatedly. It’s unbelievable how much quality shit they have there. And then last time I went, they were selling bulk chicken feet from the deli. First world… third world.

    What the fuck would you even use chicken feet for besides undoing the spell on your baseball bat so you could hit a dinger or something?

  129. Make hot dogs?

  130. *nods approvingly

    I can liquify those!

  131. I lived on pudding and ice cream for a week after I gots my teef pulled.

  132. Mac and cheese here.

  133. PG, Taiwanese people love marinated chicken feet. They also think fish eyes are a delicacy. YMMV

  134. Ramens. I was in college. That was the diet all the time.

  135. Chicken feet are supposed to make the best stock/ soup base. High % collagen you know. Very chickeny.

  136. As long as chickens keep having thighs and legs and shit, I don’t see any reason to go any lower.

  137. He’s supposed to be on liquid for a week.


  138. Chicken feet and chicken necks make chicken stock now that wings are 3 dollars an f’ing pound.

  139. I don’t eat Ramen noodles, too much chicken feet.

  140. lauraw, I’m ok with Dan cooking down the carcass for chicken broth.

  141. I only use half of the ramen seasoning pack. ’cause I’m healthy and shit.

  142. You can use chicken feet as a fun cocktail garnish at parties.

  143. We make brats every year. Cheese and jalapenos make you everyone’s friend.

  144. Hey, moose, how many brats do you have up your ass RIGHT NOW?

  145. Bullwhips or brats. Your choice.

  146. Spad?

  147. Did anybody get the city to put the kibosh on anybody else’s proposal to put an equestrian statue of themselves in their front yard today?

  148. Nope. Our city is taking on Hobo tent cities though.

  149. Hi Roamy yes exactly that Spad. Hat in the ring squadron for the win.

  150. I hate people who park in handicapped spaces without the proper plates or placards.

    I hate them more when they cop an attitude about being called on it.

  151. I saw an original SPAD XIII at SDASM just over a week ago.

  152. Good: Apartment Jacuzzi was filled with cute twenty-something girls in bikinis.

    Bad: I had to spend the whole time listening to some 40-year-old drone on and on about how his wife just filed for divorce and how horrible she was.

  153. Apartment Jacuzzis are the #1 way in which straight non-IV-drug-users contract HIV.

  154. Actually, they’re a great way of passing along really nasty staph infections.

  155. Apartment Jacuzzis are the #1 way in which straight non-IV-drug-users contract HIV.

    Your Mom dropped to #2? Huh.

  156. She’s been a lot less active since the problems with her hip started.

  157. One day I’m gonna write a derp in a letter
    One day I’m gonna get that faculty together
    Remember that everybody has to wait in line
    Blue Jean, look out world you know I’ve got mine

  158. >>>>>Good: Apartment Jacuzzi was filled with cute twenty-something girls in bikinis.

    Bad: I had to spend the whole time listening to some 40-year-old drone on and on about how his wife just filed for divorce and how horrible she was.

    TITS 2?

  159. Part of recovering from my divorce was the gradual realization that everyone has a story about how bad their ex was.

  160. Moose61 + Spad13 = SpooseMad74

    Hey lurkers, you need to come by and talk about chicken feet and brats more often!

  161. Drove another lurker away, huh?

  162. We’re getting good, wiser wasn’t even around!

  163. Part of recovering from my divorce was the gradual realization that everyone has a story about how bad their ex was.

    I don’t, but it’s been a long time. I could appropriately enjoy a hot tub full of cute girls in their 20s without casting a dark shadow over the event.

    Well, unless my boner was in front of a flood lamp.

  164. Part of recovering from my divorce was the gradual realization that everyone has a story about how bad their ex was.
    Nah. She’s cool. It was a fair trade and I wish her the best. It was easily half my fault. Probably a little more.

    And I just would have blown all of the sweet, hard earned, glorious cash on an Aston Martin.

    I’ll just leave this here for everyone:

  165. Yeah, I’m at the point of wishing I could either have never married her or never divorced her, just so we hadn’t invested the time and money in it and had it not work. Found out she finally got pregnant, too. Very happy for her.

  166. hey leon, just started reading a bit on Haskell, and I believe you mentioned that earlier. Interesting stuff. Guess I should be more into Python and such. But work doesn’t like us to stray from the narrow path.

  167. Yeah, I’m trying to learn R in between fighting to make this or that subsystem conform to security findings. I think it’s going to be important if I continue to be a Big Data guy.

  168. wakey wakey

  169. I don’t know R either. I’ll probably lean toward F#.

  170. Morning Car in, having a bit of nice weather? Enjoy it! It got colder here again today.

  171. Whatever’s eating our barn cat’s food isn’t interested in marshmallows. I suspect another cat. I was hoping it was a racoon.

  172. Yesterday the weather guy said, “enjoy this, we wont have another day like this until April.”

  173. Cool vid of the Big 12 basketball tournament:

  174. It might be a possum, leon.

  175. Possums like marshmallows, though. They look like eggs and smell like candy. The other possibility is that it’s a coon that’s been trapped before and knows to avoid them.

  176. Zombie possums don’t eat marshmallows.

  177. *cold chill down the back*


    Check the brick, leon.

  179. Haven’t had any come back since I started drowning them in the pond.

  180. Haven’t had any come back since I started drowning them in the pond.

    Just wait until one of the starts slaughtering coeds while wearing a hockey mask.

  181. Comment by Cyn on March 16, 2015 10:02 pm

    He’s supposed to be on liquid for a week.



    How good of a blender do you have?
    I’m asking on behalf of someone who thinks it would be hilarious to serve a porkchop and gravy smoothie to a kid.

  182. You gotta add instant potatoes to that mess.

  183. Don’t forget the cranberry sauce.

  184. What an utter and complete waste of coeds.

  185. Cyn, when I was off solids for my gum planing, I did smoothies with vanilla protein powder, coconut milk, almond butter, and frozen blueberries.

    The stuff white people do. What the hell is the matter with them?

    Beginning on Monday, Starbucks baristas will have the option as they serve customers to hand cups on which they’ve handwritten the words “Race Together” and start a discussion about race. This Friday, each copy of USA Today — which has a daily print circulation of almost 2 million and is a partner of Starbucks in this initiative — will have the first of a series of insert with information about race relations, including a variety of perspectives on race. Starbucks coffee shops will also stock the insert.>>

  187. Just. Sell. Coffee.

  188. It would be funny if a few fights started.

  189. I think I’ll race to Peet’s or The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Better yet, make my own. That Austin Powers movie was right when they put Dr. Evil’s lair inside a Starbucks tower.

  190. Hmm. Were there any Starbucks in Ferguson?

  191. the first of a series of insert with information about race relations, including a variety of perspectives on race. why whites are responsible for everything wrong in the world

    Edited for accuracy.

  192. Sorry. My bad.

  193. Check out this email I just got from!

    Dear Student or (former) Student,

    Obama’s Brand new program for 2015. Called The Student Forgiveness Program
    Open Enrollment Mar 17, 2015
    Just enacted: Obama Student Forgiveness
    Public Service Forgiveness (PSLF) Program
    *Over 5 million Students Forgiven
    Call Now! (888) 451 8776
    Any balance on your student is eligible for complete forgiveness.
    ( Former Students and Current Students )
    What is the Public Service Forgiveness (PSLF) Program? The PSLF Program is intended to encourage individuals to enter and continue to work full-time
    (888) 451 8776
    6am – 9pm est 7 days a week
    The purpose of the Public Service Forgiveness Program is to encourage individuals to enter and continue working in public service jobs.
    You may qualify if you work full-time.

    spaces removed from email.

    followed up with a search, giving me this:

    Your tax dollars at work.

  194. When you think about it, this is just the CEO of Starbucks and the publisher of USA today masturbating in public, fantasizing about a nubile, armored Social Justice warrior like the busty chick in that video war game commercial. Unless they’re fags, then it’s Obama they are visualizing.

    I figure I had better say “fag” before that becomes illegal for straights to utter.

  195. Already I’ve heard a reasonable prediction that the next President (going to be a democrat) will quarantine most of these student loans. Start a program to officially buy off millenials forgive the debt. Suckers, we are.

  196. I kicked ass at zumba today.

    Also, fuck Obama.

    And I don’t remember doing liquids so long when I got my wisdom teeth removed? I had 3 done at one time.

    Of course, I don’t follow rules.

    *spits on floor

  197. Your future and your vote will be purchased. Press the lever and receive your food pellet. Good rat.

  198. Imagine a world without white people. That’s what they want.

    It’s not a good world.

  199. Some years ago, there was a Mensa Convention in San Francisco .
    Mensa, as you know, is a national organization for people who have an IQ of 140 or higher.
    Several of the Mensa members went out for lunch at a local cafe. When they sat down,
    one of them discovered that their salt shaker contained pepper, and their pepper shaker was full of salt.
    How could they swap the contents of the two bottles without spilling any,
    and using only the implements at hand? Clearly this was a job for Mensa minds.
    The group debated the problem and presented ideas and finally,
    came up with a brilliant solution involving a napkin,
    a straw, and an empty saucer. They called the waitress over to dazzle her with their solution.
    “Ma’am,” they said, “we couldn’t help but notice that the pepper shaker contains salt and the
    salt shaker ” But before they could finish the waitress interrupted them. “Oh, sorry about that.”
    She leaned over the table, unscrewed the caps of both bottles, and switched them.
    There was dead silence at the Mensa table.
    This reminds me of our government: solutions could be so simple, but the brilliant minds in
    Washington have to make them so complicated.

  200. Without white people, who’s going to donate blood? Volunteer at those habitat for humanity things?

  201. And, just a little story from work. Sunday night. Table of Mexicans and table of blacks.

    The Mexicans said they didn’t want to sit near the black people because they smelled.

    But, no racism here because they weren’t “white”.

    Non-white racism doesn’t exist. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  202. I paid my student loans off too early. I should have had you guys do it!

    Stupid me.

  203. See that all the time, Car in. The mexicans making fun of everyone else, everyone else making fun of the mexicans. As long as you aren’t white, it’s cool.

  204. I had a student load of something like $2k. Not much but this was ’86. Paid it off in a year.

    My kids didn’t take out any loans. They had the family scholarship for nearly 2 years. Paid the rest themselves and if they weren’t able to, we would have loaded them the money. I vowed they would get no gov. taint on them.

  205. I’ve decided to identify as Hispanic.

  206. He’s supposed to be on liquid for a week.

    Weird. I had the wisdom teefs taken out from the left side of my mouth one week….and the right side, a week later. It was liquid diet the day they were removed….soft foods the next day…and then be careful after that until fully healed.
    Popped right out they did. The roots on all four, were fused. Looked like shark teeth. Took the second set to my second graders for show-n-tell.

  207. And, blacks hate arabs.

    But, again. Not racist, and you can’t get a single person at the national level to discuss it. Because it doesn’t exist.

  208. Because like attacking Christians, they know whitey won’t fight back. It’s safe to attack both.

  209. FARK…I’m a barometer. Rain is coming and my head is going to hurt like fothermucker until it starts.

  210. Makes sense. Federal Government takes control of student loans, then they forgive the loans.

    Free college for everyone!

  211. Honest to goodness, no shit, my hometown has a Kraken controversy.

  212. Why forgive the student loans when you can make a bundle off the interest?

  213. For the votes, Beasn.

  214. That plan is going to buy a LOT of votes.

    We’re fucked.

  215. Loans for everyone!

  216. I made something.

  217. $100k Wimmens Studies FTW!

    You can go to our state university and get a $15k/yr nursing degree OR go to some near Ivy League over-priced nursing program and wind up with $140k in debt! Stick it to the taxpayer and go big!

  218. The ice is starting to break up on the river. This should be fun

  219. Are people really freaking out over political satire at Fallas? Amazing…

    A friend of mine used to live in Valencia. I kind have a fantasy of her dressing up as a Fallera.

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