Happy Pi Day!

life of Pi

I’ve never seen the movie, but I’ve heard good things about it.  Not sure it deserves it’s its own day though…


Oh, and today is also the greatest holiday EVAH!!!  (link slightly NSFW)


  1. The category seems legit.

  2. The category seems legit.

    took me 25 minutes of scrolling through all of the categories this shithole has created to find just the right one.

  3. I see someone is just phoning it in.

  4. I see someone is just phoning it in.

    hey, I added a link!

  5. I’ll sum it up http://is.gd/cGNt6L

  6. It’s a work in progress….

  7. So’s your mom.

  8. test

  9. So’s your mom.

    Well, up until she passed away a few weeks ago……

  10. Damn it. Why the hell won’t my avatard show up?

  11. Ah, I missed that. My condolences.

  12. Ah, I missed that. My condolences.


    nah, I’m kidding.

    It’s been about 2 1/2 months now.

  13. Decomposition could still be regarded as progress.

  14. Hahahahahahaha.

  15. Decomposition could still be regarded as progress.


  16. (Mom is still alive. see post category)

  17. I’ll sum it up http://is.gd/cGNt6L

    Looks too white to be Obama.

    I denounce myself.

  18. Microbe hater.

  19. If you listen closely you will here groundskeeper Willy yell “DONT PUKE”, just before the shot.

  20. http://is.gd/iX4wkI

  21. hear

  22. stupid fingers

  23. Got THAT right.


  24. http://is.gd/iX4wkI


  25. 41 and raining, and I have steaks to smoke.

    I might do them in the oven.

  26. G’morning.

  27. Midnight Special – good tune.

  28. Talking palindromes on SES

  29. Today is my Steak and Blowjob day.
    Well, Whataburger and Asian Pron anyway.
    Wiser, your mom called me to kick your ass..

  30. Welp, with all those insults… SES was a good run.

  31. Happy Birthday T’Jew!

  32. VLC is installed, plugins are up to date, but I can’t hear wiseradio. :(

  33. I’m having to use the olden school Windows Media Player, Roams; I can’t seem to find an online stream anymore.

  34. Happy Birthday, Jew from Texas!!

  35. Death + Your mom = super fun!

  36. I’ve been up since 7. I went to the gym, to petco, to the fancy-pants grocer in A^2, and then folded and put away all of my laundry.

    Now I’m listening to Tom Hill exist and that makes me sad. My Ford contact told me that this was a very useful book to read for the job if I got it. It’s been on my shelf since 2007, so it’s probably time to read it.

  37. Comment by buffalone on March 14, 2015 11:13 am


    Good one.

  38. http://i.imgur.com/ZIyqijM.gifv

  39. I hope the truck driver kept his window up

  40. Naugatuck!

  41. Leon, you’ll probably also want to read this book as well.

  42. One of my distant Lebanese relatives had a below elbow amputation. I have no idea how he really got it, maybe an industrial accident back when my hometown was a shoe manufacturing hub. That didn’t stop my mom from telling me he got his arm amputated because he stuck it out the bus window and a truck chopped it off. A fairy tale to scare me and keep me safe. And give me nightmares. Love you mom!

  43. Welp, I had a pretty damn good workout this morning!


  44. Pro tip:

    Under NO circumstances so a search for fat gal being a mermaid.

    This country is full of sick scum.

  45. Happy birthday, TexasJew

  46. Those gardening fags at the hq have gone overboard. Nobody wants to read all of that shit.

    Where’s car in?

  47. Got it covered, CoAlex:

  48. All mermaids are beautiful in their own way. Even those with thyroid issues.

  49. I’d like to know who turned my “safe search” off.

    I’ve seen more porn looking for innocent stuff like, “man wearing suit” than xbradtc has on a typical Friday night in Bangkok.

  50. Happy birthday TJ


  51. http://www.al.com/news/birmingham/index.ssf/2015/03/birmingham_1_of_6_pilot_sites.html

    It’s no coincidence that Al Sharpton opened an office here last July.

  52. Happy Birthday, TJ!!!

  53. HB TJew.

  54. Happy Birthday TexasJew!

  55. I hope you have a great birthday, TJ.

  56. Brownfield remediation


  57. This guy sucks.

  58. because Bridgeport is a dump.

  59. I hope you fracked a gusher this week. But enough about Hotspur’s mom. How’s everything in the Bakken?

  60. Previous comment was for TJ. I realize that we all have a hotspur’s mom story.

  61. I miss cable in March.

    This happened with .2 seconds on the clock http://is.gd/be9eoU

  62. Arizona!


  63. Thanks guys!!

    The comments ate my response..

    Things are slowing down up in ND as far as drilling but the fracking backlog has been keeping people busy. The oil production hasn’t been hit yet, which keeps the posted WTI prices very low.

  64. Happy Birthday TJ!

    Hey are you on FB? Got a FB Jew friend who is having a birthday too.

  65. Tell Ben that grain alcohol (ethanol) doesn’t make people blind, that’s wood alcohol (methanol).

  66. Leon, why do you know so much useless stuff?

  67. He knows his anols.

  68. A christian person came to the door and I took his literature and then said, “but you’re not supposed to be soliciting here.”

    And for some reason I said it with a lisp.

    Not doing well on the casual conversations lately.

  69. He knows his anols.




  70. Damn it, I spell like I speak with a lisp.

  71. Blame it on the autocucumber.

  72. FUUuu! I’ve got crap I need to list on ebay and I keep putting it off.

    And my daughter isn’t coming home for spring break. Says she has a paper to write and when she’s home she can’t get anything done.

    Which I can vouch for because when she’s home, she sits on her butt and vegges (sp?) and wants mama to cook all her favorite dishes.

    I’m pretty sure she is going to veg in her apartment too when she’s not out with the new boy. I better not get a stressed out call next week because she waited until the last minute to finish the paper.

  73. Has anyone else hit the age of 50 and felt like a fat f*ck?

  74. Welcome to my world Beansnsnsnsns!!

  75. 55 and FF here.

  76. Leon, why do you know so much useless stuff?

    Knowing the boiling points for methanol and ethanol and which one to drink vs. which one to put in your Indy car is not what I’d call “useless”. Lecture on “why methanol blinds you and ethanol gets you drunk” was my favorite day in organic chemistry.

    But your question nonetheless has merit, and so I’ll answer: because I’m a hoarder. And possibly because I’m a white guy and trivia is like our version of Kenyans sprinting.

  77. These steaks look like something from The Flintstones.

  78. Butanol will blind you too, as will isopropyl iirc. But you can’t make those by accident when fermenting corn.

  79. I let about 30 pounds jump on board — feel gross — and I’m thinking about that $3.99 cherry pie I bought the other day.

  80. Has anyone else hit the age of 50 and felt like a fat f*ck?

    Did that at 30. Didn’t start to turn shit around until 34.

  81. I’m laughing at every single comment since 2:12pm.

  82. I should pack my bags and visit my daughter for her spring break. There are a ton of hills to walk on her campus.

    That should make her very happy. I’ll ask to tag along on her dates and make them take me to White Castle.

  83. >>>>Tell Ben that grain alcohol (ethanol) doesn’t make people blind, that’s wood alcohol (methanol).

    I was going to correct him, but time was running short.

    Like… wait… so it’s legal to sell a product for consumption that will make you go blind? Really?

  84. Fortunately, beasn, you’re a regular at this here exercise, fitness, diet, gardening, and bitching about liberals blog.

  85. DO IT, Beansnsnssn. She’ll love it.


  86. >>>>These steaks look like something from The Flintstones.

    And your wife looks like Betty Rubble…..

    Doesn’t sound so bad to me.

  87. Take a walk through the cleaning supplies aisle at Lowe’s sometime. Then thank God that none of it is banned yet.

  88. Betty >>> Wilma. Fact.

  89. I’m 51 now, leon. I’m starting to slowly move. Not going to run wearing this pig suit as I don’t want to kill my knees. Will walk and lay off the refined sugar. Mostly.

  90. DO IT, Beansnsnssn. She’ll love it.

    I’ve given her notice that if she can’t find the time to come home for a couple of days, I will be visiting.

    I bought some Easter treats for her staff.

  91. I didn’t gain weight when I hit 30, or 50, or when I quit smoking.
    I think it’s the coffee.

  92. You know what may be worse? Looking in the mirror one day and saying WTF happened?

  93. I don’t care if it makes me a geek, I’m very excited about this.

  94. My good Sir, would you please hold my chain mail whilst I put on my cod piece?

  95. I keep telling the guys in my group that we should show up with matching black falcon codpieces.

  96. Not going to run wearing this pig suit as I don’t want to kill my knees.

    Don’t run anyway. Running is terrible as a form of exercise, especially if you’re overweight. Way too hard on joints. Walk or get a bike.

  97. Or do western martial arts in mail. It’s like weighted Zumba!

  98. For those who missed it or can’t wait for the post


  99. Or do western martial arts in mail. It’s like weighted Zumba!

    Only with more bruises and nutjobs who drink excessively!

  100. Yeah, that happened, mare. On top of it all, I’m growing my hair out. You know that Rob Lowe and bad decision making Rob Lowe commercial where he hands his keys to the babbling hobo, scene? That was me.

  101. Mare loves xbradtc.

  102. Leon, iirc, methanol converts to formaldehyde in the body?

  103. Mare loves xbradtc.

    **checks bushes outside window**

  104. Check 1 2 pi

  105. I’m in the house!!!!

  106. Well, since you’re here already, how ’bout makin’ me a sammich?

  107. Hey, smart people, why won’t the chive allow me to link pics anymore?

  108. Hey, xbradtc:


  109. Homemade ice cream kicks 17 kinds of ass.

  110. Hey, Mare:


  111. You know, that prick Obama has a lot to answer for:


  112. Yep. Flood the country with illegals, disease, and sex offenders and then retire in Hawaii.

    We should round up all the illegals and deport them to Hawaii.

  113. *subscribes to Scott’s newsletter*

  114. Oh, and the dumbass republicans who are fighting this tooth and nail need their asses kicked too.

  115. who aren’t…are not fighting this.


  116. Leon, iirc, methanol converts to formaldehyde in the body?

    Formaldehyde and formic acid: http://www.sharecare.com/health/methanol-poisoning/how-methanol-poisoning-affect-body

  117. Michigan St is putting on a show.

  118. FREESPN2! Thanks Tittyweb.

  119. Doesn’t our football site work for basketball too?

  120. Normally, but ESPN2 isn’t working.

  121. Wow, just looked in on FB and one of my collector groups notified us that the biggest character of the group just passed away. He was in his 30s. Some mention of diabeetus related. Weird. Friend got an email from him yesterday about 1am…nothing out of the ordinary, no complaints.

    He was a graphic artist and did the graphic for Wicked.


  122. HA HA HA Look who I ran into…

    Meathead Goldwyn ‏@ribguy 25m25 minutes ago

    I’m blushing RT @scott7797: http://amazingribs.com is my go to for everything. He’s a wizard.

  123. That’s horrible. Way too young.

  124. Dying of diabetes in your 30’s these days?
    Can only be due to alcoholism or a pie eating contest..

  125. Don’t know all the details. Most likely wasn’t taking care of himself and then BAM.

    People are posting pictures of him at different events. At one event, the theme was Wizard of Oz. He loved Wizard of Oz and dress up as Glenda the good witch. Note that he was about 6’4″.

    One of the collectors took a picture of her little girl and John as Glenda – I poated it on my wall. When the little girl was asked what her favorite part of Spring Event was, she replied, ‘…meeting the giant fairy’. LOL

    Yes, he was flamboyant and fabulous!

  126. Maybe alcohol was involved. When I attended the Spring Event, many of his crowd would get stinking drunk. Which is kind of funny. They are walking around with dolls – some worth thousands – during the day..and at night….*glug glug*…with seriously filthy jokes.

    One year, I had to shoo them away from my door with, “Do you think you could take your dick talk somewhere else, I have a 10 year old in here and I can hear you”. (we would book an entire motel or floor in a hotel)

  127. Sounds like an H2 meatup.

  128. Obama + Trust?


  129. Rosetta!

  130. He was into costuming too. He made that outfit himself.

  131. yeah, it was a lot like an H2 meat-up, minus the innocence of the daytime activities.


  132. Has anybody bothered to say “its” yet?

  133. Rosetta!


  134. So sorry for the loss of your friend, Beasn.

  135. What a game!

  136. “Innocence”

  137. There was also a year where someone called the cops on the group for being so obnoxious. The cops came and while noone asked if they could hold their guns, they did play along with us and acted like they were putting the groups most outgoing southern gal in handcuffs – so we could take pictures. Imagine your grandma being led away. (Mostly because she always wanted to do karaoke.)

  138. Thanks Cyn. The group is having a hard time with this. He was a gay version of Rosetta……wut?

  139. Sorry to hear about your friend, beasn.

    Also, Chunky is a gross candy bar. It has fruit in it, for fuck’s sake.

  140. That chunky would be good if it didn’t have nuts in it. And if I could eat it.

  141. http://is.gd/8OWdAS

  142. HO- ree crap. I have been out of the loop with that group.

    John was maid-of-honor of another member of the groups, wedding. She talked to him a few days ago about the death of her 2 month old son, who died of SIDS, TWO WEEKS AGO.
    How horrible for her.


  143. Raisins in chocolate are gross.


    I like the almonds though.

  144. We had rain move through yesterday and my sinuses pinned me to the sofa for most of the day.

    I’ve got a feeling this spring’s pollen is going to kick my arse, good.

  145. I love raisins in chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.

    Nuts should be eaten separately.

  146. You can’t improve chocolate by adding crap to it.

    It’s the same as a hot chick getting a tattoo.

  147. Raisins in chocolate chip cookies are de debbil. I’m not a huge fan of nuts in chocolate chip cookies, either, but I’d take them over raisins any day.

    *looks askance at beasn*

  148. Sorry to hear about your friend, Beasn – it sounds like he packed a lot of living into the time that he had here. {{{Hugs}}}

  149. Hey Mare – I hope you have that seven fiddy…

    I just came across my glamour shots pic doing a little cleaning at my mom’s house. Ha ha ha! Ho-lee-crap.

  150. So today at work I was trying to use a big printer that I don’t use very often, and couldn’t find the way to open the correct feeder that I needed.

    Asked for help from a male coworker who is stationed in that department;

    Laura: I can’t (opens wrong thing) find…where is it? I’m trying to make a label.

    Ed: (from twelve feet away) It’s on the front. Open the front door.

    Laura: (gingerly tries pulling around, looking for something that opens) Nope…can’t find it.

    Ed: (sighs and comes over to the printer to help) I know….because it’s not an oven….(opens the front of the machine)


    I’m still going to have to kill him and make it look like a suicide, but that really was a very good non-PC burn.

  151. When I make choc chip cookies, at least half of the batter gets raisins because me and the son like them that way. The husband will eat anything but beasnette don’t likey no raisins. She’ll only eat the yogurt raisins.

    *flicks a raisin at Sean*

  152. That’s hilarious, Laura! Ha ha.

    I mean the part about how creative you are with his murder. Of course.

  153. OH GOD MY EYE

  154. I pretty much STFU and eat anything Paula makes. Not that she’d ever put raisins in anything but oatmeal.

  155. Who the fuck are you people with the dessicated grapes fetish?

  156. Hi. Anyone up for some Chinese?


  157. I hear “The Fragrance of Dog” is actually made out of cats.

  158. I saw Fragrance of Dog open for The Art of Noise in 1995.

  159. in case you weren’t anal retentive enough already


  160. LOL…Laura!

  161. Wife and I are headed out to dinner.


  162. This is a good band and you should listen to them.


    *knows full well that maybe only MJ and a couple of others will dig it, but whatever*

  163. If he’s there tomorrow I’m going to ask him where to put the soap and bleach.

  164. My wife showed me an English chinese translation that as on her facepoon. It showed a pic of some rope sausage under a heat lamp and the sign read,”German sexual assault”.

  165. So two things tonight I’m extremely grateful for (besides your idiots that’s like 12)

    – My eldest kid sis turned the corner and is getting well
    – My youngest girl’s SSG BF is on his way home from A-Stan

  166. All good news Dave.

  167. Yay dave! And dave’s sis! And dave’s youngest and her boyfriend!

  168. BOOYAH.

    Well, thank goodness.

  169. And that whole aids being in remission thing.

  170. I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about that.

  171. My bad.

  172. Thank you ya knuckleheads

  173. Fan-fucking-tastic news, Dave.

    Or: just started watching House of Cards a few weeks ago.

    Watched Season 2, Episode 1 today.

    HOLY FUCK!!!!!

  174. wiserbro! how’d the b’cast go today?

    I have a thousand stories I miss laughing over with you.. we should call tomorrow

  175. Other than the guest, I think it went well.

    Yeah, let’s catch up tomorrow

  176. Home again, home again; giggity.

  177. Wonderful news Dave!

  178. DiT,
    So glad her young man is coming home unscathed.
    Ho Rah! for your baby sis!

  179. Giggity

  180. Mare’s husband’s friend’s brother’s basketball team is getting beat at the half. I blame mare.

  181. Did anybody instantly regret shushing anybody else in a movie theater after they stood up, turned around, and glared today?

  182. No.

  183. I would’ve had to have been in a movie theater. That rarely happens.

  184. Thank you all. He has one PH from the first deployment and he didn’t need another one

  185. *shushes Sean defiantly*

  186. Safe travels home for the SSG BF, and many many thanks.

  187. I love the new header.

  188. Bubba!

  189. >>>>I love the new header

    Little bastard will bite your face off if you wake him

  190. Watching Diamonds Are Forever

    Jill St. John is smoking hawt….

  191. Don’t sit in his spot. Don’t wake him. Be a chick. Got it.

  192. Here’s a much better movie:

  193. OMG, Dan is ranting. Hondo Valley got their pants pulled down and butt-fucked on the floor of The Pit. (Familia in town to watch State Tourney)

  194. He’s on a roll about quite a few things. I’m loving it.

  195. Dan is such a Hostage.

  196. He would be, except he H8S everyone.

  197. Showed him the Steak and BJ link. Texted him to ask what was for dinner, Dan: Steak.

  198. He made manicotti.

  199. I was getting excited about the steak.

  200. Hondo Valley got their pants pulled down and butt-fucked on the floor of The Pit.

    Not to blame the victim or anything, but they shoulda maybe at least had their rape whistles with them.

  201. NM high school basketball is huge in the boonies.

  202. Speaking of the boonies (kinda, I’m not great at segues) I’m watching A Million Ways to Die in the West. It’s pretty good.

  203. Sean, did you watch Ted?

  204. Used to be huge in Clovis and Hobbs when I was a kid. I think it finishes a bad third behind meth and drive bys now.

  205. I haven’t seen Ted yet. I have to check and see if we have it on the hard drive here.

  206. PG, we’ve had people from Clovis, Portales, Elida, etc in town this wknd. I think their girls basketball teams are better than their boys. Dan has no clue about NM outside of Albuquerque.

  207. It’s stupid funny. I like stupid funny.

  208. When I was in college in th early 80’s I think four of Texas Texh’s five starters were from Clovis or Hobbs.

  209. You need to take Dan on a vacay to Loco Hills.

  210. I can’t even get him to Duran.

  211. After Lobogate, my Uncle Pres played one season for UNM. And by played, I mean he was on the team. I don’t think he got court time. Every 5’6″ point guard thinks they can play in Div I. (My HS played Spud Webb twice a year. He was barely taller than me. The NBA lied about his height)

  212. Heh. Awesome cameo.

  213. SiL drives past MiLs house on the way to church. Dan and I work every Sunday. SiL texted Dan and asked if he could take Mom to church every other Sunday. Dan unloaded on SiL. It was awesome! (SiL convinced MiL to stay on the Eastside and not move into the senior place next to us)

  214. I have a minor family member who’s birthday is today.
    Did I mention it was S&BJ day to anyone?
    However her at H2? I can giggle out loud.

    How’s it going Hostages?

  215. Going good, Vman. And trying to imagine you giggling is hilarious.

  216. All good Vman. Any sun today?

  217. Is FL really the Sunshine State? I think Cyn knows things. THINGS!

  218. I didn’t get a steak, either.

  219. Hahaha XB

  220. After all my kvetching yesterday of 12 days without sun. From 8am to 2pm today was glorious sunny day. By 5pm it was mostly cloudy but I stayed out long enough to bump up my vitamin D for the day.

    Yes Oso
    Sunshine state is not hyperbole

  221. Well Xbad
    I had sushi
    It was good but nothing close to a steak

  222. I can’t handle FL from March-October. Too hot. Too humid. Too much sunscreen.

  223. G’night guys. (Sam’s finally got us a new printer. My printer experience wasn’t funny like Lauraw’s)

  224. I can’t handle FL from mosquitoes to alligators.

  225. Well, my derp is very messy
    And there’s whiskers on my chin
    And I’m all hung up on music
    And I always play to win

  226. Snow and freezing rain, 6 to 8 inches combined. Jeebus.

  227. I had homemade soup for Steak and BJ Day. It was based on this recipe which is sort of a non-recipe:


  228. L to R: Mare + MJ, ???


  229. I made burgers and ate them with mustard, then we watched Big Hero 6.

  230. Only 6?

  231. Only 6.

    I had told the wife that I wasn’t in the mood for anything heartwarming, but it was a 2 day rental.

  232. And by “heartwarming” I mean anything blatantly manipulating my emotions with the use of big-eyed cartoon people.

  233. I read “I made 6 burgers and ate them.”

  234. Oh, no, there were 4 burgers, only a pound.

  235. http://tinyurl.com/k7svwdj

  236. According to Joe Bastardi, winter is coming back. March 20-April 10 is supposed to be full of suck.

  237. Our kids don’t have the wifi password. If they mess up bad enough they’re logged out of it on their device. For the big kid that happens about every other week.

  238. I will not be surprised if it gets cold again. I really don’t want to shovel in late March.

  239. I was just telling the kids this storm may be winter’s last gasp. Probably not, huh?

  240. Highs in the mid 70s and lows in the mid 40s for us the next 10 days. I can deal.

  241. I just don’t want another freeze. Water line to the horse trough is a bitch to blow out with the wimpy air compressor we have.

  242. PD did you watch the end of that basketball game?

  243. No. The misses did. She told me that west won at the buzzer.

  244. G’morning, cool kids.

  245. Completely innocent, I’m sure.


  246. A commenter at Ace’s:

    Hillary (Arab)
    Jarrett (Iranian)

    And now the cat’s out of the bag that Jarrett leaked the email deal, although not verified.

  247. Supposed to have a high of 93 here.

  248. Made, my wife also informs me that Plano West’s coach is black. Which means his brother is black. Which means your husband has a black friend. Which means you’re not a racist.

    But I’ve read mean things that you’ve said about Obama and have been told repeatedly that opposition to Obama is de facto evidence of racism.

    I’m so confused

  249. Yes, PD. We lived with my husband’s friend for 6 months while our house was being built.

    My husband is truly part of this man’s family, as in he calls his friend’s Mom and Dad, Oma and Opa. We were in the hospital room after Opa had a heart incident wiping his brow and helping him cough up phlegm.

    We’ve been to every major event they’ve had, weddings, funerals, graduations and holidays.

    My husband’s bud doesn’t like Obama either (although his parents do….Old school Alabama folks who we love but disagree with).

    Yeah, racist.

  250. >>>>And now the cat’s out of the bag that Jarrett leaked the email deal, although not verified


    ValJar -Iranian
    Huma – Muslim
    And John Kerry’s daughter just married an Iranian

    It’s like we’re living in a bad Ludlum novel

  251. The intellectual laziness involved in labeling all disagreement with a half black man as being evidence of racism bewilders me.

  252. But John Kerry was a war hero.

  253. Ditto, PD.

    And John Kerry’s daughter just married an Iranian
    It’s like we’re living in a bad Ludlum novel
    So true, Wiser. Any weird conspiracy is on the table as far as I’m concerned.

    The Hillary-Saudi deal was referring to the butt loads of money she received from them.

  254. War hero? Debatable.

    Incredibly corrupt? Very likely

    Incandescent stupid? Absolutely

  255. New Poat has poated as this one has become olden and stinky.


  256. It occurred to me that they like Obama because he’s our first black President, that’s racist!

    But since I’m not easily offended, I don’t give a shit.

  257. I remember getting in a fight with my dad about Kerry, who he respects so much…being a war hero and all.
    During his campaign –

    Um yeah, in one corner, he has 12 supporters who say he was so hero-y and presidential…in the other corner there are over 200 men, who knew him in Vietnam saying he’s a fraud. Who you going to believe , 12 suck-ups for a sweet position in his cabinet or 200 fellow vets who want nothing in exchange?

    And now, according to my sister, my dad no longer likes Barry and his sidekick, Holder, because of Ferguson. You know, the man who asked my husband not that long ago, if I was racist!

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