I can’t believe nobody made a special birfday poat for Hospurt (I totally can believe it)

Oh, and…


  1. Congrats on not dying for another year, buddy.

  2. Well, happy birthday, whoever you are. I hope it’s more fun that being stuck in a bathtub full of scorpoons & gin.

  3. I should go to bed. I took all of tomorrow off on very short notice with very vague details. It’ll be fine.

  4. Gary Oldman’s best role since Leon?

  5. Good luck Leon.

  6. Wait…leon is Gary Oldman? Or vice-versa?

  7. Good luck Leon and baby Leon and Mrs Leon and all the Leon critters.

  8. We almost skipped a Tuesday. Almost made it. Thanks, Shawn.

  9. Thanks. I’m not sure if I’ll want it, but I still hope it goes well.

  10. Was Cory Booker in Selma? Did he bring any composites from da hood?

  11. 3 weeks to open water fishing season

  12. Ass pennies, Leon.

  13. Have I ever told you guys about Dan growing up with electric can openers and not knowing how to use a key or a manual? He just opened green beans for dinner using the 30 year old electric can opener his grammy gave him.

  14. I didn’t get the memo, laura.

    *mutters sotto voce*

    you dirty motherfucker

  15. We don’t have an electric can opener because they’re too difficult for XMom to operate.

    Of course, her hands are too weak to use a manual can opener, so I have to open them all.

  16. Mmmm, homemade gyros and pitas.


  18. Scott, an oven would be pretty cool. Get that sucker super hot and sit around with friends drinking beer and cooking roasted meat and bread outside…

    What I want to build is a furnace for blacksmithing. That and a sauna. Of course, I need to buy another house with land to spare for that to happen.

  19. XB, I’m horrible. I’m ready to beat the shit out of my SiL. She wants to be in on any money decisions. Dan and I could GAS. We are more concerned with MiL. SiL is insisting on being at any money meetings. Me: Fine. Set ’em up and take her. We don’t GAS.

  20. Touring facilities? You don’t like our choice? Fine. You set her up in a facility close to you. We don’t GAS. We just want her safe.

  21. I’m just bitter because I H8 CHKN. MiL loves CHKN. I’ve had more CHKN in the last few months than I care to mention. She keeps her heater in the 80s. I’m cranky AND I’m H8N CHKN. I’m sweating like a pig, H8N CHKN, and dealing with MiL making excuses for SiL. Dan is soooo fucking lucky that I find him funny.

  22. Can opener and spider killer.

  23. I open jars, too, Scott.

  24. Mmmmmmm….H8 CHKN.

  25. Scott, yes. He’s cooking dinner right now.

  26. Ham steak and sides. I dunno. I’m the “Idea Guy”

  27. You open jars?

    Expect a visit from the union.

  28. Did anybody get their peanut butter in anybody else’s chocolate today?

  29. Hawt!

  30. The address Huma_Abedins_Beard@clintonemail.com was taken, so I’m checking if I can get that name on hotmail.

  31. God, I hate Tuesdays…

    I noticed you guys were talking about the RCH unit of measure.

    Did Scott or Lauraw mention that we have a soft-rock radio station here in CT called WRCH?

  32. nope

  33. Is that place really still around?? I had no idea. At one time they were like some kind of a muzak station. Orchestral reinterpretations of pop hits. Bizarre.

  34. Soft-rock?

  35. Soft-rock?

  36. Im just going to leave this comment, right their on the blog, as a birthday present to Hotspur. Youre wellcome.

  37. It’s the place to catch Led Zep and Mötley Crüe now.

  38. Oso loves GO pushing the HS buttons.

  39. Hmm. Nope, someone else has also taken the address Bills_Cigar_Humidor@clintonemail.com.

  40. I just realized Car in will be quoting Hillary regularly: “The server will remain private.”


  41. up early to study again tomorry…g’nigh sugarheds

  42. G’night lauraw. SMOOCH!

  43. >>>>Soft-rock?

    Bread, America, Air Supply….

    aka Yacht Club Rock

  44. I know all their songs. Punches Mcpo in his Linda Ronstadt poon.

  45. Oh yeah… HB, HS

  46. Judicial Watch announced today it obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that the Obama family’s 2014 Christmas vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii, cost taxpayers $3,672,798 in flight expenses alone

    The Secret Service would arrest me if I posted what I’m thinking. And fuck you, NSA.

  47. BRB….

    dinner’s ready….

  48. Some R in Hoosierville is in trouble over the same shit that TFG and Holder have perfected. Stupid mook. (He should’ve changed parties and given the MFM the old FU)

  49. Isn’t it kind of late to be eating dinner?

  50. Dinner yes. Supper no.

  51. >>>>Isn’t it kind of late to be eating dinner?



  52. (I have no idea what I just said)

  53. (whew)

  54. I’m hungry but lard asses shouldn’t eat before going to bed.

  55. IKR? (hides double chocolate chip chocolate cookies from beasnes)

  56. Going to bed. Too many online fights today. Reining in my latin temper. Trying not to cut a bitch.

  57. I gave up sweets for Lent but thanks for trying.


  58. Two of us wearing raincoats
    Standing solo in the derp
    You and me chasing paper
    Getting nowhere on our way back home
    We’re on our way home
    We’re on our way home
    We’re going home

  59. This thread smells like Hillary’s arm flaps.

  60. Fags?

  61. Thanks, y’all.

    (I know this thread is as dead as a Clinton informant, but I still appreciate the thoughts.)

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