MMM 165: somehow this thing is still alive

DST brought us Monday a whole hour early this week! I know you’re excited. Unless you’re in Arizona and had to wait the regular amount of time for Monday, in which case I feel sorry for you and your scorpion-rich, water-poor, perpetually brown existence.

Look, it’s the finish line, there are checkered flags and everything!

I can’t tell if she has a giant tattoo or a shark-bite scar. Either way, nice quads.
I really wish this were a gif.
She looks tall to me. Think she is?
Things not happening in my bathroom:
Michelle Lewin has some weird art in her house. Oh wait, those are her trophies.
Not tucked. Hidden.
There’s a hint of arm vein here if you squint. I’m sure you’re grossed out.
B&W Abs.
I’d lay even money that she doesn’t actually work out in this. At least unless you pay her.
Monday got an early start on you, so I’m gonna help you out and post this nice and early so you’re totally ready to kick off the week. You’re welcome.


  1. Best poat so far today.

  2. Last one makes me a little nervous. Tall girl is the female.

  3. Last one makes me a little nervous.

    It’s supposed to.

    Gym time. BBIAB.

  4. She looks tall to me. Think she is?

    Everybody looks tall, when you’re “down there”.

  5. Wow, killed it with short joke.

  6. Wakey wakey

  7. Flight from Denver in four hours. I’m seriously considering “oversleeping”.

  8. Greetings, people I didn’t see at the gym today.

  9. Where are they taking you, COAlex?

  10. Newport News, VA. I’ve got a working group to write doctrine. Yes, it’s as painful as it sounds.

  11. CoAlex is Doctrine Man!

  12. I like the Bush Doctrine.

  13. Monroe wasn’t bad.

  14. Meh.

  15. Can someone catch me up on the candy bar running gag?

  16. No.

  17. I got nothing, Jay.

  18. I think MJ is trying to tell us he’s a candy ass.

  19. So a woman got kicked out of Planet Fitness for complaining that there was a dude in the ladies’ locker room.

    CNN said “transexual”, but I just saw some pics. Um, the guys on Bosom Buddies were more feminine.

    Upshot: you can go watch women at Planet Fitness change clothes.
    Downside: you’re still at Planet Fitness.

  20. I read the comments on that article, Leon, Oooof, people are sheep. Many said they never seen anyone even partial nudity in their locker rooms, ???? Every time I walk into the locker room at my gym someone is changing and is fully or partially nude.

    But the point is, the guy dressing as a woman is still a guy.

  21. It doesn’t matter anymore. In CT it’s perfectly legal for me to use the ladies room if I happen to feel girly.

  22. “my gym”

  23. Only if you sit to pee though

  24. “the gym where I work out”

  25. Damn straight!

  26. Mental illness in America is mainstream and if you don’t buy in you’re a bigot of some kind.

  27. It’s certainly true at “our house”

  28. My sister had to deal with this about 10 years ago. One of her employees was a guy that dressed as a girl and wanted to use the girls washroom.

    The other ladies were not ok with that. They ended up with a unisex bathroom for the guy/girl.

    My guess is that pretty soon there will be unisex bathrooms everywhere.

    RE nakedness at the gym: No matter what there’s a gentleman’s sausage saying hello to the world in the locker room at CAC. My locker is near the scale.

    Why can’t these dudes just subtract a pound and leave the towel on? They’re not weighing in for a title match for crissakes.

  29. I go to Powerhouse. This shit don’t fly there. The worst we have to deal with is jerks (of both sexes) who don’t have time to put their weights away.

  30. xbrad?

  31. You get more of what you make legal/okay.

    Acting out your mental illness fantasies is booming.

  32. I walking into the locker room yesterday and a rather Rubinesque nude woman was bending over drying her feet.


  33. I walking..????

    I walked.

    Either way it was horrendous.

  34. Hillary Clinton – The Gash With The Cash

  35. That is so fucking gross.

  36. MJ, you need to be more specific here, on this POS site.

  37. “locker room”

  38. RE: Hillary Clinton’s hoo haw.

  39. “Clinton’s hoo haw”

  40. And I still feel bad for writing, “I want to fuck Hillary Clinton in the ass” a few days ago.

    I was trying to think of the worst possible thing to type. Bingo!

  41. They should name a candy bar Clinton’s Hoo Haw.

  42. Now in Super Size!

  43. Milk Dud

  44. Chunky and crunchy, all in one.

  45. Leftover ribs, bitches.

  46. *Looks at can of drained tuna with remorse*

  47. I’ll just leave this here for you:

  48. I ate one of those once.


  49. Colin Powel can eat a bag of dicks.

  50. Mmmm. Lurves me a Zero bar!

  51. Colin Powell is a bag of dicks.

  52. Colin Powell the answer to the question:

    Who do we absolutely don’t need telling us about the dark vein since he’s obviously referring to his dick.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  53. Speak softly and carry a big dickbrain.

  54. I was trying to think of the worst possible thing to type. Bingo!

    I think you can do better. How about, “…and then wipe off with the lace curtains” ?

  55. My dickbrain was an an honor student.

  56. ITS 50 DEGREES!!!!111

  57. Water pooling near my foundation on two corners. Not good. After the thaw I need to do some soil and sand adjustment.

  58. We’re at 37 degrees but the weather says chance of snow.




  60. Hullo, all. It’s raining today, and Spring Break is this week. Kill me nao…..

  61. Finally able to try my rust spray on the van.

    Tomorrow, I paint.

  62. Rain.

    Yeah. That sucks.

  63. I actually saw something last week that I have NEVER seen before in my sheltered Southern life – a front-end loader from the FW TP&W Dept. came down the side street by our house with a bucket-load of snow in it, then deposited it in the storm sewer on our corner.

    I realize that is a common sight up north, but it was certainly a novelty for me!

  64. This stuff is so cool, it converts rust into a polymer resin.

  65. Witchcraft.

  66. This stuff is so cool, it converts rust into a polymer resin.

    I can convert my entire truck to a polymer resin?

  67. Can you sand and paint over top of it? Will bondo stick to it?

    *rethinks selling rusty old Toyota go-cart*

  68. As predicted recently, starting next month you can subscribe directly to HBO through AppleTV, and watch all content either on your tv or your iPad & iPhone. I imagine it won’t be long before you can do it with other devices besides Apple’s.

    This is going to blow the cable companies wide open. Someone forgot to grease the palms of the FCC.

  69. You can paint over it, but I don’t think you can sand it.
    My van is white, and covered with brown rust spots, now black polymer spots. Looks like crap.

    Tomorrow I’ll hit it with white Rustoleum and it will look like new.

    It’s about $100 a gallon, but it goes a long long way. I started with a pint, and it will be more than enough.

  70. Scott, I used to use a product called POR. Stands for paint over rust. After application, you could then paint the spots. Sounds like something similar to what you are using.

  71. I use a product called Your Mom. I can paint all over it.


  72. Interview at Ford on Wednesday.

    I should drive the Camry.

  73. Drive a toyota. And do donuts in their parking lot.

  74. I considered driving my wife’s Escape, but that seems dishonest.

    If I don’t get it, I don’t get it.

  75. Does Ford still make tractors?

  76. Not anymore. FIAT makes what used to be Ford tractors:


  78. Is nobody madder than Obama yet?

    By my calculations this should happen soon.

    1. Claim to have just found out a scandal.

    2. Change that to knowing about it along.

    3. Nobody is madder.

    4. ESPN

  79. Steps 1 and 2 already accomplished.

  80. You can borrow my Fusion, leon.

  81. 5. It’s old news.

  82. 6. GOP “overreacting” is the real story.

  83. 7. And The Middle Class

  84. 8. Pivot to Asia

  85. 8. Income equality.

  86. 9. What difference… at this point, what difference does it make?

  87. 10.

  88. Brackets

  89. Media interview today, shared with an astronaut. Why I’m there when they can talk to an astronaut, I don’t know. Reporter called in, astronaut answered, “Joe’s Pizza”, so she hung up on him.,

  90. Why can’t these dudes just subtract a pound and leave the towel on? They’re not weighing in for a title match for crissakes.

    No, they’re advertising in the hopes of an invitation from you.

  91. That sounds like fun, Roamy! – linky anywhere?

    I love answering the fun like that

  92. Reporter called in, astronaut answered, “Joe’s Pizza”, so she hung up on him.,


  93. fun=phone

    Stoopid autocucumber.

  94. I saw Answering the Fun open for Stereolab back in ’99.

  95. Dead car, stuck at work. Boooo

  96. I think we all agree that fun is a problem that deserves a good answer.

  97. car problems are el sucko Car in..

    sends rescue monkeys

  98. I made a smallish chunk of brisket in the crockpot last night and it was pretty darn tasty. On low setting it took overnight *plus* several extra hours. Did not expect it to take quite so long. That was unfair and painful.

    Lots and lots of shallots reduced down in there with the meat. I’m going to save the thick beefy drippings and the leftover caramelized shallots for making dirty rice, I think. Unless there’s a better use for them that I can’t think of right now.

  99. At least you won’t starve.

  100. There’s probably someone at the bar that will take you home.

  101. I got logged out . Crap

  102. Kids think it is the starter.

  103. They’re not taking me home.

    I’m heading to the bar

  104. Ok , maybe they’re gonna stop messing with the car

  105. Owning comments.

  106. That sucks, whatever’s busted. Was it fine before today?

  107. You tried hitting the starter?

    Sometimes a whack with a hammer will set them straight for a couple of days.

  108. Carin, if it’s the battery, you should definitely hit the bar.

  109. Have you tried jiggling the handle?

  110. It’s probably the battery.

  111. Is there gas in it?

  112. In the bar, you will find the answer. In the bar.

  113. No link yet, maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.

  114. Many moons ago I had a truck with a starter that was going bad. It crapped out on my driver one day, so I told him to hit the starter with a hammer.

    It didn’t work. So he went back and beat on it some more. Nothing.

    Turns out he was beating the AC compressor.

  115. Find the guy with the rusty econoline van. They’re always willing to give strange women a ride late at night.

  116. *Sarah McLachlan music plays*

    Every day in America, thousands of innocent AC compressors are beaten…

  117. She’s not strange.

  118. A little weird, especially when she starts in on all that cultish talk.

  119. Every day in America, thousands of innocent AC compressors are beaten…

    Most of them deserve it.

  120. She’s not strange.

    You think she’s normal?

  121. Kind of ironic that the lady owns a battery supplier but her car always needs a battery.

  122. You are a brute, Colex.

  123. Crap. Up past bedtime.

  124. Wow. The top story on the CBS Evening News is the Hillary Email thing.



    heh heh hahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Just kidding. Racist frat video from the U of Oklahoma.

  125. Better than normal.

  126. Perhaps, but I’m only preparing them to survive. The world of underground AC compressor fights is not for the weak.

  127. Step 12: PROFIT!!!

  128. Of all the local stories getting national attention, the idiot Sig Eps (BIRM) has me SMDH. Local news rolled out UNMs Sig Eps getting the boot a few years ago. Never once mentioned the incident that finally got the frat suspended was a fabricated H8 crime.

  129. Does anyone have a spare Arc? You can keep the animals, I think this is just a local thing. I mean it has only rained all day for 4 days not 40.

  130. Rain? Seriously?

  131. I am too far south for snow Scott, although Dallas was closed for snow this week. It is 63 here.

  132. Sorry. Your wind chill is probably in the 70’s.

    We’ll pray for you.

  133. I’m gonna have to wear a sweatshirt tonight. Wearing shorts to work yesterday was a mistake.

  134. The horror.

  135. Rule #2 Double Tap

  136. This movie is hilarious.

  137. I thought the goosebumps would never go away. It was awful.

  138. Dan in the car this morning: You don’t need AC, it’s March. Dan this afternoon: Damn, it’s hot. Roll up your window. I’m turning on the AC.

  139. My tires haven’t gone flat because they’re filled with nitrogen.

    Carin should get a nitrogen battery.

  140. You can’t have a nitrogen battery. When the nitrogen mixes with the gasoline, it turns into nitrous oxide, and that’s not street legal.

    Trust me, I knew a guy who took auto shop.

  141. If you can dodge a wrench….

    …you’re probably not an AC compressor.

  142. Did anybody demand to speak to anybody else’s manager today?

  143. Vmax,
    It don’t rain in middle Texas! You can ask anybody…

  144. Did anybody demand to speak to anybody else’s manager today?

    Yeah, but Leroy the Pimp just told me “no refunds”.

  145. You probably forgot to get a receipt, Colex.

  146. Eh, that’s what expense accounts are for.

  147. The magic carpet waits for you so don’t you be late
    Oh, (I wanna show you) the different emotions
    (I wanna run to) the sounds and motions
    Electric woman waits for you and me
    So it’s time we take a ride, we can cast all of your derp-ups over
    the seaside
    While we fly right over the love-filled sea

  148. I wonder if Carin pulled an all-nighter at the bar…

    (then did a zumba workout in the kitchen, sprayed a little lemon water behind her ears and got busy with her shift…)

  149. I wonder if Carin pulled an all-nighter at the bar…

    (then did a zumba workout in the kitchen, sprayed a little lemon water behind her ears and got busy with her shift…)

    It still doesn’t count as a real double.

  150. I made the mistake of being seen on IM at 730 while I was reviewing my retirement portfolio. Threw off my whole plan for the morning.

  151. Well that killed it.

    Apparently if I can keep my expenses to 800 inflation-adjusted dollars per month and earn $200/month from age 68 to 75 I can die in 2069 with about $6000 left in my account after 26 years of retirement.

  152. wakey wakey.

    Kids think it is the starter and they couldn’t reach it – it’s a four runner. They’re probably going to have to get it towed home and fix it here.

  153. I still think it’s the battery.

  154. Prostate.

  155. It’s not the battery.

  156. Angina.

  157. That’s because it’s the prostate.

  158. The Apple Watch ranges in price from $350 to $17,000. It doesn’t do anything your phone doesn’t do, and you have to have your phone with you for it to do anything but tell the time. And the battery only lasts 18 hours, so you can’t even wear it to bed. Plus it isn’t waterproof.

    Where do I sign up?

  159. I’m waiting for the ObamaApple Watch.

  160. The first gal in this post has a weird swirly belly button.

  161. When your abs get that tight, the knot can start to push out a little.

    And I really hope AppleWatch is the deathknell of all this mactardedness.

  162. The last girl is the dude.

  163. Make it the last two dudes are dudes.

  164. I’ve seen lots of guys with 8 packs whose belly buttons don’t look like that.

  165. Faceass is being a dick. A friend soft-sculpts dolls. She has a personal page and she has a private group, where she sells her things. They suspended her personal page and blocked her from the group. She had to send them all kinds of personal information to prove who she was and she’s still blocked. WTF? She doesn’t know why she was suspended and they aren’t telling her. I don’t know why they need any personal information if you aren’t stalking anyone.

  166. I don’t think the Apple Watch will fail, and as in all things Apple, it will cause Google and Microsoft and Android and Samsung to come out with bullshit products to try to copy it – actually they already are.

    The iPod, iPhone, and iPad were revolutionary. They actually made the lives of people who use them different. Now the iPod is somewhat obsolete because it doesn’t do anything my phone doesn’t do. I have 128GB of storage on my phone so I can carry every song I own anywhere I go.

    The iPad saves me from ever having to travel with a laptop again, plus I can fir about 100 movies on it.

    But really, I can buy a Timex watch for ten bucks that keeps perfect time.

  167. Mare, maybe she has kids. Pregnancy is pretty good about destroying navels.
    Pfft, even if I got in super dooper shape, there is no way my stomach/navel would ever look like that without surgery.

  168. Facebook prohibits the sale of voodoo dolls.

  169. It’s in the Terms of Use.

  170. Beasn, FB is transitioning to a model where any commerce has to be done via a “storefront” page. You know, one you eventually have to pay to have show up on the timeline.

  171. I think the watch will fail if only because no one my age wears watches anymore.

  172. I quit wearing a watch in ’04 when we were on vacation on the boat. I had no need to know the time, and I didn’t want a white stripe on my arm after being in the sun all the time.

    When I got home I thought, what the hell do I need a watch for? There is a clock on my mobile phone, a clock in my car, a clock on my computer, a clock in every office at work, and every room in the house.

    It was a shame because I loved watches, and had quite a collection. But….natural selection – Darwin proven.

  173. Only people I know with watches work in SCIFs, no phones allowed.

  174. SCIFs sounds dirty.

  175. Happy Birthday, Hotspur.

    Has the fire department been placed on standby for your birthday candles?

  176. Wait, is Hotspur’s Birthday like Michael’s birthday deal?


  177. Happy birthday, HS! Hope you get just as many more as you’ve already had!

  178. Happy birthday, Hotspur.

  179. stick with your typos like a man, leon.

  180. I wrote the poat. I don’t have to suffer typos.

  181. We should give mare Fast Pass access to H2, so all her comments are at the top.

  182. Thanks, y’all.

    That would make me 132, Jay. I hate the world now, I can’t imagine how I’d cope with it then.

  183. I’m also stuck in a meeting with nothing but time.

  184. We could have Car in be your designated caretaker.

  185. Or MJ.

  186. Well, Carin took excellent care of her dad, so I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Plus I’d get to look at her… never mind.

  187. She’d be walking away from you all the time.

    I can think of worse things to look at.

  188. Happy Birthday, HS

  189. Beasn, FB is transitioning to a model where any commerce has to be done via a “storefront” page.

    Doesn’t explain all the personal information they’re wanting.

    And explain why a priest has to lose the ‘Fr.’ in his name on his personal page. Who is it harming.

  190. And explain why a priest has to lose the ‘Fr.’ in his name on his personal page. Who is it harming.

    It harms God-hating atheists.

  191. For Oso

  192. Aww, poor little wiener.

  193. People have a right to be free from religion.

  194. It’s in the Constitution.

  195. How in the fuck does Clinton imagine that we are stupid enough to buy her line that she needed to use two devices for two email accounts?

  196. I have four separate email accounts on my phone.

  197. It’s not you she’s convincing, it’s her base: LIVs. The tech-savviest of whom think email on a blackberry is super clever.

  198. Man, what a fucking cunt!!!!!!

  199. >>>I have four separate email accounts on my phone.


  200. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Hotspur

    Have yourself a drink:

  201. Thanks, Jimbro.

    I have this bottle at home from 1986.


  202. It’s been emptied and refilled countless times.

  203. Wiser than wiser

  204. Poor turtle licking wienerdog.

  205. I never noticed this before, because I can’t remember a press conference that went quite like today’s, but remember my evil client from hell three years go? Many of Clinton’s mannerisms, facial expressions, and tone of voice were very much like hers.

    God, it gave me the willies. I had to deal with that cunt for almost a year, and I still plot her demise when I lie awake at night.

  206. Does she do that hideous cackle too?

  207. Her server was secure because it was the same one Bill had when he was president.

    Did she really say that out loud?

  208. Poor HS. Someone post some mind bleach so HRC doesn’t ruin his birthday.

  209. You listened?

    Hillary thanks you for your time

  210. Talk about licking weiners some more, that will make him feel better.

  211. Green tip? That’s like armor piercing, isn’t it?

  212. To be fair, this is a Blackberry we’re talking about. It probably can’t handle multiple accounts.

    Barry uses one too. Coincidence?

  213. Just the tip

  214. Cyn got a new candle

  215. I only heard a few minutes of it, but it sounded like she was only making it worse. I bet her poll numbers drop.

  216. Gutter screws saved my day. I didn’t know they existed.

  217. Scott, the VRWC is already posting videos showing her lies.

  218. My dad who’s been retired for 17 years has joined LinkedIn. I should call him and make sure he didn’t get hacked.

  219. Good idea.

  220. Jay, I laughed at your comment on Faceplant.

    For those not on facedouche, I posed with flight hardware today. Tomorrow I get up close and personal.

  221. Happy Happy Birthday, Hotspurt.

  222. Happy Birthday Hotspur! Hope you and Hotwife are doing well and feeling better.

  223. I saw the post at Ace’s about the Disney court decision and rather than clog it up there, let me explain it here. Mostly because, believe it or not, I do care what you all think. That is a moral weakness I am sure, so I will make sure that tonight I clean the bullwhips…

    Anyway, when I use the disabled pass, yeah I am going to the front of the line, occasionally. But understand this: My son and I will only be there for about three hours. That is all he can stand before he starts to try and shut down. The noise and confusion, he can not shut it out. It never enters the “background noise” stage that most of utilize to get through a day. Imagine not being able to ignore anything around you. That it constantly demands your attention.

    That is my autistic son’s life.

    So we go in the morning, and generally, leave by noon. I will have scratches, black and blue marks and maybe a small cut from his fingernails digging into my skin to deal with the crowds and screaming kids.

    I wish I had a normal son. I really do. He misses three quarters of the Disney experience; fireworks, parades; characters and so on, to just go on his five or six favorite rides. The worst part, my ticket costs the same as yours. My parking is the same as yours. So, please, when the non-verbal kid with his fat dad go to the front of a line. It could be me.

  224. And Happy B-Day Hoptsur…

    Your name looks better spelled that way

  225. Some other people who are on Faceborg get to see Romacita doing amazing things at her work place. But I got to see her thrash to Enter Sandman, on a schoolbus, at night, during a party.

    Life is not fair to those other people.

  226. MrScience, my non-verbal Autistic Godson was able to go to DL and enjoy part of the Disney experience because of the pass. He won’t be able to go now. He is incapable of standing in lines or standing still. He needs to be constantly moving and he can’t handle loud noises or crowds.

  227. Mundy, I don’t think anyone begrudges the truly disabled a skip to the front of the line. I certainly don’t.

  228. Leon, it became a trick of determining who the truly disabled are…the kid on crutches with no cast? The fat ass in the rented amigo cart? The person with chemical allergies that couldn’t be around sunscreen and perfumes?

  229. Hey Mr. Science,

    I don’t, and I don’t think anybody else here, resents you on your son moving to the front of the line.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t even resent the assholes who rented disabled kids to jump the lines either, just think what a great life those kids have, your job is to go to Disneyland!

  230. Up to 6 people could jump the line. Back in the day, the rest of the party stood in line and when they got to the front, the disabled person was boarded with the group.

  231. I agree with Leon. I don’t think any normal person begrudges the accommodation of the handicapped. But those who abuse the system? Yeah, I pretty much think those people need their cut off balls to meet their throat.

  232. Also people are awful and will take advantage whenever they can, and fuck those people.

  233. If you’re driving a crew cab, long bed, 2-1/2 ton diesel pickup sporting a handicap sticker, you are, as Scott would say, using the barrier-free parking space to park closer to the food.

  234. I haven’t read that post yet mundyscience. There’s a special place in hell for those people that game the system. Those are the people that earn the ire of everyone that plays by the rules.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  235. Call it “the munchkin principle”, or “the asshole principle”. In any group of sufficient size, there is at least one person who will game the system to their advantage at the expense of everyone else and the stability of the system.

    They make life suck just a little bit for the rest of us.

  236. Hotspur,

    How would one go about constructing a stone wall like this?

  237. It looks stacked but there is no way it would hold together that high, and I don’t believe it’s a fake front.

    Also happy birthday.

  238. Thanks for the kind words.

    This has been a pretty trying week

  239. Buff, that’s a dry-laid wall. They exist all over England. It’s a bit of an art, but not especially difficult. No foundation needed either.

  240. I know there are people with hidden conditions, but do all of them have to shop at Sam’s at the same time? We have 13 Amigo carts. They all seem to be in use at the same time. Then you see the amputees and the recovering stroke patients that refuse to use the electric carts.

  241. They’re usually at least three wythes wide, and one wythe interlocks occasionally with the one next to it. They’re amazingly strong.

  242. I’m no expert, but I’d stack rocks in a wall shape, Buffy.

  243. The fucks a wythe?

  244. Scott, have you seen this?

  245. It’s a masonry term for the number of layers in a wall. A normal brick veneer is one wythe. If it’s a wall with brick (or stone) on both faces it’s double-wythe. If it has a layer of masonry between the two faces it’s triple-wythe, etc.

  246. How many RCH’s is a wythe?

  247. Bwah ha ha

  248. Wait, HS is flying the St George and he knows masonry terms? Is he a Stonecutter, too?

  249. *high fives Cyn*

  250. That looks pretty cool CA, but if I go through that much trouble I’m making an oven.

  251. I saw a lot of double-wythes in West Virginia.

  252. Hornos. Y’all need to make hornos.

  253. He’s Catholic, Oso, he can’t be a Mason.

  254. Happy birthday, Hotspur.

  255. Leon, D’oh! You’re right. (Throws new conspiracy theory on fire. Feeds ashes to wieners)

  256. I have wanted to make a clay oven forever, and we have the perfect red clay for it in our yard, but then I remember that we already have three grills, and none of them need to be heated to white-hot by burning logs in them for four hours before we can cook anything.

    Smokehouse is a good idea though. The Weber is too small for some things. Be nice to be able to hang a couple whole bacons at once.

  257. My wife has a handicap sticker, and I use it when she’s with. I do not use it when she isn’t, which surprises people for some reason. Not all of us are always uncivilized.

    Also, I’m in the habit of letting handicapped people ahead of me in line. It’s not unknown for others, either.

  258. lauraw, you could make Indian bread in your horno. Your avi has high cheekbones. Authentic.

  259. laura, one of my friends wants help designing a smokehouse for his new acreage. Bacon and ham!

  260. You’d put a very slight slope on each side, pointing in. That would help stabilize it against slight ground soil movement, subsidence or settling.

  261. J’ames, I don’t mean to be rayciss but I’m rayciss. You’re Anglo. Of course you have principles. In mi familia, my grampo’s HC tag was open season. EVERY one used it. La cultura is effed up.

  262. Hey-o

  263. I think Mom used the electric cart at Walmart once. After that, she would lean on a regular cart and keep the shopping trip short.

  264. Why does this thread smell like Hillary’s support socks?

  265. I just saw a few minutes if Hillary!s press conference. She’s doomed.

    She’s repulsive. And the more she’s exposed the more people dislike her.

  266. Don’t use the Walmart carts for jousting.

    They hate that.

  267. MJ is starting to make sense.

  268. MJ is starting to make sense.

    You’ve been drinking the DOTW, haven’t you.

  269. Holy shit, it’s Tuesday? Hang on. I’ll throw some crap together as a thread.

  270. Oh man, cart jousting. I wish I could say I haven’t done that.

  271. She’s so fucking doomed that I hope she trounces Biden! and the token black guy that runs.

  272. I’m evil. I used to make my dad pick up his feet so I could speed push him through stores. Then we just started shopping and delivering. I didn’t realize that letting him propel himself through stores at his own pace and chatting to people was beneficial.

  273. MMM often runs straight into HHD. It’s a thing.

  274. Does Cory Booker run in 2016?

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