The Hostages, Giffffffyyyyyyy


You’ll poke your eye out, kid.



Fuck this shiiiiiitttttt!

Fuck this shiiiiiitttttt!

Republicans, A History.

Republicans, A History.

Six six, six ten with the afro. Er, six ten with the bob.

Six six, six ten with the afro. Er, six ten with the bob.


L to R, Hotspur, bishes.

L to R, Hotspur, bishes.


xBrad's final words

xBrad’s final words


  1. I’m hoping one of you has a seizure.

  2. I appear to be all right.

  3. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to participate in Martini Thursday with the rest of the office here in Michigan. We’ll see how the day goes.

  4. I didn’t, but my computer did.

  5. Too many gifs?

  6. I have a lack of loading. This is going to be a problem.

  7. Mornin’

    You forgot something.

  8. Good job on the poat, MJ. Good job.

  9. Excellent

  10. I must have missed the “pointy-toed shoes with high-water pants” memo. Is this the new fashion thing? Show off your socks?

  11. Did the H2 members see that Thor is hosting SNL this week?

    Hotspur, especially you. And MJ.

  12. Middle TN is paralyzed by less than an inch of ice and snow, I’m “working” from home today. We hit 65 earlier this week and the frogs all woke up and started singing, now they are frogcicles.

    Hi Dave! *waves*

  13. Hi Jay! *waves*

    How much ice and snow is on your roof RIGHT NOW?

  14. RCH – there’s a difference, you know.

  15. ello, buffalo.

    We got lucky in the last round, and didn’t get much snow. Had a dusting last night.

    Supposed to get above freezing soon. Woo hoo!

  16. We have a half-inch of ice. It’s on top of about 1′ of snow.

  17. HS, listening to Fall of Giants right now. It’s pretty much a commercial for communism/socialism, huh? Pretty good story though.

  18. Yea, I’ll be on facedouche. My computer hates this post.

  19. GoT, cartoon version:

  20. Yea, I’ll be on facedouche. My computer hates this post.

    See what you did, MJ?

  21. Yes, James. I managed to get through it. Tried listening to the second book in the series – Winter of the World, and gave up.

    Is the version you are listening to read by John Lee? He’s my favorite.

  22. Middle TN is paralyzed by less than an inch of ice and snow, I’m “working” from home today. We hit 65 earlier this week and the frogs all woke up and started singing, now they are frogcicles.

    Same here. Major roads are closed, and I’m pretty sure my driveway is a ski jump.

    In other news, if y’all would please say a prayer or have some warm thoughts for Brewfan, his mom’s funeral is today.

  23. Sean Loses His Virginity (Based On A Crude Story)


  24. I don’t care that I work early on Sunday. SNL makes it Thorsday! Thorsday! Thorsday!

  25. Hotspur, good for Curt. I’d go postal if someone tweeted like that about Mini-me.

  26. Even if I didn’t have daughters (I have three), if a son of mine ever behaved the way these jackasses did, they would be soooo fucked. Losing their job or being suspended from school would be the least of their problems.

  27. Amen to that.

    Aggie and I discussed on her blog the lack of civility today. Some of it is the seemingly anonymous nature of the internet – those guys didn’t think they would be tracked down that easily. I read a theory that one problem is smaller families – that the kids don’t have aunts and uncles (or more than likely fathers) to keep them in line. They don’t have siblings and cousins that they have to learn to get along with. This is especially true in China where 30 years of one-child policy have destroyed family dynamics.

  28. I kind of want a daughter. I think I’d be a better daddy to a girl but I’d kill a mother fucker that talked about raping my baby.

  29. Checking in. Ok, it’s working at the moment.

  30. MJ, finding out the sex of Li’l Caruthers crystalized a lot for me. I know I’ll parent a daughter much differently than I would a son, and part of that is a willingness to kill — or die — to protect her innocence. I’d do the same for a son, of course, but I suspect it’d be less likely to come up.

  31. It’s a good story, but I wonder if a father w/o the famous name would have been able to achieve the same results. I doubt it.

  32. I think it boils down to the crudeness that has become acceptable in our society. From the rap culture to the rampant porn on the internet, girls are objectified and victimized. There are no conduct codes, no dress codes, no language codes. Anything goes. Violence is fun to watch.

    My bet is that those boys have no understanding of why what they did is wrong.

  33. But they’ll all grow up thinking guns are bad, global warming is real, and Obama is god.

  34. I’d kill for my sons too, you just don’t think often enough about that sort of thing happening to your boy.

    I think for you men it’s just a guilty conscience.

  35. Might be, but I’m at least repentant.

    Also those girls mostly had terrible fathers.

  36. Father w/o famous name probably wouldn’t have gotten that nasty a reaction for posting about his daughter. No reason to say “I’ll give her bloody underwear to match your bloody sock.”


  38. Like anyone knew him in high school…

  39. I’ll just leave this here for you:

  40. What’s with all the broken candy bars, MJ? Are you trying to tell us about a penile fracture?

  41. All this talk about civility and not one mom joke.

  42. Maybe he’s hoping Carl Spackler will eat him in the pool.

  43. You can’t tell me Curt doesn’t get the same troll treatment when he tweets stuff about himself.

    Curt brought his daughter into the conversation. In my mind it is like walking into a room full of bees, leaving, then coming back in with your kid. What did he expect?

    I’m glad he didn’t let it go, and I’m glad this conversation is occurring, and I’m happy some justice was served to trolls.

    But I also think Curt is an attention whore and should have known better than to post information about and a picture of his 17yo daughter on fucking twitter.

  44. He did address that point in his various posts, SRG.

  45. The troll treatment, that is. He likened it to locker room behavior, and that he was well aware of that kind of stuff. But he drew a line.

  46. Going down to minus 7 tonight.

  47. Damn lucky no one was seriously injured or killed at the Delta crash at LGA.

  48. We should start calling SRG Sarge.

  49. Sarge is offensive speech.

  50. So you’re saying it’s perfect then.

  51. No, I’m saying you’ll be hauled before Hostage University’s Diversity and Inclusion Remediation Board.

  52. Oh great, tushar and wiser.

  53. I should start calling my wife sarge.

  54. I should start calling your mom Sarge.

  55. My mom’s not a staff sergeant, though.

  56. Leon, your mom is generic. I wasn’t referring to your mom.

  57. Computer geeks! Best SQL injection attempt EVAH!

  58. RFH house discussion on a snow day: whether the ability to roll R’s is genetic or not.

  59. RFH is a RCH from RCH. Just sayin.

  60. My mom is not generic!

    RFH house discussion on a snow day: whether the ability to roll R’s is genetic or not.

    I couldn’t do it a couple of years ago. I learned over time.

  61. Mini-me and I can’t, Mr. RFH can. Rocketboy has just received a very strange text.

    Did learning Spanish help?

  62. Hmm, I’m one of the lucky ones who can roll r’s.

  63. My home office chair’s pneumatics has a slow leak, I keep sinking down lower and lower when I sit here.


  64. I can roll my R’s but I refuse to because ‘Merica.

  65. All right you IT professionals, how fucking hard is it to restrict access to non-governmental servers and email services?

    Seems to me this would be a no brainer.

  66. Did learning Spanish help?

    It was the only reason I learned how. Picking German phonemes was easier, but that was 25 years ago now.

  67. *rolls r’s while ringing Cyn’s doorbell*

  68. I can roll my Rs, and I can roll your mom.

  69. I rolled your mom

  70. Hotspur beat me by a RCH

    (not with one, by one)


    I ♥ Willie.

  72. Had to explain this one to Mini-me

  73. Unholy alliance:

  74. hahahahahah

    Willie wins the interface.

  75. I’m listening to the debate right now.

    The side against the motion’s first opening statement outlined how conservatives have a fairy tale notion of colleges then went on to waste the rest of his time outlining every liberal cliche about conservatives.

    What that had to do with the motion is beyond me.

  76. How does one know that speech is “stupid” without having heard it? The prognosticative powers of liberals are incredible.

  77. How does one know that speech is “stupid” without having heard it?

    My usual standard for measuring is “Is a liberal giving the speech?”

    Then yeah, I can pretty much assume that what is being said is more than likely incredibly stupid.

  78. Look, I know we can predict the future, I’m just much less certain about them.

  79. My nephew says that no one speaks up in class. They just try to figure out the Prof and feed their bias. All about the grade. Profs retaliate when challenged. He says that he’s learned to stay quiet. The profs get frustrated that no one “Participates” in the discussion.

  80. Living in this liberal bastion of tolerant speech and open debate has exposed me socially to vast numbers of professors and administrators – from liberal arts to engineering to medicine to business schools and everything in between.

    They are ALL liberals. They ALL have the same views of conservatives, and they ALL exist in an echo chamber.

    One night at a dinner party, the evil Koch name was invoked. When I asked about George Soros’s money or Tome Steyer’s money in politics, guess what? Only one person at the table knew who the fuck they are. His retort? They don’t personally profit from the money they inject into politics.

    I shit you not.

    I responded by laughing and saying let’s talk about music.

  81. OMG HS had dinner with mi familia?

  82. My cousin, Michelle, has a daughter at Michigan. Her dad, my Uncle Tony, got his Masters at MI. Her brother, my cousin, Tony, got his law degree there. Go Bucks!

  83. I doubt that OSU is any different.

  84. Slightly NSFW

  85. I KNOW it isn’t any different. I just like rubbing their noses in Buckeye poop.

  86. We need to find out who this girl is. For BBF purposes.

  87. I just listened to that whole debate. I’d guess, like Hotspur’s dinner party guests having never heard of Soros, most of the audience had never heard of the concept of stifled conservative speech on campus.

    The guests arguing against the motion cited the “administration” as the culprit, implying the faculty was neutral and open to all free speech.

  88. I’d say administration, based upon how ‘quiet’ some of my conservative professors were. We all kept our mouths shut and heads down – safe was best.

  89. My Uncle Eloy and my Tia Juanita (AKA Jennie) are always posting Koch Brothers stuff on Facedouche. I let friends counter with the Soros/Steyer stuff. I just say a quick prayer and ignore. My cousin, Raul, is running for DA. Dan doesn’t like a few of my more Prog cousins. Raul attended his dad’s funeral, so I don’t have to work in the GOPe campaign against him. Unless he pisses me off between now and then.

  90. Tilts chin to chest…safe was best.

  91. Susana is taking on Daylights saving time. Who-Hoo!

  92. >>>Tilts chin to chest

    I read that as “Tits chin to chest…” and was trying to wrap my mind around that anatomical position.

  93. My RL cousin that was a Rhodes Scholar was on my Dad’s side. Went to University of Ohio. Strike One. Is a bigger squish than her Dog Pound OSU fan Dad. Strike Two. Got her degree, went home to Newark, married HS sweetheart, later divorced, works for State farm PT. Strike Three.

  94. With a very structured bra I pretty much barely move. Thanks Howard Hughes!

  95. I read that as “Tits chin to chest…” and was trying to wrap my mind around that anatomical position.

    Oso was motorboating Cyn?

  96. I sent out 3 pallets on Monday, one to PA, one to MD, and one to TN.

    Freight company delivered all 3 in PA.


  97. I listened to the whole debate, and in typical liberal straw man fashion they blamed the administrators. The debate wasn’t who is causing it, the debate was whether it is being caused. So in the end, the team arguing against it made the team arguing for its point.

  98. Hahaha No, CoAlex. I Brick’d her.

  99. I know we’ve talked about Rippetoe in the past. This article (linked to by insty) just struck me as silly.

    According to Rippetoe, the college linebacker juicing up during the summer does so because his coach is sending him to jazzercise instead of the weight room.

  100. brick’d?

  101. >>>Freight company delivered all 3 in PA.

    To the same address?

  102. TV show In The Middle. Has a character named Brick. He tilts his chin towards his chest and whisper repeats. Cyn references Brick all the time. Asperger character much like Sheldon on TBBT.


    I have read Professor Adams for many years. He takes on the topic of campus intimidation many many times.

  104. Yep. I think I have it sorted out.

    Hey! Weather forecast calls for normal weather starting next week!


  106. Screw you Siberia!

  107. HS he sounds awesome!!!

  108. Comment by buffalone on March 5, 2015 4:49 pm

    Poor bastard…

  109. And he can’t even bang ’em.

  110. I don’t think we can tell lurid nurse stories anymore. IYKWIMAITTYD. My mom was a nurse. My dad was too. Nurse. Corpsman. Either way, spells ghey. I used to call my dad a “Pecker Checker”. That really was his job for the most part in the 70s.

  111. For those not on FB, Brew has a lovely pic of his mom’s urn and a beautiful floral tribute. (((Hugs Cyn virtually because I can))

  112. And he can’t even bang ‘em.

    Why not?

  113. Rape culture and anti-wymyn yo

  114. Rape culture and anti-wymyn yo

    okay, so don’t bang the crazy ones…..

    problem solv….


  115. Their are no sane nurses.

  116. Plus they are all coworkers.

  117. And they smoke.

  118. So let’s think this through:

    Hillary very likely had her e-mails hacked by a foreign government.

    They let her know this and tell her they could either release them and destroy her Presidential aspirations permanently.

    Or… they don’t release them and actively work to get her elected….

    At which point, they will own her.

    What an amazing clusterfuck this fucking corrupt bitch has created.

    Of course, my theory assumes that she wouldn’t already happily do the bidding of our enemies, no threats required.

  119. Hilldog, along with TFG, Turkey, and ValJar, are puppets to the Iranians and the MB. They just didn’t count on Daesh going full retard.

  120. Even more possible and frightening: considering her and Bill’s past coziness with the Chinese, she set this server up in her home to make it easier for them to “hack” her system.

  121. Looks like a nursing school yearbook photo. If it was a promo photo for the college of nursing they would include a black, Asian, Indian, lesbian student in the forefront.

  122. They have to get this out of the way now so that when she finally announces, she can just refer to it as old news. This story will be dead after the Sunday jizz fests.

  123. ebola nurse totes kicks Jimbro in the jimbrones.

  124. HS and beasn are cynical twins.

  125. Ebola nurse: “That’s not funny”

  126. I can’t help it, Oso. I’ve watched that conniving bitch for over twenty years. She has a teflon coating..

  127. I have RL friends that are Progs and H8 her more than I do. They love Bernie and Liawatha. They H8 TFG. It isn’t a done deal yet. SMOD 2016

  128. I disagree Hotspur. I think the Dems want someone else.

  129. They want 3 more years of TFG. OFA. Endless Campaign. GOPe capitulation.

  130. When Hillary comes out of hiding, her popularity always drops.
    People are tired of her.

    How many books did she sell?

  131. I was naive. Fatboy created a D-rat caucus. Promised to follow the will of the people. Hillary districts had to deal with what NM GOPers deal with every location. No ballots. Crazy counts. Took two weeks to certify. HillDog won. Super delegates went to TFG. I really thought NM D-rats would throw off the shackles and say “Enough!” They didn’t. I call them out every chance I can. LSS Raul and I can agree to disagree. His lawyer D-rat tool of a wife believes the shit she spews. (My Uncle, Simon, prays for Raul and I to not be cynical.)

  132. Scott, stupid WalMart being in AR. I got half the allotment of Fuckerbee to Hillary books. I’ve sold the same amount.

  133. >>>When Hillary comes out of hiding, her popularity always drops.
    People are tired of her.

    I’ve said this repeatedly. She can not win. The reason she is hiding is because they know full well that the more she talks, the more people despise her.

    She will not get the ethnic vote and she will not get the women vote.

    She is extremely unlikable and she will , at some point, campaign. And then she’s doomed.

  134. ^^^^ Dark horse.

  135. By election day, people are going to sick of that shrill harpy.

  136. I’m not convinced that TFG won’t usurp the rayciss Constitution and run again. I buy double packs of foil. YMMV

  137. You would not believe how many losers I work with that think denying TFG of a 3rd term is rayciss.

  138. This story will be dead after the Sunday jizz fests.

    But its going to be fun trolling her emails.

    And I really think the Dems aren’t exactly in love with Cheeselegs. They dumped her for Obama in two shakes of a hippos tail.

  139. Biden. Biden. Biden. Biden.

    Say it with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Plus, her defenders and supporters are becoming more and more ridiculous. See: David Brock.

    Even Mika, a good a loyal Kool-Aid drinker, couldn’t stomach his bullshit

  141. If I had to choose between her, Warren, or Sanders, I’d choose her. Hell, I’d choose her over Joe Biden.

    So far, aside from Scott Walker, I’m not seeing a repub with a chance against her. And I think that’s why the dems will stick with her. Too risky to run a couple of full blown commies who are already outed. Think about how they kept Obama a secret during his campaign.

    If Walker survives his colonoscopy, he might have a chance.

  142. After 2016 he’s not going away. He will inject himself into events for years. He can’t help himself. Narcissistic sociopath.

  143. Warren said she wouldn’t run if Hillary was in.

    They want Warren.

  144. I’m done with the GOPe. Nick Searcy with less money done. I’m going all in with Walker. Even though he isn’t my ideal. He’s Mr Good enough for a fling.

  145. >>>>>Biden. Biden. Biden. Biden.

    I’m picturing Otter saying this to his Animal House frat brothers…….

    bi-den…. bi-den…..Bi-Den…. Bi-Den….. BI-DEN….. BI-DEN…

  146. Otter?

  147. Comment by scott on March 5, 2015 6:33 pm

    Warren said she wouldn’t run if Hillary was in.

    They want Warren.


  148. Comment by osoloco11 on March 5, 2015 6:42 pm


    Otter Stratton. The character played by Tim Matheson

  149. CoAlex knows. I get really tired of hearing about Barry Fucking Sanders. The D-rats in mi familia are talking TFG and BS. Hill ain’t in the pedo picture.

  150. THX CoAl. I was being facetious.

  151. Comment faster or I have to wash dishes.

  152. Fuck. I just realized I need to work faster.

  153. Faster faster!

  154. Here is a perfect example of a dog being an asshole.

  155. Ha Ha Ha! Upvoted the asshole dog.

  156. My asshole dog chewed my glasses Tuesday. I put them on the desk and went to do the dishes in the other room. I heard a weird noise from the living room and, quelle horreur, he had shredded them. I went to the optician today and discovered 1. they’re under warranty, 2. I actually have vision insurance, 3. the optician could fix them and 4. his mother is a cast tech in my office. I’ve since forgiven my asshole puppy who knew he done wrong by my reaction.

  157. Dan is being an ass about dog day Thorsday.

  158. The dog video is hilarious.

    The dog trainer we had for our puppy had 3 fainting goats on his farm. I asked him the only rational question I could think of:

    Why the hell do you have fainting goats?

    He said, ‘ hold on’, went and grabbed us each a beer from the garage and then let his Australian sheep dog into the field.

    The dog started herding the goats and then barked right behind them. Goats fell over like they’d been shot.

    Laughed my ass off and sprayed the beer. Once we stopped laughing he said, ‘And that’s why I have them!’

    Damn that was funny.

  159. I’m picturing Otter saying this to his Animal House frat brothers…….
    bi-den…. bi-den…..Bi-Den…. Bi-Den….. BI-DEN….. BI-DEN…
    Pre sice lee.

  160. Cage match: Hillary ‘ol McCheeselegs vs. Granny Apple Warren!!!!

  161. I wonder if Hotspur has had this:

    Pretty sure his mom has

  162. View story at

  163. ^^^^^

    Best comment ever.

  164. Hit refresh, brad’s comment has a link.
    Touch the mouse, no link.


  165. I had heard that fainters were good fiber goats.

  166. Let’s try that again:

  167. Hello my Hostage friends. How goes it?

  168. Nice job Mr. TC.

  169. As much money as this guy has, why doesn’t he buy a new plane?

  170. Well, a kid is pissed at me.

    Must be doing something right.

  171. Did anybody wonder how it was that anybody else always seemed to be just one step ahead of them today?

  172. Worst mom ever!

  173. MSNBC is kind of kicking Hillary’s ass right now.

    It’s like they just realized the election is on and now they’re going into an early slap fight with their boyfriend’s white ho.

  174. ‘HE’S MY MAN, BITCH!!!!!!’

  175. What did you do, car in?

  176. Harrison Ford being removed from the scene of the crash:

  177. Hello my Hostage friends. How goes it?
    It goes well. What’s up with your Florida cracker ass?

  178. It goes well. What’s up with your Florida cracker ass?

    Other than the weather being fucking crazier than a trailer park meth addict? Not much.

    It was a high of almost 90 here today. The high tomorrow is low to mid 50s. With wind and rain.

    How goes it with you?

  179. Weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.

  180. It was a high of almost 90 here today. The high tomorrow is low to mid 50s. With wind and rain.
    How goes it with you?
    No shit? It was 55 one day in St Pete last week, then 83 the next. But I’m back in Charlotte for a few days.

    Now I’m eating ribbon candy and thinking about breaking into the Werther’s.

  181. How’s the ear aids?

  182. So much better. The witch doctor, Amox, performed a ritual on them and now I think I’m almost better.

  183. Now I’m eating ribbon candy and thinking about breaking into the Werther’s.

    Wether’s are fucking awesome.

    And the weather seriously sucks because then I’m stuck in the battle over the AC/heat at the office. Grandpa is of course easily cold and thinks 65 outside means it’s time to turn the heat on, while my dad likes it cold and has the AC on when it’s 50 outside.

    Meanwhile I’m sitting in my office feeling like I’m going through freaking menopause with hot and cold flashes.

  184. Stop putting dicks in your ear.

  185. Audiosexist.

    There. I said it.

  186. Nice little article there, Xbad!


  188. You dick. That’s in BBF tomorrow.

  189. Fixed it. Sorry about the car.

  190. Dude, that was funny. The margarita thing and the buffalone.

    There are no blue dicks or red dicks, only the united dicks of america.

  191. It begins:

  192. Awesome

  193. Excellent article, xbrad. The only quibble I have is that I think the speed of manufacturing would be much quicker than during WWII. Computer-aided design and machining mean that you can speed up the development process, especially if you look for simplicity, and then turn it over to a largely mechanized production process.

  194. I think the speed of manufacturing would be much quicker than during WWII. entirely dependent on China.

    fixt, sadly.

    P-51 design cycle was 122 days. F-35 is 10 years or 19 years, depending on how you want to count it, whether it’s awarded contract to first flight or until actually deployed.

    Also, there’s a reason why Mike Rowe is pushing for more welders.

  195. It depends. If the piece in question requires forging and machining, I’m not so sure we have the workers to do it. Or at least, it would take a while to ramp up production.

    Remember one reason MRAPs took a while to reach the troops was, no one was making armor steel.

  196. Stolen from FB. Yesterday’s high was in the 70’s. Today it’s still a sheet of ice with snow on top.

    If you don’t like Huntsville weather, wait 15 minutes.

  197. Puhlease.

  198. Gearing-up would take a LOT longer than that.
    Labor agreements, procurement, environmental impact statements, eminent-domain lawsuits, etc…

  199. Yo. I belong.

  200. Did anyone else feel guilty about eating someone 10 yrs your elder’s ass out today?

    Me neither. He had it coming.

  201. Eating Ass is an art form.

  202. Chewing or eating? Because it’s two different things…

  203. Listerine is my friend.

  204. Chewing and eating are synonymous. Mostly.

  205. “Johnny chewed Billy’s ass after school.”

    “Johnny ate Billy’s ass after school.”

  206. Woke up to 3″ of SNOW this morning! Some areas in the Metroplex got 7″ (SYWM).

    Our dogs had lots of fun – the big one did her best “Cocaine Bear” impression .

  207. Ok, this is starting to piss me off. I can’t find a linear algebra class anywhere in town, either online or in person, for the summer. FML.

  208. That was a good ARTicle.

    My brother was a recall to infantry. He fought ’em to wear his cherry red and jump boots but they said no way in The Guard.

    We could field a million. We could field whatever it takes.

    I think freedom is like heroine. Once somebody has some, try taking it from them.

    It’s fun if you make it a game.

    I don’t see the “Whirld Power” that is coming to beat us down with their 10 million ct army.

    We could send shockwaves around the world by simply passing a balanced budget amendment.

  209. Don’t you know your queen
    Flower derp at my feet

  210. Early start to a big day

  211. Minus 11

  212. It’s 2 here.

  213. 16 here

  214. Fark-13 up here.


  215. Today’s BBF will be the greatest ever.

  216. It was only supposed to be a low of 17 degrees.

    THey ALWAY ALWAYS miss this. Always.

    But hey they were only off by 30 degrees, so I’ll give them a pass.

  217. Well, a kid is pissed at me.

    Must be doing something right.

    What did you do, car in?

    Put a new rule that he’s done with kindle games at 8 pm for the night.

  218. Car in, do you go to Wunderground for weather? If so, their high and low temps are messed up.

    Their “day” is noon to noon.

    Drives me nuts.

  219. According to Wunderground it should be 12 degrees at 5 AM tomorrow. Tomorrow’s low is 25.


  220. I use my phone, which I don’t know where they get it. But even by that metric they were off. I think the low was supposed to be -6.

  221. It’s the weather channel.

  222. I’ve just been watching this for years. It NEVER gets as warm as they predict, and always gets colder than the low they say.

    It happens most days. They ALWAYS err that direction.

  223. Weather Channel does it too. I just checked.
    Teens tomorrow morning, tomorrows low is 26.

    drives me nuts

  224. But their regression models based on the variables contributing to the temperature of the planet are spot on.

    They actually believe they know all of the variables that contribute to the variation of the temperature of the planet.

    I’m not sure that’s a solvable math problem.

  225. Days are noon to noon.

  226. Pshaw, why do you need to know all the variables? What about the polar bears? And the children?

  227. It’s just to confuse the issue, because they were wrong about the low from yesterday too.

  228. I mean, you’d have to keep track of the predicted high and low – which disappears from the webpage when the actual #s come in.

    It’s a scam, related to GLOBAL WARMING.

    They will not be held accountable. They want to trick everyone into thinking the weather is going to be warmer.

  229. What if Benghazi happened because of Hillary’s hacked email.
    That would be something.



  232. Comment by scott on March 6, 2015 8:17 am

    What if Benghazi happened because of Hillary’s hacked email.
    That would be something.


  233. I’d bet on Russia’s invasion because of hacked email. They had signed an agreement in Geneva and backed out something like a week later.

  234. HA HA HA That’s horrible Pepe.

  235. My phone was telling me the downtown temp. Car said it was -4.

  236. Carin, that story sort of leads to tinfoil hat land.

  237. The source is Politico, and they are SOOOOO GOP friendly.

  238. Ok, you guys go ahead and trust Boehner.

  239. *adjusts tinfoil hat.

  240. Even if that were the case, it didn’t work.

  241. I really hate the misusing of the Marshal Zhuikov quote in that article, Xbrad. The quote is about a weapon (Katyusha rockets), They could be sloppily churned out because all they wanted was 10 seconds of flight followed by a “BANG” at the end. If it flies only half of that or not at all, no biggie

    Cheap and sloppy with troops or expensive machines yields roughly the same result with vastly more negative consequence.

  242. And I come here for bewbz…and instead I get a Boehner.

  243. How didn’t it work? Prove that it didn’t work.

  244. What constitutes “cover”? We all know about it, right? He fucking passed it. What’s “cover” in that instance?

  245. Oh, because we’re GOING TO MAKE HIM PAY, right?

  246. Just like all the other times the republicans did things that pissed us off …

    Oh. right.

  247. I’m just saying, what would “cover” even mean, and why would he need it?

  248. Brian Williams brokered the deal between Pelosi and Boehner.

  249. Obviously news got out – amid other news. It did provide a distraction, people where watching/listening/reading to commentary about that instead of phoning the politicians with anger.

  250. Carin, that ship sailed a long time ago. It ain’t coming back.

  251. Wouldn’t have changed anything. I don’t mean to sound defeatist, but the win margin for that POS wasn’t narrow.

  252. The greatest BBF of all time has been published.

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