I told you so



  1. Welcome to the day-before-Wednesday.

  2. I know today has it’s own name …

    Bibi on in 7 minutes.

    I bet he’s on time. Not like other world leaders who keep the little people waiting.

  3. What does “I told you so” mean?

    micro, macro, meta.

  4. Good day to post that Bibi vs Barack photo.

  5. My, it’s cold here today. 45°.

    *ducks and runs*

  6. Meh – no meaning at all.


  7. I thought the tards were going to boycott Bibi.
    I see chooser, pelosi, Feinstein and other assorted aholes in the chamber.
    What happened?

  8. They exposed their cowardice.

  9. The jewish donors probably told them how they’d take it.

  10. Susan Rice wins the prize for best fake Hebrew accent.

  11. I would so hit that.

  12. DIAF Harry.

  13. Mare, the left has gone after O’Reilly because he is at the top. Their top man was shot down in flames, so they are out for vengeance, and they’ll lie to get it. The media won’t circle the wagons for him like they did for helicopter boy.

    I don’t like O’Reilly, so I’m not upset over what the media is doing. I probably should be, but I’m not.

  14. I wouldn’t mind if the sole purpose of Bibi’s speech was to mock Licorice Dick.

  15. Comment by Cyn on March 3, 2015 11:10 am
    I would so hit that.



    (but agree)

  16. Mocking with positivity… brilliant.

  17. Maybe O’Reilly and Williams could do a buddy movie. “Plains, Helicopters and TelePrompTers.”

  18. I missed it, what’s happening to BOR?

  19. Still my favorite O’Reilly moment

  20. I feel like Hotspur about BOR.

  21. Leon, like many of these narcissistic windbag newsreaders, O’Reilly embellished his news reporting with innuendo that he was in danger himself.

    He wasn’t.

    He insinuated that he was in places that he wasn’t. It’s all provable, but these dicks can’t stop themselves from stealing valor, and preening for their audience.

    I guess that’s why I don’t give a shit about what the media is doing to him. He brings it on himself.

  22. Bibi: “This regime will always be an enemy of America. Don’t be fooled. The battle between Iran and ISIS does not make Iran a friend of America.”
    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/blog/liveblogevent/bibi-netanyahus-speech-liveblog

  23. Interesting what a person looks like while giving a speech he himself has written and believes in passionately. No F’ing teleprompter, or if so you wouldn’t know it.

  24. I like BOR, mostly in small to medium doses; same with Hannity and even Rush on occasion.

    Also, I hope no one holds something against me that I said almost 40 years ago.

  25. No F’ing teleprompter, or if so you wouldn’t know it.


  26. I’ll never forget what your mom said to me 40 years ago.

  27. “When it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy.”

    That was brilliant. Whoever wrote that is a genius.

  28. Daddy?

  29. Um…

  30. Will this nation ever understand the grave error it committed electing twice a president who hates it?

  31. If I were the Saudi king I would be rushing plans to build my own nukes.

  32. His passion and intelligence is attractive.

  33. Ex-commando vs choom gang.

  34. “Call their bluff … Iran needs the deal a lot more than you do!”

  35. Five bucks says in a day or two LD will declare he always welcomed Bibi to come speak. MFM will parrot the lie.

  36. Ex-commando vs choom gang.


    It’s impossible for me to think of Obama without picturing him riding that women’s bike with a helmet, mom jeans, on a paved trail.



  38. Obama rides a girl’s bike because feminism.

  39. I just got friggen goose bumps.

  40. Reading the live blog of Bibi just increases my contempt for the American electorate.

  41. I hope Scott Walker has a chance to have Bibi bless his bloodied zweihander while he’s in town.

  42. Shit, we’re still stuck with Obama.

  43. Look at these two men. America could have chosen a skyscraper but settled for a tar paper shack.

  44. By the time LD is done the deal will include 42 tons of yellowcake delivered to Teheran with a basket of fruit.

  45. And an iPod with his speeches on it.

  46. Rep Lloyd Doggett (D) just called the whole thing a “pep rally” on MSNBC

  47. hahahahahah

    Rush just said, “wow, just wow, what have we been missing for the last 6 years,”

  48. Looking forward to many “libertarians” beclowning themselves today.

  49. Looking at you, Rand Paul

  50. “This was leadership in full force…Netanyahu was everything Obama is not.”

  51. Shit, we’re still stuck with Obama.


  52. David Steinberg
    March 3 at 9:14 am /// DAVID STEINBERG
    Fox: This speech becomes a major talking point in the 2016 elections, because Clinton and Warren — who boycotted speech — will need to answer for their Iran deal position quickly.

  53. Steinberg?

    It was the jooooooos.

    Isn’t Hilary sort of a known anti-semite?

  54. She’s too poor to be anti-Semitic, Leon. Ask her.

  55. Brian Williams tweeted he ghostwrote Bibi’s speech.

  56. You know the slime at the bottom of an old pickle barrel? Beneath that you find David Axelrod. Scum with a porn stache. It tweeted

    “Speech broke no new ground nor offered realistic path short of war. But apocalyptic language & GOP cheerleading tailor-made for his base.”


  57. For the life of me I cannot fathom why jews in this country vote overwhelmingly for democrats. They hate you.

  58. If Axeltwat wants to read apocalyptic rhetoric, let him have his cats items read him what the mullahs openly write.

  59. Cats. Fucking autocucumber. “Catamites.”

  60. Sally Kohn ✔ @sallykohn

    Hey remember when our foreign policy was based on reacting to actual attacks not just potential perceived threats?! Yeah that.

    You mean like the time Roosevelt let the japs sneak attack us at Pearl Harbor?

    You stupid fucking cunt.

  61. Fucking iOS needs a better vocabulary, Tim Cook. I won’t applaud you for being gay, but a little more work on your English would be nice.

  62. I’m picturing a t-shirt with an image of Neville Chamberlain subtitled “Democrat.”

  63. Will this nation ever understand the grave error it committed electing twice a president who hates it?

    No, because FREE shit.

  64. No, because FREE shit.

    And complicit dicks in the GOP.

  65. What the hell are you babbling about, PG? Proof before you post.


    My dear, Hotspur, what are you referring to?

  66. “…Netanyahu’s speech, all talk, no action.”

    This from the dipshits who brought us “strategic patience.”

  67. Peas in our thyme.

  68. Since when is a speech ever anything but talk?

  69. I like peas.

  70. And that dried up leather bag of a cunt Pelosi needed to be bitch slapped into the women’s room and given a swirly.

  71. Let us recall MJ’s comment: that Democrats believe Iran can be trusted with nukes but Americans can’t be trusted with handguns.

  72. I visualize whirled peas.

  73. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 3, 2015 12:54 pm
    Since when is a speech ever anything but talk?


    Yeah, ^^THIS^^

  74. I can’t really assess what to make of the speech until Jon Stewart tells me what to think.

  75. Leon, can I tweet that?

  76. No.

  77. Cats items we much!

  78. Speech gets 3 out of 10. Points docked for lack of ums, uhs, “folks” and “I.”

  79. Mein Gott, I’m turning into Al Sharpton.

  80. I don’t mind.

  81. Hotspur, when I want something out of you, I’ll kick it out of you.

  82. Mare, don’t fall for it, that’s just what he’s expecting you to do.

  83. I kicked your mom out of bed. I needed coffee.

  84. Glenn Reynolds’s comment is so good I’m stealing it

    “TWO THINGS PEOPLE ARE MISSING ABOUT NETANYAHU’S SPEECH: (1) He didn’t just make a case for why the U.S. should be harder on Iran. He made the case for unilateral Israeli military intervention too, sub silentio. (2) The most damaging thing to Obama here isn’t even the substance, but the contrast in style. Netanyahu, as someone said on Twitter, was better in his second language than Obama is in his first. And he presented himself as a leader who cares about his country, rather than one, like Obama, who makes excuses for its enemies.”

  85. Just a reminder, the difference between all talk, no action:


  86. The NSA wouldn’t like to hear what I would do with a time machine.

  87. Obama, you just got outclassed, outmaneuvered, and outed as the fucking queer you are. Now go out and golf. Grownups are talking.

  88. hahahah

    “Kerry’s a walking fool.”

    “Kerry is like Hillary, I just don’t get it.”

    ——Rush Limbaugh

  89. Mare loves Hotspur.

  90. Your mom loves Hotspur.

  91. I think she would.

  92. Funny how no one seems to put as much effort into hacking Cankles’s private e-mail account the way they did for Palin.

  93. Rush is right if he’s hinting that now is the time for ambitious Demotards to challenge Cankles for Dictator in 2016.

  94. In addition to the blue dress shadow, the artist should have painted this.

  95. Methinks foreign policy will be a dicey proposition for Demotards in 2016. If the GOP can figure it out.

  96. There seems to be a stain on that blue drape, HS.

  97. Rush is right if he’s hinting that now is the time for ambitious Demotards to challenge Cankles for Dictator in 2016.

    Yep. I don’t know who it is, but there’s a Dem governor out there just biding his time.

    Question, who planted the story about Hillary’s private email account?

  98. Hell, that might even BE the blue dress. Monica is a big girl.

  99. The NSA wouldn’t like to hear what I would do with a time machine.

    I’d prevent FDR’s polio as a kid. Then come back and beat the hell out of him when he’s 30.

  100. I’d do something about Wilson.

  101. I’d tell him Eleanor was a dyke.

  102. What Mare said.

  103. Question, who planted the story about Hillary’s private email account?

    Probably someone in the WH.

  104. Probably someone in the WH.
    You know, that’s my guess. There’s certainly no love lost between Obama and Hillary. But I don’t see the end game. Boost Warren? Eh, maybe. But the story makes the Obama admin look bad also.

  105. I would much prefer Princess Summerfall Winterspring as a candidate over Hildebeest Cankles.

  106. The only beverage more delicious than a 1998 Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a glass of the tears of Nancy Pelosi.

  107. Pelosi has done a Helen Reddy cover.

    ♫ I am woman, hear me weep ♫

  108. I had (have) mixed feelings about Patraeus, however, after listening to Vince Flynn describe a lunch he had with him, he sounds like a political tool. Tool in the sense of a douche.

    I’ll look for a link.

  109. Pelosi’s tears: proof crocodiles have tear ducts.

  110. Looks like Petraeus thought he was not a man but a demi-god, not subject to the rules for mere mortals.

  111. You know, that’s my guess. There’s certainly no love lost between Obama and Hillary. But I don’t see the end game. Boost Warren? Eh, maybe. But the story makes the Obama admin look bad also.

    My suspicion is that they figure Hillary is the biggest threat to Obama’s legacy. The Clintons would denounce the Obama WH every chance that they could get and would gut Obamacare to turn it into Hillarycare. Any Dem that runs will need to be an Obama-supporter, or at least not considered a threat.

    I honestly figure that Obama would rather have a Republican successor, since he can spend the following four years criticizing everything and complaining that the evil President Walker is fucking up the wonderful Utopia that Obama left him.

  112. Given his effect on Demotards, Boehner ought to invite Bibi to speak every month.

  113. This is hilarious. The Dems are losing their cookies over this.

  114. Who is the dem guy who gave the response? He sounds retarded. I could barely understand him. Is English his second language.


  115. Sounded like a member of the Congressional Black Caucasians.

  116. I’m turning into Al Sharpton.

    Your turning into Al Sharpton?

  117. you’re

  118. Mare?


  119. http://is.gd/not_a_donut_mare

  120. Some wit at Ace’s lists this as Hillary’s private email address:


  121. So Dems aren’t anti Semitic right?

    Dissent is the highest form of patriotism and what not?

    Racist, lying, communo-fascists, betas.

  122. LOL…some random jackhole….

    Poor mare.

  123. MJ, how are you feeling little fella?

  124. Ill. Thanks for asking. Double ear infection.

    I picked up some antibiotics today but I’m going to wait until I get home to take them.

    Last time I got a sudden case of intestinal Ebola. That would be bad on a plane.

  125. Ear infection on a plane? Drink heavily.

  126. A double ear infection? What, are you 8?

  127. It’s from the aural sex with all his pirate friends.

  128. Double ear infection on a plane means you re-enact that scene from Scanners.


  129. Double earache.

  130. I’m sorry you’re feeling like Obama having sex, badly.

    Here’s some homemade chicken soup, 12 boxes of kleenex some zanax and a defibrillator.

  131. Oh, my, gosh, Hotspur, I just LOL’d hard watching that video.

    Listening to stupid people can be fun (hence, why I hang out here).

  132. *blows cig smoke in Mj’s ear.

    There. Cured.

    You’re welcome.

  133. I’m crying I’m laughing so hard at that video.

  134. He probably went swimming in a tainted pool.

  135. Ann Arbor is full of people like that fucking guy, and they all shop at the Co-op. Ask my wife.

  136. Tainted love.

  137. http://tinyurl.com/lcrlrfr

  138. I’ll take the Xanax.

  139. He probably went swimming in a tainted pool pool of taint.

  140. Sorry you’re not feeling well, MJ.

    Little guys like you tend to get ear infections. When you grow up you’ll notice that you won’t get those anymore.

  141. It’s probably your prostrate. Mare should get that checked.

  142. *ruffles MJ’s hair and gives him a new Pez dispenser*

  143. Pez with Xanax?


  144. Yeah. But listen, just in case you get pulled over by a cop, you should write ‘Not Xanax’ on the side of it.

  145. Meh. I had a good run.

    100,000 miles without full blown AIDS was pretty awesome.

  146. *nods at lauraw

  147. http://i.imgur.com/vM5GmZ6.gifv

  148. Best gif ever.

  149. I think this one actually may be the bestest:


  150. Also, I made that gif by adding “gif” in front of “youtube.com/blah blah blah”. Pretty cool.

  151. Evil child is great too.

  152. I like the various real and not real characters in the eye shifting gif….hahahaha….The way this kid’s face has been used on the internet is hilarious:

  153. Why am I laughing when I hate Boehner so much?

  154. http://is.gd/ctadOw

  155. I love her, Scott, here’s my favorite of that meme:


  156. The Old Spice dude in the far background – ha ha!

  157. Yeah, and that idiot DeCaprio.

  158. http://is.gd/B3sL02

  159. Been up since 2 am. But it’s okay. My synthetic circuitry no longer requires the wasteful ‘rest’ that you weak humans must indulge in nightly.

  160. Even better!

  161. HA!

    Absolutely Fabulous.

  162. LauraW?


  163. How did we know what to laugh at before the internet?

  164. Oh look! Snow! ‘Magical.’

    Hm. Electrical outlets look dusty. I better grab a butter knife and clean those out, by cracky!

  165. LauraW?


  166. So, given that I no longer have a functional nation, I think it’s time to start farming weed and making meth.

    I’m not even going to sell it. Just going to hand it out to whoever wants it.

  167. http://is.gd/6xntdX

  168. Dayum

  169. Whoa.

  170. She’s got some balls.

  171. She gets a Christmas bonus this year.

  172. That was a big guy.

  173. I hope she keeps her job. We’re always instructed to give them the money and don’t follow them out of the store. One of our greeters was a Korean War vet. He followed a couple of computer dash and grabs to the parking lot. They pulled a gun. He lost his job.

  174. I bet it’s a family business.
    If it were Walmart’s money, she would have let him take it.

  175. True.


  177. Wiser having DT’s again?

  178. Hunh.

    Ace is, um, on a tear.

  179. It’s kinda hawt what I’ve read so far.

  180. I disagree with voting democrat to punish republicans.

    I don’t know the answer though.

  181. Too bad about the HQ. I’ve been monitoring the comments all day over there. I think 1/2 of “the hoard” is now trolls.

  182. I’m with you, SRG. It’s as bad as when the needed block of Republicans chose to not vote to protest the McCain selection. I’m not sure tantrums really solve anything in the end, but I have no magic solutions either.

  183. The problem is that right now the Republicans in Congress aren’t willing to fight for anything, it seems like. You can’t win every fight, but Boehner doesn’t even want to get in the ring. If they’re not going to make any attempt to stop the left, then why not just vote for the left and get this over with? Better than drawing out the pain.

  184. Facilitate the end times. Pulling off the band-aid with one quick pull…LIFB.

  185. http://i.imgur.com/EQM1mbO.png

  186. Voting for democrats to send a message to republicans IS a plan but its a plan like that is only effective if you broadcast your intentions loudly and with a sustained voice. Frankly I doubt that would make any difference.
    A third party effort would be more apt to bring in the numbers of disaffected voters. There is a chance there for clean messaging and not so much spite.

  187. I think Wiser was referring to our weather. It’s snowing again.

  188. Hey! That giraffe is flying on the back of that woodpecker!!!

  189. Isn’t woodpecker a redundancy?

  190. The DC set are playing a cynical game where they do what their truest constituents want them to do- their truest constituents being rich liberalish donors- and then lie to the Republican base about their intentions and convictions, and promise to go get ’em ‘next time.’ Yah, right.

    Ace is absolutely correct. It’s time to cut the ring from our nose. The DC set are voting in accordance with the president’s wishes and have already sold us out. Voting R gets us nothing but more D wishlist items crammed down our throats.

  191. Isn’t woodpecker a redundancy?
    That’s a hard question.

  192. Living in Klownifornia, I no longer have to face voter issues in states with more than one party.

  193. Oh, and all you people who helped out so the 2014 mid-terms defeated, by historic margins, the Democrats in nearly every state?

    Sorry you wasted your time.

  194. We did get a split legislature in NM and Susana may get Right to Work and repeal of DLs from illegals. Playing small ball.

  195. I think that the DoJ has been going after states like AZ that try to take benefits away from illegals.

  196. So im agreeing with you Laura. There’s the rudiments of a political movement n:
    A is the same as B. Introducing C. There are plenty of brains In the moronosphere, I’m sure we can cook up something better than voting in more democrats.

  197. Here’s some news to put a smile on Orange John’s weepy face.

    City University of New York is returning thousands of dollars to about 150 immigrant students who live illegally in the U.S. and overpaid for their tuition

    ….New York is among 19 states that allow in-state tuition for immigrant students. Its law requires immigrant students to have attended a New York state high school or received their GED in the state.

    Even if they are illegal immigrants. Now that’s how we roll Boehner-style.

  198. Precisely when did John Boehner become Rodney King?

    Because someone needs to tell him we can’t just get along.

  199. If Boehner is Rodney King, can we at least watch the video of LAPD beating him like a red headed stepchild?

  200. Hey. What time Sat at Shake’s?

  201. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but assuming Licorice Dick has an IQ of at least 100, shouldn’t the lesson he draws from the GOP Congress and Senate be that there is nothing he can do that will elicit effective opposition from Republicans in power, up to and including withdrawal of the public purse and impeachment? Have not they shown there is plainly nothing he can do that will precipitate Congress taking away his piggy bank, much less writing out Articles of Impeachment?

    If the mook has anything other than shit for brains, the next two years should be his moment to destroy what’s left of law and replace it with rule by decree.

  202. Chumpo, I’mma get there around 5pm for the Lex group thing. That’ll probably wrap up around 8ish. And I’m planning on staying fairly late there.

  203. He has nothing to fear from Republicans.

    But he won’t jeopardize his legacy and congressional balance will be very en vogue as soon as Scott Walker is elected.

    I expect tax increases on the ‘rich’, corporations, overseas earnings, etc etc etc.

  204. Cool. Ill be there late too.

  205. I also expect the economy to limp along, with wages basically flat. So the greedy fat cat bankers will have their investment income taxes as regular income.

    Because the middle class.

    It’s a set up for Warren.


  206. Duh.

    How come you never do business in San Diego, Muppet?

  207. Why no one sees the narrative as Obama v. Clinton is beyond me.

    It’s obvious.

    But while they’re fighting a civil war, we should fight one too.

    Get rid of Boehner. Destroy Jeb before he lifts his puffy, pasty, out of the shadowphile ass off the gilded couch.

    And donate to Biden.

  208. Comment by MJ on March 3, 2015 8:16 pm
    Why no one sees the narrative as Obama v. Clinton is beyond me.

    See my post above. A few of us see it.

  209. MJ, have you started your antibiotics yet? Did you get any ear drops?

  210. It’s obvious. You.made a good.point there Alex. Guy CANNOT be an opening act for anybody.

  211. the next two years should be his moment to destroy what’s left of law and replace it with rule by decree.

    This is where we are right now.

  212. TFG is still campaigning and OFA is still fundraising. He doesn’t follow or enforce any Amendments, why can’t he have a 3rd term, ya rayciss?

  213. Hurry up with that meth, willya, Leon?

  214. I know why Roamy went into rocketry:


  215. Hahaha Mare.

  216. Seriously, Leon, WTF is that meth?


  217. LIVs at work all knew that Boehner invited Bibi to embarrass TFG. None of them knew that TFG has been trying to make a deal with Iran that endangers Israel and all the whispers coming out of the talks have Smart Diplomacy being PWNed by the Mullahs. The Saudis, Al-Sisi, UAE, and Jordan all see TFG as the petulant little POS that he is.

  218. Great. My congressman is one of the 75.

  219. No coincidence the vote was staged on the day Netanyahu gave his speech.

  220. My congressbitch walked out on the Benghazi families, but she stayed for Bibi. Moneyed Jews in ABQ vote D-rat. Our community organizing Senator wasn’t there. (Not Udall the Lesser)

  221. Comment by mare on March 3, 2015 8:33 pm
    Seriously, Leon, WTF is that meth?

    Well, after all the partisanship is just theater. They’re all part of the Inner Party, in the end.

  222. Sean, who is the alpha male, you or Riley?

  223. Boehner gives me the creeps.


  224. I still have testes, Eric, so I guess that counts in my favor.

  225. Just caught up on yesterday’s this morning thread. Agro-EBT is a lot like retail EBT. A lot of our sales are dependent on SNAP/EBT. Costco was the first membership retailer to accept EBT/SNAP. They are selective. Sam’s followed suit. Most of our mid-month business is SNAP. Costco doesn’t accept SNAP in NM. I believe it is rayciss. They don’t want poor Messicans/Indians ruining their brand with California/WA hippies. Santa Fe has a SF high minimum wage law. Costco, AKA The best retailer EVER, just stopped construction in SF. Gee…I wonder why?/s

  226. http://imgur.com/gallery/pSM7v7m

  227. That 4way gif is totes awesome!!! Oso LOVES buffalone!

  228. I remember when I was naive and didn’t know what EBT stood for when it started showing up on supermarket credit/debit card terminals.

    “Huh, must be some new kind of bank thing!”

  229. How does COSTCO in New Mexico accepting SNAP from MexicAns and Indians ruin their brAnd with Californian and Washingtonian hippies? I’m a bit in the weeds here.

  230. Costco doesn’t want Mexicans and Indians in their stores. They make enough money on membership alone from their moneyed hippie base, they don’t need poor people or FSA.

  231. EBT was invented when we decided that food stamps were racist.

  232. Scott nails it! Looks just like a debit card. Only the cashier knows that FSA is buying lobster, filet mignon, and crab.

  233. I see.

  234. Must be nice; I have forgotten what lobster tastes like.

  235. Non-rcpt food returns are where it gets tricky. SNAP/EBT can only be exchange without rcpt. No cash. No Giftcard. Without rcpt, we don’t know how food was purchased. Managers are forcing cashiers to do cash/GC returns on Non-rcpt food items. We can lose our ability to accept SNAP/EBT if the Feds follow up. TFG’s AgDept isn’t interested in enforcing laws.

  236. http://imgur.com/gallery/QvZGUoe

  237. State wants to confiscate SNAP/EBT from people that are illegally selling their cards and Pin. Feds are forcing them to reissue. From the way back machine, SNAP/EBT cards from other states work. During Balloon Fiesta we were selling food to tourists from AZ, OH, IL, etc.

  238. I still.don’t get how the New Mexico COSTCO must protect their sterling reputation with Californians and Washingtonians. Is there a shame website out there that shows stores that serve MexicAns and Indians in a bad light? If anything I would think that serving the poor would be a positive. No?

  239. Chumpo, libs love it when the poor and the lower classes have access, but not to the libs favored places. Let them spend their EBT at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, not Target and COSTCO.

  240. Chumpo, we’ve been Californicated and Seattlite. All these hippies bring their tech money and live in Placitas and Corrales and bitch about the smell of manure.

  241. I get that part as standard fare with people of means, especially libs. I didn’t know COSTCO was the hot retail outfit of today, of course I’m way out of the loop, poor, and I go to Costco.

    Maybe what Ossita was saying is that the Hippys in New Mexico MUST be from California and Washington.
    It’s very confusing.

  242. The hippie dilemma in NM is the grievance brigade between Hispanics and Indians. Nothing funnier than listening to Hispanics bitch about Anglos stealing their land grants in front of a room full of feather Indians.

  243. I see. I have the same problem. Good luck w that, Oso.

  244. Costco has a CEO that loves TFG and they are the best retailer in the history of retail.

  245. The MFM is always touting the benefits and wages of Costco. Free advertising. I’ve hired Costco employees. They may make $16 an hour, but they get part-time hours. Works out to less than starting wage at WalMart and Sam’s, but if the MFM says it, it must be true.

  246. Did anybody actually throw their gun at anybody else after running out of bullets today?

  247. No.

  248. I still have testes, Eric, so I guess that counts in my favor.

    Like a chauvinist cisgendered bigot, I assumed Riley was male. Or is he/she/ze/spivak transqueer?

  249. The big thrill of my day was seeing a mated pair of Steller’s jays in my yard, eating the peanuts I leave out.

    So I guess that makes me birdqueer.

  250. Yes. Talk to beasn. Come to NM in November for the Festival of the Cranes with all the other birdcisgenderest gheys.

  251. Who puts fresh jalapeño in coleslaw? WTF Dan? En fuego.

  252. I drove around a barricade again today. Either they forgot about it or they are anticipating more snow and ice on Thursday.

  253. You know what is delicious? Fresh Italian bread from Wallyworld.
    For a buck, I’ll step foot in the joint.

  254. And yes, I’m a big bird fruitcake.

  255. My dad put pickle relish and onions in tuna salad? WTF? And when he saw the little piles of pickle relish and onions on the side of my plate, he chopped the onions smaller.

    Then got pissed when I picked those out. You’d think he’d be glad I didn’t pick the tuna out. What an ass. I hate onions and pickle relish. Both have always upset my stomach.

  256. I put jalapeño relish and onions in tuna salad. Mustard based, because of allergies. Pickle relish, too. Sweet and dill.

  257. I put pickle relish and onion in tuna sammiches.
    The onion kills my gut, but I really like it…

  258. Blech. I like mayo and egg in my tuna salad. No crunchies except the lettuce it lays on.

    Back when I could eat cheese…it would be mayo and tuna smeared on bread, tomato, then a slice of cheese melted on top. My guts suck.

  259. I’ll put onions in cooked dishes because of the flavor and my husband likes it, but I will still pick them out when it’s done. Textures bug too.

  260. What? No celery?

  261. GaK. Celery is meh. I’ll put it in chicken soup or chicken and dumplings but that’s it.
    No crunchies in my squishies. Though I’ll eat squishies in crunchies (strawberries in cereal).

  262. **sigh**

    //scratches Barb off potential future mates list//

  263. Celery is for Bloody Marys and to be used with PB and/or Cream Cheese in place of chips or crackers.

  264. It’s not like I force my family to follow my dietary quirks, xbrad. I made a beef stew for dinner tonight the way the husband likes it, and picked out what I don’t like.

    Only thing I refuse to buy is peas.

    *runs out of the room and slams the door*

  265. I’ve seen a few tattooed and pierced hipster and grungy libs in Costco. Usually a guy and a girl pushing a baby in a stroller. Laugh all you want about gallon-jars of mayonnaise, douchebags. When you suddenly have responsibilities and expenses, Costco suddenly looks a lot more appealing.

  266. Costco is high end here. Us poor folk shop at the 99c store.

  267. Now see, if I could have cream cheese, I might eat celery.

  268. Try apples in tuna salad. Great texture and keeps it from tasting so fishy. With us, it’s apples and pecans and a little mayo.

  269. I could do apples. No nuts, though. Those have to be eaten by themselves or pureed.

  270. Mmmm…apples, pecans, and sunflower seeds.

  271. Can’t we all just agree that we have differing views on celery and continue to love one another?

    For heaven’s sake!!

  272. People that shop our closest Costco, don’t buy clothes there. Their clothing barely gets messed up. I spend whole shifts refolding and sizing clothes. And explaining basic math to people about the expenses that accrue due to fitting rooms.

  273. *Throws celery stalk at Mare*

  274. I H8 celery string. I peel it.

  275. I have a confession, and you may use it against me if you wish…I buy a lot of my clothes at Costco.

    Black fitted tunic in clingy material….check
    Boot cut Lucky Brand jeans…check
    Fake leather jacket in the best beige color possible in a leather jacket…check
    2 dozen hard boiled eggs check.

    Wait, what?

  276. Takes celery, string removed, and eats it in front of Oso, like a stripper eating a banana.

  277. My new hobby, finding google memes of Boehner:


  278. Mare, our SJW Costco shoppers don’t buy clothes at Costco. See also Uptown Target and Paseo Target shoppers.

  279. Today, I looked like Helen Keller dressed me. Not even PoW. I took the dogs outside to TCOB and I was wearing grey and pink Shecher clogs, camo wind wear, and a tie-dye puff glitter glue dolphin tee.

  280. Today, I looked like Helen Keller dressed me.


    This is why mare loves Oso.

  281. Mwah!

  282. Look, I’m buying my outfits from a “big box store” I have no uppity authority on fashion.

  283. Emphasis on “Big box” eh, Mare?

  284. Hehehaayahha!!1!!

  285. Hits XB with a drumstick.

  286. I yes got yelled at for laughing.

    Send me poison in the mail.

  287. Just found out my cousin is running for DA in ABQ. I may have to campaign for him. Crap.

  288. I have seen a few 4k computer monitors. On a 28″-32″ display they are stunning and legible.

    Has anyone seen 5k?
    Do they need to be bigger still to be readable?

    Oh i won a Lexus for my company Christmas party present.

    unfortunately it is a 4 day rental of a loner car at the local Lexus dealer.

    They do have one of the half million dollar cars on the showroom. Unfortunately it is not a loaner car.

    Maybe one of the new “R’s” will show up

    Road trip anyone?

  289. Vman, we’re having drinks in San Diego Saturday night. It’s only a 20 hour drive!

  290. Cool V. I didn’t even know about 5k. That would be sweet. Ive been doing a lot of Pshop lately. Tweaking fine art and getting illustrations ready for InDesign. I’d love to upgrade the monitors. CPU first, sadly.

    Have fun in the Lexus.

  291. Yeah. Get out here.

  292. I am afraid they got me Xbad
    I have a 1500 mile limit. Houston to El Paso is around 900 one way. I might see Oso and pay through the nose. No way am i hitting sandy eggo and back on 1500 miles

  293. Chumpo!
    I take 100 pics an hour. My best lightroom time is 10 min.


  294. Vman!!!

  295. 1500 miles would pretty much get you to San Diego. Just leave the car there.

  296. Yowza. Thats a lot of frames.

    Fly out here. Xbrad will “rent” you a Lexus.

  297. Heck, I’ll bet we can rent a ‘dancer’ named Lexus. At least a ‘Mercedes.’

  298. My 18 yo niece is visiting me in June. Houston is a nice place for a few days. Dallas is 200 mile and Corpus is 200 miles. Sweet Jebus there is a lot of Texas left to see.

    If I can fish in the Pacific that is a thing better than Texas.

    I always wanted to do the Baja 1000, drink some Cabo Wabo and fish my butt off.

  299. Baja used to be nice. Cartels ruined it.

  300. Oh and those giant Calamari, Humboldt, Squidwards or something.

  301. I heard they left Cabo alone Oso.

    Can they catch me on a 900 Triumph Tiger, off road?

  302. When I was 12 my dad told me how to make a 50 hp VW dune buggy.

    He showed me a million things, starting with how to weld the frame together, and spark, and gas. Boom! That sand rail was quick with 50 hp. Mostly cause it was light a crap. I had a lawn chair and a 3/8″ rope for seats and seat belt.
    Before 68 seat belts were optional. Really!

  303. V you are a Son of a Gun.

  304. It’s not what you derp like, when you’re doin’ what you’re doin’
    It’s what you’re doin’ when you’re doin’ what you derp like you’re doin’!

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