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  1. WTFITS?

  2. I miss the bewbs…

    Carlotta Champagne, unusual name.

  3. L, R: H2
    Center: IB

  4. Need. More. Sleep.

    And some sex. But mostly more sleep.

  5. *subscribes to PG’s newsletter*

  6. I finally broke down and got into my “good” sleeping helpers last night; best I’ve slept in absolutely weeks.

  7. L to R: IB, H2

  8. The H2 doggie looks like Star. She is a fan of things that smell like ass.

  9. Their faces are so expressive.

    We need a pic of Star and Rowan together.

  10. wakey wakey

    gonna be a long one today. Woke up to early after being up too late, and I’ve got my really long fake double today.

  11. Hey, found one of my chickens outside yesterday afternoon. She must have gone missing the day before – she survived in -18 weather.

    Tough ass chickens.

  12. Pre-freezing: locks in the flavor? Or was this one of the “pet” ones?

  13. Either it’s a boy who was hiding the twig and berries (who we’ll have to name Tucker), or it’s a girl, and I’m going to be staring down little boys and worse who wish to defile her from 2020 to 2045 or so.

    Don’t limit it to little boys. The dude who wants to defile her could be a teenager RIGHT NOW.

  14. I thaw my chickens out in the sink.

  15. They’re all pets, Cyn.

  16. I hate ass chickens.

  17. My boys went up to East Lansing last night to get drunk visit friends.

    Weird getting used to that.

    They don’t really drink much, but I know when they do things like this, that is part of it. Matt is a weakling. Three beers and he’s done.

  18. How many ass pennies does an ass chicken cost?

  19. Don’t limit it to little boys. The dude who wants to defile her could be a teenager RIGHT NOW.

    Did you miss the “and worse”?

  20. Cyn, check your g-thing mail. It’s hard to get a picture of them together. I have one good one when he was a little puppy when she was in a good mood.

  21. Checking…

  22. Squeeee! Puppy pics!!! Gimme a sec to at to the Pets Tab…

  23. Jim, you check you e-thing now.

  24. Three beers and he’s done.

    I can’t drive after two. I’d have to sit for an hour or walk for at least half an hour.

  25. Cyn never gets that excited when I send her chicken pictures …

  26. Three beers and my son is passed out.

  27. Pets Tab has been updated with new pics of Jimbro’s fur babies.

  28. Cyn never gets that excited when I send her chicken pictures …

    I don’t know what you mean… I send you a new recipe every time you send me a pic.

  29. I should send cyn some of pictures from my kittahs in baskets collection.

  30. I don’t know what you mean… I send you a new recipe every time you send me a pic.

    Did you try my “Pitcher Chicken” recipe?

  31. Send ’em… my gstring and the pets page are still open

  32. Also, we seem to be missing a picture of that doge in need of some spatula love from Scott-n-Laurawr. *cough*

  33. Thanks Cyn! That’s my favorite puppy picture of Ro-Ro. He rolled in something stinky and Paula had to give him his first bath. I was in the middle of a long stressful day when that picture showed up on my phone. Technology is wonderful sometimes.

  34. D’awwww, I love the puppies; they make me all melty.


    I just rewatched Benny with that bunny toy – ha!

  35. He still has that toy. It has no limbs or ears anymore.

    Today is his birthday.

  36. No, we didn’t get him anything.


  38. Happy Birthday, Benny

  39. HBD Benny!!!

  40. Car in I was in a Waffle House my parents a couple of nights ago it was dead as hell. I asked our waitress if it had been dead all evening. She said she’d been there since 2:00 pm and only had $8 in tips. I tipped her $8.86 on a $31.14 bill. Because of your stories.

  41. I’ve never been in a Waffle House.

  42. I’ve never been in a Waffle House that wasn’t at least 50% occupied.

    Might be because I only went for breakfast.

  43. In the South they are at every exit. Some exits have 2 of them.

  44. The food is pretty good, you should try it Scooter.

  45. I went to one of those, Scott. It was two US highways intersecting and there was one diagonally from the one we went to.

    I think I had oatmeal and ham.

  46. Next road trip. We don’t have any around here.

  47. There aren’t any in Michigan at all. We barely have IHOPs. We have a LOT of Coney Island type restaurants, though.

  48. I don’t remember where I saw a 2 Waffle House exit, but I know I did.


  50. Morning! I’m wondering if I should take the State Department’s Foreign Service Officer Test sometime this year. What do you all think?

  51. Seems like a pretty good gig unless you are overran by film critics.

  52. PG, you’re a good man.

    Some asshats tipped me 9.70 on a $97 dollar tab last night. I always regret being really nice to those jerks.

    I knew it would be a problem when they asked for sodas w/o ice. @@

    That’s always a bad sign. Also – as I’ve told the girls at work, when EVERYONE at the table orders steaks well done. One or two – especially if it’s women – not the kiss of death.

    But entire families? You’re done for.

  53. Soda, no ice.
    Salad, no onions.
    Steak, well done.

    Got it.

  54. We might get above freezing 4-5 times this week!

    Could this be the end?

  55. Boy 1 is no ice and well done. He doesn’t pay so I don’t know how he would tip, but yeah he is very trying and demanding of wait staff. I try and blunt it as much as possible but his autism can make a night out in a restaurant very frustrating.

  56. Go for it, CoAlex.

  57. Daww, your puppehs are adorable, Jimbro!

  58. Steaks, well done?

    This is an outrageous violation of the Geneva Convention. I declare them hostis humani generis.

  59. We go to our local Pizza Hut which is really a nice sports bar. They have young people, high school I presume, as wait staff. They’re great, friendly, smiley, nothing is a problem. Love those guys (and gals). We also go to another Mexican place and their wait staff is local and English as a second language I think, they are super nice and fun too.

    When I ask for chardonnay at the Pizza Hut the high schoolers say, “Is that the white one?”

  60. Boy 1 doesn’t like the juicy bloody meat. Sometimes the carnivore gene skips a generation I guess.

  61. Buffalone, I use to order mine well done until I was in my 20’s. Didn’t like the bloody stuff either. Now I’m like this:

  62. You know what pisses me off besides everything? This:

  63. Cyn never gets that excited when I send her chicken pictures …

    Would you like to see my cock?

  64. I used to order well-done, too, back in the day. Had an aversion to bleeding things on my plate – that, and fear of contaminants – BURN THAT SHIT OFF.
    Now, it’s medium well.
    The in-laws still order well-done.

  65. You know what pisses me off besides everything?

    It’s like we’re twins. I’m tired of everyone’s shit. The inmates are running the prison.

  66. Mare and beanssnns, TV….Democrats, the cat:

    Nothing good happens to either.

  67. Scoot – check your mankini-mail.

  68. Thanks Beasn! Star is a rescue dog and she is a little weird with some stuff: barks at me and cowers when I go to pet her (I’m guessing she was beaten by a male—no idea if that’s true but highly likely), wants to eat any cat she meets, barks at other dogs, loves Paula and the boys, eats socks, bras and underwear and tolerates the puppy once a day for about a half hour. We love her. Rowan is a good boy who happens to be a pain in the ass if he doesn’t exercise enough. I’ve become adept at tossing the Kong doughnut without even looking up from whatever I’m reading.

  69. I’ve never had or ordered well done steak. I’ve had rare steak unintentionally and didn’t care for it. Medium it is.

  70. Pet Page updated again!

    You go see Bubba now. NOW.

  71. Now.

  72. We should have a meat up at this place:!home/c17lp

    (don’t overlook the video, it’s very artistic)

  73. Wiser talking Spock!

  74. What’s the pusswerd for the pets page?

  75. eagerbeaver but all caps

  76. I think it’s open Alex

  77. Get used to that behavior, Jimbro. It takes a long time to wear off.

    We’ve had Bubba for 13 years and he still looks at me funny if I pick up a garden tool. First couple of years he would attack or run away.

    He also loves women and kids.

    They can be difficult pups, temper probably got the best of the previous owner.

  78. Pets page doesn’t have a password. It’s open.

  79. Aww, Bubba has a nice face. I bet he isn’t an asshole at all.

  80. Our neighbor, up at the farm, has a red heeler. She keeps her human active.

  81. Wiser just said “brown field remediation.”

  82. Rowan is learning how to be an asshole. He loves Paula’s hair ties and steals them off the desk or tries to get them off her ponytail when she’s on the couch. Yesterday when she came home I was giving her a hug and he jumped up from the floor to try and grab her hair tie. He got a mouthful of her hair and reefed her head back with 30 pounds of dog hanging off of her. He got put down to the floor for that antic.

  83. >>>“brown field remediation.”

    *drinks hot cocoa*

  84. I hope Melba is one of you idiots.

  85. I’ve read about that, xbrad, yeas ago in a fascinating anthology about color perception. Very curious.

  86. Years ago

  87. Sooooo the Drink of the Week is: Whine?!

  88. Aww, Bubba has a nice face. I bet he isn’t an asshole at all.

    I’ll take that bet.

  89. One man’s asshole, is another man’s pussycat. Wut?

  90. Oh cool – the Bing Mapping Car just drove by my house.

    Yes, I flashed the cam car as it drove by.

  91. Why is the sky blue?

    Because western civilization developed a word for that color, Drill Sergeant!

  92. Heh. Did I mention the other day that Apple maps completely misplaced a fair sized town in Washington? I mean, they put it on the wrong island for fucks sake!

  93. Why is the sky blue?

    Because western civilization developed a word for that color, Drill Sergeant!


  94. Bubba has a sweet face.

  95. Melva was Tom Hill.

    That guy just can’t help himself.

    And just before my interview with Chuck, he tells me I can’t mention the Funk Brothers or Motown at all for some legal reasons.

    Yeah, thanks for the heads-up dude. You do realize that that was the only reason I invited you on, right?


  97. Damn dirty ape!

  98. that monkey is an asshole

  99. UConn girls are up at the half 54-9.

    I bet they hold on and win.

  100. Thanks for reminding me about basketball. Maine High School tourneys are today and on MPBN. Class A is at 7PM with Hampden Academy vs Portland. Some of the games are pretty good.

  101. Bubba also shies away from rifles.

    I don’t know if he’s afraid of the noise, or if someone got him with a pellet gun.

  102. Star was skittish with thunder and fireworks this past summer. Not anything too bad. Just kept her ears back and hid in her crate. There’s a range across the river and during duck season we hear shotguns but she’s not too wary of that. All my firearms are under lock and key so she doesn’t get to see me carrying anything rifle-like except a broom.

  103. Tactical broom.

  104. You know what you call a monkey that pulls a lion’s tail?


  105. who pulls

  106. who pulls what

  107. You know what else pisses me off…this:

    GOP “advisors” a) are obviously worthless pricks,
    b)can continue making their bar rounds picking up checks while dispensing shit advice and c)STFU

  108. Isn’t it peachy that we have our own GOP advisors trash talking our frontrunner. Yeah, your efforts to support JEB (jackass emeritus bush) are so transparent.

  109. Bubba didn’t give a crap about thunder when we first got him.

    He and Laura had a close call during one thunderstorm and he’s been afraid since.

    They usually get that fear from mom.

  110. Scott Walker is such a dumbass, his state is now in the black, jobs were saved, people’s property taxes went down, and he busted the union’s chops.

    Yeah, real dumb. Almost as dumb as trying to push another Bush, whose name has been made toxic, because you want another Clinton to win.

    *scratches ass*

  111. That dummy did all that without getting an Ivy League masturbation degree.

  112. Amen, beasnsnsnsnssn

  113. Comment by scott on February 28, 2015 3:03 pm

    UConn girls are up at the half 54-9.
    Aren’t we supposed to discuss “tuckers” on Monday?


    Don’t give up on it, or skip to 2:30.

  115. It must be dusty in here.

  116. Between basketball games they’re showing the Maine State Cheering Championships. It was on as background noise until I heard a Nirvana song “Come As You Are” or whatever the title is and looked up to watch. They had a medley of 90’s grunge songs and were cheering their asses off to it. Even the male cheerleaders looked un-ghey doing the routine. I didn’t catch the school name but I imagine the coach is within 5 or 10 years of my age based on the songs she picked.

  117. Oh, my, Gosh, SCOTT! That was great.

    *blubbers quietly*

    As an aside, I’ve lived in Mt. View, CA.

  118. But nothing that awesome happened while I was there. I did a lot of throwing up in various places around town from morning sickness.

  119. Dust and onions.

  120. Pretty sure that was the Bridge School Benefit concert

    Neil Young is a bit of an annoying ass at times but he is a major benefactor. I think he has a child with CP.

    And yeah, dusty. Disabled kids are about a third of my practice.

  121. I did a lot of throwing up in various places around town from morning sickness.

    A hangover isn’t morning sickness, even if you were drinking until sunrise.

  122. I’ve got a newfound respect for Peter Griffin.

  123. Damn I miss John Popper.

    His genre isn’t really even my type of music, but dang he always looked like he was having a great time making music.

    I always liked this tune by Jason Mraz, but the key thing is watching John on harmonica:

  124. Mountain View is jam packed with a bunch of fucking liberals.

    Have you been lying to us, Mare?

  125. Nope. But you’re right, it was brutally liberal. The worst kind, rich liberals. oooohhhhfff

  126. Wait… he’s not dead? How did I come to think he was dead?

    Someone go kill John Popper. I can’t admit to being wrong.

    (applies for job as reporter for Jezebel)

  127. Mare’s a mole!

  128. Hotspur, if men are kissing in Black Sails tonight, it’s over. I probably won’t watch it tonight because my husband is home and we’ll watch a movie.

  129. Also, if he saw an episode of Black Sails and saw pirates kissing, he’d think I’d have lost my mind. Plus the several naked ladies hanging out (literally) at the brothel and a few having sex with each other, the rapes and limb removals would also make him wonder.

    I’d have to say something like men in the 70s with Playboy…I swear, I only watch it for the storyline.

  130. Peter Griffin has been playing the part of John Popper.

  131. Did someone mention this here before?

    ’cause it’s just about the coolest thing ever.

  132. I won’t be able to watch it until Monday night, so no spoilers, prease.

    We’re watching Wolf Hall. I hope it doesn’t have any faggery.

  133. They need to add some Muslim pirates.

  134. No spoilers.

    I might not see it until Monday.

  135. Yes, I think gay muslim pirates would really perk up the story line.

  136. The Barbary pirates couldn’t cross the Atlantic in their dickass galleys. But, hey, Muslims is smart. Didn’t they invent numbers or sumpin?

  137. Muslims have woven themselves into the fabric of American life since the Founding Fathers!

  138. Or some crap like that.

  139. Between basketball games they’re showing the Maine State Cheering Championships. It was on as background noise until I heard a Nirvana song “Come As You Are” or whatever the title is and looked up to watch.

    Interesting. Though a cheering routine set to [TRIGGER WARNING!!!] this would be a bold statement or some junk.

  140. Whose turn is it to kick Colorado Alex’s ass?

  141. *checks schedule*

    It looks like…naw, that can’t be right…he’s supposed to kick his own ass today.

  142. Yeah, that might trigger some outrage. I remember when that album came out. I was driving up to Vermont and a station had a “first listen” thing playing and that song came on. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to like it or not.

  143. I bet that song is used a lot for weddings…….

    In prisons.

  144. Like how your mom is used a lot for weddings in prisons?

  145. This Valentine is for Sean only. SEAN ONLY:

  146. Since your mom just had surgery this is more of a cut on me than her, but once she’s kicking butt again all bets are off:

  147. Pro tip:

    Do not google “your mom”

  148. I didn’t. I googled your mom, Mare.

  149. Pro tip:

    Do not google “your mom”

    Too late.

  150. She prefers to be binged.

  151. Possibly amazon’d

  152. ewwww, I grossed myself out.

  153. I asked Jeeves about your mom.

    “Very good, sir.”

  154. Angie’s List said, Awesome in every regard except price.

  155. Craigslist said it was OK to contact your mom about “other commercial inquiries.”

  156. Craigslist said to say hi to your mom.

  157. I got the winning bid for your mom on eBay

  158. $9.99

  159. Enjoy the sky miles.

  160. Glad I’m at home giggling at you guys and no longer at work. I’ve Muttley’d in the break room reading comments here.

  161. The Kickstarter page to get your mom a certain accessory has raised nearly 500 grand!

  162. I just found your mom on Kayak.


  163. One and done, Cyn.

  164. The Truvago guy gave her 2 stars.

  165. The Priceline Negotiator got me a sweet deal on your mom

  166. #yourmom is trending.


  168. Instapundit just posted your mom.


  169. Jeff Goldstein just quit your mom.


  170. For just five dollars more a month, I can add your mom to my cable-phone-and-internet bundle.

  171. Your mom’s gonna have to work on her customer service if she wants better reviews on Yelp.

  172. just offered me a free night with your mom.

  173. Breaking Story on Drudge:

    Your Mom.


  174. just offered me a free night with your mom.

    Free parking, too, of course.

  175. The Truvago guy gave her 2 stars.


    Bullshit, my mom is a 3 star at least!!

  176. Your mom is the only one to make any money off of Groupon.

  177. O M G killing me!

  178. 2 stars plus miles.

  179. Subway offers a five dollar foot long or your mom.

  180. Your mom only charges $4.00.

  181. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow could stop Mini-me from kicking ass at Science Olympiad today. Team finished 1st, Mini-me won one 2nd place and two 3rd place medals.

    The little chocolate jimmies on this sundae are that the snotty rich kids’ private school finished 4th, so they aren’t going to state.

  182. Woo Hoo Mini-me!

  183. Congrats! What was her project? Or is this a different thing…

  184. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to your mom!

  185. Woot woot Roamy and Mini-me!!!! (We had to go around a barricade this AM. Rio Rancho cops kept it up because they were tired of responding to accidents.)

  186. eYourMom — Your Mom for the Modern World.

  187. OT Dan is watching Shania on ABC and providing MST3K commentary. Lots of gay cowboys. I’m dying. My RL gays are gushing on FB and Dan is being a H8R

  188. The little chocolate jimmies on this sundae are that the snotty rich kids’ private school finished 4th, so they aren’t going to state.

    roamy = Bill Murray in Meatballs

  189. Jimbro, Science Olympiad is 23 events, rather than one project. Mini-me won 2nd place in Write-It/Do-It (technical writing), 3rd in Bottle Rocket (2 liter-bottle with nose cone and fins, pressurized with water, launched, longest time in air wins, unless it lands in a tree), and 3rd in Wheeled Vehicle (elastic drive, has to go a set distance which is given by the judges on the day of competition, closest to target wins). There’s bridge building (she placed 5th), solar system (she placed 6th), anatomy, entomology, Disease Detectives, forensics, meteorology, etc. Mini-me was disappointed that Rocks and Minerals was replaced with Fossils.

  190. ok, so how cool would this be?

    “Best of” voting is open.

    choose Media category.

  191. you have to vote in 10 categories.

    and be sure to submit your votes

    and tell your friends

  192. and be sure to finalize your ballots

  193. roamy = Bill Murray in Meatballs

    Haven’t seen the movie, but probably true.

  194. Hey Wiser, what’s the best category for Ann’s Deli under restaurants?

  195. The little chocolate jimmies on this sundae

    I love it when you’re petty.

    And how the fuck have you never seen Meatballs?!

  196. Hey Wiser, what’s the best category for Ann’s Deli under restaurants?

    I put them in under every category that made sense.

    there’s also the option to put JC Music under best music store and best place to take music lessons, if you need to find enough categories to vote in to get to 10

  197. Roamy,

    The appropriate response is to do donuts on the rich kids parking lot in a minivan.

  198. Wiser, you manage to stay professional when Mr. Melva calls in. What a douche.

  199. Well, I can only say, I’m telling my Mom on all of you, and the shit rolling down hill will be brutal.


  200. Wiser, you manage to stay professional when Mr. Melva calls in. What a douche.

    thank you for appreciating that.

    It was not easy.

  201. eYourMom — Your Mom for the Modern World.

    Your mom has met Dr. Earl Clark Warren. In the back of his van.

  202. Give us a cheat sheet. Very detailed. Get us to 10.

  203. I always thought brown field remediation was something for gastroenterologists.

  204. Did anybody ask anybody else to stop wearing skinny jeans for the sake of the neighborhood’s children today?

  205. Your mother smells like Flo from Progressive.

    I don’t even know what that means but it’s got to be tacky.

  206. I love it when you’re petty.
    You weren’t there when those stuck-up assholes called us the ghetto school. Damn near started a brawl.

    We could finish second to last, and as long as we beat them, I’d be happy.

  207. Your mom specializes in brown note remediation.

  208. WTF is ghetto in HSV?

    Yo momma only has a BS and not a PhD!

  209. Yo momma only co-authored a paper on rocket aerodynamics!

  210. Best host: Steve Noxon

    Best Show: Special Edition Saturday

    Best Sushi: Iron Chef, Wallingford

    Best Prepared Food (actually, any category that makes sense, since I’ve already voted, I can’t see them) Ann’s Deli, Waterbury

    Best Steamed hamburgers: Ted’s, Meriden

    Best Local Pub: The Old Dublin, Wallingford

    Best Community Theater: Seven Angels Theater

    Best Concert Venue: Oakdale Theater, Wallingford

    Go crazy after that

  211. Why is your mom like the International Space Station?

    Both usually mate with Russians these days.

  212. THX, Wiser.

  213. I was going to vote best host: your mom.

  214. Roamy, what’s the snooty school?

  215. Why is your mom like the International Space Station?


    you listened.


    I don’t toss out as many Hostage references as I used to, but that was one of them.

  216. :)

  217. Best orthopedist – Dr. McHugh, Torrington

    Best park – Hubbard Park, Meriden (The Madison Christmas story)

    Best bank – Thomaston Savings Bank, Thomaston (radio sponsor, even though not your show)

  218. We’re the ghetto school because at the time, the school was half-black. Less now with all the Hispanic kids moving in. If there’s a black kid at Snootyville, his name is “Token”. We were beating them in basketball, and the white parent didn’t like it.

    Oso, $17K a year for middle school, $19K a year for high school. College is cheaper. For comparison, I pay $4K for parishioner rate for middle school and expect to pay $8,200 next year for high school.

  219. Wiser, please let me know when you post today’s show.

  220. today? AM radio

    tomorrow? Podcast…


  221. Holy shit. Mini-Me better put you in a real nice nursing home!

  222. Wiser, please let me know when you post today’s show.

    will do, sweetie.

    g’nite, y’all

  223. Roamy, I wonder if my cousins went to snooty school? I’m not friends with them on FB because politics. I do know that Aubrey is an equestrienne at Auburn and Lauren had the whole cotillion dealio.

  224. XBrad, now you understand why I threatened Rocketboy with public school. Told him he could get D’s in English for free, and I could get new furniture.

  225. You weren’t there when those stuck-up assholes called us the ghetto school. Damn near started a brawl.

    Um…are you going to send your science thugs to shoot me with a potato gun if I make a wisecrack about that?

  226. Watching Star Trek: Into Darkness here. What the fuck is up with the hats? Since when are there hats in Star Trek?

  227. Don’t trebuchet me, bro!

  228. Suggestions for Load HEAT?

  229. In the 23rd century, man has finally perfected hats.

  230. Hats in Star Trek.

  231. Elizabeth Shue

  232. Sean, I never watched Star Trek or any of its spinoffs. The reboot and sequel are the only movies I’ve watched. The hats made me think PROC.

  233. Ugh. Dan thought I wanted to watch SNL tonight. I was like “Nah. Next week”

  234. Congrats, Roamie. Evidently Mini-you is MacGyver

  235. Comment by xbradtc on March 1, 2015 12:09 am

    Suggestions for Load HEAT?
    Your Mom…………..

  236. LOLOLOL Pepe FTW

  237. Hmm… not a bad idea, Roamy. Do we want “Cocktail” Liz, or “Leaving Las Vegas” Liz?

  238. “Gracie” Liz.

  239. Can’t find one decent pic of her in that hawt black one piece from Cocktail without Tom Cruise in the damn picture.

    //cuts Roamy

  240. How about that cute gal who plays Felicity on “Arrow”?

    You’ll have to wait another couple of years before you can post the cutie pie who plays Celina on “Gotham” – I think she’s only 15 or 16.

  241. Thermostat Tsar has turned off the heat in a pathetic move to get me in bed. LSS g’night.

  242. How about that cute gal who plays Felicity on “Arrow”?

    Good choice- I featured her back in January.

  243. Do I just watch Die Hard on Encore, or load up the Blu Ray?

    First world problems.

  244. I’m watching a clinical presentation on the different terminal ballistic effects of rifle and pistol rounds on the human body.

  245. So, you’re watching John Wick, b-rad?

  246. Nope. But I might splurge the $2.99 for it on Amazon tomorrow.

  247. Kinda want to see that one too.

  248. This is Radio Derp tearing up the seven veils
    This is Radio Derp please save us, not the whales
    This is Radio Derp underneath a mushroom cloud
    This is Radio Derp
    You don’t need that funeral shroud

  249. I actually prefer Katie Cassidy (Laurel) to Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity).

  250. I prefer your mom to either of them. Enthusiasm trumps cute.

  251. It’s Shovel Sunday! Only 4″-8″ today.

  252. I told her I was a movie producer. Enthusiasm + cute is better.


  254. We got an inch or two of powder overnight, but it’s supposed to be above freezing 5 days out of the next 10, so I’m not shoveling anything. Might have to salt, though.

  255. Cyn has a date on Sunday morning?

    And was cheated on!?


  257. Your de-motivation of the day: hot girls pretty much completely letting themselves go

  258. Warning: NS. That’s it. Work, home, doesn’t matter. Not safe.

    No nudity, but gross and sad.

  259. Dang Leon, looks like they’re successfully defeating anorexia.

  260. If that girl were in Oregon, they’d never convict. That’s the sick part.

  261. Same story as Cyn’s, different info:

    At best she’s a sociopath, at worst complicit in the kid’s death and a sociopath.

  262. No. The sick part is that she’s even been charged at all. What she did, taunting, was wrong, on so very many levels, but criminal? Bullshit.

  263. Leon, you can see that little short story every day. With the people around you IRL.


  264. What works ok when you’re 16, 17 , 18 stops working when you add in serious partying and a few more years.

  265. But Cyn, the bullying! Bullying! I’m told it’s the most serious thing in the world today, right after the glowball warmening.

    And way, way ahead of that eye-cis thingy.

  266. I know Car in. I can’t wait to see the IIFYM crowd in a decade or so.

  267. I had to google IIFYM.

  268. Sociopath

    “Carter is accused of telling Roy to “get back in” the pickup truck when he had second thoughts about using carbon monoxide fumes to take his own life.”

    I’m sure as a minor at the time and not a medical worker, teacher or LEO she had no “duty to report” and it’s not criminal. After a trial or plea deal she will either get probation, community service or thanks for her meritorious actions of hosting a benefit. This is not a girl I’d ever turn my back on. Would you like this girl as your daughter-in-law?

  269. Wait a minute, pole vault girl got fat and gross?


  270. I wonder if these fit my macros?

    Too many and I won’t fit my pants.

    BTW, wtf is “my macro”?

  271. Carin?

  272. 25 degrees this morning and I need to replace the brakes on my truck.

    Guess who’s gonna freeze his lug nuts off?


  274. Oh look!! And it’s starting to snow!!!!

  275. It’s a balmy 12 degrees here. I should go make a snow angle.

  276. 36 right now. Sposed to get to 61 today. Better get my pre-emergent down. May be my last chance to keep the grass burrs under control. Not a euphemism.

  277. Gluten?

  278. Can’t do that, Jmbro, but the hidden compartment thing intrigues me.

  279. I think “diet” is a bad word, and it still concentrates on food and compulsion. Cheating or being flexible …

    One needs to find a way to eat for life. Have a bowl of ice cream every once and a while (although I can’t remember the last time I had one? I prefer a different cheat).

  280. 21 right now.

  281. I prefer your mom.

  282. Snow angles can be pretty too, I guess.

  283. So does your mom.

  284. Your Mom would be less.

  285. Your mom accepts S&H Green Stamps.

  286. Wait…one of the women was charged with failing to register as an escort with the state, in AZ?

  287. Is the first Harry Bosch book any good?

    And by any good I mean is it worth Kindle $5.99?

  288. I want a good spy thriller. Anyone know some good spy thrillers?

    Already read;
    Le Carre

  289. Comment by scott on March 1, 2015 11:34 am
    Your mom accepts S&H Green Stamps.


    I think my sweet Mom purchased all my gold plated silver ware with S&H Green Stamps.

    So shut your whore mouth, Scott.

  290. We got six inches of powder.

  291. Read Silva too but I don’t think I’ve read the first Gabriel Allon novel.

  292. JJ Watt has a nice looking family. His brothers are handsome too.

    Also, SQUIRREL!!

  293. Today I am going to try Pepe’s clam pizza.

    It’s been voted best pizza in America more than once.

  294. mmmmmm, pizza.

  295. Most of the clitori I have visited over the years have been very friendly.

  296. It was voted best in 2013. 3rd was a marinara pizza from Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix.

    Have you had it, Cyn?

  297. I don’t have macros, not exactly. Just timing.

    Food quality matters, they’ll find that out eventually. If the IIFYM crowd were right you could drink scorpion venom and eat raw inulin and it would be a high protein, high carb diet.

  298. Mare, I like Michael Connelly, pretty much everything he’s written. I’ve got all of them saved on disc, so I can send them to your email if you want.

  299. That was just as fun as I expected it to be…..

  300. It’s raining, here.

  301. Wiserbud, I hope it wasn’t too awful. I had to do a quick repair on the hotwire fence this morning in 20F and no snow, and I bitched up a storm about it to the horses. I can’t imagine replacing brake pads in colder weather and snow. Do you have a garage at least?

  302. If the clitoris is the devil’s doorbell, does that mean women who wax don’t have a welcome mat?

  303. Riddle me this… why should the GOP worry about funding DHS? I mean, why are we paying them if they’re not going to enforce immigration laws?

  304. I really hope DHS goes without funding long enough to get me a severance package. That’d be swell.

    I dare not hope that things go so well, however, I’m much more likely to just miss another promotion and raise cycle.

  305. Probably the most prudent outlook is to plan as if the 2014 mid-terms never happened. Certainly that is how the GOP leadership feels.

  306. Orwelll’s 1:15 made me GlASNC with a half eaten bag is skittles.

  307. Of skittles. Autocrack.

  308. Leon, I have a garage, but it’s not big enough to work on my pickup truck in.

    Wife kept bitching at me as I would come in occasionally to get warm.


    No shit, really?

  309. Sorry.

    Not really.

  310. And now, the grocery shopping!

    WHEEEEEE!!!! I sure does love having a day off…..

  311. You should make Tom Hill help you with the truck. Brake fail remediation.


  313. Groceries on Sunday afternoon?


  314. While you’re out Wiser, pick me up a copy of turbo tax deluxe. And a frapuchino.

  315. I could use 20 lbs of squash and a couple sacks of charcoal.

  316. The nice thing about living here is that we have seasons. Although, I’m not exactly enamored with one of them right now…

  317. pick me up a copy of turbo tax deluxe

    You do know about the fuckup with Turbo Tax, right?

  318. Oh, and I need a 2″ 3-ring binder, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and some cayenne pepper.

  319. A pack of Beemans and two jars of Vaseline.

  320. GlASNC?

  321. Also a sack of nitrate fertilizer and ten gallons of fuel oil.

  322. *takes copious notes

    Any particular brand of fertilizer?

  323. The one with the jihadi bomber on the label.

  324. B Rad, if you send me the Harry Bosch books to my buffalonely@ g mail dot com I will buy you whiskey.

  325. Mad Magazine
    Cliff Bar
    deli sando

    Pay ya later

  326. Hey wiser, pick me up 20 cinder blocks and some heavy cream.

    (Mrs. Buffalone always loads up on dog food, cases of pop, laundry detergent…anything heavy when I’m going to the store.)

  327. Thanks, xbradtc, I just saw your comment. I started the first Gabriel Allon book which I can’t figure out why I hadn’t read yet. I have Connelly after I watched the movie Lincoln Lawyer.

    Thank you for your offer.

  328. Qtips
    paint solvent

  329. Gimme a few, Buff.

  330. Heh, Derp, forgot I asked about Harry Bosch!

    Please send me his Harry Bosch.

    That sounds dirty.

  331. This is probably old, but who cares?
    Texas A&M ranks Obama 5th best President

  332. Thanx Mare, You saved my day.

  333. Anybody else?

  334. what have you done for me lately?

  335. Not much.

  336. That’s what I like about you.

  337. Vasaline
    Duct Tape

  338. Thanks, xbradtc, you’re not the dick Mr. Chumpo says you are in his secret emails.

  339. Not surprising how many people here need to stock up on vaseline.

  340. Thanks, xbradtc, you’re not the dick Mr. Chumpo says you are in his secret emails.

    Uhhh… check your email. That I sent before you posted this comment.

  341. I have three goofy Lib cousins up in College Station, but I had no idea A&M had sunk that low..

  342. I used to carry a couple bottles of Pedialyte in my CLS bag.

  343. My Dear, TexasJew, please read the article, It will make you smile.

  344. I used to carry a couple bottles of Pedialyte in my CLS bag.


    Yes, it’s good for kidnapping victims coming down off the drugs.

  345. Not surprising how many people here need to stock up on vaseline.

    I’ve still got a couple gallons of coconut oil.

  346. hahahaha….Forgot about that Leon.

    I’ve got a big jug of it too.

  347. Apparently there is a clam shortage, so no white clam pizza.

    We suffered through a white shrimp pizza.

  348. Has anyone determined what exactly Obama’s major problem is?

    I can’t figure out if he is supremely insecure and therefore unduly cocky and snotty.

    A full fledged narcissist.

    A typical politician who thinks (because he’s been told he’s awesome too many times) he can get things done his way just by the force of his personality.

    A sociopath.

    Just another blundering half assed academic, using words he doesn’t know the meaning of talking about shit he’s never truly studied certain he’s right, yet thick in his idiocy.

  349. People must be burning clams in their pellet stoves.

  350. hahaha…good one, Jimbro.

  351. he’s surly sociopathic, but he’s also deeply committed to New Left politics.

    He’s a piece of eight.

    21 mo, 6 days.

  352. Okay, I got this 10 gallon tub of Vaseline.

    You all take what you need.

  353. Thanks Mare!
    I just put A&M back on my daughter’s college list after that.

    Kerry’s avoiding Bibi by running back to his masters in Tehran.
    Ugly, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life…

  354. MMM @ 506am. I wrote it early in case I can’t stay awake later to finish it.

  355. >>>>Kerry’s avoiding Bibi by running back to his masters in Tehran.

    Is he bringing James Taylor with him?

  356. Is he bringing James Taylor with him?

    Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam.

  357. That James Taylor deal is so embarrassing. I can’t believe that really happened.

    I wonder who the numb nuts was (in particular) who thought of that STUPID idea.

    Yea, I’m head of the State Department and instead of having ideas and being an effective negotiator, I’m just going to bring along a washed up, trust fund loser to serenade your parliament because we wanted to pretend Jews weren’t targeted by Islamic animals.

  358. Oh, and Kerry your face is messed up.

  359. That James Taylor deal is so embarrassing. I can’t believe that really happened.

    Next thing you know they will use a big button labeled “reset” as a gimmick and mistranslate the word into “overcharge.”


  361. Next thing you know they will use a big button labeled “reset” as a gimmick and mistranslate the word into “overcharge.”



    Another shining moment in State Department history.

    This is what happens when people don’t know WTF they’re doing in jobs they weren’t even remotely qualified for.

  362. Kerry’s dreadful facelift makes him look like a brother of Statler and Waldorf.

  363. A face only a (blind) mother could love.

  364. Every time the eldest phatspawn talks about working for the State Dept. I show her pics of Hillary, Kerry and Albright.

    Yep, those are the leaders you want.

  365. She’s really enjoying her Econ classes, so maybe she’ll slide into the Business school at Illinois.

  366. My vote for Obama’s pathology is Narcissistic Sociopath.

    My second vote would be a write in for narcissistic Asshole.

  367. Nice pic of Scott and Laura’s house

  368. The State Department has an Economics track for Foreign Service Officers. She could do that for a few years and then try to use that experience to find a cushy job in the private sector.

  369. My BFF was a State brat. She grew up all over the world. Graduated from HS in Cairo. Her graduation ceremony was held at the pyramids and her diploma is on papyrus.

  370. CoAlex,


    That just may fit everything she wants: FSO/Spanish Language/Econ.

    We’ll talk about it tonight.

    If this republic ever falls we all need to set up an ‘Apocalyptic meat-up’ location.

    The breadth of knowledge here is awesome.

  371. I’d vote for Boulder, not Las Vegas, but I’m afraid that the stench of decaying hippie corpses would be overpowering. So instead I vote for Montana.

  372. >>>>So instead I vote for Montana.

    Fuck that! I vote Belize. I’ll check it out this summer for us.

  373. Yukon Territory. Canada might take awhile to fail.

  374. Although if we do go to Montana, I say we take over Noxon.

  375. Find a place on Noxon Ave.

  376. In all seriousness, if we can secure a 737 or bigger I can get us to Belize.

  377. Aren’t you the one with the keys to the airplanes? What’s this “we” stuff?

  378. >>>>Find a place on Noxon Ave.

    I think that’s the only street in Noxon.

  379. I thought we were bugging out at Pepe’s?

  380. I’ll bring the chips.

  381. Mare, Fritos, Cheetos, and Funyuns. KTHXBAI

  382. I’ll bring the whips.

  383. I had a shitload of garlic today and no allergic reaction.

    It’s a combo allergy! I can eat it when there isn’t pollen around.

    This only took about 15 years to figure out.

  384. On it, Oso!

  385. Scott, I can eat a whole egg once a week or so…no reaction. Something with mayo or egg white…INSTANT REACTION. Anaphylactic shock a few times. Epi pen and a few visits to the ER have me reading labels.

  386. Your mom is so old she remembers when there wasn’t a new poat to replace this one.

  387. I figured it out after reading about beasn’s issues with salad in spring and summer months. I knew it was some type of combo allergy, but I never imagined the other thing could be pollen.

  388. Stupid pollen. (Get off my back, beekeepers and gardeners!)

  389. Surprisingly, the Last Man on Earth is rather humorous.

    The second episode will piss off feminists everywhere.

  390. Saw a Great Egret in our neighborhood yesterday. Absolutely stunning bird, and all the way up this hillside, 2000 ft up!

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