Happy International Fetish Day

I’m not kidding.


Some random pics stolen from the POL page:

You people really scare the hell out of me sometimes.


  1. I predict infinity number of thumbs up for this masterpiece

  2. Our HS hosted a powerlifting meet yesterday. All the girls looked like girls. No veins, no cocks, no scowls. None of that shit. Leon would’ve been disappointed. I did notice some of them taking selfies though.

    A little 105# cutie squated 225. I thought that was pretty impressive.

  3. How many thumbs are shoved up your ass RIGHT NOW?

  4. That’s a great price, Leon. Here the processing cost kills us. The gov’t. changed the regs several years ago and ran all the little guys out of business. Now it costs $.69/lb hanging weight to process. That works out to about a $1/lb in the packaged meat. About twice what it costs in MI. We’re selling to friends at $5/lb and don’t really make that much money. Our cattle are raised on pasture, then put in and fed grain and hay for a couple of months. Nice to know what’s in it.

  5. Watched zero dark thirty last night. It was good, except for some unnecessary digs at Bush admin.

    Jason Clarke is awesome as the CIA interrogator.

  6. We would be buying sides of beef if we didn’t have Restaurant Depot. I had some local beef a couple of summers ago, it was excellent. You can’t even compare it to the crap they sell at the grocery store.

  7. You look hot in black, Wiser.

  8. Did you and GND enjoy your Valentine’s Day, MJ?


  9. The Restaurant Depot in Nashville is not open to the public, just restaurant owners. How can you shop there?

  10. ANY business owner.

    We showed them a sales tax permit.

  11. They didn’t even ask for any proof that it was OUR permit.

  12. Mini golf. Heh.

  13. 70 degrees here in San Fran. Beautiful day.

    Sucks I have to fly the redeye to Chicago tonight. I’m awake for a bit, but have nap plans for the afternoon.

  14. maybe a little dancing?


  15. Phat, you should reach out to Jason if you’ll have any social time in Chicago.

  16. Bowling?


  17. Who is Jason?

  18. Xbrad, I definitely will.

    Last trip was delayed inbound, so I only had time for sleep.

    Moving up to the 777 this fall and will be on Reserve, so I will be spending more nights in Chicago soon.

  19. Maybe a few drinks?


  20. Really? Congrats. Sounds like more international travel in your future.

  21. Yep, never flown ‘long haul’ international as a civilian pilot.

    The 777 is almost all Asia flying. Lots of Beijing, Tokyo and Shang-hi in my future.

  22. Looks like good beef is around $3.60 around me, lower if you want lesser cuts. I think I think I’ll order a package this week.

  23. Local farm. Sells pork and chicken too. Sells it basically out of his barn around back.

  24. GAHH, how come the only time I hear from my daughter is when she is stressed out, sick, or wanting to drop out and become a beach bum?

  25. Way to go, Phat – first one’s on me next time you’re this way.

  26. This site gives me the giggles

    Spurious Correlations

    Pretty sure no one outside the media was supposed to find this.

  27. In phatspawn news, the daughter got accepted into univ of Illinois on Friday.

    That was her first choice and she’s very excited.

  28. Cyn,

    Moving up to the 777 means more $ and no more PHX layovers :(.

    If I get another Phoenix layover on the 737, dinner and drinks are on me!

  29. Fun fact. The GE90 engine of a 777 has roughly the same diameter as the fuselage of a 737.

  30. “Fun fact. The GE90 engine of a 777 has roughly the same diameter as the fuselage of a 737.”

    phat was once heard to say:
    ” 4 inches may not seem like a lot….. but girth isn’t everything.”

  31. Congratulations to Babyphat! Does she have any idea what she’d like to major in?

  32. >>>>Fun fact. The GE90 engine of a 777 has roughly the same diameter as the fuselage of a 737.

    So does your mom.

  33. Phat, what she going to study? U of I class of ’83, here. I-L-L

  34. Meanwhile at the H2:


  35. I now have something like 350# of beef in the house. The new animal was much, much larger than the last one. The porterhouses are hyuge.

  36. Beasn, tell her she’d better call you when she has good news too or perhaps you’ll be washing you hair the next time the phone rings.

  37. It’s so cold, Leon got his dick frozen to the flag pole.

  38. I know why COAlex struck out


  39. I’m keeping your mom nice and warm.

  40. This could be a drink-of-the-week.


  41. Used to make a similar drink with Amaretto and 7-Up.

  42. Congrats, Phat.

  43. Good day, furries, bronies, and plushies.

  44. I forgot how well Benadryl works for allergies. And for putting you to sleep. Wowza.

  45. Hola, Sean.

  46. mmm…Benadryl.

  47. Really great news for phatspawn; if she ever changes her mind and wants to look at ASU, she’ll have an automatic surrogate Auntie down here :)

  48. If you take Benadryl fairly regularly, it’s still really good for allergies but it won’t make you drowsy. At least, that’s been my experience.

  49. …and plushies.

    About time you folks started showing me a little respect.

  50. Benadryl is a pretty rare pill for me – I think the last time I had it was for The Scorpion Incident™.

    Zyrtec plus NasalCrom and Sudafed are my usual go-to’s for allergies. Pretty bad here this year.

  51. I thought ASU was a party/baseball school?

  52. Congrats to phatspawn on getting into the U of I. That’s where my parents met.

  53. It was when I was there

  54. Cyn, aren’t you forgetting…. the roofies?

  55. Mebbe you can recruit Phatspawn 2. She’s the potential Hostage, right?

  56. Uh, guys, about the Benadryl:


    They can’t prove causation but it got us to stop giving the older boy his Pediatrician recommended night time Benadryl dose to fall asleep.

  57. >>>About time you folks started showing me a little respect.

    I thought this whole poat was wiser’s way of giving you your props.

  58. Well crap, Jimbro.

  59. I really, really hope that this May/June isn’t a repeat of last year’s allergy season. I’d end up having to hire a farmhand.

  60. It’s long term use that’s worrying. By all means use it for allergies and an occasional sleep aid. I order it frequently for kids post-op as an antipruritic, antinausea drug and for its sedative effect when they’ve maxed out their narcotics and NSAID by weight adjusted dose.

  61. I try not to use it too much. I actually rotate OTC allergy stuff and save the Benadryl for the hard core reactions.

  62. That’s interesting Jimbro. My dad died from Alzheimers. He also had bad allergies and worked for Smith Kline, so he had an endless supply of free allergy meds.

    The only allergy pill I could tolerate was made by Smith Kline, probably because I grew up on it, when they took it off the market I quit allergy pills.

  63. Uh, guys, about the Benadryl:

    Well, shit. I’ve been taking the stuff on an almost daily basis for years.

    If I start to wig out, just try and lead me down to the cellar.

  64. It’s just one study but, intuitively, it seems to make sense. Conventional wisdom amongst Geriatricians has been that the drug interactions and unintended side effects are in most cases reversible with the cessation of the med. This study calls that into question. Stay tuned for more studies to either solidify the evidence or refute it.

  65. So long, old friends…


  66. Scott, my grandfather and a few of his brothers. My dad’s hometown in Ohio was an Alzheimer’s cluster area. I just assumed it was genetics.

  67. Kirkland? KIRKLAND?

  68. Jimbro, so you’re saying I can go back to Anti-Perspirants with aluminum again? No more crystals?

  69. Take it up with my foax, osita. I don’t have a membership anywhere.

  70. There are lots of toxins and other molecules the body can’t metabolize or clear, Jimbro. Whether it’s in the medication or is a metabolic by-product of taking it, you could easily end up with some sort of junk that causes cognitive impairment well past the last time you took the drug.

    Heck, normal metabolism builds this crap up over decades just from standard dietary inputs. Amyloid plaques and advanced glycation end products happen all the time, and eventually cause brain damage, but they accumulate so slowly that it’s assumed to represent normal aging.

  71. It’s Californiatown, Jake.

  72. Some of it is genetic, Oso.

    It’s why I freak out every time I forget my bank account number, or misplace something.

  73. I used the crystal stuff for years and wasn’t too happy with it. Kiss My Face Liquid Rock seemed to work a little better than the actual crystal rock.


    It only works if you don’t skip a day and live in a temperate area!

  74. My dad also drank a lot of Coke……acidic drink in aluminum can.

  75. Turmeric and Alzheimers.

    Apparently Indians are four times less likely to have dementia in old age. And occasional turmeric ingestion (as in curry) results in better cognitive function.

    I use it to make baked chicken or rice yellow. It doesn’t seem to have any actual flavor that I can detect.

  76. I guess I should just be happy that I didn’t manage to drink myself to death before 40. Everything else is gravy, I guess.

  77. I take a turmeric tablet and put it in any stew with carrots.

  78. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2781139/

    Wow; that’s going on the grocery list.

  79. My dad is living with a form of dementia called frontotemporal dementia diagnosed formally in 2012. As a contributing factor in 1996 he had a fainting episode and fell to the floor and ended up with an open skull fracture. He had a long recovery with every complication known to medical science (meningitis, thrombophlebitis in his arm from the PICC he needed for his antibiotics, C. diff from his antibiotics he needed for his meningitis, deafness from the skull fracture plus the aminoglycoside antibiotic, etc). He got a cochlear implant and did pretty well with it and got around with a cane and walker until around 2012 when my mom couldn’t care for him at home anymore. He lives in an Alzheimer’s Unit in the same town as my mom. Her neighbor’s husband is his room mate.

  80. Thanks guys, my great uncles grew up along Alum Creek, and worked at Reynolds Aluminum. I was always tinfoil hat about Aluminum.

  81. Black pepper potentiates the turmeric

  82. A friend of ours (my age) was recently diagnosed with FTP – her husband finally had to put her in a care facility a couple of months ago; she had gotten too bad to let her stay at home unattended.

    It’s been very hard on him, as he isn’t 50 yet; they had no children, so he’s – for all intents and purposes – all by himself now.

  83. Sean, I’m really glad you’re here.

  84. Thanks, oso. I’m glad to be here. Each day is a gift.


  85. Sean, I’m really, really glad you were available to drive to TITS.

  86. Spent 4 hours today with Dan’s mom. I think I could handle the dementia better if it didn’t include the heater set on HELL!!! Dan is fighting with SiL about which facility to move her too. Bitch lives less than a mile away and we do everything!!! We have a total care facility next to the White Trash apartments. We pass it several times a day. I’m really getting tired of dealing with the SiL.

  87. Wow, Jimbro. Sorry about your Dad. Issues-cascades like that are just the worst. I hope he’s in a nice place.

  88. Gingy’s pacing reminds me of my Aunt Mickey’s Sundowners. She had Alzheimers. My grandmother had dementia. either way, waiting for that momentary spark of recognition was always so hard.

  89. My mom is a retired nurse and keeps a close eye on him at the home. She’s realistic about his prognosis but makes sure he’s well cared for in the meantime.

  90. Jimbro, <3 your mom and dad.

  91. I won’t be going down that path.

  92. Ugh, Paula was “asked” to work till midnight since the night crew has had a hard time getting into work. Rowan goes nuts when she gets home. I predict me being a crabapple at work tomorrow.

  93. Just try not to be a horse apple.

  94. Rowan needs some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.

  95. Jimbro, tell me about the Kong doughnut…

  96. BJ’s sells Bottles of Z-Quil, 25 tabs per bottle. For $15.

    Right next to that, they sell bottles of generic Benadryl, 130 tabs per bottle, for $6 per bottle

    The main ingredient in both tablets: 15mg of Dyphenhydramine.

    Made me laugh out loud when I compared them

  97. Z-Quil is sold as a sleep aid

  98. Costco and now BJs? WTF? I need my Sam’s shares and you people are shopping the competition!!! (Didn’t get a Sam’s share this year. Some old lady with Parkinsons fell on our sidewalk the last week of our fiscal year)

  99. Kong is branching out in the dog toy world. Instead of making the vaguely buttplug-shaped toy you can stuff with treats they now make other toys. Rowan loves his squeaky Kong toy which is a ring shape. It bounces in random directions when you toss it on the floor and you can play tug of war with it too.

  100. I was jonesing for a fix:

    This was a good one.

  101. So you don’t get your share if someone has an injury claim at the store, Oso? That’s bullshit.

  102. Well, I guess this is an appropriate post to stop in and say
    “Hi” to all you hosefuckers. And it’s not even Friday.

  103. Dorkus is closing in on sixteen years and he is showing greater sensitivity to cold. I just took him out. The temperature outside right now is one degree Fahrenheit, and there’s a wind blowing that has a knife in it. He walked out down the snow-path Scott carved out for him for about twenty feet, looked at me as if to say “Fuck this noise,” and hustled back onto the porch with an urgent facial expression.

    It was weird, I’ve seen him react to having hurtful snow-clods packed up in his paws, but this was just a general ‘hell no.’

  104. I heart dorkus!!!

  105. Cyn, there are other numbers involved. Our club manager was cutting hours. We’d made inventory numbers. It was looking good. Dan’s slip and fall in the freezer was our last incident…and boom! Old lady tripped on a sidewalk. Sidewalk wasn’t even. Just barely above the minimum settling requirement for a sidewalk.

  106. I wouldn’t be very happy about having to take care of my business in that cold crappy weather either.

    *invents litterbox for dogs; becomes brazillionaire*

  107. Target never even gave bonuses to employees.

  108. I don’t even remember what a bonus is, it’s been so long.

  109. HI RICH!

  110. SNL40. I still watch. I can say it’s because Ace encourages us to keep on top of pop culture to be able to speak to LIVs. True story, I like SNL.

  111. We watch SNL, too, oso – DD#3 watches it with us sometimes; we tape it and watch at our convenience.

  112. Nope – there’s no way that they could make it as good as it used to be.

  113. Cyn, what was your dream cast?

  114. 1977

  115. You?

  116. Did anybody find out–painfully–that anybody else wasn’t kidding when they said they didn’t like to be touched today?

  117. I loved Phil Hartman. Those were my SNL years. I still sing Chopping broccoli in the grocery store.

  118. Sean, don’t touch me!!

  119. Cyn, that was a good year. Todd and Lisa.

  120. Phil Hartman – very good call

  121. Loathe SNL.

    Also, my last year at ML, my bonus was damn near half my income. Two different bonii. One from the company, and one was a production share of the boss’s income.

  122. Wouldn’t think of it, oso. And I still miss Phil. Stupid crazy bitch of a wife.

  123. *lowers chin and whispers, “bonii”*

  124. I worked with a kid whose Aunt was Phil’s sister. Phil was the best Uncle. His cray cray wife cost everyone a great guy.

  125. I still watch.

  126. Dan and I are SNL vets. We watch even in the bad years. We’re hardcore. Gingy is old school SNL too. She keeps headbutting me as I’m typing.

  127. Dan H8s Kanye. He’s going totes MST3K on SNL40. I really wish we were able to chillax together.

  128. Dan: What’s this gay ass shit? Why would anyone watch this? You suck. Fire Neal.

  129. Still one of my favorite things EVAR


  130. For some reason, this one isn’t available online anywhere. Which really sucks.


  131. My splendid art, oh my sad profession
    Now derp with me and I’ll betray you
    For should I lose my bad depression
    My splendid art I will betray you

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