1. *winks*

  2. Gentleman’s taint

  3. 14-23 inches of snow from Saturday to Monday then 11 to 15 next week on Wednesday.

    *cries Uncle*

  4. Mud season will be long.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Today was an early day, Laura had to be at the hospital at 7:00.

  7. I like it when Paula works 7-7 vs 10-10. I’m up early most days anyway and when she works late she can’t wind down to sleep and the dogs get restless and bark which irritates my taint.

  8. What rotation is she doing?

  9. She is just observing. I don’t know where today, they mix it up.

  10. She didn’t see any surgeries last week, so that would be a good bet.

  11. Hopefully nothing too gory or smelly. Always good to have the nursing students pass through and give them some good-natured grief. I’ve had nurses tell me that when they were students they observed me in the OR and I made them laugh with my questions for them about the case.

  12. Errand time

  13. Is Laura interested in a certain type of nursing?

  14. Not yet.

  15. I forgot the most important part about Texas and me…I’ve never spent so much time inside before, ever. I think that’s what is hardest. It’s either too hot or too cold, so you spend a lot of time indoors. That’s why the houses are so big and yards so small.

  16. I just realized how much less time I spend outside since I quit smoking. Going outside 20 times a day for 5 minutes adds up.

  17. Comment by mare on February 12, 2015 9:30 am

    Is Laura interested in a certain type of nursing?

    Pretty sure she’s on the “Merciful Angel of Death” trajectory……..

  18. I’ve had to crank up my Vitamin D usage. What I use to get being outdoors I’ve had to substitute in pill form. I really think it helps.

    I’ve read some interesting stuff on how important sunlight on skin is to PREVENT skin cancer. Anecdotally, I’m a believer.

  19. Comment by Jimbro on February 12, 2015 9:00 am

    What rotation is she doing?

    You can tell we’ve gotten a little too comfortable with each other here when we start asking these types of questions.

  20. hahaha…..I just became aware of Cyn’s post name, “tickly.”

  21. “clockwise”

  22. Ohai


  23. I’m not trying to kiss ass here, rather I’m just telling it how I see it.

    I’m glad mare is back. She brings a level of class to this shithole dump that is comforting.

    The last time I said something like that though PJM disapeared forever. So I may have just jinxed mare.

  24. Hey Mare, I don’t remember if you were informed when we did a recap for you but I got two kittahs a few months back.

    I watch them instead of TV now.

  25. Somebody tell your mom to get up already. My breakfast won’t make itself.

  26. The red winged blackbirds have returned to the swamp.
    It sounds like summer out there.

  27. I hate those things.

  28. Of course, we have a polar vortex going.

  29. http://tinyurl.com/mfpgtxf

  30. Comment by xbradtc on February 12, 2015 12:59 am

    I’m pretty sure that used to be a lesbian bar, CoLex.

    Wouldn’t surprise me. It’s a piano bar now, although they never have a piano player working. The bars on that side of the street are all owned by the same company now, so bartenders move back and forth. It’s tucked between two nightclubs, so it’s perfect for sitting out with a cigar and a drink and watching Stupid Drunk Tricks as well as the the dancers running around in lingerie and not much else.

  31. I used to date a bartender from Cowboys.

  32. Comment by xbradtc on February 12, 2015 11:52 am

    I used to date a bartender from Cowboys.

    So did everybody else.

  33. And by everybody else, he means, so did your mom.

  34. I’m sure his mom was one of many. So, so many.

  35. Hey, back in the old days (the early 90s) Cowboys bartenders were picky about who they dated. Schlub grunts didn’t usually rank high on the list.

  36. I used to date a bartender from Cowboys.


  37. http://is.gd/hggp2Z

  38. Relatively early in the last century we had a president who famously said, “Talk softly and carry a big stick.” This was American foreign policy in a soundbite. Relatively early in this century we have a president who cautions us about being on a high horse and has a selfie stick. I’m pretty fucking sure this is an accurate reflection of our foreign policy at this point as well.

  39. Wiser, it would be funny if it was somebody else’s president. It’s not funny when it’s your own president who is a fucking Liberace wannabe.

  40. Well……it looks like I said some nice shit about mare and she hit the road. I’m two for two.

    The rest of y’all suck donkey balls.

  41. Seriously? The f*cker winks at himself for a selfie. WTF? I bet he has mirror above his bed too.

  42. Have you seen this on Kyle’s killer?


  43. And this:

    “Taya Kyle said she’d called her husband midafternoon — around the time he arrived at Rough Creek Lodge and Resort — and noticed he was unusually terse. Instead of his usual “hello babe,” he gave a quick “hello.” He said it would be fine to have dinner with friends. Then she asked if he was OK. He just said “yep.”

    “It was short, like: `I wish I could say more,”‘ she said.”………

    …..”During opening statements, a defense attorney revealed a text message exchange between Chris Kyle and Littlefield as they drove to the lodge with Routh, whom Kyle had picked up at his house.

    Kyle texted Littlefield: “This dude is straight-up nuts.”

    “He’s (sitting) right behind me, watch my six,” Littlefield texted back, using a military term for watching one’s back.”


    A couple of things: Routh’s mother knew how messed up her son was and didn’t pass along a possible mental illness to those she asked to help…who she knew would take him to the shooting range?

    – Kyle and Littlefield immediately sensed the guy was a nut. I can’t see them making such a fatal mistake of handing the nut a loaded weapon. It’s possible. But then Taya said Chris was unusually terse about the time they arrived at the range. Was Routh already pointing a gun at them?

    Dude needs to be put over a hole.

  44. Bush was an idiot. Got it.

  45. Nice blog we have here. Too bad no one uses it.

  46. We’re all on Twitter.

  47. Sorry, busy morning. Aaaaaaaaaaaand now to Urgent Care.

  48. Looks like Boston is about to get a couple more feet of snow.
    I bet Andy is ready to move.

  49. Urgent Care? Boooo! Hope you or Pogo comes home feeling better soon.

  50. I, for one, like my ass kissed.

    Carin, pics of your new kitties!!!

    The rest of you shut your whore mouths.

  51. I have to go back to Orlando next week. Damn.

  52. How is it possible Obama continues to make a BIGGER ass of himself? And I know how to say February. Have for a long time now about 50 years. And I don’t need a teleprompter to tell me how to pronounce corpsman.

  53. How is it possible Obama continues to make a BIGGER ass of himself?
    He’s an average guy in a bigger than average job.

    Plus half the country is asshole loving assholes themselves.

  54. I’m stunned at the hypocrisy shown by the Washington Post looking into Scott Walkers College years. Don’t remember them doing that to Obama…during anytime in his life.

  55. Although his wife is also:

    John Schindler ‏@20committee 1m1 minute ago
    Bubba did warn everyone: “This whole thing is just the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” — Bill Clinton on Barack Obama, 7 January 2008

  56. Uh oh. I just discovered that the bartender at the brewery downstairs makes a pretty decent martini.

  57. Norm!!!

  58. No shit.

  59. http://is.gd/hAyVSX

  60. So mare, what do we think about 50 shades of grey?

  61. Luckily my flights this weekend have me away from the Northeast.

    Layovers are Houston and San Fran. The Capt I’m flying with is a good guy, should be a fun trip.

  62. Pretty much……….


  63. Comment by phat on February 12, 2015 6:04 pm

    The Capt I’m flying with is a good guy, should be a fun trip.


    You’re flying with Captain Morgan? ;)

  64. MJ, we haven’t read the book(s) yet or of course seen the movie.

    But we don’t need gimmicks and we like our partners just good and naked with youthful exuberance thrown in.

    Reactions to the movie:


  65. Comment by scott on February 12, 2015 5:59 pm



    How did that guy reading the news keep a straight face.

  66. If you ever have a boner and don’t want one, think of Hillary. Face or body, doesn’t matter.

  67. WOO HOO! Got Joe Bastardi as a guest this weekend!

  68. Holy smokes, Wiser that’s big time. Congratulations.

  69. MARE!

    wait why would I ever not want a boner?

    Good catch wiserbud.

  70. He’s a talker.

  71. That’s why I said, “if” Dave. Like if you were at…ah….everything I’m coming up with has a gross connotation to it.

  72. Wiser, the link to your last show doesn’t work.

  73. If you ever have a boner and don’t want one,

    That’s not quite such an issue now that polyester double knit trousers are out of style.

    They are out of style, right?

  74. Did I ever tell y’all about the time I was carrying my lunch tray back to the kitchen in 9th grade while wearing snow white polyester double knit pants? Probably not. I don’t tell that one often.

  75. I’ve only had boners that others didn’t want.

  76. >>>>>He’s a talker.

    Oh yeah…

    Thanks for the heads up on the link. I’ll fix that

  77. Congrats, Wiser

  78. Twofer at Urgent Care. Mom for sinus infection, and I had a staph infection.

    Damn cheap hookers.

  79. link fixed.

    Nice to know that, almost a week after I posted the show, that the link was broken.

    Tells me just how popular the show really is……


    Congrats, Wiser

    Thanks, Oso.. He’s been on before though and he really dominates the conversation.

  80. But he’s really smart and funny. Now if I can just keep Tom from being an ass while he’s on, like he was last time.

    He demanded to know from Joe if he needed to buy a generator for this winter. Demanded an answer.

  81. You should get him talking PSU wrestling.

  82. You should get him talking PSU wrestling.

    it’s only a two hour show

  83. Beasn, regarding your earlier comments about Chris Kyle’s killer – just a few weeks back I read some really sympathetic article about him. POOR DEAR. He had PTSD. Umhn … maybe no. He had issues, and his family appeared perfectly content with saying it was PTSD.

  84. http://imgur.com/gallery/hLoHTgV

  85. Are you guys watching Better Call Saul?

  86. Carin, pics of your kitties.

    The cats, felines.

  87. Glad that website was helpful.

  88. We get to see Car in’s basket kittehs on FB.

  89. Are you guys watching Better Call Saul?


    Not sure yet.

    So far, seems like lots of “quirky for quirky’s sake”, but I’ll give it a season.

  90. Hey look I understand it was a hypothetical I was just tryin to put myself in the boner’s shoes.

    Empathy. I got some

  91. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dave.


  92. Surest fire way to get someone in this house demanding my immediate attention is to sit down, open up Wiser’s radio page, and start listening. Sometimes I don’t even get the earbuds in before there’s hollering.

  93. Wiser, yep. I’m on the fence. Still having geography problems. Even Dan is like “No way that is 2 minutes from there”. Albuquerque continues to look seedy, NM looks pretty.

  94. Is that Russell Stover?

  95. Tom keeps asking me to bring his friends on. I keep saying no. At some point, he’ll figure it out…. right?

  96. There’s apparently a pressure switch in my chair. Every time I sit down, XMom suddenly yells down the hall for me to do something.

  97. You should slip Laura a few bucks to sic her flying monkeys on Tom Hill.

  98. >>Is that Russell Stover?

    Taste it and let us know

  99. Hope you and Pogo are both doing well. You get TFG in Palm Springs for the Holiday WKND.

  100. >>>You should slip Laura a few bucks to sic her flying monkeys on Tom Hill

    Wow. That’s just…. evil.

    I wonder if she has time?

  101. Wiser, no. FYNQ (That type never gets it)

  102. **sends bananas to the radio station**

  103. >> Taste it and let us know

    I’m asking the questions here not you. Get Tom to do it, he’s *this* close to begging.

  104. Roamy, I feel your pain. See also the podcast at the HQ

  105. >>>>I’m asking the questions here not you.

    Excuse me?? I’m the host here!!

    >>>open up Wiser’s radio page, and start listening.

    Constructive criticism is always welcome

  106. Oso, I had to pay good money for the doc to stab me in the face.

  107. Hello, xbrad, I’m sure everyone here would have done it for free.

  108. Staph infections go away on their own.

  109. Hey look I gave you an out asking Tom to eat dog shit.

    I don’t just bitch I offer alternatives.

  110. Did anybody’s impassioned speech about the principle of free expression fail to convince anybody else to return their book Mommy’s Magical Bang Bus Adventure to the shelves of the children’s section at the library today?

  111. >> Staph infections go away on their own.

    If you’re tough

  112. ZOMG! I have followers! On Twitter! That are not bots! James Treacher isn’t a bot? Right?

    And Xbrad, I would not have stabbed you in the face for less than $100…that’s my minimum for bodily injury

  113. Mr. Science, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass, right now?

  114. Mr. Science is the moron formerly known as mundane. As such, his bullwhip capacity is classified.

  115. Well, you come in here sportin some bullshit sockpuppet, the question is valid.

  116. The answer? Your mom.

  117. What’s your handle, MrScienco?

  118. …and I had a staph infection.

    Damn cheap hookers.

    Isn’t this exactly the reason that Rosetta went full-gimp suit?

  119. Where do you think I caught the infection?

  120. Cyn…@MrScience_ someone else had MunDane

  121. When xbrad starts telling stories about his home life I get this picture of Howard from Big Bang Theory. Melissa Rauch is a little hotter than Dolly though.

  122. Bullwhips are so 2014, now that 50SOG is a movie…

  123. Ginger finally drank some water this afternoon. She has since cameled up.

  124. 💋💋💋💋💋

  125. Good for Gingy.

  126. Thanks guys. I love the chunky diva.

  127. The PTSD argument doesn’t hold a lot of water with me, except that I would prefer to call it Extreme Transition Syndrome.

    We’ve got a few combat vets on this blog, maybe they will chime in.

    I do have some bad dreams. It’s because I was exposed to extreme stress and trauma. It happens.

    I believe it’s a function of being young and thrown into combat.

    18 yr old kid was at his prom a year ago, now he’s shooting bad guys and seeing his friends die. He does it for 18 months and now he’s back in the states. His old girlfriend has moved on.

    What a mindfuck that must be for these kids.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is really hard to ‘transition’ back to normal/civilian life after being deployed.

    But, My Dad did it after Vietnam (and he was in the shit).

    But, My Grandad did it after WWII (and he was at Pearl Harbor).

    And I did it after Desert Storm, the Bosnian War, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and whatever the fuck we’re going to call the Afghanistan clusterfuck.

  128. Phat PTSD deathtoll=0.

    Although I have a list.

    And a sniper rifle.

    It’s a crying shame I’m a pacifist.

  129. Phat, my Dad would play “Crazy VN Vet at the VA” when they’d piss him off. He started smoking pot in VN, but didn’t consider himself a “Druggie”

  130. He did want us to set him up in a blind on Turner Ranch when Ted was married to Hanoi Jane. My dad was already in a wheelchair. Do you have any idea how big Turner Ranch is?

  131. Hope Gingy feels better, Osita.

  132. Phat, when my cousin was in Ramadi, his mom lost her hearing in one ear due to stress. Sudden onset deafness due to stress is a thing. I was stalking him on milblogs at the time. Pat Dollard was with his platoon. He told me to not share my blogs with family. Several harrowing experiences. He was with Ollie North when they came under live fire on Fox. Good thing no one but me watched Faux News. LOL

  133. I may be in denial about Gingy. I think she’s ready to go, but she’s fighting for us. Her eyes are so expressive. I’m just not ready.

  134. One time, no shit, when I went to eat at the mess hall on surf and turf night, they ran out of lobster just before I got in line.

    It. Was. Hell.

  135. Hahaha Shenanigans! I don’t believe that Army mess had surf and turf!

  136. We usually had holidays at the Naval Hospital. One year, Easter at Shi Linkou AFB. Cloth napkins, china, real cutlery, and the food. OMG I don’t eat crustacean, but they had everything! It was the Bellagio buffet, but 30 years earlier.

  137. Oso, your dad wasn’t the only one who thought about eliminating Hanoi Jane.

  138. OK. New show on NBC tonight called “The Slap”. Diverse family. Asshole kid. Build up resulted in family member finally slapping kid. Lamest premise ever. Family in show is Greek. Pretty sure 2nd gen mediterranean family would’ve lit the kid up before he took baseball bat to cousins and kicked the person that slapped him.

  139. Pepe, you KNOW how ridiculous that plan was! My dad and his buddies at the home spent more time on THE PLAN than they did playing poker.

  140. 2nd Gen Greek family? Grandma would have whapped mouthy kid with Thom McCann flipflops if Grandpa didn’t get a backhand in first and then washed mouth out with Fels-naptha soap

  141. NBC couldn’t make it a Hispanic family because If it had been a Mexican or Guatemalean family, they would have to go to WalMart or Target to administer the beating

  142. NBC couldn’t make it a Hispanic family because If it had been a Mexican or Guatemalean family, they would have to go to WalMart or Target to administer the beating


  143. BTW, was it the Retard-O-Lympics on the roads today? WTF was up with an even higher percentage than usual of people not knowing how to drive?

  144. MrScience, IKR? Greek grandmother called the kid a brat. Grandpa was keeping the peace. The whole show is too Cali. First 5 kids in my Mom’s family would BTS out of all of us, last 6 were a little more understanding. My cousin, Raul, was hitting other cousins with a hammer. Cousin, Monica, took the hammer and hit him back. Chaos ensued. Raul’s mom was anglo. Monica’s dad is Messican. He took the hammer and spanked all the kids involved. Last time there was mass enforcement. 1984

  145. Oso,

    I feel your pain.

    i have a 18 yr old shih-tzu that is basically blind and deaf.

    He still functions OK, goes out to to pee/poop etc.

    Every time, before I leave on a trip, I I give him some loving.

  146. (((HUGS))) Phat. 13 really isn’t that old for a dachshund, but all of her known family is gone. We call her Chingachgook.

  147. Gingy wants to snuggle. I don’t want to miss a thing. G’night.

  148. No one really knows
    Whose derp you’re haunting
    Places that you go
    Are a mystery to me

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