Loose Change

Personal note: That is one of my favorite songs (I think it’s the best thing Sam Cooke ever recorded), and a few years back while looking for it on YouTube, every goddamn version was full of pictures of Obama and adoring crowds of his idiot followers. It’s nice to see that ordinary, hard-working, patriotic Americans like me can enjoy the song again.


  1. Oh, sure. Step all over my recent comments on the last post.

  2. I’m sorry Eric, but there’s just something wrong about coming back to find a poat I’ve derped on still limping along 14 hours later.

  3. Have you people voted #MikeTrout as #TheFaceOfMLB yet? If not, why not? Do you want a stupid Dodger to win?

  4. Obama may have fucked up the word “change” for a while. He’s damned sure defined “hope” downward.

  5. So Brian Williams and Anthony Weiner walk into a bar…

  6. How does one vote in this thing, oso?

  7. Besides, Brian Williams is the Face of MLB.

  8. Besides, Brian Williams is the Face of MLB.

    It’s amazing what stage makeup for television can do. And racist.

  9. They Reverse OJ’d him.

  10. You can go to on FB or twitter. Comment or tweet the complete Hashtag. Do you follow the official Angels page on Twitter?

  11. I voted for Justin Bieber.

  12. I’m furious that when I stayed at the New Orleans Ritz-Carlton I was not offered a buoyant dead body. I paid for that room with hard-earned Starwood points.

  13. I don’t follow anybody on Twitter. Played out, you see. I’m on the newest thing–it’s called Mindsplode. They hook up electrodes to your brain in a simple outpatient procedure and you can uploasd your stream of consciousness directly to social media.

  14. penisespenisespenisespenisestouchpeniseswaitwhat?


  15. FFS. Back in the day, Mayor Marty kicked out Cops because the show made Albuquerque “Look Bad”. Best episodes ever!!!! Fast forward, Breaking Bad has put ABQ on the TV map again. Created lots of businesses and helped drive tourism. City Council is all butt-hurt about Better Call Saul. Premiere parties bad!

  16. and you can uploasd your stream of consciousness directly to social media.

    I think I read somewhere they did this for the president. For this purpose, he only needed a dialup modem.

  17. What’s the best place to stay in Taos, oso?

  18. They’re still working out some of the bugs.

  19. Wherever your mom is.

  20. Dan interned at The Sagebrush Inn. Historic. Georgia O’Keefe. Try to get a fireplace room. Dan had to bartend on Michael Martin Murphy nights. There are other places, but The Sagebrush has cachet.

  21. Hello The Hostages

    You have a nice blog here! My name is Samuel Gonzalez and I run The Last Tradition. I’ve been doing it since 2009 and I’m pretty dedicated to what I do. I’m always looking for other good blogs to service my readers and yours fits the bill. Check out my blog and if you like what you see I hope you add me to your blog roll. I’ll do the same for you. Hope to hear from you soon!

  22. okay, Sagebrush

  23. We’ve spent a few romantic WKNDs in Taos. Lately, we just use our Marriot Pts.

  24. Senor Gonzalez, that looks like damned fine blog you’ve got there. But before we link it we have to know…… many bullwhips are stuffed up your ass RIGHT NOW!!!

  25. It’s a tradition and you seem to be all about tradition.


  26. His name ends in -ez. I thought we had our brown people quota?

  27. (Gingy is ok) We found her halfway down the stairs when we got home. We figure a combination of blindness and vertigo resulted in her tumble. We have no idea how long she was there. Vet says she’s ok. Dan is having a hard time dealing with her aging.

  28. So, Sam, what are some cover songs that you like better than the original versions?

  29. 2/18.

  30. .111111

  31. Wow, another person likes our weather and recipe blog!

    And hate. Hate is the relish on the frankfurter.

  32. Scott, 2/18 is when pitchers and catchers report. Spring Training. My favorite time of year.

  33. My springs don’t need training.

  34. Watching Thor. Le sigh. Next up, Thor:The Dark World. I might watch Capt. America Winter Soldier again.

  35. Your mom likes a good frankfurtering

  36. Scott, they do. You just need to reread Field of Dreams.

  37. Just watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. I gave it 4 of these things: §§§§

  38. Your mom likes a frankfurter between her buns.

  39. Great, Grand Budapest is getting some serious Rosetta Baldheads. I may have to watch.

  40. Grand Budapest Hotel was a good flick. Harvey Keitel is awesomely out of place in that.

  41. Making chicky-chicky tonight.

    Not feeding it to weiner dogs.

  42. Wiener dogs love the chicky chicky. 1 out of 4 braunschweiger bites have meds in it.

  43. Tomorrow is my first day of Staycation and I’m already bored!!!

  44. Earlier today, Dan: I’m writing an autobiography of a man that kills his wife. Can you help me with the plotting?

  45. Speaking of social media, I have noticed a 91.4% reduction in selfies posted on Faceplant since that study came out linking prolific selfies to mental illness.

  46. A raccoon told me that study was bullshit.

  47. Selfie sticks are actually pretty cool. We used them at The Club for every holiday event.

  48. I went to the movies for the first time since “The Great Gatsby Family Debacle”, back in ’12. I went to see Unbroken and it didn’t suck. I’d prolly give it 3.1415 of these thingies TT.

  49. The Crazy Club.

  50. I have to use a selfie stick to get the purple knob in the shot.

  51. Otherwise it just looks like George Washington’s neck on the dollar bill.

  52. I send my selfies via Pony Express.

  53. We are expected to send video of Club Events. Managers hooked their phones to selfie sticks and walked through the crowds to show corporate what was what. Yo. I was stuck in electronics for all 3 events. Me. I know on hands and on orders. The rest: Minimum Wage Tard face.

  54. One friend liked to take daily selfies, always showing off her cleavage. Nice rack for a 50-something hausfrau, but 400+ selfies is a bit much. Hasn’t posted a single one in a month. I sent an email to make sure she was okay.

  55. I have never taken a selfie.

  56. Looks good, pg!

  57. Probably because of all the sniper fire.

  58. Damn…..007 stole that shit out of my cloud.

  59. I’ve taken 1 selfie in my life. With friend whose android totes sucked.

  60. One friend liked to take daily selfies, always showing off her cleavage. Nice rack for a 50-something hausfrau, but 400+ selfies is a bit much.

    Could you maybe link to a couple hundred of them? I’m asking for this guy I know who lives out in the desert.

  61. Roamy, it has been in the 70s here. I don’t think chicas own mirrors. Nasty.

  62. Nice rack for a 50-something hausfrau,

    I took my girls to Schlitterbahn, a huge waterpark north of San Antonio that’s built along a spring fed river, back when they were about JH age. There was a woman there who was pushing 60 and was in a string bikini. If you’d seen her fully clothed the little voice that talks to men would’ve said something like, “Holy shit, that woman’s put together for her age……I’d like to watch her take a shower.” However, the string bikini wouldn’t allow the little voice to utter a peep. However, my real voice said, “She obviously is delusional.” My girls were both aghast. She was still built like shick brithouse but she had enough extra skin to cover both of my daughters. They still talk about it to this day.

  63. I’ll just say this…..she’d have made a better BBF model than some we’ve had if you shot everything from a sandwedge shot away.


  65. I took your mom to Schlitterbahn. And I watched her take a shower.

  66. Xbrad’s probably already seen them if he’s on instagram.

  67. No wonder you were a blackout drinker for such a long time.

  68. You Guys didn’t haze the delurker enough.


  69. I want to go to New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn. Central TX peeps need to make this happen. I think there is some Guadalupe River inner tubing too.

  70. Aside from it being a day in the waterpark, nobody said it was a day in the park, man.

  71. Hahahahaha, Pepe. Mike Mullane had something about that in his book. He felt dissed about smaller size, and he shouted, “Hey, I’ve fathered three children with this!”

  72. Sorry you aren’t able to make it to AZ, Osobeargirl. Where was it that you said you were headed this summer? I’m thinking about a trip with the boys to NC to visit an uncle and aunt.

  73. Schlitterbahn kicks ass when you can catch it on a non-crowded day. Even for old fuckers like us, it’s a blast. Plus they sell cold beer there.

    I haven’t tubed the Guadalupe in about 15 years. Last time I did I saw two college age kids fuckin in a raft. It depressed me that I was getting too old to think that kinda shit was cool. In retrospect, it may have been Chad.

  74. Very few women look good in a string bikini. Even women who look good naked often look awful in a string bikini.

  75. Nashville in June.

  76. Can anybody get to comments at Aces?
    I just get the “500 Internal Server Error”?

  77. I think TiFW has a NC event.

  78. Twin Arrows resort. Dan has stayed there before. I was looking forward to it. AZ north. Staycation with sick dog and demented MiL.

  79. Crispy–I just checked and got the error too.

  80. 500 ChrisP

  81. Nashville in June – got it.

    I’m going to give that some more seriouser thought. I’d like to make the trip with the boys before Googleman goes off to college.

  82. That resort looks really nice. The mountains in Flag would have been beautiful.

  83. Tennessee In The Sun.

  84. TITS 2: Electric Boogaloo

  85. That has a nice ring to it.

  86. I know the dates I’ll be in Nashville. I don’t know the baseball dates or if it will be before or after my reunion. After looks like a Detroit game. Before GABP.

  87. My liver still isn’t healed from OG TITS, and I just watched you mofos drink.

  88. Cyn, I was looking forward to Twin Arrows.

  89. Dan even booked a back up in freaking El Paso for Valentine’s. Hot Tub suite. Gingy will still be on meds. This is our first stay-cation in 17 years. AKA Dan taking over the budget and saving for a mortgage.

  90. My buddy wants to make an epic road trip on Labor Day wknd. Watch the Cubs play from the roof of some tenement building across the street from Wrigley on Friday. It’s supposed to be a big deal or something. I hate baseball so I wouldn’t know. Then Horns vs ND at Touchdown Jesus Stadium on Saturday. I fuckin’ hate Notre Dame worse than I hate the Horns so that’ll suck. Then if the Bears or the Packers are at Home on Sunday he wants to catch that one too. Lambeaugh is the only one of those deals that is even remotely on my bucket list. But I’ll probably go just to get the fuck out of town anyway.

  91. I can’t believe I’m regretting a non-baseball trip to El Paso.

  92. Thanks for checking on Aces.

    Wretchard had a wonderful comeback to the JEFs “Prayer Breakfast” Goat Fuck speech.

  93. Could you maybe link to a couple hundred of them? I’m asking for this guy I know who lives out in the desert.

    Thanks, man. I was busy feeding and watering XMom.

    Somehow, I missed ’em on Instagram.

  94. Wretchard is always a good read. Thanks for the link chrispy.

  95. Kill me nao. Dan is reminiscing about the NCAA finals with NC State and Phi Slamma Jamma

  96. AND he’s providing commentary on the performances. He’s mean.

  97. Dan: he’s a flying monkey. He has the shoes and everything. (Pharrell)

  98. Dan: This is so 2 years ago. Is that Billy Joel out there?

  99. Dan: So, what are you going to do, Ken, blow him?

  100. East coast didn’t watch the Grammys 2 hours ago. Dan is harassing me in Mountain Time. FFS TFG just came on to talk about Domestic Violence. Dan turned the channel to Hunger Games.

  101. Did Dan rub his swimming suit area when they showed Jane Fonda?

  102. 2 years ago, my niece decided to go to Bishop Gorman. It is like a freaking college campus. My Mom got so excited that a grandkid was going to a Catholic school, she paid for tuition. Niece didn’t like UN Reno. She transferred to Loyola Marymount. Once again, thrilled mom. Niece posts pics from beach on FB daily.

  103. PG, hahaha. Dan is a LIV H8R. He pretty much H8S everyone but me.

  104. …when they showed Jane Fonda?

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  105. Dan is watching a Bishop Gorman special on one of the ESPNs.

  106. I H8 Tony Bennett. Fucking truther.

  107. Jane Fonda flashing on TV. Me: Are you rubbing one out to her? Dan: WTF? Shut up.

  108. Did anybody find anybody else’s rambling explanation for why they had gold spraypaint all over their nose and mouth unsatisfactory today?

  109. Sean, I was singing Goldfinger. It was totes better than painting my whole body.

  110. Great, blind harmonica player. That was awesome. I bet he didn’t roll down stairs and cost $$$ to his loved ones today.

  111. Ha Ha Ha

    Bad girl, Osobear!

  112. We really need to MST3K stuff. Stupid time zones.

  113. Time zones suck

  114. IKR! Dan fucking killed the closing performances for the last Olympics. You guys are way funnier than Dan. We can do this!!!

  115. My NCAA story. Roomie was an editor at the Daily Lobo. By the time the final game rolled around, I was done with basketball and my lungs were burnt from yelling and smoke. Did not go. Dan was denied Final Four tics in some lottery. His grandmother talked to the local Bishop. He watched the game with a bunch of priests. Long story short, I had tickets, didn’t use them. Dan hung out with priests for tickets, saw the Valvano win in real time.

  116. Did you just see that Android commercial in your zone? Love that one!

  117. Fack….I missed it. All about calling Saul here.

  118. Toooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute

  119. Pssst…old.

  120. It’s new to me! And cute. So there.

  121. It was linked here!!! LOL

  122. I love it and I shared it.

  123. I played the record with that song on it until the grooves wore out. On one of these…

    If I show that commercial to my mom, she’ll have flashbacks.

  124. My sister had that. I was too “Nervous” to have a stereo, record player, cassette system.

  125. Oh man that brought back memories.

    Used to play Tom Jones and CCR and some Beatles on this baby:

  126. Groovy.

  127. La di freaking dah! We sang along to vinyl into our hairbrushushs and we lliled it()0

  128. Before I got a boombox, I would set one of these next to the radio to record music.

    /onion tied to belt

  129. Our hi fi music player:

  130. A spiral scratch
    Gave me my derp back
    A vinyl solution
    Ended my confusion
    I heard a voice in the noise pollution

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