Don’t Change


  1. Herro.

  2. Good morning.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. Starting Strength arrived yesterday.

  5. Farting Strength

  6. +1

  7. We were both busy all day yesterday and never got around to making a fire in the woodstove. The temperature has been in the minuses and the chimney got cold as a tomb. I’ve been trying to get the fire going and now the whole house smells like smoke with a hint of bacon from Paula’s cooking.

  8. When does Stopping Strength arrive?

  9. Somebody brought their A-game. Way to go Cyn!!!

  10. It’s a good book, Car in. I miss barbells a lot. Not sure if my shoulder is ready to go back or not.

  11. If you still need a question answered I’m all ears PG. Either here or on my bro mail.

  12. WANT!!!

  13. Oso, be sure to look at this ^^^ when you come around.

  14. And to class up this joint, I give you…


  15. Jimbro, I got an injection of cortisone in to my worn out hip joint yesterday and could already detect an improvement in pain by last night. I was gonna ask how it works but found a pretty informative article on tittyweb Jenkins that satisfied my curiosity.

  16. That’s awesome that it’s working, PG; pain sucks.

  17. I get a shot of cortisone in righty every 3-4 months because, I remember

  18. It tastes horrible.

  19. Please tell me where our world would be today if this is the speech that went down in history:

    “Yesterday, December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. But let us never forget that we committed a genocide against the Native Americans. In fact, let us spend the day meditating on our flaws as a people.”

  20. Why does Car in neeed Stripping Strength? Is she finally going to get a job that pays well?

  21. PSA: Valentine’s Day is NEXT SATURDAY.


  22. That was a good read, Roamy.

  23. art

  24. Heh
    I forgot about this one. “You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish”.
    Well you can tuna fish but you can’t tune a fish. Never mind.


  26. One of my customers has a email address.
    Is that the same prodigy I had back in the dial up days?

  27. Morning Hostages.

    Excellent work, Cyn.

  28. Scott, my inlaws and my wife still use AOL email addresses. My parents have a address.

  29. Prodigy rolled out in my area in 1988.

  30. Prodigy

    Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

  31. *smacks his bitch up*

  32. Oh, hey Bcrotch.

  33. I remember this piece of crap.
    You could shop….at sears, or buy airline tickets, or read an encyclopedia.

  34. Morning, Buff.

  35. or read an encyclopedia.

    It’s even updated quarterly. HA!

  36. Today’s vocabulary lesson

    adj. – having hairy buttocks

    Use this in a sentence to show you understand it.

  37. Remarkably accurate, buff.

  38. George’s mom is guilty of dasypygal.

  39. The Japanese Joe Biden (and Buffalone’s sister):

  40. No, J’ames. You must use adjectives properly. You should have said something like “George’s mom shakes her dasypygal booty at the Mudd Club.”


  41. I gave this post a thumbs up because that little dog kicks ass.

  42. Snowing, again. Hope the roads don’t suck.

  43. Please tell me where our world would be today if this is the speech that went down in history:

    Regarding Barry’s cute little moral equivalence speech:

    “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood … the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago – when I was 8 years old – somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense.” –Obama, discussing his good friend, guilty as f*ck, domestic terrorist, Ayers.

  44. Dasypygal is the leading cause of dingleberries.

  45. Dave is still funny.

    Hill still is not.

  46. SCOTT!


  47. Mare is here!

    The lamb was calling for you.

  48. No, Jimbro. Dasypygal is an adjective, not a noun. You could have said ” George’s dasypygal body inflicts upon him painful dingleberries.”


  49. I still fondly remember kissing Scarlett Johanssen on the lips.

    Oh, my bad. Foggy memory and all that. She was in NY sometime last month, and I just happened to walk on NY streets later with my lips puckered 3 days later.

  50. Wow. I’m listening to wiserbud through VLC on an iPad.

    He still sounds like a right wing reactionary racist.

  51. Brian Williams remembers the tenderness of gently caressing Tom Brokaw’s balls before he took over the anchor slot.

    This memory is not in question.

  52. How’d you rig that GO? My monitor’s speakers are on the fritz.

  53. I just use the free VLC app for iOS. When you go to WATR’s website, tap on Listen Live on the right side, and a page opens with an .asf file icon, and a button to tap to open it in VLC. VLC opens, you tap on the displayed bar representing the .asf file and boom.

  54. Figures. Crony capitalist Tesla gets dealership fees to the state waived. Tesla: playthings for the 1% financed by the taxpayer.

  55. I’ll give it a try next week…I’m in the same room as a HGTV home remodeling marathon watched by my beloved sort of wife.

  56. Love Uber. Will use it to get to LAX later this year.

  57. My computer did NOT like VLC, yet my son swears by it. I had to uninstall almost at once.

  58. That’s strange. VLC should be pretty universal with ports for almost every operating system.

  59. Yeah, it was pretty strange that it didn’t work; tons of great feedback on it.

  60. Wonder if you have antivirus software that doesn’t like it.

  61. BTW, anyone knows which Republican presidential nominee will be acceptable to Drew? It seems he will froth at the mouth and spontaneously combust whoever is the nominee.
    Only SMOD may be acceptable to him, but even SMOD will cause him to combust.

  62. Come to think of it, that was exactly the issue, George. I run Panda.

  63. Randy Quaid/David Hasselhoff for GOP 2016! The perfect blend of crazy and crooner will seduce and transfix the public.

  64. Can you make the virus software permit an exception? But I suppose Panda is perfectly good too.

  65. Panda…….fried or smoked?

  66. I used to smoke panda but it became too hard to stuff it into the water pipe.

  67. *awards trophy to Wiser for bagging on Jenny McCarthy*

  68. Bonus vocabulary item

    n. – inability to reach orgasm

  69. I probably could have set VLC as an exception, but it just wasn’t worth the effort, IIRC.

    I’ve used and trusted Panda long enough* that if it says no to a program then that’s good enough for me.

    *Panda saved my machine from a new variant of the Sober virus about 10 years ago when Norton’s help center reps told me that if “Norton didn’t detect it, then it wasn’t on my PC”.

  70. Oh, I’m unfamiliar with Panda. I thought it was a sub for VLC. I haven’t had to mess much with antivirus software.

  71. Does Wiser still do cocktail of the week?

  72. I’ve used VLC for years and years, never had a problem. But I’ve heard other people bitch about it when they installed it.

  73. You keep going to websites with the word “xeronisus” on them and no amount of antivirus is gonna help you.

  74. I have an inability to go to those websites.

  75. This phone call is get really weird on WATR

  76. Getting

  77. I think they blocked my cell number

  78. Dave shouldn’t have kept phone-stalking Wiser

  79. I wish Wiser would ask the doc about dasypygal irritation

  80. Gay martini!

  81. Gay salad dressing martini!

  82. “Tones down the strawberry”, he said gleefully with pinkie finger extended.

  83. I saw Skymall open for Flock of Seagulls in 1987

  84. “Is MJ a little guy?”


  85. Maybe he was asking for a friend.

  86. So Wiser is in for another foot of snow?

  87. What did I miss?

  88. MJ made a cocktail out of salad and Wiser learned about spraying deodorant on feet.

  89. Comment by Tushar on February 7, 2015 1:02 pm

    BTW, anyone knows which Republican presidential nominee will be acceptable to Drew? It seems he will froth at the mouth and spontaneously combust whoever is the nominee.
    Only SMOD may be acceptable to him, but even SMOD will cause him to combust.

    Drew and the GOP are like a high school couple after they break up. No matter what the GOP does, it’s just further proof of how awful they are.

  90. “BTW, anyone knows which Republican presidential nominee will be acceptable to Drew?”

    Maybe Ronald Reagan, but that might be pushing it.

  91. Lincoln was a RINO!

  92. Goldwater. Maybe.

  93. He’s unelectable.

  94. Cyn For President 2016.

    Bacon, Beer, Beef Stroganoff.

    And the occasional pillow fight.

  95. King George III 2016: Because it’s time for a zombie monarch

  96. Brian Williams takes leave of absence.

  97. Brian Williams takes leave of absence.

    Did he misremember to do so?

  98. I thought Lyin’ Brian just made a little mistake? Why take a paid vacation few days off after his deeply felt and sincere apology?

    What’s Brian and NBC afraid of happening? I thought NBC planned precisely zero disciplinary action?

  99. Buh Bye.

  100. White House aides are still trying to explain President Obama’s controversial prayer breakfast speech after he reminded Christians that they “committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

    According to the New York Times, the aide also explained that Obama wanted to be provocative in his remarks to put the brutality of Islamic State terrorists into historical perspective.

    You mean the perspective that Islamic terrorists have been the most violent and barbaric animals in the last century? Okay, I’ll buy that.

  101. While Lyin’ Brian almost certainly didn’t contract dysentery as he claimed at New Orleans during NBC’s Katrina hysteria, I suspect his lower colon is feeling pretty queasy these days.

  102. I’m shocked. Back when Brian Williams and I killed Osama Bin Laden, he seemed like an honest guy.

    Conan O’Brien (@ConanOBrien) February 07, 2015

  103. Good post-Superbowl column that maybe only Scott will read:

    (If you’re not a NE fan it’s probably not worth your time!)

  104. Fine. FINE. I didn’t want to read it anyways.

  105. SR-71 article

  106. >>>Fine. FINE. I didn’t want to read it anyways.

    It’s a long article filled with a lot of Boston sports lore Cyn. I guessed most people would click, look at the length, read most of the first paragraph and then click the back button.

  107. My oldest brother in law was a stress airframe engineer on the BlackBird.

    He’s very fat.

  108. HAH! Fooled you.

    I didn’t even click.

  109. Good day, juvenile and geriatric delinquents.

  110. Leon finally makes it back to the gym on Monday.

  111. CYN! What does your 12:37 comment mean?

    * drinks *

  112. Hi Sean, I’m glad you are here. I’m strugglng with a funny tag or context framing for this gif, can you help me?

  113. Hmmmm…that is tough, buffaloaf. How about “Error 502: Bad gateway”?

  114. Yeah…I see where you are going with that. I was thinking more like

    “You pull ear now” in Chinese phonetics or something.

  115. Not the threesome porn I was looking for.


    The GOP, the DNC and the public.

  117. Seriously, though, is down for me. I can’t see anything.

  118. Two koalas humping with a human giving an assist.

  119. Heh. Bad gateway. Sorry Sean. This gif:

  120. I finally saw “American Sniper” today. One of the speakers in the theater buzzed whenever it got really loud. It was really bad during the funeral scenes, so I couldn’t tell if they cut the sound during the credits or if it was supposed to roll silently.

  121. I bet they cut the sound.

    How did ye like the film?

  122. I’m going to see a very good Oingo Bongo cover band this night because my bride is an avid “80’s Lady”. I’m down for the crime. At least the venue is top shelf.

    Remember me well and put some $ on my chit at County Lockup.

    Thanks in advance.

  123. Okay, now that I see it, how about…

    Taikonaut Zhang Mai was told that the mission prep for the first Chinese-Australian joint space mission would begin with an icebreaker, but this was ridiculous.

  124. Chumpo, I cried. I can’t remember ever seeing a movie in the theater that made me cry at all, much less like that.

    It made me think about my nephews and Mr. RFH’s co-worker after all their tours.

  125. I knew you would come up with something

  126. It’s a sad time, Mita. Things are well FUBAR’d. I can’t make it through the Canadian Nat Anthem with out a support group let alone our own tried and true.

    It’s hard to write even this.

    Long may it wave.

  127. I’m not touching your chit, pervert.

  128. c’mon! Im going to need toiletries!

  129. I cried like a baby when I saw United 93 in theater. I also snuck in a pint of spirit for my extra large soda and probably shouldn’t have driven home after. That was 2006.

  130. Just knowing that an Oingo Boingo cover band exists makes me want to weep also. What did they have, one hit, two albums?

  131. Buffalone, me too. The crying, not the drinking.

  132. No. They were a cornerstone of the big scene in these parts. (don’t make me defend them, I’m a punker)

    They were as ugh as yu can be and their genius front man bailed at exactly the right time to become The Composer in Hollywood.

  133. Ok. I have to make a drink before I go. On and On, Bastages and Hawties.

  134. Oingo Boingo was a staple on The World Famous KROQ before the station started playing Metallica and turned to Nu-Metal shit.

  135. I’ve heard of Oingo Boingo bu never bought their stuff. When I looked them up and saw Danny Elfman as a member the light bulb went off.

  136. but

  137. I’m worse than Drew M. I support Ace’s decimation idea. These last 3 betrayals were the final straw. I no longer GAF who is in DC.

  138. I call this one “I am the one who catches them all.”

    What say you, beefalone?

  139. their genius front man bailed at exactly the right time to become The Composer in Hollywood.

    Oh, of course…Danny Elfman.

    I’d like to stomp a puddle in his fucking chest.

  140. I get error 502 for all the links, too.

  141. I hate tinyurl ever since they started not going back when I pushed the back button.

    I’m not linking that Danny Elfman song again. Imagine “What’s This” from Nightmare Before Christmas and then tie your belt to the pull up bar.

  142. I love Danny Elfman.

  143. No prob for me with Browser issue??

    Running: Chrome Version 41.0.2272.43 beta-m (64-bit)

  144. That’s it we’re breaking up, Oso. It’s not you, it’s…no wait, it’s you.

  145. Poor little guy.

  146. Play nice, you two!

  147. So Wells Fargo canceled my debit card and can’t explain why.

  148. Dunno, Cyn. I’m running Pale Moon 25.2.1 (x86). I haven’t had any issues with before. It’s showing this in a banner at the top of the homepage:

    This page ( is currently offline. However, because the site uses CloudFlare’s Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version. Always Online™ is powered by CloudFlare | Hide this Alert

    I’m stumped.

  149. Or you could just kick his ass and be done with it.

  150. Wells Fargo is de debil, Alex; I had to make my mom’s Visa payments on line for years because of a CSR phone payment screw-up that never got resolved.

  151. Dude pulls a hammy.

  152. I’m running Firefox 35.0. Besides the gateway error, it’s showing a graphic that my browser is working, Cloudflare in Atlanta is working, but has a host error. “Website is offline. No cached version of this page is available.”

  153. hahaha Cyn.

  154. I clicked you link, Sean, and was open for business for me.

    Sounds like a recent update and there’s a wonky API issue that Pale Moon hasn’t caught up with yet.

    I don’t even know what that means.

  155. You wouldn’t want to eat me, I’m very bland and gamey and I do not pair well with green chilis.

  156. That’s the same thing I’m getting when I click on the individual links, roamy. Except mine sez Cloudflare in Los Angeles.

  157. Just tried in IE (don’t have FF or PM)

    Seems to work fine

  158. Just so you two don’t miss out on my linky,

  159. Cyn is teh smart.

  160. Has there been a recent browser update? Can you get to thru IE? Are you guys running some version of Adblock Plus?

  161. Roamy,
    Theater was crowded in the middle of the week when we went. Seemed to be all our-age(Viet Nam era} folks.
    Nobody said anything during the flick, or moved until the credits were done.
    A bunch of the Morons™ reported the same…

  162. I’m getting 502 on safari, too. Run buffalone run. (Not a fan of buffalo even with green chile)

  163. Running Firefox 35.0.01 and I get “Bad Gateway” on Cyns

  164. Tried IE, same error.

  165. No problems at all on PalemoonwhateverfuckingversionImrunning.

  166. ChrisP, was there music during the credits?

  167. I, um, don’t use IE.



  169. Nobody “uses” IE. It’s just there so we can d/l real browsers, duh.

  170. Any problems with this one?

  171. Roamy,
    Yeah, there was…

  172. Cyn,
    WTF was that???

  173. Some sort of dust mop attachment. I think.

  174. Awww…freaky fur baby.

  175. No problem with or tinyurl.

  176. Did anybody return all the nude photos they hacked from anybody else’s cloud account today?

  177. Did anybody return all the nude photos they hacked from anybody else’s cloud account today?


  178. O.o

  179. Didn’t really want them back, Sean.

  180. This is kinda interesting.

  181. One other thing about “American Sniper” – it made me despise Jesse Ventura that much more.

  182. XB, I remember on the 10 year anniversary, some of the kids being interviewed. Michael Moore and his minions made fun of the My Pet Goat story. Most of the kids appreciated the way W handled the situation. I guess we all can’t get a shout out like TFG the day of Ft Hood.

  183. I have sold over 100 copies of the MTI version of American Sniper. I’ve even sold 5 of the Spanish version.

  184. Maybe Brian Williams can get a job starring on Aaron Sorkin’s “Newsroom.” After all he’s been good at telling fictional stories and pretending to be a journalist for years.

  185. In an effort at damage control Brian Williams plans to change his legal name to Ron Burgundy.

  186. I guess we all can’t get a shout out like TFG the day of Ft Hood.

    Weird. Was just thinking about that particular shoutout today.

  187. I have The Reaper and Modern American Sniper in hardcover. I’m a selling fool! LOL (I’m running a 15% increase in a dying format). I guess it helps to have a book/movie associate that reads and watches movies.

  188. XB, I’m not a wordsmith like you and Sean and others. Your post about the Ft Hood PHs and why now, made sense to me. Before, I was just running on H8

  189. I got a review copy of The Reaper in the mail. Still haven’t gotten around to starting it.

  190. Aw, shucks, I’m no wordsmith. I’m just a simple country lawyer.*

    *Not actually licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction

  191. You guys make me laugh on a daily basis.

  192. Tomorrow was supposed to be my last work day before vacay. Then Dan stayed sick. Cold became bronchitis. Cancelled reservations in AZ/LV. Never even had a chance to contact Cyn about Twin Arrows reservation. Booked a hot tub suite in El Paso for Valentine’s WKND. Gingy’s follow up and med schedule ruined that. Blergh. Staycation.

  193. Aw, that sucks. But at least you won’t miss your doggehs.

  194. I know. I was just really looking forward to getting away. Gingy is still acting weird. Didn’t want her braunschweiger tonight. That never happens.

  195. Deine Mutter wollte meine Braunschweiger heute Abend.

  196. I have no idea what that means but I’m GLAR. (Homage to IB)

  197. 4AM wake up. G’night.

  198. Damaging earthquakes rocked Pasadena.

  199. Sorry, Pasadena. That was me getting kicked out of the show for fighting. Good news: my lady got kicked out for fighting too.
    Better news: The show was almost over.

    No more swarmy earthquakes in SoCal.

    As ye were.

    P.S. the band was all right.

  200. Oh joy, more snow.

  201. Winter Wonderland

  202. Same here. S’posed to snow lightly for the next 2 days with a total accumulation of 8-12 inches. Paula is going stir crazy and wants to “go and do something”. I’ll be feeding the woodstove.

  203. If they cancel school tomorrow, Laura will be missing the same classes for the 3rd week in a row.

  204. That sucks. I’d like to think that in this day and age the profs could add assignments and give quizzes on the material to lighten the burden. Although if it worked too well they might begin to question why they had to go to classes in the first place.

    I’m hoping they don’t cancel here. The kids are thrilled now but it’s painful when they go late into June and we want to be at camp.

  205. It really wouldn’t be that hard for the profs to video record and upload their lecture. My boys’ teachers already have all their assignments for the week on each of their webpages.

  206. There is no need for classes, textbooks, and about 97% of the teachers.

    It could all be done online.

    whispers —- it’s a scam

  207. The textbook thing is criminal.

  208. When I was in boot camp, we spent a great deal of time in classrooms – lots to learn in a very short period of time. Nearly all of the classes were via CCTV. We basically sat in the room and watched a recording of the lesson. If you didn’t pass the quiz, you got to watch it again – on your own time – until you passed. That was in 1967, so it isn’t like this idea hasn’t already been in use.

  209. For the text books to cost as much as a credit hour is bullshit. I’ve been reading that the publishers now attach some sort of code to access the non-paper-published material online so that you can’t even buy used anymore.

    How in the hell did this shit happen??

  210. I always knew Cyn’s backyard would be cool:

  211. The students are part of the problem. They are scanning them and making them available to everyone else for free.

    Nobody cares that it is illegal, $200 books should be illegal too.

  212. There is no need for classes, textbooks, and about 97% of the teachers.

    It could all be done online.

    whispers —- it’s a scam

    If only there were some way to learn things w/o going to a (often expensive) university.


    If only knowledge were free.


  213. Undergrad degree= a really expensive IQ test

  214. Hannah (problem child #3) just got her class ranking. #20 out of 400. All those years w/o a certified teacher. I’m just glad she’s been able to overcome.

  215. All those years w/o a certified teacher. I’m just glad she’s been able to overcome.


    Well done, Carin.

  216. What is wrong with electronic textbooks?

  217. Car in, did you get any tax credits for home schooling?

  218. Except for a few majors college seems to be a scam. An opportunity for sex and drunkyness and you pay through the a-hole for that opportunity.

    But if our college system changed, would we have college football?

    *thinks hard with hand on chin about life*

  219. Scott, you know I’m teasing. Learning happens between your mind and a book. A teacher can facilitate, but that’s about it. In today’s world, and the internet, there certainly are plenty of places one can go to have confusing things explained to them. My kids have a “teaching textbook” to explain math concepts, and there is a video they can use for really confusing things.

    The thing what’s wrong with electronic textbooks is that Daddy sugar isn’t gonna get his money. University/ textbooks is a huge scam.

  220. Negative, scott. NO tax credits.

    I’m the enemy, because I took money out of the school system by not having my kids in a chair on “count day”.

  221. Brian Williams is an insecure putz.

    But I’m mostly creeped out about his attitude toward watching his daughter get tongued in every orifice.

    *thinks hard with hand on chin about saying gross stuff*

  222. We’ve missed you Mare. You “Mare’s Musings” hasn’t been the same.

  223. True story (not Brian Williams-like embellished):

    Met an old student at Starbucks. She was a Harvard med student. Told me when I wrote a rather long comment on her notebook about her exceptional note taking and organizational skills, that made the most impression on her and has since dedicated a great deal of time to those two crafts.

    My point. Those are skills that are great to teach or reinforce and I didn’t need a teaching degree to do it. It probably was part of her personality.

    *thinks hard with hand on chin about what a useless teacher I was*

  224. Did Obama mention the present day extermination of Christians in the ME when he made his idiotic prayer meeting speech?

  225. It’s hard to teach with all the RPG’s and rockets.

  226. I think I need to go out for supplies before the snow starts.

  227. * lowers head and runs toward truck *

  228. I must have been lucky because I can recall a lot of teachers that taught well over the course of my education. The ones that really stand out were from college. Aside from a few exceptions, the ones in med school sucked.

    By my second year of med school (first 2 years were pre-clinical) I’d just report to the library every day like it was my job. We had a note taking service run by our classmates and between those notes, handouts, textbooks and old tests I’d only go to class for exams in most of my classes.

  229. Did you get the bread Scott?

    GET THE BREAD !!!!

  230. I’m having a hard time deciding between making a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. If I have tea now I doubt I’ll want one this afternoon…

    Coffee it is.

  231. Mare, Obama’s too retarded to understand history or wtf is going on today.

    There is “no existential threat” says Susan Rice.

  232. I’m having a hard time deciding between making a cup of coffee or a cup of tea.

    I split the gordian knot on this one and heated up some broth.

  233. 0bama doesn’t know what those words mean.

  234. So in Rice’s world the only reason to project or use force is to protect your own existence? You can’t use it to police a free trade network or to keep enemies from seizing your trade partners? A microcosm of her theory on the use of force at the international level would be to dismiss the police force in your town on the premise that you can wait until the predators who have seized the town in the absence of force try to enter your home and shoot them at that time. It hasn’t befome existential until then.

  235. Shorter verson=we are ruled by dumb cunts. O is one of them.

  236. Yea, you’re shorter version just gets the point. Ralph Peters had a good little rip on her this morning on FauxNews.

  237. Got wine and Tito’s. We’re good for a couple of days.

  238. So wait, was Libya an existential threat?

  239. To SCOAMF’s reelection, yes.

  240. MMM scheduled for 558am. Time to go see if my boarding pass gets “TSA pre-check” printed on it properly or if I in fact have to cut a bitch.

  241. But bread… did you remember to get bread??!?

  242. Mena Suvari. Hot or not?

  243. And thou, did you remember to get the thou?

  244. Mena Suvari. Hot or not?

    Hot enough.

  245. She has a weird face. If her hair is right she is attractive, but other times not so much.

  246. She’d do.

  247. OK, I think this week we’ll go with the obvious choice of Charlotte McKinney, and save Mena for some week when we have no one else in mind.

  248. Laura knows how to make bread.

    We also got 1600 lbs of pellets. I cleaned out 2 different Home Depots.

    The wood pellet shortage is back.

  249. It’s 70 here


  251. Room temperature.

  252. I am getting pretty good at furniture repair.
    I should take a course.

  253. Scott can fix other people’s wood. That’s good to know.

  254. Cheetos should come with vitamin supplements cooked in.

  255. >>>The wood pellet shortage is back.

    Yeah, and you created it!

  256. The hobo pellet shortage is the crisis we can’t talk about.

  257. *wonders whether a hobo pellet is akin to a rabbit pellet*

  258. There is “no existential threat” says Susan Rice.

    Makes you wish their ISIS buddies show up at the WH unexpectedly for tea.

  259. I only recognized about 1/2 the employees.

    They must put 75-100 people through training every year. That can’t be cheaper than paying a little better.

  260. I hung up a couple of seed bells in some bushes. Took a few weeks but WE’VE GOT BERDZ! Cardinals, juncos, bluejays, tits, and something brownish with a red head (not a female cardinal).


  261. Speaking of pellets, I saw 50 lb bags of shredded rubber that you can buy to put down in play areas yesterday at Lowe’s. Made me think about xbrad for some reason.

  262. Scott, I went to the Walmart I used to work at yesterday for some dollar Italian bread. Probably the third time there since I quit 2 years ago.

    Place totally went to hell. It’s like they want to shut the bakery down.

    Turnover started getting bad, not because of pay, but after they installed a shitty manager and then got worse after changes due to obuttcare kicked in. A work force comprised of mostly part timers, don’t give many shits.

  263. Cardinals, juncos, bluejays, tits, and something brownish with a red head (not a female cardinal).


  264. Face Chimp link for Beasn

  265. Ten years ago I spent roughly $500 a month at Walmart. Everything from groceries to bedding to underwear to tires to oil changes. Today I rarely go into one unless I have to. Partly it is that I have more money than I did then and can afford not to cut quite as many corners, but mostly it’s due to the chronically shitty conditions and service in their stores due to under-staffing.

  266. Here ya go, xbrad.

  267. Daww, thank you Pepe! Never gets old!


  268. pendejo, even when I worked there, I did most of my shopping at the local grocery chain and Target.

  269. Target: When you are willing to pay a little more to not have to go to WalMart.

  270. Nice Jeep, Jewstin.

  271. How big is the bird with the read head?

  272. I spend a lot of money at Walmart, but I don’t go there.

    Free shipping.

  273. I got the same DVD set of WKRP shows as Wiser did for Christmas, just started season 1. I never knew this:

    The closing theme, “WKRP In Cincinnati End Credits,” was a hard rock number composed and performed by Jim Ellis, an Atlanta musician who recorded some of the incidental music for the show. According to people who attended the recording sessions, Ellis didn’t yet have lyrics for the closing theme, so he improvised a semi-comprehensible story about a bartender to give an idea of how the finished theme would sound. Wilson decided to use the words anyway, since he felt that it would be funny to use lyrics that were deliberate gibberish, as a satire on the incomprehensibility of many rock songs

  274. Related:

  275. uh hu

  276. The should have gotten Joe Cocker to sing that.

  277. Didn’t Bob Dylan slur some of his stuff too?

  278. My online calc class consisted of videos of the professor lecturing the in-person class, a pdf of the notes that she took on the smart board, and the weekly assigned problems. If you needed more help she welcomed office visits and emails. It seemed to work out well.

  279. Wow, wow, wow…

  280. That dude really is a cockholster.

  281. That Herald columnist is their reliably liberal writer too

  282. Karma’s a bitch, or is that too much schadenfreude?

  283. Seems just about right to me.

  284. I’m really enjoying this. Ace has been en fuego. Soopermexican, too. My d-rat family is posting about Jeff Sessions. O M G, Scott Walker is cutting public school funding and supporting vouchers. ~swoon~

  285. There is no better way to honor veterans than to appear on SNL with Seth Meyers after accepting a free motorcade to the first class terminal, provided by the jarhead grunts who were likely stuk in Irak.

    Besides, decorated war veteran Brian Williams is on the board of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. So if you question him you’re unpatriotic. Or something.

  286. So far his strongest supporters are Geraldo and Dan Rather.

  287. This whole story reminds me of the time that LBJ received the Silver Star directly from MacArthur for making one (1) bombing run over a Jap entrenchment in which the plane got shot up by zeros on the way home. The regular grunts who made that flight regularly didn’t get jackshit. Dougie new that LBJ was a sitting congressman and played politics. LBJ claimed war-hero status all the way to the White House. There was no tittyweb jenkins in those days.

  288. Dammit. SpaceX scrubbed for today.

  289. That says a lot.

  290. So Soopermexican found audio of decorated war hero, and holder of the Victoria Cross, Major General Brian Williams stating he has part of the helicopter that crashed in the bin Laden raid. I don’t see the controversy. Isn’t the real news how he put the bullet in bin Laden’s brain while B. Hussein Obama held him down?

  291. Does anyone else just “favorite” Wiserbud’s tweets without retweeting them now?

  292. I saw Tittyweb Jenkins open for Slipknot with Brian Williams playing lead guitar in 1992.

  293. PG, that story has been coming up a lot lately. I had never heard it before last week.

  294. I remember when Brian Williams favorited Wiserbud’s tweets and even retweeted them to Jesse Ventura.

  295. Anybody got a Samsung “Smart TV” with Voice Recognition?

    Be careful what you say around the TV…

  296. Brian Williams is only in hiding because he doesn’t want to be grilled about what happened in the passenger seat of Bruce Jenner’s Escalade yesterday. It’s burned into his memory.

  297. >>>>>Does anyone else just “favorite” Wiserbud’s tweets without retweeting them now?

    Burning hatred……

  298. >>>>So far his strongest supporters are Geraldo and Dan Rather.

    And Meghan Kelly.

  299. We’re holed up in the ghetto bar. Bombs are exploding everywhere. My femoral artery is nicked, but corpsemen are on their way. I made the mistake of looking out the front door. Stared right down the barrel of an M1A1.

  300. Oh yeah, I forgot Meghan.

  301. Bombs are exploding everywhere. My femoral artery is nicked, but corpsemen are on their way. I made the mistake of looking out the front door. Stared right down the barrel of an M1A1.

    Typical day at 30 Rock.

  302. So, Hotspur is the next anchor for NBC?

  303. Anchor’s aweigh, baby.

  304. ISWYDT

  305. Yannow, I really couldn’t care less about Bruce Jenner, but I had kind of hoped this “changing sex” story was just tabloid BS.

    But I just saw the story on the cover of People mag in the grocery store.

    Sorry to hear Bruce has gone off the deep end.

    Guess living with the Kardsasians will do that to a guy.

  306. I have only one question for Bruce Jenner, and it involves bullwhips.

  307. Those ghouls in the right wing media. Now they are publishing pictures of Brian Williams’s own neighborhood.

  308. Brian Williams is turning down a chance to have another chat with David Letterman about his helicopter experience.

    The NBC Nightly News anchor has canceled his planned Thursday appearance on the Late Show as he deals with fallout surrounding his story, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

    He was unexpectedly called away to save Sandra Bullock from a doomed space station.

  309. Pew noat

  310. I almost want to activate the twitter account I never use just to harass wiserbud. Almost.

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