Brian Williams tells another war story:



  1. Thorsday – it begins

  2. What is that clever land shark doing?

  3. I think you are under-utilizing our tags and categories.

  4. A twitching pussy, a grieving woman, a retarded anthropomorphic shark, and a cartoon caveman.

    What the fuck is the theme here? I’m not smart enough to decipher it.

  5. I added several tags just for MMM. Like she-meat and misogyny.

  6. I mean…..I’m smart enough to figure out the theme on MWF. Trannies, Ghey’s and Fatties. Usually.

  7. Thursday is when Cyn starts the day with 2 shots of whiskey and then dumps stuff from her browser history.

  8. 0º zero gooseegg null aught

  9. Our hard keeper has a winter coat and a scarf on.

  10. When you dump your browser is it a historectomy?

  11. Only if you also delete it.

  12. -7 straight temp here. DOn’t know what it is if you add in the wind chill.

  13. What the fuck is a hard keeper?

  14. A horse that needs more food to keep weight on and stay warm, who can’t handle cold temps. Our spotless appaloosa needs to live somewhere warmer. The quarterhorse eats 1/4 as much grain and doesn’t need a coat at all. She just gets puffy when it’s cold.

  15. Ah, He’s talking about his lawn ornaments.

  16. Teach your hard keeper to pull a snow plow. That’ll keep it warm.

  17. I know jackshit about horses but I’m guessing an Arabian horse doesn’t like the cold.

  18. What’s the difference between knowing jackshit and not knowing jackshit?

  19. Ah, He’s talking about his lawn ornaments.

    Fertilizer factories.

  20. Jackshit is a synonym for fuck all

  21. So then what’s the difference between knowing fuck all and not knowing fuck all?

  22. Not knowing fuck all is the superlative case of knowing fuck all.

  23. You know the thing about a journalist, he’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eye. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’. Until he bites ya and those black eyes roll over white. And then, ah then you hear that terrible high pitch screamin’ about objectivity and nonpartisan professionalism.

  24. So would the pluperfect would be “he had never not known no fuck all about nothin’.”

  25. Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast
    OBAMA: In our home country, slavery and Jim crow, all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

    Brian Williams remembers when he saw Bull Connor bless the fire hoses with holy water.

  26. OBAMA: In our home country, slavery and Jim crow, all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

    To those who don’t spend much time around the stuff and might not recognize it, take it from an expert: this is horseshit.

  27. I know diddly squat about the pluperfect or superlative case.

  28. Hotspur is the grammar Nazi, let’s ask him if he knows diddly squat about fuck all.

  29. What’s the difference between horseshit and bullshit?

  30. I’ve never shoveled bullshit. I imagine it’s much like horseshit, but unlike our media, I’m normally try to stay in my realm of certain expertise.

  31. I saw plenty of bullshit when visiting my grandfather’s farm, but I can assure you it is nothing compared to the sheer density and volume of the kind of shit emanating from the anchor of NBC news.

  32. Brian Williams remember when Brian Williams downed bin Laden.

  33. Stabbed that m’fer to death with a k-bar his marine sniper SEAL buddy gave him, I heard.

  34. Right in the eye – left one, I think.

  35. Brian Williams remembers sailing up the Mekong Delta with Martin Sheen, like a live wire plugged directly into Kurtz.

  36. Brian Williams remembers Christmas, 1968 when he was sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia.

  37. Brian Williams regrets eternally the time he gave wrong directions to Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s driver in Sarajevo.

  38. Brian Williams regrets that he didn’t give adequate coverage of the League of Nations, hence it got shot down in Congress.

  39. Brian Williams remembers being dragged through the streets of Fallujah and hanged from a bridge.

  40. Brian Williams can never forget the horrors he saw as the French Army retreated from the bitter Moscow winter of 1812.

  41. Brian Williams tells the story of how he helped Ripley into the hypersleep tube after he dispatched the alien out of the airlock.

  42. Wonder if they cleared it with TFG?

  43. Probably have the Grand Mufti coming in next week.

  44. Decorated war veteran Brian Williams doesn’t wear his fruit salad because John Kerry helped him throw his medals over the White House wall.

  45. Fun Fact: Brian Williams is the only journalist who has won the Victoria Cross.

  46. NBC News anchor Brian Williams told actor Alec Baldwin in March 2013 that he was afraid he was going to die when a Chinook helicopter he was riding in during the Iraq War was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade…

    “And I’ve done some ridiculously stupid things… like being in a helicopter I had no business being in in Iraq with rounds coming into the airframe,” Williams said.

    “Did you think you would die?” Baldwin asked.

    “Briefly, sure,” Williams said. “There have been probably more than …” he said, before trailing off.

  47. Jimbro, did you get my e-mail?

  48. There ought to be a court-martial over that shit.

  49. I didn’t get any emails.

    *checks again

  50. Nope, still none.

  51. Cynnabuns, I’m stealing your Jaws/Brian Williams joke.

  52. Yes, replied earlier today.

  53. […] Joke shamelessly stolen from Cyn at the H2. […]

  54. Brian Williams remembers cutting a cover of “Blowin’ In The Wind” for the Summer of Love.

  55. Except it was George, xbrad.


  56. Ooops, missed teh update.

  57. I think xbrad meant the video clip. Brian Williams remembers saving Richard Dreyfuss from Bruce, the rubber shark.

  58. Ernie Pyle’s home was turned into a branch library. Named a school after him. Brian Williams deserves no less for his heroic reporting.

  59. Yeah, I missed the update. Who reads the poat, anyway?

  60. Brian Williams remembers feeding Edward R. Murrow his own copy during the Blitz.

  61. Ernie Pyle was in Full Metal Jacket, right?

    Brian Williams wrote that, but turned down the starring role, because it would compromise his journalistic standards. Bless his heart.

  62. You guys need to get off your high horse over this Williams thing.

  63. * gives Car in the finger *

  64. What high horse? leon’s gonna be mad, he’s the one cleaning up.

  65. Brian Williams remembers falling off his high horse during the cavalry charge at Spotsylvania, 1864.

  66. Polo anyone, since we have high horses?

    Brian Williams invented polo, you know. The perfume, too.

  67. Yes, replied earlier today.

    sorry. missed that. Thanks, dude.

  68. Ok, so I figured out how to snow-blow your driveway in 7 degree weather:

    1) heated socks (with batteries)
    2) long johns
    3) fleece pants
    4) snowpants
    6) performance warmth turtleneck
    7) home made VERY THICK wool sweater
    8) coat
    10) hood
    11) gloves.

    No problem. I almost got over-heated for a minute, but then the wind blew the snow into my face and that cooled me right off.

    I’m almost done. The boys had done a very sub-par job. One car is still in the snow, so I’m finishing this cup of coffee, then going to gear up again.

  69. Peter Jennings invented Obsession with the help of Dan Rather at the Columbia School of Journalism’s perfume laboratory.

  70. * gives Car in the finger *

    Seriously, who here among us haven’t claimed to have gotten caught in civil war crossfire, or burned alive a Jordanian pilot.

    Added bonus – Kos Kids have an article that we have no right to criticize because white folks burned black folks too.

  71. Al Gore invented the internet.

  72. You shouldn’t speak badly about a dead guy, George.

    Unless it’s Chris Kyle.

  73. Kos is spot on, as usual. Everything is racist!

  74. We’re just in awe of his accomplishments as a war reporter, Car in. Like when he punched out Hitler.

  75. Oh come on. Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet. Walter Duranty did.

  76. Added bonus – Kos Kids have an article that we have no right to criticize because white folks burned black folks too.

    I can’t be criticized because paczkis are delicious. Makes identical sense.

  77. Brian Williams remembers when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

  78. Brian Williams remembers the bravery of his comrades in arms when he joined Odysseus in battle against the Cyclops.

  79. Everything is racist!

    In a few minutes I’m going to be drinking Earl Grey white tea out of my giant Jesus mug. I’m pretty sure every part of that is racist, heternormative, patriarchal, and xtianist hate.

  80. Paczkis are not gluten-free. You are promoting carbohydrate chauvinism.

  81. When Beolwulf subdued Grendel’s mother?

    Yep, Brian Williams was flanking her.

  82. I used to have a giant Mohammed mug but it exploded in my hands.

  83. I’ve seriously considered eating gluten again just because of how obnoxious the other people who don’t eat it are.

    But I won’t because it’s wicked poison straight from the debbil.


  85. *remembers to add gluten to my homemade pizza dough*

    *genuflects before graven image of Belial*

  86. I put vital wheat gluten in my pizza dough.

  87. Hehe, JINX!

  88. Yeah, J’ames, you taught me that trick. I always add it now.


  90. If you want some awesomely chewy cookies, bread flour is key.

  91. Brian Williams makes the best pizza.

  92. I make pizza dough with five parts bread flour, one part gluten.

  93. Brian Williams makes the best pizza.

    He learnt it from Mussolini’s personal chef while he was undercover in Italy during WW2.

  94. I make pizza dough with mozzerella, almond flour, and ground flaxseed.

  95. Bread flour = higher protein (code for gluten)

  96. Flexseed? explains a lot.

  97. Journalists adhere to the same sacred, self-policed code of honor as timeshare condo salesmen. #BrianWilliams

    — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) February 5, 2015

  98. Comment by xbradtc on February 5, 2015 12:58 pm

    Cynnabuns, I’m stealing your Jaws/Brian Williams joke.

    It is funny, the poatsy update, but not mine: Credit for teh update goes to wiser. Or wiserbud.

  99. Probably wiserbud. Wiser’s too dumb to figure it out.

  100. hehe


  102. Brian Williams was the General in Red?

  103. Hey, wiserbud’s tweet showed up on Twitchy!

  104. Probably wiserbud. Wiser’s too dumb to figure it out.

    he really is a dunce.

  105. Okay, this guy wins the internets

    Jeff Henderson • 14 hours ago
    Brian also remembers being raped by a Republican while at Oberlin College.

  106. Was that before or after he put rocks in his sister’s vagina?

  107. Brian Williams remembers serving in the Roman Legions under the name Longinus.

  108. Hahahahaha

    Wiserbud certainly didn’t pull any punches with that tweet.

    I couldn’t make it through that article. It is too stupid for words. I remember where I was when I heard about the Challenger explosion, when Elvis died, and when Kennedy was assassinated. It isn’t rocket surgery.

  109. Hey, wiserbud’s tweet showed up on Twitchy!


    I also got retweeted by instapundit last night.

  110. Same here except substitute 9/11 for JFK

  111. And nobody “misremembers” being shot at in a helicopter. Or landing under intense sniper fire. Or being in Cambodia at Christmas.

  112. Brian Williams remembers taking a Mai Tai to the head during the Stonewall riots in 1969.

  113. Brian Williams remembers when he threw someone else’s medals over the Whitehouse fence.


  115. Heh. The New York Slimes buried a story on proven liar B. Williams on the bottom of page B-10.

  116. Heh, a retweet from insty generates HOW many retweets and favorites? Ann Coulter retweeted me once, wow, got a lot of views and comments on that.

  117. Robert Redford to make Brian Williams movie in 3…2…


    Insty almost gets it, where modern progressivism is New Age Gnosticism, they with the secret knowledge are blessed to lead you, who are benighted.

  119. I took some sniper fire while I was out snowblowing. It was like I was back in Bosnia.

  120. Good thing you were wearing your kevlar.

  121. Insty’s a soft atheist, he can’t see it in terms of heresies or understand why gnosticism was a problem whether or not you were on the side of Christendom.

  122. The sight of RPGs hitting Car in’s chicken coop were seared, seared into my memory.

  123. Heh, a retweet from insty generates HOW many retweets and favorites?

    13 rts and 10 faves.

    And about 15 new followers

    I still don;t understand why someone would favorite a tweet and not retweet it.

  124. Oh, wait, I think I’ve misremembered. But ‘””I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement.”

    So, by SNIPER FIRE, I meant snow blowing in my face.

    It seemed so real.

  125. I still don’t get Twitter.

    Don’t attack me, but it seems like the ultimate in popularity contests.

  126. Meaning – it’s sorta 90% one way. Sure, the big folks “talk” to each other. The rest of us are just suppose to enjoy their exchanges.

    No one’s got TIME for that.


  127. Don’t attack me, but it seems like the ultimate in popularity contests.

    There is that aspect. Some people think the whole world needs to be informed of their every movement and use Twitter for that.

    But it’s also a great way to stay on top of breaking news, as well as talk directly to “our betters” and, more importantly, their followers.

    Plus, when stuff like this BW thing happen, it sets up some hilarious humor, much like our joke threads of old. Getting retweeted is a confirmation that what you said was interesting or funny, so it’s nice to have happen, especially by someone who has thousands of followers.

  128. Brian Williams used to tell his children that he survived a deadly ice storm pounding the sleigh as he helped Santa deliver toys at Christmas. He also told this to the Associated Press.

  129. Twitter is great for snark. Some of the best humor on the interwebtubes.

    And it is neat that I can talk to @JakeTapper or someone like him.

  130. Some people think the whole world needs to be informed of their every movement


  131. Eh. It’s got too much of a “cool kids club” vibe for me.

  132. Because see … Jake Tapper doesn’t follow me. So I see what he says, or whomever, and my reply just kinda … disappears.

    I’ve got better things to do with my time.

    Like … humn …. huh.

  133. Speaking of Twitter, today is my Twitterversary.

    I remember when I started Twitter 17 years ago.
    /Brian Williams

  134. Today is St. Trayvon’s birthday. He was practically a son to Brian Williams.

  135. xbrad has many “big” twitter friends. He’s somebody.

  136. Like … humn …. huh.

    Aaaaaaand there ya go…..

  137. Brian Williams remembers when full bird Colonel Trayvon Martin piloted their SR-71 through a hail of Skittles while bombing Ferguson, Missouri.

  138. That’s what I’m saying, J’ames. Twitter is “fun” if you have big twitter friends. For the rest of us? Not so much.

    It’s like you keep trying to join the conversation, and everyone ignores you. I can be ignored here, I don’t need to find new venues to be ignored on.

  139. True story: Brian Williams mocked bloggers in bathrobes cuz he’s been to Ramadi & you just have opinions about it.

    Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) February 05, 2015

  140. It’s like you keep trying to join the conversation, and everyone ignores you.

    It is true that Twitter is not exactly designed to facilitate having a conversation.

  141. It’s impossible to ignore Car in here. Her vast collection of purple dildoes demands attention.

  142. Or, even make a joke. WHen I’ve attempted to join joke threads on twitter, I sorta just feel like I’m writing things on my bathroom mirror.

  143. I sorta just feel like I’m writing things on my bathroom mirror.

  144. I sorta just feel like I’m writing things on my bathroom mirror.

    That’s why I use Tweetdeck on my laptop. I can open a column with that hashtag and it’s really easy to follow along.

  145. Better than the truckstop bathroom wall.

  146. Twitter is for sentiment data mining. It’s the AWS Big Data tutorial project and stupidly easy to do.

  147. So, by avoiding it I’m staying offgrid?

  148. The Grid is facebook.

  149. You aren’t contributing to the analytic result, but it doesn’t matter. The crowd sampling is what counts. Finding individual tweets and correlating them to events is still an active area of research mostly paid for by NSAbook.

  150. I think Facebook is a database front-end of Skynet.

  151. I just Retweet or Favorite things I find interesting or funny. Michael McDonald AKA Stuart on MAD TV making fun of Brian Williams. Cowboy Troy chatting with Brad Thor and Michelle Malkin. Still freaked out from being followed by Pontifex.

  152. Brian Williams remembers when he helped set up the NSA’s MySpace page.

  153. The US version of the FSB treats it that way, GO. You needn’t doubt.

    They aren’t quite done with Skynet yet, it’s all Big Data Analytics with that end in mind. They caught the Silk Road guy with what they already have, and he was really trying and really good. That should terrify you.

  154. I mostly just retweet stuff I find funny or interesting. Unless it’s a wiserbud tweet. Those I just favorite.

    Eventually, you pick up a following. Mostly Morons.

  155. *contemplates cutting CAT-6 cable running into coffin*

  156. The Grid is facebook.

    I’m sure they are compiling a dossier on me composed of stupid memes and cat pictures.

    I’m effed.


    Ace was linked. He might make enough money for pizza this week!

  158. Variety:

    …What makes (Brian) Williams’ admission worse, according to one person familiar with the situation, is that he had been counseled in the past by senior NBC News executives to stop telling the story in public. The advice, this person said, was not heeded. One person familiar with current NBC News operations disputed that information.

  159. From Leon’s linky…

    Ace of Spades HQ, a conservative military blog, …

    That still cracks me up.

  160. I LOLed.

  161. Seriously, I think the BBC author might be a Moron and did it as a joke.

  162. Unless it’s a wiserbud tweet. Those I just favorite.

    I fucking hate you……

  163. I heard that favoriting a tweet was akin to a direct notification to the NSA or the IRS or the DHS or somebody to check out the tweeterer.

  164. I can neither confirm nor deny.

    In #weatherblog news, I need to haul my trash bin to the curb. I either have to dig a path to it or drag it through about 8′ of 15″ snow to get it to the shoveled area.

  165. We got 10″ of snow yesterday. It will be gone by the end of today.

  166. I read that when you post on WordPress, it sends a ping with your address to the TSA watch list.

  167. I survived. I know you were all worried.

  168. *recalls Thunderbird 2 with the Sno-Cat pod*

  169. Ay, caramba.

    Indeed, (Brian) Williams is currently a member of the board of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, which helps raise money for the activities of the society that bestows that award on noncommissioned officers and service members.

    Medal of Honor? Perhaps Bri should just make a fat contribution from his millions and step down. Because: Honor.

  170. Brian Williams called the Code Red.

  171. Williams lied, Rather cried



    L to R: Sean, Riley??

  174. Hmph. Radio Shack has filed for bankruptcy.

  175. Sí, señora.

  176. No, you.

  177. You’re not the boss of me!

  178. Heh heh, watching NBC news with Brian Williams to see if there’s any follow up to the story.

  179. Ace is on Twitter saying he’s not a military blog.

  180. Huh, nothing yet.

  181. Lyin’ Williams.

  182. Smart Mil Blog™

  183. Even NPR piled on the lying liar.

  184. I don’t see how he survives this.

  185. Survives what?

    That’s how.

  186. It won’t be immediate. NBC won’t let themselves be seen as repudiating the guy. But, like Rather at CBS, he’ll be gone in six months.

  187. They could move him to MSNBC.

  188. So, funny story.

    Idiot lib asked me about delegate the other day. I mentioned that super-smart scientist Bill Nye explained that the weather couldn’t have caused the deflation they recorded.

    He said “well, Bill Nye is really smart.”

    I then told him that NDT said it was possible for the weather to have caused the deflation.

    “Oh, well then I guess I have to go with NDT, ’cause Nye’s not even a real scientist.”

    “Unless you need him to be when discussing global warming, right?” I replied.


  189. Hahaha Chopper Whopper – Ace is funy.

  190. Coptergate.

  191. Whirlybirdgate

  192. Brian Williams is going to be deflated.

  193. No, I’m pretty sure he’s going to essplode.

  194. Where does Brian Williams live? He needs this

  195. No way there’s going to be any assplosion. I think you nailed it with The Slow Rather Withdrawal Method.

  196. State Farm contacted me the other day. Apparently they overpaid me by $480.

  197. The Slow Rather Withdrawal Method.

    Is that anything like the The Rather Slow Withdrawal Method?

  198. Are you serious, Alex?? Damn that sucks.

  199. Ask your mom.

  200. How in the hell did the adjuster make an error like that?!

  201. This is the perfect time to switch insurance companies.

  202. What do adjusters adjust?

  203. As adjusters, we adjust that which needs adjusting.

  204. How many ads could an adjuster just, if an adjuster could just ads?

  205. Adjust this.

  206. adjusts my shorts

  207. Chili is on. Beer opened. How are you all doin?

  208. Has anyone else noticed that a man accused of rape needs at least four witnesses to proclaim his innocence or he will be punished anyway?

    That it rejects forensic evidence in favor of testimony?

    That it will punish severely those who are accused and convicted in their courts according their laws which are different from the rest of the laws of the land?

    Where have I heard all this before…I know I have seen it somewhere…

  209. Your link needs adjustment.

  210. Could you describe the link in say 35 words?

  211. Did annybody getthe sense tha anybody ells jost kinda slapped sothing togehter at gthe last possib second as they were running outthe door tod

  212. Grr…. razzlefrazzlestoopitHTML…I’ll 404 you, mister!

  213. Sean is phoning it in

  214. Gingy just has an ear infection. $500. Cha-ching.

  215. I adjusted on your mom

  216. Tito’s is gluten free.

  217. I have never had a $500 ear infection.

  218. Is the “o” silent?

  219. Oso,
    When we had “many” kitties, and one of them would get an infection, we would get “mass quantities” of amoxicillen (sp) from the vet.
    Saved us a lot of time and money when the next one would get scratched, or when we did.
    Just sayin’…

  220. Scott, we guessed $350. Little bit of sticker shock. Bloodwork and meds.

  221. The last time I had an ear infection, my mom poured hot mineral oil in my ear. Now I’m too afraid to get another one.

  222. I would cut my ear off to save $500

  223. ChrisP, yep, that is one of her meds. And ear drops. And she has elevated liver enzymes again. Dan had to buy braunschweiger to hide the meds.

  224. Back in 10 days to recheck. 30 days for more bloodwork to see if the liver meds are working. I try not to say I told you so to “Mr it’s just a dog, we don’t need pet insurance”

  225. Gentian violet will prevent ear infections in doggies and it’s not expensive. I don’t know if it works as a curative though.

  226. Jewstin, I wouldn’t let my mom do voodoo on me. My brother and sister weren’t as stubborn. My recent earache had me trying every remedy ever except the ones with hot and oil.

  227. But if you spill a bottle of gentian violet on your 16 month old baby daughter while treating her for thrush and it stains her face and chest your wife with cry for a day.

    I heard.

  228. Milk thistle for the liver – worked for my Buddy years ago when he had to take some pretty harsh meds for his neurologic disease.

  229. Thanks, Jew.

  230. Thanks, Cyn.

  231. Did anybody see the Megyn Kelly thing on Brian Williams?

  232. I didn’t, but she’s getting ripped on Twitter.

  233. Your retweet caught my eye, Oso.


    XBrad, Is this legit or photochopped?

  235. In regards to Barky’s snide comments at today’s Prayer Breakfast, perhaps someone needs to remind him that slavery is STILL practiced today in the name of Allah.

  236. Cyn, Wiser is all over it. Professional Courtesy and OLD! seem to be the excuse of the day.

  237. I found this, Megyn with a panel:

  238. How did no one walk out on that breakfast? No doughnut is that good.

  239. I never had lasik surgery because I’m squeamish and Scottish, and I thought I might not be a good candidate with the family history of glaucoma. Co-worker aged 48 is getting ready for cataract surgery, and he blames the early onset on lasik.

  240. I heard an eye doc make that very same observation a few months back, Roamy.

  241. Good choice, Roamy. I had a doctor tell me I would be an excellent candidate for lasik, but I really don’t want anybody to vaporize bits of my eyeball. Spectacles work just fine.

  242. My wife wants lasik. I keep trying to talk her out of it.

    The market will crater when Tiger Woods gets glaucoma.

  243. Whaa?

  244. I had to laugh at the ads of “Never buy glasses again!” You can buy lots of pairs of glasses for the cost of surgery.

    Leon, keep trying. There’s a petition for the FDA to withdraw approval. If she persists, make sure she gets something called a K card which has all the pre-op and post-op (sywm) refraction measurements. Some states allow destruction of medical records after 5 years, and if she does develop cataracts, having the measurements will be invaluable in getting the repair right.

  245. Roamy,
    10 years ago, when I had the “BIG” eye exam, with dilation and all the things, to get a new prescription for glasses, they gave me this glossy booklet(magazine sized) about “Cataract Surgery and You”.
    Told me to study this, as it is where you are headed.
    A couple years ago, I had another “Big Eye Exam”.
    Then I got cataract surgery on both eyes.
    I can now see to drive after dark. Colors are more vivid.
    I can see a fly at a hundred feet, but I can’t read my watch.
    My insurance would not cover the “bifocal” lens implants, as they were “cosmetic”, but now that I’m in Medicare, they would be covered, as they were for my brother.

  246. Darnit, I forgot to buy a new pair of glasses last year before the end of the calendar.

  247. Pepe, seems legit. I’ve seen similar stuff before:

  248. I’m so old school I had radial kerototamy in 87, 2 vitrectomies and a new cataract lens because of the vitrectomy.

    Fuck. My eyes are tough

  249. I’ve always had high inter ocular pressures.

    I failed the ‘puff test’ every flight physical for the last 20 yrs.

    Finally the Ophthalmologist on base wrote in big letters on my med records: Lt Col Phat has very thick corneas, he will always fail the puff test. All else is normal, stop sending him to me.

  250. I get my glasses from

    Yes, it’s cheap, but I have very specific requirements for sunglasses.

    Progressive bi-focal, non polarized and a 80/20 tint gradient (so I can see the cockpit displays).

    At my optometrist that costs about $400.

    Online? About $100.

  251. Roamy,

    Squeamish and Scottish is no way to go through life.

    Although it makes for an AWESOME band name.

  252. Got my last pair at Costco. Not as cheap as you’d think, but damn good glasses.

  253. Same here, and about half the price of the other place in town.

  254. Heading up to Chicago tomorrow to be in position for my next trip.

    Sometimes I hate this job.

  255. I’ve got a coauthor in Chicago, and he’s got a blonde friend.

  256. It’s a dude, right?

  257. I will trade a post on your blog (the other Yeltsin story) for a phone number of a gender verified female in Chicago.

    Don’t judge me, been burned before.

  258. Quick Russian-Yeltsin story posted at xbrad’s place. Apologize for the crappyness. I’m tired and it’s late.

    Have a personal Yeltsin story that I will post later.

  259. I haven’t personally grabbed her crotch, but she has kids.

  260. Thanks xbrad!

    Off to bed now.

  261. OK,

    not quite off to bed yet.

    brain’s working overtime.

    Hate it when it does that,

    I actually write late at at night. It’s a novel that is about a serial killer who stalks self-published authors and murders them for their typos.

  262. When I’m with you, are you somewhere else?
    Am I gettin’ through or do you derp yourself?
    When you wake up, will you walk out?
    It can’t be love if you throw it about

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