1. Yep – tuesday.

  2. Coffee me.

  3. Sorry about your mom, Cyn.

  4. Prayers for Cynmom and for your whole family Cyn.

  5. http://is.gd/tiger_hugs

  6. Sorry Cyn, I hope everything goes smoothly as possible.

  7. Sympathies and prayers, Cyn.

  8. *hugs Cyn*

  9. *also coffees Cyn*

  10. So sorry Cyn.

  11. https://tinyurl.com/puuroty

  12. Thank you, my dear sweet friends, and I don’t say that with a John McLame lilt.

    Funny or Gross or MMM? Discuss.

  13. Shit giggler gave me the giggles in a public place. Good job!

  14. https://tinyurl.com/puuroty

    Ha ha!
    *sends letter to Make-a-Wish for “Pool Boys 3 – Nude Poolside Bartending”*

  15. http://is.gd/CupFQZ

  16. love ya Cyn

  17. Hugs are good.

  18. Love you too. All of you.

    I hope this doesn’t sound too weird, but I am excited to do something for mom that she’d mentioned to me now and again over the years–scatter her ashes in Payson. It really is one of the most beautiful places here.

    Okay: Time to start the day. Thank you all for being my Friends.

    Now quit streaming porn in the bathroom and get back to work.

  19. Funny or Gross or MMM? Discuss.


    End. Of. Discussion.

    Whose home videos are those up top? Mare’s?

  20. It’s always good to do something for mom. She knows.

  21. *ships case of hugs to Cyn*

  22. Just don’t ship your mom.

  23. I really think Republicans should start offering stuff to the FSA.
    If the Dems offer 2 years community college, we offer 4 years.

  24. Oh come on, you can’t graduate from community college in 4 years.

  25. Free phone? Free car.

  26. Paid sick leave? Paid vacations.

  27. Free beatings.

  28. The only free we should offer is ‘dom’.

  29. http://is.gd/F5zrTs

  30. I’ve been jonesing for a big ass truck.

  31. So the insurance company is writing me a check for $7900.

  32. I need a big ass truck for the farm.

  33. Its dry in ABQ.

  34. Find any blue meth yet?

  35. Yes.

  36. See if you can find someone with a last name of Chavez.

  37. Last time I was in ABQ it was windy. The wind carried this fine grit in it and by the end of the day my eyes were red and scratchy.

  38. Of course the blue meth was not entirely blameless for my eye condition.

  39. You should go to Sams Club and steal a bible.

  40. Heh, I was at Sam’s this morning and kept looking around for Oso.

  41. My condolences, Cyn.

  42. Facebook cited in 1 out of 3 divorces.

    It’s evil.

  43. Affairs with exes and never-asked-when-we-were-in-high-school FTL.

  44. Does it strike anyone else weird that the same liberal whiners who, back in the 60s, were pushing for the removal of prudish social mores for a more sexually free and open society are now the same people who are trying to remove any and all references to sex from the public marketplace?

    And they call themselves “progressive?”

  45. What example did you have in mind?

    When you use the words “weird” and “liberal whiners” 99 times out of 100 I’m in agreement but I need context.

    (OK, 100%)

  46. I don’t think it’s the liberals removing sex. It’s the conservatives.

  47. I don’t think it’s the liberals removing sex. It’s the conservatives.

    Conservative feminists???

    What example did you have in mind?


  48. No Page 3 Girl!

    WTF, they’ll be coming after BBF next, mark my words.

  49. SJW/feminists are trying to eliminate any references to generative sex from public discourse. Only the perverse kind (like with Lena Dunham) is permitted.

  50. True, point taken.

  51. Only the perverse kind (like with Lena Dunham) is permitted.

    “Forgive us. We knew not for what we fought” – 1960’s Radicals

  52. Sympathies, prayers, and hugz for Cyn and family.

  53. That would make a nice header pic today

  54. Good idea, jimbro.

  55. Done.

  56. Oh, I’m sorry Cyn. :(

    I’ll try to take up poating slack.

    I can’t promise to be funny.

  57. Facebook isn’t evil. I can quit any time i want.

  58. Right. You just don’t want to. Ever.

  59. Quitting is for quitters.

    Actually, I keep in touch (daily) with one of my bestest friends on facebook. Since, as you are well aware, I don’t use the phone … it’s sort of a substitute.

  60. I tell Paula the H2 is my facebook. She doesn’t really believe me but it at least makes her laugh at me.

  61. Condolences, Cyn. (((HUGS)))

  62. Cyn,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Hope to see you soon.

  63. *calls Car in

  64. Wow, Car in’s unanswered phone killed it.

  65. Here Bloggie! Good boy!

  66. Probably waiting for a pig ear.

  67. So sorry, Cyn. She was very lucky to have you for a daughter. Her wish for the spreading of her remains is pretty cool.

  68. *grimaces*

    *slinks off*

  69. jimebro’s kong dong ring saved the poat….

  70. maybe not

  71. HEY!!
    no slinking!

    shufflin’ maybe, draging a leg while stritchin’ hump ok….

  72. Sorry, just don’t have much to add today.

  73. off to pretend to coach my little one’s basketball team. we won one last week!!!!!!!!! prolly our only chance for the season.

    chin up – shoulders back, and all that bullshit

  74. you’re a good man track boy –

    i’ll fill y’all in on the exciting play-by-play details of the 5th-6th grade girls competitive league b-ball game later….

  75. Today?

    **checks archives**

  76. Cyn, I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs.

  77. I think it’s time to start drinking.

  78. Everyone busy watching the SOTU?

  79. I’m watching Agent Carter.

  80. I’m watching, because I am an idiot.

  81. I’ve been offline all day and just saw the news. So sorry for your loss, Cyn. Prayers said for you and yours.

  82. Scott has blurted the first ‘Bullshit!’ of the shitshow this evening.

  83. Has he said “make no mistake” yet?

  84. beck et al is doing a mystery science theater version of the ssotu….

  85. Our deficit has been cut by 2/3’s. Good to know.

  86. WTF does that even mean anymore, if it ever meant anything?

    National debt is $18T, $10T of which was on his watch, and we have $100T in unfunded liabilities. Default isn’t “if”, it’s “when”.

  87. Did anybody use the one favor they had from anybody else to get kicked in the junk repeatedly as a pleasant alternative to listening to TFG for however many hours he blathers on today?

  88. I haven’t watched an SOTU in a couple years now.

    It’s very relaxing

  89. ICYMI, the flyover today at Abbott’s inauguration

  90. Pat made me come to bed.

  91. Bow chicka bow

  92. OK kids; early to bed. Hardly slept again last night. Mwah.

  93. Barry is laying it on pretty thick. You girls have access to health care, now!

  94. I hate his condescending mom voice. sounds like a guilt trip.

  95. I won my campaigns! What a smug prick!

  96. Pat is a monster.

  97. How long til Joni Ernst? I’d rather hear the pig farmer than the bullshit thrower.

  98. Dr. Jill Biden! With our guest of the evening!

  99. Dr. Jill Biden! is a doctor as much as “DOCTOR Amy Bishop!”

  100. Nina said he worked with Republicans to balance the budget? When? Democrats have a memory disease.

  101. Heh, true chrisp.

  102. Wow, the Dems on the Fox panel really belittling Ernst. War on Women?

  103. I’m not watching any of it. I’m having a hard enough time keeping my shit together as it is.
    I will read about it tomorrow on the blogs, NOT the MSM…

  104. It’s all over, you’re safe.

  105. oy

  106. Did the JEF ever utter the word ISLAM, during his verbal diarrhea?

  107. I got here late. Sorry for your loss Cyn.

  108. Cyn…I wish I had more to offer than just my condolences. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  109. Cynthia, Sorry for your loss.
    Glad mom is now at peace.
    She will be glad that you spread the ashes where she wanted.
    Mine will go as a little cloud in a skydive by my friends…

  110. b-ball score 23 to 43….. a damn good showing for us despite being smoked!!!!!!!
    we lost 8 to 48 last time we met them…………………………….

  111. Hugs, sweet Cyn.

  112. Holy crap a lot of people are trying to sell their Jeeps.

  113. When you walk through a storm
    Keep your derp up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark.
    At the end of the storm
    Is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of a lark.

  114. Thank you errybody. Hugs.

  115. Hope you get/got some sleep Cyn

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