Sleep-in Saturday

Good morning. Coffee’s on.
I love this enough to repost.
abode lute

Me yesterday. It was foggy and icy, and the idiots were everywhere. I’ll be lots of fun tomorrow on the drive to MO.
road rage
My song for the day.

Thank you for your attention, and y’all have a good day.


  1. Long Train Runnin

    *turns it up*

    Tiran – helluva bass player and pulled off the beret like a BOSS

  2. If you care I embarrassed myself on the podcast this week with Peabody Award Winning Actor and International Star of Film and Television Mr. Nick Searcy.

    If you don’t care there’s probably good money in that.

  3. Rocketboy got an electric guitar for Christmas, so I have heard nearly every classic guitar riff multiple times.

    I’m feeling kinda stabby this morning because Mr. RFH and Rocketboy have invited people over to play D&D tonight and brewed beer in my kitchen last night. I’m hoping it will warm up enough for me to air out the house.

  4. I’m feeling stabby too, but because 1) my daughter took my iPhone charging cord which means she’s lost YET ANOTHER CORD.

    She never admits it’s her fault. Just ” I don’t know what happened to it”.


    *breaths into bag

    Plus, when I went to retrieve my cord she had a SPACE HEATER GOING FULL BLAST IN HER ROOM.

    Must have been going all night.

    I think I’m going to have to kill her. I see no other option.

  5. She also likes to pretend she’s not SURE if it’s her cord that’s missing.

  6. I’ve hidden my Kindle charging cord from my daughter for the same reason.

  7. *why dave bought charging cables by the gross from China at 2 bucks each*

  8. How did you know what song I was planning to play today?

  9. I think I’m going to have to kill her. I see no other option.

    nice having that lake out back, ain’t it?

  10. You think loud.

  11. Car in, are you sure that you can’t just beat her mercilessly until she learns her lesson?

  12. I’m planning to build a Tiny House elsewhere on the property to raise the child in. That way I can hide all of our things in this house.

  13. Is “Big Block of Cheese Day” at the White House real?

  14. Leon, just build a Wheel of Pain and you’ll be good to go.

  15. There are laws about how much pain you can inflict. I don’t think there are any that claim my child has to live in the same structure.

  16. Ok, so Wheel of Obvious Discomfort.

  17. Exactly. Someday, when it’s proven itself worthy, I’ll let it into my house.

  18. Good morning. Fred has been quiet as a church mouse this whole visit. Until now.


  20. H2 Kid Tryouts™

  21. College Gameday is in Ames today. Should be a fun game tonight with Kansas, and the set looks great for the ESPN crew. Really a good thing for our program.

  22. Wiser, the lake is frozen right now.

  23. I think my kids have a high tolerance for discomfort. You should see her bedroom.



  25. Maybe Car in could hire James Taylor to come over and sing “Carolina On My Mind” then suggest to her daughter she might go there to find a cable.

  26. The 1234 pound cheese was created by combining the milk from every cow in the town, and made in a makeshift cheese press to handle the cheese’s size. The cheese bore the Jeffersonian motto “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

    *wishes more Republicans liked mammoth cheese*

  27. Naugatuck

  28. Wife handed me a stack of Xmas cards from ‘my’ friends that I hadn’t read yet. Hey, I was gone from Christmas to New Year’s.

    I feel very stabby. Seriously, who still writes these ‘brag letters’?

    *rant on
    Is EVERYONE’S kid a fucking valedictorian/Eagle Scout/football stud/AF Academy cadet?
    *rant off

    My girls really need to step it up.

    Wait, no they don’t. They’re two happy, healthy, intelligent girls with a great self image. My job as a parent is complete.

    Next year I may write a parody ‘brag letter’ and mail it to the friends who still insist on sending me theirs.

  29. the lake is frozen right now.

    Bet you wish you had filled it with tequila and margarita mix.

  30. Car In,

    the lake is frozen right now

    Let it Go!

  31. I feel very stabby. Seriously, who still writes these ‘brag letters’?

  32. Nice people. There are way more contributions you have given for Batman than are needed for the H2 floral arrangement.

    All else is going to the Luthern lutefisk casserole fund here

    You are all giving him the send off of the love and kindness and it makes me glad I am your friend. Thank you for letting me facilitate things. You all are so awesome.

  33. Phat,

    “Dear friends. Bitsy’s pregnency scare turned out to be false, thank God. Meanwhile, my attorney thinks our chances are good in the upcoming trial.”

  34. Wait. What’s going on, Dave?

  35. Hotspur, from the BBF thread..

    “*rpt* I am going to order flowers for Batman’s birthday on the 24th on behalf of the Bastiges here at H2. If you would like to contribute send me an email at gooberintexas on the G-string thing.”

  36. Just got through yesterday’s thread.

    Re: Kerry and Barry. They’re not tone deaf. Considering the nasty troll c*nt Jarrett said that the unity march was a parade………this is just another example of them flipping off those they disdain. A big middle finger to whitey who dare support those who slander the Pedo.

    The whole administration is full of arrogant pajama boyz.

  37. I was wondering what was going to be done for Batman and I missed it.

    *runs off to check the email acct I rarely use*

  38. Nope nothing there except some kind of recipe exchange. Afraid to open it. Roamy?

  39. beasn,

    I have the email I was sent from TiFW.

    If you don’t get it, email me at

    patwellis at sbc global dot net

  40. I’m planning to build a Tiny House elsewhere on the property to raise the child in. That way I can hide all of our things in this house.


  41. Chumpo,

    My kids are great.


    Do you want one? I’ll pay shipping.

  42. Wife and I have been watching ‘Fixer Upper’ on HGTV.

    She looks at me and says, ‘Where the hell is Waco?’

    It’s about 30 min east of where I grew up. Nice place, college town.

    Her: ‘Why have I heard about Waco before?’

    Hard to choose, Take your pick:

    1. Branch Davidians gettin killed
    2. George Bush’s Ranch
    3. Baylor University

  43. Phat, check your email.

  44. I like ‘Fixer Upper’. Good chemistry between the couple. The ginger cracks me up.

  45. Branch Davidians certainly led me to know Waco although I’m sure I had heard of Waco before that infamous event.

  46. Thank you, Phat.

  47. Beasn, the recipe exchange email from me is real. I’ve gotten four recipes so far.

    Phat, I send out one of those obnoxious newsletters every year. Sorry.

  48. Thanks Roamy. :D

    I’ll go have a look!

  49. Though in my defense, I have never used the words “millerandage” or “myrmidon” in the Christmas newsletter. I put in pictures so it fills up the page without so many words.

  50. Phatso, I’m good in the chil’ren dept. Thanks anyway, I’m sure yours are a great value! I have three rare flowers and they even speak to me, so I guess all is well.

    Plus 1 million on hating the brag letters! They go straight into the fire as even if true they are the most boring of reads and my brain gets the flu after the first, “can’t believe Jeannie cured cancer this year, and Edgar bench presses 1550 lbs!”

    Anywho, thats over for another 11.05 months so…Imma make a Margarita. Who’s ready?

  51. I’m sure yours are good though, Roamita because you have class.

  52. I am going to make a fake on for next year.
    One kid will be a stripper and the other will be in rehab or jail.

  53. That would be fun.
    “…Chrystall got cured up from the “drippin” and now she’s dancing’ on Friday afternoons. Enis is purdy good at fighting’ so hees working’ the door at the same club!…”

  54. Thanks, Chumpo, but yeah, I did brag about the Eagle Scout.

    I’ve seen two really bad Christmas newsletters. The one from the parents of twins where they went into WAY too much detail on diapers and Cheerios with the added bonus of tiny, scripty font, black ink on dark red paper. My eyes were a lot younger then, and I still had trouble reading it. Close runner-up was the one where she went on for three pages about being reunited with the child she gave up for adoption. We did the math and understood why her first husband divorced her after he came home from being deployed.

  55. We can invent a fake family.
    I’m sure we can find some awesome pictures to include.

  56. Thats all I’m saying, Roamy. A tasteful little paragraph is refreshing and heartfelt. I have three relatives that test the engineering of a normal envelope with their three page, single space, 9 pt compendiums of the last eleven month’s trials and triumphs.

    Well that Margarita went fast, I must have only filled it up half way.

    *falls backward in office chair*


  58. @losfelizdaycare is a good source of material for your perfect kids.

  59. Mr Radiovoice. You should contact a Voice talent Agent. You’re working so you should have no problem attracting some more work.

  60. **sniff**

    Smells like stale poat.


  62. Dinner tonight:

    Came out pretty good. It makes a lot for the two adults who actually eat food that’s not frozen pizza. We’ll have it again with baked chicken tomorrow.

  63. That looks fantastic, Jimbro.

    This is totally unrelated: Are you sure you don’t want to consider the Charmin Ultra Soft?

  64. What will become of my hard earned callouses? Don’t want to develop a soft ass

  65. Good day, nutty funseekers.

  66. Huh, Paula didn’t think Scott’s link was as funny as I did

  67. I nearly wet myself.

  68. Charmin Ultra Soft
    $20 for 30 rls. One ray of light in my day.

  69. That was pretty funny. But, yeah, my imaginary wife didn’t like it.

  70. “Why have I heard of Waco before?”

    Dave used to live there

  71. Do they have a Jim’s BBQ in Waco?

  72. “Why have I heard of Waco before?”

    Dave used to live there

    Sorry about the compound, man. I know you put a lot of work into that.

  73. Comment by scott on January 17, 2015 6:24 pm

    We are so blessed. Where does America get such heroes?

  74. We’re doing this for dinner tonight;
    Haven’t eaten yet, but it smells nice…

  75. Scott’s link made me laugh.

  76. Cyn will like it.

  77. Ginger turns 13 tomorrow. I love her little frosted face. Her vision loss is killing me emotionally, but thanks to Scott, I’m not going to have her undergo any unnecessary surgery. We just guide her and accommodate her.

  78. >> Do they have a Jim’s BBQ in Waco?

    Not that I know of

  79. The BBQ in Waco was at Davids.

  80. before Janet burned it down.

  81. Dave probably gave her crap.

  82. My friend’s dad was the judge who signed off on David Koresh’s name change.

  83. Damn.

  84. Sean,
    That’s very cool! I had no idea.
    He, obviously, thought a lot of himself…

  85. Janet “HAD” to burn it down, dammit!
    The children were in danger!!!
    Won’t you think of the children?

  86. Bless the beasts and the children/Carpenter’d


  88. Aside from containing chips of lead based paint, this knockoff Messican chocolate cereal isn’t too bad.

  89. haha Pepe

  90. Pepe for the WIN!

  91. Did anybody threaten to leave anybody else and take the children because they had become so single-mindedly obsessed with exposing the people behind Project Cyclops that it had ruined their marriage today?

  92. Sorry Sean
    not I.

    I am going home this week, so my somewhat irregular comments will become more irregular.

  93. I didn’t even rent a cool car. I have a Hyundai for goodness sake! I thought I was getting a Ford Focus.

  94. WTF? You’re renting a Ford Focus for FL?

  95. NM. Hyundai.

  96. How sad that you couldn’t rent something exotic like a Yugo.

  97. Oso
    I am constantly disappointed by a good looking car. Is that a Jaguar? No it is a Focus.

    I hoped to drive one cheap and instead I got a Hyundai
    Maybe a Genesis might be cool

  98. I married the cheapest man in America. We buy cheap. We rent cheap. Our 2014 Versa doesn’t even have a trunk release.

  99. So I got a message on Thursday from the insurance guy asking me to call him back. I called the number that he left, and got a message telling me to call a different number, which turned out to be the State Farm call center rep for California.

    Finally got it sorted out and will hopefully get things moving forward on Monday. Looks like they’re going to total my car. Bleh. I figured it was going to happen, but was hoping that I could get my car shopping done this weekend.

  100. I bought a new truck in 2001
    It is kind of old now I might buy something in the next few years. I hope it will be in the current decade, but I am cheap as well.

  101. MLK is a good wknd for car shopping? We usually buy on Memorial Day.

  102. *considers making a joke about stealing cars*


  103. ~waves at sean~

  104. Hey osita. Have a Bacharach tune…

  105. Sean knows my music kryptonite. Well played…well played.

  106. ORLY?

  107. Did anybody threaten to leave anybody else and take the children because they had become so single-mindedly obsessed with exposing the people behind Project Cyclops that it had ruined their marriage today?

    It is eerie how you inexplicably know the most intimate details of my life.

  108. Yep. Nailed it.

  109. Oso, MIL is taking pottery lessons at fancy ceramic studio near Santa Fe train yard art complex.

  110. That second one, by the way, is one of my favorite recordings of all time.

  111. Yep; I did. Heh.


    ‘Nuther long day… g’night cool kids. Mmmwah.

  112. GO, it is expected. Anglos doing ceramics is art not craft. $$$

  113. Well, there were actually some pretty nice things there from students, for sale. Almost bought something.

  114. Don’t do it, Eric. That funds the marijuanas.

  115. {{{HUGZ}}} to Cynnabuns.

  116. Well, it’s either the marijuanas or the fire water, because that cash will just go to the Indian casinos.

  117. MLK is a good wknd for car shopping? We usually buy on Memorial Day.

    I don’t know. I just wanted to have a permanent vehicle again. If I don’t buy it next weekend then I have to go through the whole brouhaha about either turning in the vehicle at the airport and getting a new one when I get back, or rent the vehicle through my trip and let it sit at the lot.

  118. Most of the Indian crafts sold on reservations were actually made in Bangalore.

  119. Pro tip: never buy real estate located on a MLK Jr. Blvd or a Cesar Chavez Ave.

  120. Most of the Indian crafts sold on reservations were actually made in Bangalore.

    See? It’s nearly India.

  121. Maine?

  122. “Maine?”

    I consistently make that mistake! Bangalore is in INDIA! cray zee whirled!

  123. I’m going to get a hot cup of cocoa sit in front of the roaring fire, open up the Ace podcast and listen to Dave embarrass himself.

  124. Bangalore is in India.

    Bangladesh is not in India.

    Neither is Bangor.

    Bangawhore is where your mom is.

  125. Bang a gong, get it on.

  126. Just like a derp
    You’re pleasing to behold
    I’ll call you Jaguar
    If I may be so bold

  127. Dungeons and Dragons at my house last night. I have no idea how bad the mess is, because I think there’s teenage boys sleeping in the library, so I’m leaving it for now. I was a bad hostess because I fucking hate D&D and I went to bed early because I have 18 hours of driving today and tomorrow.

  128. See you Tuesday.

  129. I never thought I’d be jealous of attending a funeral, but here I am. It will be terrible and beautiful, I am sure. You are going to be with the best people on Earth.

  130. I have to watch 7 hours of football.

  131. I foolishly decided to buy a gaming PC again for the first time in about 12 years. I got it out of the box yesterday, plugged everything in, and it worked perfectly. Gamed for about 8 hours after I got things installed.

    No signal to the monitor this morning. I hope I can remember how to get it back into the box.

  132. Oh, shit. Sorry. I thought you were going to Michaels’s service. Scott just informed me otherwise.

    Oh HI, coffee…

  133. Is it plugged in?

    Try plugging it in.

  134. I would rather be at Michael’s funeral, but it’s not in the cards.

  135. Safe travels Roamie.

  136. I watched the first 4 episodes of True Detective last night. Really well done, Mathew Mconahideyhohidyhewhidyhay is a really good actor.

  137. Also,

  138. Today is the day I conquer the laundry room.

    I’m going to make that room my bitch.

  139. wakey wakey.

    I’ve been up since 7:30, of course, despite the fact that I went to bed after 1 am after closing the bar during a 13 hr shift. But whatever.

  140. I’d also like to add that I love my daughter, and of course, I’d never really kill her for taking my iPhone cord or using the space heater in her room.

    See, it was a JOKE.

    *waves at Hannah, who apparently now lurks and doesn’t get our humor.

  141. ALSO, clean your room.

  142. This could be really helpful.

  143. HA HA HA

    She probably gets the humor.

  144. Morning, weak buttholes.

    Contemplating a trip to central Mass then hanging out at Wiser’s for the radio show.

    Possible W meatup.

  145. I’ll make brisket.

  146. It’s 27 degrees and raining.

  147. It’s 35 and says it’s raining, but that looks pretty much like snow to me.

  148. I work Saturdays. :( :( :(

  149. These normie job holders don’t care about our wierd schedules, Lauraw.

    I mean, let’s party on a TUESDAY!!! Who’s with me?

  150. I know. Weekend job + college have lain waste to my social life, sparse as it was. You’re so lucky you don’t have any friends at all.

  151. *pinches Carin’s cute tushie*


  152. *laughs a little too hard

    Yea, that resembles my life not at all

  153. Sorry. Apparently this is what I’m like when I’m better rested.

  154. *throws long-handled house scraper into the middle of the floor*

    It’s time. Hump won’t exfoliate itself. Draw straws, fight it out if you have to. Chop-chop.

  155. The pathetic thing is that most of my IRL are those people I work with. They do crack my shit up, so there’s that.

  156. It’s time. Hump won’t exfoliate itself. Draw straws, fight it out if you have to. Chop-chop.

    I’m out. Cat on my lap. I could be stuck like this for hours.

  157. They are your friends because you make friends wherever you go, sweetie.

    Okay, time to start Study and Homework Sunday. bbl

  158. How does it rain at 27??

  159. Comment by Car in on January 18, 2015 10:03 am
    I’d also like to add that I love my daughter, and of course, I’d never really kill her for taking my iPhone cord or using the space heater in her room.
    See, it was a JOKE.

    How old is she. I know several men who’d pay two- possibly even three sheep for a girl of prime breeding age.

  160. Remember when we would get these in our bags at Halloween?

  161. Only you got those.

  162. No.


  164. Raining here, but it’s a balmy 39F.

  165. Remember when we got these in our bags at Halloween?

  166. Safe travels, Roamy

  167. Above freezing!

    Disaster averted.

  168. Holy tits, it’s only 58 here!

  169. It’s 64° here and scrub jays are eating my peanuts. That is not a euphemism, BTW.


  171. Remember when we got these in our bags at Halloween?

    I never understood why so many young trick-or-treaters were expected to shave.

  172. Here’s a good time sink.

    I read them all and can report that 7/10 are Hotstages worthy.

  173. Chumpo, methinks you’ll like these too. Old but tasty.

  174. Heh. They’re good, Geo.

  175. Seahawks or Packers?

  176. Jimbro

  177. The future Mrs. XBradTC

  178. Not Joe Buck!

  179. Peahawks lose to the Sackers 2-5.

  180. I managed to repack the pc. We’ll see how soon I can get refunded.

  181. Seattle should win. If I were still gambling, I would take GB +8 and hope for a close game.

  182. Air temps a couple hundred feet up are in the mid 40’s.
    It’s still 33 in the bottom of the valley.

  183. That unsportsmanlike penalty on GB sure looks pretty ticky tack. Never touched the guy.

  184. Taunting. They started cracking down on that this year.

  185. Big fan of Perry Bible Fellowship. Humor in the same vein as Cyanide and Happiness.

  186. Seattle is doing it wrong.

  187. It’s gonna be a long day if they keep pulling this shit.

  188. 3 yards of offense in the first quarter. That has to be a new record.

  189. Not Joe Buck!

    What, did you hit the SAP button again?

  190. Predator is on Esquire Network, every time I change over somebody fumbles or scores. Did you take the over, Scott?

  191. I no longer gamble. I liked Green Bay, only because they were getting 8 points.

  192. Seattle is doing it wrong.

  193. O/U was 46. I don’t see that happening.

  194. Ha!

  195. this is just embarrassing.

  196. I saw that last night, couldn’t decide if it was funny or sad.

  197. Demolition Man is still the best parody of a fully prog-tard society.

  198. It’s funny and sad.

  199. ‘Sup, homos?

  200. I woke up this morning with no sense of smell. Zero.

    Scared the crap out of me for a couple of hours.

    It came back.

  201. Probably just a stroke, Scott.

  202. Anosmia.

    Probably Alzheimer’s or your prostate.

  203. Good Gun Thread today, Andy.

  204. It was very odd.

    I am blaming it on a combination of allergies and sitting in front of the pellet stove all day.

  205. Thanks

  206. Really surprised that the Packers weren’t ready for that.

  207. Packers are spatchcocking the Seahawks.

  208. Seattle was favored by 8. Nobody was giving GB a chance today.
    That’s what makes it a great game.

  209. As they panned around the stadium I spotted a fan’s sign that read “This is our superbowl” or words to that effect. I took it to mean that once Seattle won the Superbowl was a formality.


  211. Dang.

  212. Whoa

  213. I don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

  214. Wow.

  215. That was one of the craziest games I have ever watched. That’s up there with the crazy Flutie comeback game.

  216. Wow, b-rad must be ecstatic. Which, that sucks.

  217. After that OT TD, we went outside. It sounds like a major firefight, complete with mortars…

  218. I didn’t watch the OT. Did we win?

  219. You’re going to Disney

  220. There is a lot of Patriot hate out there.

  221. Hmmm…do I watch Lobo basketball or the Pats/Colts?

  222. There is a lot of Patriot hate out there.

    Well deserved..

  223. I didn’t H8 them until Belichunk became the greatest football mind in the history of the NFL and TTUNs Brady.

  224. Our associate of the month is being investigated for killing his 3 yr old daughter. He says they were playing a game where he’d toss/slam his kids on the bed and she missed. He’s a really nice guy. He hasn’t missed a shift. Sam’s Club is like the Kevin Bacon of local news.

  225. What the bear said.

  226. At 653

  227. Dang Oso, that’s effed up.

  228. I don’t watch the news. Guy at work showed me on his phone. Jay was at work today. I came home and showed Dan. Dan was like “That’s the guy you were talking baseball with in the break room”

  229. We had an AIG executive turn up in a pond here at the resort next door.

  230. XB, it is weird. Old story: I saw one of my cousins on TV. Her son was missing. They later found his body on the mesa. His killers had torched him to hide clues. THX CSI. Dan wouldn’t let me go to the funeral, because drugs and gangs.

  231. I been waitin’ all day for Sunday Night.

  232. Hi Cynabuns!!!

  233. I can’t believe we’re losing to Boise State at home. Stupid Lobos. NIT bound.

  234. Hey, Cyn. I couldn’t afford a fancy bouquet, so I just got you this…

  235. Awww…Thorgi is adorbs!!!

  236. Benny would wear that. Next Halloween.

  237. 2nd half weather is going to be interesting.

  238. Why is the East Coast game the late game? I understand TV and ratings blah blah, but shouldn’t the NFL think of the children? I had a 8pm bedtime when I was a kid. How do you build the next gen of fans with late games?

  239. 8 is early unless you are getting up at 4AM.

  240. It’ll be over at 10? Eastern time? Good thing no school tomorrow.

  241. It’s going to start pouring in about 20 minutes.

  242. Anita went to Costco today.
    I asked her if she was fookin’ nuts, going on a weekend.
    It was empty, except for the folks watching the Seahawks on the flat-screens…

  243. Heh. Raining and windy. Poop.

  244. Always love the tackles catching TDs

  245. Beautiful play.

  246. ChrisP we were crazy busy until kickoff. Then it was crickets. Nothing but women with children. And Native American trannies. Worse than Super Bowl Sunday.

  247. I guess Anita is just smarter than you, Chrispy.

  248. The Redskins should change their name to Native American Trannies.

  249. Native American trannies.

    Dances With Duct Tape

  250. Native American trannies.

    Eagle With Pink Feathers

  251. Here comes the rain

  252. I counted 3 this afternoon. All wearing really short gym shorts.

  253. Prancing Bull

  254. Stabbed by a John

  255. Dances with Costner.

  256. Xbrad,
    Anita is indeed, smarter than me, except for picking marriage partners…

  257. Rides with Eddie Murphy

  258. Unwelcome in Either Bathroom

  259. Sings with Showtunes

  260. Hahaha

  261. Everyone in NM is sick. Flu or Hanta. G’night peeps.

  262. Runs Well in Heels

  263. Squaw Who Stands To Pee

  264. Hanta? My mom had a Prelude.

  265. Chief Clear Heels

  266. Three-legged Squaw

  267. That Ain’t No Squaw, Is What I’m Sayin’

  268. Native American trannies.

    Feather headdress- N

    Feather boa- Y

  269. Dances With Ambiguity

  270. Geroni-‘Mo

  271. Chief She-attle.

  272. Hawk Dressed as Peacock

  273. Surgically-Removed-Sac-Agawea

  274. Kicking Terd

  275. Singin’ In the Rain

  276. Two Dogs One Bun

  277. Douchebags with gold shoes.

  278. Victor Victoria Hawk

  279. Sally Jesse Raphael

  280. Five O’clock Shadow

  281. Just For Men

  282. Also known as Seahawks

  283. Ten Bears

  284. Bent Arrow

  285. Boy Girl Monkey Squirrel

  286. Chazz Bono

  287. Alice Double Take

  288. Bearded Rainbow

  289. Em Em Em

  290. Tucks with Tape

  291. Bearded Lady

  292. 3 horses
    Nag Nag Nag

  293. Karl Blossom

  294. Annie Two Stones

  295. Rainbow In The Night

  296. Tom Toe

  297. Makes Sir Elton Look Butch

  298. Chicken Hawk

  299. Bedroom Eyes

  300. Dream Catcher

  301. Rolling Blunder

  302. Hiding Buck

  303. Ernie Sits And Pees

  304. Did anybody have trouble figuring out what was off-putting about talking to anybody else until they realized that blood had been trickling out of their ear throughout their whole conversation today?

  305. Connie Side Burns

  306. G’night Tribe.

  307. I’m standing here on the ground
    The sky above won’t fall down
    See no evil in all directions
    Resolution of happiness
    Things have been dark for too long
    Don’t derp for you
    Don’t derp a thing for me

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