‘Nuther day, ‘nuther dollar



Cyn/Impotent Update – thank you, Osoloco, thank you – thank you – OMG thank you!


  1. Hi.

  2. Hi.

  3. I was told that there would be no Thursday.

  4. That was the other T day.

  5. Jay, exactly how many lbs of Gyro are you eating right now?

  6. I’m on the last bit, Chumpo. Don’t know what I’m gonna do.

  7. I really love that stuff. Where did ye get the recipe?

  8. online, a combination of things. I poated it earlier, but I have those links at home.

  9. This is the closest to what I made, and what I’m gonna try next:


  10. I’ll dig around.

  11. I missed the tag

  12. I see “Grand Budapest Hotel” has been nominated for an Oscar. My kids made me watch it.

    I got the feeling that movie was TRYING awfully hard. I think I actually fell asleep.

  13. Thanks, Buddy. Bon appetite. (insert Greek equivalent.)

  14. Earthquakes are getting closer.

  15. Must be all that fracking in CT.

  16. global warming

  17. Duh, fracking causes global warming.

  18. d’uh indeed.

  19. I’d like to frack your mom.

  20. CT is helping you move somewhere else.

  21. Comments are getting closer together too.

  22. No they’re not.

  23. Paper clips.So what else did you steal from this particular office?

  24. There was a cluster there for a while.

  25. Gel pens. Of course.

  26. Protesters from the BlackLivesMatter group have shut down Boston’s I-93 after several of them arrived in a truck with 1,200 pound barrels filled with cement and began chaining themselves to them.

    Can steam rollers crush cement drums? I’m asking for a friend.

  27. I’m cooking today.

    Burgers and smoked salmon.

  28. The solution is probably to just dump the drums into Boston Harbor.

  29. No, George, but you could pick up the barrels and throw them over the side of the bridge with a steam shovel. Remaining chained is optional. We’ll find out if Black Lives Matter.

  30. I’m making split pea soup.

  31. I think we leave them change it up. After all, it’s their First Amendment civil right that they’re exercising, right in the middle of rush hour. So dump the barrels over the side, and everything attached to them.

  32. “Chained up.” Stupid autocucumber.

  33. The lady who was carjacked in Detroit yesterday is speaking up regarding the perp today. He was filmed being manhandled by police yesterday, and idiots are trying to make it the next racial-issue-du-jour.

    She’s crying bullshit. The guy put a gun in her face. they probably should have kicked him harder.

  34. #CarJackingWhileBlack

  35. The saddest thing? The victim refuses to give her name. She’s obviously afraid of retribution for calling this perp out for deserving what he got.

  36. Video is here, with the commentary from the locals.


  37. #justifiedAssWhopping

  38. Jackson was sentenced to prison in 2004 on charges out of Oakland County of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, assault with intent to rob while armed and fleeing police. His lengthy criminal history dates back decades and includes prior convictions for fleeing police, attempted unlawful driving away of a vehicle and for stolen property offenses, according to a review of online court records.

    Some snowflakes are more special than others. See, this one is black. So: special. Stop the H8.

  39. SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — The Mexican government on Thursday will start issuing birth certificates to its citizens at consulates in the United States, seeking to make it easier for them to apply for U.S. work permits, driver’s licenses and protection from deportation.

    I thought Santa Ana was Mexico.

    I guess I’m all hatey today.





  41. That lip-bite at 0:53… oh lawdy reegis.

  42. I like Thorsday.

  43. And at the very end… wet and dancing…


  44. I told you so ;)

  45. Yes; yesindeedie, you did.

    *cues up to watch for the 17th time*

  46. I got out of bed for this?!

  47. Heh, I love how Lindy bent over backwards to absolve Eastwood of any wrongdoing. Fucking idiot.

  48. My little cattle dog pup was being a pain in the ass with chewing on things: furniture, books, papers, me(!) until I gave him a kong toy stuffed with cut up sausage and peanut butter. He got the easy parts out but is having a hard time getting the ones stuck way in there out. It’s kind of funny watching him try to figure out how to get the rest out.

  49. When I read your link (before clicking) I thought it was about this:


  50. Kong toys are the bomb.

  51. We’ve got two of the classic ones and I got 2 of a new type that are made without holes. One is shaped like a doughnut with a squeaker in it. Like this here: http://tinyurl.com/l5mrdex When you toss it on the floor it bounces erratically and the pup loves chasing it. Of course he now loves to make seemingly endless amounts of noise with it now that his jaw is strong enough.

  52. Heh, that picture makes it look huge. It’s not that big.

  53. Wiser,
    If they get away with this ‘setup’, it will be “EPIC”™…


  54. To illustrate his point, he turned to an aide and said: “It is true that you must not react violently, but although we are good friends, if (he) says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch, it’s normal.

    The pope wouldn’t last a day around this place.


  55. That pope is a Troll. No offense to Catholics personally but gimme a break. Turn the other cheek is a foundational Christian concept. This guy will say anything to get the headlines.

    I was for him but now I’m not. Gimme another diplomat like PJPII.

    /Class act.

  56. Heh, that picture makes it look huge. It’s not that big.

    You say that a lot, don’t you Favre?

  57. I left that there just for you!

  58. Francis doesn’t do himself many favors by speaking extemporaneously. Benedict XVI and Saint JP II were both very circumspect and I think that was to their benefit.

  59. Ten bucks says we’re going to have a black Oscars in the very near future.

  60. Thank you Jimbro.

    Jay, are going to try the beef variation of that Gyro recipe? A blend of Lamb and Beef? Im going to give it a whirl tonight.

  61. Your mom liked Black Oscar

  62. http://www.blackmovieawards.com/

  63. “This is not just an awards show. This is the necessary awards show.” – Famed cross-dresser


  64. doughnut with a squeaker



  65. Best Actor: Denzel Washington

    Best Stop Motion Short Film: Denzel Washington

    Best Cinematography and Lighting: Denzel Washington

    Best Supporting Actress: Denzel Washington

    Best Special Effects in a Foreign Film: Denzel Washington

  66. Let me know when we can start the White Men’s Basketball Association.

  67. I did the blend of beef and lamb. I used dry onions, which made it a little dense. Fresh onions would be better. Also, whip that into a paste, really fine.

  68. Let me know when we can start the White Men’s Basketball Association.

    It’s called NHL. It. Is. Fab!

  69. MJ, you still on for Saturday DotW?

  70. “I am more proud of this award than any other award that I have ever received.” – Sidney Poitier

    Yeah, ’cause he was basically shunned for his entire career by the racists that run Hollywood. Poor guy just could not seem to get a single role just because he was black.


  71. Wiser,
    Did you see my 2:10pm comment?
    If that flies, some folks at Multicare are gonna have a real nice Christmas courtesy of IBM and Epic…

  72. It’s called NHL. It. Is. Fab!

    Donald Brashear disagrees.

  73. MJ, you still on for Saturday DotW?
    Yup. I’ll call in around noon.

  74. hehe, been there, done that, and I was a LOT more sarcastic about it:

    And this is why I hate Massholes far more than New Yorkers. I’ve had to deal with people form both states and Massholes are, by far, the biggest bags of douche on the planet.

  75. Yup. I’ll call in around noon.

    noon? you gonna stay on hold for 2 hours?

  76. Wiser,
    Did you see my 2:10pm comment?

    yeah. Big surprise. Government mandated product create a massively over-inflated price tag for said product and opens the door for quite a bit of corruption in the selection process.

    This is my shocked face.

    Meanwhile, the center where Joan Rivers died is losing it’s accreditation for, among other things, incomplete documentation. Funny that, since they use the product that my former employer sells. Wonder if they’re gonna be on the hook for anything there?

  77. Heh, that picture makes it look huge. It’s not that big.


    Things Jimbro’s mom said………….

  78. I’m going to talk to Tom Hill. I love him.

  79. I’m going to talk to Tom Hill. I love him.

    Oh, then you’ll love the second hour of the show.

  80. I wanna know why we’ve got a white man/executive type doing dotw, while the actual bartender of this blog doesn’t get her due?

  81. I wanna know why we’ve got a white man/executive type doing dotw, while the actual bartender of this blog doesn’t get her due?

    ’cause chicks aren;t funny.

  82. Pour me a draft Sugartits

  83. ’cause chicks aren;t funny.

    It’s true. A big funny NY jewish guy told me, back before he became a neutered self-parody.

  84. Plus it’s only a 2 hour show. No way we have enough time to discuss your exercise routine, the cleaning of your home and how little your tips are AND do a drink recipe.

    I said “tips”

  85. I’m fickin hilarious.

  86. Also before he started dating his adopted daughter, Leon.

  87. Cosmos: Citron or regular absolute? Discuss

  88. I’m fickin hilarious.

    Oh, I totally agree with that.

  89. I really have to adjust my bar tending up here, they actually like the margarita mix crap .

  90. Cosmos: Citron or regular absolute? Discuss



  91. they actually like the margarita mix crap .

    I have yet to have a margarita in a bar that is as good as the ones I make myself. Everyone seems to think they’re supposed to have about a cup of sugar in them.

  92. I don’t think I have ever had a margarita.

  93. I don’t think I have ever had a margarita.

    Well, Lauraw is a fan of mine. Maybe you can try hers the next time I make one for her.

  94. The mix has sugar in it. And a lot of people like them that way. It’s gross.

  95. The mix has sugar in it. And a lot of people like them that way. It’s gross.

    It’s like drinking lime-flavored syrup

  96. As for abode lute being too pedestrian, one you put Cointreau in the drink, the subtle differences in the vodka is lost anyway, but if you want to waste your money go ahead .

  97. Auto cucumber doesn’t like me today. Or loves me.

  98. What’s your recipe wiser? I had a margarita the day I turned legal to drink in MA. It was at a place called Margarita’s.

  99. abode lute is the best autocucumber yet!

  100. My kids just think my dad came to help them. They were looking for a hockey stick – it’s pond hockey time – and they searched and searched. Then, a stick in the corner – on its own – fell over.

    My dad was a huge hockey fan. He liked that they play it on the lake.

  101. Fukksize is the best typo here ever, but not autocucumber.

  102. What’s your recipe wiser?

    Real simple. 1 part lime juice, 1 part Triple Sec and 1 1/2 parts tequila. I prefer them frozen, but you’re mileage may vary.

  103. abode lute

    Oh man, that just cracked me up….

  104. Fresh squeezed lime or the stuff from the bottle? And how do you make it frozen at home?

  105. Also before he started dating his adopted daughter, Leon.

    I’m talking Andrew “Dice” Clay, not Woody “Daughter Fucker” Allen.

  106. CaRIN would be good on the radio. Tip percentage is a hot-button topic.

  107. I saw Abode Lute open for Daughter Fucker at the Filmore in ’72.

  108. I usually just use the stuff from the bottle, although that tends to set the purists’ nerves on edge.

    Frozen margarita: Use a blender. Fill 3/4 with ice. 2 oz lime juice, 2 oz triple sec, 3 oz tequila.


    frozen margarita

  109. Tip percentage is a hot-button topic.

    To be really honest, I would rather talk about that than what I have scheduled in the second hour.

  110. I use fresh squeezed at home, and for bar guests with good tastes. Frozen? Waste of god tequila, but ice and a blender. Roses lime is needed because it’s concentrated which you need to compensate for the crushed ice in the drink:

  111. God tequila is only for practicing Catholics.

  112. Waste of god tequila

    look, we’re making a mixed drink here, not sipping a $60 shot of some fancy-schmancy snob tequila.

    Ain’t nobody gonna confuse Cuervo Gold with “good tequila”

  113. Rose’s lime +1. Fresh squeezed +11. That’s a good recipe, Wiser. Don’t forget the Salted rim. SYWM.

  114. Rose’s lime is too sweet.

  115. Fresh squeezed +11

    I don;t mind using fresh squeezed, but that’s a lot of damn work for a drink that isn’t gonna taste all that different.

  116. Some chick named Nicole is developing a drink menu at a nice little place right around the corner from me.

    I told her I was going to steal her ideas and she just wanted a plug for the restaurant. I told her no problem.

    I left out the details of the show. You know, that it’s in CT.

  117. Good idea, put Car in, the grown ass woman who can’t talk on the phone on a radio show.

    I’m sure that’ll go over like a fart in church.

  118. I left out the details of the show. You know, that it’s in CT.

    heh heh heh..

    yeah.. “details”

  119. Good idea, put Car in, the grown ass woman who can’t talk on the phone on a radio show.

    she’d make Roamie sound calm, cool and collected

  120. It’s true, Carin is an ass woman.

  121. Fuck you, Wiserbud.

  122. Seeing Roamie interviewed, she always seems calm to me. I know she says she’s nervous and stuff but I don’t get that in watching her.

  123. *calls car in to apologize

  124. *ding*

  125. Leon, you’re being nice. The next to the last one was a disaster with my hands shaking. I still get called Shakes the Clown occasionally.

  126. I figured that was the blinding rage threatening to overtake you.

  127. Anyone in STL want to meet up on Monday? The Mom-mobile will be headed west.

  128. >>>>Fuck you, Wiserbud

    Love ya, sweetie

  129. http://is.gd/YoVHW1

  130. There’s timing for ya. I just got an email from Public Relations; they want photos and video prior to the X-37 launch. Shit.

  131. Love ya, sweetie

    Yeah, you know you have radio show groupies.

  132. Alcohol.

  133. Dang. This place is deader than a Hotspur hotlink.

  134. Drive time / dinner time is always slow.

    Was the service for Michael private? I never did see an obituary.

  135. Sorry, I’ve got family visiting.

  136. Roamie, I shook and stuff in a meeting today. People looked away in embarrassment for me. It’s sooo humiliating. Wish I could get over it, but I’m just shy and that’s all there is to it.

  137. At the time that it’s happening, I could seriously just cut my own fucking throat. Angry, helpless, all of that ugly shit. I hate myself.

  138. Cute kid XBrad. Sister’s kid? My sister’s kids tower over me now.

  139. Bourbon for Xbrad and Nyquil for the little one.

  140. Here you go Laura



  141. ? I don’t get it.

  142. OK, Scott says you are trying to comfort me. At first I thought you were telling me I was on my period. *recalls the flying monkeys*

  143. It’s my niece’s youngest. Just over 1 year. The others are 12 and 10.

  144. That Lake Champlain chocolate is good shit. It’ll make you forget your troubles and focus on the chocolately goodness in yo mouth. As for it’s curative powers with regard to the menstrual blues I can only guess but Scott is right.

  145. Hey, look at that big baby, and XBrad’s niece/nephew!

  146. If the chocolate doesn’t work this will


  147. That baby looks a lot like Heath Ledger.


  148. *makes vodka from human milk*
    *sells it to idiot foodies*

  149. Human milk in the news


    (article + autoplay video at Breitbart)

  150. Lauraw, I used to be painfully shy. Seriously, debilitating.

    I’d be happy to help you through it with a few tricks I’ve learned.

  151. It’s a trap.

  152. heh.

    *makes popcorn*

  153. step 1) Vodka

  154. Nah, seriously, there are things you can do to get over that and feel more comfortable in those situations.

    Took a while, but I hated being a scared, shy doofus. So I stopped. Not easy, but I think I did okay.

  155. Did anybody refuse to confirm the existence of Project Hephaestus to anybody else, in spite of the credible evidence provided by their inside source today?

  156. Really? I would be very happy to learn from you.

    What makes it worse is that NONE of the kids in class have this issue. These kids have been educated differently than I was. Public speaking was just a part of their normal education from small times, apparently. For me it was an occasional horror in middle and high school that we just suffered through.

  157. Tricks.

  158. Hair status: Donated.

    I’m no longer an aged greying hippie.


  159. do not GIS ‘shaved squirrel’

    do not

    *crouches in corner, arms wrapped around knees, rocking*

  160. Prometheus is pretty good. I wasn’t a big Alien fan but this is fun.

  161. I’m too busy reading an article on how female ejeculation comes in two types.

  162. Alrighty, so today was the last day of class and my feet HURT. It’s been probably five months since I was last on platform and I’ve grown soft and weak. Bleh.

  163. I’ve got some land you might be interested in.

  164. I’m only shy and nervous when I’m in the presence of women who are way the fuck out of my league. That’s one reason I hang out here.


  165. Penelope and I are shy, our son, not at all. He never has been, school presentations, speaking in front of groups, nothing phases him. No idea where he gets it.

  166. >>>>Really? I would be very happy to learn from you.

    And I would be very happy to have you as my student, young Padawan.

    You will learn more about yourself than you may wish….. be prepared for…

    Ah… who am I kidding? There is some introspection required, but mainly it’s learning a few tricks to get started and eventually it becomes second nature.

    I still have my moments, but few and far between and I just fall back on what I’ve learned.

  167. Kids these days were never told to sit down and shut up. They were taught that they are special in every way.

    Not always a great thing, but it does help with their lack of fear re: public speaking.

  168. I just shake and gradually turn red as I speak. Like a thermometer.

  169. http://imgur.com/gallery/G7l6nQp

  170. My social anxiety vanished at some point. I have no idea how, why, or when, but it’s gone. LARPing helped, I’m sure, but going to church has made a bigger difference.

  171. >>>>I just shake and gradually turn red as I speak.

    Embrace the fear, Oso……

  172. Platforms?


    Prometeus was good for me too and I have been into Aliens from the beginning. It didn’t try to be too scary and it gave a new perspective to the series.

    I bet the budget was astronomical.

    I watched Moon for the second time last night. It still holds up and I know that the budget was more down to Earth. (ridiculous wordplay. I’ll don the hair shirt now.)


  173. It doesn’t help that I stammer. Dan: Spit it out, Elmer.

  174. >>>>My social anxiety vanished at some point. I have no idea how, why

    Side effect of the ‘roids, perhaps

  175. Kids these days were never told to sit down and shut up. They were taught that they are special in every way.

    That makes a lot of sense, in both directions.

  176. Side effect of the ‘roids, perhaps

    Strength training probably helped a lot. I was asked about steroids a few time (I wasn’t on them, never have been). Ego boosting.

  177. Ground control to Major Tom. . .

  178. LARPing helped

    I was told there would be no cultish nerdism.

  179. Ah… who am I kidding? There is some introspection required, but mainly it’s learning a few tricks to get started and eventually it becomes second nature.

    I have a suspicious feeling this may involve growing comfortable with bullwhips.

  180. We should have a LARP meat at leon’s Farm. I want to be Barf the Mog; half Man half Dog.

  181. I’ll go as Rainbow Dash. In honor of Rosetta.

  182. Squirrill, shorning yer fur midwinter in your neighborhood is a bold stroke. Stay warm.

  183. >>>>Ego boosting.

    That’s part of it, but there’s also losing the fear of being laughed at. It’s always a possibility, so accepting that and being able to laugh with them is as big part.

    Everyone is shy. Very few people are naturally outgoing. The few who are tend to be assholes that few people like. Most everyone else is happy they are not the center of attention. And they generally support the speaker as opposed to looking to ridicule them.

    Confidence in those situations is a difficult thing to acquire. But preparation and over-preparation are awesome.

  184. Answering phones and doing overhead announcements at Sam’s helped. I think Wiser nailed it with the special snowflakes. We were never allowed to interrupt adults. Children are seen, not heard.

  185. “Most everyone else is happy they are not the center of attention”. OMG taking the gifts to the altar leaves me a mess. On my wedding day, I was shaking so hard, flowers were shooting out of my bouquet.

  186. Public speaking is no longer a problem for me. After the huge popularity of zombie shows on TV, no one minds hearing a dead man speak.

  187. News guy at the radio station nailed it for me perfectly. You are going to make mistakes. Everyone does. But once it’s out there, there is no getting it back. And trying to fix it just makes it worse.

  188. Public speaking is easy. Making small talk with strangers or mere acquaintances is pure torture.

  189. I’m great at small talk. (First person that makes a height comment gets kicked in the shins)

  190. It’s hard to get started, but delivering a speech isn’t completely awful. Speaking up in a meeting or talking to strangers is terrifying.

  191. fear of public speaking is based in the primal fear of being ostricised from the group. If that happened back in ye olde days you were dead. Today as Scott W has demonstrated we have less need for the hunter band as we can simply drop Amazon/Wallmart a line and have a side of bison delivered at wholesale prices.

    Now get up there and shower the masses with your brilliance. You have nothing to fear.

  192. First person that makes a height comment gets kicked in the shins ankles.


  193. Chad was a bit shy at first but the 2 and half liters of vodka loosened him up a bit.

  194. I’m not short, I’m average!!!! (Kicks squirrel in the shins)

  195. *Fills a saucer with Crown and 7*

    “Here Cynny kitty kitty kitty kitty”

  196. Heh Cyn can be summoned with Thor/Chris Hemsworth video.

  197. early day domani


  198. G’night, lauraw.

  199. I hated public speaking when I was a kid. I started getting involved in theater in high school, and then I had to get over my fear of speaking in public when I was in the Army. Now, I’m good dealing with a moderate-sized group of people.

  200. C’mon, sweetie

  201. The Man In The High Castle seems like a pretty interesting show. Hopefully Amazon picks it up.

  202. I was in choir. I could not sing out in front. My choir teachers H8D me. Especially when it came to competition. Dropped out of choir when I kept getting solos that I was unable to perform.

  203. I’m like Oso.
    I’ve gotten ambushed a few times, “invited” to meetings, where it turns-out that you are sitting at a table with all the executive-VP s of a fortune 100 company and some Dumbass says something like;
    “And now, I’ll turn this over to Chris, who will explain how the integration of the 53-computer HP-3000 mini-computer Paperboard-Packaging network and the IBM-SNA Corporate network with the Wood-Products business Honeywell Network is going to work toward future profits. Chris?
    This, after I was told to be there only to answer tech questions.
    Oddly enough, I quit and went to school for two years to be an aircraft mechanic…
    A CH-47 just went over so fookin’ low, I’m surprised the wheels did not hit the roof.

  204. what’s The Man In The High Castle about, COLex?

  205. http://tinyurl.com/cynfersure

  206. Chump,

    It’s set in an alternate 1960s where the Nazis and Japanese won WWII and occupied the US. The story follows Joe, a truck driver from Nazi occupied NYC and Juliana, a woman living in Japanese San Francisco, as they’re recruited by the Resistance to deliver packages to a contact in Canon City, CO, which is neutral territory.

    Meanwhile, the Japanese Trade Minister meets with a German agent who warns him that Hitler is dying and his successors will likely start a nuclear war against Japan.

  207. Oh, Ill get a hold of that for sure. Thanx.

  208. Yes.

  209. I’m not good with alt sci-fi. I couldn’t even read alt history where the South won.

  210. It’s definitely depressing. There’s one scene where a character is broke down by the side of the road, and a local trooper stops to help. The guy is a big fat friendly fellow, only wearing a swastika armband, but he helps the character fix their car and offers part of his lunch and seems nice. Then it looks like it’s starting to snow.

    Character: What’s this?
    Trooper (casually): Oh, it’s Tuesday. The hospital’s burning the cripples, the terminally ill; you know, the burdens on the state.

  211. More importantly, Bosch returns in February.

  212. I <3 Bosch.

  213. As in Hieronymus? I thought he was dead.

  214. Michael Connelly. One of the best writers out there.

  215. Bosch is one of his main characters.

  216. Hieronymus is named after the painter. Gritty LA detective. The pilot is on Amazon Prime video if you have that.

  217. XB, have you watched? Is it true to the books?

  218. It was pretty good. Titus Wellever wasn’t who I pictured as Bosch. And they moved him from Vietnam Vet to Persian Gulf (with Connelly’s support). But the rest of it feels pretty close to the books. I’m looking forward to some more episodes.

  219. Wait, wiser and shy were in the same sentence?


  220. Bosch? Like the painter, love the dishwasher.

  221. Best Jigsaw on the market, bar none.

  222. Just got to the snow scene.

  223. Read Roamy’s question about Michael’s memorial service. I am on my Kindle right now, but I will forward Cathy’s email with details to everyone when I get on my computer later. It’s scheduled for next Saturday; Mr. TiFW and I are going to try to attend.

  224. You have a date for half past eight tonight
    Some distant bell starts chiming now
    You wanna see her
    You wanna see her, oh yeah
    So you wait, you wait and wait
    Girl don’t derp

  225. nuther day, nuther drive in.

    40-50 today! Woo hoo! Wish I could wear shorts!

  226. Morning.

  227. Herro

  228. Cyn, WTF? It’s like 4am in Tokyo. What are you doing awake?

  229. Somebody has to check on yer ass.

  230. You start the coffee?

  231. I got this

  232. I’m half way through the first deca liter.

  233. And you didn’t put a new pot on?!


  234. MJ! Where’s the bewbs?

  235. Wakey wakey

    almost done with my coffee here.

  236. I was PAINFULLY shy. If I had to give a speech, I often stood up there for five minutes before I could get a word out, it was horrible. I cured myself with two simply things:

    bar tending

    When I started cheer – I was basically drafted because of my gymnastic skills – it was horrible. THey were all ready to kill me because I couldn’t get up and cheer even in front of the other girls.

    Cheer got the bar rolling and bartending finished it off.

  237. I bet MJ is keeping the boobs to himself.

  238. I bet he forgot.

  239. *lowers chin to chest and whispers, “bartending finished it off”*

  240. I was on my phone yesterday – stupid bandwidth ran out – but I was going to tell you guys about the HORRIBLE drink order I got last Saturday night when I was fukksize busy.

    Strawberry Daiquiri (for a MAN, heh)
    Strawberry Margarita (@@)
    Mudslide (another man)

    I was really surprise the words FUCK YOU GUYS didn’t come out of my mouth.

    To make the the mudslide I have to go all the way back to the kitchen to scoop out the ice cream. I felt like telling the rest of the bar to just sit tight because I was going to be making this groups drinks for the next 8 minutes.

  241. Self serve boobs.

  242. That was easy.

  243. Huh?

  244. http://is.gd/Xlvmvs

  245. Someone go wake up Beaker.

    Weird, ISU is playing Kansas tomorrow. They are the Beakers.

  246. Let me teach you a bartending trick.

    Blender is broken. It’s a shame. Can I offer you a real drink?

  247. Calm your tits. I’m working on BBF RIGHT NOW.

    Effort, chaps. Not this crap we’ve grown accustomed to.

  248. I regularly speak in front of groups from 3-500. It’s awesome. I love every second of it.

  249. Ooooo, chaps!

    Are they assless??

  250. oh goody, the ass/assless chaps argument can commence!

  251. I regularly speak to your mom.

  252. I’ll remind in BBF too whenever MJ gets the bullwhips out of his ass.

    I am going to order flowers for Batman’s birthday on the 24th on behalf of the Bastiges here at H2. If you would like to contribute send me an email at gooberintexas on the G-string thing.


  253. *lowers chin to chest and whispers “special snowflake”*

  254. I did get the joy of explaining to a woman on Sunday night that sadly I could not make her Golden Cadillac because I JUST poured the last of it into someone’s Harvey Wallbanger on Saturday night.

    It was amusing, because 1) I’ve only made a handful of Harvey Wallbangers in my life, and 2) I think that is perhaps the second time ever anyone has asked for a Golden Cadillac.

  255. I get up and speak in front of 10’s of people every day. I comment at H2!

  256. You should make up a Pink Cadillac and sell it to Mary Kay dealers.

  257. There is pink drink. A pink lady.

  258. It’s gross. I used to make it for this one old lady when I used to bartend in Ohio.

  259. Wait, I thought this was racist!

    NYC launches municipal ID card for illegal aliens

  260. I forgot how to make all those drinks. Used to know them. I didn’t work in a high class place like you guys did.

  261. I’ve worked in a large variety of places, each one teaching me something new. That’s why I know how to make a Pink Lady AND a Blue Motherfucker.

  262. I’m a great bartender: glass, Absolut, ice.


  263. you mean abode lute, right?

  264. Why are you drinking Absolut? I thought you liked vodka.

  265. Abode lute


  266. Have a good day peeps – I hope you have nice bewbs soon.

    Time to make the lunches, then work appointment, then to mom’s. We’re down to days or hours now; she fought the good fight and she is very comfortable now. Love you guys and dolls.

  267. The new thing with martinis is the have to be dirty@@ . It used to be “dry.” You know how many people told me to make my martinis dryer when I put absolutely zero vermouth in the first one?

  268. I’m sorry cyn.

    I’ll leave the abode lute bottle out for you for when you get home.

  269. Heh, people love those bartender buzzwords, don’t they? Did you have a snappy comeback for them?

    Drier? I just introduced the vermouth to the drink, they never actually met!

  270. God bless honey. I’m glad she’s comfortable and hope at peace too.


  271. Sorry to hear that Cyn. I’m glad mom is comfy. That’s all we can do, sometimes.

  272. Prayers and sympathies, Cyn.

  273. New post.

  274. Sorry, Cyn.

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