Extreme Radical Amishism on the Rise?

I think this pretty much sums it up for me.


The one question I have for the Islamists that think it’s ok to kill for being offended is: Why can’t the almighty Allah and Mohammed defend themselves? Isn’t it safe to assume that if these two pervs could smite the offenders with their super smiting powers? If the Allah is so Akbar why the touchy feelies? They are gods, non? Or is it more appropriate for a latent homosexual pedo-death cult to be commanded by a magical text spoken to an illiterate, pedophile, latent homosexual warlord some 1400 years ago?

Grow up, Islamofascists. Your faggods can defend themselves.


  1. I think I can manage a tois the boobs next Friday.

  2. Thanks.

  3. I went outside and checked the thermo-meter in the barn while I fed the equines. 0F. Accuweather says it’s 2F in town.

    The chickenshit in the coop is solid rock.

    Also, depicted Jew runs Hollywood, CNN, Goldman-Sachs, and the diamond racket.

  4. I give this post a bunch of this:



  6. Also, good morming cool kids.

  7. I am out of heavy cream for my coffee.


  8. Mrs. Caruthers might be awarded “Airman of the Year” today for her department, so I get to go to the base and she had to take her dress blues for a UTA. It’s basically a punishment, near as I can tell. Anyone want anything from the Class 6 store?

  9. Silencer that fits a Glock G17C, two stun grenades, a case of Labatt’s and a blue work jacket.

  10. Congrats on the nomination to Mrs. C.

    I’ll take a three-pack of Dove soap, wire cutters, a battery-operated personal fan, Revlon Red nail polish, tongs, and a pack of Beeman’s.

  11. Beanie hat with a propellor on top in a camo pattern.

  12. I’ll see what I can do. I’ll probably just buy some whiskey.

    If you have Intel stock, get out now: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/01/09/intels-300m-diversity-drive-is-discriminatory-and-wrongheaded/

  13. Good morning, hosefuckers and Cyn.

  14. Also, I’m largely in favor of separation from the Islamists.

    Proximity + diversity = war. Always. They aren’t about to convert or assimilate, so distance and nations where they can live as they choose are the best answer.

  15. And Europe as a whole has committed suicide with the collective belief that nationalism is what caused WW2, and that it must be eradicated at all costs.

  16. >> distance and nations where they can live as they choose are the best answer

    Plus, having them concentrated in one place makes targeting much more efficient when they inevitably lash out at the Great Satan.

  17. Shhhhh….. don’t give away the long game.

  18. Is Wiser on the radio today?

  19. “Airman of the Year”

    Wouldn’t that be Airwoman of the Year? Or have you gone full faggot on us?

  20. The chickenshit in the coop is solid rock.

    You have Obama in your chicken coop?

  21. Airperson

  22. So, free community college, eh?

    So the taxpayers can pay for what the public school system either didn’t teach effectively, or the student failed to learn.

    I look at the classes my nieces are taking, and it’s fucking high school level shit.

    Great idea. Let’s pay for it twice.

  23. Hotspur, the ANG has not fully bent over and been raped by feminism quite yet, and retains the linguistic simplification that the race of Man includes both the male and female of the species, and that Airman is an inclusive rather than exclusive term. Both men and women are eligible for this award.

  24. And the liberals are wetting themselves all over again.

  25. Both men and women are eligible for this award.

    Well, I hope she wins it.

  26. You have Obama in your chicken coop?

    No, just some chattering old birds that aren’t producing anything but shit right now. Really more like Hillary and Liz Warren.

  27. Me too. She spent a couple hundred bucks getting a new dress uniform for the occasion.

  28. Hahahahaha

    I can see people lining up for this in droves.

  29. What is this free community college thing you’re talking about?

    And why aren’t we just making high school suck less?

  30. Leon, thank you for the heads up on Intel. I immediately put in a sell order for Monday. NASA has been hiring for diversity instead of competence, and it shows.

    On a related note, SpaceX had a successful launch this morning.

  31. Laura’s brother is taking pre algebra in college. WTF?

  32. The gun store owner took on 4, shot 3 and was killed, one critical two survivable.

  33. Shit, I missed that the store owner had been killed. Maybe the update came after I read it.

  34. Scott, I had to take remedial math in college. My high school was that bad….it only required one year of math…..after going through a grade school where noone taught math.

  35. The guys where I used to go shoot wear vests and open carry one and conceal at least one backup.

  36. The big remedial course for my college was composition. At orientation during the summer we had a writing test. I’d guess 2/3 of those taking it were in a remedial writing class in the fall.

  37. Needless to say, I no longer feel good.

    Laura’s brother is taking pre algebra in college. WTF?

    Junior high failed him.

  38. If the GOP let the f*cker go ahead with his ‘free’ community college, they’re bigger dipshits than I already think they are.

    Many states have programs that give hard working highschoolers ‘free’ college. MO has the A+ program. Do well and get CC, free. Funded by the state lottery or the casinos or both. (Let’s not mention them re-allocating state money to other things.)

  39. I think after that story a lot of stores will reconsider their set up. Most of the stores around here are pretty laid back mom and pop shops. I went to a little store last weekend I’d never been to before and it was way out in the williwacks at a family’s house. They had a nice shop set up in the garage and the wife was running it for the day. Between the long guns and handguns there must have been 100 in stock and the shelf was loaded with common caliber ammo.

  40. My local store always has 6-10 employees, and all open carry.

    Nobody will ever attempt to rob that place.

  41. Catholic Church is planning nine days of prayer leading up to Roe v. Wade anniversary, Episcopal Church is having a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. Any predictions for when the Episcopals close the doors for good?

  42. I couldn’t get out of high school without taking algebra 2.

    There was a story on drudge a couple of days ago about how the average college freshman reads at a 7th grade level.

  43. Scott, never underestimate the power of stupidity. Someone will try.

    Then the coroner will use a mop and a bucket to collect the remains.

  44. Any predictions for when the Episcopals close the doors for good?

    I’ll lay $5 on 2030. By 2023 it will be nothing but gay people and childless couples who intend to remain so.

  45. Is Wiser on the radio today?
    Not until next week.

  46. Two thumbs up for williwacks.

  47. Algebra 2 was the beginning of the end of my love for math. I got A’s in all my prior math classes which landed me in the senior honors course with a lot of future engineer types. I squeaked by with a B- if I recall correctly and the next year in college a year of Calculus was hell.

  48. Watched a movie last night called Tim’s Vermeer. It was fascinating.

    This guy, who had never before in his life painted, figured out how Vermeer did his masterpieces, and painted one himself.

  49. New word for me. Never spoken outside of Maine.

  50. I aced algebra 2 then flunked calculus.

    Took it again and got C or D.

    Quit math.

  51. Laura’s brother is taking pre algebra in college. WTF?
    Whoa. 6th grade.

  52. I just got a coupon in the mail to win a prepaid cremation.

  53. Calculus is part witchcraft. That’s the part I had trouble with.

    Stupid e.

  54. I’m going to be a Patriots and Panthers fan today.

  55. Or is it more appropriate for a latent homosexual pedo-death cult to be commanded by a magical text spoken to an illiterate, pedophile, latent homosexual warlord some 1400 years ago?

    Hey, at least it’s exotic and repugnant to Western traditions. And that’s what counts on campus.

  56. Good luck, Hotspur.

  57. College Calculus met MWF at 330. By then I’d be on my 4th cup of coffee in the afternoon and holding my head up with my arm. First and only class I needed a tutor for. Managed a C for the year and have zero recall of the Calculus.

  58. Any predictions for when the Episcopals close the doors for good?
    I’ll lay $5 on 2030. By 2023 it will be nothing but gay people and childless couples who intend to remain so.

    You ain’t kidding. I grew up in an old fashioned Episcopal church. Used to say it was his Catholic as you could get without being Catholic. Then in the late sixties the distant church brass started out with forcing women priests on everyone, and our parish broke off to form its own traditionalist group. The central Episcopal church has been in irreversible decline since.

  59. Interesting perspective on the community college brouhaha


    (The author is no Mia Khalifa but I’d do her)

  60. I kept getting stuck at partial derivatives and the concept of limits. I have a book somewhere to help teach it to me again but haven’t made progress lately. Just look at how useful it is in lots of everyday situations:


  61. I took analytical algebra and trigonometry as a Junior. I wanted to take calculus the next year, but I needed a science credit to graduate, so I took physics instead.

  62. A lot of that Calculus for dummies sounds like set ups for a math joke

    “Say you’re filling up your swimming pool and you know how fast water is coming out of your hose…”

  63. For example, you could take the rate at which the popularity of an original song declines, and also take the rate at which the popularity of the cover song increases. Then you could use calculus to find the optimum point where the popularity of both original and cover song meet. I think maybe I should call wiser about this.

  64. Calculus is also useful to identify the optimum number of bullwhips for a given size of rear end. The answer is always “more than you have.”

  65. Filed under Exactly What We Expected

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters on Friday in New York that the terror attacks in Paris, in which radical Muslims targeted a Jewish supermarket and a newspaper that had mocked Muhammad, were “criminality” that had nothing to do with religion

    Didn’t know the Sec Gen was an Islamic scholar.

  66. ” I think maybe I should call wiser about this.”

    You only die twice.

  67. Oooof. Looks like the Falcon 9 rocket successfully delivered it’s payload to the space station, the first stage returned to earth, attempted to land vertically on the landing barge, and fell over.

  68. My daughter went up to pre-calc in highschool. Got a B and didn’t have to take any math in college for her field of study.

    The son blew off college credit calc in highschool and I made him pay me back. When he went off to college, the deal was, family two-year scholarship will be reviewed per semester. Screw up, you’re on your own.

    He aced calc and went on to get a math minor. He did well in his hard classes, blew off the stuff not relevant to his major, still got a 3.5.

  69. I can’t imagine the current levels of politically correct bullshit you must endure in high school these days compared to actual learning.

  70. The only gave the landing a 50-50 chance.

  71. A successful landing would have been really cool, especially on a floating barge.

  72. I can’t imagine the current levels of politically correct bullshit you must endure in high school these days compared to actual learning.

    It’s even in the private schools. My son once asked me when MLK was going to be canonized.

    Speaking of him, which movie gets the most Oscars, the MLK pic or “The Imitation Game” with the gay hero? Hollywood’s either going to be racist or homophobic.

  73. If Hollywood would just remake Brokeback Mountain with an all-black cast, the problem would be moot.

  74. Grid fins? Interesting. Like some Russian vehicles have.

  75. George, yes, the grid fins are pretty much stolen directly from the AA-12 Adder air to air missile.

  76. http://xbradtc.com/2015/01/10/falcon-9-launch-successful-recovery-not-so-much/

    Sorry for stepping on your turf, Roamy.

  77. No problem, XBrad. I haven’t felt like writing much lately.

    In cleaning up my office, I found “The New Age of Exploration: NASA’s Direction for 2005 and Beyond”. I’m going to write about what’s actually been accomplished from this year in the last 10 years and what died on the vine.

  78. Struggled with math in high school. When I got to college I had to take calc 1 and 2 twice to get a B. I took calc 3 this last semester and got a B-. but it was the only class I took. For some strange reason I’m trying to find a linear algebra class that fits with my schedule. I probably just a masochist.

  79. I really struggled with Algebra II in high school. I’ve not struggled with any math since.

  80. I always have trouble remembering trig functions. And they’re so damn useful. Like if you want to estimate the height of the tree or somesuch thing.

  81. Oh, don’t even get me started on the Observer/Target factor and shift from a known point to adjust artillery fires.

    //flashback to EIB testing

  82. Having to learn stats and shit sucked. Especially in my 30s.

    Life after high school: I was told there would be no math.

  83. Can muppets do math? I mean, they don’t even have entrails or bones or anything but Jim Henson’s fist in there. So I guess they can count to five.

  84. Trig was the most useful math class I ever took. I was working on a roof not terribly long ago and had to dig some old trigonometry out of the pickled part of my brain to figure out some angles.

  85. I asume you’ve heard of the count?

  86. Oh, don’t even get me started on the Observer/Target factor and shift from a known point to adjust artillery fires.
    //flashback to EIB testing

    My boss is a retired Field Artillery O-5 who loves to rant about how the FA school goes through cycles where it thinks it can eliminate manual gunnery from the curriculum, only to add it back in a few years later when they realize that they just graduated a generation of LTs who are even dumber than normal.

  87. Life after high school: I was told there would be no math.

    My mother used to lecture my sister and I that, “Life is a story problem.” There’s always math.

  88. Comment by MJ on January 10, 2015 2:13 pm
    I asume you’ve heard of the count?

    Being undead, yes. Yes I have.

  89. Damn. I hate it when my grid fins run out of hydraulic fluid, IYKWISAITYD.

  90. Hey Androol–I finally bought a big ol V8. Next time you’re in Charlotte lets see how fast it will go.

    I’ll need to borrow bail money, of course.

  91. Deal.

  92. Daniel Pipes is a good writer. I don’t see his stuff very much but when I do it is fact filled and interesante’.

    Thanks GO

  93. I’ve been storing a large pile of crap for a customer. I’ve been trying to get them to come pick this stuff up for over 6 months. Today’s the day.

    Right in the middle of the Patriots game.

  94. What kind of car did you get, MJ?

  95. Right in the middle of the Patriots game.

    That calls for a paddlin’.

  96. MJ’s new car:

  97. What kind of car did you get, MJ?


  98. Damn you, xbrad!!!

    *shakes withered, decayed fist*

  99. I’m guessing being dead makes it hard to type fast, George. Sorry ’bout that.

  100. Probably a bitter Giants or Jets fan

  101. So they finally picked up my car from the tow lot. Hopefully I’ll get an answer on either Tuesday or Wednesday as to whether they’ll total the car or try and repair it.

    In the meanwhile, I’m stuck without a car until Monday morning when I can call Enterprise.

  102. Many Enterprise offices are open 7-days a week; call them now if you want a vehicle.

    If they cannot find your carrier’s authorization, rent the same vehicle you had and your carrier will reimburse you.

    Also, if they give you any shit about going over the allotted amount of rental days, usually 30 or 45 days in your policy, push back and remind them that they took their sweet-assed-time appraising/towing your vehicle.

    If your adjuster gives you any shit after that, and they really shouldn’t, but if they do, let me know and I’ll throw you the magic buzz words that will make them cradle your balls, stroke the shaft, work the pipe, and swallow the gravy.

  103. Oh, and for any days that you are without a vehicle, such as this weekend, you make make claim for loss of use, which will be cash that goes into your pocket.

    /adjuster hat off
    /suck it insurance companies

  104. Heh, thanks. If it comes to that I’ll give you a holler, I just finished double-checking and there is an Enterprise location that’s open tomorrow at 9am, so I’ll arrange to get a car from them.

  105. Um..these “buzz Words”…do I have to drunk/jump my car down my relatives embankment to learn them or can i just learn them?

  106. The words are “Good Faith” and “Bad Faith”, Chumporooski.

    They are very, very powerful in the world of insurance claims when uttered by the policyholder/insured. They make adjusters poop their pants and they should only be used very sparingly and virtually only as a last resort, but they do get the job done.

  107. For Laura and Paula. Rosetta makes an appearance. (Warning – may cause seizures)

  108. That was awesome Roamy! She’s on 10-10 today and I’ll send it to her. I’m not sure she’ll see it before she gets home but there’s a chance.

  109. Thanks for leaving me on the old smelly poat.

  110. I’ll throw you the magic buzz words that will make them cradle your balls, stroke the shaft, work the pipe, and swallow the gravy.

    Wait, is this H2 or match.com?

  111. Howdy, folks! How’s it hanging?

  112. just for that, I’m not sharing this garden minestrone soup.


  113. You grow minestrones in your garden!?!??

  114. You grow minestrones in your garden!?!??

    Where else would he grow them?

  115. She didn’t win, and it was very, very cold.

  116. Also, the Count is the patron muppet of Number Theory.

  117. the Count is the patron muppet of Number Theory

    Oscar is the patron muppet of recycling.

  118. Too bad, Leon, but I’m sure she still looks spiffy in her blues.

  119. Swedish Chef is the patron muppet of Foreign Accent Syndrome

  120. Spiffy, yes, but she was shivering in the hangar. The women’s wear holds heat like a sieve.

  121. Waldorf and Statler are the patron muppets of white privilege.

  122. Big Bird is the patron muppet of latent homosexuals.

  123. in the mines of course…

  124. Well, she was absolutely beautiful and she gave me $100 tip.

    When someone in area code 212 asks you for a favor, just do it.
    917 is pretty good too.

  125. I did miss the Patriots drive though.

  126. Gonzo is the patron muppet of the 60’s

  127. Bert and Ernie are the patron muppets of fisting porn.

  128. Miss Piggy is the patron muppet of 2AM beer goggle pick ups

  129. Explains why Kermit kept dodging her advances, don’t it?

  130. I’ve said “good and bad faith” about 11 times in the last half-hour and the results have been less than I hoped for.

  131. Know what else works really well with people in 212?
    When they ask what they owe, I usually say ” whatever you think is fair.”

    They always give me more than I would have asked for.

  132. I think you have to pick one, Buff. Or try “mediocre faith.”

  133. You have to cut a cuppla heads off an yell something about slandering the prophet of BBF.

  134. 2012 650 Coupe.

  135. the wife isn’t working with ya buff?

  136. Sweet, MJ.

  137. http://tinyurl.com/p8kxxzv

  138. According to the interwebs it will go 155 mph.

  139. Nah.

    Insurance adjuster.

  140. Your wife is an insurance adjuster?

  141. try this:


  142. The top speed limiter has been changed. 😏

  143. Fozzie Bear is the patron muppet of piano bars.

  144. Speed holes…..good thinking.

  145. You leave my wife out of this. That woman is a saint.

  146. Its an M option that the previous douchebag was kind enough to purchase.

  147. Email me if needed, Bluffaloony.

  148. You know, “faggods” is pretty good. I don’t know if I’ll be able to use it very often in day-to-day conversation, but still…


  149. Hot damn!

  150. Always happy to help, but you have to PROMISE not to send me those weird close-ups again.

  151. Bad faith.. is that like bad touch?

  152. My ’89 635 will do 145mph uphill… and still accelerating until I got scared shitless and let up on the gas.

  153. Pussy.

  154. Bad faith… is taking out your date to a super expensive dinner and a wicked-cool concert and not getting to touch.

  155. Pretty much, yeah.

  156. I should write an “Insurance for Dudes” book.

  157. The Deductible is… you having to sit through “The Notebook” before nookie-time.

  158. Actual Cash Value is… your “feels-like” age Sunday night after baby-sitting your own kids for the whole entire weekend while your wife has been partying in Vegas with her girl friends on her once-a-year get-together.

  159. WOW

  160. What a perfect play!

  161. What’s The Underwriter?

  162. Thanks Sean. I was particularly proud of faggods.

  163. The Underwriter is… your former significant other. If you were nice to them, even after the break-up, they say good things about you which translates to good rates; if not, well… you know.

  164. This game is really actually tied. Amazing.

  165. I don’t even…!

  166. If the Pats manage to win that Edelman pass will be the highlight play

  167. Who do we want to win in today’s NFLs? I know the Ravens had that one guy who was a murderer, but then the Patriots had that one other guy who was a murderer, too.

  168. Prairie Dawn is the patron saint of unintentional virgins.

  169. Teh pats win on not having a wife-beater. No wait……..the cravens win on having a wife-beater who suffered double jeopardy due to Roger Goddell (or whatever his name is) being a finger in the wind pussy.

  170. We want the Seahawks to win, that’s who.

  171. I had my finger in your mom’s wind pussy.

    I don’t even know what that means.

  172. I had my finger in your mom’s wind pussy.

    I saw Wind Pussy open for Slipknot in 2002.

  173. I’m rooting for SMOD.

  174. My ’89 635 will do 145mph uphill… and still accelerating until I got scared shitless and let up on the gas.

    My Maserati does 185.

  175. No wonder your insurer won’t return your calls

  176. I lost my license, now I don’t drive.

  177. I have a limo, ride in the back.

  178. Life’s been good to me so faaaarrrr

  179. >> Cyn on January 10, 2015 at 6:55 pm
    Bad faith… is taking out your date to a super expensive dinner and a wicked-cool concert and not getting to touch.

    I would hate that.

  180. The Patriots never seem to win convincingly.

  181. That was a fun game to watch.

  182. Bad faith is drinking so much that you can’t take advantage of your business when she’s drank too much. Or at least that’s what Chad said.

  183. Holy shit, what a game.

  184. Stupid Fox Channel – I cannot see the score/time box in the super upper left corner of the screen. Don’t they know I’m still watching on an old school cathode ray tube teevee dammit?!

  185. Yep. I was afraid that the Revis holding call was going to be a game changer.

  186. We still have one of those. We make the children watch it when they’ve been bad.

  187. Samsung 40″ $300

  188. That was a shitty call. It was of the “there’s holding on every play” variety.

  189. Crap, it’s $379 now.

  190. Well, crap.

    I have been bad.

  191. SYWM

  192. What a dumbass. I hope Seattle loses by 3.

  193. Guy bought a 70″ Sharp today. Spent most of his time asking about our return policy. We’re betting we’ll get it back after the Super Bowl.

  194. On my cable line up there are standard channels and HD channels. When the score is cut off on the standard one I search for the HD and most times the score is displayed completely there. Magic.

  195. It’s coming back Oso.

  196. I have been bad.

    Naughty, naughty Zoot.

  197. When the shit was getting real in the Ukraine a few months back I started looking at flight/hotel packages in Kiev on Expedia just out of curiosity. There’s some really nice hotels in Kiev by the way. No chance in hell I’m going there but it’s a nice way to waste time by looking.

    I did the same thing for Paris just now. I typed in flying to CDG on 1/12 and flying home on 1/21 with 8 nights in the 7th adirondisement. Every single one of the offers was marked down at least $1000. Those damned vandals of unknown ethnicity who are killing folks for reasons not closely associated with any known religion are killing the hotels there. I’m pretty sure that tourism is the meal ticket for a lot of Parisians.

  198. I guess if you’re an adventurous sort, right now is a great time to tour Paris at bargain basement rates.

  199. Also, I read a list of NoGo zones in France. Where the govt has ceded control to the mooselimbs and mafia types. There are 751 of them. A lot of them are in places whose names are recognizable if you know anything about WW2. Dunkirk, Calais, etc. American boys died to free those places from the Nazi’s only to have them given back to their ideological brethren 70 years later.

    I prolly ought to go watch football or somehting.

  200. **parks fifth wheel camper trailer on poat**

    **can’t find water or electrical hookup**

    **shakes fist at mare**

  201. Carolina wins this.

  202. There’s the water hookup!

    *points to sewage

    You’re gonna need an adapter.

  203. PG, I think it was Cuffy that went to Egypt like two weeks before the shit hit the fan there. Timing.

  204. Scott, we’ll sell a lot of 65″ or bigger the week of Super Bowl. They’ll come back the Monday after and be exchanged for 50″ or 55″. We can’t re-sell opened electronics.

  205. Can you send them back for credit?

  206. I know absolutely nothing about electronics. I can tell you $ or in-stock status. That’s it. End of fiscal year payroll crunch. I was the only associate in a non-fresh area in The Club until noon. Fresh is bakery, deli, produce, meat. I am exhausted and my back is killing me.

  207. >> Well, crap.
    I have been bad.

    Please continue

  208. We can send them back to a WalMart hub for partial credit. WalMart can force some vendors to take them back. Some, they sell used online under an auction tab. Once open, we can’t sell a extended warranty and the manufacturer warranty is void. We were re-selling as-is for about a year just above the partial credit. Bentonville said “No”.

  209. I know absolutely nothing about electronics.

    I know that if you’re black and steal them, you’re redressing the legacy of white racism and slavery.

  210. True dat.

  211. I need to find someone to redress slavery by getting me a curved HD TV or a 4K.

  212. There aren’t many things that make your house smell better than cooking homemade turkey/chicken stock or fresh bread.

  213. Scott, we’ll sell a lot of 65″ or bigger

    Are they purple?

  214. heh. No.

  215. Your mom makes my house smell real purty

  216. After the Super Bowl I’m going to return your mom.

  217. Mmmm…fresh bread. When I work early shifts at the Club, I can smell the cookies being baked. Our GM was cheap and didn’t hire extra packagers for the Holidays. Quite a few of us had to help out in bakery. OMG…it was awesome.

  218. On amazon they always have appliances for sale that are “refurbished” or some similar term. I always assumed they were opened items returned to the manufacturer and then inspected and repackaged for sale.

  219. There aren’t many things that make your house smell better than cooking homemade turkey/chicken stock or fresh bread.

    What about fear? Fear smells AMAZING.

  220. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

  221. Jimbro, yep. I had friends that worked for Ultimate Electronics. They all learned to save their commissions for TV sales around Super Bowl week. Any return resulted in a loss of bonus. I get pissed when people return my books. I was accidentally on radio and got caught bitching that “We weren’t a library”

  222. CoAlex, I thought that, but I was waiting for Andy’s avi to say it.

  223. >>>We weren’t a library

    Yes you are.

  224. I’m going to be watching Amazon, after the Super Bowl, for the deals on returns. We still are watching a 27″ CRT analog Panasonic, with a digital converter box, so we can see “Antenna TV”.
    When we built the house, I put an Ethernet jack behind where the TV goes, just in case…

  225. Library/free TV rental


  226. I H8 our return policy sometimes. LOL It is still theft you stupid fucks! Gah!!! Not like get a rolling cooler and fill it with 2K worth of electronics and run past the entry greeter, but theft all the same.

  227. I bet there will be free text books at the free community colleges.

  228. I can’t remember which Moron said that TFG should just EO an Associates Degree to all Americans.

  229. You don’t need to buy a CRT teevee to watch antenna stuff, Crispy. Just hook up an antenna to a flatscreen. No converter box needed.

  230. TVs should be free.

  231. TV’s are free, in Ferguson, MO.

  232. Cars should be $500,000 apiece, but buses and trains should be free.

  233. Money for nuthin’ and chicks for free.

  234. I think every car should be a standard. Makes people pay attention. Automatics bring out the crazy!!!!

  235. Restocking returns at my store: In the basket, with lots of other items, a short wooden furniture leg, 4″ long. I’m putting things away all over the store, helping out other departments, customers, etc., no chance to really look at this one item among many.

    Finally get to the millwork department, pull this four inch long furniture leg out of the basket: tag on the end says it is a 16-inch furniture leg.

    Some non-stock-owning piece of human excrement cut off what he wanted, and returned just the stub end with the tag on it, and got full credit for the ‘return.’ Because our returns clerks do not pay attention.

    This happens all day long.

  236. Oh, and if you are too fat to properly turn your vehicle, you need to ride a free bus or train. WTF?

  237. *crosses legs behind to hide new pegleg*

  238. Well, ISU wins foul fest 15 in Morgantown.

  239. Lauraw, I worked at the return desk. My co-workers got paid more than floor associates for being too stupid to breathe. Me today: Why did you take back “Woof” when it was “Woof and Meow” a 2 book combo clearly on the receipt? Return associate: “I thought it said book”. Me: You are supposed to scan the product, not just the rcpt. RA: We were busy. Am I getting in trouble? Me:Yes. (Probably not. It was just one book return. Not like a 2K rollout in a rolling cooler)

  240. TV is a right.**

    **I may be >5 indians.

  241. You were obviously out of 12″ legs and he just had to finish his project. That’s not his fault your ordering people screwed up.

    *maintains totally straight face, only twitching once*

  242. Dis Carolina lose? I don’l hear any gunfire or screaming.

  243. Sean,
    We’ve had the analog CRT TV for 20-some years.
    When they went to digital, we had to get the converter, ’cause we canceled Direct-TV…
    I realize, that with a new digital TV we would not need the converter.
    Unfortunately, we have “Century-Link DSL”, which is slow as hell and would be buffering all the time.
    I would hope the new flat-screens have some memory.
    There is no cable out here, and, certainly, no FIOS…

  244. Gun fire will start later. Go back to sleep.

  245. Good night cool kids.

    Some of us work tomorrow.

  246. TVs are free only if you’re black. I think wedding cakes and photography are free if you’re gay, too.

  247. Roamy, how many tomahawk chops is that?

  248. That guy in Houston is totes ripping off Denzel.

  249. I work at 5AM tomorrow. Sleep is overrated.

  250. Wedding Cakes are covered by EBT/SNAP.

  251. Nighty dreams, Scoot

  252. We had the lift out today and this one guy would just not move. It was ridiculous. Finally got past him and I was like WTF! My boss: You ok? Me: I just got a contact high that will last for hours. Dan: What was wrong with the freak by produce that wouldn’t move? Me: Did you smell him? Dan: ? Me: Pot. Cannabis. Marijuana. You smelled it in Denver. FIN.

  253. I’m not sure what’s free if you’re a militant feminist. Self-pity, I guess.



  255. Abortions.

  256. Mrs Orwell has smelled chronic in the parking lot of her… elementary school. And the classroom. This isn’t on account of her second graders, it’s the low life unionized custodial staff.

  257. The gun fire should be starting right about now.

    Hold tight, Face Ripper!

  258. What happened to Newton’s Superman shirt?

  259. Did anybody not like the gleam in anybody else’s eye when they promised to show a relative a “good time” while they were in town today?

  260. I know someone who was at that hospital today Chris

  261. i found a baggie on the floor at Target. Threw it in the regular trash. Found out later I was supposed to turn it in to AP. Blah blah what if a kid had pulled it out of the trash?

  262. How many gender-liberated queer/curious spivaks does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    Hoe dare you presume the lightbulb self-identifies as a lightbulb.

  263. Zoikes, Vman – are they out of the hospital?

  264. Yes Cyn, went to pick up some reports and left before noon.

  265. For a team with a losing record, you’d think the Panthers would be more used to losing games.

  266. It’s time I watched Catching Fire.

  267. Lucky works.

  268. WaPo: “We’re seeing the first shots of the war between clan Romney and clan Bush,” said Alex Castellanos, a Republican strategist who has worked for both men. “Both bring to the battle incredibly powerful fan clubs as well as wounds they have to heal. How ugly could it get? You’re only competing to lead the free world.”

    Don’t worry about it, Alex. Because someone like Scott Walker is going to eat their lunches and then use them like ten dollar whores.

    I hope.

  269. GO, I don’t even fucking care. If we survive the next 2 yrs, I’m chill.

  270. George
    When I was in NYC last century, a rock was $2. Hence crack whores were $2.

    Are you saying a rock is $10 now? My, inflation has been busy!

  271. We’ll survive the next two years, but thanks to LD some of the rest of the world may not.

  272. Spree shooting in Moscow, ID. 3 dead, another wounded, suspect in custody after car chase.

    I used to do my drinking in Moscow.

  273. I’m saying Romney and Bush are worth at least ten bucks. As a pair, of course. I’ll give you four each if sold separately.

  274. I just had ice cream for dinner. I’m a diabetic. Just saying.

  275. I used to do my drinking in Moscow.

    It’s a miracle the Fulda Gap wasn’t overrun.

  276. Who’s Fulda?

  277. Who’s Fulda?

    Lesbian lover of Rosa Klebb.

  278. Your mom.

  279. Moscow Mules are meh, but I really really need the copper cup.

  280. G’night guys. I’m being hounded by the sleep nazi.

  281. the hospital thing is resolved without any harm

  282. Good night, all. I’ll turn out the lights before The Derp™.

  283. I just got home. People can’t go to bed.

  284. Welcome back! Would you like a glassbox of wine?

  285. The hell we can’t …

    Oh. Oops.

  286. I’m here, Car in, but I’ve run out of things to say.

  287. That’s xbrad from 1995

  288. Give her a rundown of the game, xbrad and Andy. I’m sure she’s dying to hear about it.

  289. Fuckin’ Mr. Chumpo. Going to Shakespeare’s and hittin’ on all my waitresses. That bastard.

  290. We won.

  291. Oh, great. I have to derp in the dark now.

  292. Work was … long.
    Very long.

    So glad I don’t work real doubles.

    Yesterday, someone asked for the Prime Rib.

    HOSTAGE THEATER: Service Industry Edition”

    “What size, sir?”

    “The 16 oz” [points to wrong spot on the menu]

    “And, how would you like your PRIME RIB done?


    “And as a side to go with your PRIME RIB?”

    [I make sure I repeat the PRIME RIB several times]

    Twenty minutes later:

    “Is this a prime rib?”


    “I asked for a Rib Eye”

    “WEIRD, because you said Prime rib, and I repeated it about three times” [not actual exchange]

    I think his family explained to him later that he said PRIME RIB, because I heard no more about it. It really helps to have witnesses.

    He also said I brought him the wrong side, because he asked for Sweet Potato fries … which we don’t carry.

    “But it says so on the menu”

    “No it doesn’t.”

    I love my job i love myjob

  293. Time for me to derp.

  294. I like prime rib. What did he get for a side?

  295. Mmm, prime rib on the smoker, with Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow Crust. Simply YUM!

  296. I get a similar thing at work, Ca rin.

    “Large bucket.”

    “You mean the $8 bucket?”

    “Yes. Large. Large.”

    “The one with 100 balls, right?


    “Okay, that’ll be $8.”

    *money is exchanged, ticket is printed, customer looks at it*

    “Oh, I want Jumbo. 130 balls.”

    *mentally shoots customer in the face*

    “No problem.”

  297. Breaking up is hard, but keeping derp is hateful
    I had so many dreams
    I had so many breakthroughs
    But you, my love, were kind
    But love has left you dreamless
    The door to dreams was closed
    Your park was real and dreamless
    Perhaps you’re smiling now
    Smiling through this darkness
    But all I had to give was guilt for dreaming

  298. That’s some serious derp.

  299. Seanm should just ask his customers if they’d like the fukksize bucket.

  300. Where the hell is Car in?

    *bangs cup*

    Ma’am! Coffee, black with a side of sweet potato home fries!!!

  301. There you are! What’s it take to get some service here?

  302. Minus 5 now with a forecast of 25 for the high. Snow Monday.

  303. And a salad with no onions.

  304. I don’t trust people who don’t like onions.

  305. School begins tomorrow. I am using up a vacation day today. Feels so luxurious.

  306. The announcer on the NFL Network is doing an experiment at Lambeau Field. He has a big dial thermometer that reads 20 degrees. He poured water into a clear plastic cup and told his viewers they’d be looking at the cup throughout the broadcast to see what happens.

  307. Gosh, I can’t wait to see what happens. It’s like a science experiment.

  308. If I had cable I would tune in.

  309. I just turned it off. I was hoping they’d show highlights from yesterday’s Pats-Ravens game for Paula to watch (mainly the Edelman trick play). She was working yesterday and is off to work again. Maybe right before the kickoff of today’s games I’ll check back on the fate of the liquid water exposed to 20 degree temperatures.

  310. I’m gonna guess that it turns to wine. Or whey. Since its Wisconsin.

  311. You have to let us know what happens, Jimbro. You’re our lifeline, here.

  312. Perhaps the NFL announcer went to Community College?

  313. I won’t let you down!

  314. I don’t trust people who don’t like onions.

    My wife doesn’t like onions. Your sentiments are justified, she’s sneaky.

  315. Well crap, that didn’t work.


  316. Water status, STAT.

  317. I bet the water is cold. And wet. But then I’m wasn’t a science major so I can’t be sure.

  318. Weird. Its the same temp in Charlotte, ABQ, and Kingsport TN. At least packing will be easy.

  319. I slept from 11pm to 930 am and I’m still tired. I think travel and then shoveling got me closer to sick than I like to feel. Leaving the house this morning feels risky.

  320. Is the ghetto bar open on Sunday?

  321. I went to bed at 1 and woke up at 8.

  322. Sounds like a good day to make broth, Leon.

  323. I have an oxtail and some short ribs that would work, but they’re still frozen.

  324. Beef? I was thinking chicken. Huh. You remind me that I have a pile of extra beef trimmings frozen for making broth too. Hm. That actually sounds like a good project for today. I’ma pull them and spread them out in a roasting pan and get that started. House needs a good goose of humidity and heat, anyway.

  325. **boils tripe…….just to seem like the other cool kids**

  326. Just remember, it’s your patriotic duty to pay every cent of your Obamacare tax shared responsibility payment.

    Records obtained by the Washington Examiner under the Freedom of Information Act show that HHS executives spent $31 million taking 7,000 first class and business class flights between 2009 and 2013, including 253 trips for which a one-way ticket cost more than $15,000.

  327. I much prefer beef broth to chicken, especially if I’ve got some good bones in there to pull minerals out of.

  328. Know what else has beef bones in it?

  329. Your mom?

  330. Records obtained by the Washington Examiner under the Freedom of Information Act show that HHS executives spent $31 million taking 7,000 first class and business class flights between 2009 and 2013, including 253 trips for which a one-way ticket cost more than $15,000.

    How do they get away with that shit? We can’t do that unless we are trading frequent flier miles for an upgrade.

  331. I left some minerals in your mom.

  332. Cause they big dogs Roamie. Y’all are peasants. So STFU.

  333. How do they get away with that shit? We can’t do that unless we are trading frequent flier miles for an upgrade.

    Your agency only has to worry about muslim outreach. HHS has to dry f**K every man, woman, and child in this country.

  334. Or you can buy a first-class ticket, but you are only going to get the cost of a coach-class ticket (on the contract carrier airline) reimbursed.

  335. Muslim outreach consists of getting your head cut off.

  336. Do you have Kathleen Sebelius on speed dial? Alright then. Question axed and anserd.

  337. “Oh, I want Jumbo. 130 balls.”

    Seen was mentally shooting him in the face, I would be thinking “Like your Mom on a typical Saturday night?”

    It’s the differences that make this country great.

  338. Muslim outreach consists of getting your head cut off.

    More of that extreme stereotyping.

    I’m sure they’d be happy to rape you almost to death first.

    Come to think of it, it isn’t really that much different than the HHS mandate, other than the fact that the HHS doesn’t say Allah allu Ackbar. Instead, they’ll yell “For the glory of Barry!”

  339. I was going to KSC, flying into Orlando. Contract airline is Delta, which means flying from HSV to ATL to Orlando. Airtran flight direct from HSV to Orlando was 4 hours shorter and $500 cheaper. You would not believe the hoops I had to jump through to save the gov’t money because Airtran wasn’t contract and wasn’t refundable.

  340. HHS has to dry f**K every man, woman, and child in this country.
    And still some people think medicine isn’t a fun career.

  341. As a mere lowly contractor, I fly Economy. The planes I’m on don’t even have First Class.

    I sometimes get lucky and get to ride in the single-seat aisle by the window, though.

  342. No, we’re not all Charlie Hebdo. This guy gets it.

    Al-Qaeda in Yemen didn’t attack Charlie Hebdo because we are all Charlie Hebdo.

    The opposite. It sent in the brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi because Charlie Hebdo was almost alone.

    Unlike most politicians, journalists, lawyers and other members of our ruling classes, this fearless magazine dared to mock Islam in the way the Left routinely mocks Christianity. Unlike much of our ruling class, it refused to sell out our freedom to speak.


  343. Thawing the oxtails and a packet of short ribs. Won’t need all of them for broth at once, but I might want to make it again later in the week.

  344. What happened to the water?

  345. Lots of Bill Belichick hate out there today.
    He’s the Dick Cheney of football.

  346. Gosh yes. THE WATER?

  347. We need some snow for this football game.

  348. I’ve never even heard about a “food activist”.

    Sigh. End times.

  349. I’ve never even heard about a “food activist”.


  350. Jimbro! Any water updates??

    Is it boiling? Evaporated? Ducks land in it? I’m clenched with suspense!

  351. “Food Activist” likely describes everything from anti-GMO to PETA vegaterrorists.

    I just politely request that I always be permitted to know that I’m eating plants and animals with which I my genes co-evolved.

  352. Virtually anyone who describes themselves with the term “activist” is merely misspelling the proper term, fascist.

  353. Just got back from the dump and washing 2 days worth of dishes and got the woodstove lit. I checked on the water and, what do you know? It was missing!

    Roger Goodell is pissed.

    #wheresthewater is trending on the twitter.

    Governor Christie pulled his head out of Jerry Jones ass and demanded a congressional investigation. Washington Post and New York Times are already calling it Watergate.

  354. Sam Kass was replaced by some chick who is a “food justice activist”.

    Gird your loins, folks.

  355. I’m happy to report Cyn’s cold remedy warded off my impending cold. Rite Aid pharmacy had the goods. Lots of tea with honey too. I got some Vitamin C but it was gummies that were made in Columbia. They smelled nasty.

  356. I have ADHD today. COmmenting. CLeaning. about to work out. Worky worky.

  357. Re-arranged my living room.

  358. Speaking of which, I need a music stand.

    Do they sell them at your record store, WIser?

  359. If they do, send me one, and the newest Foo Fighters record.


  360. Jeb Bush believes we wouldn’t have to fret about missing water if we would just open the sluice gates and let it cross our borders.

  361. “food justice activist”

    This is code for “free food for non-whites”.

  362. Speaking of which, I need a music stand.
    Do they sell them at your record store, WIser?

    Not sure, but I’m certain he sells their covers.

  363. Do bedouins live in food deserts?

  364. Amazon – $15

  365. Has anyone checked on the water? I’m dying here.

  366. A muppet needs water like a fish needs a bicycle.

  367. I live in a food desert. The nearest grocery store is 2.5 blocks.

  368. *applies for grant to become a Paraphyletic Transportation Justice Activist

  369. I live in a food desert. The nearest grocery store is 2.5 blocks.

    No justice, no piece of pizza!

  370. MJ is a Packer fan?


  371. Wouldn’t people starve in “food desert” rather than getting type 2 diabetes?

  372. It’s from obesity.

  373. *recreation of Lambeau Field waterglass*

  374. Vegan
    Lacto Vegetarian
    Ovo Vegetarian
    Lacto-ovo vegetarian

    I believe all of the above belong in the DSM-5.

  375. The poor are fatter than the wealthy. This kind of inequality is destroying America.

    How funny will it be when people are standing in line for government arugula and haricot verts?

  376. Food Justice Activist…and probably mare.


  377. There is a brand of green beans sold in France called “Larry Coverts.”

  378. A lefty friend is actually criticizing and chastising Obama and Biden for not being in Paris today. Has Hell frozen over and I didn’t read about it?

  379. Almost correct


  380. MJ, are you sure that isn’t Rosetta?

  381. lefty friend is actually criticizing and chastising Obama and Biden for not being in Paris today. Has Hell frozen over and I didn’t read about it?

    Has lefty friend forgotten that Licorice Dick said the future must not belong to those who mock Islam?


  382. It’s 32F. I’m still sick-ish, but in this heat wave I have little choice but to go try and clean the chicken coop.

  383. We can send a man to the moon but still can’t create a chicken that cleans up after itself.

    *pens strong letter to NASA*

  384. The rest of his lib friends have circled the wagons and cited CNN this morning as explaining that the security concerns for the french people were more important tgan trying to have POTUS and his sidekick there.

    Hahahaha Jesus.

  385. In other words it’s more important for Dear Leader to chicken out, even though he has the most massive security detail on earth.

    Licorice Dick would be there in a flash if there were a fundraiser on Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

  386. It is a noticeable absence and a bad move. Remember when Cheney wore an ugly coat to a funeral? This is rather worse than that.

  387. Eh, if Obama had gone, we’d be bitching about his huge security detail fucking everything up, and the ginormous cost of flying him there just for a photo op.

    Not everygoddam thing is an outrage.

  388. Laura’s working on something in the kitchen, I hear

    Get out of here!

    Go away!

    You are such a jerk!


    Bubba is helping.

  389. Get your nose outta there!

  390. http://tinyurl.com/qbfoky5

  391. Maybe if LD didn’t spend so many millions on Air Force One date nights with the First Wookie I wouldn’t begrudge him the cost this time.

  392. “Not everygoddam thing is an outrage.”


  393. Of course, all told it’s probably best with this fool that he stays at home until 2016, binge-watching ESPN and sneaking drags on a pack of Kools.

  394. Can’t believe only just now I noticed the mappy dingus in the sidebar showing the locations of you idiots all across the fruity plains.

  395. What I want to know is, who is that guy in the middle of the ocean off of the Oregon coast.

  396. US News and World Report Chairman and Editor-in-Chief and publisher of The New York Daily News, Mort Zuckerman predicted that Jeb Bush will win the 2016 GOP nomination on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

    After fellow panelist Eleanor Clift predicted that Jeb will “sew up the major GOP donors by Spring,” Zuckerman went one step further, declaring “Jeb Bush will be the Republican nominee for the presidency.”

    Hi, Hillary!

  397. George, that guy in the Pacific isn’t quite to scale. That’s Americano out in the Mandate islands.

  398. It’s not a mandate, it’s a tax.

  399. It’s not a mandate, it’s your mom.

    She needs hormone therapy

  400. MJ, are you sure that isn’t Rosetta?
    Actually, no. It sure could be. The bulge in the crotch is just about right.

  401. Rosetta’s crotch bulge?


  402. I saw Rosetta’s Crotch Bulge open for Dexy’s Midnight Runners in 1987.

  403. Did anybody else happen to know that if your company branch has 50 or fewer employees within a 75-mile radius that it doesn’t have to offer FMLA?

    Yeah. Me either.

  404. Also, Go Denver.

  405. Cyn, I knew it was 50 or fewer employees but not the radius. That sucks. Your company have a leave donation program?

  406. I doubt it, Roamy.

    I got this same grief from my boss a few years ago when The Axeman was diagnosed with his diabeeeetus.

    Drippy Cockholster

  407. We can carry over only so many days from one year to the next, so there’s a leave donation program. Last time I looked, there were a dozen people on the need list.

  408. The funnest part of this little conversation was his attempt at “empathy”: his wife was going thru this with her dad back in the midwest, even though she’s here in AZ… and that he expected his FiL to die quickly once he got pneumonia from the bad weather they’re having back there.


    Aaaallllllrighty then.

    Good talk, boss; good talk.

  409. I should not do this, but I always hope karma bites those kind of bosses in the ass.

  410. Right there with ya.

  411. OMAHA!

  412. MJ, are you sure that isn’t Rosetta?

    Too much hair.

  413. Important Beer Update: Only 2 bottles remain of my Gritty McDuff’s Christmas Ale 12 pack.

    Drinkable, but not their best effort.

    *dreams of Summer Ale*

  414. There’s a fat man in the skybox with the blues.

    I thought that was going to be twitter gold. Nope.

  415. I liked it.

  416. Now that song is going through my head. Good thing I like Little Feat. :)

  417. They are somewhere in my top 5. I got to see them once, so much fun.

  418. I managed to clean the coop.

    Meijer was out of celery. OUT of celery. So this week’s stew has celery-cabbage.

  419. Today in Compare and Contrast, Brad Thor tweets

    FLASHBACK: #Obama sent three representatives to #MichaelBrown funeral http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/aug/26/obama-sent-three-representatives-michael-brown-fun/ … #ParisMarch
    11:09 AM – 11 Jan 2015

  420. Michael Brown wasn’t a jjjooooooooooo!

  421. Welcome to the new Congress, same as the old Congress.

    Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say raising the gasoline tax for the first time in more than 20 years to shore up the insolvent federal Highway Trust Fund is possible this year…

    Republicans, while not explicitly endorsing an increase in the gas tax, for the first time in years have said that it’s a legitimate option…

    “I don’t think we take anything off the table at this point,” Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said last week on “Fox News Sunday,”

  422. BTW, Licorice Dick sent Eric Holder, but he didn’t attend the Paris rally. Unlike more than 40 world leaders.

  423. This poat smells like butter that’s been left in the churn a little too long.

  424. I tried celeriac for the first time recently- now it’s gonna be part of my next garden. Along with witloof chicory (belgian endive).

  425. So, quick question, why is the Federal highway fund insolvent?

    WTF did you spend the money on?

  426. So, quick question, why is the Federal highway fund insolvent?

    Muslim outreach.


  427. So, quick question, why is the Federal highway fund insolvent?
    WTF did you spend the money on?

    I could appreciate it if it were on hookers and blow, but I doubt their profligacy was that practical.

  428. I read it is spent on high speed rail projects, subsidizing inner-city bus routes, and some of it is used on actual infrastructure.

  429. BTW, Licorice Dick sent Eric Holder, but he didn’t attend the Paris rally.

    Didn’t you hear the call to prayer?

  430. That money is going to high speed rail projects and busways to nowhere.

  431. I could appreciate it if it were on hookers and blow, but I doubt their profligacy was that practical.

    Aside from the Columbian Hookers, you’re talking about the Billy Jeff Administration.

    This one was buying guns for Mexican Drug Cartels.

  432. High speed rail projects? That translates to “Dianne Feinstein’s husband’s bank account.” See: Blum, Richard.

  433. So, quick question, why is the Federal highway fund insolvent?
    WTF did you spend the money on?

    Your mom.

  434. There’s an off-ramp to your mom every two miles.

  435. So, quick question, why is the Federal highway fund insolvent?

    WTF did you spend the money on?

    A bunch of free phones and that one woman’s mortgage.

  436. Bad answer, his mom costs a nickel

  437. This poat smells like butter that’s been left in the churn a little too long

  438. MOOOOOOOMM! Lauraw almost made me snort bratwurst and mustard out my nose again!!!

  439. I’ve heard of women putting bratwurst somewhere, but never their nose.

  440. Bad answer, his mom costs a nickel

    Of course. But each time…

  441. http://bit.ly/1yWDRGC

  442. Do we have hostages in ABQ?

  443. Top to Bottom: H2, Your mom


  444. Dunno about the rest of you, but I could watch this all night…


  445. Osoloco, MJ.

  446. Your mom’s payday


  447. Not sure how close Pepe is to ABQ.

  448. I’m buying the blu-ray boxed set, Mr. Bont.

  449. What am I supposed to watch tonight?

  450. ~waves at MJ~

  451. See my comment at 7:36, J’Ames.

  452. Sean, that is so crazy. I watched that a bunch today too. Why would someone run *into* the hail of bullets?

  453. Why would someone run *into* the hail of bullets?

    Bullhorns probably told him there was bacon loose inside the grocery store.

  454. Why would someone run *into* the hail of bullets?

    Somebody told him there was a caricature of Mohammed on one of them.

  455. Jedi mind tricks were at work there.

  456. These are not the bullets you are looking for.

    *waves hand

  457. I guess Christie didn’t hug Jerry Jones today

  458. Clearly Coulibaly didn’t pay attention to this cover.


  459. Shoddy editor. They spelled Bible wrong.

  460. Oh dear. Anita Ekberg passed away.

  461. She was a looker


  462. I’ll be in AQB on the 19th and 20th.

    I’m going to Sam’s.

  463. I wrote a couple thoughts on the kosher shootout.


  464. Steal some bibles.

  465. Interesting xbrad. Actually one of your thoughts occurred to me, that the two opposing groups of cops were shooting at the perp… as they were apparently almost facing one another. Dicey.

  466. Where in Albuquerque are you staying?

  467. Grrrr…bible theft and this week…3 Brad Thor paperbacks.

  468. MJ, go to the Sam’s Club Café and demand halal muppet food.

  469. Also, I’m not sure, but I think there was a simultaneous breach at the rear of the building. That might explain why Asshole went charging to the front. He had nowhere else to go.

  470. COOKIE AKBAR!!!

  471. That might explain why Asshole went charging to the front

    Well, he is sporting several dozen assholes now.

  472. Do you have a membership?

  473. You don’t need a membership to buy booze, use pharmacy or optical, or dine in our cafe.

  474. Well, he is sporting several dozen assholes now.

    Kinda like the comment here.

  475. Oso, is there a Toys R Us in ABQ? Just in case MJ is lonesome and wants to visit Bert and Ernie.

  476. Sam’s. Dining.

    That’s funny.

  477. Oso, is there a Toys R Us in ABQ? Just in case MJ is lonesome and wants to visit Bert and Ernie buy another new car.

  478. Toys R Us is in the same shopping area as my Club. We had to put small vases with single flowers on all cafe tables. First day, 4 were stolen. Gone in a week. Our Group Leader used to be the manager of the Sam’s by Ala Moana on Oahu.

  479. Alamoanaonoahu plays tight end for the Patriots

  480. I don’t think he’s a Sam though

  481. Michael Hoomanawanui

    Close enough

  482. I was going to comment on “dining” but refrained in case some of you went there and were already embarrassed.

    MMM scheduled for 545am.

  483. They have excellent hot dogs and pretzels.

  484. Lewis Black: Old Yeller is pretty funny.

  485. Where in Albuquerque are you staying?
    The Pyramid.

  486. Fuckin’ Mr. Chumpo. Going to Shakespeare’s and hittin’ on all my waitresses. That bastard.

    The Irish one was there. She is burning hot.

  487. Oso, you have to make sure you have time off to meet MuppetJunkie.

    Then you will have met two, TWO, Hotstages! Ah Ah Ah Ah!

  488. Chumpo! I have a favor to ask…Can you photoshop something into a picture for me? I have no idea what I’m doing and I think this photo requires a dickbutt.

  489. dbl dot 143 dot id at gmail dot com

  490. Wow. 60 Minutes did a segment on The Heroes Project.

    If any of you are looking to do something charitable, take a look at them.

    They brought me to tears.

  491. Then you will have met two, TWO, Hotstages! Ah Ah Ah Ah!

    ISWYDT, Countess von Yourdick.

  492. Of course MJ. Stand By.

  493. http://i.imgur.com/5K7zr.gif

  494. I watched that too, Scott – amazing work.

  495. I gotta put Zee tykes to bed.


  496. It’s gotten to the point where I hear – Hell’s Angels and I think –
    Patriotic American.

  497. They might sell drugs, dabble in smuggling stuff, or kill people, but they love their country.

  498. Hell’s Angels = Reagan-era CIA?

  499. I would rather live next door to bikers than muslims.

  500. 1. I can’t believe we haven’t discussed the season premiere of Archer. It was good.

    2. The French Connection is on Netflix. Which to me is a fuckton more appealing than The Golden Globes.

  501. Yeah,
    Consider the source, but this is just sad:

    I’m drinking too much and clenching my jaws too hard at where we’re going, why it’s getting so warm, and what the hell am I doing in this hand-basket?…

  502. Speaking of “Bikers”,
    A friend that we went to computer-school with, back in ’68, and worked with for15 years, quit and bought a bar.
    We’d go there sometimes, after getting off work at 12:30(swing shift). We were in there one night, with another couple that worked at the same place we did.
    A lost-looking young man approached Sue(the wife in the couple we were there with), and asked her ; “Are you packin’?”
    She told him “No”. He responded with;
    “Well, that’s two of us.”
    There were probably 50 people in there.
    The only two that were not strapped were Sue, and “That Guy”.

    BTW, It is not legal to carry a firearm in a bar in Washington State.

    The Cops would, often, drop by, have a beer, borrow somebodys bike, and go blasting up and down South Tacoma Way, then bring it back, hop in the prowler and go about their patrol duties…

  503. 1. I can’t believe we haven’t discussed the season premiere of Archer. It was good.

    Some pretty good Thai tranny hooker jokes at the beginning. I also thought the banter with the Hiroo Onoda-style character was pretty good.

  504. Did anybody panic when anybody else wanted to discuss the book they pretend to read at the coffee shop in order to look smart today?

  505. Coffee shop? No. Underpass……maybe.

  506. People were talking about NM earlier, so here’s this…

  507. Was Obama there?

  508. Well crap.

    Me: I need to get my butt back on the treadmill and start lifting weights again.

    Cute Female Friend (CFF): Yes! Just as long as you do a balanced body and not just the arm and shoulder obsession thing.

    Me: No chicken legs, I try to do a lot of squats and deadlifts and overhead presses.

    CFF: a guy with strong.legs is….. Extremely attractive. If there was an emojicon for drooling I’d send it…

    I guess I’m going to be living at the squat rack…

  509. Cold but beautiful

    Laura? Cyn?

  510. I squatted on your mom’s rack.

  511. I thought that was just German and Japanese customers.

  512. doesn’t that cost extra?

  513. There was a German film crew.

  514. First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect
    Your sensibilities are shaken by the slightest defect
    You live your life like a canary in a coalmine
    You get so dizzy even walking in a derp line

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