It is after all Thorsday




  1. FOLKS…

    I’m being asked to table our condolences post on Michael for a while.

  2. Confusing.


  3. Bye Michael, Thanks for the laughs and the drinks.

  4. Happy birthday buddy.

  5. I’m headed out on mom stuff.

    Have a good day, cool kids.

  6. Take care, Doll.


  8. So my first kid for Botox injections had a cold. Case rescheduled. Can’t move the second one up because of the nothing by mouth status. Twiddling my thumbs….

  9. We cleaned our kitchen shelves and closets out a bit after New Year’s and I looked at most of the cookbooks I owned and tossed more than half. They were mostly paperbacks or discount ones of the type you buy on sale at the now defunct Border’s bookstore. Paula is giving them all to her friend. She refuses to drop them off at the Second Time Around place at our local transfer station. Last time we did that the hag that runs it told us our junk wasn’t good enough for their establishment.

  10. I did convince her that we could drop the old dishes off there. Thankfully the hag wasn’t there and we just dropped the two medium sized boxes in the right spot. Who cares if they were a little chipped here and there? If I’ve got no dishes you’re damn straight I’ll eat off something that’s not fine china and I got for free.

  11. Doh! I just remembered we have a dishwasher full of clean dishes that we didn’t go through! We do our dishes by hand most of the time but there’s a load we ran through the machine when we had company over.

  12. I’m being asked to table our condolences post on Michael for a while.

    I hope my green jello comment is preserved. Inspirational tributes like that just don’t grow on trees.

  13. Jimbro, will you look at this weeping lesion in my bathing suit area? I need a consult.

  14. Rub some jello on it, you’ll be fine. I recommend the green kind!

  15. I meant to take the Xmas tree down by New Years. Took the ornaments off and put away. Then had to take a trip down yonder with beasnette.
    It’s still standing. Guess I better deal with it today.

  16. We did ours last Sunday. And by we I mean Paula. Is your tree real or fake? My ex-wife used to leave real trees up almost to the end of January. They left a fragrant trailer needles as they left the house.

  17. trail of needles

  18. Well, that’s not how I wanted to start my day.

  19. Whatever it is, I caught it from the toilet seat at Rosie’s.

  20. My family always keeps trees up until after Little Christmas/Epiphany. If I switch to Orthodoxy (& I’m almost there), Orthodox Xmas comes right about the time of Little Xmas, so right when the rest of my fam is taking down their trees, I’ll be putting mine up; I could have Xmas until February, conceivably.

  21. I just left mine in the garage this year.

  22. Rub some jello on it, you’ll be fine. I recommend the green kind!


  23. I just left mine in the garage this year.

    I didn’t put one up, truthfully. Had lights and such, but no tree. I couldn’t bring myself to face the cold weather I’d have to endure to actually go get a tree and bring it home.

  24. trail of needles

    If you made your children walk that trail barefoot with the windows open, they’ll have had a more authentic Native American experience than Lizzie Warren ever has.

  25. Does anyone else find it interesting that the only group of people who never seem to be concerned about a backlash against Muslims in the wake of these types of horrific attacks are the Muslims who commit these types of horrific attacks?

  26. good to see you, jazz hands. I was just about to make a trail of needles joke. Thanks!

  27. I’m just glad someone put those evil Christians in their place. There could have been trouble!

  28. we don’t want any trouble.

  29. To quote Popeye Doyle from the French Connection “never trust anybody.” The new California cap and trade gasoline tax works a little differently then I have read, and stories skeptical of this whole scheme have not been precisely clear.. It went into effect at the beginning of the year, and the prices to gasoline wholesalers went up about $.10 a gallon. It has not yet shown up in retail prices, due to the increasing supply of gasoline. However, should supplies dwindle or demand increase, or should California decide to charge more for the so-called carbon credits, the cost to wholesalers could rise upwards of $.60 per gallon. That will make it into retail prices without doubt. Fortunately, for the moment, we haven’t been hit with this yet. Let’s hope people like the glorious leader in the White House do nothing that stymies petroleum production in the US.

  30. Liking New Mexico more and more. When I left there, the price for regular in Santa Fe was about $1.70 per gallon.

  31. good to see you, jazz hands. I was just about to make a trail of needles joke. Thanks!

    Hey, J’Ames! TYVM :-) I bet you could have made a better joke than I. In fact, the whole scenario is still wanting; you should go for it.

  32. I have no idea what the price of gas is. I haven’t had to fill up in about 3 weeks.

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