The Conservative Rebellion Against John Boehner.

Now we can move on to more important things like caving to Obama on amnesty and nominating Jeb Bush for ‘16.

In other news, if your last name is Methven, maybe you shouldn’t name your daughter Crystal.


  1. This post gave MJ the clap.

  2. Nope. That was your sister.

  3. I just got pushed back another half hour. Its going to have to be tomorrow night.

  4. No worries. Be safe.

  5. MJ’s getting pushed down like a Monday morning stray poat by one of Leon’s tranny poats.

  6. I don’t envy your work related travels MJ.

    Your mixology skills, yes. Travel, nope.

  7. Mixing drinks is easy.

    Running that stupid Keno machine? That takes skillz.

  8. BINGO! What do I win?

  9. Making drinks is easy. Waiting in line is hard.

  10. Any idiot can run the Keno machine.

    It takes real skill to balance the books at night’s end. I’ve heard.

  11. I, I can’t even

    Joe being Joe just became creepy Joe being creepy Joe

  12. Hopefully I’ll be delayed a little more so I can be rebooked for tomorrow. I am in my home town after all.

  13. wrangled

  14. In bazzar Democrat hazing rite Plugz Biden rounds first base with froshman Senetor’s froshman daughter. No news at eleven.

  15. Joe Just Being Joe™

    “My only regret is I don’t live in Wyoming.” —to Wyoming Republican Michael Enzi’s wife.

    “How old are you? 15? I hope Mom has a big fence.” —to Iowa Republican Joni Ernst’s daughter. The fence would presumably keep out the boys chasing after her.

  16. Wiser Bud my friend, how goes the New Year?

  17. busy. Ramping up for the new season of the show, plus closing out last year at the music store takes a looooot of my time.

    How’s by you, chumpster.

  18. “Say little girl, you’re lucky Senator Byrd is gone. He WAS the Angry Dragon!”

    -Jackin’ Joe Biden on Hazin in the New Guy (and his children) 2015

  19. I’m good. 2015 is going to kick ass!!

  20. I’m guessing that the reason the little girl dodged his kiss is because his breath smells like dickbutt.

  21. It’s hard to see there, but he’s got his hand wrapped around her upper arm, too. What a crazy old piece of shit.

    Surely the feminists who remember being young women, and recall how awful it was when some old perv presumed to put his hands on them, will rise up and demand his head!

    *sound of lonely wind across empty plains*

    OH. Right.

  22. Uncle Joe.

  23. Who? This guy?

  24. Joe has always been Creepy Joe.

  25. Gosh, at least no one has to worry about Weepy John trying to exact revenge against conservatives who didn’t vote for him, right?

    We deserve the leaders we get, and apparently we don’t deserve much.

    *drinks cup of Jeb Bush hemlock*

  26. “Jeb bush hemlock”

    See if you can find Uncle Fester’s left hand in this photo.

  27. GAH!

  28. I’m really not happy to be leaving Santa Fe today. Toodles.

  29. It’s only 75 here.

    //puts on fleecey jacket

  30. It was eighty degrees down here today! I’m putting the jackets away for another year. That’s BS.

  31. Forecast has -22 wind chill in it.

  32. At least it’s not F’in bright and burney at your house every damn day.

  33. Sorry, Chumpo, you’re right. That would get on my nerves.

  34. Delayed school opening already scheduled for Thursday due to cold weather. I think someone just wants one more day to sleep in after the holidays.

  35. Quiet, Humpy. You’ll scare the beach bunnies.

  36. Mare!

  37. *low whistle*

    Look out.

  38. Did anybody forget to wake anybody else up from their nap today?

  39. Trust me, that was far from the worst beach bunny I could find.

  40. I think we have a Soledad’s Earpiece dealio on Twitter. WB is killing it.

  41. Huh? Last tweet I see was in April.

  42. Wait for “Daddy’s fingers” … then we’ll know.

  43. Here, Scott:

  44. Sorry Scott. Thanks, Andy.

  45. How’s it going Andy?

  46. Pretty darned good, Scott. You?

  47. We are well. Busy as hell for the last couple of months.

  48. Andy, nothing yet.

  49. Same here. Except the last couple of weeks, during which I did little to nothing. And it was glorious!

  50. Got it. The fine print said it shipped separately ~ 4 weeks after the order, so … soon.

  51. Our cop shooter was busted today. Wearing a team hoodie for our rival. I have several family members that are Alums. Should I have tagged them?

  52. Nobody knows what that means.

  53. Oh, good, I thought I was having a stroke.

  54. Cop pulled over a DUI this wknd. He was shot twice. Cop was friend of a Co-worker. APD got the shooter today. He was wearing a NMSU tee shirt. Shooter was in a stolen SUV.

  55. I knew it! No one reads my late night talking to myself posts!

  56. Read them? Sure.
    Understand them?


  57. What Xbrad said. yeah we read, then sit-back and go:

  58. RTAUTM?

  59. I read your LNTTMP.

  60. IMO!

  61. I H8 u guys. Pretty pathetic that I love you guys.

  62. H8 chkn u guys?

  63. I had H8CHKN last week. Didn’t get the peppermint shake. Now, it’s gone. Gone.

  64. You people comment too slow. I’m here, Fb, and twitter while watching basketball and eating pizza.

  65. oso,
    We’re here, too, having a Roma Tomato, sliced Black olive, and artichoke pizza.

  66. geez, oso. I give you a “Daddy’s Fingers” tweet and I get nothing?

  67. Grr…I must’ve been watching basketball. BRB

  68. sux when I have to beg…..

  69. guess that account isn’t all that funny…..

  70. It is freaking hilarious. In a creepy white van/ice cream truck kind of way. (Fighting with libtard at Baldi’s)

  71. Crap. Still fighting with Libtard at Baldilocks.

  72. My bad, not libtard. A fucking beltway type. 3 dimensional chess. FU Flyover fucktards.

  73. Crap. Fighting on FB with you guys as my assets not my drunk fight haNGING

  74. Don’t you ever listen to the radio
    When the big bad derp comes on
    I know you gotta dig it child
    I know you can’t stop
    Come on a little too strong

  75. ww

  76. HHD is up.

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