MMM 156: time to get your fix

I gotta get out the door in a few minutes, so here’s a lot of pictures.

I think she could maybe beat me up.

She’s using this bench all wrong. I’ll tell her after she’s done.
Artistic monochrome.
Not gonna lie, I’m not sure on this one. YKWIM.
Repeat, probably, but a good one.
Standing around, getting hydrated.
Warm, summer days.
Calf raises didn’t do this alone, but they helped.
Why is she indoors?
This girl should really be better dressed if she’s about to work out. Wait, what folder is this from? Huh. Well, she’s here now.
Snake pants.
And a little after-Christmas Christmas cheer.
Happy Monday. Kick ass and take initials. Or don’t. Who cares after the ass has been kicked, amiright?


  1. A late rising bunch, I see.

  2. So… not even one chick today.

  3. Good morning Jay and lurkers.

    Too early for me yet; gonna lay back down for a bit. .

  4. wakey wakey

  5. Did I mention that I hate football?

  6. So, my husband made me watched that NatGeo show “Drugs, Inc.”

    I think the next time some liberal douchebag, who I KNOW TAKES MOLLY or other “club drugs”, tells me about some evil corporation bullshit, Imma gonna punch them right in the face.

  7. Heh, my football season was over last week.

  8. I love my pot smoking buddies, and how it’s so harmless. Completely side effect free!

  9. That is a good show. It amazes me that there are so many users wiling to tell their stories and do dope on camera without protecting their identities. Different world.

  10. Yea, and those who argue that the “war on drugs” is what creates the violence, etc, can eat a bag of dicks.

  11. Car in, you just have to let people do whatever they want. Otherwise you are creating violence.

    It’s so simple!

  12. The crazy drugs people do …

    Since we’ve legalized “medical” marijuana here in Michigan, business is BOOMING. People are making a shit-tonne and growers are popping up everywhere.

    Of course, it’s ALL LEGAL, right?

    sure it is.

  13. This experiment is going to go horribly wrong.

  14. Was able to turn the heat back on!! !Yea. We got really low on propane and couldn’t get a delivery until today.

  15. I think #2 is the female.

  16. I mean, he always throws in at least one, right?

  17. *smokes teh meth, creates violence

  18. Methhead killed the blog.

    Good job mj.

  19. I hate you all.

  20. Lingerie girl is a real girl. You must minimally admit to that one.

    *goes back to totes legal opium farming*

  21. Fisthead!

  22. >> Not gonna lie, I’m not sure on this one. YKWIM.


  23. That first guy wears too much eye shadow.

  24. Clearly that guy taking the selfie has never read GQ or left the gym long enough to pick up any fashion sense.

  25. Comment by leoncaruthers on January 5, 2015 9:29 am
    Lingerie girl is a real girl. You must minimally admit to that one.
    *goes back to totes legal opium farming*

  26. Lingerie girl is a real girl. You must minimally admit to that one.

    If by real girl you mean conflicted pre-op tranny, yes.

  27. It amazes me that there are so many users wiling to tell their stories and do dope on camera without protecting their identities.

    And nevertheless people say serious drug users lack good judgment. How peculiar.

  28. *owns the blog by default*

  29. Today is 1515. Suck it, bitches.

  30. I refuse to be oppressed by your white Gregorian calendar privilege.

  31. Suck it, bitches

    Judging from today’s MMM crew, not many of those in here.

  32. Heh, I see Steve King (my rep) is still making waves in Congress:

  33. The fledgling rebellion against electing John Boehner to a third term as House speaker gained momentum over the weekend, as nine conservative Republicans declared they intend to vote against the Ohio Republican when the House convenes on Tuesday.

    Among them, Reps. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, and Ted Yoho, R-Fla., also have announced they will challenge Boehner for the position.

    Well, the Chambers of Commerce still own the GOP. Besides, after Cromnibus the Orange Weeper and Chinless Mitch gave LD most of what he wanted.

  34. Attaboy, Chinless. You keep on serving your masters.

    Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is “not opposed” to negotiating with President Obama, he said in an interview with CNN that aired Sunday, and expressed eagerness to work with the president to find a middle ground in the coming year.

    “Now he needs to talk to us,” McConnell said. “And that’s good, because when the American people elect a divided government, they’re not saying they don’t want anything done. What they are saying is, they want things done in the political center, things that both sides can agree on. We talk about the things where there may be some agreement.”

    Remind me again why I should vote. At all.

  35. Legal marijuana is booming here in Colorado, yet surprisingly the promised riches for the public coffers never materialized.

  36. CLAM DIP:

    2 (8 oz.) pkgs. cream cheese
    1 lg. tbsp. sour cream
    1 tsp. salad dressing
    2 (6 oz.) cans clam pieces
    1/2 chopped onion
    Dash salt
    Hot sauce to taste

    Combine softened cream cheese with sour cream, salad dressing; mix well. Add chopped onion; mix well. Add clam pieces; mix well. Add salt and hot sauce; mix well. Refrigerate until ready to eat, use crackers or fresh vegetables.
    Shrimp can be used in place of clams (fresh or canned).

  37. Just like the school system in Klownifornia was supposed to be flush with cash after all the tobacco taxes, settlements and state lotteries.

    Hmm. I’m beginning to suspect our rulers are not completely honest with us.

  38. That can’t be true, co alex. I was informed that they could probably get rid of the income tax, it was such a money maker.

    They are entertaining the same thing in Iowa now.

  39. I guess at one point they were predicting $1 BILLION in revenue. They’re at maybe $100 million.

  40. Grey leggings and purple short shorts make my traveling team. The rest of these dudes need to go hang out with Chris Christie for a while and try again next year.

  41. Yeah…get rid of the income tax first.

  42. BTW, sales taxes are one of those ideas that sound good in theory but are bad in practice, IMHO. Too much opportunity for do-gooders to try and ‘adjust’ your behavior.

  43. Speaking of sales tax, Michigan is going to take it in the pooper now that gas is down to $1.75.

    Eat me, you cunts.

  44. Gambling was supposed to save Maine. Bangor is actually plowing some of the money into the downtown and waterfront improvements but those areas are only habitable 6 to 8 months a year without getting frostbite. Schools still cry poverty.

  45. I can’t wait to fill up the truck to see what the new sliding scale “stealth” gas tax costs me at the pump.

  46. Must be the snowstorm we are having that’s causing the temporary comment outage here.

  47. It’s Polar Vortex OMG here. The temps have dropped as the day has progressed. I’m not looking forward to getting into my cold truck after I finish my notes.

  48. JTFC

    I wouldn’t recommend M D Anderson Cancer Center to my worst enemy.

    Among other things, mom has been on three floors and now wears three of those medical check-in bands/bracelets. And none of the floors knows what the other is doing.

    I see metal level cocktailing later.

  49. Cyn, do we need to ship you the rubber hose?

    In other news, After travelling since 5am on three hours of sleep, I’m safely lodged at the hotel.

    In Globe.

  50. Sorry, Cyn.

  51. Globe Alex! Woo Hoo welcome to Arizona!

  52. Rubber hose? Naw, I carry one around with me.

    Mom’s MRI appt was set for 11:45 — she got in at 2:20.

  53. Hoseclamper.

  54. Nippleclamper.

  55. Hose smasher would be good right now. We’re finally out of the MRI and have now only been waiting 30 minutes to get her final hydration bag to help wash away the MRI contrast dye .

    #ginormous eyeroll
    #these can people suck MJ’s clam

  56. Heh. Keep on slug gin’.

  57. Cyn, can they give you a gin IV?

  58. VI gin I think he’s on something.

  59. I have a twist of lime in my mouth as we speak.

  60. Did you put the lime in the coconut?

  61. Heh.

    When I think of lime, it makes me think of salt and remembering this one time licking it off of this beautiful… oh never mind; boring old story anyways.

  62. **thud**

  63. **sneaks a peek at pillow fight pics**

  64. Mai tai ok?

  65. That first dude in this poat is scary as hell.

  66. Cyn rhymes with gin. Coincidence?

  67. I dunno ’bout you, but the one Leon isn’t sure about? I’m pretty damn sure.

  68. Comment by Sean M. on January 5, 2015 6:36 pm
    That first dude in this poat is scary as hell.

    Pretty sure he’s the one that kicked Rocky’s ass in that one movie.

  69. “Pretty sure he’s the one that kicked Rocky’s ass in that one movie.”

    “(Zee cost of zee operation) will break you.”

  70. Instant kimchee noodles aren’t too bad.

  71. I’m making shrimp scampi tonight. Who wants some?

  72. Stir fry for leftover veggies and pork.

  73. Homegirl is making pork chops baked in a bag with taters and ranch style beans. It does in a pinche.

  74. My next pork chops will be in a crock pot with apple juice and cinnamon.

  75. Getting food from Five Star Burgers in Santa Fe. With delicious Bourgeuil wine.

    I don’t want to go back to Klownifornia.

  76. My next pork chops will be on the grill, indirect, with applewood smoke.

    As usual. No other way to cook them.

  77. Wine, followed with whine.

  78. In vino veritas, J’ames.


  80. That first dude in this poat is scary as hell.

    Not used to seeing steroid junkies with eye makeup.

  81. The weird part is that you do get used to it.

  82. I don’t want to go back to Klownifornia.

    What, and miss out on the radiant glow of Jerry Brown’s fourth term as governor?

  83. Now I see why Oso is in NM.

  84. OK, guess we can all agree Buffalone needs to die.

  85. My next pork?

  86. your mom

  87. Heh.

  88. Jay, what flavor of wood do you smoke with?

  89. I’ve been using a blend.
    Amazon has mesquite, hickory, peach, apple, cherry, black cherry, oak, alder, grape, maple and mulberry.

  90. I use various things. Right now I’m using up a friend’s apple tree that the rabbits killed last year.

    Pork and fruit wood go very well together.

  91. I use various things. Right now I’m using up a friend’s apple tree that the rabbits killed last year.

    Too bad they didn’t do a better job with Jimmy Carter.

  92. holy crap, leon went full on hard core tranny this week…
    -way to start off the new year dude –

  93. Pork and fruit wood go very well together.

    Is there such a thing as a gay chubby chaser?

  94. Is there such a thing as a gay chubby chaser?


  95. One of my nephews got married on New Year’s Eve. I thought his ex-wife was going to set a new drama record on Facedouche. Chicky, if you’d wanted him that bad in the first place, he might have stayed. I really ought to drop her, but I like seeing pics of the great-neflings.

  96. This one goes out to roamy’s ex-niece-in-law or whatever…

  97. #1 MMM selection this week is actually too butch for most of the HHDs on Wednesday.

    I’m calling her for the lesbians. No guy tough enough. She has to be the man.

  98. Hola bolsas de pescados.

  99. Que paso, mijo.

  100. Is there such a thing as a gay chubby chaser?

    Where’s MCPO been lately anyway?

  101. I say we hire MMM #1 to go to Tucson and have a word or two with the hospital staff.

  102. Hola, marioneta de mano de fieltro.

  103. Good one, Sean. I’m hoping she’ll grow up before her kids do.

  104. Felt puppet?

  105. Muy bueno, personaje de ficción de Velcro.

  106. Órale enano.

  107. Hazme un cóctel, marioneta.

  108. No hablo. No entiendo Espanol. Ingles por favor. Jodidos.

  109. Mis bolsas de pescado son saladas y de gran capacidad.

  110. Are we in a voting booth in California, or Texas?

  111. English, motherfucker, do you speak it!?!

  112. Say what again!

  113. *debriefs; jams straw with funnel into artery, pours in Absolut*

  114. Happy Monday Wheeee!

  115. Are we in a voting booth in California

    The most useless place on earth, because no matter what you do in there, you still get permanent Democrat rule.

  116. *installs NO SMOKING sign near Cyn’s bloodstream*

  117. Jay,
    Was it you that linked to the pea-soup recipe?
    If so, thank you!
    This one:

    I made it with a pound of diced smoked ham, as I did not have a ham bone or ham-hock.
    It was wonderful. I’m pissed that I’m 66 and had never made this before! I could have eaten it MANY times, but, I did not.
    I missed out.
    So it goes…

  118. Shrimp scampi came out great. I ate your share.

  119. **sends poolboy and Godiva chocolates to Cyn**

    Hang in there, tiger. Hope your mom is doing better or at least resting comfortably.

  120. Can your basketball coach do this?

  121. That was the one, chrisp. I made it too, really good. I made it with homemade turkey stock, too.

  122. Did anybody realize that anybody else’s evasiveness about their contractor’s license was starting to overshadow the money they were saving on the project today?

  123. Thanks, Roamy. The tumors to the brain have been confirmed and today was a MRI with Contrast to see them more clearly. Next step is a little radiation to ’em to stave off the neurologic deficits for just a little while longer.

    *shares the poolboy and chocolates*

  124. I visited my dad and stepmom last weekend. Dad is halfway through a 30-day heart monitor. They had to shave patches in his body hair for the monitor leads, and it’s been growing back out and itching. I wasn’t brave enough to tease him about it.

  125. Is his heart what they think caused the accident?

  126. I used to have a Boston. I’ll have another some day.

  127. Cyn, radiation for the brain and chemo for the bones? Or just the radiation?

  128. Roamy, MiL had that without the shaving. My cousin, Celena, had the same thing for her oldest boxer. We used to tease MiL about it.

  129. He was having an a-fib episode when they brought him to the hospital, but I’m not sure how that causes a blackout unless he had a mini-stroke or transient ischemic attack. Thank God he has decided not to drive any more, so I don’t have to fight his stubbornness on that.

  130. The chemo that she’d been having was to some lymph glands but she decided a few weeks back that it wasn’t worth it. In retrospect, the fact that she now has tumors in her brain reveals that the chemo was never effective unfortunately.

    The radiation will just be for the brain: the tumors caused some left-sided weakness as though she’d had a stroke– that’s what they thought had happened. She’s taking steroids to keep the swelling in the brain down until the radiation begins, probably some time later this week. Neither the steroids nor the radiation will stop the inevitable tumor growth.


    6:20 AM Eastern time if y’all are up, though the weather is only 60% favorable.

  132. How is she doing and how are you? If you need us to be circus monkeys, we can do that. If you need us for virtual hugs, we can do that too.

  133. He may have literally fainted while he was driving – I’m glad he’s getting it all checked out, and decided not to drive without a bunch of pressure.

    I think it was Dave that told me that putting a good lotion on where the hair is growing back helps. Or was that Wiserbud?

  134. Roamy, big hugs that he decided on his own not to drive. Does Step-Mom drive?

  135. *shakes out circus monkey suit*

  136. She’s doing pretty well all things considered – Hospice of the Valley has been phenomenal and she’s all but pain free (from the tumor-caused-hip-fracture, and maybe the brain tumor creating a pain sensation??) and has full access to Ativan and Morphine (plus her Fentanyl patch) just about any time she wants it. I am pendulum-swinging.

    Virtual circus monkey hugs are all good.

  137. How about zoo monkey hugs?

  138. Oh hells no – those asshole fling teh poo


  140. I know. It was a test.

  141. *gives Oso an unwarranted Slug Bug slug*

  142. * hugs *

  143. No Romo pics allowed on the blog!

  144. Jajaja!

  145. *hugs back*


    So glad this day is done. Nighty dreams all youse guys.

  146. Nighty hugs, Cyn.

  147. G’night CynGin.

  148. You know, flinging poo is considered affection among some primates.

    *flings sympathy poo for Cyn*

  149. G’night. Tune in Tuesday.

  150. You know, flinging poo is considered affection among some primates.

    Aw, man. Nobody ever flings any poo at me.

  151. Here, Double.

    my friend Rob’s band.

  152. I dug that, Chumpo. Looks like they have a few free albums on Amazon Prime, too. Thanks.

    (Almost makes up for the lack of affectionate feces.)

  153. No worries, I just picked up that album. There is another great song called AFK.
    Rob was a band guy that I knew socially. He and another couple of friends had a good band in high school and it was obvious that they all had talent.

  154. Gotta close up here. See you at the derp.

  155. They come on like they’re peaceful
    But inside they’re so uptight
    They derp through their day
    And waste all their thoughts at night


  157. Wakey wakey. It’s freezing up here.

  158. ARCTIC AIR.

  159. -2 when I woke up, with 7 inches of fresh powder. FUN DRIVE!

  160. -3 degrees here but with the wind it “feels like” -11

    Minus ELEVENTY dammit!!!

  161. -12 wind chill here. I WIN!

  162. You win, leave your address with my producer so he can mail you your prize:

  163. Weird things afoot with Michael? Facedouche friends, please go read his wall.

    I hope he’s ok.

  164. 7 degrees. Wind chill at -2.

  165. Wow, sounds like signals are getting crossed. Hope it gets straightened out.

  166. *sniffs poat*

    I smell mentholatum. And despair

  167. *ignores DiT

  168. First and goal at the Dallas 8.

    *plans on holding grudge for a very long time

    So … exactly how many folks do ride on the Cowboys’ party bus?

  169. Carin, check your g string

  170. For some reason I have been copied on numerous emails from that woman to Michael. I have no idea why, and I won’t gossip, but I really feel bad for Michael.

    Something ain’t right.

  171. MJ, where the hell are u? Are we still meating at the GB tonight?

  172. Sumbitch is probably frozen to some park bench. He’s not used to the cold.

  173. No. Something is not right.

  174. ISU is hosted Gameday from ESPN before the Kansas game on Jan 17.

    Woo hoo!

  175. Oh, god, I’ve got to get up and get moving. What fresh hell is this.

  176. I don’t facedouche. So what’s up with Michael. Seems like somebody mentioned on here a month or two back that he might have a tumor or something, but I’ve forgotten the details.

  177. What fresh hell is this.

    That appears to be a question but it has no question mark. Hotspur will kick your ass for this.

  178. Kinda sorta like the second sentence in my 11:52 poat.

  179. How far is it from Des Moines to Ames? I’ve done it before but it’s been 30+ years and I’ve forgotten.

  180. Michael has terminal cancer. The question is, is he receiving care from a caregiver? It appears he may not be, and is in no shape to be alone.

  181. Ace wonders what the hell is going on with our government. He, of all people, should know the answer to this.

  182. It also appears that his caregiver may have been batshit crazy. But that’s just how I read it.

  183. Speaking of batshit crazy, where the hell is MJ? We’re supposed to get together tonight.

    ?? <—– these are for brad and PG. Use them wisely.

  184. H/S, actually, I kinda know exactly what fresh hell this is, so I used it more as a declarative. Hence the frugality with the question marks.

  185. A cold has been working its way through our house. First the youngest, then the older boy and then Paula mentioned she’s got a headache and feels off. Now I’m becoming paranoid about my minor headache and dry scratchy eyes. Fuuuuk.

  186. Kill yourself now.

  187. JK

  188. Jimbro:

    This plus this, and this if you want to be extra fighty = FU Cold.

    Seriously; it worked.

  189. Also, good morning.

  190. *sneaky surprise-hug*

    Gotcha. Did you sleep ok, Cyn?

  191. ** sends Cyn a case of Clorox wipes**

  192. Hello, Cyn.

    *throws sympathy poo in primate gesture if affection*

  193. “Of affection.”

    Fickin’ autocucumber.

  194. I’ve been taking Vit C like a monkey on Crack.

    Everyone else in the house got a cold.

    *points thumbs at chest


    Everyone at work also has the flu.

    FTR – no flu shot

  195. Gal? How utterly degrading to your fellow sisters.

  196. Slept well thank you, with the miracle of modern pharmacology.

    Of course, I’m still sleeping now and this shit prolly won’t wear off until about 2 pm today, but what the hey.

  197. I’m serious about those Boiron products plus the Elderberry You Guys: had a cold beginning to flourish in my house and I sneezed a few times and began to feel like the wrath knowing I’d caught it – picked those goodies up and 36 hours later I was cured.

  198. Speaking of cured, how’s that dose of clap doing?

  199. Dunno, but last time I talked to your mom, she said that she was just about done with her antibiotics.

  200. That Vitamin C is good shit, CarIn. I found some Zinc plus C lozenges (SYWM) when I was buying all that crap but never needed to use them.

  201. I sent my boys out to buy that zicam stuff if I ever started feeling shitty, but haven’t needed it yet.

  202. 30 miles from Ames to Des Moines

  203. :)

  204. Bummer, can’t see the House live stream. Looks like we actually have a vote!

  205. I vote for the House to eat a bag of dicks.

  206. Speaking of cured, how’s that dose of clap doing?

    Hey now. Our Cyn is 111% all-American. We don’t call it “clap” here.

    We call it clam chowder.

  207. I vote for the House to eat a bag of dicks.

    That would be the most wholesome thing they have eaten for years.

  208. I’ve used all of those before Cyn. Never at the same time. Right now I’m going with Earl Gray tea with honey. I’ll be near the nature nazi store Thursday and stock up on those. I usually get all 3 of those in the fall but forgot this year.

  209. Anything that spills the tears of Karl Rove is a good thing.

    Boehner ‘no’ votes pile up

    A bloc of at least 15 conservative lawmakers will vote Tuesday to deny John Boehner a third term as Speaker, more than the dozen who organized a botched coup attempt against the veteran Ohio Republican two years ago.

    Hours before the vote, the number of Boehner defectors was building. Tea Party Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) announced on Facebook he wouldn’t be voting for Boehner, just like in 2013.

    Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) reversed his previous position and said he now will vote against Boehner. And Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) said he had joined the “dump Boehner” movement.

  210. CLAM DIP


    1 can (8 ounces) minced clams
    1 clove garlic, cut in half
    8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
    2 teaspoons lemon juice
    1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
    drop or two of Tabasco sauce
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    pinch pepper


    Drain clams, reserving 1/4 cup of the juice. Rub a medium serving bowl with the garlic halves. Add cream cheese; beat with fork until smooth. Mix in remaining ingredients and the reserved 1/4 cup of clam juice. Blend well. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving. Serve as a dip with crackers, chips, or vegetable dippers.
    Makes about 1 1/2 cups of clam dip.

  211. Just so no one forgets, this is the kind of Ohio weasel who is in charge of the House.

    Republican aides say House Speaker John Boehner was “elated” after he worked with President Barack Obama to push through the amnesty-funding 2015 budget in December, according to a profile in Politico, an establishment media outlet in Northern Virginia.

  212. Why I seriously question the utility of voting.

    “Obama personally called Boehner to say thanks. … Boehner was elated over the deal, and offered praise for White House chief of staff Denis McDonough,” said the fawning profile, which hides the deep ideological split between the GOP’s anti-establishment and corporatist wings.


  213. Jim – also now available at CVS and Walgreen’s and other fine retailers.

    *waits for royalty check from Boiron*

  214. *admires Cyn for trying to put H2 on a paying basis*

  215. I ordered Cards Against Humanity. Due to be delivered today.

  216. Gambling was supposed to save Maine. Bangor is actually plowing some of the money into the downtown and waterfront improvements but those areas are only habitable 6 to 8 months a year without getting frostbite. Schools still cry poverty.

    Here in MO, gambling was passed because SCHOOLS! And once in place, while gambling money went to schools, the state then re-allocated their funds to other things. So the schools came out no different.
    A couple of years back they started pushing the same thing down in a poorer part of MO – gambling for SCHOOLS! and put it on a statewide ballot. The rest of the state was well aware what the state had done with the money from the other casinos, and it went down in flames.

  217. I recall the ads for the riverboat gambling during my one year in St Louis. I never went but was aware of them because of pervasive advertising. We now have 2 casinos (Bangor and Oxford) and the Indians are always trying to get one going. They have Penobscot High Stakes Bingo already. What more could they need?

  218. Nothing says caring about kids, like blowing a load in a casino full of wasteoids.

  219. Same story in CA Beasn. The State Lottery went to the schools and the existing funding was reduced in kind. My what an excellent return we’ve had with that program over the last 30 years. At this point I’m rooting for the Chi Coms in CA. At least they like to be successful in endeavors.

  220. It also appears that his caregiver may have been batshit crazy. But that’s just how I read it.

    Yes. I thought so too after reading her passive aggressive posts over the many months since his illness was revealed. (of which someone would then delete).
    And then to get a friend to start doing the same on his page? Sheesh.

    Whatever is going on, Michael, I hope your are comfortable, pain-free, and employing a cute, but sane, nurse.

  221. Casinos are what saved the schools in Detroit.


  222. As to my recent trip and it’s purpose……this is how it turned out.

  223. Damn – that was hilarious, Beassns.

  224. Every time I see that I imagine it is PJM.

  225. I remember when Hammond/Gary got gambling boats. At first the law said they had to travel 3 miles past shore before gambling started. Then they could start gambling as soon as they cast off but still had to head out at least three miles. Then they could stay tied up dockside and gamble if there were safety issues with the boats (surprise, there suddenly were!). Then they could just gamble dockside. Then they just turned them into permanently docked/grounded ships.

    On the plus side, they were really a tax on Illinois, as a buttload of little old Asian ladies rode buses over from Chicago to gamble.

  226. Well, we set a record this year. The office poinsettia lasted all the way to the 6th of January before we killed it.

  227. My poinsettia is still looking good. I learned how to water them a few years back. You ignore until they start wilting. It’s really foolproof.

  228. My poinsettia is going gangbusters.

  229. My poinsettia from last year is still alive. I replanted it in a bigger container over the summer. Haven’t gotten any new blooms though.

  230. Let me rephrase that…my poinsettia from Dec. ’13 is still alive.

  231. Damn – that was hilarious, Beassns.

    Try being in the car when something like that is happening.

  232. I was in MCPO’s car once with PJM. Same idea.

  233. Thanks Cyn, I ordered all three products.

  234. Im delayed. Fug.

  235. Clarify.

  236. Don’t do it! It’s a trap!

  237. You better not be standing me up tonight. If I wanted that to happen I could have arranged to meet Mare.

  238. Im delayed an hour, getting in at 7:45 or so.

  239. So, 9 instead of 8?

  240. Scott–when you get the Sambucus/Elderberry, do an “Intense” blast for two days to boost your immune system. I’m now just doing a shot every other day for my maintenance dose.

    That ColdCalm also is KILLER for allergies – they’re so bad here now that I had to start my NasalCrom spray a month early. Yay Weeds.

  241. MOOOOMMM! MJ is having fish sticks with someone else before Hotspur!

  242. so, we’re just gonna pretend {redacted} even exists from this point forward?

    Damn, I wish it were that easy in real life.

  243. To fan of the show, SES returns Jan. 17! Plus, I’ll be doing the midday show for the last week of the month.

    Even wrangled a small raise out of the station manager for when Iboard-op for ball games.

    Future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…

  244. wangled

  245. Gimme a few and I’ll put up a new post.

  246. Gimme a hundred and I’ll put up two.

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