Board with Sanctions for Stupidity




  1. Daderp.

  2. …and I can’t stop saying bro, bro.

  3. The team with a losing record is favored over a team with a record of 11-5. Don’t see that often,

  4. “Dad, the blowjob machine is acting up.”

    “What is the babysitter doing here?”

  5. Breakdown of today’s game:

    ISU vs. South Carolina

  6. This is beginning to look like a blowout.

  7. 29 degrees and raining. Roads must be a sheet of ice.

  8. Laura usually makes it home from work in 15 minutes, been over 30 so far.


    Has he even used a computer, or does he have an intern do that? What a maroon!

  10. Carolina should be up by 20.

    They just handed Arizona another touchdown.

  11. Wow. AZ just gave it back, nobody wants to win.

  12. I think they scored.

    It took me 20 mins to get through traffic by the stadium. Hot chicks, though. Lot’s of hot chicks.

  13. That arm is broken.

  14. When I rule the future I’m going to send a Terminator back in time to eliminate John Gruden.

  15. Gruden is annoying. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

  16. They just resigned him, too. So we have that going for us.

  17. If you’ve ever seen or heard Frank Calliendo to his Gruden impersonation, Gruden in real life sounds like a clown.

  18. When I listened to your Gruden on Gruden link it set off Paula who REALLY hates him. She’s still going off on him. “He’s a drinker, probably got a beer under the desk”

  19. This Gruden fellow sounds unpleasant. Who is he again?

  20. She’s a keeper Jimbro.

  21. I love the look on the assistant coach’s face:


  23. We won’t be seeing Mr Lindley ever again.

  24. Jon Gruden Sean. Former Bucs and Raiders coach, now ESPN commentator.

  25. Ah, yes. The NFLs. Corking good time, I’m told. We don’t have any in my area.

  26. I nothing about football but I know John Gruden annoys me. He was in Tampa and did some sort of weird squinty thing a lot and now he struggles with annunciation and repetitive phrases.

    Apparently his schtick is that he’s a killer doll with a learning disability.

  27. I also struggle with the announcement of the Incarnation by the angel Gabriel to Mary, so I can empathize with Mr. Gruden.

  28. Fuckin’ Cardinals.

  29. They stink.

  30. The Annunciation or The Pronunciation?

    Literary religious geeks want to know.


  32. Ray Lewis killed a dude. Now he kills broadcasts.

  33. I actually kind of like Chucky’s QB show. He irks me, just not as bad as Costas or Joe Buck.

  34. Matt Millen is the worst by far. I have no idea why they pay him money.

  35. So, what’s the funniest theory on Harry Reid’s “accident”?

  36. Occam’s Razor: He’s drinks a lot.


  38. Funniest: 12 yr old Vietnamese? boy fought back.

  39. There were a bunch of funneh ones at the HQ

  40. //

  41. FFS.

  42. The Annunciation is a Mystery.

    The pronunciation is just a guy who never learned how to talk right, no mystery.

  43. I <3 Dick Butt.


  45. For anyone with a FSA who hasn’t spent their 2014 money yet like me, my friend told me about this place:

  46. There is a new post that MJ didn’t tell you about, because he’s a dick.

  47. Is Flightplan worth watching?

  48. wot a dikk

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