1. Hi.

  2. Groincast:
    Black ice and cold.

    It seems that it snowed here last night, briefly.

  3. Dusting of snow. Enough to get the wieners wet. They’re chillaxin in front of the heater.

  4. 21 degrees, clear and cold. Next chance for weather is 1-3″ of snow Sunday night. I’m sure the kids will be jonesing for a snow day despite being off for the past 9 days.

  5. I saw Heated Wet Wieners open for Krocus at the Tulsa State Fair in 1983.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Mundane/MrScience.

  7. How come I can’t view the photo in this post, but the hover preview thingy works?

  8. Not sure; updating now.

  9. Updated/fixt

  10. Happy Science Mr. Birthday! Come by more often!

  11. Happy New Year!

  12. Happy New Year to you and your moms.

  13. Happy Theotokos day.

    I’m cooking, then doing stuff outdoors until I’m numb.

  14. The numbness should only take a few minutes. I think it’s below 20F still.

  15. The ancient art of WordPress, passed down in folklore and legend for ones of years

  16. Thanks for abandoning me at the old poat. Homos.

  17. I have stew in the crock now, yay. More veggies than meat by weight and volume, for a change.

    AND I did dishes!

  18. Happy new year, misfits, degenerates and pretty ladies.

  19. Happy New Year, Tushar and my other fellow Kaffirs..

  20. TJew is brown and jooish?

    Sammy Davis Jr?

  21. Sauerkraut with pork in the crock-pot, pork ribs slow cooking in the oven, football on TV all day. May take a nap before the big game tonight. Neighbors were shooting off fireworks until 2AM. Big mortars, made the windows rattle.

  22. So groin is the new word. Not sure how I feel about this.

  23. Kaffirs in the Quranic sense, not the stupid South African sense.
    We’re all Kaffirs..

  24. Ah, okay, I’m used to seeing that with one F:

    It’s still okay that you’re black and Jewish. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Also I loved you in Cannonball Run.

  25. HNY, TJ.

  26. *kicks Jay in the groinular area*

  27. http://tinyurl.com/nprb9fo

  28. TJ, I would love to hear your take on the recent drop in oil prices, and its effects on the US oil boom.

  29. >>TJew is brown and jooish?

    Ofcourse he is brown. He lives in Texas and has worked in oilfields all his life. He has a deep tan.

  30. Pew poll says that groinular itch is more popular than The Turd in Chief.

  31. Boom


  32. I’m curious if OPEC’s “flood the market” strategy will have their intended result and halt exploration and more costly fracking ops. I suspect that we’re probably looking at the bottom in terms of 87 C8H18 at the pump, unless something happens with the dollar rather than oil.

  33. I’ve been curious about TJ’s take as well.

  34. >>>groinular itch

    Ask your mom for an ointment for that.

  35. Is all the football on ESPN?

    I only have hockey.

  36. Mizzou-Minnesota on ABC at 12 CDT

  37. Citrus Bowl is on ABC.

  38. I want to watch hockey. Dan is watching the Outback Bowl and the Citrus Bowl. I even made him toast for breakfast.

  39. Happy New Year!

  40. I must have offended TJew with my SDJ outing.

    Happy New Year, Roamy. Did you make it to mass this morning?

  41. I was glad I got to go, we missed the Solemnity last year because of the massive global warming we got that night.

  42. Groin afternoon, everyone. I’m groin out to the mall for a while. Happy New Year, I hope you all have a good groin today. Groin you later!

  43. http://tinyurl.com/k78huc8


  44. Laura made me groin from ear to ear.

  45. If anyone’s groining to the store, I could use some yellow duct tape, a can of lemon Pledge, some pipe cleaner, and a pack of Beeman’s please.

  46. What are you groin to do with all that crap?

  47. That would take all the fun away if I told you.

  48. Arts and crafts?

  49. MOOOOM! Cyn is making meth again!

  50. I just bought Cards Against Humanity through our Amazon link.

  51. I played that last night. I always feel like I should maybe go to Confession afterward.

  52. Just got back from a fun, fun drive to Lincoln Park. The city, not the band. Pat forgot the money bag for the store, and due to the extreme global warming today, many folks are in need of batteries.

    I got good lunch out of the deal, but there goes my restful day off. Whatever.

    Did a quick tidy, am drinking some tea, and then it’s time to work out.

  53. Does anyone’s New Years resolution involve Sean’s penis?

  54. Groin
    a curved edge formed by two intersecting vaults.

    Intersecting. Heh.

  55. I resolve to only speak of Sean’s groin.

  56. Sean’s groin is a scam.

  57. Dave, when he was little http://is.gd/CtEyTP

  58. Sean’s Groin is one of the world’s architectural wonders, like Hadrian’s Wall and Nelson’s Column.

  59. Leon, we went to the vigil Mass last night. Both kids were altar servers.

  60. We didn’t have a vigil, just a 6pm last night and a 9am today.

  61. Megachessatron

  62. Wouldn’t the 6 PM be the vigil?

  63. My groin is burning.

  64. perhaps you need antibiotics?

  65. There’s a cool place near San Antonio called Groin Hall.

  66. Heh^^^

  67. Sean’s Groin sounds like some backwater town.

    “Honey, get the map. It looks like we’re passing through Sean’s Groin, Arkansas.”

  68. I wonder what Carin and Laura will be groin in their gardens this year.

  69. Your mom is the Mayor of Sean’s Groin.

  70. NYE in Manila http://is.gd/t9GDDt

  71. “Honey, get the map. It looks like we’re passing through Sean’s Groin, Arkansas.”

    Fun fact: Bill Clinton has never visited there.

  72. Dr. Seuss’s Groin Eggs and Ham – best kid’s book ever.

  73. Wouldn’t the 6 PM be the vigil?

    It wasn’t mentioned as such, just a standard mass. I know it didn’t go until midnight.

  74. I’m not sayin’ 2015 is going to be a great year or anything, but I got the fitted sheet oriented the right way on the first try.

  75. It was so cold last night, few fireworks and fewer gunshots. 2015 FTW

  76. I have the makings of a migroin right now.

  77. To start the new year I cleaned the coffee pot out today. Went through more vinegar than your mom’s douche.

  78. Mich St. v. Baylor is pretty exciting.

  79. Just caught the last of the Cotton Bowl. Refs. hosed Baylor.

  80. Baylor folded like a cheap suit. Nice work, Big 12.

  81. UGH. Daytime fireworks. GRRRRR

  82. I voted on some of your stuff on Massdrop today Pepe. Hopeful they get enough votes (48 out of 200 so far).

  83. Massdrop??

  84. It’s a site where you buy stuff based on group purchases. The more people that buy the better the price. I bought a Spyderco on there and still get the emails. I looked at the email today and there was a vote for your stuff. If you haven’t heard about it I think the odds of it going through are slim. I figured they would’ve talked to you first!

  85. Who is playing Groin Tech in the Valtrex Bowl?

  86. Check your r. mail Pepe

  87. Sparty! Bucky! Grointastic!

  88. Looks like a nap is off the agenda.

  89. Sauerkraut and pork is a great idea buff. I’ve got pasta carbonara to make tomorrow but I may get the stuff for that this weekend.

  90. You have to burn pasta? That doesn’t sound very good. Still better than sauerkraut.

  91. I always make sauerkraut and pork on New Years Day. The buffalo boys hate it, smells up the whole house. It’s supposed to bring good luck.

  92. I’ve made a couple of times before and, yes, the whole house smells. Tastes better than it smells thankfully.

    Jay, it involves bacon, eggs, Parmesan cheese and pasta. How can you go wrong?j

  93. Still better than sauerkraut.


  94. Pork, black-eyed peas and cornbread here. No way am I cooking collard greens.

  95. Swiss chard tastes way better than collards and they cook faster.

  96. I have been enjoying the chard lately. Subbed with kale recently and there is just no comparison for fresh cooked greens.

    This has been a message from the Chard Council.™

  97. Man, I think I’m out all day, getting tired, then when I get home it’s about 6pm. Gets dark at 4:30, you get tired early. Hate this effect.


    What’s been groin on around here?

  98. One more hour until pork is ready. Condo smells like pork. Hawaiian rolls, cole slaw, BEP.

  99. End of month…. done
    End of quarter…. done
    End of year… done
    Bank recs… not available but prepped for completion
    1099s… all but done
    W2s…. done but need to be collated and mailed
    End of year reports for accountant… done and ready for e-mailing

    Got a boatload done Today. So much so that I actually may have an actual 3-day weekend.

    No one tell wiserbride or I’ll probably have to go to the in-laws….

  100. We’ll do Black Eyed Peas for luck, because I’ve done it since I was a kid. I’m trying to get a wild sex tradition started, don’t know if Penelope will buy in. ;)

  101. If you ever get to see this painting in person, you should try. It has been housed by the NB Museum of American Art for as long as I can remember but maybe they loan it out from time to time.


    It is fun in person because the water realism is so intense. You can nearly feel the surf lurching to one side, especially if you look at the water in the foreground.

  102. During the Civil War the U.S. Treasury issued currency not backed by gold but only the federal government’s balls. They were called groinbacks.

  103. They loaned it out to SF Art Museum while undergoing renovations. I want it!!! One of my favorite paintings EVER!!!!

  104. Have I told you all that I hate you yet this year?

    Because I do.

  105. Me: OMG Dan, do you see what Lauraw just posted at the Hostages? Dan: Isn’t that the print you wanted?

  106. Car in hates us only because she is groin with envy.

  107. Ha ha ha haaa, no shit? 25 years ago, the New Britain museum was just a small old house on that same street, and that painting was on permanent display in one of the front rooms. I saw it when I was a student at a nearby college and fell in love with it back then. I could stand in front of it for quite a while.
    Scott and I loved another painting, a little one, the last time we visited. I’ll see if I can find it. Same thing; so different in person.

  108. Dan liked Dusk. Max Parrish?

  109. Enough talking about your groin!
    Let’s talk about Uranus.


  110. Jesus, I think that’s it, Oso. Stalker much??

  111. You’re freaking me out!!!

  112. I have figured out how to appear like an art lover.
    This will take some money, but it is far better than buying the originals:
    Go to art.com, and buy reprints for as little as $20 depending on size, print medium etc.
    Buy some frames new or used, frame that shit and hang in your house.

    Stick to Claude Monet, Renoir and maybe Vermeer. Or some lesser known artists who have similar style. If you are old style, go for Michaelangelo or Da Vinchi. If you are adventurous, go with Van Gogh. If you are a bit crazy, Salvadore Dali. If you are batshit out of your mind and in need of electric shocks, then Picasso or Edvard Munch.

    With Monet and Renoir, I don’t have to pretend. Their paintings are really good.

  113. Me?? Uh huh. OK.

    *goes outside, drops a line of salt around the house, spits on the ground, turns around three times*

  114. I have Ansel Adams and Disney prints. Dan has a family member that was a Southwest Artist. Had a shop on Central before moving to Old Town Scottsdale. We have a couple of his paintings. I think they are formulaic and lifeless. Hate the frames. John Sullivan. Dan’s Aunt goes to garage sales and buys up his paintings.

  115. You would like to view a Maxfield Parrish painting in person, Tushar. The color is otherworldly. He used some strange technique. Utterly impossible to replicate by commercial printing method.

  116. It is just a house, at dusk, but I want it! The blues, the shadows, the depth. The light in the window. Those are the only two paintings I remember from the exhibit. Seal Rock. Dusk.

  117. *goes outside, drops a line of salt around the house, spits on the ground, turns around three times*

    All of a sudden, I have a headache, and my shoes just caught on fire.

    **eyes sky nervously for flying monkeys**

  118. When I was a kid, my Uncle would take me to the National Gallery of Art. I loved Winslow Homer. I could spend the day looking at one painting if I wanted to. Fast Forward. Dan and I go to DC on vacay. Winslow Homer exhibit. It was awesome. (BTW I love Hotspurs naval pics. Grew up with lots of them in the corridors of different naval facilities)

  119. Shit. Sorry, bad aim

    *runs outside and spits again*

  120. …which means that 63 Earths can fit inside Uranus.

    And by Uranus, I mean your mom.

  121. Wow. Even google images of Maxwell Parrish paintings are umpressive. The originals must be truly awesome.

  122. I’m a Winslow Homer fan. Bought a framed print of two boys in a field by him for my parents when my brother died.

  123. Maxfield Parrish did use an unconventional technique. It was glazing in layers of nearly single colors and the combination worked very much like CMYK printing, where all colors are created from cyan, magenta, yellow and black over a white ground. Except of course there was no halftone pattern, just more or less thickness of translucent paint.

  124. Hahahahaha! That last Jameis fumble is going to be a gif / meme so fast.

  125. When the Louvre was undergoing renovations, Denver Art Museum got an Impressionist traveling exhibit. It was awesome. My Uncle Felix grew up on the Peter Hurd ranch. He and his siblings were often subjects in Hurd’s paintings. Hurd exhibit in both Denver and San Diego. Saw my Uncle Felix both times. Have a Hurd sketch of my Grammo rolling tortillas.

  126. ‘Dusk’ is a very small painting, Tushar. But you think about it years later whenever you have occasion to think about the quality of light on the horizon.

    Oso, in younger days I had a real thing for Rodin’s sculptures. Once I was in Philly and they were having a show across the street a bit from the big Art Museum there (the one that had the Rocky statue in front of it). It was a fluke and so cool that I got to catch it.

  127. He’s hurting his NFL draftability

  128. Roll Ducks I guess

  129. http://is.gd/hSFTpU

  130. If you are weird enough to wonder if any Indian was good with a brush, Raja Ravi Varma is worth a look.


  131. Lauraw, no such thing as a fluke. I love sculpture gardens too. Tush, thanks for the link.

  132. Wow! Pretty nice, Tushar. Wish I knew the stories behind some of those images.

  133. Wiserson is cleaning his room of all of his toys from his younger days. He found a box filled with nerf guns and hundreds of bullets.

    So the last hour has been filled with insane nerf warfare.

    I think we’ve convinced him to take that box to college…

  134. Look up Luis Jimenez. Fiberglass sculpture. I’d seen his work in El Paso and San Diego before he moved to Hondo. Saw a Chihuly exhibit before the Bellagio made him huge.

  135. I took lessons in charcoal, oil, and water color. My dad was an incredible artist. I sucked in all mediums. Except for Chinese brush painting. Current trend is WinePainting. All my friends are doing it. Casinos in LV are offering classes.

  136. More like a supercut gif of fumbles

  137. Did anybody catch anybody else breaking their New Year’s resolution about five minutes after they made it today?

  138. Good lord, we’re an art blog now?

  139. Laura, Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings mostly depict scenes from old Indian classics and mythological texts.
    He lived in second half of 19th century.

  140. Wow! That was bad http://is.gd/YTln02

  141. >>Good lord, we’re an art blog now?

    Well, we have to talk about something.
    Anyone wants to talk about various kinds of shit?
    Here is a good primer:

  142. Yeah…about that. I’ll stick to art. Not shit. Ignoring art that is shit.

  143. Wiserson is cleaning his room of all of his toys from his younger days.

    Mini-me did that before Christmas. Two bags of stuffed animals, including more Webkins than I really care to think about, went to Christmas Charities. She also pulled all of her Magic Treehouse books to give to our friend’s 7-year-old son.

    BTW, good job on getting all the accounting shit done. One of the music stores here closed for good yesterday.

  144. Liberals: so open minded their brains fell out.

  145. XB, I used to love walking the halls of Navy. My dad was blue water, not aviation. Great art.

  146. Good lord, we’re an art blog now?

    *flings shit onto a canvas*

  147. Calls poop on canvas something something madonna. Misses Rudy in NYC.

  148. >>Good lord, we’re an art blog now?
    *flings shit onto a canvas*

    OMG! We have a masterpiece!
    Apply for a grant here: http://arts.gov

  149. There was a tour of Russian art that came through here. Huge painting of an incredibly beautiful woman – long black hair, pale skin, so real, it looked like she could walk out of the frame. No idea of the title or the artist.

  150. Oso will know.

  151. Why I <3/ H8 Dan. NGoA. Dan: Good lord, how many still lifes of dead rabbits and veggies are there? Security detail: nods, laughs, and fist bumps with Dan. I was like AYFKM? You get to work here and you don't even SEE! Got even more pissed because Katrina refugees were bussed to the Mall and spent their time people watching on the Mall and not even going into any of the free museums. SMOD 2016.

  152. >>>One of the music stores here closed for good yesterday.

    Yeah, it’s a ridiculously tough business to be in these days. I’m really impressed with the asshole who owns the place for keeping it open.

    Of course, I may have helped there, just a bit

  153. it looked like she could walk out of the frame.

    Was it this girl, except for the blond hair? http://is.gd/h5Lhvc

  154. I don’t know! I haven’t been stalking Russian art.

  155. Oso, that’s by R. G. Smith, who kinda backed into art because he was an airplane designer and had to learn to draw… which lead to painting airplanes. And ships etc.

  156. Beautiful. We spent a lot of time in hallways looking at Navy Art. Planes are meh to me. Love the ships.

  157. Roamy, this is the one that sorta matches your description

  158. Ah, crap. Sorry for the embed. Fucking wordpus.

  159. During the Civil War the U.S. Treasury issued currency not backed by gold but only the federal government’s balls. They were called groinbacks.

    While under British rule, Irish revolutionaries wore certain colored articles that indicated solidarity for their cause. Hence, they could be tried for sedition merely for the wearing of the groin.

  160. awesome, tush

  161. Whoever came up with this list of paintings did a pretty good job. Except for including fucking Picasso.
    Picasso is to art what midget porn is to sex.


  162. Picasso had a wiener dog. I have a print of his wiener dog sketch.

  163. Evening Hostages.

    Anything worthwhile going on?

  164. We’re an art blog now. Loved your selfie earlier in the FL killer thread on FB.

  165. My mother makes sauerkraut every New Year’s Day and insists that we all have at least a tiny strand for good luck. It’s likely a German/Swiss/Mennonite tradition.

  166. A lot of the recipes had Pennsylvania in the name Lipster

  167. Happy New Year, Lippy!!! Dan wore a Buckeye sweatshirt. He’s the KoD. Re-watching GotG. (KISS of DEATH) (Guardians of the Galaxy)

  168. An art blog? Ew.

    Lol. I think I conveyed “FL crazy” pretty well.

  169. Tushar,
    Vipre™ tells me that is a blocked website, due to malware.
    But, ‘If you really want to go there, we wash our hands of your fate’.
    I’m not gonna go there…

  170. Dan wore a Buckeye sweatshirt. He’s the KoD

    You gotta get it off him Oso. Start with the pants. Take one for the team.

  171. I don’t know about this site, or whether it’s satire, but if not…


  172. Happy New Year, Osita!

    Football’s been on here all day, so I saw the Statue of Liberty Play/fumble by the crab burgler. Cheered and cheered.

  173. Titian was a master of color during the Italian Renaissance. He favored Nipples Yellow, fifty shades of Payne’s Grey, and Hooker’s Groin.

  174. Good job, Oso.

  175. Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful
    Pictures of Lily helped me derp at night
    Pitcures of Lily solved my childhood problems
    Pictures of Lily helped me feel alright

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