Aminal Cuteness


  1. Awwww

  2. Prayers up, Cyn, for your mom, you, and your family. Sorry about the shitty news.

  3. Roh Roh,
    Air Asia flight with 160 souls on-board goes missing on flight to Singapore.

  4. The polar bear is plotting on how best to eat the youngster on the other side of the glass.

  5. HA! I was thinking the same thing about the Polar bear.

  6. She’s too small, it’s trying to lure the parents.

  7. He’s thinking to himself, “A mango chutney or a plumb sauce?”.

  8. Oh now he’s a cutie too, Roamy!

  9. Quite possible, Scott.

    That’s pretty damn adorable, Roamy.

  10. I want the Corgi!!!

  11. Another long day tomorrow so time for sleeps, mah peeps.

  12. Sleep well, Cyn.

  13. G’night, Cyn.

  14. Sweet dreams, Cyn.

  15. My thoughts and prayers Cyn
    Good night

  16. Seeing as I killed it, I had a chest XRay today.
    The Tech asked what brought me here and didn’t understand it was precautionary.

    Do they do precautionary chest x-rays?

    On the good side I have been with a Texas girl for 90 days.A milestone down.

  17. Yay about Texas girls. Did your Primary send you for the X-ray?

  18. She did Oso

  19. “A mango chutney or a plumb sauce?”

    The mango won’t be as level.

  20. Ummm…yeah, about that. Hey, Jimbro…

  21. OMG. Sorry some have so much bad news tonight.

  22. “Hand over the corgi slowly and no one gets hurt.”

  23. Winking wiener is cute too.

  24. Polar bear cub is just using cuteness to attract small human children for its parents to eat.

  25. I have no indicators Oso.
    My Doc is strange I said can’t sleep. She said sleep apnea

  26. Your best prescription is more canine kisses, Vmax.

    Well, anyway it won’t hurt.

  27. Dan’s parents were cancer central. Their oncologist recommended early tests for Dan and SiL. Dan’s new Primary used to be his parents Primary. He is totes onboard. Former physicians…were meh.

  28. Praying for Cyn and Cynmom.


  29. G’night H2. Lows in the teens tonight and I need to claim some bed space before the wiener dogs get all the blankets.

  30. Wiener dogs are best wrapped in pancakes and doused with syrup.

  31. Aw Cyn, I’m sorry about your mom’s condition. I’ve btdt so I’m here for you .

  32. Stayed tuned for the adventures of Legolas and Aragorn. I hope they do a buddy movie like Midnight Run.

    Legolas and Aragorn are hired to haul a load of Coors from the Shire to Minas Tirith. Aragorn picks up Arawen, a runaway bride, invoking the wrath of Sheriff Gimli who pursues the group.

  33. Prayers for Cynmom.

  34. Damon’s expectations rankled Pablo.

  35. Good morning all. Up early again to see Paula off to work. I think I might enjoy being the homemaker and letting her bring home the check. Bahahahahaha…no way. I’d be bored out of my gourd after a week or two.

  36. VMax, I haven’t heard of a CXR as a screening test for obstructive sleep apnea. It may be an item on her list she needs to check (for insurance purposes) prior to ordering a comprehensive sleep study which I suppose makes a little bit of sense. Anyone I’ve known with OSA for real who uses CPAP appropriately has said it’s made a huge difference in their sleep quality and daytime alertness. That’s more personal friends and relatives….not my specialty.

  37. Kids for dinner? I’m there!

  38. Sorry to read about your mom Cyn, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  39. I think I might enjoy being the homemaker and letting her bring home the check.

    I could finally get all my reading caught up on, and we’d be done buying groceries basically forever. I’ve given it some thought.

  40. Cyn,

    Your family is in my prayers.

  41. Thanks Jimbro,
    I have had 2 sleep studies and the CPAP makes a huge difference. I would recommend it .
    She seems to be a really good Doc, and she seems to be good about maximizing her billing to the insurance company.
    I can’t blame her for that except 20% and a high deductible don’t do me any favors either.

  42. Now a bunch of guys/girls are on TV opining about flying. Why can’t they get someone who actually knows what they’re talking about on air?

    Ugh. They’re idiots.

    Been flying for the last 6 days, turning off the TV and playing with the dogs.

    *until wiser calls me for expert commentary.

  43. I think that’s an excellent idea, Phat.

    Wiser will become widely known for his panel of experts for on-air discussion.

  44. *twiddles thumbs while waiting for some news story about math to need commentary*

  45. I turned off the news after the second hour of missing airplane coverage. Too much jibber jabber.

  46. wakey wakey.

  47. One of my work friends is flying to Spain tomorrow. SHe was nervous – she’s never flown over the Ocean, etc. I’m sure this isn’t helping her anxiety.


    Summarize the findings here Leon. TYIA

  49. ‘Sup Jew?

  50. I didn’t think the fcc would allow wiser to discuss lemon parties on air. He’s not satellite is he?

  51. I’m tired. How am I going to bar tend? Yikes.

    Where the foch has Mj been?

  52. Work yesterday was horrible. I don’t want to go back.

    The other bartender kinda isn’t awesome with detail/paperwork (remember that $100 keno thing?) Was at work until 12:30 because of some snafu. He said he’s had to pay out EACH night this week.

    umh … WHAT? From now on, I’m doing all cash things when I work with him. Including keno.

  53. I hate you all.

  54. He obviously wasn’t a math major.

  55. Time to go pick up dog poop out of their pen. Wish me luck.

  56. Finished fixing all the techie/computer issues for the day. What should I do now before I go and make drinks and run Keno slips?

  57. Pancakes would be nice.

  58. *puts on aoron, starts driving North.

  59. You might also want to put on pants, MJ.

  60. I just assembled some cabinets and reorganized the kitchen.
    Laura will be pleased.


    I read this yesterday, it’s a really cool improvement that surprised me. I learned it as a technique at one point and I had this intuition that there was something slightly wrong with it, and I remember sort of fudging it on a homework problem to make it converge faster. If only I’d thought to formalize my fudging, but at the time it was taught as “here’s this crappy old way to do it, suffer as the elders did so you’ll appreciate the new and better ways we’ll learn next.”

  62. I should stress that I’m not saying I’m super-smart and could have made the same leap, I just knew the answer to which it had to converge, so that permitted certain guesses to be more right when employing the algorithm than they had any right to be if I were actually using it without knowing the answer.

  63. puts on aoron, starts driving North.


  64. I guess that’s better than if he’d put on Axe body spray.

  65. I was told there would be no math.

  66. *takes Leon’s lunch money*

  67. Wiser will become widely known for his panel of experts for on-air discussion.

    Well, he’ll have a deep pool of knowledge to draw upon should he need advice on gardening, food, dick jokes, over-endowed women or pre-op weightlifting trannies.

  68. I was told there would be no math.

    You were lied to, you should be used to it by now.


  69. No Fractions, No Piece!

  70. I saw Jacobi Iterative Method open for Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark in 1989.

  71. *designs airfoil for Leon using hammer-and-tongs method*

  72. You know what responds well to modern parallel computational systems? Your mom.

  73. 07734

  74. *___* < *________*

  75. Emoticon arithmetic?

  76. 0U812

  77. ID10T error.

  78. Turk182

  79. Your domain expired Mr. Brandyho.

  80. I found Hotspur’s coffee mug:

  81. 07734

    Also zip code for somewhere in NJ.

  82. 80085

    Also zip code for The Simpsons.

  83. I forgot to feed it.

  84. That’s a funny mug.

  85. Mare!

  86. this is what I have to deal with. My mom poated this on facedouche.

  87. Just another Obama failure, he wants $5/gallon gasoline.

  88. Mare?

  89. Gas prices are down in spite of 0bama, and the economy isn’t growing at anything but an anemic pace, if at all. The DJIA is up, that means fuckall anymore for anyone who’s life isn’t directly tied to that number (i.e. parasites).

  90. The guy from Pawn Stars said his health insurance for his employees went from $19K a month to $30K a month. I’m sure the math is raaaaacist, and he will be hiring lots more employees any minute now.

  91. I have to go eat barbecue now.

  92. The DJIA is up because the Feds free money stance means bonds are below inflation, and a losing proposition. Which means stocks are the only place to put money. Which builds a bubble.

  93. I have to go eat barbecue now.

    Your life is an endless torment.

  94. Greetings, people who are getting ready for a short week of half-assed work.

  95. Hi Double. How’s L.A? There are times I miss her.

    I’m listening to The Jesus+Mary Chain. They held up very well over the years.

  96. L.A. is a nightmarish cesspool like in Blade Runner, only with out the blimps and flying cars. And killer sex robots. Good thing I live in the suburbs.

    Agreed on JAMC.

  97. I know but what about the bad parts of LA?

    I miss being bad.

  98. Today was Mexican day at The Club. Lots of pointy boots and 20 yr old women with 5 kids. I did feel tall though.

  99. Car in, my FB friends keep posting the pic of TFG asking why he isn’t blamed for low gas prices. I just let it go.

  100. Hi, Wyld Style.

  101. Órale, osita. Suppachu?

  102. … 20 yr old women with 5 kids. I did feel tall though.

    Welcome to every trip I make to the 99c store.

  103. Hex Brad. What do you know about shitty lame bad backs and booze and hos.

  104. *Gallic shrug with chin tilt* sup?

  105. “Today was Mexican day at The Club. Lots of pointy boots and 20 yr old women with 5 kids.”

    Those straight from Mexico boots with the 10″ long curled toes are hilarious. The too small cowboy hats are pretty special too.

  106. Found these guys while meandering through Amazon Prime Music the other day. Funkay.

  107. Guy at work is a huge Packer fan. He’s at the Lions/Packers game. His first NFL game. Dan wore a Lions tee to harass him. Ended up having to talk Michigan sports with lots of ex-pats in Rio Rancho. Dan: Never wear anything Michigan at work.

  108. Pepe, when you come to the Q, do you guys ever go to Pro’s Ranch Market?

  109. I don’t know nuttin’ ’bout nuttin’, Chumpo. That’s my story, an’ I’m stickin’ to it.

  110. Oso, I’m a hermit and always busy, so I get to ABQ rarely. We’ve never been to Pro’s Ranch Market. We usually go to Central and East Abq.

  111. It is Mexican central. Lengua, brains, hooves, tripe. Central and Atrisco. They have pretty good food, but I feel very American there. I’d rather go to Sprouts or Whole Foods. Dan is more at home than I am. Cheap gravitates to cheap.

  112. Those straight from Mexico boots with the 10″ long curled toes are hilarious.

    Yeah, I’m not sure how that’s supposed to translate to macho. Looks more to my eyes like rodeo elf.

  113. I was in Mexico City last week. Went to a really cool, local tacqueria.

    2 beers and all of the steak tacos I could eat = 150 pesos (about $10).

    Hell of a good time.

    I ordered the steak, the Captain wanted to order the ‘Lengua’ until I told him what it was.

  114. H2 loves the lengua. True story.

  115. Guy at work thought that he was getting Laguna Tacos. We made fun of him. He loves the lengua now.

  116. I don’t want to taste anything that’s tasting me back.

  117. Since MCPO is not here, I feel free to post links.

    Saw these guys play in Seattle a few years ago. They still kick serious ass. This is their ‘slow song’:

    All of their music rocks and they are a blast live.

  118. Angela? Your mom.

  119. Sunday night football:

    Rapeburger vs. Andy Dalton (AKA the ‘Ginger Cannon’).

    Gotta be homer and and go with the Texas kid.

  120. That would be Andy Dalton, BTW.

    From Katy, TX.

    Played college ball at TCU.

  121. I call him Rottenthrower. Rapeburger wasn’t proved in a court of law.

  122. Going to The Rack early tonight, Cavity Creeps. I’ve got to go to Winter Ceremony at my Apache Father’s ranch on Tuesday and the revolting piece of Tinderbaum in my family room must be expunged.
    I would have no problem w an aluminum tree, or a plastic tree, or juan made out of Big Mac cartons and Marlboro Butts provided that the Gas Blasted thing retains its original mass for the duration of it’s exhibition. Yesterday I found a pine needle in the ice bin. W?!!

    AnneHall. All the fuchin’ best, Jack Hammers. Stay safe on Amateur Night and if you go out take a limo. Live a little.

    all good things.

    New Crest Gel

  123. They had jalapeno cornbread.

    I suffered through it.

  124. Love u 2 Chumpo.

  125. I love jalapeño cornbread. I have jalapeño cornbread crackers. They go well with jalapeño cream cheese.

  126. There was brisket, potato salad and beer too.

    The horror.

  127. Was the beer gluten free?

  128. Heh. Apache.

  129. It was a gluten ale.

  130. Comment by xbradtc on December 28, 2014 8:10 pm

    I don’t want to taste anything that’s tasting me back.


    Not even Sofia Vergara?

  131. Scott,
    Did you take them a one-pound sample of “What Brisket Can Be”, to show them the error of their ways?
    That would have been cool…

  132. Pepe’ for the WIN!

  133. ChrisP, I love AnitaP. Just saying.

  134. Their brisket was good. A little dryer than mine, but they probably don’t crutch it.

    2 schools on that. They get tasty bark to chew on, I get moister meat.

  135. I’m confused. Connecticut Brisket Council approved or no?

  136. The company was good too.

  137. “i get moister meat’.

    That made me giggle.

  138. You get Sofia Vergara to stipulate in writing that she’ll taste me, and I might think about it.

  139. Let’s get aminal, aminal…

  140. Rapethisburger is looking pretty good tonight.

  141. I’m sitting on my patio next t my fire pit with a wonderful mesquite fire burning and drinking crown and coke. April 15 is at least 100 days away. Life is good for now.

  142. Temp is 45 but no wind. Perfect winter Fire Pit weather.

  143. Crown? La di freakin dah!

  144. For some reason Crown Royal is the standard at Korean clubs in L.A. A bottle would cost you at least $100 bucks back in the day.

  145. Oso,
    “ChrisP, I love AnitaP. Just saying.

    Wtf, O?
    What does this refer to?
    I lover her, too. We’ve been married for 45 years…

  146. It is 40 here and still wet drizzling

  147. Hey Phat, I thought of you earlier in the week. Co-worker is retiring for the second time. 20 years with USAF, 24 with NASA. He was telling Wild Weasel and Korea stories.


  149. We’ve been chatting on FB. She is awesome. I <3 her.

  150. We are warmer than Texas.

    No fire ants.


  151. I wrote about Wild Weasel today.

  152. My uncle said that in his part of Illinois (not too far from Champaign-Urbana) this was the first time he could remember where the avg. temperature was lower in November than December.


  153. I was explaining our magazine pricing to a woman today. She was like “I’m not from NM. East Coast. I can figure out 30% in my head.”

  154. MMM 155 set to poat at 557am.

  155. Why not 5:56?

  156. Slacker.

  157. Numeracy is limited to the east coast dintcha know?


  158. Veins on fems. Can’t fuckin wait.

  159. Fems?


  160. Why not 5:56?

    The algorithm said no.

  161. NM likes to make a big deal about people not knowing NM is a state. I like challenging locals to name states that abut NM. Good times.

  162. You folks laugh at the fit wimmens, while Anita comes home from the gym in the morning and says;
    “There was a ‘lifter chick’ there this morning. You should have seen her ass. You could not help but reach-out and touch it! Then, she would break your nose”…

  163. Femen is the new term. Moose out front should’ve told you.

  164. New Mexico is a state?

  165. Most of New Mexico used to belong to Texas. But the yanks fukd it up as a condition to admittance to s da Union. I blame Rosetta.

  166. Hallo. Fun fact – that pink dragon toy in the first pic is awesome. Can’t recall the brand but it was the only one my wheaten couldn’t destroy in under 5 seconds.

  167. The whole Rio Grande v. Nueces dealio.

  168. Most of AZ used to belong to NM. Rayciss.

  169. Did anybody come up with a nickname for anybody else rather than learning how to correctly pronounce their name today?

  170. Nope, Double, can’t say as I have.

  171. I hate the Steelers.
    Mostly I hate Steeler fans

  172. My sponsor is a Steelers fan. Can’t say it’s had any effect on our relationship either way.

  173. I also don’t get this college stuff, #1 Alabama is playing #4 Ohio? What does that do? Okay FSU and Oregon will prove something but say Oregon wins and Alabama wins WTF?

  174. Is your sponsor an assclown? because most steeler fans are real assclowns

  175. I gave up trying to figure out college playoffs about hte time they devised college playoffs.

  176. He’s more of a jagoff than an assclown, Vman.

  177. I am a Gator fan but what if FSU wins and Alabama wins too? 13-0 should trump 12 and 1. WTF is 12 and 1 doing against undefeated?

    I work with 300 or so of the Aggie Mafia.
    7 and 5 snort! Go Aggies!

  178. You have my sympathy Sean
    I am buying the Dr Pepper

  179. I’m getting ready for a week of half-assed posting.

  180. New Mexico is a state?

    Depends on whether the map shows it filled with dragons and wind gods.

  181. The weather guessers here in Houston are the worst ever. The forecast is 36 tonight. Last week the 40 degree forecast had frost.
    I guess I should bring in my tomato plants.

  182. Your tomatoes will want shelter, Vmax. Too cold.

  183. Hey, Eric. Did you have a hateful Chrimmas?

  184. That is what I thought George.
    I have 7 shirts ironed and I only work 3 days this week. I am done.

  185. Filled with hate, spleen, bile, venom, spite, rage, cruelty and fruitcake.
    And yourself?

  186. Easiest job in the world? Weatherman in San Diego.

  187. Easiest job in the world? Weatherman in San Diego.

    Next to weatherman on the moon.

  188. “Good morning. Today on the moon we can expect hard vacuum throughout the day, with highs in the sunlight of 250 degrees, dropping to -350 at night. We can expect this pattern to continue for the next several billion years.”

  189. Let’s see…no hate, I do have a spleen so there’s that, some bile in my digestive tract, no venom that I know of, drawing a blank on any spite, ditto for rage, and only a weensy bit of cruelty. Oh, and I don’t think I’ve even seen a fruitcake in at least twenty years.

  190. Easiest job in the world? Weatherman in San Diego.

    Not really. Do you know how hard it is to wield a trident?

  191. Oh, and I don’t think I’ve even seen a fruitcake in at least twenty years.

    I don’t know how you have avoided seeing Joe Biden on TV for so long.

  192. Veep Chip.

  193. The derp in me will hide sometimes to keep from bein’ seen
    But that’s just because he doesn’t want to turn into some machine
    Took a woman like you
    To get through to the derp in me

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