A Three Day Eggnog Binge


I thought I was the only one.



  1. Vodka, bourbon, and / or rum in eggnog?


  2. Pie chart – change the big section to “How did the girl in front of me do her hair like that?” Guilty.

    Grandmama put bourbon in her eggnog, but it was damn near undrinkable.

  3. Bourbon. Evan Wms makes a really good peppermint chocolate eggnog. It still gets an extra shot of bourbon. Eggnog shake? Bourbon.

  4. Happy Anniversary PG and Mrs PG.

  5. Pie chart mostly accurate, but I’d have to swap half+ of the gunman thought time to “don’t look at that girl over there’s ass, and no you are not just praising God’s handiwork by doing so.”

  6. HA PG & Mrs PG.

    Drive time.

  7. Rum in eggnog. Definitely rum.

  8. Myers rum

  9. I made some kick ass cookies this year. Can’t stop eating them. I offered to take them in to work, but one of my friends said she would punch me in the face.

  10. Confession time: I’ve never drank alcoholic eggnog. I’ve got vanilla vodka, black rum, gin, Baily’s, and grain alcohol in the pantry. No bourbon in the house.

  11. Recipe or it didn’t happen.

  12. Mom used to make two batches of egg nog at Christmas. One for the kids and one for the grownups.

    One Christmas she handed me a cup and before I could drink it dad said “hold on” and smelled it. Handed it back to her and got a piece of paper and wrote “KIDS” and taped it to the kid batch.

  13. I saw Three Day Egg Nog Binge open for Pussy Riot in Kiev last year.

  14. I always enjoyed your mom’s egg nog.

  15. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, PG.

    I can understand her sticking around the first quarter century or so, but once you started hanging out here, it’s a miracle she didn’t dump your ass.

  16. Your mom likes nog.

  17. I put bourbon in my store bought egg nog. I don’t recall ever having home made egg nog. I’d try dark rum but I don’t think vodka alone would be good. For parties I’ve made Milk Punch which a friend of mine gave me the recipe for.

    Get a Santa Claus pitcher like this: http://tinyurl.com/nbpamet

    Fill it with ice. Pour in Jim Beam. A good pour from a handle bottle. Sprinkle some nutmeg in and fill the rest with whole milk. Stir and serve. It’s good for the egg nog taste without filling you up as much.

  18. Why the heck would you spoil good bourbon with milk?

  19. Your mom binged on my egg nog. Three days in a row.

  20. Sounds bizarre but it’s actually pretty good once a year.

    Pea soup update: my house smells like a fart. I thought that was an aftereffect of pea soup?

  21. Pea soup update: my house smells like a fart. I thought that was an aftereffect of pea soup?

    Wait… Are you smelling pea farts or do your peas just smell funny on their own?

  22. Well, getting ready to visit very elderly Orwell Senior. And my freak brother who lives with him. Unpleasant.

  23. http://is.gd/Lo8K30

  24. AWESOME.

    As Mayor Bill de Blasio took the podium Saturday at the funeral of P.O. Rafael Ramos, thousands of police officers in the streets watching video of the service inside turned their backs, in unison, to the monitors.
    Instead of listening to Hizzoner, whose brief remarks were carried live on large speakers and screens outside the Glendale church, the cops chatted and generally ignored the eulogy

  25. Not a single split pea has been ingested. This is all the power of the pea.

  26. Behold the power of this fully functional pea soup.

  27. George?


  28. http://is.gd/Lo8K30

    Boy, no irony there, since she basically drank and drugged herself to death.

  29. Who is that, x?

  30. It looks like the older sister character on That 70’s Show

  31. I prefer my eggnog in the Churchill style.

    Pour a glass of bourbon and whisper “Merry Christmas” to it.

  32. **pours another Diet Dr Pepper for Sean**

  33. Who just fixed the gas valve coils in their dryer?

    *this guy!

  34. Who’s making lunch?

  35. *whispers Merry Christmas to the H2*

  36. XBrad, I have party food for the Military Bowl. Too bad I’m the only one watching it.

    Didn’t mean to temporarily stun the poat, but I am mindful that not everyone is as successful with rehab as Sean. Co-worker got the boot for his drinking problem. You have to fuck up pretty bad to get fired from the gov’t. (which is a huge problem, yes, I know.)

  37. I’m a tad under the weather today. No interest in watching football.

  38. I’ve got the Sun Bowl on and I’m not watching too closely.
    Arizona State 27-Duke 17

  39. beasnette wants to go out and drive. It’s sleeting, so no. And now she’s upset.


  40. One for Leon:


  41. http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2014/12/josef-stalin-and-the-problem-of-political-opposition.html

    Good read. Maybe one of the cobs can post it at AoS or send it to Maet.

  42. she’s got to learn sometime

  43. Christmas rolls, from the recipe tab:


  44. Anyone see Escape Plan?

  45. Those look good, Chrisp.

  46. Wow. Dead for an hour and a half on Saturday evening. Pretty impressive.

  47. Happy Anniversary, PG. Go anywhere fun?

  48. Oooo, nice, Chrisp!

  49. Happy Anniversary, pendejo.

  50. How come I’m not seeing a recipe tab?

  51. Back from Three Rivers. Nothing blowed up. Family congratulated us.

  52. It’s the baby at the sink pic, beasnssns: https://hostagerecipes.wordpress.com/

  53. How the hell……..?


  54. Everyone’s gone now, reading recipes?

  55. Not me, I’m eating delicious Hunan Chicken.

    But judging from the hit counter over there, the answer is yes.

  56. Just finished eating dinner.

    Take out. From the local Hungarian place. GIANT chicken parmasean. I’ll be eating on this for another whole day.

  57. Those look yummy ChrisP. Do you have Kerrygold butter?

  58. Just watched the last Hobbit movie. Meh. Probably the best of the lot, but still meh.

    Stayed tuned for the adventures of Legolas and Aragorn. I hope they do a buddy movie like Midnight Run.


  59. Oso,
    I made then for friends who were having a family get-together on Christmas day.
    We ran them over there Christmas morning, so they would have them in-time for the meal.
    We did not get to eat them.
    The looked, and smelled *wonderful*…

  60. SMH. You’re a good man ChrisP

  61. *debriefs and makes a CapeCrangrape Cod Cocktail*

  62. Cod!?

  63. Hahahahahahaha. Rocketboy and Mini-me are playing Super Smash Brothers on the Wii. Rocketboy wasn’t paying attention at a critical moment, so Mini-me assigned him the pink princess character. He’s pissed, but he’s not forfeiting.

  64. How is Cyn Mom doing today?

  65. Evening Hostages. Much fire watching and alcohol consuming has been accomplished with the FIL and older BIL.

  66. She’s not doing well, Oso; thank you for asking honey. A turn of events has prompted a scan which revealed some probable metastatic tumors to her brain. I’ll have more detail tomorrow when they do the full MRI. I believe that her time of discomfort will be short.

    I really thought, or hoped at least, that she would be spared this outcome.

  67. So very sorry. Prayers.

  68. {hugs for Cyn}

  69. Oh dear. After going through this, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, much less one of my friends.

    So sorry, Cyn.

  70. * hugs *

  71. Very sorry, Cyn.

    Also happy that you aren’t drinking a cocktail made with fish.

  72. Thanks peeps.

  73. I’m happy that I’m not drinking a fish cocktail too, but if it added a little numbness, I’m not past giving it a try.

  74. Cyn,
    That sucks. I’m so sorry.

  75. Also, I thew up a new poatsy for shits n giggles.


  76. Roh Roh,
    Air Asia flight with 160 souls on-board goes missing on flight to Singapore.


  77. Thank you Chris; it is some fucking suckage indeed.

    Once we have the MR results, I’ll game plan with her oncologist to see what we can do or if we just ride it out with some pain meds. I’d already told him that she was not going to be continuing the chemo when I talked to him Christmas Eve, but some radiation therapy might be in order to ease things, depending on where the tumors are showing. We’ll see how it goes.

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