Big Boob Friday

Howdy box-cutters, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



This guy should just not talk.


Your model for today was born on June 6th, 1990 in Manchester, England. She stoops 5’2″ tall, and measures 32-27-33 with GG accoutrements.

Please stop playing with your favorite new toy and welcome, Miss Robyn Alexandra!












  1. She looks like 3 or 4 different people.

  2. She seems nice. Points for stealing a guy’s shirt and making it look good.

  3. +1

    I hate the day after Christmas, when I have to work. Ugh.

  4. To keep Jay company.

  5. Wakey wakey

  6. Anyone else feeling post-Christmas let-down? I keep telling myself I have tons to be grateful for, but I’ve been in a funk I can’t seem to shake.

  7. Three days off, working just about every minute. Sigh. Back to worky worky today. Not until four.

  8. It’s not that you’re not grateful. It’s just that you had *something* to look forward to for weeks and weeks, and now it’s gone.

    I’ve got January to look forward to.


    Hey Tushar, India just tested their own crew module. They need to work on the g-load on reentry, 13 g’s is a bit much, but a good landing and recovery.

  10. Good morning! Not working today. I need to use vacation time up or lose it. We can only carry over 5 days from year to year.

  11. The Indians reached space!


    (stolen from I think George or XBrad last night)

  12. It’s just that you had *something* to look forward to for weeks and weeks, and now it’s gone.

    Well, that, and my gifts were a pillow for women who have hot flashes, a sweater that fits Mini-me, and a book and a nightgown I bought for myself.

    Oh, and a geode from Mini-me that’s pretty and an atlas for the car. Those are appreciated.

  13. :(

    I need to work on my kids for next year, because they sorta suck at Christmas.

    I bought myself a book while out Christmas shopping, and a new knitting project so I was prepared to be underwhelmed if it happened.

  14. I got a new “test kitchen” cookbook from my sister. I have one of the big ones, but this one is supposed to be easier/quick/make ahead things. I’m kinda excited about that.

  15. Plus, in a couple of days, early registration for the Free Press Half opens and it’s about half price. I didn’t run that this year, no extra money lying around.

    SO I’m excited about that. Plus = I’m thinking about doing a “Spartan” race in September. It’s in Chicago, but i can take the train and probably stay with a friend so it won’t be too pricey.

  16. Love the Test Kitchen cookbooks, but I was underwhelmed by the make ahead cookbook. It contradicts other things that I’ve learned from their previous cookbooks. Meh, I’ll figure out why, I guess.

    Post 4th of July letdown. No vacation days, except for everyone else.

  17. I didn’t exchange gifts with the siblings. I had a good if short conversation with my middle brother. His church puts on a huge Christmas show every year which takes up all his free time in December, so he was pretty wiped out yesterday evening.

  18. Gonna use my SS gift to make pancakes when the rest of the house wakes up.

  19. I’ve only got two siblings, so exchanging gifts with them isn’t a major outlay. My sister has no other family/no husband so …

  20. I’m gonna drink this coffee, then drag my ass to crossfit.

  21. You mean Zumba, right?

  22. Right. Zumba.

    I gotta find my little skirt thing.

  23. I got a used copy of the test kitchen cookbook in the run up to Christmas. We flipped through it and said “Looks good!” before putting it back on the shelf.

  24. I send gifts to my great-neflings, but that’s it for my side. Usually whatever NASA T-shirt is being peddled. This year was one for the Orion test flight. We still buy stuff for Mr. RFH’s neflings, but half the time it ends up being gift cards.

  25. We agreed to just stockings this year for each other. I got her some jewelry and gift cards and she did the same for me (minus the jewelry). This was my favorite redneck gift:

    I’m wearing it now!

  26. Jimbro, at the store I turned one of those on to look at how bright the beam was.
    Looking straight at one of these new LEDs is a mistake.

  27. I have just been informed that we will be having company later today. Time to clean. Rah.

  28. They’re pretty bright. We were at Paula’s parents house and her uncle (who is a genuine redneck) used one to illuminate the turkey in the cooker since it was in a shadow. It was then that I told Paula I thought it was cool. The rest is a Yuletime miracle.

  29. Company on 12-26? No thanks.

  30. Hello Big Wow Thud Bewb Friday. Nice work, Buff!

    Also, I want a “Shop Now” button for a few of the outfits she’s wearing.

    Also also, Good Morning Cool Kids.

  31. Nipples!!!!!!!

  32. Christmas magic

  33. also she’s gonna need a chiropractor

  34. I shoulda been a chiropracter.

  35. Off to visit Mom.

    Hugs and love to all you peeps.

  36. Chiropractors definitely know how to work the system. Nowadays most of them run a side gig of acupuncture and sell supplements. They’ve manged to avoid the insurance paperwork trap for most of their business. No wonder they’re always so happy!

  37. Most of the go-to docs for “natural hormone therapy” are chiros as well.

  38. Or at least, they know a guy.

  39. Finding the right chiropractor or naturopathic doctor is hard but when you do they can offer some good advice. The best ones know their limitations and don’t over reach.

  40. Cooking my ham bone (not a euphemism) for split pea soup tomorrow. I’ll let the broth cool overnight and skim the hard fat off in the morning. Then the crockpot will work its magic.


  42. cooks my ham bone too

  43. Have any of you ever cooked with caul fat? I would like to try my hand at making some crepinettes…but kind of squishy about getting the minimum purchase of caul, which is like ten or twenty pounds or whatever until I know it’s a good idea.

  44. Two words I have to look up now.

  45. Don’t do it, Dave. You’ll ruin your lunch.

  46. Called my insurance agent but no one was in the office, so I just submitted the claim online. Hopefully someone will call soon, although it’s the day after Christmas so I’m not optimistic. If I don’t hear from someone in an hour, I’ll call the State Farm person here in town and see if I can get a point of contact.

  47. They use it as an alternative to sausage casings, especially for things that would cook out too dry without a little additional fat.

    Sausage casings are way more gross, if you think about it.

  48. Caul fat can be purchased on amazon with shipping outweighing product cost by $20. Three reviews of 4 stars or better. You can find anything on line!

    *not doing a Rule 34 search*

  49. A few observations on today’s model:

    A. She meets the “big” criteria for BBF
    2. In some pictures her face is attractive, others she’s butt ugly
    §. In the naughty librarian pose the picture over her shoulder is Aggies’s avatard
    ₩. I’d still do her if she was ugly because I’m not constrained by your Western standards of beauty

  50. What is Lauraw talking about?

  51. I don’t like veiny breasts.

    That’s what I’m talking about.

  52. I think today’s model used to be a guy.

  53. Carin, what’s the deal at Protein Wisdom?

  54. Huh. Looks like the derp didn’t show up last night. I tried poating this:

    And when those derp snowflakes start falling
    That’s when those derp memories start calling
    You’ll be doin’ all right with your Christmas of white
    But I’ll have a derp, derp, derp Christmas

  55. Derp delayed is derp denied

  56. >> Sausage casings are way more gross, if you think about it.

    I do see that.

  57. In other news I don’t have to install an alternator today.

    Thank God, I think I’ve forgotten how

  58. Whattaya mean, Hotspur?

  59. The low traffic? I mean, Jeff has been busy/stressed/dealing with life. Traffic mellows during these periods.

    I imagine he’ll start working up his righteous anger mojo as the next election cycle starts heating up.

  60. Jeff Goldstein seems to be in a bit of trouble.

  61. You mean the deal with his Mom? She passed away and his brother is basically trying to steal the money. He dumped her in a nursing home, sold her house, and moved to Florida. That’s the reader’s digest version.

    Most Jeff is mad because of how he treated their mom. It was war at that point.

  62. Wow. Why are people such assholes?

  63. Death can bring out the best and worst of people.

    I don’t know why it does that but I know it does.

  64. Gooooooooooooood morning, Holes of Ass!

  65. Morning?

  66. *pain killers*

  67. It’s morning where he is.

  68. Look, when you roll out of the rack at 1030, “morning” is kinda a flexible term.

  69. Sun is still down, predawn conditions. At least with all that foil on the windows.

  70. Got to go to work in about an hour.

    *throws tantrum*

  71. The redhead above is captivating. I just can’t stop watching…

  72. She’s a chameleon. I worked with one once, she looked different every day.

  73. Now back to our regularly scheduled loafing.

    CoAlex, did you have any luck finding an insurance agent?

  74. Roamy, yes. I’ve got my claim in, and they’ll pick up the vehicle on Monday and tow it to their site for evaluation. I’ve already cleaned everything of value out of it.

  75. sorry you wrecked yer car, Holmie. Here you can apply your math skills to what happened.

  76. Good deal, except “their site” is in Globe.

  77. Good deal, except “their site” is in Globe.

    Yeah, I was confused about that…

  78. cars are just things but they can annoy.

    Who wrecked? I hope you’re ok!!!!

  79. OH.. CA.,.. you ok?

  80. Dave, we’re really going to have to get some more effort out of you, or we’re gonna have Car in call you and straighten you out.

  81. I know I suck.

  82. In fairness to me I have a head injury



  85. Dave, yeah, I’m ok. Annoyed about the car, since I was less than a year from paying it off.

  86. Sup, turdle duvz?

  87. Had another Christmas dinner that couldn’t be beat.

  88. The rib roast is in the oven.

  89. Hola, friends in the machine.

    Good day with the family today. We just finished leftover ham, re-fried scalloped potatoes, plus pepper slaw.

  90. How are you doing, Lippy?

  91. We had nearly the same thing: leftover ham, roasted potatoes/carrots/onions all heated together. My ham bone spent the day simmering and now the broth is chilling in the fridge.

  92. My ham bone spent the day in your mom.

  93. That’s not kosher

  94. That’s not kosher

    Good thing TexasJew’s mom wasn’t handy, huh?

  95. I broke the blog

  96. Dammit, Jimbro. That’s why we can’t have nice things.

  97. I thought we couldn’t have nice things because we were a bunch of paste-eating windowlickers.

  98. Paste is nice.

  99. Hi Roamy, I’m doing well, very glad to finally be able to move out of the apartment the ex and I shared. Yippee!

    How are things? I’ve been out of the loop for the last few weeks.

  100. Was I supposed to do that?

  101. Someone thought it would be a good idea to move the orange barrels in Clines Corners and funnel Southbound and Northbound traffic into one Northbound lane. Felt weird, so Dan crossed the median to get into the Southbound lanes. Semi in front of us ended up stuck in the median to evade Northbound traffic. I texted my brother to ignore the detour. He was an hour behind us and the orange barrels had been fixed and the semi retrieved by the time he drove through.

  102. AC I’m glad you’re ok. Cars are just things. People are not.

  103. Dave, thanks. Everyone was weirded out by how calm I was the whole time. I thought it was darkly humorous that the rollover training that I had to go through before deploying to Afghanistan would come in handy now.

  104. oh hell

  105. Lippy, my father-in-law passed away the Saturday before Thanksgiving. He’d been on hospice for a year, so it was not unexpected, but it pretty well torpedoed the holiday. I learned that one should not plan a funeral in Blacksburg the same weekend as the VT-UVA game and I need to pick out what hymns I want for my funeral rather than letting Mr. RFH pick them. The good part was that Rocketboy was on his way home so we didn’t have to figure out those logistics, the priests were kind and competent, and my lib brother-in-law behaved himself.

  106. Roamy, what hymns did you go with? Eagle’s Wings? Here I am Lord? Circle of Life (Disney. Don’t get me started)

  107. FiL didn’t like modern church music. We decided to do without music in his memory. I still have people coming up to me saying they would’ve played. Yeah…no.

  108. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, by The Rolling Stones.

  109. Mr. RFH picked Eagle’s Wings, the Shaker Hymn, something else, and Amazing Grace. The chorus of “Dance, dance, wherever you may be” at a funeral just seemed really discordant. I like Amazing Grace. I’d pick How Great Thou Art and Be Thou My Vision.

  110. Nice choices. CoAlex must not be Catholic. LOL

  111. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, by The Rolling Stones.

    Funny thing, Colex, that’s the first song I’ve heard in my car on Christmas morning the last two years in a row.

  112. Oso, I’m Catholic. It was a Big Chill joke.

  113. Neither my brother, nor my sister offered condolences to Dan. On social media or in person yesterday. I shouldn’t be a scorekeeper, but I am.

  114. Oops. I missed it. (Haven’t seen the Big Chill since its release)

  115. I think the only hymn we sang at Dad’s funeral was Eternal Father Strong To Save. Which was kinda a no-brainer.

  116. That one always makes me cry. So does Amazing Grace if I think about it.

  117. Gravesite music in the Hispanic community is different than “Church” music. We always sing Las Mananitas which is also the “Birthday” song. Cielito Lindo.

  118. Roamy,
    When our friend, Patty died (very bizarre, under a normally open parachute), we did an “Ash Dive:” where there is an 8-way circle of skydivers, with one in the center of the circle, with the ashes. Amazing Grace starts to play, and our friend is released as a cloud in the air. Just a “POOF” of white, and Patty is gone.
    Then, there is some drinking and telling of tales.
    To absent friends…

  119. Did anybody challenge anybody else to explain the story of Kwanzaa with out using phrases like “made-up nonsense” and “utter bullshit” today?

  120. Sean, did you make it to the 10 minute Kwanzaa Parade today?

  121. ChrisP, that is awesome.

  122. Just catching up. Sorry ’bout the car, CoLex. Glad you’re okay.

  123. Middle brother offered condolences to Mr. RFH. Sister didn’t call. Youngest brother was too busy whining that no one let him know about our dad’s car accident. Well, asshole, you wouldn’t answer your phone, you wouldn’t return my call, you changed your email in the last six months, and you didn’t pay any attention to what I was posting on Facedouche. Try calling Dad a little more often. (For Lippy, my dad blacked out and totaled his car the day before my FIL died. Stepmom and two of their friends were banged up. Everyone is okay now, but Dad doesn’t drive any more.)

  124. Roamy, I saw you throwing shade on SiL on FB. I was like “Go get ’em, Tiger”

  125. My sister gets bitchy about how close I am to my cousins and not my siblings. Ummm…they came to the rosary. They came to the funeral. They texted, FB, and sent letters. Roamy had a funeral mass said for my FiL and made my MiL cry. You guys are the best support system ever.

  126. Pepe, can you explain this?

  127. Pepe’s knives are really pretty. Gallery quality pics.

  128. I’m sure they’re really good knives, too. Me:Pretty!

  129. I saw you throwing shade on SiL on FB.

    I can’t stand that bitch. Brother’s been married four times that I know of, and this one is beyond the bottom of the barrel. Grasping, greedy, lying, stupid trailer trash without an ounce of decency. Tried to keep wife #3 instead of him after their divorce.

    And you are welcome for the Mass.

  130. It was like weeks after you posted and I loved your response.

  131. So after an insanely long car ride, and a car wreck, we finally made it to my in laws a while ago.

    God bless my FiL. He got me booze for Christmas.

  132. Worky worky is done for the da

  133. Bcoch, I guess you, CoAlex, and our near miss are the Christmas trifecta.

  134. Three weeks. He didn’t call for Thanksgiving, and he didn’t answer his phone. I’m not putting up with his bullshit.

    Bcoch, saw the damage on FB. Hope you and the family are okay.

  135. Passive aggressive bullshit.

  136. Oskar just cried to me until I moved his bed so he can lie down and SEE me at the same time.

  137. Long story short. Christmas dinner was supposed to be at 1:30. My Aunt Jennie cancelled Christmas. Lots of drama. We didn’t eat until after 3. Dan and I had always planned on leaving around 4. My Mom was talking shit in Spanish. I called her out for being an ass in English. I don’t think she realized how much Dan is loved by my extended familia.

  138. Bcoch, I guess you, CoAlex, and our near miss are the Christmas trifecta.

    Geez, what happened? Everyone ok?

  139. Bcoch, saw the damage on FB. Hope you and the family are okay.

    We are roamy, thanks for asking. Scared the kiddos a bit. The youngest was asleep when it happened. That’s a helluva way to wake up.

    Oh, the guy I hit? Mexican national. Mexican license plate. Weird ass insurance.

    Should be fun.

  140. Geez, what happened? Everyone ok?

    I’m fine. I was backing down a hill and went off the driveway and over a four-foot retaining wall. Car ended up upside down on the road. I was the only one in it and I walked away.

  141. Damn.

    Well, I’m glad you’re ok.

  142. Someone played a prank with orange barrels. We were ok. Semi in front of us…not so much.

  143. Ghoulish post. Funeral music. Secular and religious. Amazing Grace. Ave Maria. Secular: Never My Love and God only knows

  144. Weird or not, at least he had a license plate and insurance. Getting in an accident with illegals is just tons of fun.

  145. Someone played a prank with orange barrels. We were ok. Semi in front of us…not so much.

    What the hell. Glad to hear you’re ok.

  146. Weird or not, at least he had a license plate and insurance. Getting in an accident with illegals is just tons of fun.

    True. The husband/driver spoke basically no English. The wife had to translate.

  147. I’ve heard “I’m Your Captain” at a funeral.

    Day is done. Squishy hugs and good night!.

  148. We were told that giving illegals DLs would make it easier for insurance and regulating safe drivers. Ha. RL friend was T-boned by a DL illegal. All the DreAmer wishcasting was a lie.

  149. “Haaaay. Jou broke my car, mang”

    –actual quote from one of two drunk illegals who hit us on the 10 coming back from Palm Desert when I was a kid. A helpful bystander who saw the accident and sprinted over from the other side of the freeway is the only reason my father is not still in prison for murder.

  150. We finally get the dude to pull over out of the fast lane and into the median/emergency lane.

    I get out. He gets out. Then he opens the back door and gets his, what appears to be 4 yr old daughter out.


    “Hey man, is she ok???”

    *odd look*

    “I do not know.”

    NOT the response I was looking for.

    In retrospect, he may have been just saying he didn’t understand me, but damn did it freak me out.

  151. I got t-boned by an illegal 7 years ago when I pulled out in front of him as he was running with no lights at 5 AM. He claimed his wife and kid were in the car to my insurance. He claimed I tried to flee the accident. He claimed I was drinking.

    Insurance said, “No. Nuh-uh, no way”. Then, “See you in court…” I got deposed by both lawyers. They walked away with nothing before the trial started when it turned out one of the kids supposedly in the car was in OC jail that night and the wife’s time card from her work showed her to have gotten off at 7 AM.

    Also, he had no insurance and DL from MacArthur Park Printing Services

  152. Night all…

  153. DL from MacArthur Park Printing Services


  154. Holy shit, Mundane. That had to be a helluva lot of fun.

  155. Echo Park Printworks does better quality stuff.

  156. Cosmos is on! IFuckingLoveScience!

  157. Wow, Neil sure does like Neil, doesn’t he?

    I never got that feeling about Carl Sagan, watching the original.

  158. You couldn’t pay me to watch that smarmy fuck.

  159. This was much, much better.

  160. Never saw that one, I’ll have to try to find it.

  161. They used to have the first series on Youtube, but looks like they got pulled. Connections3 is still on there though.

  162. Wow, I’m watching the CO2 episode.

    We put the White Cliffs of Dover in the air EVERY YEAR!

  163. I recall the yellow cotton derp
    Foaming like a wave
    On the ground around your knees
    The birds, like tender babies in your hands
    And the old men playing checkers by the trees

  164. Good morning people. Up early to see Paula off to work. When she’s up the puppy and big dog are up too so it’s useless to sleep in. I’m getting cup of coffee #2 after I start my crockpot.

  165. Thirty two years ago today a lovely 21 year old girl fucked up and married me. And she’s still here. I would try to recreate that first night honeymoon magic but she was throwing up that night and I had diarrhea. An inauspicious beginning.

  166. Congrats, pg.

  167. That’s great PG, congratulations! I mean the anniversary obviously, not your mutual gastrointestinal distress. Fire the caterer unless it was your wife. If that’s the case just buy flowers.

  168. Happy Anniversary!


  170. Congratulations, PG and Mrs. PG!

  171. Congrats, PG.

  172. The mom of one of Mini-me’s friends just posted CAC’s baby story on FB. Crossing the streams! Though that would be pretty cool if she’s a Moronette.

  173. Thanks. I definitely out kicked my coverage when she said yes. She’s one hell of a blessing to me.

  174. It’s a remarkable story Roamy. And, without a trace of irony, heartwarming.

  175. Working on a new poat. Laptop being bitchy.

  176. Jimbro, it reminds me of the line from Jane Eyre. “You must be tenacious of life.” Praying all goes well.

  177. I poated.

    *lights match*

  178. Glad I watched all of Connections while it was online. The British taxpayers paid for that over 30 years ago, why does the BBC still get to profit from it?

    Last long drive of the holidays is today.

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