Merry Christmas








  1. I hope Santa has been good to almost each and every one of youse.

  2. Merry Christmas.

  3. Joy to the world!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Merry Christmas! Nice tie, Pepe, heh.

    Scott remarked yesterday how different the holiday experience is, without the store. Neither of us is bone-tired today and we are not allergic to human interaction. For years this holiday was so awful, we tried to avoid going out or seeing anybody. It’s nicer now.

    Of course, if a Christmas carol comes on the radio we still both hiss like vampires splashed with holy water.

    Baby steps.

  5. The importance of good handwriting, H2 Sekrit Satan edition:

    Trying to make a batch of Beer SOUP because the handwriting on the bar of Beer SOAP Car-in sent from Mee-chigan was a little unclear? Not a good idea. Maybe it will taste better as leftovers.

    Ho ho ho.

    (Not being festive, just callin’ you names)

  6. Merry Christmas to all, even Rosetta.

  7. Best. Christmas. Ever.

  8. Ha ha ha! Awesome!

  9. Merry Christmas, Ws!!!

  10. Merry Christmas all!

    Who else is getting a white Christmas?

  11. Nice job Dr. Fever. I read that they had to cut out every scene with copyrighted music playing in the background, that was many years ago, I hope they worked that out.

    Some fella posted a recipe for peanut butter fudge a while back, I just made a batch that’s cooling in the fridge. I’ll report back.

  12. >>>>Nice job Dr. Fever. I read that they had to cut out every scene with copyrighted music playing in the background, that was many years ago, I hope they worked that out.

    That was the problem with the original DVD release of season one, which I also have. They didn’t cut the scenes though. They just replaced the original music with some crappy generic “rock” music. Really ruined the experience.

    But they were able to get around 95% of the copyrights for this release.

  13. It’s sunny and 55 degrees here.

  14. Good. Let me know how it holds up, that was my favorite show, I wanted to be Johnny Fever.


  15. Great gift, WB.

  16. >>>Good. Let me know how it holds up, that was my favorite show, I wanted to be Johnny Fever.

    Mine too. And someday, I’m gonna find a reason to say booger on the air. I think I said it once, sorta under my breath, but not sure if anyone caught it.

  17. Merry Christmas, ISO!

    And all the rest of you knuckleheads. Gonna do some visiting now.

    Hope you all get exactly what you wished for today.

    Except Xbrad.


  18. Merry Christmas everyone.

    I hope your day is just like this

  19. Merry Christmas, Wiserbud family!

    And everybody else. Off to see family. Have a happy.
    Pretty thrilling to see sunshine today. It’s been like Seattle here for over a week.

  20. Merry Christmas!!

  21. Merry Christmas, gang.

    Standing rib roast seasoned and ready for the oven.

  22. Merry Christmas!!! I got a new keyboard … but you guys all feel the same.


  23. Russ, it wasn’t my handwriting, but mine is bad as well.

  24. House is clean. Time for a quick workout, then start cooking.

    Holidays are so restful.

  25. Merry Christmas Hostages!

  26. If there is

  27. Oops. If there is a more desolate drive than between Clines Corners and Roswell, I never want to travel it.

  28. Merry christmas all!

  29. Burned my fucking finger and thumb putting the motherbastard roast in the dickhole oven.

  30. Merry Christmas!

  31. Beating people over the head with swords and drinking all night. What more do you need in life?

  32. Burned my fucking finger and thumb putting the motherbastard roast in the dickhole oven.

    Not your fucking finger! Any finger but that one!


  34. Hairy Fistmas!

  35. Okay, this recipe is weird. Roast stays in oven at 375° for one hour. Then it’s to be left in the turned off oven for three hours, without opening the door. Then it’s to be turned back on 375° for forty minutes.

    Good thing we have more than one oven.

  36. Merry Chrimmas, you weirdos.

  37. Felicitous non-denominational winter solstice multicultural gender-neutral celebration!

    Merry Christmas.

  38. Merry Christmas, Hot Snausages!

  39. Burned my fucking finger and thumb putting the motherbastard roast in the dickhole oven.

    I saw Dickhole Oven open for The Revolting Cocks in 1996.

  40. Standing rib roast seasoned and ready for the oven.

    Standing Rib Roast is Hotspur’s Cherokee name.

  41. *stuffs xbrad’s stocking with HTML*

  42. So, the standing rib roast is off the menu for today. Spiral cut ham today (much easier to prepare) and tomorrow will be Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner.

  43. Poat updated.

  44. Ham is for making sammiches, not Christmas dinner.

  45. I have to do all the cooking and cleaning. If it was up to me, Christmas dinner would be chinese take-out.

  46. That’s what the joos do.

  47. So it seems that the top notch staff at the hospital weren’t available on Christmas today.

    I’d have settled for the bottom tenth quality but I guess they weren’t available either.

  48. Okay, deep breaths taken and headed back in to visit mom.

  49. Nice update to the poatsy, Xbrad.


  50. Merry Christmas nice tiger lady.

  51. Hospitals keep everyone, basically, in a holding pattern on holidays and weekends.

  52. My standing rib roast is in a holding pattern.

  53. Chrimmas Riley pic for youse guys:

  54. Hospitals keep everyone, basically, in a holding pattern on holidays and weekends.

    The psych ward of the hospital that I was assigned to would try to release everyone on Friday afternoon so they wouldn’t have to work over the weekend.

  55. It hit 54 degrees today and the sun finally broke the cloud cover! My bees flew around the hive for cleansing flights (#1 and #2). The puppy chased a tennis ball till he was exhausted. A good day so far.

  56. It was good to see the sun again.


  58. Merry Christmas from way up in the mountains in Mescalero, New Mexico!

  59. One year ago Christmas Day we had an ice storm and lost power for 4 or 5 days. Garage doors froze open, mud room radiant heat froze solid, no cable or internet. Thankfully we had the generator.

  60. I’ve been telling her all day buff. Kids are at grammies but her parents are on the way to drop by for a visit.

  61. …and they’re here.

  62. Hotspur, I’m interested in how your roast comes out with that method.

  63. Merry Christmas from way up in the mountains in Mescalero, New Mexico!

    They’ve got decent Chinese food up there?

  64. FIL was watching Christmas Vacation last night. I noticed that the kid, Rusty, looked a lot like a miniature version of Leonard from Big Bang Theory. They thought I was crazy.

    I googled, it’s the same guy.

  65. what’s a mud room?

  66. Scott, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not crazy.

  67. It’s where he keeps his crawdads.

  68. ooooo, fancy

  69. Leonard. How could you not see it?

  70. seems a bit much to have a room for those

  71. Well, it’s cold in Maine. You need a mud room, with radiant heat. For the crawdads. So their mud doesn’t freeze.

  72. We could not be on this property without a mud room.

    In our case it’s just the laundry room, but it’s where shoes stop on the way in, and sit in shallow troughs.

  73. ~waves west towards Mescalero~

  74. can’t you just rinse the mud off the crawdads?

  75. and let the bees get them?

  76. that seems dangerous

  77. I drove clines corner to Roswell in the 55 mph days. It took dAmned near all day.


  79. PG, WIPP road now. 75 posted. It takes 3 hrs from Albuquerque.

  80. Lauraw, it was excellent. I had to add time because the recipe is for a 5lb roast. Ours was 8. So I just sort of improvised. And a meat thermometer helps.

    The rub was salt, pepper and garlic. Simple. I don’t really like all that rosemary, lemon, and thyme shit.

  81. Anyway, merry Christmas you guys. It was a quiet day here. Just the way I like it.

  82. Shut the fuck up.

  83. Just made it to ABQ in 2hrs 10 minutes. 199 miles

  84. Calm down, Scott. It’s just a greeting. I hope you had a great Kwanza.

  85. I made sauerbraten, potato dumplings, and red cabbage. Mr. RFH and the kids cleaned up. Chocolate chip cookie bars for dessert. I have a glass of wine, and I’m not doing anything else today.

  86. That sounds delicious, Roamy.

  87. Almost time for dinner here…

  88. Chrimmas Riley pic for youse guys:

    Funny, he doesn’t look like M at all.

    Excellent work by Q Branch, 007.

  89. It was good, if I say so myself. There are leftovers, which is always an achievement with Rocketboy back in the house.

  90. Did anybody have anybody else 5150’d because they wouldn’t stop ranting and raving about how a magical turd was going to save Christmas today?

  91. heh

  92. Well, my car is probably totaled.

  93. Are you ok?

  94. Yup. I was backing down a steep curving driveway in the dark, misjudged where the driveway actually was, and went over the four-foot wall right next to it. Ended up upside down on the road, but unharmed.

  95. Sorry about your car. Glad you’re ok.

  96. Glad you’re unhurt! Sorry about the car. That sucks.

  97. Jesus, CO, sorry to hear. What a fucking Christmas present this is. Glad you’re ok.

  98. You know I was only joking about the car accident, right? I wasn’t, like, trying to curse you.

    If I were trying, it wouldn’t have worked.

  99. Rough news on the car, Colex! Sorry bout that!

  100. WTF, CoAlex? Holy crap. Not on Christmas. Major suck.

  101. Thanks, everyone, for your concern. My mom is weirded out by how calm I am. I told her that I finally found a use for the rollover training that I had to take before I deployed. That didn’t make her feel any better.

  102. I guess the good is that if I have to buy a new car, this is probably the best time to do so.

  103. *sends roll bar and shot of Macallans to CoAlex*

  104. Glad you’re OK Colax. That’s one way to get those fries out from beside the seats I guess.

  105. Glad you are okay, Alex, sorry about the car.

  106. Yikes CA!
    Glad you are okay.
    Ordered Indian for dinner. waiting for it to arrive.

  107. I routinely leave French fries under my seat as emergency rations.

  108. Ordered Indian for dinner


    *ducks and runs*

  109. Dot George, Ha!

  110. What did the pooches get for Xmas, Vmax?

  111. Okay I take that back. Eat 24 said it was open, then they called and said oops!

  112. Tennis balls, bones, and biscuits.

  113. Tennis balls, bones, and biscuits.

    I’d like that myself.

  114. Yikes, CoLex. That’s about enough of that. Glad you’re safe. Cyn should be along to deny your claim shortly.


  116. I don’t think CoAlex would have flipped in an Abrams M-1. I mean, if Obama won’t use them, let us have a crack.

  117. went to the in laws for dinner – mil is no longer with it; she wrote some very strange cards to her daughter.. obviously not recognizing the relationship, the gifts were nice but the sentiments were odd.

  118. how many indians was colex—

    hostages want to know

  119. Well, that’s enough quality time spent with the family. Back to my real family.

    Except you’ve all bailed for the night.


  120. the family?


  122. For Colorado Alex, nobody else open:

  123. Hahaha. I love XKCD.

  124. I thought maybe you could use a chuckle.

  125. Thanks. Yeah, I really could right about now.

  126. It’s 500’eastern and no derp. It’s to quiet.

  127. Too.

  128. Good morning, fellow insomniac.

  129. Wake up to boobs.

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