MMM 154: I was late getting in the door

No time to motivate y’all, gotta get back on the clock. So pictures.
Merry Christmas (Abbot)

And a little more Christmas.
This was in my “fitness” binders for some reason. I guess she’s “fit”, but it still seems miscategorized.
Dragon flag. I can do these.
Curls for the… girls? NTTAWWT.
And my apology for the veins.
and I’m sorry again. Not really.
Was she running in a wrestling singlet?
More veins, but a pretty smile to go with them.
I can’t do this. I’m okay with that.


  1. Yay!

  2. The penalty for being late is three swats. Yall bend over.

  3. PG, you really want to touch my butt?

    I didn’t know that about you.

  4. That’s a triathlon singlet.

  5. All the first one wants for Christmas is a real vagina.

  6. I like the first one. A lot.

  7. I don’t. H8 it when women get tatoo sleeves. It looks horrible.

  8. That guy with veiny arms is a bit unsettling.

  9. I normally don’t like tats, but I’d hit Christmas Abbot like a whiny kid in K-Mart.

  10. Plus, that Colt.

  11. whiny kid in K-Mart, hahahahaha

  12. I’d have to do it if I had the chance, it would be over quickly, and I’d hope no one saw it.

  13. I like the way you went “boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl” in this poat.

    Very fair.

  14. Considering the first two images are literally the same person, I question your discernment.

  15. Absolutely, or figuratively, literally.


  17. Considering the first two images are literally the same person, I question your discernment.

    Yeah, I noticed the resemblance almost immediately. Maybe it was the gun tattoo….

    Plus, you said “And a little more Christmas.” Pretty much a dead giveaway.

    So I stand by my statement

  18. consciously

  19. I admire your steadfastness even as I lament your inaccuracy.

  20. I’m not here to judge.

  21. First two pics are probably pre and post op, so Wiser is correct.

  22. That is literally the absolutely completely nicely done argument in the history of the H2.


  23. Is that your gun digging into my hip?

  24. Post op is just a mutilated man, XBrad. So even if he’s right he’s wrong.

  25. It’s two pictures of the same guy, so it counts as one. Wiser is correct.

  26. First two pics are probably pre and post op, so Wiser is correct.

    That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

    See, he has two pics of the same “chick” at the start., So that’s one person. I was reflecting on the alternating of the persons themselves, not the actual pics.

    But, to be fair, he did screw up the order on the last two pics, throwing in two actual women in a row. So technically, he is correct insofar as the “boy-girl-boy” alternation is not throughout the entire post.

  27. and on a completely different topic than the original gender of today’s models, in looking at the photo of the second yound lass (picture three, in case your are still confused), it occurs to me…

    dayum, them wimmens gots just a ton of shit going on in the bathroom, amirite?

  28. It looks like a hotel room. My guess is porno shoot.

  29. My guess is porno shoot.

    Oh, I hope not.

    She looks sweet.

  30. Costume party if it makes you feel better wiser

  31. Costume party if it makes you feel better wiser

    I thought she was getting ready for her shift at the Tilted Kilt.

    But costume party works too.

  32. Oh, I hope not.

    She looks sweet.

    I’m sorry to say, but she’s probably five minutes from having her face slapped by at least three dicks. There may also be a midget involved.

  33. I had to go shop

  34. I’m sorry to say, but she’s probably five minutes from having her face slapped by at least three dicks. There may also be a midget involved.

    But… but… but… leon wouldn’t have a pron star in his folders, would he??

  35. In the future, everyone will be raped by Bill Cosby for fifteen minutes.

  36. hey, dave.

    how’s the head?

    how many fingers am I holding up?

  37. Good evening.

  38. Dave from last night.

  39. “Statement by U.S. Army on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Investigation
    After a thorough investigation and a comprehensive legal review, the investigation concerning Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been forwarded to a General Courts Martial Convening Authority, Gen. Mark Milley, commanding general of Forces Command. Gen. Milley will determine appropriate action – which ranges from no further action to convening a court martial.”

  40. Sorry about your friend, Hotspur.

    Also, RIP, Joe Cocker.

  41. Song I thought of while reading this poat, especially pic #5

  42. Thanks, Roamy.

  43. That photo is the reason HotBride has her own bathroom. My countertop consists of my shaving mug, brush and razor. Plus a cup that holds my toothbrush. Finally, a stainless steel liquid soap dispenser.

    That’s it.

  44. Not that I’m being all judgy and shit.

  45. Ugh. Had to go shopping for foodstuffs.

  46. I just slept for an hour

  47. I’m sorry about your friend Hotspur, she sounds like she was an awesome person.

    How’s the back Xbrad? Going seems like you might be feeling a bit better.

  48. Buff, the Flexeril and the Vicodin really help. It started hurting pretty bad again on the way back from the store, but that’s mostly due to it being time to take another dose.

    Also, did you see that big pink elephant?!

  49. “Plus a cup that holds my toothbrush teeth.”

  50. Yeah, she’s hot for a pachyderm.

  51. I’m the one with a cup for holding my teeth.

  52. *moves Jam to the top ten Kill First List*

  53. My countertop consists of my shaving mug, brush and razor. Plus a cup that holds my toothbrush. Finally, a stainless steel liquid soap dispenser.

    That’s it.

    Yeah, but your hair is not pretty.

  54. There isn’t enough of it to be pretty.

  55. Greetings, people who were pretty much checked out at work today.

  56. From here on out, I am buying everything online.

    We need a new toner cartridge.

    The internets are $36 cheaper than Office Depot.

    Stores are a scam.

  57. That’s why they want to tax internet sales.

  58. Again, don’t forget to shop Amazon through the link here or at my blog.

  59. You have a blog?

  60. Buying stuff online was good for a while, but now it’s all done with Snapchat or mental telepathy or some junk.

  61. In philly. East coast time zone sucks.

    Have to go to bed before halftime of MNF.

  62. Evening Hostages.

    To whoever my SS is, my gift arrived today. Thank you. Umm..I’m sure it was very nice before the shipping company got a hold of it. I’ve already contacted CafePress.

  63. How many pieces, BCock?

  64. About a dozen. Maybe more if you count the tiny slivers.

  65. pictures. pictures. pictures.

    (broken package blog)

  66. How do you add a pic to a comment? I’ve got the pic on my computer of what it looked like when I opened the box.

  67. What were those rocks that Jimbro got?

  68. Your mom loves our time zone.

  69. Just email the pic to me.


  71. The rocks are a substitute for ice cubes. Chill them in your freezer for a few hours, then use them in your drink. That way there’s no dilution of your whiskey.

  72. At the bariejr address?

  73. Hey PG, did you fly your fuck around today?

  74. Yes, Bcock, at the gthingy.

  75. Laphroaig is my favoritest scotch.

  76. You should have it now.

  77. Hey PG, you my SS?

  78. Here’s BCock’s broke ass gift. Nice job, UPS!

    Busted BCock SS Gift

  79. That shit is more broke than Hillary when she left the White House.

  80. SS =
    Social Sasquatch
    Suicidal Sobriquet
    Smitten Simian

  81. 1 layer of bubble, and single boxed?


  82. I think you can still use that.

  83. Scott, there was a second layer of bubble. Basically just laid over the top of the mug. I moved it to get the pic to send to cafepress.

  84. Single-boxed? Bubble-wrapped item, packed tight up against the cardboard? That was not packaged properly for normal handling. UPS blameless. Fault the packer; shipper pays.
    /former life

  85. Oh, shit. Moving the bubble wrap voids the warranty.

  86. 5 reasons packages get destroyed-stolen from Cracked (heh)

  87. What was it?

  88. It was a mug that had a “name tag” across the front that said “Hello, my name is Richard Cranium”.

  89. It’s a numbers game.
    They could pack it right, but it’s cheaper to replace the 15% that gets smashed.

  90. Hahahahahaha.

    I haven’t figured out who my Secret Santa is. The name on the package is the Amazon dealer.

  91. Yeah, I laughed once I pieced the thing back together and figured out what it was.

    My guess is pendejogrande. Mostly because he mentioned last night that his SS gift was stuck on I-10. Which leads right into Jacksonville.

  92. I suspect Buffalone was my SS, but I really don’t know.

  93. Nope.

  94. *debriefs and cocktails*

    I need a name for my cocktail: Absolut and Cran-Grape.


  95. *thinks about lasering out that “e”, sips, decides to just leave it be*

  96. It’s not Grape Grape I hope.

  97. “Russian Chardonnay”

  98. *uses wax strip on that e *

    *hands Cyn an aspirin*

  99. Absolut and Cran-Grape.

    Rocking a UTI?

  100. *uses wax strip on that e *

    *hands Cyn an aspirin*

    Marry me.

  101. It’s not Grape Grape I hope.

    Nicely done, Whoopi.

  102. Who the fuck else do we have in Ohio?!

  103. What XBrad said. Stones to keep your beverage cold. I’ve been trying to exercise a cattle dog puppy that’s been cooped up most of the day. He was a little bitey so he needed a tug of war tournament.

  104. I need a name for my cocktail: Absolut and Cran-Grape.

    Ikea Sunrise

  105. Rocking a UTI?

    HA! No.

    Also, I think Buffalope wins the contest with “Russian Chardonnay”. Well done! Tell him what he’s won Johnny!

  106. Cooter Cleaner.

  107. Tell him what he’s won Johnny!

  108. Cooter Rooter

  109. Pooter Tooter

  110. Pooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity

  111. Pooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity

    That sounds like a special edition Summer’s Eve scent/flavor-of-the-month.

  112. A Summer’s Eve/IHOP crossover.

  113. Mmmmmm…. IHOP… I’m in.

  114. home

  115. So I mix myself another “Russian Chardonnay” and glance at the ingredients and see grape is the first ingredient. I guess that means I’m in as a grape-grape lover and out as a SJW.

  116. There’s a girl at work with a sleeve, but she’s a lesbian, so whatever.

  117. You would think everyone at work would have sleeves, what with it being cold in Michigan this time of year.

  118. The Bengals are beating Denver. WTH?


  120. The Bengals are beating Denver. WTH?


  121. Donkeys forgot how to tackle.

    They don’t play like this against the Chiefs.

  122. MOOOOOM! Buff is posting gifs of me walking after a cocktail or three again!!1!

  123. But… but… but… leon wouldn’t have a pron star in his folders, would he??

    Not on purpose, but as I note, I think she’s miscategorized.

  124. Did anybody take issue with the level of care with which anybody else hung the stockings by the chimney today?

  125. Actually, ours are hanging from the coat rack in the foyer.

  126. Okay,
    I, truly did not know that this existed:

    Sucks to be me…

  127. Weird, Chrispy, you’re link doesn’t work for me.

  128. Me either

  129. Try this?

  130. Chrispy discovered nothing!

    *Mind status = blown*

  131. Jewstin,
    No idea what went wrong.
    But then, I *have* been drinking…

  132. Allright,
    Fuck it!

  133. This is making me nuts.
    Am imbedding naow:

  134. Hello yinz. Move is done, the bull riders did a good job, a few days at the new place and then flew to the ol homestead.

    What have I missed in the last three weeks? Besides you guys.

  135. Hi lips! How are the new digs?

  136. Buff: no on the flying fuck. Worked like an alcoholic all day

    BCock: yes on SS. Package left Louisville KY on 12/11. Went to fedex in Indianapolis and then to fedex in Atlanta on 12/14. Handed off to usps and ended up in Tallahassee on 12/17. Then to Jacksonville and then back to Tallahassee and then back to Jacksonville yesterday. It was like an orphaned bastard nephew.

  137. No worries, PG. The ticket in the box actually has a ship date of 12/9 on it. Lol.

    I’m currently waiting to hear back from cafe press.

  138. Hi Chumpo! The location is awesome, ocean view, sound of waves, etc. It’s old with all that comes with that, but, hey. I can learn to shower, shampoo, buff in four minutes, maybe.

  139. I love working on the radio. I love being on the air. It is truly a dream come true.

    I agreed to do Christmas music shifts his week, starting yesterday.

    I was asked to cover from 6-9pm tonight. No prob.

    I show up at the station and check the log.

    6-9 just became 6-10.


    And I have no choice. I leave at 9 and the station goes dark for an hour. So whatever…. I like doing this, so I let it go.

    Station manager calls me at 9:55. Is over-the-top apologetic (as well complimentary) which is kinda nice, considering he has to be at the station at 5:30am tomorrow, so the fact that he was listening and then called in to apologize is pretty cool.

    anyway, I’m loving this radio shit. Even though I suck as a DJ.

  140. The carpet is kinda indoor/outdoor, half of the outlets work. . . but I’m happy!

  141. Does it come with hot and cold running poolboys?

    /asking for Cyn

  142. *happy hugs Wiser*

  143. Surfers, not poolboys at this location, Xbrad. What happened that you are hurting?

  144. I know how it is Lips. I’ve lived in my share of crappy old Beach Huts. They are charming in their way. Good luck with the ‘tricity. Be careful.

    See you at Pancho’s in 2015.

  145. Buff 4 minutes? Not likely.

  146. Not sure how, Lippy, but I strained my lower back. So I’m in the land of Flexeril and Vicodin now.

  147. bragger

  148. Does wiser take requests?

  149. ugh, XB, hope you feel better soon.

    Buff, are you a loofa-like cloth, and are you effective in cold water?

    and, Pancho’s in ’15, yippee!

  150. Request the cover of “I Did It My Way” by The Sex Pistols

  151. Got my calc3 grade. B-.

    I’ll fucking take it. WOOHOO!

  152. Good Job. How long was that class?

  153. September to last week.

  154. Thats good. I didn’t know if it was a multi-semester deal.

  155. It’s the last semester of a three-semester sequence. I took Calc 1 and Calc 2 back when I was an undergrad, and had to retake each in order to get a decent grade and move on. I wanted to finish the sequence, both out of a sense of pride and because I’d like to look at grad school down the road and most programs that I’m looking at want all three semesters of calc along with linear algebra.

  156. I didn’t have to take any math in college since I got a 5 on the AP calc test and promptly forgot everything I couldn’t do on fingers and toes.


  157. That rich guy you’ve been seein’
    Must have put you down
    So welcome back baby
    To the derp side of town


  159. Rocketboy is taking Calc 3 next semester.

  160. It’s the day where I bake cookies.


  161. I need to bake the next round of cookies, but it will have to wait.

    worky worky

  162. glabrering.

  163. I worky workyed the last four days. I have the next three OFF.


  164. You deserve the time off. Not that you’ll be resting much.

  165. I’m technically working but all I’m doing is taking phone calls from our less then stellar technicians.

    1. Is it plugged in? (yes, I really ask that)

    2. Have you set the date and time?

    3. Is the level 4 passcode correct?

    It’s embarrassing.

  166. Cookies. Chop chop!

  167. I’m on the grocery run duty today and Paula is wrapping all the presents during the day with the boys at school.

  168. I’m going to make the sour cream sugar cookies, gingerbread, and another kind a friend from work made last week. They are AMAZING.

  169. 4. Did you use enough lube?

  170. I’m not cooking anything.


    I’m sure I’ll be busy tomorrow and Thursday.

  171. I’m working on some way to automatically store iframe search result content as json in hdfs today.

  172. I think Santa should bring ME cookies.

  173. Merry Christmas to alla youse guys.

  174. Merry Christmas to you too, Tex

  175. I shoud have just taken the week off and chopped down trees every day.

  176. Mornin’, dickfaces.

  177. I’m making a standing rib roast for Chrimmas.

  178. So HotBride’s pulmonologist wants her to get a second opinion. He wants her to go to some jewish hospital in Denver that specializes in respiratory ailments.

    I’m not sure the jews can be trusted yet.

  179. You’re closer to Mayo.

  180. Or Cleveland Clinic

  181. My dad is seeing someone in Omaha. He was referred by the VA.

  182. Yeah, but this hospital specializes in the kind of bizarre ailments she has. So he thinks it’s the better choice.

    He wants us to go in the next three weeks.

  183. Get rid of the cats. They steal breath.

    -some random guy who hates cats

  184. This is the place:

    They don’t look very jewish to me.

  185. We got rid of the cats two months ago.

  186. He wants us to go in the next three weeks.

    Sounds like he may be serious about her going. I’m sorry she’s still having troubles 😦

  187. Yeah, we saw him last Wed. when he brought it up. We saw him again yesterday, and he expressed concern that we hadn’t already arranged it.

    HotBride has been pretty sick the last several days, but had already contacted her insurance company to see what would be involved. I have a feeling this is going to be really expensive.

  188. And I’m not sure she can hack a three hour plane ride.

  189. Get with your accountant and see what receipts you’ll want to be keeping for the medical deduction.

    She’s worth it. You on the other hand…
    *winks and gives you hugs for you and Hotbride*

  190. That’s good advice. She has good insurance, so I’m hoping all we have to foot is the air fare, hotel and meals. The tickets we can get with sky miles, and we have to eat anyway, so it’s just the hotel. But we’ll pretend we’re on vacation.

  191. *looks up Denver weather in January*

  192. Fuck. It’s winter out there.

  193. I kinda wish it would decide to stay Winter here. I have to hoof the water out to the horses right now so the line to the trough doesn’t freeze at night. The mud is incredibly awful out there right now. I bet it’d be fantastic planting soil.

    Prayers for Hotbride continue.

    Also, we have a due date: July 18, 2015. We’ll see how accurate that is in 7 months or so.

  194. Hey, Leon. MJ said he’d like to meet at the ghetto bar on Jan. 6. Mark your calendar.

  195. Unfortunately, it’s looking like I’m going to be in VA that week.

  196. Well fuck. You’re supposed to be buying.

  197. Comment by Hotspur on December 23, 2014 10:27 am

    Fuck. It’s winter out there.

    Don’t worry, it’s Colorado. Just because it’s 10 degrees and snowing doesn’t mean it won’t be 70 degrees and sunny tomorrow. Or later that day. Or that hour.

    If you two come out this way, hopefully I’ll be in town and can buy you dinner.

  198. I’ll see what I can do. I might do a 7,8,9 trip.

  199. It’s my turn. Last time yiu picked up my fish sticks and Labatt.

  200. I just called the hospital to get the ball rolling. They will call HotBride tomorrow to do the intake interview, then give us a date for the appointment.

    I’ll let you know CoAl.

  201. I see Casa Bonita in Hotspur’s future.

  202. Or, you know, an actually decent restaurant.

  203. Who doesn’t like sticky chairs and bland, over-salted Mexican food out of a can?

  204. Not wild about messican.

  205. *votes with Hotspurt against messican*

  206. Too many cheap carbs in messican food. I’ll take brazillian food, thanks.

  207. Authentic Mexican is fine with me, but the crap that gets churned out at places like Casa Bonita and Chi Chi’s isn’t worth the powder to blow it to hell.

    Any good local recommendations would be appreciated when the time comes.

  208. People are always saying that Ann Arbor is Boulder-lite. So I may want to go up there and see what a bunch of lefty assholes they are.

  209. The suspect fired about 30 shots at the car, hitting four of five people inside. The fifth teen, who was not injured, drove their car to an area hospital.

    What the hell? I noticed they described the shooter’s hat as black, must have been one of those Amish guys.

  210. Morning, assholes.

  211. Shooter was wearing fatigues and a bullet proof vest, so I’m guessing it was probably one of those Michigan Miltia types. I see them all over the Alter/Mack area on Detroit’s east side.

  212. Dead girl was a Jr at ULS, which is a very $$$$ GOOD school. Most of the kids go on to Ivy leagues/top flights schools. Kids from all over Detroit go there, not just Grosse Pointe rich kids, although many are of that type.

  213. Usually a “bullet-proof” vest turns out to be nothing more than a black cargo vest. The media is stupid.

  214. You don’t go to the trouble of armoring up unless you expect return fire, generally.

  215. If it turns out to be a bullet proof vest, I’m buying at the ghetto bar on the 6th.

  216. From the comments:

    The description of the car has changed to a 4 door silver Chrysler w/blue headlights, not tan caddy


    And they weren’t Army fatigues, it was a bright orange tutu and an aqua sequined top.

  217. So, manspreading and fart-rape.

  218. National Jewish has a good reputation for respiratory medicine Hotspur. And what CoAlex said about Denver weather. He knows better than me who only spent a year out there but it can be a blizzard in the morning and sunny in the afternoon with all the snow melted off the sidewalks.

  219. I wanted fancy steaks and baked potatoes for Christmas dinner. Paula wanted ham. Guess who bought a smoked ham today?

    ***THIS GUY***

  220. Heh heh, I also bought a package of split peas baby!!!

  221. So you guys see that the Chrysler name is going away?

  222. Fix t It Again Tony!

  223. It’s a weird story, because there was no robbery. Kids were smoking pot.

  224. Mad Reefer

  225. So … BIL has a new girlfriend. The BIL who’s wife passed away right around the time PattyAnn died.

    When he came here at Thanksgiving, he was either constantly talking to her on the phone or texting.

    His SON is driving over by himself (to my mil’s house) because he’s irritated by his Dad’s Christmas plans. He/they lives near Chicago, MIL lives in Toledo. BIL drove to Toledo with gf Sunday … shopped in Toledo (because it’s a shopping mecca?) until yesterday or today and is now driving GF BACK home and will hopefully make it back in time on Christmas eve.

    Merry Christmas fucker. Shesh. He’s had the whole week off- he had to take 2 weeks. At least the other BIL doesn’t put up the charade and just blows us off for the entire holiday.


  226. The guy’s 47. Grow up a bit. Men never grow up, do they?

  227. All the “couple shots” on facedouche are making me want to block him.

  228. Sounds like it might have been a robbery gone wrong.

  229. All the pictures on facedouche have that weird effect which makes everything look softer. Not a line on their faces, etc.

  230. Who knows, xbrad. Not very many details out yet. My dad went to ULS, and this happened about 2 miles from my old house. The kids were mostly GPers.

  231. “Going to the projects to buy some weed” is a common opening gambit for these type of stories.

  232. whoa, wait, catch me up, Hotbride is still ailing? Crap, sorry to hear that.

    And Leon has a due date?

  233. I have it on good authority that it was a bullet proof vest?

  234. I have never bought weed. Huh.

  235. “Going to the projects to buy some weed” is a common opening gambit for these type of stories.

    And “let’s rip off the rich kids” is a common operating technique of certain retail pharmaceutical reps.

  236. They were supposedly sitting in their car smoking weed. Not going to buy it. Kids in GP drive over the border into Detroit where they are less likely to get caught by the cops. Grosse Pointe police are very deligent and present on the streets. Detroit? Not so much.

    Not saying this was the case, but point out a fact. They were w/in a stones throw of Grosse Pointe. My sister had a house on Alter. it’s the first street of Detroit.

  237. I thought that was One Mile Road, Car in.


  238. No, men never grow up. Thats not to say that

  239. Men can’t be responsible. He just sounds like your garden variety dicksnake.

  240. OK, don’t even have the whole family here yet, and I’m ready to start culling the herd.

  241. Good thing you got that new Bradley, huh?

  242. I still have to build the damn thing, J’ames.

  243. Lippy, my first child will hopefully be arriving next July.

  244. Our first slab of Christmas bacon has just arrived. Three more to go. Not as joyous an occasion as a birth, but still pretty sweet.

  245. It’s socially acceptable to fry bacon in a pan, though. So there’s that.

  246. Leon, how wonderful!! You’ve been waiting and praying for this for so long — congratulations!

  247. Of course, if you have to fail at doing something so try it again and again, there’s worst things.

  248. Bacon smells better than babies, do too.

  249. Misplaced comma

  250. One mile road doesn’t exist. If we were going to guesstimate a mile road for that one, I would say 6 mile road.

  251. Wiki says there is a 5 and 6 mile road (Fenkell and McNichols), but I’ve never really heard anyone ever call them that.

    7 mile isn’t even THAT well know. 8 mile and outward are very well known – since they all have other names in different parts of the city.

  252. I’m not a dicksnake


  253. I just think a grown man should be a bit more of his own person.

  254. Dang. There are hardly any funny commenters at AoSHQ anymore. I actually have time to read today and it’s kind of sad.

  255. I stopped reading when I couldn’t keep up with even ONE thread, let alone the multiple.

  256. Lame.

    How’s your noggin, crap tree boy?

  257. Everyone is busy being indignant, not enough time to be funneh.

  258. Selfridge is close to 21 Mile Road.

  259. Thanks Lippy.

    6 and 7 Mile Rd are both called that when you get over to Livonia and Northville.

    And I used to live off of 8 Mile in Northville. My luxury apartment complex was stone cold gangsta.

  260. I used to live off of 8 Mile

    You do kinda look like Eminem.

  261. *waits for a leon rap

  262. We have more bacon than all of the rest of you put together.

    By Thursday I’ll be lucky to have any.

  263. laura will let you keep those end pieces that no one else wants, right?

    Those are the best, anyway.

  264. Huh.

    USS Lapeer.

  265. We tried to get three bellies and they only had two.
    I don’t think it ends well for me.

  266. I can’t rap. and I only sing in church.

  267. I can’t believe how fast this thing is. Roamy needs to build me one.

  268. Hey, Y;all!! XBrad Flung Teh CatToy down to Brazil for over ,two months came back for a week, and it Bounced Back To Brazil for another five weeks. I was traveling back in when the Presents were opened. I will try and upload a Picture of what V-Max sent me for Christmas! Overseas in hotel rooms, it takes so long for H2 to load, I have lost touch what all you Crazies have been up to!! I’ll check in before I have to go back to Brazil before New Years. For Another Two Months!! *Cough* I’m Over That Place! God Bless!!- Sox

  269. They don’t really explain why they named it after the city, xbrad. Seems rather random.

  270. Probably one of the engineers was from Lapeer. Pretty cool, anyway.

  271. Gate for my last flight…….h2

  272. Is everyone naked? Slightly “off”?

  273. Sox sighting!!!! (I don’t know how to say Hola in Portuguese)

  274. FYI #1 item stolen from books at Sam’s Club is bibles. Lots of bibles. I thought I was selling them. Audit team informed me otherwise. I was excited about selling 36 bible covers. Apparently, several of them went out the door with bibles in them.

  275. Everyone is a little tipsy and overtly racist.

  276. crap. I don’t have everything I need for dinner.

    drat drat drat

  277. I’m not superstitious but stealing a bible seems like a particularly bad idea. I wouldn’t steal a koran or a baghavad-gita either, just in case I pissed off the wrong guy.

  278. Comment by Car in on December 23, 2014 6:01 pm
    crap. I don’t have everything I need for dinner.
    drat drat drat

    You’re out of Lucky Charms and Jameson? Madness!

  279. Jewstin, I KNOW!!! I know that the Gideon guys counted on people in need stealing hotel bibles, but retail isn’t quite as happy about the shrink. MiL had santos in her back yard. Thieves stole Sacred Heart and St Jude. Dan replaced her santos but poured a bunch of concrete. They’ve been safe.

  280. I have been adjusting this tv for 3 damn days.
    I think I finally nailed it.

  281. Dan wore a Detroit Lions tee to work yesterday to taunt “Bucky” the Packer fan. Members kept asking him if he was from MI and he had to talk Tigers, Wolverines, and Lions with people. A little Mudhen and Tony Packo chat. Dan: Never wear Lions tee in public EVER!!!!

  282. “Huh.

    USS Lapeer. ”

    X – that’s interesting

    car in needs one for her pond

  283. “crap. I don’t have everything I need for dinner.

    drat drat drat”

  284. why are leon’s “chicks” still up? did they transition to totally tranny tuesday

  285. XMom has changed her mind four times on what she wants for dinner tonight. Right now, I’m thinking she gets that half of a rotten pear I found stuck in the back of the bottom shelf.

  286. Gimme a few and I’ll poat.

  287. Pneu Poat:

  288. off to coach the basketball team… they’ve lost 6 straight… time for the “YOUR A BUNCH OF BUMS” speech… hope their parents aren’t there.

    my wife says my expectations are too high –

    *one fucking win would be nice*

    *thumbs through Rolodex for divorce attorney #*

  289. Oso! How are things?

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