It’s Tuesday, again

Anyone else find it ironic that lauraw’s last final is on a Tuesday? Talk about happy and sad!





Have a good one, H2!


  1. *resumes drum circle

  2. Early Thor

  3. Time to make the doughnuts.

  4. *makes the snow blow toward scott

  5. What joke am I missing in the header pic?

  6. I’m not in on that one, either.

  7. Elizabeth Warren, she big hero of Left wing, shut down government.

    *denounces self

  8. “Punching the Bishop”

  9. bravo, jimbro.

  10. Listening to Smashing pumpkins this morning

  11. Oh, if anyone has important shit to say, feel free to stomperize this poat.

    Like you needed any encouragement.


  13. I’ll turn it down right after Mayonaise.

    *cries and cuts self.



    So many songs I have no idea what the names are (now that’s a tortured sentence construct). I just pop the disc in and listen to the whole thing.

  15. I’m very disappointed that everyone was so reasonable in dismising my Kwanzaa Konspiracy.


  17. Kwanza: making shit up so black people can enjoy being separate since 1966.

  18. Segregation is bad until it’s good.

  19. Wow, Mark Levin’s show is ON FIRE from yesterday, absolutely blasting the Republicans.

  20. Heh, I love the solution to the Sterling racism issue was an NBA for only black players.

    Didn’t we already play that game? It was wrong then, it’s wrong now.

  21. In an ideal world, you could start an all-black league and an all-white league and fight it out over dollars.

    WNBA still a thing? Why?

  22. It should go without saying, but I’m pretty sure the “all good players” league will do better in the market.

  23. Wow, the list of GOP senators that voted for this budget is like a whos who of RINOS.

  24. Is it an actual budget? I thought it was yet another CR.

  25. Doorbell rang last night. Mrs. Pendejo answered and it was the FedEx dude. Or maybe UPS, I don’t know, never saw them. She walks into the bedroom holding a box and says, in her voice tone that indicates that somebody done fucked up, “OKaaaaaaaay?”. I said, “What’s that?” She says, “What did you order from the……H2 Bullwhip Emporium?” I kinda had to splain you guys to her. It was awkward.

  26. “WNBA still a thing? Why?”



  28. WNBA = extension of Title 9 for college sports.

  29. I went to a WNBA game back in ’04. It was mostly military on liberty and people who’d received free tickets.

    Most of the lesbians were on the court.

  30. Yep, looks like another continuing resolution. Most things to Sept 30, some to February.

  31. Hmm, Mike Lee clerked for Alito. That explains a lot.

  32. I’m actually starting to wonder if we’ll ever have a budget again. Ever.

  33. Comment by Mr. Chumpo on December 15, 2014 11:39 pm
    Thank ye. I should take a pic of the opened gift or the package?

    I’m sure the ladies here were love a picture of your package.

  34. “Jeb Bush announces exploratory committee for 2016 presidential campaign”

    Sometimes I believe they’re just trolling us all.

  35. I’m actually starting to wonder if we’ll ever have a budget again. Ever.

    I’m pretty sure the political penalty and stigma of not submitting a budget will return in about 34 days.

  36. Romney/Bush!

  37. How do we find and persuasively convince the exploratory committee that it’s a bad idea?

    And by “persuasively convince” I mean exactly what you think I mean.

  38. They aren’t listening to us. We’re in flyover country.

    They listen to the DC guys, with the money.

  39. I would have thought no one had to explain the H2 to their spouses anymore.

  40. Ok, done checking and re-checking with Amazon/ my bad of stuff I got as gifts last summer.

    it’s time to go out.

    Pray for me.

  41. I would have thought no one had to explain the H2 to their spouses anymore.

    It was harder than explaining the drinking or midget hookers.

  42. Site Title updated to reflect our true purpose.

  43. Prust punching Bishop. Didn’t Prust write the longest novel ever, “La Recherche du Temps Perdu?” Oh, yeah. “Proust.” As usual, u are the problem.

  44. It’s kind of hard to disagree with Levin when he noted the GOP has effectively funded LD’s regime for the first year of the Repug Congress

  45. Before it has even seated itself

    Man, but I detest iOS 8

  46. *prays wife’s birfday gift shows up in time*

  47. Car in, she knows I spend time there. She doesn’t know anything about bullwhips or anal insertion and such. She thinks we just talk politics and dogcuss dems. Which she majorly approves of but she’d rather look at her facebook shit and play Words With Friends with her spare time.

  48. BTW, on bogus conservative watch, over at the Ricochet GLoP podcast:
    Noted RINO John Podhoretz, who rankles at the thought of Neanderthals like Ted Cruz, made a tool out of himself. During the last gubmint shutdown, he was appalled at how the Republicans had shot themselves in the foot. Now, after the 2014 blowout, he still declares that the shutdown hurt them badly. To their credit, Jonah Goldberg and Rob Long cried out “how?”
    Get this: his excuses were
    1. It did hurt them back then.
    2. Well, it was a long time ago.
    3. It hurt them so badly Republicans figured out they could not run kook candidates any longer, therefore they won the 2014 elections.

    Is this not a perfect example of “heads I win, tails you lose?”
    What would he have said if the Republicans had lost? The same thing of course. That it was all the fault of the government shutdown.

  49. Well, if you’d get off your ass, and bring her to one of our meatups, she might have a better understanding of what a dysfunctional lot we are.

  50. Politics? I come here to discuss cooking and weather. And gardening.

  51. And bullwhips.

  52. I come here to discuss your mom.

  53. Mr. TiFW came home yesterday in a funk – his supervisor’s 26-year-old son died in a skiing accident over the weekend in Colorado. Hit a tree and the tree won.

    First time Mr. TiFW has been “in charge” of notifying the folks in his group of something like this (he’s 2nd in command) and coordinating the arranging of condolence-related stuff. He hates sad things.

    Anyhoo, please keep this family in your prayers this holiday season. Thanks.

  54. Happy Birthday, Michael!

  55. TiFW, my condolences. Do you know where he was skiing?

  56. Your mom can’t discuss anything right now. Her mouth is full.

  57. Awful news,T.

  58. The first family is returning to Hawaii for their seventh straight Christmas vacation, a 17-day break President Obama is “eagerly looking forward to.”

    The White House has announced that the president and his family with depart Washington on Friday and is expected to return Jan. 4.

    “On Friday, the first family will depart the White House en route to Honolulu, Hawaii — a flight that I know the president himself is eagerly looking forward to,” said spokesman Josh Earnest.

    I blame Ted Cruz.


    signed, Jay Caruso, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, the Editors and National Review, George Will, and the Kraut.

  60. *at National Review

    /HS’s mom

  61. Mr. Pen and Phone can stay the f* there as far as I’m concerned.

  62. Are any of them riding on the same plane this time? Seems like last year they took three or four planes.

  63. Probably taking a helicopter, with 4 refuelings.

  64. Veni vidi vici

    *flexes massive brain folds*


    Glad that’s done for a while. Now I have three and a half weeks to see if I still have family and friends, and remind them what a pain in the ass I am.

  65. Gonna go out and party like Santa Claus in your avatar?

  66. Also, I need an answer to the first line of my poat, laura.

  67. Hah! Bitter and sweet, but mostly sweet. Now, to start some bacons to curing with hardly a day to spare before Christmas.

    To the meat market!

  68. I met your mom at the meat market. She had the cure for my bacon.


  70. Comment by Jimbro on December 16, 2014 12:47 pm
    I met your mom at the meat market. She had the cure for my bacon.

    Always knew jimbro was salty.

  71. I heard your mom prefers Chorizo. My sources are good.

  72. COAlex, he was snowboarding on Keystone’s “Spring Dipper” run:

    Mr. TiFW just joined the group at work a month or so ago; don’t know if he knew the dad before that or not.

    Looked at the young man’s FB page, as well as those of his mom and dad – they were obviously a very happy family. Looks like he visited his folks a week or so ago.

  73. Cyn, who is this Jeff Flake guy, and why do you store him next to an unshielded nuclear reactor? He seemed like a good guy.

  74. Ok, the , get this, meme at AOS is one of the funniest.

  75. I am sorry Paul has to be the bearer of bad tidings.

  76. That’s awful news, TiFW. Give Mr. TiFW a hug for me. He’s a good guy, and I know how hard that sort of duty is.

  77. Cyn, who is this Jeff Flake guy, and why do you store him next to an unshielded nuclear reactor?

    Just tell him a donor from the Chamber of Commerce is behind the fuel rods.

  78. Thanks, all – will pass along your messages to Mr. TiFW.

    I asked him if there were any ladies in his group that might be willing to take on the task – he shuddered at the thought of how that might be perceived by the SJWs.

    I told him he could blame me for the idea, if he decides to run with it…. “My wife suggested I ask you….”

    He said that he just has to sack up and take care of business.

  79. Your mom likes hot Italian sausage, but she prefers it if you remove the casing.

  80. Obamacare: is there nothing it cannot solve?

    The White House wants healthcare providers to get serious about bulking up their defenses against climate change.

    In a best-practice guide for healthcare providers and policymakers released on Monday, the administration advises them on how to best improve their “climate readiness.”

  81. So my aunt has an old quilt top put together by her grandmother (my GGM), and she’s decided to “break it up” into individual squares for anyone in the family who may want one (or more) – all we have to do is pay for the “finishing”.

    I think I may have sprained something by trying to jump to the front of the line….

  82. Jeff Flake flaked out.

    He’s a Flucker now.

  83. they don’t want to finish the quilt, TiFW?

  84. He was hanging out with McCain, wasn’t he?

  85. They should have interviewed Roamy.


    But remember, forcing bakers to bake cakes with messages that go against their religious beliefs is a-ok.

  87. 21 lbs of pork belly!

  88. The guy who sold it to us is one of the BBQ Pit Boys.
    Those biker redneck fellas are from CT.

  89. Jay, it is apparently HUGE, with lots of squares – I think she thought it would be nice for her descendants to have a little something which was handmade by her.

    Since she died before I was born, it’s a way to connect to the past. I would love to have one for each one of the girls, but there may not be enough to go around….

  90. *jealous!

  91. V8 purchased. Massive kick assery to commence shortly.

  92. Engine, or fruit drink?

  93. V stands for Vegetable, J’ames.

  94. An eight-cylinder vegetable? Is it some kind of squash?

  95. but it’s so much more, now, xbrad!

  96. This would make a great “gag” gift:

  97. H2 Gag gift.

  98. Good Lord

  99. H2 Gag gift.

    Try and convince me that isn’t in your personal collection.

  100. PA shooter found dead. CBS…

  101. Verizon Offers Encrypted Calling With NSA Backdoor At No Additional Charge
    Verizon says it’s initially pitching the $45 per phone service to government agencies and corporations, but would ultimately love to offer it to consumers as a line item on your bill. Of course by “end-to-end encryption,” Verizon means that the new $45 per phone service includes an embedded NSA backdoor free of charge.

  102. Secret Satan just dropped by my place. Should I be concerned that the box is ticking?

  103. Secret Satan just dropped by my place. Should I be concerned that the box is ticking?

    No, but if you hear voices chanting the Mass for the Dead in Latin, backwards, run.

  104. Good Lord

    I said the same thing – I mean really, why would you go with such cheap looking leather and plastic. #smh

  105. Had to keep it under $20, Ms. Cyn.

  106. You can buy in bulk from

  107. FYI, that pic comes from Amazon.

  108. Well, I hope there’s free shipping at least.

  109. FYI, that pic comes from Amazon.

    I thought that looked familiar.

  110. Heh heh

  111. People Who bought this Item also Bought:

    10 Qt Bag Balm.

    1 ea Monks Cassock
    1 ea Richard Nixon mask
    1 cs ‘Nilla Waffers

  112. I found it on image search, so I don’t know that it qualifies for Prime.

  113. A link on Drudge crashed my computer, twice.

    Don’t read the Taliban Revenge article.

  114. Today could be worse, I get to work on Bugs Bunny stuff.

  115. I’ve put up with a lot of Mickey Mouse shit in my day.

  116. You know what I hate?

    System.ExecutionEngineException’ was thrown.

  117. That can make you go Goofy.

  118. Jay, I think it’s the handle. Didja’ giggle it good?

  119. Beat it with a hammer. Then scream a lot.

  120. It’s never helped me yet, but it doesn’t seem to hurt.

  121. *stalks the invisible flying sloths very slowly

  122. The interneght says its the null pointer. Jay, It’s the null pointer. Jay. Jay. Jay. Jay…

    Jay. I think it’s the Null pointer.
    Check the Stack Overlord.


  123. I punched an invisible air-sloth last night. He’s still regrouping. I think. Hard to tell. Invisible.

  124. Mmmm…pork belly.

  125. When are we doing secret santa? I forgot.

  126. sunday

  127. I punched an invisible air-sloth last night. He’s still regrouping. I think. Hard to tell. Invisible.

  128. How did your last final go, lauraw?

  129. New post.

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