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  1. Fritz!!

  2. Shiny

  3. XBrad,

    Read the post about flying into SNA on the last poat.

    Maybe a little too dramatic, but he/she is spot on: SNA sucks. Also, he mentions a HUD and it’s obviously a 737, so I’m gonna assume it’s Alaska Airlines (besides the USAF, don’t know any other carrier that has a HUD in the 737).

    At least we don’t have to do the crazy noise-abatement climb procedure anymore. That used to scare the shit out of the passengers.

    Flying into SNA on Tuesday, hopefully it will be drama-free!

  4. Phat, did you stop by the OC consulate to get a visa to come visit life behind the Orange Curtain? If not, it might be too late. If they catch you, you will be chained to winch in the darkness of one of the Disney rides to turn a windlass to power the rides. That is their new “green power”.

    Green power is PEOPLE…

  5. I kinda liked the old noise abatement take off. It really, really looked weird from the ground though.

  6. I hated those takeoffs. Sitting in the back, looking up the aisle at the deck-angle, and wondering how close to a stall we were…

  7. Oh, man. Off work today. I have to get to studying for the last finals the rest of today and tomorrow, okay, but up until that point I have been having a wonderful lazy Sunday. Haven’t done this in ages.

    Knew I needed to catch up on sleep…but holy smokes, didn’t get up until noon today! And immediately told Scott that I didn’t feel like cooking. So he’s out picking up my favorite pizza, and a calzone.

    My life is so nice right this second. One more hour, and then back to reality.

  8. Laundry day.

  9. crap, gotta do that too

  10. I remember that feeling after finals at Christmas. Going full speed, cramming for finals, living off caffeine,adrenaline and anxiety…

    Then, boom, done, full stop. It always took a few days to calm down and realize the semester was over.

  11. Scott said he would do the laundry.

  12. One of the good Things about attending a college with low entrance standards was that finals week was synonymous with whiskey drinking week. It was tradition. And nobody wants to fuck with tradition.

  13. Honestly, it wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t threatening all the program students with dismissal every time we turn around. If you don’t hem your scrubs, if you don’t get your flu shot get the right shoes, if you don’t get the doctor’s note signed by x date, if you don’t attend this Mandatory Meeting, if you don’t…blah, blah blah, GROUNDS FOR FAILURE, etc., and then some.

    Jeebus. Like the academic side isn’t stressful enough.

  14. No wonder the student nurses were so bitchy when XMom was in hospital, compared to the staff.

  15. Laura,
    Is everyone else in the class just out of high school?
    That could explain some of the bitch-fest…

  16. The nurses Hotbride had were awesome – male and female. Never met such a caring bunch of folks.

  17. They pulled all that crap with Paula during nursing school too. I have no idea why they do that. It really is petty bullshit stuff. Now that she’s working she has to deal with the occasional snide comment from an older/more experienced nurse when she asks a question. Because she is no shrinking violet she gives it right back then and there or keeps her mouth shut and just tells me later depending on the circumstances.

  18. If Lauraw just starts wearing men’s clothes and claiming she is transgender, her school will never, ever dare mess with her.

  19. No, I’d be out of there, George. The rules on personal appearance are pretty tight and inviolable. No nail polish, no jewelry, no tats, etc.

    Not looking forward to getting snarky comments from more experienced nurses who will likely be twenty years my junior. But such is life.

  20. Laura, don’t forget the post-final flu. You finish with class and get knocked on your ass for about three days.

  21. How is it a nursing school has escaped the epidemic of political correctness?

  22. As you guys know, I work in advertising. If tattoos were grounds for dismissal, about two thirds of people in this industry would be out of a job.

  23. For Xmas, I’m dying my pit hair. One pit red, the other green. It’s very progressive.

  24. Johnny Failball.

  25. Don’t forget the silver bells

  26. Silver balls are better than blue balls I heard.

  27. Oh, wait you said BELLS.

    *pretends to link “never mind” video snippet*

  28. If you have silver bells, you’re in real trouble.

    Plaid? I don’t even want to discuss plaid balls.

  29. How’s Cynmom today?

  30. GO, make sure you get green on the right, red on the left – starboard and port.

  31. Silver!





  32. http://tinyurl.com/mq82nlx

  33. Red right return

  34. Her lab numbers are much better and all docs are pleased. They are ready to release her.

    I, however, am apparently uncaring for not wanting to stay another night with her while continuing to ignore my job and my sons and concern for her safety.

  35. The doc has ordered a PT evaluation — it seems that my letting the ER know that I had to rescue her 4 times in 8 days never made it to the doc’s on her floor.

  36. Taking care of an ailing parent is not an easy job honey.
    Hope things get better

  37. You must feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place, Cyn. Hope mom feels stronger real soon. Hope you get a little peace, too.

  38. Comment by lauraw on December 14, 2014 5:39 pm

    You must feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place, Cyn. Hope mom feels stronger real soon. Hope you get a little peace piece, too.


  39. *Slides a glass of Evan and Diet 7 towards Cyn*

  40. Eval is done & some PT would do her good.

    I’m going to introduce the rehab peeps to a daiquiri machine: walking to the machine is good PT, amirite? !

  41. It is a bit of a tough spot. She remembers all that she was able to do for her mother, but I was an adult at the time. It’s slipped her mind I think that the boys are still home with me.

    Also, Pepe is not wrong.

  42. Maybe I can do daiquiri vs. margarita machine races… bottle vs. drought beer races at the rehab place. This could work!!

    Screw you Julie from Love Boat, I got the rehab scene down!

  43. Hahaha

  44. I always crave H8CHKN on Sunday. Ok, not the H8CHKN, but I really wanted a shake.

  45. I just realized that I can change the direction that the snow falls with my mouse pad.

  46. Just heard this today: Victor is one of our African employees. The day before Thanksgiving, he was helping a Member that was basically too stupid to shop. He filled her cart with everything you need for a traditional Thanksgiving. At the end of the transaction, he said “Happy Thanksgiving” (He has a really cool lilt to his English) Member yelled at him “I’m a Native American! I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!!!” Victor just laughed. Later that evening, closing manager wished all the associates a “Happy Thanksgiving”. Victor got on the radio and said “I’m a Native American! I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!” and laughed. $20

  47. Our African employees make me laugh. Our AA employees make me want to drop a pallet on their heads.

  48. I tried making the snow fall up. Don’t waste your time.

  49. Hi Cyn.

    You’re awesome.

    That is all.

  50. Five bucks says MJ is the first one out to the Lido Deck for nekkid shuffleboard.

  51. Giid thing Aussies can’t have handguns!
    Someone could get hurt!


  52. Greetings, yule loggers.

  53. I could never do a cruise. Confined space. People. I get sick on teeter/totters. Dan wants to do an Alaskan cruise. I spent our whole whale watching cruise in Hawaii outside. No buffet. No booze. Whale breach was incredible. Too bad everyone was inside eating, except for me.

  54. islamic attack in Sydney?


  55. Aussies bought into the whole ROP BS, and the GB gun ban.

  56. islamic attack in Sydney?

    How dare you jump to that conclusion so quickly? Islam is a peaceful religion!!!

    A black flag with Arabic text has also been seen hanging in the window of the Lindt Chocolat Cafe.

    The flag, which has been waved behind the hostages, has white text that says: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”


    Never mind…

  57. Hey Aussies, what are you prepared to do? (Sean Connerey’d)

  58. The flag, which has been waved behind the hostages, has white text that says: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

    Goddamn Lutherns, at it again.

  59. They have beards…obviously Amish

  60. IKR? Happy Birthday, Michael!

  61. Australian tea party

  62. Aussies had the meat Imam to esplain the rapes of chicas in bikinis.

  63. *drinks*

  64. Day off tomorrow. Dan is off, too. MiL day.

  65. DRINKS!!! (I can’t talk about SiL. Dan gets too mad)

  66. The Equalizer is silly, but really satisfying.

  67. I take a nap before work every day. Today, I had a dream that involved me being struck completely paralyzed while behind the wheel and still getting to my destination, though I was terrified the whole way. Then, once I got there, I drank a glass of bourbon and rationalized that it somehow didn’t constitute a relapse because I had secretly done it (in this dream, mind you) a bunch of times throughout the last three years I was supposed to be sober, and each time I only had one and didn’t get drunk. But I realized I was lying to myself and felt terrible. Then, I saw a $20 bill on the ground, but I woke up before I could reach down and get it.


  68. Naps are a scam.

  69. Um…u relapsed back to tree frogs.

  70. Napping is bad, m’kay.

  71. MJ, yes!!! Had you seen the first Dawn of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes before you wrote off the CGI in the Rise of the Dawn of the Planet of the apes?

  72. Behold the amazingness of solar power!!!!

    I put up the Xmas decorations today. Wiserbride bought two strings of solar-powered decorations that she put out two days ago. They supposedly collect power all day and then stay lit in the evening.

    As it turns out, they stay lit for about two hours after the sun goes down. which happens at approximately 4pm.

    So the really super cool Gaia-friendly solar powered Christmas decorations go dark at around 6pm.

    Oh, unless I turn the solar collectors around and they capture light from the evil, coal-powered electric lights I put up today.


  73. does anyone here watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

    Tonight’s episode reminds me of qwhen Andy and I shared a hotel room at STLMU

  74. I watch it on demand. Love Andy Samburg.

  75. I haven’t watched any of the Planet of the Apes movies. The CGI was just too terrible.

    I do like Denzel killing dudes and looking mean. All is right with the world.

  76. Napping keeps me off teh meth.

  77. http://is.gd/XSMaGH

  78. MJ, I ignored the CGI and loved Hobbitses performance as Ceasar. I had problems with the retail part of The Equalizer. Love Denzel.

  79. http://is.gd/hKCceL

  80. Nice.

  81. This will probably get lost in the ONT, so I’ll just leave it here.

    This story, posted as part of the ONT reminds me of when I was accused of sexual harassment.

    I was called into my (female) boss’s office on a friday afternoon and told that I had been accused of sexual harassment by another employee.

    Little background: I basically sat at my desk all day and made phone calls. I would sit quietly while I ate my lunch, as I didn;t know anyone in the office very well. I had only been working there for about 4 months.

    The day before this happened, I was out of the office at a conference in NYC. The next day, I was back in the office and, during lunch, one of the 4 women (out of 6. It was a small company) who would eat lunch together around the same time as I would, asked me where I was the day before. I told her. She then said “Well, we missed you. While you were gone, we took a vote and we decided that you are the nicest guy on the office.”

    “Wow. Thanks! That’s really nice of you! (Of course, it probably had something to do with the fact that I had a candy jar on my desk that was available to everyone and that I always kept filled. But, whatever.)

    Fast forward to Friday… ummm… whut? What did I do?!? Who did I harass?!? I keep to myself all day, every day?/ Seriously, WTF???

    I had a meeting to go to, so I left, figuring I would deal with this on Monday.

    That weekend, I called my SiL, who is in HR. She told me what my rights were, what I can ask, that they were required to tell me who was my accuser and what I was accused of.

    So I went into work Monday morning and wemnt into my boss’s office and demanded to know the details.

    “I’m not sure I can tell you that.”

    Ummmm, yeah, you have to tell me that.

    “Well, I think I need to protect the person who has accused you.”

    Here’s a thought. How about maybe considering that maybe I never intended to offend anyone and by knowing what I did and to whom, I can simply apologize?

    “No, I think that’s a mistake.”

    Well, it’s actuallty not a mistake. It’s myu right to know what I’ve been accused of and by whom. Will you give me that information?

    “I’m going to have to look into that.”

    Yeah, no you’re not I’m gonna make this really easy for you. I quit.


    I quit. If this is this type of environment you are willing to foment, I want no part of it. This accusation is complete bullshit and you know it. And you can ask anyone in this office about my character. Yet you refuse to even allow me the opportunity to make this right. So fuck you, I quit.

    She looked at me just stunned, as I stood up, walked out, cleaned out my desk, wished everyone a nice day and walked out of the building.

    So yeah, fuck all these SJWs and their fucking narrative. Hard.

  82. giffified


  83. http://youtu.be/qTXYwBqXbcA

    I denounce myself.

  84. I don’t get it.

  85. http://imgur.com/a/02M0k

  86. UK Telegraph —

    “02.40 So we are now more than three hours into the siege, with little clearer idea of what is happening. There may be as many as 50 hostages in a Lindt caf�. A black flag was held up to the window, believed to show the Islamic Shahada – a declaration of the unity of God – but there is no stated motive or any demand from the hostage taker.”

    Daily Mail:
    “One of the hostage-takers has made
    contact with officers saying that he has ‘devices all over the city’ and
    ‘wants to speak with the prime minister live on radio’, according to
    Ray Hadley, from 2GB.”

    Sounds like a “demand” to me…

  87. I been waitin’ all day for Sunday Night.

  88. I was sort of hoping to have a miracle occur and get another day or two off, but Sunday night has come nonetheless.

  89. *cocktails, twice; debriefs*

  90. Trader Joe’s sukiyaki wasn’t bad, but hardly worth buying again.

  91. Hammered.
    I’m not proud about that. This latest Jihadi shit has got me grinding me teeth, and I’ve broken so many of them, due to that..
    I’m gonna have to *un-plug*. This is fucking-up my bp and my heart-rate.
    I wish I had dental insurance. I’ve broken so many molars that it’s hard for me to eat…

  92. Nighty dreams, Chrispy; I’ll take up your slack this evening.

  93. Did anybody keep the whip after anybody else threw them the idol today?

  94. Epoxy teeth, Chrisp. I got a bunch of them.

  95. Date Guy: I have to write a paper for my final on student motivation to complete an exercise with real numbers.

    Me: You could make them count to 100 and whack them with a ruler every time they make a mistake.

    Date Guy: Really? You aren’t helping.

    Me: 100 is a real number.

    Date Guy: Just shut up.

  96. *moves mouse to make it snow at Scott’s head*

  97. Scott,
    I’ll have to ask the dentist. I could never afford to get them fixed *properly*. I’m 66 and how much longer will I need them?

  98. What did I do?

  99. You know.

  100. “Real” numbers are a scam.

    The universe is digital at the right scale, so only rational numbers are real.


  101. http://tinyurl.com/83brlnd

  102. Happy Birthday, Michael!

  103. Imaginary numbers aren’t real, real numbers aren’t real. . .

    *Brain explodes*

  104. No Maths!!1!!1

  105. Actually, I’m not even sure what real numbers have to do with the paper. He said the class is part of the education program called Student Motivational Theory. I’m betting it’s some hippy-dip liberal bullshit class.

  106. He should just attach a $100 bill to a blank piece of paper and turn it in.

  107. Motivation is a scam. Teach them some fucking math and then don’t feed them until they can solve problems with it.

    MMM @611am.

  108. $100 is a very real number.

    Also about 100 times what your mom charges.

  109. That’s 100/1 times what your mom charges.

  110. MCPO


  111. How much does your mom charge according to Common Core?

  112. According to Common Core your mom doesn’t charge anything because she’s not a whore, she’s empowered by her sexuality.

  113. http://tinyurl.com/Laurawwwwww

  114. Shit. No booze, just beer.


  115. All right. Fuck all y’all.

  116. I want a girl with a mind like a diamond
    I want a girl who knows what’s best
    I want a girl with shoes that derp
    And eyes that burn like cigarettes

  117. I fucking hate that song.

  118. I got an email announcing the arrival of Leon’s trannies. Where are they? Still tucking their shit?

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