Duże Piersi Piątek

Season‘s Greetings, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model today was born in Warsaw, Poland on June 5th, 1990. She has been slow-rolling out her pictures and videos for a couple of years, holding out for big dollars I guess before she goes full nakie-porn. She is 5’7″ tall, and her size KK boobs weight 6.2lbs each. EACH! Please stop burning the yule log to welcome, Miss Agnetis Miracle (AKA Duana):



Agnetis gets ready for bed (gif)




ag 11

ag santa

ag 8

Agnetis tries on a new bra (gif)

ag 3




  1. 6.2 lbs apiece??

    I’ll take the over for $1000.

  2. gross

  3. “Miracle” is Polish? Wonders never cease.

  4. Holy lower back problems, Batman!

  5. Anyone looking for a good Christmas gift for Longmire fans?


    Great stories in this one.

  6. you should also read this one, one of his best:


  7. Those look uncomfortable.

  8. Brave man to motorboat that.

  9. Gross.

  10. Might be just my left-brain thinking, but anyone who says, “Sometimes I just feel too deeply” sounds like they are a pain in the ass. Unless they are talking about digging in the couch for loose change.

  11. Could be a gyno.

  12. Good grief on those things, buffalone.

    Ok H2, here’s the thing. Got a buddy who’s a Moron over at the Mothership. Washington Nearsider. He’s been hit with something nasty and been in the hospital. Prayers, as well as opinions are certainly welcome.

    He originally updated a few of us with this a little while ago: My temperature continues to drop. I came in at 98.4°, last check (0730) was 96.1°. I’m not sure if that’s a factor or not.

    Also Percocet, which I’m still blazingly grateful for, as it let’s me sleep for four consecutive hours at a time vitals taken every four, so that’s the max) for the first time in about a week.

    Several of the tests that ran Wednesday night were of the 24 hour variety, so I expect I’ll lean something today.

    He then gave us the full rundown: 34y/o male, 5’8, 160. Presented with rapidly expanding rash (5″ x 0.5″) and associated redness/pain. Ultrasound negative. Started on cleocin (450mg, 3x daily) over three days with no effect. Rash now measures 16″ x 7″.

    IV antibiotics started Wednesday night (alternating clindomycin and one that starts with a v). No change, but no growth of rash. X rays are negative for gas in the muscle tissue, ct scan results not back, multi-site cultures not back yet.

    No trauma, no broken skin, no fever, normal white count.

    Allergies to all cillian drugs.

  13. Vancomycin?

  14. We need a joke thread for today. Anyone got any ideas?

  15. Yup, Roamy, that’s it. Which apparently is some nasty stuff.

  16. We need a joke thread for today?

    /things Al Sharpton would say


  18. Wiser and I spent a while on twitter the other night coming up with what Hillary smelled like. (Everything from scotchguard and hard candy to failure and stale urine)


    *necessary visuals

  20. Resist we much.

  21. Might be just my left-brain thinking, but anyone who says, “Sometimes I just feel too deeply” sounds like they are a pain in the ass.

    You are correct.

    When I feel things too deeply, I don’t say anything about it.

    I excuse myself and have tequila, like a man.

  22. I opened up BBF this morning on my phone while still laying my fatass in bed and immiedetly said, “DAMN!!”. Mrs. Pendejo was at the sink working on makeup or hair or something and she says, ‘whut?. I said, today’s Big Boob Friday Boobs are BIG!!. She came overe to take a look and said, “That’s just sick and wrong. Are they real?” I’ve still got work to do with her.

  23. Rosetta’s back?

  24. Today’s milking machine model would undoubtedly be Rosetta-approved.

  25. Hah! I almost wrote that, HS.

  26. How are finals, lauraw?

  27. Anything above DD isn’t worth having, imo. But then I’m apparently gay for liking women with muscle tone who don’t need wheelbarrows, so my opinion isn’t going to carry much weight.

    KK boobs seem like a heavy cross to bear.

  28. Count the gravatic references in my prior comment. It surprised me, even.

  29. When gravity catches up to her it won’t be pretty.

  30. So far, so good, just completed my third final exam this morning. More next week. Almost done with this horrid semester!! Can hardly wait to bring my used books to the bookstore and get brutally shafted!

    Actually…I should sell them on my Amazon account. I did that with the org chem book last Summer and did pretty well.

    How’s it going, MJ? I’m totally out of the loop, uninformed. You still live in a tree? How’s the cookie business?

  31. I would have loved a modern org chem text, Laura. Only textbooks I ever sold and I’ve regretted it since.

    Whatcha got this time?

  32. How’s it going, MJ? I’m totally out of the loop, uninformed. You still live in a tree? How’s the cookie business?
    Glad its going well. How do you find the time to waterboard scott and still study.

    Cookie business is good. Head elf is a fucking slave driver. Why are there so many scabs in the medical waste chip cookies? No smoking in the puss squeezing room! These cookies were supposed to be Ebola scented, not Hotspur’s used undies!


  33. No smoking in the puss squeezing room?

  34. Leon, all these texts are occupation-specific, I’m afraid. Except for Anat/Phys.

    MJ, no sweat. I can study my textbooks and pour water from a pitcher at the same time. Takes practice, but the results are so worth it.

    Scabs in the waste cookies…thank goodness. Wish you had told me sooner. I was avoiding them because I thought those were raisins.

  35. Insty picked up the Victory Girls link from yesterday.

    I bet he lurks here.

  36. Next week we buy hog bellies and begin the Christmas bacons procedure. I also have to make a bunch of candy and spice mixes and hot mustards and other festive crap of that nature. So essited!! Especially the part where school is out for a while!

  37. You’re only allowed to smoke in the cigarette ash room.

    It’s required in there.

  38. I bet he lurks here.

    I’ll bet your wrong.

  39. I probably am.

    But I might not be.

  40. “you’re”

  41. Heh, weekly random is a winner.

  42. You mean to tell me there is a girl somewhere under those boobs? There hardly seems to be any room.

  43. Pancake sized nips. (non cheese)

  44. When gravity catches up to her it won’t be pretty.

    It ain’t pretty now.

  45. Wiser and I spent a while on twitter the other night coming up with what Hillary smelled like. (Everything from scotchguard and hard candy to failure and stale urine)

    My money is on a scent like comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

  46. Really like Michael Walsh aka David Kahane. Was pleased to hear him say last night he thinks Cankles is toast and the Demotards will run Fauxcahontas.

    On the other hand, we might end up with Lizzy Warren given the LIVs.

  47. No wonder she doesn’t smile much…

  48. Dang, that one of her on the beach.

    That was just a real bad idea right there. Someone probably called Greenpeace

  49. A new ‘Islamic doll’ with no facial features has been launched in Britain.

    The ‘Deeni Doll’ has no eyes, nose or mouth whatsoever in a bid to comply with Islamic rules governing the depiction of faces.

    The doll was manufactured in China and designed in the UK by Ridhwana B. She told us: “I came up with the idea from scratch after speaking to some parents who were a little concerned about dolls with facial features.

    “Some parents won’t leave the doll with their children at night because you are not allowed to have any eyes in the room.

    “There is an Islamic ruling which forbids the depiction of facial features of any kind and that includes pictures, sculptures and, in this case, dolls.

    Anyone mind if we make it official? Islam is as batshit crazy as human-sacrificial Aztec priests or Wiccan cat ladies.

  50. Someone probably called Greenpeace
    Ahoy, the great white whale!

  51. **opens BBF**

    **studies orbital mechanics**

  52. It’s actually raining here.

  53. Obama: “I Spend Most Of My Time Watching ESPN In The Morning”…

    That’s only because he can’t find the channel with the fuzzy muppets and sing-a-longs.

  54. Stuffed peppers are almost done. They are at best C’s.

  55. I had five inches of standing water alongside a planter on the yard. Stupid drains were blocked with potato chip sized debris. Gonna have to go outside again and root it out with the garden hose.

  56. Ahem, as someone who has a stack of 2 dozen books I need to read, a full-time job, no cable tv, and who currently isn’t president of a nation of 300+ million people,


  57. >>>You mean to tell me there is a girl somewhere under those boobs? There hardly seems to be any room.

    If there’s anything behind those boobs it’s probably unicellular and in the fungal family.

    *fungus cookies*

  58. A new ‘Islamic doll’ with no facial features has been launched in Britain.

    I worked in a house once which was full of those creepy porcelain dolls that stare at you and never blink. It freaked me the fuck out. Imagining a house like that with faceless dolls is worse. That’s some Twilight Zone shit. there.

  59. The Koch brothers should buy ESPN.

  60. Your white privilege makes you think such racist things, Leon. That poor man has never spent a day with all your advantages. Why, every waking moment he is burdened with the oppression of slavery’s legacy. Every canapé he eats, every cocktail served him is tainted with the tears of black chains. When he flies on AF1 at taxpayer expense to a dinner date with Democrat billionaires, he must fight for the right to sit at the front of the plane. He is Rosa Parks reincarnated, ekeing out a meager existence as a poor public servant.

  61. Amish have those, too, because they misinterpret the commandment about graven images.

  62. Where is the ESPN quote from?

  63. Found it at WZ, from the Wasington Free Beacon

  64. Here, Car in


  65. *fungus cookies*
    I saw Fungus Cookies open for The Foo Fighters in 2002.

  66. Leon, try this paleo recipe and report back, thx

  67. Fuck shit!

  68. Chocolate covered squid are probably better than KK tit fungus cookies.

  69. I saw Chocolate Covered Squid open for KK Tit Fungus at the Long Island Casino in 1961.

  70. Comment by Jewstin on December 12, 2014 9:54 am

    When gravity catches up to her it won’t be pretty.

    Judging from the mermaid pic, gravity is already kicking the shit out of her.

  71. As I’ve heard one of my black friends say on numerous occasions:

    That bitch have some gopher titties……..unsnap that bra and they gopher the floor.

  72. They gopher the floor?

    Reduce, we much.

  73. I could understand him saying he has ESPN on in the background as he works, but this? Seriously?

  74. Ben Edelman is every negative stereotype about the jooos.

  75. Leon, try this paleo recipe and report back, thx

    I don’t eat mollusks. Too chewy and related to Cthulhu.

  76. You do so eat mollusk(s).

  77. Would you eat Elon Musk?

  78. I would not eat them close to dusk

    I would not eat them in the husk.

  79. Only very occasionally, and I’ve never once eaten calamari and not been sad I bothered.

  80. best calamari I ever had was in a restaurant in Detroit. Sauteed with onions and peppers, dash of blue cheese. yum.

    Clams are yummy. As are mussels. And let’s not forget scallops. the king of the mollusks.

    I would love to try conch. I hear fresh and raw it’s dreamy.

    thus concludes my opinion on mollusks.

  81. Was that Superior calamari?

  82. GET IT? GET IT?

  83. I would love to try conchcock. I hear fresh and raw it’s dreamy.


  84. Ta da ta DA!

    Nice one, Jay

  85. You know, I’ve got a real streak of Grinch in me. All about those Toys for tots things (not that program specifially). Locally I know you can sign up for some sort of deal where donations get your child a present,etc.

    Well, I personally know one of those women. She’s not wealthy, But I know her because she’s a regular where I work. COmes in a couple times a week, eats and drinks (with her husband) and plays Keno.

    I just don’t understand why someone else should sacrifice, when the mom isn’t even willing to sacrifice. I have an idea: don’t play keno for a month :BAM, there’s the money you need to get a present for your kid.

  86. Chickflick crossed with War Movie.

    The Bridge over Madison County

  87. My sister and I had snail races on my grandmother’s living room carpet, on sheets of newspapers. It took a while, and they wouldn’t go in the right direction, and every time we moved them they would close up, and then we had to wait patiently for them to come out of their shells again.
    Then Nonna boiled them and we ate them with lemon and garlic.

    the end

  88. The Notebook of Death

  89. Where do you get giant snails?

    At the end of a giant’s fingers.

  90. The Wedding Date at the Alamo

  91. Message in a Battle.

  92. Race Fans!
    Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!!!
    Come to Nona’s kitchen and see The Big Mollusk Mayham EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

    EscarGOOOO! feast immediately after if not during.
    Kids with gas eat free.


  93. Pretty in Combat Boots

  94. 2 more lab sessions to go. I’m on the one about Elastic Beanstalk.

    Kill me. I want to re-spawn at an earlier save point before I picked a career in whateverthefuck I do for a living.

  95. Car in,

    When I was in the Army, we had soldier who would go help work at the post gift bank repairing bicycles and stuff. It always angered me when some staff sergeant or higher would show up in a new car with custom rims and want fucking presents for his kids.

  96. The Notebook of Death

    Been done.

  97. The Hurt Locket

  98. Notting Hamburger Hill.

  99. My Best Friend’s Platoon

  100. Breakfast at Buchenwald

  101. Romancing the Gardens of Stone.

  102. More proof that CT is the most business-friendly state in the country:

    Tenet Healthcare was in the process of buying 5 failing hospitals in CT, with plans to invest all kinds of money in them to turn them around.

    State regulators, pushed by unions, created a list of 47 conditions on the acquisition that Tenet had to agree to, including a 5-year prohibition on changing staff levels or services.

    After two years of negotiations, Tenet announced this morning that they are ending their bid to buy the hospitals.

    And there are no other suitors on the horizon.

    So the unions have fucked their members yet again, with the help of an extremely union-friendly administration, as these hospitals are losing 10s of millions of dollars every year and will very likely start closing very soon.

  103. Two Weeks’ Metal Jacket.

  104. Hospitals don’t provide essential things like health insurance, just the far less useful health care, so it’s okay.

  105. How to Kill a Guy in 10 Days

  106. Unions are like neurotic xmas lights. They know that if one goes out they all will and they are right. I look forward to that day. Unions had an important place in history and we should retire them to that place.

  107. Also The Sniper on the Roof

  108. Hospitals don’t provide essential things like health insurance, just the far less useful health care, so it’s okay.

    It’s amazing. Tenet was planning to invest billions of dollars in the state. I couldn’t even figure out why they wanted to do that, but whatever.

    But the greedy fucks running the unions just couldn’t stop drooling at the prospect of getting their grubby hands on “their” piece of the pie.

    I give Tenet a lot of credit for saying “fuck you.”

  109. Not that you all need any help


  110. Friends with Rocket Launchers

  111. Pie Eating Taint Goblin?

  112. Not that you all need any help

    Thanks for that, you white trash taint nazi

  113. The Dear Hunter

  114. Where the Boys in Company C Are

  115. All of the ones you can arrange that end in ‘dragon’ make me nearly lose my water.

  116. Sleepless in Stalingrad

  117. Thirty Seconds Over Pretty Woman

  118. How Stella Got Her Gun

  119. http://is.gd/nI3KTI

  120. The Dirty Dozen Roses

  121. 10 Things I Hate About The Big Red One

  122. Mmmm Apple Jacks.

    Also Fifty First Schrapnel Wounds

  123. 13 going on 30mm

  124. The Divine Secrets of Stalag 17

  125. Never Been Field Dressed

  126. Casualties of War 2: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

  127. The Jarhead Wears Prada

  128. Saving Bridget Jones’s Diary

  129. Patton

  130. Apocalypse Now, Voyager

  131. Patton in Pink

  132. 300 Boys on the Side

  133. Four Weddings and Das Boot

  134. Kill me. I want to re-spawn at an earlier save point before I picked a career in whateverthefuck I do for a living.


    In a half-day long staff meeting this morning, taking a break and discussing a tragic bus accident that happened a few blocks :

    Office Manager: Really makes you think about life. I mean, who wakes up in the morning thinking they are going to be killed on the sidewalk by a side-swiped bus?

    Me: *slowly raises hand*

    Smart-assed cow-orker: She didn’t say ‘wished for’.

  135. You’ve Got a Male War Bride

  136. Bridge On the River Runs Through It.

  137. Hell is For Thelma and Louise

  138. Smart-assed cow-orker: She didn’t say ‘wished for’.


  139. a few blocks ‘away’

  140. 300 Boys on the Side

    But enough about Cyn’s home movies.

  141. I Could Never Be Your Woman of Montezuma

  142. Gone with the Sands of Iwo Jima

  143. Fried Green Porkchop Hill

  144. Terms of Engagement

  145. The Guns of Madison County

  146. When Harry Met McArthur

  147. Barefoot in the Sand Pebbles

  148. Tora! Tora! Two Week Notice.

  149. Born on the Fourth Wives Club

  150. Bend It Like Blackhawk Down

  151. Flags of our Father of the Bride.

  152. Death From Above Becomes Her

  153. The Tuskegee Airmen and Louise

  154. Sweet Home Iwo Jima

  155. some fine titles in there, people!

  156. Catch-27 Wedding Dresses

  157. Sweet Home Iwo Jima

    GODDAMMIT! I was just typing that.

  158. The Chocolat of Navarone

  159. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Actually

  160. Lawrence of A Walk To Remember

  161. P.S. I Love U-251

  162. Bataan Holiday

  163. Schindler’s Silver Linings Playbook

  164. The Way We Were Expendable

  165. The Battle of the Bulge Planner

  166. “The Way We Were Expendable”

    I just blew an O ring.

  167. Big Trouble In Little Miss Sunshine

  168. The Dear Hunter

  169. Sleeping a With The Enemy Below

  170. Run, Lola, Run Silent, Run Deep

  171. The Crimson Prince Of Tides

  172. Black Hawk Down And Out In Beverly Hills

  173. Brokeback Ridge

  174. The Longest Groundhog Day

  175. Annie Hall of Montezuma

  176. Brief Encounter at Toko-Ri

  177. Operation Petticoat Junction

  178. Guess Who’s Coming to Waterloo?

  179. 30 Seconds Over Gidget

  180. Saving Private Ryan’s Big Fat Greek Wedding

  181. Even Cowgirls Get The Blue Max starring Uma Thurman and George Peppard

  182. Singing In The Purple Rain

  183. The French Lieutenant’s Connection

  184. There’s Something About Mary, Queen Of Scots

  185. Clitora!Clitora!Clitora!

  186. Where Eagles Say Anything…

  187. The Eternal Sunshine of the Dawn Patrol

  188. Hannah and Her Sister’s Thin Red Line

  189. Von Ryan’s Pineapple Express

  190. Valley Of The Gwangi Dolls

  191. All Quiet on the West Side Story

  192. The Young And The Restless Lions

  193. The Steel Magnolia Helmet

  194. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Of Love

  195. The Tin Flower Drum Song

  196. Done with labs!

    Now I get to exercise and then spend tomorrow catching up on real work.

  197. The Year Of Living Dangerous Liaisons

  198. When Patton Met Sally

  199. The Killing Field Of Dreams

  200. Win a Date With Rambo

  201. Sleepless in Pearl Harbor

  202. Gentlemen Prefer Bombs

  203. Indiana Jones And The Moonrise Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

  204. The Truth About Cats and Dogfights

  205. Sky Captain And The World Of Henry Orient

  206. Full Metal Magnolias.

  207. The Red Shoes of Courage

  208. The Thomas Crown Affair To Remember

  209. The Enemy Below the Tuscan Sun

  210. The Hunt for Red Traveling Pants.

  211. The Hunt For Sweet November

  212. Crossroads To Perdition

  213. Blame It On Gallipoli

  214. Hannah and Her Strategic Air Command

  215. hey i missed Roamy’s post about shooting a video and getting all famous –

    she’s the hawt big brained chick at some point in the video described by this:

  216. Bend It Like the River Kwai.

  217. The Godfather Knows Best

  218. My Fair Titus

  219. From Justin To Kelly’s Heroes

  220. The Beautician And The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

  221. Fried Green Berets

  222. Yeah, Roamy’s hawt.

    She’s the Little Big Man

  223. The Remains of the Longest Day

  224. The Remains of the Longest Day
    Starring John Wayne and Emma Thompson

  225. She’s All the Guns of Navaronne.

  226. Like Bat 21 For Chocolate

  227. Cruel Intentions to Bomb the Fuck Out of Iran * **

    *Part of that is not a real movie title

    **I would watch the shit out of this movie if it were real

  228. Driving Miss Memphis Belle

  229. Cheaper By the Dirty Dozen

  230. Who comes up with this?


  231. Band of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

  232. Happy Friedegg Hoseclampers! Olly olly Oxenfrie.

  233. Everyone checked out already? Fine, I’ll just play with myself then.

    How Stella Got Hamburger Hill Back

  234. Oh, Chumpo, you’re here! Guess I don’t have to play with myself after all.

  235. Bridget Jones’ Guadalcanal Diary

  236. Well, I don’t want to hold you up but…yeah. I’m around. I was just wondering when the SS present opening extravaganza is planed.

  237. June 8th.

  238. love that band


  239. Woo Hoo! The New Zealand job is still on! I didn’t work a day and spend $240 on a crate for nothing.

    Never again. Money up front from now on.

  240. Find anyone to buy your extra gold coin?

  241. I will sell that after the stock market crashes.

  242. Don’t you just love the feel of gold, scott?

  243. 457 lb crate to New Zealand. Ka-ching!

  244. What’s in your safe?

    * pretends to roll plane to the left *

  245. I ain’t tell you what’s in my safe, William DeVane. I don’t know you!

  246. Auction guy told me that “Obama needs to be charged with treason.”

    A hardcore lefty who voted for him twice and now can’t even talk about the guy without getting visibly upset.

  247. She’s Just Not That Inglorious Basterds

  248. He is just starting to figure out Obamacare.

  249. World War Zoolander

  250. Captain Corelli’s Big Fat Greek Wedding

    (You could make an argument that it’s actually a mashup of two chick flicks.)

  251. Secret Santa arrived in Texas today.

    And whoever addressed it to Dave InTexas… bravo.

    Or brava… whichever is applicable

  252. We Were Soldiers Once, and Young Frankenstein

  253. 13 Going on 30 Seconds Over Tokyo

  254. Full Metal Magnolias

  255. The Breakfast Club Dies Hard With a Vengeance.

  256. Young Frankenstein was a chick flick?

  257. From Russia With Love, Actually

  258. An Affair to Remember the Alamo.

  259. Rambo: First Blood, Part 16 Candles.

  260. Room with a View to a Kill.

  261. Evening Hostages.

    So I have a friend who works in the Senate. It is apparently glaringly obvious to everyone there that Patrick Leahy, President Pro Tempore of the Senate was presiding tonight while shitface drunk.

  262. Patrick Leahy, President Pro Tempore of the Senate was presiding tonight while shitface drunk.

    What do you mean, tonight?

  263. Master & Clueless.

  264. Point to the dead guy.

  265. I mean, how is this different than any other night with Leahy in the Senate?

  266. Did his breath peel the varnish off of the Senate gavel?

  267. The Fifth Element of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

  268. Patrick Leahy, President Pro Tempore of the Senate was presiding tonight while shitface drunk.

    Does that mean C-SPAN might be worth watching?

  269. Has Boehner showed up to work sober ever?

  270. I’m worried that Boehner’s orange skin dye will permanently stain the Speaker’s Chair.

  271. Does that mean C-SPAN might be worth watching?


    Sorry about the caps. Apparently that’s how the official transcript appears.

  272. Does that mean C-SPAN might be worth watching?

    Meh. Let me know if he gets belligerent and tries to start a fight with Ted Cruz. Or makes a clumsy pass at Kristen Gillibrand.

  273. Ever seen Leahy projectile vomit from the well of the Senate to the cloakroom? He and Teddy Kennedy used to have competitions.

  274. Gabe made it through his heartworm treatment. He is shaking like a leaf. I was worried he was in pain but apparently that is a side affect of Tramadol

  275. Gabe’s a good boy. Give him a scratch on the ear for me.

  276. I’m glad to hear that, Vman. Give that boy a treat.

  277. Good news, Vmax.

  278. Let Gabe order anything from the steakhouse menu.

  279. Thanks, I will

  280. He is currently turning down all food offers. I have to carry him out and in but he manages to do okay for a dozen steps or so.

  281. oh vman.. so glad you nursed Gabe through it

  282. Skritches for Gabe.

  283. Vman, I read all about Gabe’s malady last night. What a nightmare. Alien invasion. I’m glad you all are on the other side of the treatment.

    Good luck.

  284. Evenin’, winder lickers.

  285. Howdy, Andy.

  286. Thanks Chumpo Oso
    Evenin’ Andy

  287. Vman,
    Best wishes for Gabe.
    All Tramadol ever did for me was make me sick.
    I hope he can pull through this…

  288. Pope Francis finally said something I agree with, even though I know Papa Benny was “Right”. Pope FRANCIS comforted a little boy by saying animals go to paradise. Eye of the Tiber (Catholic Onion) followed up with a story that has cats still going to hell. I love people that have no sense of humor/

  289. The lawyer?

  290. I think it’s the dog not the lawyer

  291. Dog? Lawyer? (Shrugs)

  292. Poor/lack of a sense of humor is a killer.

  293. http://grantland.com/hollywood-prospectus/of-balls-and-short-australian-men-a-nuanced-guide-to-acdc/

    He skips “Who Made Who”, probably because it was a soundtrack album.

  294. FACK!!! Messicans decided that La Fiesta de la Guadalupana needs fireworks. My poor doggehs are freaking. Grrrr

  295. http://tinyurl.com/n7w4ycn

  296. Oso, next time you are at the vet ask for some dog valium for nights like this.

  297. Scott, I will. Thundershirts and snuggling don’t work.

  298. blerg

  299. Dog valium and loud bluegrass music would put Ruby into her happy place.

  300. Who has a Bluegrass artist recommendation for me?

  301. MaryAnn is the worst, but Gingy feeds off of MAs anxiety.

  302. HS and Jazz are the Bluegrass guys.

  303. Cable TV has a bluegrass channel.

    Ruby loved fiddle.

  304. My neighbor told me that this is The Best Bluegrass


  305. Allison Krauss and Union Station are good bluegrass.

    There are a couple of albums called Oh! Sister that have excellent bluegrass music. They’re compilations with different artists, all women.

  306. Oso,
    Re the Thunder shirts. We live a little east of JBLM(Joint Base Lewis McChord). When it has rained mightily, the mud is deep and the roads sloppy, the Red Legs at Ft Lewis deploy.
    As I was artillery, we know what that means. When the mud is soup, we’ll have an exercise.
    Such is life…

  307. Bcoch, I don’t expect everyone to have a Moron/Hostage sense of humor, but I H8 having to explain jokes to people. I feel like Dennis Miller at times.

  308. My wife threatened to stop going to church if dogs didn’t go to Heaven. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but she really misses her dog.

    Cats don’t all go to Hell. Just most.

    Not Grumpy Cat.

  309. Ruby loved the classics


  310. Thank you Squirrel.

    This looks like bluegrass. We should do this at a Meat Up. It looks fun.


  311. Did anybody give anybody else a severe case of the douchechills today?

  312. ChrisP, do your doggehs use thunder shirts? True Story! DRINK! The night our SEALs took out OBL, I thought we were hearing fireworks. I realized it was gunshots. It was like New Year’s Eve in May. Dogs were freaked AND we had to avoid windows.

  313. Thats a goos song, Scott.

  314. Scott, love Flatts & Scruggs. Beverly Hillbillies!!!

  315. Flatt and Scruggs are the Elvis of bluegrass.

  316. That was also the official soundtrack for every car chase scene for 20 years.

  317. And my favorite ever is the album Blue Horse by The Be Good Tanyas. It’s melancholy but I love it. Here’s the Littlest Birds.


  318. Si. Steve Martin does some covers. Roy Clark can play.

  319. I wouldn’t classify them as bluegrass Jewstin.
    I would call that folk music.

    I don’t know why.

  320. Jew, that was more folksy than bluegrass. I liked it.

  321. Thanky for the all Lady bluegrass compilation Squirrel.

  322. Way back when I bought the album it was in the bluegrass section. I think I bought it at a Sony store in Spain, so there is a possibility it was mislabeled.

  323. Ugh. If nice weather holds, Dan is making me go to Roswell for Christmas Day with mi familia. RSVP just jumped from 44 to 75.

  324. Jew was in Spain? Do you have a flamenco collection?

  325. http://tinyurl.com/pumkrfr

  326. Scott, TY.

  327. Tries again http://tinyurl.com/oroutq6

  328. Strangely, I did not bring home any flamenco. I did find some good Turkish music, but the salesman kept showing me the American section for some reason.

    Did he think I couldn’t find American music in America? I refused to buy a Beach Boys Greatest Hits.

  329. I hope you enjoy, Chumpo. I know I have.

  330. College roomie is a flamenco dancer. Mcpo was in Spain. I have lots of flamenco links. Gitana.

  331. Very nice, Scott.

  332. I have to work past my bias towards Ridgerunners.

  333. and soup.

  334. I refused to buy a Beach Boys Greatest Hits.

    What kinda rat-faced commie pinko are you?

  335. I really H8 soup. And HOT cereal. We lived in a tropical time zone my whole life. My Mom would serve hot cereal from Nov-Mar. Cold cereal the rest of the year. No matter what the external temp was. No secret that I was sexually abused by my grandfather. I still can’t believe that I could be bribed by Lucky Charms.

  336. I have the Beach Boys Greatest Hits.

  337. Me on Twitter is usually Starring stuff or retweeting. I’m lame. Morons and Catholics. Pontifex follows me. IKR? Today was supposed to be #Pray2EndAbortion Twitter blocked all the # to keep it from trending.

  338. Crap. Hiccups. G’night

  339. Pretzels are just bits of pizza dough, right? Close enough? So eating a handful of pretzels and some pepperoni is practically having pizza for dinner, right?

    /bachelor food.

  340. http://tinyurl.com/o3mdj3z

    pshop. Fun for a girl or a boy.

  341. Well done, Mr. Chumpo. Can I steal that for my blog?

  342. Of course, X. My Honor. Stand by for the next unit.

  343. Ha!1 That is fochin class!!!

  344. Thats the best o the year para mi!

  345. Thanks for the Facts of Life! I larfed large!

    Here’s one of George Orwell’s. He’s a good bastard.


  346. […] props to Mr. Chumpo, inspired by a stupid joke thread on TheH2 (maybe not quite Safe For […]

  347. Why let your shoulders bend underneath this burden
    When my derp is sturdy and strong?
    Trouble me

  348. Here’s Wiser’s “Four Weddings and Das Boot”
    I fuchin’ laugh and laugh.


  349. My Fair Titus


  350. Here’s one from heXBrad


  351. wakey wakey

  352. We wakey’d at 0700. Paula’s working 10-10 Friday-Saturday-Sunday so we’ve been catching up on life. I’m on call the weekend. So far it’s been quiet.

    *KNOCKS loudly on wood for continued good luck*

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