Pretty Big All Things Considered Boob Friday

Greetings do-it yourself-ers, and welcome to Fairly Large Boob Friday, Rich can kiss my wooly ass edition.


Your model for the day is from Jupiter, Florida and was Playmate of the Month in July, 2012. She looks really good naked and measures 34-25-34, at 5’2″ and 100lbs I think her C-cups qualify because, damn. Please stop gunning down gentle giants and welcome, Miss Shelby Chesnes!











  2. Hot damn!

  3. Nice work. A natural playmate? Huh.

  4. Yay, we got that baby off the ground!

    One thing I realized – I know the rhythm of the Shuttle launches, the max Q, the booster separation, etc. Don’t know squat about Delta 4 Heavies.

    Peak at 3,600 miles in three hours, splashdown in the Pacific in a little over four hours.

  5. Meh. No ab veins. Rich is going to be disappointed.


  6. Local news guy is cute and utterly charming in his enthusiasm for space. Even if he makes me feel old, he interviews well.

  7. Well done.

  8. Oh, and she seems nice.

  9. 5’2″? 100#? C cup?

    Yep, pretty sure that by my normal rules she’s an 11.

  10. Bravo! I’d like to touch her spider clam.

  11. The first girl I ever really liked/lived with was 105#, 5’3″, and D cup.

    Loved that chick.

  12. Mr. TiFW says, “Thank you!”

    Happy Birthday, Michael 😊

  13. She does look really good naked.

  14. you men disgust me.

  15. The quest for the spider clam ensures the future of mankind Car in.

  16. A natural playmate? Huh.

  17. Carin, I’d like her better if she was a B cup.

    Am I less disgusting now?

  18. Comment by scott on December 5, 2014 8:43 am

    She does look really good naked.

    Comment by Car in on December 5, 2014 8:49 am

    you men disgust me.

    You should see us naked.

  19. Someone needs to photoshop a dickbutt into the I WANT TO BELIEVE poster.

  20. Either she had all of the hair lasered from her spider clam or they airbrushed out the bumps.

  21. I’d like to go back in time and tell the laser inventer that one day ladies will use it to depilate their hoohahs.

  22. Just a little, Leon.

  23. I’d like to go back in time and tell the laser inventer that one day ladies will use it to depilate their hoohahs.
    I’ve seen it. Different but thoroughly nice.

  24. Header^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  25. I know a gal who’s been waxing basically from the waist down for like a decade. She’s aparently almost completely hairless now, but I haven’t seen it and won’t.

  26. I don’t poat often, but I figure changing the header counts as contributing.

  27. That’s Rita, the weather gal on Fox and Friends.

  28. How do you wax your own ass?

  29. Wot?

  30. She outsources it to waxing professionals.

    I never even considered that that was like, a job.

  31. I dunno, how?

  32. *puts chin on chest*


  33. Good morning, beneficiaries of white privilege and the oppressive power structure. Have any of you heard the latest campaign song for Hillary Clinton?

  34. I’m oppressed by things being on the top shelf.

    Check your #tallprivilege.

    At first hearing this, you might think someone is just trolling Hillary. But it’s in deadly earnest. This is the most fucking hilarious campaign song ever written.

  36. Ass waxer is an awesome pejorative

  37. I saw Ass Waxer open for Rammstein in Stuttgart.

  38. t. This is the most fucking hilarious campaign song ever written.

    I know it was a “support Hillary” PAC that put it out, but she HAD to have had some input, correct? OK it on some level.

    Anyone with such poor judgement should never have access to the nuclear football.

  39. Hey, now. she’s a lovin’ wife. Just ask Huma.

  40. Romney 2016? He’s the only person more overplayed than Hillclam.

  41. While November 2014 was nice, given the fine leadership of Orange John and Chinless Mitch, 2016 still looks like a race to see which Republican gets to lose again.

  42. McCain/Graham 2016.

    Two cocksuckers.

  43. Huckabee/Santorum 2016: if you’re going to lose, lose all the way.

  44. Leon/Rosetta 2016: Strength and tenderness.

  45. Chuck Todd:
    “This bill is a mess. There’s a reason it’s in the front of the Supreme Court. It’s amazing how many people I have in here who were telling me stories, ‘we just assumed we could fix that in conference committee and we could do this here’ and all that stuff, so they allowed a lot of sloppy language and sloppy this and sloppy that to happen and they just let all these guys put whatever they wanted in it because they said we’ll clean it up in conference. Well, obviously that didn’t happen,” he added.

    Where the fuck was this dude four years ago?

  46. Bush/Christy.

    Kill me now.

  47. In reference to Obamacare

  48. McCain/Graham 2016.

    Interesting. A straight/gay ticket.

  49. I am truly disgusted by the rampant displays of sexism and misogyny that are shooooooooh my god, she’s amazing!

  50. I count twenty boobs upthread. Does anyone have a count on the most dirty pillows in a BBF post?

  51. Bush/Christy.

    Kill me now.

    It could be worse. It could be Christy/Bush. The media would never let that one go.

  52. Where the fuck was this dude four years ago?

    Sucking dick like it contained the antidote.

  53. ♫ She’s a daughter, she’s a mother, she is a lovin’ wife ♫

    But at this point, what difference does it make?

  54. i laughed – there’s some real hate in this one

  55. btw – nice job beefalone!!

  56. Death by poopy

  57. Reservoir of Hate quite full. The recent rain storm has the level of hate about one quarter inch below the coping.

  58. If she puts poop in his IV, God knows what she puts in his dinners.

  59. I hear things have improved slighty in Commiefornia, drought wise. Will take more work though.

  60. You know what will really help in Klownifornia? A new $.70 per gallon gas tax starting in January.

    We voted for this, good and hard. I hate this state.

  61. oh my, $.70? that’s freakin brutal

  62. It’s been known for a while now, however the local news has only just begun to report it. It is going to be in the neighborhood of $.60-$.70 per gallon. I can’t fucking believe this.

  63. I’m looking at a V8 tomorrow. I’ll use your gas, GO.

  64. My miserable state has just levied a tax on every single person who drives a car of about $500 per year. You Klownifornia assholes voted for this crap.

  65. Your state is full of retards, George.

  66. High speed rail.

  67. So much for soak the rich. They won’t give a crap about $500 except for the conservative minority. And dead English authors.

  68. Guvnor Moonbeam has put Klownifornia ten billion in debt to fund Holy High Speed Rail… And even that is not intended to fully fund the boondoggle. He is relying on the Feds (you) and private interests to pay for the remaining… $40 billion. Other estimates for total cost go as high as $68 billion. We already got 3 billion from you people in fed grants. You’re welcome.

  69. Democrats are finally starting to have second thoughts about Obamacare.

    First it was Chuck Schumer, who openly wondered whether the party should have spent all its political capital on health care during the two years it controlled the elected branches of the federal government.

    Now Schumer’s heresy has been seconded by Tom Harkin, the retiring Democratic senator from Iowa. “We had the power to do it in a way that would have simplified health care, made it more efficient, and made it less costly, and we didn’t do it,” Harkin complained. “So I look back and say we should have done it the correct way or not done it at all.”

    What does it say when Harkin and Schumer are more critical of Obamacare than Romney was?

  70. Oso, I’m going to see what Santa Fe is like in January.

  71. Reason #643 why it’s a good thing Trent Lott is gone.

    Lott on the new Congress: “But I do get agitated when we have some new people come to Washington and they start trying to dictate what the leadership should do or how they should proceed. I’m not saying they shouldn’t speak up, but when you’ve got a leadership team that you elect, you should listen to them a little bit.”

    Especially when they weep orange tears.

  72. Democrats are finally starting to have second thoughts about Obamacare.

    Something’s up. I don’t trust these ‘second thoughts’.

  73. new people come to Washington and they start trying to dictate what the leadership should do or how they should proceed

    FOAD you f*cking fossil. They are beholden to those who sent them there, not the drunk Oompa Loompa.

  74. GO, Santa Fe is pretty in January. Can be a little cold. Touristy.

  75. Lott is bitching about Cruz. Establishment GOP don’t like Cruz and Lee taking them on in social media. Cruz has been ramping it up a bit in the past few days. Calling out the D-rats and the cheese colored surrender monkeys.

  76. After sifting through almost 40GB of leaked internal data, one thing is clear: Sony Pictures appears to have suffered the most embarrassing and all-encompassing hack of internal corporate data ever made public.
    …There are spreadsheets containing the salaries of 6,800 global employees, along with Social Security numbers for 3,500 U.S. staff. And there is extensive documentation of the company’s operations, ranging from the script for an unreleased pilot written by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan to the results of sales meetings with local TV executives.

    Apparently the Norks have been busy. The hackers claim they have about 100 terabytes of data.

  77. Hot salsa is hot.

  78. Whoa, Bill Whittle “went there”.

  79. I suppose I ought to get out of bed.

  80. Following onto Whittle’s remarks, the protests that are now occurring are a manifestation of the frustrations over the setback to race relations perpetrated by this Obama presidency. He wrote a check with his mouth that the nation would not cash. When all of his promises ended in failure, not because of his skin color, but because they weren’t doable in the first place, people need someone to blame.

    They can’t blame Obama, because they put him there. They can’t blame themselves, because, well….victims.

    So now they have the cops and grand juries to point fingers at, and they aren’t going to stop until pandemonium ensues.

    It’s going to be fun watching them burn down the ivory halls of the people who fucked up their cities in the first place, and the businesses that exist within the fabric of their communities – their neighbors.

    This isn’t going to die out just because winter is here.

  81. Whoa, Bill Whittle “went there”.

    Yes, a black dictator running a dictatorship. Bill Whittle could not be more correct.

    But he makes John Boehner cry. And McConnell. And Rove, and Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush and probably George W. Bush.

    I love GOP tears.

    By the way, he’s spot on about Ferguson in an angle I never considered. It was necessary so people would know what would happen nationwide if there were an impeachment. Jeff Goldstein was so prescient when he stated way back in 2007 that electing this douchebag would set back race relations two generations.

  82. And let’s say it again, like Bill did. If Licorice Dick weren’t (half) black, he would not only never have been elected president, he wouldn’t have left the Illinois statehouse as a very minor state senator. Perhaps he wouldn’t even have been one of those.

  83. Leon/Rosetta 2016: Strength and tenderness.

    I’m at least as qualified as the other candidates. And Rosetta would be great assassination insurance.

  84. As Bill Clinton once remarked: “This guy (Obama) would have been getting our coffee”

  85. I’m at least as qualified as the other candidates. And Rosetta would be great assassination insurance.

    Plus, first out and proud vice president.

  86. Holy shit, is this Rolling Stone UVA gang rape story imploding.

    Maybe, just maybe, they should have covered the Dem staffer who, you know, was actually a serial rapist.


    Obama-bundler Terry Bean arrested for sodomizing a 15-year-old boy

  88. By the way, what miscreant has set Wordpuss to “display snowfall?”

  89. Maybe, just maybe, they should have covered the Dem staffer president who, you know, was actually a serial rapist.


    And, yeah – I went there.

  90. leon wrote this with a translator. He can’t fool me.

  91. It’s the default setting. You have to choose to stop it.

  92. Any way we can direct all of the rampaging rioters to places like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, USC-Berkeley, etc., instead of these towns?

    Sic’ em on the NYU campus, where they will probably pick up more rioters.

    Let all of the Social Justice Warriors see just exactly who it is they are supporting. And if they get mugged, well, their white privilege was practically begging for it in the first place!

  93. Plus, it annoys dead people.

  94. Sony Pictures can eat a bag of dicks.

    After all of their scolding movies and TV shows which portray Americans as the bad guys, all I can say to them is, I guess you had it coming. You are getting exactly what you have always said that “we” deserve.

    Don’t like it? Too bad – you made your bed. Now just spread your cheeks wide and think of Palestine….

  95. Something’s up. I don’t trust these ‘second thoughts’.

    Merely laying the groundwork for Single Payer.

    They don’t regret what they did one little bit – they’re just upset that everything started failing so spectacularly while they were still in power.

  96. leon wrote this with a translator. He can’t fool me.

    Not this time. I could have, but didn’t.

  97. Y’all see the Stand with Hillary video?

  98. Haha, the clapping is great.

  99. When does Miley Cyrus remake the Stand With Hillary video?

  100. Someone tell the guy singing in the video that a safe way to break the glass ceiling is to first wrap your fist in a blue dress.

  101. I’m not sure if we have ever had a rapist for a First Spouse.

  102. So this chick was pushed through a glass table and punched in the face repeatedly. She was bleeding from the crotch. But no one noticed anything and her friends wanted to keep partying.

    Straight face test: FAILED.

  103. NO MORE!

  104. Y’all see the Stand with Hillary video?
    I used to have that blue t shirt that the feg is wearing. Great t shirt.

    The spider clam video is the worst thing I’ve ever seen otherwise. It’s offensive on every level.

  105. hey, quick question for y’all.

    Ya think playing music from the Animal House soundtrack as bumper music tomorrow would be in bad taste?

  106. Animal House and bad taste are anthitetical. No part of Animal House constitutes bad taste.

  107. I wouldn’t say what it’s from or why I’m playing it, but I think it’s a hilarious idea

  108. You’re on site tomorrow, yes?

  109. Somebody gonna mention UVa?

  110. You should mention that you are relying on the gullibility of the public to get away with it.

  111. I’ve been reading the third of Robert Caro’s books about LBJ. This one is about his senate years from ’48 – ’59. The author lays out quite a bit of history before getting back into LBJ’s business in order to set the context for the legislative battles he describes. Right now we’re in the Civil Rights phase circa 1955 – 1956. He talks about Brown v Board and the southern foot dragging on implementing it. The Montgomery bus strike and some other events that I was aware of from my study of history. One event I wasn’t aware of was the murder of Emmitt Till and it’s effect on the psyche of the entire nation and how it contributed to the pressure to move the civil rights push forward. Extremely interesting stuff.

    Go to this link

    and compare the story of Emmitt Till to the story of Treyvonn Martin and this recent Brown kid in Fergueson. Contrast the brutality of the two white murderers who brutalized a 14 year old kid for making a pass at a white woman in 1955 with the killing of a couple of 18 year old black kids, one of who was on top of and beating the shit out of a fellow citizen when he was shot and another who had struck a cop and was reaching for his gun when shot, in 2013 and 2014. Now compare the outrage of the national media…..pretty much the same, and maybe even more outrage promotion now. But the events were nowhere even close to being equivalent. Unless your moral compass is completely fucked which I think explains our elite media.

    TL/DR: we’re being lied to on a regular basis.

  112. Wiser,

    Animal House bumper music would be awesome.

    It would make me tune in.

  113. Currently going crazy trying to find a secret santa gift.

    Last year was easy, this one is tough.

  114. I considered getting a bacon-scented candle for my victim, but it seems too wasteful and gag-gifty.

  115. >>>>
    You’re on site tomorrow, yes?

    You talking to me?

  116. Indeed. Aren’t you the grand opening for a methadone clinic or something?

  117. >>>>
    Indeed. Aren’t you the grand opening for a methadone clinic or something?

    If so, it’s not me. I’ll be in the studio. I hope we don’t have a remote…

    But a remote at a methadone clinic would be fucking awesome

  118. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

  119. It’s Christmastime in the Ghetto Bar…

  120. A few days before Christmas, a man enters a pet store looking for a unique gift for his wife. The store manager tells him he has just what he’s looking for! A beautiful parrot named Chet that sings Christmas carols.

    He brings the husband over to a colorful but quiet bird. The man agrees that Chet certainly is pretty, but he doesn’t seem to be much for singing.

    The manager tells him to watch as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter. The manager then clicks the lighter and holds it under Chet’s left foot. Immediately, Chet starts singing; “Silent Night, Holy Night.”

    The husband is very impressed with Chet’s singing abilities and watches as the manager moves the lighter underneath Chet’s right foot. Chet now starts to sing “Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way.” The husband says Chet is perfect and that he’ll take him. The husband rushes home to his wife and insists upon giving her this wonderful gift immediately.

    He presents Chet and starts to explain the parrot’s special talent. Demonstrating, he holds a lighter under Chet’s left foot and the bird sings “Silent Night.” He then moves the lighter under the right foot and Chet lets loose a round of “Jingle Bells.” The wife is absolutely impressed, and with a mischievous grin asks her husband what happens if he holds the lighter between Chet’s legs instead. Curious, the husband moves the lighter between the bird’s legs, and the bird begins to sing…”Chet’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire!”

  121. I must be thinking of last week or something when you were stuck somewhere with the superlative Tom Hill el trece.

  122. “seems too wasteful and gag-gifty.”

    wtf happened to this place!

    puerile, wasted-ful, insulting, fuqed up, down right nasty, and possibly illegal i thought was the rule of the day…..

    big pubic hair got a do it yourself jenkem kit one year – a stroke of genius i might add


  123. bball practice time for coach jaminator


  124. Greetings, polishers of knobs.

  125. I only polished the silverware!

  126. Swearsies?

  127. Having been briefly in his home, I believe him. While the silver looked impeccable, the knob was filthy.

  128. It’s true.

  129. Jewstin?

  130. It’s a possibility I might be in Detroit for a week in Jan.

    My goal is to become a regular at the ghetto bar.

  131. I wouldn’t say what it’s from or why I’m playing it, but I think it’s a hilarious idea
    It’s hilarious. No one will get it, but it’s totally and completely hilarious.

    Maybe the drink of the week should be a Car Bomb. Or a Prairie Fire.

  132. My goal is to become a regular at the ghetto bar.

    I hear they have good fishsticks.

  133. You should go to Lapeer and order a salad with no onions.

  134. C cups?

    mind status: blown

  135. I know, dave. It’s like, is this going to be our lives from now on?

  136. I’m with Jonah Goldberg, my bullshit meter pegged when Jackie’s friends begged her not to go to the police because they might not be invited to any future frat parties. “I want my turn at gang raping!”

    My personal feeling is that everything was true up until Drew invited Jackie upstairs. Maybe she was drunk, maybe she was roofied and he took advantage of her, maybe she has no idea what happened until she woke up at 3 AM with regrets. That would explain why Drew said to her that he had a great time. At least she didn’t end up dead and her body dumped in the woods like that other girl.

    The good thing to come out of this was a chat with Mini-me about college drinking. Rocketboy came home with disconcerting stories about vodka punch, keggers, drinking 20 beers and still being one of the lightweights, etc. Seems that MST is a drinking school with an engineering problem.

    We’re looking at a krav maga class or something similar next summer.

  137. I suspect that Rocketboy and Mini-me are better prepared for college life and adulthood than most of their peers, but you can’t go wrong with self defense classes.

    Teach her how to poke a guy in the eyeballs with a fistful of keys.

  138. I was lucky to survive college.

  139. Hey, I drank like a fish and did a bunch of drugs in college and I turned out al–

    You know what, never mind. Bad example.

  140. We tried to make alcohol not a big deal. We saw too many college students go nuts because alcohol had been the forbidden fruit (I include myself in that). My kids were allowed some of Dad’s beer, a sip of Mom’s wine, no big deal. We also succeeded in turning Rocketboy into a beer snob. One of his friends was going to drink a case of Natty Light, and Rocketboy asked why would you want to?

  141. I was bring a worrywart (surprise!), and Rocketboy told me his rules were don’t drink alone, don’t force yourself to drink, and don’t drink so much that you can’t get yourself home.

  142. I still worry a lot.

  143. I’ve never had a low-end beer. I started at snobbery, then stopped drinking it.

  144. I only ever took night classes with old people. Our idea of a party was passing a joint around in the parking lot and going home to watch our programs.

    I think I was watching Star Trek: TNG. At the time, it was fascinating, but now I can’t remember a single episode.

  145. Falling out of a moving car isn’t fun.

  146. I had stricter rules:
    1) Don’t drink unless I physically am where I plan to sleep.
    2) Don’t drink around anyone I don’t know well.
    3) Don’t drink if there’s any chance I’ll have sex.

  147. One of his friends was going to drink a case of Natty Light, and Rocketboy asked why would you want to?

    Okay, even I think that’s stupid.

  148. 1) Don’t think! Just Drink!

  149. It’s easier to sleep where you drink.

  150. Did anyone else just spend an hour making curry for their mother, only to have her suddenly decide she doesn’t want any because she doesn’t like the bacon prepared as a garnish?

  151. Mr, BluDavesky’s grade point average, zero point zero

    He was wrong though. You can make it through life fat dumb and drunk.

  152. It’s easier to sleep where you drink.

    I knew that I was probably going sleep where I drank, so I needed the rule that I should only drink where I planned to sleep.

  153. That happens to everyone.

  154. Shit, I woke up one morning walking down the side of I-77.
    A guy pulled over and offered me a lift.
    I had an exam to get to.
    He suggested that I take a couple of pills from his glove compartment.

    SCHWING! Awake at last! I did OK on the exam.

    I shouldn’t be alive.

  155. hi Roamicita!

  156. I usually didn’t have enough money to drink heavily. Also, the drinking age had just been raised, so all the workarounds weren’t in place yet.

  157. I only drank once in college. Literally one time.

  158. *takes shot of tequila*

    So, what are we talking about?

  159. Funny thing about those rules was that I had a steady girlfriend and then wife, so #3 was always tripping me up.

  160. Hi Vmax. I bet your town is as happy as mine about Orion today.

  161. I am drinking to the 81 st anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.

  162. Haha haha!!!!!!! Protesters take over the Apple store on 5th Ave. in NYC….

  163. While I applaud a successful launch flight and recovery how any years is it behind schedule? How uch is it over budget?

  164. Some protesters were talking about blocking one of the major roads here at 5 PM. Haven’t heard any more, so they must have thought better about challenging Bubba in an F-350 on his way home from work.

  165. That just seems like the worst possible way to garner public support.

    And a great way to spark more “racial” violence.

  166. Vmax, at least 5 years if you count the time we wasted with Ares.

  167. 1. Don’t plan on drinking, just let it happen.

    2. Drink enough to be interesting, but not too interesting.

  168. Mooch:

  169. Arizona is sucking.

  170. Did anybody remember the incident where anybody else carjacked them on I-77 and ate all their dog’s heartworm medication just a little bit differently today?

  171. 2. Drink enough to be interesting, but not too interesting.

    Too late.

  172. 1. Don’t plan on drinking, just let it happen.
    2. Drink enough to be interesting, but not too interesting.

    What if you’re already really interesting?

  173. Comment by daveintexas on December 5, 2014 8:30 pm

    C cups?

    mind status: blown

    Comment by Sean M. on December 5, 2014 8:40 pm

    I know, dave. It’s like, is this going to be our lives from now on?

    I’m gonna make up for it next week.

    *rubs hooves together*

  174. What if you’re already really interesting?

    Then you are probably drinking Mt. Dew and wearing some weird Madonna bra.

  175. You should go to Lapeer and order a salad with no onions.

    “Ok, I want the Southwest Chicken salad, but I want grilled chicken instead of fried, no onions or tomatoes, and add bacon, extra cheese and croutons.”

    *actual order from Wednesday night

  176. I’m gonna make up for it next week.

    **clutches pearls**

  177. I got awesome tips tonight, even though some bitches sat at one of my booths for almost three hours. Lingered for over an hour after they were “done”.

    And left me $6.

    CRIPES PEOPLE. Tim Hortons. Starbucks. Go there.

    If you’re not ordering or eating, etc, and you’ve been at my booth for an hour after saying you’re all done, and have paid the bill on a Friday night … you owe me table rent.

    Move along please.

  178. Did anybody remember the incident where anybody else carjacked them on I-77 and ate all their dog’s heartworm medication just a little bit differently today?

    Hahahahahaha. (followed by a 10-minute explanation of why that was funny to Mr. RFH. Should have just said, “Hostages” and left it at that.)

  179. Is 20% worth an hour? How about 40%

  180. I ate rattlesnake today.

  181. If your sitting at a table FOR HOURS and hours during dinner rush, you’re cutting into the server’s wages. I don’t rush my tables AT ALL- it’s a personal point of pride for me. Some regulars request me for just that reason. A busy restaurant on it’s busy nights isn’t the place to sit for hours afterwards. The server doesn’t get another table in another section. if she has a three table section, you’ve eliminated 30% of her income. If it’s through dinner rush … it can be devastating.

  182. I’ve had tables get there and “claim” a table 45 minutes before the rest of the group gets there. AND THEN LINGER.

    As I said, I don’t rush people. I got several compliments tonight. If you’re going to sit and chat – order more stuff. Or go somewhere else. If the place is empty, it’s fine; stay as long as you’d like. Ask the server if she wants to cash you out if it appears some are being cut. But dinner time rush isn’t the time to monopolize a table for hours and hours. Rent a room. Go to a less busy place. Move your party elsewhere.

  183. I would never eat rattlesnake. Or any snake. Gross.

  184. Or any reptile.

  185. You should go to Lapeer and order a salad with no onions.

    Matt likes wine. Also, they both love my Baileys, which i only get this time of year. They both hate cheap beer.

  186. cut and paste error.

    I’m not fixing it.

  187. Alligator rattlesnake reptiles taste like reptiles. A cross between fish and chicken

  188. I worked at Fishbones in Detroit for years, which specializes in alligator. I only ate it ONCE by accident. It’s just a thing for me.

  189. Or any reptile.

    I’m never eating at Carin’s restaurant. I love turtle and alligator. Rattlesnake is tolerable.

  190. JEWSTIN!!!!

    but I would give you such great service. Can’t you overlook my issue with reptiles?

    They’re icky. One step removed from eating insects.

  191. Turtle is different isn’t it Jew? I have had it but it was a long tie ago.
    It was sea turtle back before it was illegal

  192. *prepares jewstin a loverly spider clam casserole

  193. m
    sticky keyboard

  194. We picked up a used treadmill off of craiglist.

    So excited.

  195. In Nebraska we caught snapping turtles (mud turtles) and they were fantastic.

  196. The Wurst Bar in Ypsi has rattlesnake chorizo. I ate two of them on lettuce leaves with stone ground mustard.

  197. I was going to buy a snapper in Houston, but there are particular seasons when they are available and I never figured out when that was.

  198. Finally, someplace to hang those clothes!

  199. sticky keyboard

  200. Shucks, Carin. I would go to your restaurant. But I would be obligated to ask after about the lobster bisque.

  201. I have a bed again, for the first time in over two years. No more sleeping on the futon.

  202. Comment by Car in on December 5, 2014 11:10 pm
    We picked up a used treadmill off of craiglist.
    So excited.

    Sounds like it would be perfect for power-walking after your zumba class.

  203. Snapper Jew?
    There are a million kinds of snapper and they are all good. I can wax long on snapper

  204. Black lives Don’t Matter:

  205. I’ve never tried snapping turtle but I would like to. We have seen some real monsters back here in the swamp.

  206. No need for a fishing pole Vman. I meant this kind of snapper:

  207. Spiderclambake!

  208. Those fuckers actually jump. Their hind legs are super strong.

  209. They’re like spider clams except more frightening and delicious.

  210. okay
    I was talking about fish snapper but turtles work

  211. I have had sunray venus clams but know nothing of spider clams. I am certain that spider clams are a H2 joke that I missed up thred

  212. I think it was actually two days ago, Vman, so I wouldn’t feel bad if I were you.

  213. Thanks Sean
    I know where to look now

  214. Spider Clam, Spider Clam, Does whatever a Spider Clam can…

  215. My friends and I had a rule: Arrive together, leave together. Worked for us, except for the time I could have left with a future MLB player (Minor league, courtesy pick) or the time I could have hooked up with the ummm…never mind.

  216. My friends had a rule of get me drunk and try to hook me up with the fat/ugly chick.

  217. Coyote ugly?

  218. Straight up fugly.

  219. We used to have mandatory “Date Rape Prevention” classes at the Dorm. They were sooo stupid. We also had student volunteers that you could call a number and they would escort you across campus at night. Those guys were assholes. Hitting you up for dates or #s. Better off just having a male friend walk with you. Our campus police were a bunch of horn dogs too.

  220. Xbrad,

    Just admit it.

    You weren’t drunk, it was just a lie you told to yourself to justify it.

    ‘Your Truth’, so to speak.

  221. Hi Phat? Where are you?

  222. I said they tried to hook me up with fat/ugly.

    Didn’t say they succeeded.

  223. You were in the Army. Of course they succeeded.

  224. Oso,

    Home for the last week and weekend. The rest of this month is going to suck.

    Got layovers in San Fran, Ft. Myers, Austin, Phoenix, Philly, Miami, Des Moines, and Mexico City for the rest of the month.

    Will be home for the weekends, but in Chicago for Xmas.

    I really needed the weekend before Christmas off (family xmas with the in-laws) and I got that. Just got jobbed on the rest of the month.

  225. You were in the Army. Of course they succeeded.

    I’m talking about my college days.

    Besides, I was the only 21 y/o freshman most of my friends knew. They really didn’t want to piss off their beer source.

  226. Have a great wknd. Hope the weather cooperates. I don’t know if I should feel more sorry for Mexico City, Chicago, or Des Moines?

  227. Off to bed, good night citizens.

    BTW: Watched ‘Grumpy Cat Christmas’ on Lifetime with my girls tonight.

    Surprisingly funny. Cocktails would have made it better, but it was still good.

  228. Best thing about being a chick: No one cared if you were 21 and bouncers always let you in bars where old guys would buy your drinks all night. Old guys would buy dinner, too.

  229. I thought it was being able to play with tits any time you wanted?

  230. Meh.

  231. Leave a message- I’ll call you back
    Leave it by the bed
    Some people should derp
    That’s just unconscious knowledge
    Because, because the bigger you get
    The wider you’re spread

  232. New poat!

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