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  1. All. Mine.

  2. Why include the fudge packer with blue eyes?

  3. A high school friend just posted this article on facedouche.

    And i laughed and laughed and laughed.


    money quote: “Deresiewicz claims that this generation of highly accomplished, college-bound students have been robbed of their independence because they have been raised in a petri dish for one purpose only: to attend an elite college that ensures their and their families’ economic and social status. Instead of being nurtured towards real curiosity and a genuine sense of citizenship, these millennials are conditioned to think that everything they do is for the purpose of looking good in the eyes of admissions officers and employers: you earn good grades not because they mean you are learning something, but rather because they will help you stand out from your peers when applying to the Ivies. You engage in community service not because you wish genuinely to make a positive difference in the lives of others but rather because that is how you burnish your resume — service as check-off box. ”

    Yea, one article on Huffpoo, and parents are going to stop doing this. Whatever.

    There is an entire education complex devoted to this.

  4. My daughter got into National honor society. you know how they want her to perform her “community service”? By volunteering at school. Dances, etc.

    yea. that’s a good way to learn something about helping others. @@

  5. I got behind a school bus this morning, and at every stop, every child was accompanied by a parent, sometimes both. In my entire childhood I (and my schoolmates) never once had a parent wait at the bus stop.

    But then, they were cruel and uncaring.

  6. Men doing girl selfies.

    Funny, if you know any 16-30 y/o girl/women, most of whom have done most, if not all, of these types of selfies.

  7. Out by me, the parents are there with their car. Kids wait in the warm car for the bus. Ditto, drive home. Parents waiting at the end of the drive, in their car for the bus to arrive.

    I’m a horrible parent. My kids will tell you.

    We’ll see how this all turns out when they’re completely growned up.

  8. Heh, me either, HS. Plus I was way out in the country, and sometimes had to walk to the end of a quarter mile lane if it snowed.

  9. Hahahahaha

    My bus stop was easily a quarter mile away. If it snowed, and the bus was more than a half hour late, we could assume school was cancelled, and we could walk back home.

    But then, our parents were cruel and uncaring – a lot like Carin.

  10. My son Matt got into the NHS, but when he saw that a lot of the stuff was sham/resume padding bs he quit. Sad really, because it doesn’t have to be that way. Schools are just so … focused on the wrong things.

    that is EXACTLY what the Huffpo article talks about. But I’d be willing to bet, most parents – even those who read and posted the article and are high-fiving it – would “allow” their kids to drop out of NHS.

  11. Same here HS. First day of school my mom walked down to the stop to make sure everything was the same as last year. We never saw an adult there the rest of the year. After 6th grade there was no bus option. Walked to junior high and high school until my older brother bought a used pick up for $150.

  12. Last night at the ghetto bar, I was hanging out with the black chappies (as Jack Nicholson would say in The Departed). Seems they’re not that fond of the rioting and protesting regarding St. Michael.

  13. I wouldn’t guess that they are.

    The LAW ABIDING blacks are sick to death of the bs. They want to walk down the street w/o being accosted too. That’s the ultimate irony of this whole thing. God, it just makes me sick.

    I get into it with libs all the time who don’t understand what it’s like to live in such a neighborhood. Mine wasn’t even that bad, but my mom’s is horrible. She can’t even walk a dog. people who do, carry a big stick.

  14. http://www.businessinsider.com/active-hate-groups-by-state-2014-2?utm_content=buffer908e7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

    They didn’t list the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, New Black Panthers, or MSNBC.

  15. Why include the fudge packer with blue eyes?

    He told me you’d say that. Was your break-up that bad?

  16. Hahahahahaha

    Yeah, it was bad.

  17. Even in grade school, you didn’t want to be the kid whose mommy walked to the bus stop. HS bus stop was in front of our house. If it was cold, everyone would wait inside our house. My Mom always had fresh tortillas, because my brother didn’t like old tortillas.

  18. Your mom walked me to the bus stop.

  19. Hahaha

  20. And kept me nice and warm.

  21. I got caught skipping school in the 5th grade. My Mom rode the bus with me and walked me to my first class for a week afterwards.

  22. A liberal tool posted this on facedouche. Hil-ar-ious.


    Check out the “source” links.

  23. i just found a ss gift. Bawhaaa haa haaaaa

  24. Plus I was way out in the country, and sometimes had to walk to the end of a quarter mile lane if it snowed.

    oooOOO, a whole quarter mile, huh? ptooey, I actually DID walk a mile each way, tested it in the car years later.

    In the winter the vapor from my breath froze on the sides of my hair. It crackled when you touched it.

  25. My elementary school was about a mile from my house. Junior high was visible from my front porch at roughly a quarter mile, high school was literally across the street.

    I walked every day from K-12, mostly alone.

  26. Waiting for the movers. Yesterday they came by to pack some of the stuff. One of the guys did not belong to the NHS.

    He wrapped a white wreath up and on the paper he wrote: “white reef”.

  27. Grade school was a few blocks. I walked. 6th grade was in Detroit, and maybe 3/4 of a mile. i walked. 7th and 8th was half mile, and i walked. High school was about 3.5 or 4 miles, and I walked, biked, begged for rides. They had a city bus you could take for 75 cents, and I’d take that occasionally.

  28. Well, I’m glad THAT’s over. Michael Brown’s “stepfather” has apologized for inciting a riot which burned down businesses, and may have contributed to the hightened emotion/lack of lawlessness that resulted in the death of a 20 y/o black man.

    But he apologized, so … no harm, no foul.

    yahoo, in traditional toady fashion, has broadcast this as NEWS.

  29. I actually DID walk a mile each way, tested it in the car years later.

    Uphill, both ways? With bare feet, and bread bags if you were lucky?

    Lawn, I’m getting off it yours.

  30. Mine was all flat terrain. No hills to speak of. I had to ride my bike 5-6 miles to get to a hill.

    Which I did, alone, at like 12.

  31. I rode the bus until I moved town. The hardest part was getting my cello on and off the bus. Also, Fuck You.

  32. I hear ya, PG. Since I had a headgear in Jr High, I played the violin. Then in HS, no orchestra, so I played the tuba.

  33. Home is on a pretty steep hill, so the last stretch kinda stunk.

    Idiots tossed a Waterford vase in a box with nothing to protect it, alongside an equally unwrapped and fragile Masai wood sculpture. I shudder to think of what they did to the Baccarat vase. /first world elitist prob. . . bla bla, haha

  34. I’ll bet leon lifted the hill after he rode 5 miles to get to it.

  35. No, I was a weak kid. I mostly just pedaled hard down it and tried to build enough speed to coast over the second hill that came right after it.

  36. Sounds like MJ’s movers are now working in Lipstick’s neck of the woods. :(


  38. I rode my bike to school when I was in high school. Didn’t get a car until 18.

    I didn’t walk to middle school, but that was because I would have had to cross a busy road at an intersection that drivers were notorious for blowing through without looking. My grandfather said, “no way in hell”.

  39. I had a car at 17, but no reason to drive it across the street and try to find a parking place. It was a manual, I’d never have got out of 2nd gear.

  40. Comment by Car in on December 3, 2014 9:12 am

    A high school friend just posted this article on facedouche.

    And i laughed and laughed and laughed.

    In high school one of my close friends was neck-in-neck competition for valedictorian. He was a smart guy, very driven, and always aware that he was generally the smartest guy in the room. In short, an asshole at times. His mother was crazy and pushed him constantly. Music lessons, tutors, college classes. You name it, he did it.

    I beat him on both the SATs and ACTs. SATs by 50 points, ACTs by 2 points. His mother about had a meltdown. It was especially funny since he’d spent weeks studying while I rolled out of bed Saturday morning and mom said, “Hey, isn’t your test today?”

  41. I have a theory that any system of evaluation is ineffective after three generations. The first generation to be evaluated gets low marks because they don’t fully understand the new standards and are still trying to break away from the old system. The second generation understands the new standards, but there isn’t enough instituational knowledge to encourage widespread “gaming” of the system. The third generation is where people know enough to start gaming the system, and by the fourth generation everyone is doing it and the evaluation process is useless and has to be redesigned.

  42. CO/ it’s just so many parents are so focused on some magic goal- constant achievement. Finding happiness in life just is going to happen after they accumulate all those checkmarks of success.

  43. Ya, that basically sums up college right now for many kids. They graduate, and don’t know shit.

    But they have that paper.

  44. They look at life as a competition where if you aren’t the most successful person in the room with the prettiest spouse, the smartest kids, the biggest bank account and the next great American novel, then you are a failure. They’ve made their happiness entirely dependent on other people’s admiration/approval.

  45. I feel sorry for them. They’ve been told all their lives that the paper is all that matters.

  46. I only took the SAT once as a junior. I did well enough to get into the UM Honors program, but I’ll always wonder how I’d have done on a second attempt as a senior.

  47. Yep. And parents put their kids on that gerbil wheel pretty early.

  48. I’d never have got out of 2nd gear.

    Was it a little Nash Rambler?

  49. I beat the valedictorian in ACT score too. She retook it, still didn’t beat me.

  50. But they have that paper.

    I love teaching those people a lesson. When you can get their attention.

  51. I beat both of ours on the ACT (guy and girl were tied, she took easier math senior year to keep her GPA up, naturally) , but not by much.

  52. My first car was my great-grandmother’s 3yo Mustang. I got to drive that for 3 weeks after she passed away. My parents didn’t want to pay the insurance for me to drive it, so we traded it in for a ’93 Toyota Tercel with a 4-speed manual.

    It was a sweet little go-kart. I miss it sometimes.

  53. I beat out the valedictorian as well on both tests. She was another overachiever. I think she teaches yoga now.

  54. Ooooo. I had an ’88 Tercel. That was a really great car. I used to jump that damn car of this hill by the old quarry. That bastard could fly. I never had a better off roader.

  55. The only one of my many standardized tests that I wished I studied for was the MCATs. After studying for the test for 3 months mainly doing sample questions I raised my scores across the board. All that the studying did was make me a better test taker.

  56. Megan McArdle had a good piece from a while back about city vs. rural spending habits. Namely, why city parents in NYC or DC will spend an extra $200k on a slightly shittier house in a slightly better school district. Meanwhile, small town families will spend $50-60 on a fully loaded SUV or pickup with all the creature comforts, which a parent in NYC would consider insane. Basically the NYC/DC crowd views that better school district as the gateway to a certain kind of life for their kid. Better school=better scores=better college=better connections=better job.

  57. I took the SAT after 4 hours of sleep and before my very first ever date with a girl. I was just a wee bit preoccupied.

  58. Mine was a 70 Riviera. 5000 pounds, 455 v8. Thing could wrap the speedometer all the way around past 120 back to zero. Fun!

  59. the error in their thinking, CO, is that all that “better” leads to happier. i know some people working in factories that are pretty darn happy. Somewhere, the elite have lost their way.

    Once “better” education stopped being better is anything but name/prestige …

    Learning and education are one thing. Todays drive for achievement on paper is a completely different animal .

    And obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone. but to a LOT of people.

  60. And I know a lot of wealthy folks who never went to college. Or took an ACT test.

    their are many paths to happiness, grasshopper.

  61. White reef!

    Big garbage bin at the moving company that I work out of is labelled TRASH BEN.

    I snicker every time I see it.

  62. My former next door neighbor painted “landsaping ” on the side of his van. My husband and I still call it that.

  63. The Tercel weas 1900# unloaded. I used to adjust my parking jobs by putting it in neutral and pushing it gently.

  64. Honestly, I think that parents started taking their kids to school once the news started reporting kids being abducted while walking to school.

    I mean, the chances of it happening to YOUR kid are astronomically low, but who wants to take that chance? A person who is going to snatch up a kid isn’t going to grab a kid whose parent is right there.

    The TiFW girls’ schools were right down the block, so we let them walk to school most days; of course, they were usually able to make sad eyes at Mr. TiFW and convince him to drop them off on his way in to work….

  65. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Michael! ♥♥♥

  66. In Jr high, you had to live more than two miles away to get the bus.

    We were about a mile and a half and walked it every day.

  67. Why not horseback?

  68. Teresa, I was approached numerous times as a young girl by men who beckoned me to their car- while waiting for a bus to take me from downtown Detroit my dad’s house in Grosse pointe. I did not get abducted. Scared the shit out of me.

    Of course, I was molested previously, and perhaps that wizened me up. But that occurred in my very own neighborhood.

  69. Sick chicken has been in quarantined since Saturday. She’s still holding in there. In my experience, this indicates she’s going to pull through.

  70. Not using the pitcher test anymore?

    Wise decision.

  71. Carin, I’m very sorry to hear that that happened to you.

  72. 100 Human Brains Stolen from University of Texas

    There has got to be an Aggie joke in there, somewhere….

  73. I never had a house key because we never locked the house.

    Scott, lol, Osama Ben Laden

  74. In the interest of keeping things light, here’s an uncomfortable joke.

    Or is it?

  75. It was a long time ago, Leon, but thanks.

  76. I got LC Aggie Sith on Facedouche with that one.

  77. There were a hundred there to steal?

  78. Hubba hubba:


    “Mr. Meyer was presented with the Medal of Honor in 2011 by President Obama for saving 36 of his comrades’ during an ambush in Afghanistan.”

    We should get Mr Meyer up there in the poat.

  79. When I was in junior high, one of my friends told us that when she was out riding her bicycle, some guy drove up in his car and showed her his manhood in all its glory.

    She was taken aback, then she started laughing at him (mostly because she couldn’t believe it was happening).

    Dude shriveled covered up real quick and drove off.


    Years later, when she and I were roommates in college, the phone rang early one morning. Her bed was right under the phone, so she groggily picked it up.

    I heard, “Hello? Hello? What? Huh? What’s that? Hello?”, then she hung the phone up.

    I asked her who it was, and she said, “I think I just got a dirty phone call….”

  80. WTF is wrong with people?

  81. Sorry, meant to link. You have to read the replies.

  82. Tracks of a large Cougar in the front yard snow, this morning.
    Paws about 4″ and tail-drag marks in the snow.
    Makes me wish I had a game-camera…

  83. .Are all of those 200 companies associated with wind and solar power ventures?

  84. Funny – we didn’t see groups protesting about this at the same time the Michael Brown protests were going on:


    I mean, they were all at the same courthouse….

  85. One of my two bull-rider movers:

  86. Kellog’s Corporation doesn’t give a crap if everything costs twice as much.

    He won’t be happy until all of us are on food stamps.

  87. A Pun?!?


  88. Hot Cross Puns.

  89. Does this cuntface ever grill democrats like this, with his grim scowl, and purposeful lack of comprehension?

    What a jackass.


  90. Laura’s final was interesting. She did well.

  91. Of course she did. She studies hard.

  92. Did someone say puns?

  93. I never study hard. Can’t balance the book on my lap.

  94. http://is.gd/8vyGhn

  95. Let’s cancel Christmas in Manhattan.

  96. No wait! Let’s burn it to the ground!

  97. Evening Hostages.

  98. SS gifts purchased and en route to me.

  99. puns?

  100. Scott,
    Does you being here mean that she passed by *NOT* killing you?

  101. Bad cow puns?

  102. She didn’t hurt me at all. Well, maybe a little once with that reflex hammer.

  103. You remind her that’s not the appropriate tool for a prostate exam?

  104. http://tinyurl.com/k8fos5s

  105. Did anybody find the “mood lighting” in anybody else’s office inappropriate today?

  106. “Did anybody find the “mood lighting” in anybody else’s office inappropriate today?”

    no, it was just what the nurse practitioner ordered


  108. http://tinyurl.com/pyyv624

  109. As the old sergeant who taught me how to draw blood from recruits said “Never let them see you sweat”.

    A variation on “fake it till you make it”.

  110. Photoshopped.

  111. Looks pretty legit.

  112. When I went to CLS course, when it came time to actually practice giving IVs, I always made sure the other guy stuck me first. If he was successful, I would be gentle when it came time to stab him. If he wasn’t, well, like the medic said, it doesn’t hurt YOU to stick HIM.

  113. Nice pic of hotspur, jam.

  114. That photo needs to be a profile picture on a dating site.

  115. Farmersonly.com?

  116. I lost a point by saying truthfully that I couldn’t find the tympanic membrane through the otoscope. Just could not get a fix on it, we only practiced it once, unsuccessfully; my lab partner was too nervous and fidgety and she wanted to give up and wouldn’t let me keep trying.

    Scott: “You lost a point because you didn’t lie. You should have lied.”

    Me: “No…I mean, but, I didn’t…yeah I should have lied.”

  117. http://tinyurl.com/ngqul2g

  118. Damn you

  119. i looked up track art… was weird to stumble on that pic given XB’s song choice; scott might be right though… it may have been massaged

  120. That one is real. She wears contacts to hide that shit.

  121. Poor Huma.

  122. Great. Weird shit going down in Crimea and Moscow tonight.

  123. Yeah, what’s that about Xb? Shit on fire, troops massing, gunfire? Any ideas?

  124. don’t you hate it when you don’t cook the cranberries long enough?

  125. Perfect.

  126. Hillary stares at the Abyss, and the Abyss sez: “Quit looking at me!”

  127. How’s Pogo tonight, Xbrad?

  128. Lauraw,
    Were you able to retrieve the reflex-hammer after checking his prostate, or is it still in there?

  129. You use the tuning fork for that.

  130. Vagina dentata oculata

  131. Vibrating the prostate? Kinky.

  132. Xbrad,
    I saw that in a comment at AoS, but no links. Got anything?

  133. Unmanned Orion launch tomorrow morning. Launch window opens at 7:05 AM Eastern, 4.5 hour mission, splashdown in the Pacific.


  134. “Vagina dentata oculata”
    straight out of videodrome –

  135. Videodrome was a weird movie. Like, hella weird.

  136. 4.5 hour mission?

  137. 3 hour tour.

  138. Why not 5?

    I bet it’s sequester.

  139. and thank you, Cyn, for doing HHD today.

  140. Happy to pinch-hit, Roamsy.

  141. If I go up into space, I’m staying there long enough to call Wiser’s show.

  142. I wonder if the space station has an area code?

  143. ” long enough to call Wiser’s show.”

    how long is that?

  144. Definitely an international number. Rates have got to suck.

  145. XMom’s doing pretty well today. She has to be at the hospital at 11am tomorrow for a minor surgery.

    XSis2 came by, so it looks like she’ll take XMom to the hospital, and I’ll tend the home fires.

  146. i would assume it’s a +7 russian country code; as you can’t get there from here


  147. ^^ that was re: jewstin’s inquiry

  148. Good to hear, xbrad. Hope her surgery goes well.

  149. Yes. What Jay said.

  150. Ditto Cyn and J’ames.

  151. Congrats lauraw!

  152. Speaking of Mom Hospital Thursday, I’ll be taking mine in to their radiology department to look for a possible hip fracture to that bad hip of hers. I presume that they’ll keep her if they find something.

  153. I’ve been remiss; Indeed: Huzzah to Miss Laura!

  154. Prayers for Cyn Mom and that all is well.

  155. Prayers for XMom and CynMom.

    If I go up into space, I’m staying there long enough to call Wiser’s show.

    Take Ferris with you and push him out the airlock while you’re broadcasting. Guaranteed ratings bonanza plus doing the world a favor.

  156. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
    Telling me just what a fool I’ve been
    I wish that it would go and let me derp in vain
    And let me be alone again

  157. “We are now hearing death threats. All of this has us concerned for our children and their safety,” she wrote, according to the Army Times. “He is a good man with a very big heart and this backlash has spiraled him into a deep depression.”

    Aww. poor guy. Quit wearing other people’s clothes, then!

  158. wakey wakey

  159. Waiting on the winds to die down so Orion can launch.

  160. Happy birthday Carin and Michael.

  161. http://www.1happybirthday.com/play_song.php?name=Caren

    *yes I know all about the pronunciation. It’s as close as I could get.

  162. Happy birthday Car in.

  163. Happy BD Car in!

  164. I’m 27.

  165. The candle is obviously photoshopped.

  166. LOL.

  167. Huh, I found the candle very believable. It’s the shoes I’m not buying. Who eats cake in those?

  168. It’s not real? *cries

  169. Useless Devices That Sound Dirty Department


  170. Bill DeBlasio needs to STFU.

    Actually, you could say that about any politician. I thought the exact same thing about Jeb Bush yesterday.

  171. HBC


    New Poat

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