ビッグブーブ金曜日 Biggubūbu kin’yōbi

Bonjour you cheese eating surrender monkeys, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born in Tokyo, Japan on 8/30/1993, and she is 5’3″ tall, 38-25-36. Please stop basting the turkey long enough to welcome, Miss Mio Takaba!


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mio10 mio9 mio3 mio


  1. http://is.gd/aYn6y0

  2. It’s easy to see how Leon gets so amped about his veiny, knotty, swoll chicks every Monday by contrasting them to this softie. Yeah.

  3. She could never do toes-to-bar .

  4. Mmmmm. Sushi.

  5. She can do other things.

  6. She has no muscle tone and almost no ass.


  7. i gave myself zero food points for yesterday. I actually didn’t do too bad – I mean, I did run 6 miles in the morning. But I ate – crackers and brie (only a few) … stuffing (one small helping) … and Italian creme cake my mil made with is to DIE for.

    I dunno, loooking back I really didn’t do too bad. Maybe I’ll give myself 2 or 3 for not completely going overboard?

  8. I ate everything. I hadn’t had carbs in about 12 days, so I felt very sleepy and thirsty afterward.

  9. I guess quantity-wise it wasn’t that much, overall. About what I’d eat in a normal day, but I had it all in one meal.

  10. I about died afterwards too, but I don’t know if it was the food, or lack of sleep/crazy activity I’d been doing. Wenesday, I went to crackfat Zumba, then clean, then worked till close (had a party of 17 too). bed at 11, up at four to get to the race. Back home at 10 – started cooking, and cleaning as I went.

    by 5 … it was like I had been hit by a train. I napped for two hours, up for a few, then back to bed and slept until 7:30. lol.

    I didn’t eat TOO bad. I had a muffin after the race. And the piece of cake was BIIIG.

  11. I was starving after the race. I had peanut butter toast before (my traditional pre-race meal, so I don’t really change that for anything).

  12. I ate too many Parker House rolls and chocolate pie. Didn’t OD on turkey but I’m not a big fan.

  13. I was startled by how little actual turkey I managed to eat. I actually woke up starving this morning and still haven’t bothered myself to prepare anything.

  14. Didnt od on turkey? Then i didnt make it. Smoked was a hit, as well as stuffing muffins.

  15. The yogurt I made the other day is soooo sour. I like it tangy but this is a bit much. Guess I’ll make labneh cheese out of a bunch of it.

    Thus began the Great Cheeseball Winter of ’14-15

  16. Turkey Recipe, J’Ames?

  17. Is peanut butter paleo?

  18. Amazing ribs recipe, laura, with simon and garfunkel rub. Made it 3 years running, always great.

  19. This was Mrs. Buffalone’s first turkey in our new convection style oven. I was thrown out of the kitchen because she was doing it all on the fly, no plan, not defrosted, no brineing, no marinade, no baster, no meat thermometer, no roasting pan, no idea on cooking time.

    That last part was killing me on side dish preparation and bringing it up over and over again was not the smartest strategy on my part with her up to her wrists in a turkey cavity, apparently.

    Meh, it turned out fine and we made up over cocktails afterward.

  20. Ha ha ha, Mrs. Buffalone lost her shit and kicked your ass. Sorry. Hope there were no rolling pin injuries.

    I don’t know why we build this up to be such a stressful family event. I dropped off a cake at Dad’s and his wife had spent the previous two days prepping and stressing out over having the full turkey day spread…for three people.

  21. Gooboob morning, cool kids.

    Nice work, Buffabooby!

  22. We had one of our least stressful Thanksgivings in a while. We made all the food for a full meal before we went to Paula’s parent’s house for turkey. Everything was ready here by 1PM before we left. We have leftovers which are not really leftovers.

  23. I don’t know why we build this up to be such a stressful family event.

    I blame Norman Rockwell and my Grandma, but mostly Norman Rockwell. My fraternal Grandparents built their retirement home with a semi-finished full basement, rows of tables and benches, restaurant quality and sized kitchen appliances with stainless steel prep areas and sinks. Thanksgiving was a big ‘effin deal.

  24. Black Friday is the best day of the year to shelter in place and eat stupid amounts of leftovers.

  25. Going out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving eliminates all of the planning, shopping, assembling, cleaning, cooking, setting, serving, clearing, and cleanup.

    Downside – no leftovers.

  26. Garage mouse #6 just checked out.

  27. A cat would have had #12 out of the way by now.

  28. Is your garage heated or adjacent to your house Scott? Ours is attached but it’s built on posts so it’s pretty cold out there. I put mouse poison out behind the woodpiles but when we use the wood up the poison looks uneaten.

  29. It’s unheated, and not really attached.

    I’ve never had luck with poison.

  30. I have to put up the Crap Tree.

    I love this shit. Love you dorks too

  31. Convection oven is like cooking on an offset smoker. Heat flows. The stuffing turned out great in a convection oven, along with warming the turkey.

  32. Mouse eats poison. Raptor/owl eats mouse. Raptor/owl gets poisoned.

    *eyeballs Jimbro*

    *catapults a bucket of mousetraps towards the northeast*

  33. bed at 11, up at four to get to the race.

    Are you insane?

  34. Mice have a place in the world, but it’s not in your house. Use fire if you need to.

  35. I was too tired to make the piecrust and cheated with Pillsbury.

    It turned out browner than I expected but it was okay.

    *makes note to add lard to my crust*

  36. I agree Jewstin. Traps and fire and lead-free bird shot, are more better than poison.

  37. I only use the poison in my house where the mice have entered illegally. That’s a mere sliver of my property which is otherwise open to all creatures, great and small.

  38. I had a dog that caught mice. For some reason she though my shoes were tiny coffins, and more than once I stuck my foot in a shoe full of dead mouse.

  39. *staggers out from behind Jimbro’s woodpile, gasping, clutching guts*

    …why….?…(coughs, groans, keels over)…

  40. Today is “Make Turkey Carcass Soup Day”.

    *give Hotspur a smug look.

  41. Just got back from zumba. Boy was that hard, when I’m sorta hungover from all the activity from yesterday. not drinking, although a few libations were consumed. just busy busy

  42. *staggers out from behind the corpse… clutching guts.. why?*

  43. bed at 11, up at four to get to the race.

    Are you insane?


    they also have another race called the “drumstick double”. You run the turkey trot (10K- starts at 7:30) then the 5K as well, which starts at 8:30. Combine your time, viola. I’m thinking maybe next year I’ll do that.

  44. Car in,
    That TurkeyTrot pic looked like you were running in the snow?

  45. Turkey is the easiest damn thing to cook. You *can* make it difficult. But it doesn’t have to be.

    Bought a frozen turkey. Left it sitting in the fridge for 6 days. Took it out of the fridge, opened the package, let it drain and warm to room temp for about 30 minutes. Toss on a roasting pan/rack, and into the oven at 325 for four hours. Perfect. Every damn time. It’s easier to make than just about anything else on T-Day.

  46. It was cold, and there were flurries, but no snow. So that was good.

  47. That was the Detroit River behind us. We were on the riverwalk .

  48. There were furries?

  49. Today is “buy a cheap frozen turkey day”, but I’m not going out. Got a fresh quarter of beef two weeks ago, no room in the freezer.

  50. My hair pokes my back and shoulders. It’s driving me crazy. If the lady at the haircut place tells me it’s not long enough to donate I’m going to punch her in the dick.

  51. Donating hair is a scam.

  52. True, but it gives me a feeling of smug superiority, so I do it anyhow. It’s my version of buying an Apple product.

  53. *builds funeral pyre for gut clutching corpses*

  54. I only use the poison in my house where the mice have entered illegally.

    So long as they die in your walls, we’re good. ;D

  55. This will probably be the last time. I’m too bald and grey. I look like an aged hippie rather than a skater with a giant mop of curls. Fuck aging.

  56. Turkey #2 is IN the oven. Yesterday’s carcass is done and ready for freezing (TY Xbrad).

  57. Haircut Lady: You’ve got a lot of grey. How old are you?

    Me: 35.

    Haircut Lady: You’ve got a LOT of grey.

  58. *lowers chin to chest and whispers, “Secret Santa one more day.”*

  59. It’s platinum, Jew. *cough* Platinum.

  60. OK beasn et al, you’ve convinced me to buy some snap traps too. If my pup ends up with a deviated septum I’m sending you guys the bill for the doggie ENT surgeon.

  61. A friend of mine’s wife has gone almost entirely gray in the last couple of years. It happened very fast, and she’s in her late 30s just like Cyn.

    4 kids, though. 2 daughters. And they aren’t even teenagers.

  62. It’s weird how fast it happens, Leon. Mine turned when I was 28. I shaved my head and it was mostly deep brown hair. 6 weeks later I shaved again and it looked like I had sprinkled flour on my hair.

    Now it’s as much white hair as it is brown.

  63. I went bald gradually, took a few years. The day I realized I was combing carefully was the day I started shaving my head. It’s as gone now as it’s ever going to get, and I have no idea how much of it is white.

    My beard went from 0 white hairs last year at this time to a dozen or so. It will probably all be white in a few years.

  64. I like the fleet side look on a lady. Like a Hawt bride of Frankenstein.


  65. It happened very fast, and she’s in her late 30s just like Cyn.

    I’m in my late 30’s too. Very late.

    I think the only hostagette over the age of 40 was Mare.

  66. That reminds me I need to update my POL photo. Oso? wanted to see me wearing a full beard.

  67. Turkey carcass soup is almost done. Everything is in it, and I just need the carrots to get done.

  68. There. New picture in POL. AND I’m wearing a real shirt.

  69. Shave your head Jewstin. Bald is HAWT!

  70. Oh, and I didn’t see your comment about the new POL picture or see the picture, so don’t take my comment wrong if you are not bald.

  71. If my pup ends up with a deviated septum I’m sending you guys the bill for the doggie ENT surgeon.

    Better than a belly full of poisoned rodent.

  72. An observation.

    Never in my (mumblemumble) years have I ever encountered a familial problem at a Thanksgiving dinner. From gatherings of 5s to 35s it has always been a celebration of love and togetherness. (shrug)

    p.s. those (mumblemumble) years are multitudinous.

  73. And hopefully your doggeh is smart enough to only get snapped, once.

  74. also, she seems nice.

  75. I prefer being bald. I won’t be taking any pictures of me with long hair. I’m sure somebody can make a nice wig, but I look like a dope.

  76. I grew my first white hairs while still in college. More sprouted throughout my 20s, mainly at my temples.

  77. Mr. Beasn has been bald for so long – he was losing hair at 16 – he’d look creepy with hair.

  78. Got all of my packing done. I am going to have a weekend off.

  79. My old man still had a great head of hair to his last day. It turned silver (not grey).

    So far, I’ve got some grey at the temples. And it doesn’t look like I’m going to go bald any time soon.

  80. I think my hair would be classified as more silver, than gray. Shines like silver in the sunlight.

    My son has a lot more hair than my husband ever had. He came home yesterday with a beard. Something the husband couldn’t grow until around age 40.

  81. Lookin’ hawt there, Jewstin. Rawr.

  82. I had to go search for the passwords..

    Love the pic, Jewstin! Very handsome. Now I need to adopt you to fatten you up.

  83. Dan was going grey when we met. He was in his 20s. There is no truth to the rumor that marrying me turned his hair white.

  84. (Lost my passwords)

  85. Car in, Foo Fighters is $6.99 on iTunes for BF.

  86. Oso – incoming!

  87. I survived another Black Friday. Only got yelled at 3X.

  88. So, Mrs. Bufalone hooked up the wireless repeater…guess who is commenting from the hot tub?

    *points hoof at horn*

  89. Garage mouse #7 has been dispatched.

  90. Hot tub? Are you also commenting from the ’70s?

  91. Bow chicka wow wow

  92. Cyn, what time is the ASU v. The Messicans game?

  93. Right now, game tired with 6 min left in the half.

  94. Tied, not tired

  95. I prefer tied.

  96. Pervert.

  97. Just found it. Boooo! Stupid AZ

  98. >>>I prefer tied.

    Who doesn’t.

  99. Oso’s puppehs added to the Hostage Pets page.

  100. Compared to Florida, license plates are inexpensive in Texas

  101. Thank you, Cyn. MWAH!

  102. Happy late Thanksgiving!

    I’m in lovely Rochester, NY.

    That was meant to be ironic, because this place is upstate NY’s version of Detroit.

    Staying in the room and reading/drinking tonight.

    Hope you guys had a nice thanksgiving.

  103. I have never seen the sun shine in Rochester and I’ve been there at least 6 times.

  104. I’ve never been to Rochester. I’ve been to Buffalo.

  105. Been reading a lot of books off of Ace’s Sunday book thread.

    They tend to be solid recommendations.

    I’m on a SF kick now, but will flop over to fantasy after I finish this book tonight.

  106. Scott, it shined late this afternoon, then it got dark.

    Why on on earth do people live here and why do they deserve air service?

  107. They can go a month without seeing the sun.

  108. Phat, the Morons read some good books.

  109. I read crap.

  110. Greetings, people who are smart enough to know that you can buy stuff online these days.

  111. Oso?


  112. Car in, Sonic Highways reminds me of In Your Honor. I like it.

  113. Hahaha I’m actually reading contemporary fiction right now. Coulter, Jackson, and Brennan. I don’t have a problem with porn. Kind of Libertarian about it.

  114. Having a day off is fucking AWESOME!

    I can’t wait until next year!

  115. My button popped but the bird isn’t up to temp yet.

  116. Everything is awesome!!! (Lego Movie singalong)

  117. O.o

  118. Have you choked out any in-laws yet, Wiser?

  119. Turkey Indicator. They lie. THEY LIE!

  120. If you’ve got the day off, who’s dealing with the crush of people looking for deals on Supertramp records?

  121. Not at the in-laws. That would require multiple days off in a row and that’s unpossible, amirite?

  122. Comment by Cyn on November 28, 2014 6:27 pm
    My button popped but the bird isn’t up to temp yet.

    He was probably just under a lot of stress.

  123. Fuggin turkey, fuggin Wildcats.


  124. >>>If you’ve got the day off, who’s dealing with the crush of people looking for deals on Supertramp records?

    That’s tomorrow night, between 6pm and 9pm.

    I just watched the Lego Movie a couple of weeks ago.

    Great movie. But I can’t get that song out of my head.

  125. Bruins and Sparky both let me down! Bastages.

  126. I’ve watched The Lego Movie 5X in the last 2 weeks!!!! I’ve been listening to the GotG Awesome Mix #1 all day!!!! (When I’m not listening to Sonic Highways)

  127. Still alive.

  128. Christmas music starts full-time today until Christmas.


  129. Bercovici is better than Kelly.

    Yes, I said it out loud.

  130. We’ve been listening to “Holiday Music” at The Club since last week. I’ve already sold over 50 of those stoopid Fireplace Music DVDs. It isn’t “Christmas” music if it is Sir Paul, Wham, Mariah, etc. I want Andy Wms. I want Perry Como.

  131. Scott, alive is good.

  132. I get to listen to whatever I want here in the office. I have this on right now:


  133. Sean gets to listen to whatever he wants AND he gets to crop dust at work. Living the dream. Living the dream.

  134. Hell, after 10 pm I probably could get away with not wearing pants in here if I wanted to.

  135. Yesterday, my MiL wanted us to share our most memorable Thanksgiving. Dan wanted me to talk about the time my Dad came home and barricaded himself under the dining room table. I went with a generic Thanksgiving at the AF base when I realized the AF had the best food. (Enlisted)

  136. No pants…SQUEEEEE!!!!

  137. Raise your hand if you just bought a couple hundred rounds of ammo.

  138. I haven’t bought ammo for anything but my crossbow in a long time.

  139. Squirrel loose in daughter’s bedroom.

    What fun!


  140. Nope. Raise your hand if you just did your signature Cartman “Screw you guys, going home” and had a young punk: 1. Freak that old lady at work watches South Park and B) Young punk just saw Anal Probe Cartman for the first time last night. (He couldn’t believe it when I sang the ‘Springa song’)

  141. I stocked up last summer. Big.

    Laura finally got her gun, so we will be practicing when the weather warms up.

  142. Squirrel trap? Everything is awesome!!!

  143. After the two possums I caught this week, there’s been nothing for a few days. I should move one of the traps to where I’ve seen the rabbits near the driveway.

  144. I need Roamy. Stoopid RL. She’s my lyricist. Lauraw’s got a gun. (Aerosmith’d. If I had talent)

  145. It’s probably cousin Jeremy. He’s a little too fond of the pumpkin.

  146. Squirrel in the house?

    That does sound fun.

  147. *Free styling “Squirrel in the House”. Checks privilege. Remembers the Navin R Johnson rhythmic ability. H8S all y’all. Word!

  148. Could be worse. You could have a bat flying around in the house.

    Wait, what am I saying? A bat flying around in the house would be fucking metal.

  149. Don’t catch any rabies. Rabies are bad.

  150. Sean, been there, done that…twice. Ivory soap is a good bat trap. I don’t know why. I just know that it works for the “Relocate” people that are the opposite of the “Nuke from space people”.

  151. Don’t catch any rabies. Rabies are bad.


  152. http://tinyurl.com/pwh4nyx

  153. The other thing about having a bat in the house is that they produce guano, which is apparently something people want to buy. There’s not much of a market for squirrel poop.

  154. You should tell her to leave the squirrels outside.

  155. http://tinyurl.com/l4lrgtg

  156. Squirrel poop needs a better marketing name.

    Like batshit became guano, and rapeseed became canola.

  157. Guano was one of two material components for the Fireball spell in AD&D. The other was sulfur.

    So the spell was basically throwing a flaming ball of poop at the bad guys.

  158. So, I’ve binge-watched season 1 and now most of season 2 of Arrow, and I really wish they’d made his fights less silly.

    “I have a bow and move stealthy in the night, so let me walk straight into a fist fight while shooting a couple of perfunctory arrows, and then beating people with a high-precision compound bow, which will have no effect on its ability to function later.”

    Why most of his fights aren’t just an arrow hitting a guy in the neck is a complete mystery to me. Or why the only time he uses the knock-out darts is to move good guys while they aren’t conscious.

    Superheros without superpowers really need to have more plausible stratagems.

  159. Hmmmmm…

    Squirrelly Putty
    Richard’s of Connecticut All-Natural Earth Nut Pellets

  160. I saw Flaming Guano open for Frankie Goes To Hollywood at the Metro.

  161. Arrow is a fun show, but the fight scenes do get silly, especially when everyone is a SUPERMARTIALARTIST!!!!eleventy!

    Really, the main reason I watch the show is Felicity. She needs to be spanked like the bad girl she secretly is.

  162. In the first season he was more willing to use hit and run tactics against his opponents, when he was willing to kill them. That made sense.

  163. I had a dog that caught mice. For some reason she thought my shoes were tiny coffins


    *Imagining dog reverently placing mouse in, bowing head, pausing for a prayer, paw coming up to wipe away a little tear*

  164. If he’s not killing them, he should switch to using nothing but tranq darts all the time and keep the skirmish tactics. As it stands I feel like I’m watching a video game with all of the failed attempts at the level edited out. He gets it right the first time every time.

    Also, I’m bored to shit with tiny women in fistfights with full-grown, trained men. No level of training lets a 90# woman best a 200# man at boxing (even a Strong Independent Womyn), and the conceit that puts that farce on screen also means that occasionally the hero ends up punching a woman in the face — frequently with no visible effect. Nevermind that it’s completely silly, it’s not heroic in the slightest.

  165. Ran into college roomies Mom. Me: 30 yrs ago and Mama kitty ate a rabbit on the balcony. Her: New cat brought a bunny in the kitchen through the pet door. Ate it from ears to belly. Left belly to feet by her bowl in the kitchen. (LOL) She had a bear in her house last year. Spent the day on the phone with dispatch from her bathroom, while dispatch tried to find a Game and Fish officer. I guess state cops were just too busy. (Beautiful cabin in Chama. Lived there for two years taking care of her youngest daughter)

  166. Really, the main reason I watch the show is Felicity. She needs to be spanked like the bad girl she secretly is.


    And yes, between Felicity, Laurel, and Thea there’s a lot of hotness to go around.

    Heck, I’d even hit Moira.

  167. Open the window and turn off all lights in daughter’s room. Aim a spot light at said window. Wait.

  168. Aim from the outside….

  169. A few years ago, I was bitching about the worst Christmas song ever: The Christmas Shoes. Sean hooked me up with the Patton Oswalt Stand-up. It has been a staple at our home ever since. Thanks, Sean. I’m still dying.

  170. No prob. I hate Patton Oswalt’s politics, but he’s a funny mofo.

  171. Yes. He and Norm have been mixing it up. This is classic comedy.

  172. Sean: Squirelle, Squerde

    Although Squano and the All Natural Earth Nut Pellets are hard to beat.

  173. I like Squerde. It’s got a Latin flavor that appeals to today’s multicultural urban youth douchebag demographic.

  174. There should have been a squirrel update by now.

    The squirrel probably cut the power.

  175. Squirelle is the shampoo and conditioner combo made from organic, cruelty-free squirrel shit.

  176. * pictures a squirrel wearing a hockey mask and starting a tiny chain saw *

  177. Stupid squirrels kept getting fried and causing Target to lose power. Even our generators didn’t work. So glad I don’t work there anymore.

  178. I H8 Marmots. Fat prairie dogs. But from Colorado.

  179. No Wiserbud squirrel update?
    Maybe the squirrel won?

    “I Won, Bitches!”

  180. I call them whistle pigs.

  181. Marmots, I mean. Marmots are whistle pigs.

  182. Stop fat shaming woodchucks and groundhogs. They’re not fat; big-boned.

  183. Every single fucking year, some little bastard loses their gift card or their cash. EVERY YEAR. Today, some fat Rigo lost 300$. Oh well. FU.

  184. Oso,
    We were up the Carbon river at Mowich Lake, wandering in the wilderness. Anita starts with; “Here Kitty Kitty:..”
    I’m like WTF,O?

    She is calling a Whistling Marmot that looks like a Calico Cat!

    It was cool. Also the first time she met a Grey Jay.
    I gave her a cracker and told her to hold her hand out.
    A Camp Robber landed on her finger and took the cracker.
    She almost peed herself!

    Introducing her to the “Outside” was fun.
    We were young, then…

  185. Rigo?

  186. I have a Marmot tee.

  187. TV shows had fat Mexican kids named “Rigoberto”. We started calling all fat Mexican kids “Rigos”

  188. I have a tiger dog!

  189. Rawr!

  190. The squirrel is calling… from inside the house.

  191. Tiger dog! Tiger dog! Does whatever a tiger dog does…

  192. I finally took the camera out and shot a few pictures of Gabe
    He is a good looking boy

  193. Frosted Faces are my favorites. ❤

  194. He’s quite handsome, Vman.

  195. He needs a turkey neck.

  196. Thank you all.
    last one

  197. Scott,a turkey neck or a “Turkey neck?”

  198. I am totally incapable of singing in public, but I really need Pips. Dilemma.

  199. Miss Knight?

  200. Midnight Train To Georgia.

  201. I’m in a Dionne zone right now. Hal David/Burt Bacharach.

  202. Young people are only focusing on my Everything Is Awesome! ear worm.

  203. Somebody needs to kill this eBay ad with fire.

    When you’re ready come and get it …….BLAM BLAM BLAM

  204. I’m listening to R.E.M. ‘It’s the End of the World’ on a loop. I’ve had that damn song stuck in my head for months.

  205. Steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms, green beans with bacon, and potatoes. Dinner was good.

  206. The Cadillac commercial is on my ‘kill it nao’ list.

  207. Jew, that is an awesome earworm. And I feel fine.

  208. One thing. Looking at the pics of looters, etc., why didn’t the shop owners box up and remove the expensive stuff from their stores? This was the most hyped and planned riot ever — I’d have removed the Courvoisier the week before.

  209. Cyn , that commercial is a fine example of “They said a word in a song, so let’s use it regardless of what the song is about!”

    Here’s the original, wherein his “baby” is ditching him:


  210. Insurance and common sense don’t mix.

  211. The Big Lots ‘Black Fridayest’ commercial is on the verge of driving me up the wall. Plus the heavy chick they have as the lead singer looks like she’s ready to whip out a chainsaw and fuck some shit up.

  212. G’night. Driving across town in the AM for a Kmart Christmas wiener.

  213. Ewwww.

  214. XB’s on lifestyle fire tonight with the cooking and then the shepherding vid.

    *munches Lunchable and contemplates all the packing not yet done*

    I need some dogs to whip me into motion.

  215. **considers posting Devo Whip It video**

    **doesn’t have a dog to motivate me**

  216. Kmart Christmas wiener? Picturing hairy, sweaty guy with nametag gesturing toward his junk. “I got yer blue light special right here, toots”

  217. I ain’t got a nametag.

  218. Well, that’s okay, then. Cause that was the gross thing about it.

  219. Blackest Black Friday at Big Lots = Racist.

  220. “I got yer blue light special right here, toots”

    Which store? I’m asking for a friend.

  221. I have never liked the spelling of toots.

  222. Tewts.

  223. TEWTs is actually a military acronym. Tactical Exercise Without Troops.

  224. Did anybody taser anybody else in the junk to get their hands on the last plasma screen in the store today?

  225. I agree on the spelling, Scott. It’s odd and awkward and ugly.

    Cyn, let’s hit the town! I mean, your friend and I should.

  226. It’s toot(s) sounds like soot.

  227. Sootsirole. Less popular Victorian era English candy.

  228. Tuts.

  229. Teutz.

  230. Tughts

  231. Tuuts.

  232. Scott, what are u doing with the mice cadavers?

  233. Bury them in little shoe-coffins!

  234. You could make dioramas featuring your favorite scenes from The Twilight Zone episodes.

  235. *uses wooden spoon to push tiny leg down into bubbling tomato sauce*
    *slides pot lid on saucepan*

  236. I really dislike the spelling of Diorama. In fact that word is lameorama on many levels.

  237. Size 9 men’s shoes are apparently perfect shoe coffins.

  238. *swears off tomato sauce until the end of time*

  239. If I get Scott for Secret Santa, I’m sending him a Stuart Little DVD.

  240. Dinner For Schmucks has a mouse diahralma guy.

  241. Diorama is too close to diarrhea phonetically.

  242. I’m turning on Playnes, Traynes, aynnd Aughtomoebeelz. TTFN friends.

  243. I’m dialed into The Hunger Games.

  244. Netflix and Amazon have the 2nd movie. I keep telling myself to watch it, but I juuuust started The Killing.

  245. Which, so far is excellent. But has a severe lack of Jennifer Lawrence’s delicious ass.

  246. Damn. I forgot to watch Z Nation.

  247. Have there been other movies that directly depicted the killing of children? I don’t remember ever seeing that on film before Hunger Games. Really bothered me.

  248. All the movies have been good so far.

  249. Which, so far is excellent. But has a severe lack of Jennifer Lawrence’s delicious ass.

    This is unacceptable. All movies should be required by law to meet a certain minimum amount of Jennifer Lawrence’s ass.

  250. Last year came close to meeting the minimum national JLA standards.

  251. Well I now know I have no reason to watch Teh Hungry Games.

  252. It’s pretty rare, Laura. A quick google for some threads shows some, like the 1976 version of Assault on Precinct 13.

  253. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=226495

  254. It’s a movie about surviving, on more than one level.

  255. Welp, shouldn’ta gone down that road. I didn’t find Hunger Games disturbing, but just looking for answers for Laura, I found some weird shit. Andy Warhol produced a “comedy” in 1977 that included a woman throwing her baby out of a high rise window.

  256. It’s not gratuitous or gory like that, Leon. You can see what’s about to happen/ is happening, then there is generally a quick-cut to off camera.

  257. Piranha 3DD has a scene where a kid’s head is bitten off.

  258. “Comedy”??


  259. Assault on Precinct 13 is on youtube, as is that classic Powers Boothe movie, Southern Comfort.

  260. That aspect of the movie didn’t start to mess with me until a long time after I had seen it. Mainly just the scene where the big kid gets angry and snaps the little kid’s neck. I know it is just a movie. But there’s a reason almost every film ever made does not transgress into this area.
    I’m really surprised there hasn’t been much discussion about this aspect of the film. Or has there?

  261. I made sure the Axeman was a bit older before we watched the movie. Yeah, a little concern.

  262. Ender’s Game featured terrifically violent children, though that’s a book rather than a film.

  263. Uh, didn’t the film come out?

  264. Violence towards children happens in books all the time, and has throughout history, but it tends to place that violence in a larger context. Ender’s Game made it clear that the humans knew what they were doing was horrific, but they justified it as necessary for the survival of the human race.

    One of the reasons that I don’t like slasher/horror/disaster movies is that they very obviously gloss over certain elements like that and it’s obvious. Aliens attack and wipe out humanity, but we only see the adults killed? That becomes obvious that it’s being sensitized. I have to wonder if that doesn’t encourage the worst sort of attitudes in audiences. We start to become desensitized to that sort of violence and view it with a kind of humor. Oh look, a bunch of teenagers were just brutally tortured and killed. Hilarious!

  265. Battle Royale is something you will want to avoid like the plague, laura.

  266. The film was sanitized for the most part. It ignored most of the grotesque things that happened in the book. Ender was supposed to be ‘cute’ in the movie. I hated how they filmed that damn movie.

  267. Uh, I’ve never actually seen The Shining… but what about the Grady Twins?

  268. The Exorcist, The Ring, and Pet Sematary all exploit fear of horrifying children.

  269. I’m not sure that counts as child on child violence, but I think the boy in Pet Sematary was smooshed by a car. I never watched The Ring so I don’t know why the weird double-jointed girl is haunting people.

  270. I meant that I could skip the Hunger Games because of the dearth of Jennifer Lawrence’s Ass.

  271. There is a terrific anime called Ghost Stories that has violent child ghosts, but it’s a hilarious cartoon. “Why do principals always look like lesbians?”

  272. “That’s really great. If I had known you were going to half-ass it I would have sent Leo.”

  273. I saw that. I kept wondering the whole time if the dub had been just a hilarious joke, because the visuals looked so serious.

  274. “Don’t try to hold it in; your butt will explode.”

  275. I watched the Japanese sub too. It was wall to wall jokes, but they were written for Japanese people. It’s one of the few I’ve seen that had entirely different scripts for the different audiences.

  276. I meant that I could skip the Hunger Games because of the dearth of Jennifer Lawrence’s Ass.

    IIRC, she spends virtually the entire movie in yoga pants.

  277. There was a time
    When all on my mind was derp
    Now I find that most of the time
    Derp’s not enough in itself

  278. We have The Hunger Games on bluray at camp and the boys watch it about once a week, more when their friends are over. This parody video sums it up nicely:


  279. Comment by Vmaximus on November 28, 2014 9:47 pm

    I have a tiger dog!


    This is a great photo Vmax!

  280. Actually, the Hunger Games – the book at least – I was pretty amazed that it was published due to the undercurrent /political message. there are some pretty good articles exploring that aspect.

  281. Someone mentioned Stuart Little yesterday:


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