Big Food Thursday

Hello fowl cavity stuffers, and welcome to Big Food Thursday.

I hope everybody gets to their destinations safely and has a nice dinner with little to no looting and burning.  The Buffalones will be spending a quiet day at home grazing on the bounty of this land and feeling thankful for all of our blessings.

So, don’t forget to mix in some fiber-rich vegetables with your meal to make tomorrow a little smoother.

Check in when you can and let us know how many indians.


  1. 0 indians massacred or oppressed so far.

  2. Can’t wait for the Metamucil Pumpkin pie!

  3. Zero Indians
    Zero-point-zero Chads

    But it’s very early yet.

  4. I cut up 4# of vegetables and made dip I can stand to eat. I will likely eat more vegetables today than I would in a normal week, if only because doing so will keep me from eating crackers and brownies and so forth.

  5. Turkey gizzards and a shot of Jack for breakfast sets the mood for the day.

  6. I had a shot of that WTF recipe that Carin posted a while ago: cider vinegar, horseradish, onion, ginger, and hot peppers steeped in a jar in the dark.

  7. Why?

  8. Turkey trot.

    I hope she feels better soon.

  9. Eating poop might have been more pleasant.

  10. I have my stretchy pants on. Game Day!!!!

  11. Game Day!!!

  12. *up twinkles stretch pants and footballs theme*

  13. DAMMIT… I forgot to pick up some Bailey’s for my morning coffee.


    (I denounce myself in advance)

  15. Tis tha muthafuckin season.

  16. 😍

  17. “The Citizen Brick Center for the Performing Arts is place where dreamers can dream, and dancers can dance. And dream. And also dance.”


    (I denounce myself in advance)

  19. Oh, I was wondering where that scrote picture got to. You found it, thanks, man.

    Happy Scrotesgiving everyone! I’m off. Have a great day.

  20. If you google “wiserbud,” the scrote pic returns as one of the images.

  21. Go figure.

  22. If you google ‘hosefucker’ virtually every return is from the H2.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving H2!!!!

  24. Good morning, and Happy Thanksgiving to my extended family!

  25. If you google ‘hosefucker’ virtually every return is from the H2.

    I would expect no less! H2 has worked hard for that accolade.

  26. Happy Thanksgiving, oso, xbrad, Jewstin, lurraw, wiser, Cyn, Jimbro, leon, Carin, TiFW, & erryone else I missed!

  27. There’s a nice pic of Car in and daughter at the Turkey Trot on FB.

  28. Happy Thanksgiving! It’s my most favoritest holiday of the year.

  29. 1 indian. carnitas+eggs+Bloddy Cervesa Oh My!

    Y’all get along with the in-laws now.

    Happy T Day.


  31. Heh. I’ve got a ghe BiL. Let’s call him Jewstin. He comes to family functions with whatever “Flame” of the week every year. They sit together and make goo goo eyes at each other and do whatever they can to make the straights uncomfortable. They will invariably start showing off each others tattoos. Brother? in law has a Seven Tentacled Octopus on his back. It’s a real knee slapper when they get around to the punchline about where the with tentacle is.
    Thanx for reminding me about my impending doom at dinner, Buff.

    2 indians.

  32. XMom is already offering helpful hints in the kitchen.

  33. MiL keeps trying to turn off the oven. Dan was just attacked by a roadrunner. LOL His Mom has him taking FiLs stuff to one of the sheds.

  34. I’m glad I’m staying here and nobody is coming over. I got the turkey thawing in the sink and I’m not going to start drinking until it is in the oven, which might be tomorrow at this rate.

  35. He kept hearing rustling and catching glimpses of movement. He had Dad’s car idling in the driveway at the same time. The roadrunner charged him when he was leaning in the car to turn the key. LOL

  36. Happy Thanksguving, youse guys. Zero Squantos so far, and I intend to keep it at that level.

  37. I thought RR’s never bothered anyone, and running down the road is their idea of having fun.

  38. […] The H2 […]

  39. They eat lizards. Some people feed them raw meat. They can be a little territorial. Not big jerks like hummingbirds. Saw a fight between a hawk and a RR at the park. Shocked when the RR won.

  40. Thanksgiving is me, wife, two daughters, wife’s two sisters, and the wife’s niece. That makes 6 females and one male. Already had my ass eat out by 25 year old daughter for teasing wife. So I’m removed for th day. Would love a dozen Indians but that ain’t happnin.

  41. Gonna be XBrad, XMom, and XSis1. XSis2 is working.

  42. 3

  43. You better pace yourself there Chumpo, you want to be there for the wishbone pull and turkey-neck out the fly traditions.

  44. Chumpo is on track to reach Custer Indians which is a big fucking number.

  45. Chad Indians?

  46. …they’re everywhere. I don’t like my chances.

  47. Sit down and watch some football PG. You shouldn’t be anywhere near the kitchen with that much estrogen in the house.

  48. MiL keeps the heat in the 80s. Dying. Giving Thanks for solo cups and bourbon. And football.

  49. Thanx for the intervention. I’m dug in now and ready.

    I saw this on Tweeter.

    Which one are you related to. I of course have the random Raydar Fan here in San Diego, because Raydar Nayshun. (0-17. heh CFL club).

    Any C-hawk fans out there who’ve never crossed the Mighty Miss?


  51. Apple crisp is in the oven. I’m heading up to my cousin’s place in Denver. I’m the only family that she has here.

  52. Raider Nation! WHOO!

    *Paints face silver*

    *Looks lost and disappointed*

  53. Mr Chumpo, I H8 that ad!!! LOLing. One thing about being a Brat, is getting to choose your team. My first football card was Bobby Bell. I’ve been a Chiefs fan ever since.

  54. Go Loins!

  55. Bird #1 in teh oven, gibs on the stove, boys out of the house, footballs on the teevee. It’s a good day so far.

  56. Stoopid Raiders!!

  57. Good link Chumpo, that is exactly what I think when I see that commercial too.

  58. Heh. I have to admit that I like watching the Chiefs beat up teams that the Chargers can’t.

  59. Cyn, get your giblets off the stove. Ouch!

  60. Ugh! That commercial is on again!!!

  61. MIL didn’t recognize her shoes, but she remembered enough to make a crack about my cooking skills this morning. LOL I “Heated” cinnamon rolls for breakfast. She expressed surprise that I didn’t burn them.

  62. I lumme some heart. Somebody else can have the liver and gizzard.

  63. My gibs and neck get chopped and put into the gravy. ZOMG eleventy.

  64. Tat’s a great idea, Kitty. Thanks.

  65. My Mom used to cook down the neck and use the icky stuff in her stuffing. Dan’s family puts an onion, a lemon, and an orange in the cavity and dressing is a side. I refuse to call it stuffing.

  66. Dan’s family has a Lemon Party inside their turkey?


  67. IKR?

  68. Dan is letting me peel and chop the green chile!!!! The pressure is on!

  69. I give all the gizzards but the neck to my dawgs. Raw. They look at me with reverence afterwards.

  70. TAKE COVER!! Oso just became weaponized!

  71. As God is my witness, I thought that turkeys could fly.

  72. Welp, I’ve been banned from the kitchen.

    BANNED! Sucks because all the liquor is in there.

  73. 4

    5 is on deck.

    Buff. You may have to gallop over to the Neighbors Haus.

  74. Paula and I just got the first “Does this look infected to you?” Of Thanksgiving 2014.

    No, and I’m not smelling your hand!!!

  75. He gave me a dull knife.

  76. Punkin pie is in the oven! !

  77. Yay!!!!

  78. Buff – you need a team to go in and retrieve teh booze? Say the word, man, just say the word.

  79. Nope. Just waiting for inevitable kitchen fire/smoke alarm distraction to make my move.

  80. Wife’s niece’s husband just showed up. He’s 44 and hasn’t worked in 20 years. Estrogen level is even higher than before.

  81. May have to make a quick trip back to the hotel and take a massive. TMI?

  82. Throw the breaker Buff! We have your 6. Do it NAW11!

  83. Off to Marie Callender’s!

  84. Marie made my pie. She’s quite the busy lady. Maybe busier than MJ’s mom.

  85. Paula’s mom makes stuffing in the bird…so tasty. Nice knowing you all!

  86. Pancho’s closed?

  87. Adios. I’m taking 6 indians w me to the beach.

    Happy Day. The Pepcid AC is in the cab and the bong is clogged.

  88. Happy Thanksgiving children.

  89. Happy Thanksgiving Hostages!

  90. Nap. Need. Now.

  91. Turkey’s done!

  92. Let’s see it, Xbrad.

  93. We used give our dogs turkey necks as a treat.
    It’s a good workout for them and it shines up their teeth.

  94. Okay, I’ll show you mine first, but it’s still cooking

  95. The neck meat is so tender… Sparky would have to fight me.

  96. Whooboy. That was good.

    Happy happy H2, God bless us every one.

  97. Mouse number 4 and 5 aren’t so thankful.

  98. Wow, Troy and Joe are struggling to grow beards. Awkward.

  99. Check your white privilege and your email, Ms. Cyn.

  100. hey ya. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  101. First dinner, done. Second dinner soon.

  102. Aaaaaaand the carcass is in the crockpot.

  103. [video src="" /]

  104. Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys.

  105. Gobble gobble.

  106. Linky no worky, XB

  107. Sorry, Lippy. I’ll try to fix that.

  108. it’s not Thanksgiving unless there’s cranberry sauce in a can, baby.

  109. French onion soup, Caesar salad, 16 oz. prime rib, basmati rice, two Chardonnays. First time I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant on Thanksgiving.

  110. Happy Thanksgiving!

  111. At least at Christmas I get new (well, usually new) underwear and a check as a reward for cooking the entire fucking meal, putting away the leftovers, and cleaning up.

  112. There’s a restaurant near one of my family members that does wonderful holiday dinners. We’ve gone there before and loved it. Looks like we may do that for Christmas.

    I kind of wish we had done that today:

  113. Cooking for today done. Made myself a plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing, gravy, and dinner roll. I’m not even hungry after cooking all day – why is that?

  114. No socks? Your Christmas sucks.

  115. Football is on, and we have to watch The Lego Movie. Kill me now.

  116. J’ames “Everything is awesome!!!”

  117. That’s just wrong Jay. Also (spoiler-alert) that movie sux balz.

  118. Sounds familiar Jay.

  119. I’m going to start a prime rib tradition next Thanksgiving because that sounds really good.

  120. No socks? Your Christmas sucks.

    Jewstin doesn’t wear shirts, I don’t wear socks.

    All sandals, all year round.

  121. Hey, I wear shirts.

    In the dead of winter.

    Under my heavy coat where nobody can see.

  122. Did anybody come to blows with anybody else over the age-old stuffing vs. dressing debate today?

  123. Sean, “filling”

  124. I’m not even hungry after cooking all day – why is that?

    I know, right? But I don’t know why. Familiarity breeds contempt?

  125. We’re watching Christmas Vacation, our annual tradition.

  126. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

    You got snow? It looks cold up there…

  127. We got about a foot overnight. It was a wet, heavy snow that left about 100,000 without power statewide. The last storm hit our county pretty hard and knocked a lot of trees down and cut our power for 3 days. We’ve kept our power so far which is a good thing since it’s 22 degrees out there now.

  128. Always a good watch, Jimbro. Love that movie.

  129. Shut up. The men are watching football.

  130. Movie’s over, Seahags were winning, I need a refill.

  131. Climatologists are completely fucking useless. I keep seeing reports about ‘early winter weather,’ but it’s been unseasonably warm here. We didn’t have snow in September. We didn’t even have snow on Halloween. The past few days were brutal, but today was downright balmy.

    I want a job where I can get absolutely everything wrong and still collect a paycheck.

  132. Senator Jewstin.

  133. ?

  134. Senator sounds about right, but I’m not sure it’s for me. I rarely grope women in restaurants or stash money in my freezer.

  135. Just a few more days to sign up for Secreting Satan.

  136. So tired.

  137. *will undoubtedly regret this*

    What is Satan secreting?

  138. Run at 7:30 am, left house at 5 am. Home again by Ten, ten min miles, for those interested, finished at one hour for 6.2 . First miles were slow, crowded and cold. Last miles were 9.5 range.

    Cooked all day. Ate around 2:30, zero Indians. Husband forced me to take a nap at 5. Up against again at 7 for a few glasses of wine, and Thor.

  139. Ask your mom.

  140. What is Satan secreting?

    The bullwhips weren’t a surprise, but I have to admit that the pineapple shocked me.

  141. I did. She said you were the expert.

  142. HA HA!


  143. Congrats on finishing your trot, CarIn


  145. Um, no thanks, Buffalone.

  146. Car in,
    You and daughters pic this morning on Anitas Facechimp looked like snow in the background.
    Were you “Turkeytrotting in the fricken’ snow?

  147. I was expecting the Brazzers logo.


  149. It takes a lot to lock up a Golden Retriever like that.

  150. As for “early winter weather” I was waylaid by a serious and early storm in NE Indiana/SW Michigan. Haven’t seen it that bad on TG day in a long long time. Last time was a bad winter.

  151. This guy would make a better president than Ben Carson. Or basically anyone running.

  152. I have no particular objection to Carson, but since he’s the only one officially running so far I don’t have any objection to his opponents either.

    Except Hillary. I hate that broad.

  153. Buff, I’ve seen the movie that was from.

  154. I’ve got a whole lot of objections to Carson.

  155. I object to him less than I do to Hillary.

  156. Sure, me too. But that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. And the GOP has a stable of effective, successful governors ready to run, and haring after a guy with zero experience, who’s pretty good at putting his foot in his mouth, is silly.

  157. Comment by buffalone on November 27, 2014 10:48 pm

    I’ve watched that scene before and yeah, those ladies ended up in my fantasies.

    Back from dinner at my cousin’s. She moved out here with her boyfriend. She drinks too much and smokes too much pot, but seems to be doing well here. Her bf and I both agree that moving away from our crazy family drama has helped her immensely.

    Also, my sister is apparently engaged by hasn’t told anyone in the family yet besides my cousin.

  158. The GOP has a ton of good candidates, but so far as I can tell none of them have thrown their hat in the ring. Scott Walker would definitely get my attention.

    (I do still secretly have a political hard-on for Herman Cain. I haven’t quite figured out why I like that guy so much. Don’t tell anybody.)

  159. “political”

  160. Walker/Pence would make for a nice bumpah stickah, as would Walker/Jindal.

  161. *Shaves Buffalone’s mane to look like a deranged poodle*

  162. Alex, what were your movie quotes again? I remember 1/3 and I could go look, but I have only seen 2/3 of the movies iirc.

  163. Also, my sister is apparently engaged by hasn’t told anyone in the family yet besides my cousin. Maybe she thinks you don’t/won’t like him?

  164. “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

    “Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.”

    “I’m a prima donna. Hell, I can admit it. What I can’t stand about Monty is that he won’t.”

  165. Trey Gowdy for Attorney General.

  166. Maybe she thinks you don’t/won’t like him?

    Pretty much. We figure that she’s afraid of how dad will react. The funny part is that Dad would like them to get engaged. The family is pretty much in agreement that this guy is the best one my sister has ever dated and he’s a really good influence on her.

  167. What’s the last one from?

  168. Patton.

  169. Patton.

  170. NM, I found it.

  171. I haven’t seen Patton in like 30 years.

  172. Howdy Co Alex, Xbad, Leon.
    I woke up with a scratchy throat and went down hill from there. Now I have a fever of 101.
    Scratch a 4 day weekend

  173. Get well soon, Vman. Sickness sucks.

    Leon, watch Patton again. It’s held up surprisingly well.

  174. Howdy Vmax, sorry to hear you’re ill. Take care of yourself.

  175. I have to watch it and Unforgiven now.

  176. It should shock no one that I have Army of Darkness memorized.

  177. I made an apple pie last night. It was my first, and it was not too bad.

  178. It was the pie?

    Something’s going around all over and it can last about 3 weeks.

  179. Thanks Lips,
    I was hoping it would be over before I went bavk to work.
    Or apple pie!

  180. back
    my bad

  181. I’m willing to admit I’m shallow enough that some of the conservative women I follow on twitter? Cuz their pics are cute.

  182. Maybe it’s just a cold and not the cold/chest congestion thing that I had and then heard was everywhere.

  183. Brad, you are normal and that is why marketers use pretty women to sell things.

  184. I hope so Lips
    I am out for the night
    G’night all

  185. It’s probably your prostate, Vman. You should get that checked.

    And get some sleep.

  186. vads’dglm

    *slumps under desk, the hapless victim of tryptophan poisoning. The Indians close in for the kill*

  187. There’s a dep that’s divine
    And it’s yours and it’s mine, like the Sun
    At the end of the day
    We should give thanks and pray, to the One

  188. (.)(.)

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