Limey Bastards and Shillelaghs

As most of you know, I’m descended from a long line of limey pricks. Sure, it gives me a sense superiority, but not many people talk about the dark side of that sense of entitlement.

You see, England is close to Ireland, and the Irish have experienced some oppression and discrimination, so I also feel oppressed, if only by way of proximity. Close enough.

Way back in the 1840s there was a potato famine. The Irish (drunk, lazy, child popping bastards) who really liked french fries and tater tots, suddenly didn’t have enough to eat. Many of them got on boats, shoulder to shoulder, hoping to find a better life in America (fuck yeah).

As they arrived in New York, before they started filming Gangs of New York, they suffered a bit of discrimination from the local population. Turns out the snobs in NYC didn’t really like my sort-of-ancestors and sought to push them outside of polite society.

But even in the face of this massive discrimination, I’ll have you know that the Irish were instrumental in fighting the Civil War. If my memory serves correct, the first Union soldier killed was Crispus Attucks. I’m talking about our Civil War, not the one in merry ‘ol England. They sat that bitch out cuz…FUCK YOU CROMWELL.

So even after getting used as cannon fodder in the Civil War and fighting for rich dandies that paid $300 for a replacement, the Irish were discriminated against for decades to come. I contend that this legacy of discrimination is responsible for the disproportionate Irish crime stats, social problems, and poverty rate.

Sure, it’s been 150 years, but I can still feel the institutional discrimination now. I feel it in my bones.

In response, I call on you that are Irish, know someone who is Irish, might have some ancestors that lived near Ireland, have visited Ireland, considered visiting Ireland, have had a pint of Guinness, or have ever listened to U2, to rise up and throw off the yoke that is Irish discrimination.

Put on your Doc Marten’s and join me in a march (mostly burning and looting with free pie, pie!) to let everyone know that we won’t suffer the continued injustice of this subtle sidelining of our people.

Please bring your own gas and shillelagh so we can make our voices heard! It’ll be mostly peaceful of course.



  1. Man people are dumb. I’m losing faith we can ever wisen these people up.

  2. The Community Organizer and Lightbringer (TM) spoke to the people last night. So glad he calmed everyone down and brought peace to Ferguson. Wait, whut?

    In his speech, he basically justified the anger as being righteous, said the problem facing Michael Brown is a nation wide problem of JUSTICE for minorities and then asked everyone to play nice.

  3. Dr. Marten’s Boots.

  4. gee, I wonder why the police department might be treating those folks in Ferguson differently?

    Aren’t they demonstrating WHY people get treated differently?

    I need a gun.

  5. I thank the lord, today, for militarized police department. There is apparently a war occurring in some cities.

    on the radio, they are talking about returning to “community policing’. Humn … what do you do when the community is completely broken?

  6. My ass is still smarting over that whole Norman conquest dealie. William was a bastard.

  7. I’ll join the revolution right after I finish waxing my shillelagh

  8. Trippy

  9. Crispus Attucks was Black Irish, as I recall

  10. Crispus Attucks was Black Irish, as I recall

    So is MJ, only smaller.

  11. So they let a rather small mob of thugs burn down and loot dozens of businesses right in front of their eyes and did absolutely dick and even partially withdrew
    They knew that was the street that it would all be happening on
    Where was the National Guard?

  12. Thanks Jimbro. A seizure will make the morning go by faster.

  13. On the news, they said that 1000 extra cops were available, after being trained in constitutional rights of protest.

    Whatever class that is. It was probably taught by Holder and Obama.

  14. waxing my shillelagh

  15. More good news – Sharpton is going to Ferguson

    I believe that the vast majority of Americans are watching this shit and getting pissed

    I’m old enough to remember how the riots in the sixties turned the 100% Democrat South Republican and handed Nixon the White House.

  16. I thought he already was in Ferguson.


  17. Sharpton will calm everything down.

  18. Calm everything down?

  19. I mean, light up the city.

  20. Light up the city?

  21. MJ is a bot today.

  22. blergh
    Up to hear what morning local guys are saying.

  23. If you’re not aware….the producers in Al Sharpton’s show have taught hint to repeat the last thing said as s question. I’m assuming it serves as a bridge in semi-coherence before he struggles through reading the promoter.

    For example, if they play a clip of Boehner saying that ‘immigration reform is a top priority, Al will say, ‘a top priority?’

    Ted Cruz: President Obama is bypassing congress.

    AS: bypassing congress?

    Paul Ryan: We’re working to eliminate poverty.

    AS: Eliminate poverty?

    It’s hilarious. Jay will probably post a link to a video of it, which I should have done instead of pecking out this really long comment.

  24. Jay?

  25. It wasn’t until 1am before asshole governor activated the Guard “We can’t have violence in our community”.

    That came as the news was interviewing the Ferguson mayor who was saying he was promised the Guard and as his city burned couldn’t get ahold of the dumb f*cks at the top – meaning the governor or any of the state politicians.

  26. So sharpton is a bot?

  27. Also, 3 blacks, 9 whites were on the GJ and from what I understand, they had to go through 60 witnesses…many of whom were blacks, who came forward anonymously, and testified that Brown was charging the cop.
    Gee, wonder why they thought they had to be anonymous?

  28. Sharpton is one of Holder’s dingleberries.

  29. Little Caesars is a tool of oppression and inexpensive pizza, but mostly oppression.

  30. i know, weird.

    Snitches get stitches.

  31. ‘Fore I went to bed, cameras were on some f*ck lighting cars in a car lot, on fire. But no firemen could get in because the situation was too unstable – thugs were shooting at them.

  32. Poor Caesar. First, he’s killed in the Senate by his supposed friends, then his pizza store gets burned down.

  33. Weird thing in this case was the prosecutor gave the GJ every piece of evidence he had and let them go, with little direction from him.

    Probably why they came to the conclusion they did. Better to have more info, than less, I guess.

  34. But the word on the street is that he manipulated the grand jury. Gee, I wonder why.

  35. Anyone involved is going to a racist. Period.

    White or black.

  36. Blite or whack.

  37. Libertarian on facedouche is pissing me off.

  38. So, anything interesting happen recently?

  39. What I did with your Mom was kind of interesting.

  40. Antiquing?

  41. I am gathering cassatta ingredients today. Several wonderful cakes are going to be made. Oh yes.

  42. Do tell.

  43. Anything you do with Hotspur’s mom is technically ‘antiquing.’

  44. Well, duh. She just turned 93.

  45. Hell, anything to do with me is antiquing.

  46. Hahaha, all of you.

    I’ve opted for free booze and farting the alphabet to impress GNDs fambly.

  47. No spandex shorts?

    I think you’re making a mistake.

  48. But the word on the street is that he manipulated the grand jury. Gee, I wonder why.

    Yeah, the fools lighting the matches.

  49. MJ at lunch with the parents: jacket and tie, no shirt. Three day beard. Excessive licking of lips.

  50. Opening line suggestion- “How did you two possibly produce such a smoking hot piece of ass?”

  51. You weren’t there, Carin. Let the professionals handle this.

  52. MJ, wear the spandex bike shorts – show the parents that you are more than capable of providing them with healthy grandkids.

  53. I’m going to ask her dad if her mom likes it from behind too.

    I think that will make a nice transition into the nature vs. nurture debate.

  54. At the table make GND balance a piece of food on her nose, then tell her “Good doggie. You’ll get your reward later, when we’re alone.” Then wink, like it’s a secret. But point to your crotch, in case anybody didn’t understand.

  55. Liberal friend at the ghetto bar last night said he hadn’t seen the Saturday Night Live skit. When I explained it to him, he said he didn’t think it sounded funny and wouldn’t watch it.

  56. Have her bend over slightly, put a glass on her ass, and have her pour champagne over her shoulder. Her parents will be astonished.

  57. I have a shillelagh, and it’s made of halitosis and revenge.

  58. Up to a foot of snow coming Wednesday night into Thursday. Paula just texted me to pick up fixins for thanksgiving at home since her mom may cancel.

    *crossing my fingers*

  59. Hotspur, you need more humorous friends.

  60. Gateway Pundit

    Bassem Masri has been out protesting every night. He consistently threatens police and threatens violence.

    Last night while live-streaming the violent riots and sreaming at police, Bassem Masri had his iPhone 6 stolen from his hand.

    Now if Masri were gay, maybe Tim Cook would get Apple to start an awareness campaign.

  61. You weren’t there, Carin. Let the professionals handle this.

    I saw the picture.

  62. Yeah, but you didn’t accidentally bump into it.

  63. Libertarian on facedouche is pissing me off.

    Isn’t that their natural state?

  64. Okay, I take that back. That didn’t happen.

    Not because of MJ’s feelings, but because GND is a really sweet person.

  65. I told her about the Rice Crispy treats. She was a bit shocked but thought you’d finally be funny.

  66. So Michael Brown’s mother asks if we think this is a joke.

    It all started when he asked Darren Wilson “Knock knock?”

  67. Libertarian on facedouche is pissing me off.

    Isn’t that their natural state?

    The war on drugs is her big thing. the cities are bad -apparently – only because of the war on drugs.

  68. it’s all so very simple

  69. Is it true the Libertarian Party symbol is a green cross on a sleazy storefront?

  70. the cities are bad -apparently – only because of the war on drugs.

    Not according to Thomas Sowell.

    (Thanks to Maetenloch for the heads up.)

  71. Ferguson is just #unexpectedthuggery. It’ll die down.

  72. Well, of course hotspur.

  73. I remember when all of this brouhaha started hearing someone from the community wailing in the background, “You shot the wrong one!”

    I can’t help but think that if that little shitstain who started everything in motion with his lies after the shooting had, indeed, been the one who was killed that everyone would have been secretly happy to see him six feet under.

    I’m pretty sure that Al, Ben, and Jesse wouldn’t have shown up.

  74. Do you mean the guy that was with Brown, TiFW?

  75. What can brown do for you?

    Not much. He dayd.

  76. iRiots – they just work.

  77. Is this good or bad for Mike Brown t-shirt sales?

  78. *cough*

  79. Too.

  80. Very good, Scott.

  81. Your a good speller

  82. Austin McCoy, a U-M graduate student who attended the Ann Arbor gathering, traveled to Ferguson in October for a weekend of protests.

    On Sunday morning of that weekend, he spent time at the location where Michael Brown was shot.

    “What was so striking was how ordinary the setting was,” he told the Free Press. “It was pretty surreal.”

    What does that even mean?

  83. +1 for Jimbro

  84. The war on drugs is her big thing. the cities are bad -apparently – only because of the war on drugs.

    Ugh, one of those.

  85. Is it true the Libertarian Party symbol is a green cross on a sleazy storefront?

    Here in Colorado it is.

  86. Crispus Attucks was killed in the Boston Massacre of 1770, and is usually regarded as the first to die in the American Revolution.

    -1 from MJ.

  87. Hahahahahaha

    “I felt like the president should have gone down there,” the hit-maker and current judge on NBC’s The Voice told the magazine. “He didn’t have to go and take a side; all he needed to do was show his presence and everybody would have straightened up.”

  88. -1 from MJ.

    Revolutionary War, Civil War, at this point, what difference does it make?

  89. Notice that in the next paragraph he grudginly admits that robbing a convenience store may not have been the smartest thing to do. My guess is that in six months, only a few die-hards will still be on Brown’s side. The rest will quietly back away, admitting that Wilson acted in self-defense.

  90. No, there’s going to be a significant number that, in the face of all evidence, will still insist that he was a sweet baby and didn’t deserve to die.

    Deserve? No.

    Took actions that led inevitably to it? Yep.

  91. Deserve? No.

    Took actions that led inevitably to it? Yep.

    Heh. One of my dreams is to write a book explaining conservatism through movie quotes. “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.” is one of the ones that would be front and center.

  92. When all of the evidence has been released, as has been promised, it may shut some people up. But I guarantee you that there will still be a strong contingent that believe the cop should be in prison (or worse).

    These people really do live in an alternate universe where their’s is the only truth.

  93. Fail.

  94. The Daily Mail’s server seems to be overwhelmed right now.

  95. There is a link to the entire testimony over at White House dossier

  96. Sure, there’s posting on this blog, but it’s mostly peaceful.

  97. Some comments from various lefty friends:

    “Now we know what we already knew.”

    “I think we should stand up and stop all violence that is not called for.”

    “If you haven’t lost a child to violence, you can’t know what its like, If you haven’t been a police officer faced with danger, you can’t know what its like, If you have never been black in America, you can’t know what its like. So open your minds to where others live and see if we can’t agree that following the golden rule would be a great place to start.”

    “Praying for peace.”

    “Well, I’ll say it. White rules this country.”

    “I am so frustrated and infuriated. this is NOT what democracy looks like”

    In response to ^^ “This is not a democracy. And peaceful will not change anything.”

  98. What’s his H2 nickname?

  99. “Now we know what we already knew.”

    That Brown was a criminal and had it coming when he went for the gun.

  100. One of my dreams is to write a book explaining conservatism through movie quotes.

    CoLex, that is an awesome idea. Let’s get the ball rolling on that. How about a film?

  101. Phuc X. Kiuew!

    I’m Dying over here! That CANNOT be a real article!!

  102. Haha, imagine the royalties needed to make that project happen.

  103. Kieu — more formally Phuc X. Kieu — was watching gay porn on a portable DVD player in his car when a second man walked by after withdrawing $220 from an ATM, according to local authorities.

    I’m just gonna leave that here.

  104. You’re right Jay, but not if we re create the scenes with actors. One could also use animations.

  105. The XtraNormal H2 Conservative Extravaganza!

  106. I did not withdraw $220.

  107. ZOMG! Xtranormal is no more!

  108. Chumpo, a film seems like a lot of hassel to get Hollyweird on board.

    I don’t have my full list of quotations, but the top three are:

    “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

    “Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.”

    “I’m a prima donna. Hell, I can admit it. What I can’t stand about Monty is that he won’t!”

  109. Restaurant Depot kicks ass.

    I just got a gallon of salsa for $8.

  110. Bath night for Scott tonight!

  111. Restaurant Depot does kick ass.

    Xranormal! I was trying to think of that site. Sux that its gone.

    Imma let it marinate for a bit Colex.

    Write some copy for those three, in all your free time. Arn’t you studying Algebra 13?

  112. “It leaves you so spicy clean!”

  113. Nice one Swifty.

  114. I’d be willing to do some writing on that, or at least proofreading.

  115. leon, you’ll have to use small words, so the rest of us can understand.

  116. Colex has the ball. March to the beat.

  117. Hasta lo.

  118. I can, I just rarely choose to.

  119. From Brad’s earlier link:

    Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch indicated that eye-witnesses to the shooting had inconsistencies with the physical evidence. He added that ‘some were completely refuted by the physical evidence’.

    McCulloch said witnesses who came forward on social media and during interviews with the media had claimed they saw Wilson stand over Brown and fire shots into his back. Others claimed Wilson shot Brown in the back as he was running away, McCulloch said.

    *puts on shocked face*

  120. I liked how some of them changed their testimony after the evidence refuted them. They knew they were lying.

  121. Check your privilege, is now: Examine your community.

    They love their one liners that supposedly say it all.

    Okay, I’ll examine my community:

    – Crack houses? – nope
    – Abandoned houses? – nope
    – Thugs roaming at night? – nope
    – Teenage girls walking around pregnant? – nope
    – Gang sign graffiti? – nope
    – Litter everywhere? – nope
    – Abandoned cars? – nope
    – Waist high grass and weeds? – nope
    – Bail bonds storefronts? – nope
    – Bars on doors and windows? – nope

  122. Back to their community:
    -Fathers: Nope.

  123. The pregnant teenagers in my neighborhood don’t have to walk

  124. Write some copy for those three, in all your free time. Arn’t you studying Algebra 13?

    Calc 3, so free time is pretty much nonexistant until Spring.

  125. The pregnant teenagers in my neighborhood don’t have to walk

    Do they all get picked up from Junior High by their 30-year old boyfriends?

  126. Pretty much, in cars with faded Obama bumper stickers

  127. lolz

  128. We immigrants come here for the American dream.

  129. I read this so you won’t have to. But read this last paragraph. It pretty much sums up why the left and the right will never work together.

    The young organizers in Ferguson from Hands Up United, Lost Voices, Organization for Black Struggle, Don’t Shoot Coalition, Millennial Activists United, and the like, understand they are at war. Tef Poe, Tory Russell, Montague Simmons, Cheyenne Green, Ashley Yates, and many other young Black activists in the St. Louis area have not been waiting around for an indictment. Nor are they waiting for the much vaunted Federal probe, for they have no illusions about a federal government that provides military hardware to local police, builds prisons, kills tens of thousands by manned and unmanned planes without due process, and arms Israel in its illegal wars and occupation. They have been organizing. So have the young Chicago activists who founded We Charge Genocide and the Black Youth Project, and the Los Angeles-based youth who make up the Community Rights Campaign, and the hundreds of organizations across the country challenging everyday state violence and occupation. They remind us, not only that Black lives matter—that should be self-evident—but that resistance matters. It matters because we are still grappling with the consequences of settler colonialism, racial capitalism and patriarchy. It mattered in post-Katrina New Orleans, a key battleground in neoliberalism’s unrelenting war on working people, where Black organizers lead multiracial coalitions to resist the privatization of schools, hospitals, public transit, public housing, and dismantling public sector unions. The young people of Ferguson continue to struggle with ferocity, not just to get justice to Mike Brown or to end police misconduct but to dismantle racism once and for all, to bring down the Empire, to ultimately end war.

  130. That looks more like the American nightmare.

  131. The View was on in the break room. The stupid bints on the show all had an opinion about Fergadishu. The LIVs in the break room did not know anything beyond the unarmed Gentle Giant being shot in the back with his hands up.

  132. You know how we keep being told that Big Baby Boy’s family wants everyone to be peaceful – to stop the violence.


  133. WTF was the Gov when the Mayor was calling for the NG? I thought the NG was called up last week? Almost as if TFG wanted it to burn baby burn. *Tinfoil hat off*

  134. I hear there is a new Mapplethorpe exhibition involving men and shillelaghs instead of bullwhips.

  135. I can’t help Globe Alex and Chumpo with their movie. I have The Jerk and Vacation on mental rewind right now. Moose out front should’ve told you.

  136. – Crack houses? – nope
    – Abandoned houses? – nope
    – Thugs roaming at night? – nope
    – Teenage girls walking around pregnant? – nope
    – Gang sign graffiti? – nope
    – Litter everywhere? – nope
    – Abandoned cars? – nope
    – Waist high grass and weeds? – nope
    – Bail bonds storefronts? – nope
    – Bars on doors and windows? – nope

    – Rainbow gay flags on front porches?

    They are quite the accessory.

  137. One of my facebook “friends” commented about him being shot in the back while running away.

    At least get the lie right.

  138. I wonder if there are an unusual number of hotel vacancies in St. Louis this week.

  139. just saw a novel term for looting: undocumented shopping

  140. It was warm enough for a cigar outside today. I had one of these:

    The “Potassium”

  141. ooh, never smoked that one
    I have had the Europium, the Vanadium and the Xenon

  142. The whole idea of a cigar based on the Periodic Table cracks me up. I was a bit nervous ordering them since my local shop doesn’t carry them to try. It was a good one. The whole idea of it being warm enough in late November for a cigar added to the experience.

  143. Those look interesting Jimebro. I love that marketing angle.


    I got some Chillin’ Moose too, haven’t tried it yet. Sold on the name!

  145. I must admit it could be unnerving smoking Beryllium or Plutonium.

    I liked the Xenon fine, a box-pressed torpedo. The Europium is a very fat model, so the ash gets a bit messy. The Vanadium is a nice perfecto that comes in a box shaped like an extruded letter V.

  146. Hey, I just smoked a Chillin’ Moose a few days ago. Not bad, not a superstar either, but it is a bargain priced cigar. I would give one a try. It started out smelling dirty but that went away after a minute. Got better with time.

  147. Like I said last night. They’re not looting, they’re charging it to Obama’s Race Card.

  148. BRB need to see if XB used the rayciss “Charging” or not.

  149. they’re charging it to Obama’s Race Card.

    What does it look like? Is it black on one side and white on the other?

  150. XB is ok. Didn’t use the rayciss “Charging” after all. *Picks up flag*

  151. Well we know it isn’t an AMEX card/

  152. No, it’s a Diners Club

  153. heh. BOOOOOO!!!!

  154. Oh my. “Charging” is now a forbidden word because some blonde gash on PMSNBC said so? What about its antonym?

    From now on when I… discharge… I’ll know I’m politically correct.

  155. Your mom told me that they make a good antibiotic to help with that discharge.

  156. My dad always complained that my mom was charging too much. All this time I thought she was white.

  157. Electrons are negatively charged, therefore racist.

  158. Mark Knoller tweets
    Pres Obama feels his remarks last night about Ferguson were worthwhile since most protests were peaceful, says Dep Press Secy

    Must be a typo. I think LD meant “pieceful.’

  159. The black clamp of jumper cables is negative thus racist.


  160. Black kids I work with are mostly AF brats or bi-racial children of UNM athletes and their Hispanic or white moms. Never even been near a ghetto. Never faced any racism due to the large number of NAs and illegals. Red Sky at Morning even addressed blacks in NM being “Anglos”. They don’t even know what a DWB is. They are all righteous about Fergadishu. I H8 the MFM. I H8 TFG.

  161. Every time I discriminate between the negative and positive charge contacts on a battery it’s just like a lynching.

  162. Hmm. Listening to Hugh Hewitt talk to Ben Carson. Not too impressed here. This guy will never be President.

  163. Leon?

  164. I love a good Exclusive Gusset.

  165. George, that is one of the horrible things about how we pick a president. NOT that I’m a huge Ben Carson fan, but he is obviously very smart, etc. But we pick people who look and sound good. Synder was in danger here in Michigan because he sounds like a dork. that was the ONLY negative, really, going against him. PTL he pulled the last election off.

    He’s not perfect either, but he is very capable, smart, and deliberative, etc.

  166. What concerned me more was Ben Carson saying Brown was a victim, albeit of “not having a way to deal with authority.” Also he opined that Darren Wilson could have done something else than shoot Brown.

    Limp shit.

  167. He said that seriously?!

    *scratches out “Mrs. First Lady Ben Carson” in diary*


  168. OT H2 PSA YOLO:

    Last day for Secret Santa Sign Up is this Saturday. Upper right on this page – click it.

  169. I don’t get the Carson for President stuff. I get that he’s a smart and talented guy, but there’s good reason to want a President to have legislative or executive experience prior to running for the WH.



  172. I’m afraid so, Car in. I wasn’t thrilled with his sleepy demeanor, but that’s not so bad. However, when he had to chime in with “Brown was a victim,” by way of a weasely qualifier saying that he was a victim because he didn’t know how to handle authority figures, I smelled the usual psychobabble bullshit, genuflecting to political correctness. That and the comment that the officer should have been trained to do something else.

    Like let Gentle Giant take his weapon? Sheesh.

  173. oops, I mean Cyn, not Car in
    but you’re both chicks, so you look alike to me

  174. He’s always been a squish on the 2A and he got suckered in just like Allen West did with Trayvon. People stopped paying attention after the first day and it has been nothing but media driven narrative ever since.

  175. You know what really bothers me about this making of excuses for Brown and his ilk? So often we hear that his type of person doesn’t understand authority, and can’t respect boundaries.


    That guy knew perfectly well in his own ‘hood who was the badass on the block and whom he had to respect, and conversely whom he could intimidate. These guys know the totem pole up and down. They understand rules; they just prefer to break the ones outside of the homies’ block.

  176. I believe he had a felonious past that was expunged when he turned 18. His mom is a gun toting felon. Apple, tree, que sera sera.

  177. I am developing a real distaste for Hugh Hewitt.

  178. That guy knew perfectly well in his own ‘hood who was the badass on the block and whom he had to respect, and conversely whom he could intimidate. These guys know the totem pole up and down. They understand rules; they just prefer to break the ones outside of the homies’ block.

    The problem was that he was used to being in a different social position. He could throw his weight around (literally!) with anyone in his neighborhood, so he thought that he could do it with a cop. He lost.

  179. Cops are seen as just another gang. I know that’s the way I view them. Not a fan. Still think this was a clean shoot.

  180. The problem was that he was used to being in a different social position. He could throw his weight around (literally!) with anyone in his neighborhood, so he thought that he could do it with a cop. He lost.

    So he chose to try for alpha dawg. He chose unwisely.

  181. I thought he was a gentle giant?

  182. On topic: There are historians that write about the Lincoln County War being a continuation of the English/Irish hostilities. Tunstall et al were the Protestant/Brits and The Ring and Sheriff Brady were Irish/Catholics. Our church was the first church named for St Patrick in the NM Territory and quite a few of the Irish that settled San Patricio fought with the Union in the Civil War.

  183. The Toledo War, OTOH, happened because Ohio sucks.

  184. Oooh…first blood during H8 week. Well played…

  185. The only worthwhile resident moved out of it recently, so I feel comfortable speaking what pretty much everyone already knows.

  186. ChrisP, I saw that. Very sad. Car in still has family in Toledo. Are you talking smack to Car in? (Pupster is still a Buckeye, even in exile. Buffalone)

  187. I am developing a real distaste for Hugh Hewitt.

    I loaned him a copy of a book on John Boyd and that fucker still hasn’t returned it.

  188. Did anybody feel like anybody else totally half-assed their DVD commentary track today?

  189. *throws garbage can through a window*

    *sets some shit on fire*

    Fuck yeah!!! *swigs whisky*

    Micks of the world unite!!


  191. Who? Before there was Buffalone, there was gif-master Pupster. My ally in the battle against evil. AKA TTUN

  192. Against evil?

  193. oooh…Bcoch spelled Whisky without the E like a real mick.

  194. Michigan. That Team Up North. Bo’s Boys.

  195. You getting it now Scoot? They say around noon for us, rain first then all snow. I’m really hoping Paula’s parents cancel the family dinner. We’ve got a turkey here and I can watch more football when I’m not socializing.

  196. You got that zackly bassackwards, Oso.

    Buckeyes iz ebil. Ohio is Michigan without the charm or coastline.

  197. No, it starts early tomorrow.

    I always enjoy the first couple of storms.

  198. My best friend is a Michigan fan from Ohio. So if I have any loyalty, it’s to Michigan.

    Plus I fucking hate Ohio State. So there’s that.

  199. Is your BF from Toledo?

  200. Whitehouse

  201. My Aunt Patty was from Toledo. My cousin, Terry Lynn, was from Toledo. They were the only Michigan fans in over 100 years of Buckeye love and Ohio residency.

  202. Whitehouse is practically Toledo.

  203. My buddy worked for the MudHens during the summer a couple times. Loved it. He worked in the clubhouse. Players would take him out with them to bars. “Hey, this is Erik. Just called up today. We’re taking him around to the places. Can ya get him a beer?”

  204. My cousin, Scott, carried Woody’s mic cord on the sidelines. (Way less ghey then it sounds.) First pic you would see walking into my Uncle’s house was Scott with Woody. O H

  205. My mom and dad met in Champaign-Urbana, so I get to hate Michigan and Ohio State.

  206. Klinger was from Toledo. Tells you everything you need to know.

  207. I love Tony Packo’s and the stupid MudHens.

  208. Nobody genuinely gives a shit about my alma mater, Washington State.

  209. Has anybody here ever used dried mushrooms? Do they act the same in food as fresh?

  210. Or, apparently, my thoughts on that matter.

  211. It’s 7pm and I’m still at work. That’s it, I’ve hit The Fuck It Zone.

  212. Toledo smells bad.

  213. Fuck the Huskies.

  214. I lived in Ohio for 4 years. I didn’t care for it. The landscape is boring and the rivers and streams are brown.

  215. Fuck the Huskies.

    Pretty sure that’s illegal.

  216. Has anybody here ever used dried mushrooms? Do they act the same in food as fresh?

    Psilocybin is psilocybin. Don’t sweat it.

  217. Dried mushrooms are fair to use. They will give your dish a nice flavor, but I find them a bit rubbery after they’re cooked.

  218. I O

  219. Only in soups Laura. Dried shiitake. There is enough water that they rehydrate well and with enough other ingredients that they don’t stand out.

  220. I hear there’s a lot of free mushrooms and other groceries on West Florissant.

  221. TBDBITL

  222. Scott & Laura,
    How is your pellet stove vented?
    I only ask because I heard a third call about a chimney-fire on a pellet-stove tonight.
    The only ones I’ve seen were exhausted through a wall into a little vent like a gas-dryer or water-heater. They did not have a vertical chimney through the roof…

  223. Crispy, the hot exhaust from our pellet stove goes through the dryer lint-duct. I’m sure it will be fine.

  224. It’s done right. Heavy gauge metal duct running up the chimney, and I clean it every summer.

    It’s a messy job. I bet the people with chimney fires skipped that part.

  225. *lowers chin to chest and whispers, “heavy gauge metal duct”*

  226. Ohio makes Michigan seem scenic and feature-rich by comparison.

  227. CYN!!! Ok, like Dan has said I’m every cast member of The Middle from day 1, just not Mike. Last week, they had the Thanksgiving episode. Mike H8s the birthday crap at restaurants. I’m finally Mike!!!

  228. I thought Michigan was beautiful. I was not expecting so much water.

  229. Michigan IS scenic.

  230. My family moved to Ohio in the 1790s. They pretty much sheltered in place for 200 yrs. DAR, GAR, blah blah. I grew up H8N MI. Kind of like mi familia H8N Texas.

  231. Scott,
    I think that when you are sold a pellet-stove, it should come with a chimney-brush.

    I would give you *such* a pinch…

  232. You Nutmeggers are killing me!

  233. Pellets last year were $219 a ton.

    They are over $300 now.

    Oil will be cheaper soon.

  234. My family moved to Ohio in the 1790s.

    I have so much pity for you. Truly. Generations wasted in that awful place.

  235. Time to get a pellet-grinder and start stealing trees, Scott.

  236. Scott,

    What do you think of commercial pellet smokers? Do they use the same pellets as heaters?

    PS. 1 only bullwhip

  237. We’ll be moving soon enough.

  238. Leon, LOL. Our family plot is pretty cool though. On Bodle Rd. Bodle family. My grandmother had lots of sisters, only one brother. He died as a child. Third straight Robert Hugh to die in infancy. My Dad had the Hugh middle name. His brothers named him Connie. My grandmother refused to have a Robert Hugh.

  239. *winks and gives Oso the finger-gun*

  240. I use pellets for smoking, they are great.

    They are different than heating pellets. Heating pellets look the same but nobody can tell you what kind of wood it is.

  241. Are you named after him?

  242. A 40lb bag of smoking pellets lasted me two years, and I probably gave away 5-10 lbs of it.

  243. I’m named after my Dad. I was Jr for a long time. King of the Hill gave me Kahn Jr. My Dad was Cotton Hill. (Not a TRUE Jr but I was called Jr)

  244. We are out of pellets. We have no pallets of pellets. There are no pallets of pellets in town.

  245. Pellets rock for smoke. Turkey was done with them.

  246. Ohio is a good place to be from

  247. Ohio is a good place to be from

    Unless you’re this guy.

  248. OMG ghey

  249. If you like corn, muddy water and green sunsets, Ohio is great.

  250. Cleveland mostly smells bad. I cannot claim that it rocked.

  251. I did not say it was great. I said it was a great place to be from.
    No more lead sky 290 days a year.
    No more below zero days and nights.
    I could go on, but Texas is wonderful thank you.

  252. Glad you like Texas, VMax!

    The TiFWs are leaving tomorrow for the hinterlands of West(ish) TX – heading to MIL’s for Thanksgiving. She refuses to get Internet service, so I may or may not be able to reach civilization the next 4 days.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful turkey day ♥♥♥

  253. We found a twin for every cast member from the Drew Carey Show at the Parma Mall. Even Mimi. It was Bizarro World.

  254. My Dad countered every VA history lesson with a Buckeye rebuttal. I was lucky to attend school in VA and TX with a DoD mixer. I was shocked to find out other states don’t have state history.

  255. I don’t know what that means.

  256. Which Oso comment Scott? The Drew Carey or the states that don’t offer history class?

  257. I was sad that we didn’t spend more time on our war against the bloodthirsty, sloping-forehead savages to the south when we studied Michigan history.

    We did talk about using the black walnuts to dye uniforms for the Union. That was kind of cool.

  258. Simon Kenton was a bad ass.

  259. car in, I decided to just buy Sonic Highways. Don’t like the venues enough to use the passwords to pre-buy tickets.

  260. The best thing I can say about Michigan is I have dated several pretty women from there.

  261. I thought I was getting to sleep in tomorrow. 6AM shopping list for Thanksgiving. Avoid the crush.

  262. I’ve got the day off. I’m going to go to mass, work out, make date-nut bars, make chocolates, prep veggies, and try dip recipes.


    Yeah, This is cool…

  264. Mass with MiL on Thursday. Mi familia has sent over a $100 in Masses for my FiL

  265. 3rd Cousin’s hubby is a cop in Seattle. She’s battling breast cancer. She battles my lib family, while I avoid confrontation. Pray for Tanya.

  266. G’night. DWTS has a new champ/

  267. Tomorrow is a big day. Lots to do. Have a wonderful, folks.

  268. Hey all

  269. I was just wondering where Jenn has been hiding.

  270. Friedman Bag Company.

    Hi X. Hi Jenn.

  271. So, long time blog reader (mine, not this shithole) is swinging by Saturday so we can go shooting!

  272. I take a small derp now it’s a giant stride
    People say I’m loud why should I hide
    Only had a small taste so what a waste
    I quietly observe though it’s not my space
    Bottom end’s heavy you know we’re never even
    People call me Tricky for particular reason

  273. Up early with a 3 month old cattle dog puppy who has a seemingly thimble-sized bladder. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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