It’s not really a bad look for you MJ

Hate it when that happens. Hate it.


  1. Fresh.

    Sort of.

  2. It doesn’t stink…..



  4. Frightening.

  5. I went to Worcester to see my friend Frank and get some new tires. He’s the same age as me, we both got divorced around the same time and both live with women who have their own kids. If you asked us both in 2007 if we could imagine our lives in 2014 I’m sure neither one of us would have described our current scenarios. Women can be both the source of joy and happiness or despair and misery.

  6. He got married again, I’m still living in sin with a plan to marry “someday”.

  7. Woostah.

  8. Lube drive?

  9. Woostah indeed! I spent 10 years here and had a lot of fun between working my ass off.

  10. *throws Cyn three fish sticks, a thor hammer, and a jar of rubber cement.

  11. Better than no pants


  12. I had to turn off Wiser’s show. That Mindy song makes me gag.

  13. NFL is giving away tickets to Jets-Bills in Detroit. General admission. Car in should go and see bad football free.

  14. I think I just found a 1961 dime. It’s in terrible condition and probably worthless, but still kind of cool.

  15. I also found a 10 cent Euro coin. Also cool, but how did it get in my pocket change?

  16. Hey Jew

  17. Hah! I’m actually eating pine nuts right now.

  18. Sooooo question for you pre-law types out there: I’m legally allowed to strangle my mother if she is supposed to call me every morning, but doesn’t, in spite of my 17 phone calls to her and my getting cleaned up to drive over to do a well-check on her, because she was busy with a pot roast. A pot roast. That’s a legit strangling, like a self-defense from pure crazy, right?

  19. Well, I’m not pre-law per se, but my admittance to the bar in Florida, which is admittedly bat shit insane, says you’re good to go Cyn.

  20. @@

    *drinks and thinks the word “Naugatuck”*

  21. Jewstin

    Ron Paul wants to talk to you about that dime

  22. *fist bumps BC*

  23. My wife, God love her, is insane.

    She took the drunken midgets to a bday party. She’s also sick. She comes back home and what’s the first thing she does? She pulls out the vacuum cleaner and vacuums the entire house.

    Because, “O..M..G…”

    Never mind that I used the shark vac to hit the major areas, took out the garbage and cleaned the kitchen while she was gone.

    *shakes head*

    *pours more tequila*

  24. The Euro dime or the Roosevelt one?

  25. Sooo……this is going on in my neck of the woods:

    Authorities believe Wesson and Ricardo Lugo posed as father and son in an effort to exploit children at the grade school — a case police Sgt. Craig Teague described as one of the most bizarre and horrific he’s dealt with in more than 30 years.

    “It has a lot of twists and turns,” he said. “It’s the biggest case I’ve seen in years.”

    Here’s a copy of the Arrest Warrant for one of the scumbags – what a worthless piece of human refuse:

    Click to access ori61.So.58.pdf

    The other perp is considered a juvenile – one of those 17-year-old “children” Nancy Pelosi cares so much about….

  26. It never pays to have someone else up your workspace. They always misplace and/or lose your stuff.

    After continually having to look for my things after someone’s cleaning blitz, I finally said fuck it.

    I set up a mancave three months ago, piled it with all my work stuff and a bunch of other crap, told everyone to stay the hell out or else.

    Turns out thst I had the most productive three months, probably, of my life, work-wise. I know where all my stuff is, and no one else goes in there to fuck things up.

    It looks like a version of The Battle of The Somme in there, but it works.

  27. Which color of meth is your wife on, Bcock?

  28. The Kraken. Tomorrow morning.

    That is all.

  29. Well, there’s an 80% chance of rain all day tomorrow in STL, and it’s going to be cold, so chances are the only folks out protesting will be the hardcore racists and anarchists.

    I’m betting even Reverend Al and Mr. Crump will only pop their heads out until they see their shadows….

    Great strategy on the part of law enforcement –

  30. The Battlefield of Somme did not get regular vacuuming and feather dusting, according to the history books. The place was a mess.

  31. Some awesome lifehacks.

  32. Somme is in France.
    Wasn’t dusted.
    Therefore French maids are lazy.

    Or possibly being interrupted too much by sexual advances from people who’ve seen too many movies.

  33. I may or may not have seen a few of those movies.

  34. Tushar
    I only use chopsticks to spear food
    I always think that non-Asians look stupid and condescending when they use chopsticks

    Forks are much better
    Besides, how did the Chinese ever invent spaghetti using that shit?

  35. Once upon a time, I had pretty much seen all of those movies.

  36. I love chopsticks. I think noodles are easier to eat than with a fork.

    *Puts on beret

    *Purchases pretentious Apple t-shirt.

  37. **eats Top Ramen with a fork**

    **uses chopsticks in Chinese restaurant**

  38. Leon, green I think.

  39. I’m with jewstin. You can inhale your Ramen noodles with chopsticks. Also, you couldn’t eat pho with a spoon.

  40. Top Ramen, huh? 1%er. That stuff is expensive!

  41. Chopstix Yes.

    Asian Dishes yes. 34-24-34

    Chinese restaurants, meh.

    P.S. My friend the health inspector from Orange co CA says, “Never ever, ever eat Chinese Buffett. What once was dead has become alive again.”

    Rittle Razarus Lestaurant.

  42. In San Francisco I knew a number of Asians who worked in restaurants. When they bussed the tables they were careful to save the leftover steamed rice for use in tomorrow’s fried rice.

    I can understand shaving some pennies off the budget, but salvaging slightly used rice seems a little extreme.

  43. Yet another reason to avoid California

  44. The Battlefield of Somme did not get regular vacuuming and feather dusting, according to the history books. The place was a mess.

    Yes, but the Frenchies didn’t have 60″ HDTVs (with an afternoon of football games scheduled) waiting back in their cushy cribs.

    And all of these “combatants” are there willingly – volunteers, if you will (some of them may actually be getting paid, but we don’t know that for sure).

    If it gets too bad, they’re gonna say “FTS” and go somewhere warm and dry.

    ‘course, if the authorities plan things right, they may catch some of the darlings unaware – make the announcement early enough, and many of them will be sleeping off the effects of Saturday night’s Mad Dogs and 8 balls.

  45. Check out tomorrow’s forecast in Ferguson, MO:

  46. The forecast calls for pain.

    Also pol posturing, chanting, linking of arms, yearning, finger wagging, with a side of smash and grab and a big bowl of racial sloganeering to finish it off.

    Or people may stay home to watch feetball.

  47. I want a forecast of firehoses.

  48. he he. Yeah. What happened to those six bys with the water cannons on ’em. They were huge in 1980’s Eastern Bloc.


    How ’bout Soylent green trux. That would solve the recycled fried rice issue.

  49. I think God is bringing the firehoses tomorrow….

    I doubt Rev. Al, Mr. Crump, or any of the other race hustlers will stay out in that for very long – they’re just a bunch of pampered poodles with extra melanin content.

  50. He said what?!!

    “If we can get the illegals out of California, we will win the strike overnight.”

  51. ISIS knows more about sound money than we have since Nixon. Neat.

  52. Huh – just realized there has been a virtual blackout of all things JFK in the news today.

    Guess Teddy’s family legacy got tossed under Obama’s bus, too.


  53. Oh sweet. There’s a demonstration planned not far from my office for after the Mike Brown grand jury decision.

  54. ~hi guys~ Today was our 2nd pre-Black Friday event. A black widow came out of a stack of pallets I was working. It was the 3rd BW to be killed in The Club this morning. It was Dan’s first day back at work. Everybody kept hugging him and crying. Awkward.

  55. Leon, I enjoyed reading the article you linked about the upcoming Swiss referendum on zee gold standard.

    There has been an inordinate amount of “con” articles circulating over the years re the topic and it was educational to read a more even handed perspective.

  56. Yeah, there are good arguments for fiat currency, but it always ends up being abused like our poor greenbacks, leading us in a cycle back to metals or other commodities. It happened at the end of Rome’s empire too, though then it was paying soldiers in iron and charging taxes in gold.

  57. OTOH, no first-world nation currently has a currency backed by jack or squat. Ours is marginally backed by the House of Saud only selling oil for dollars, and that alone is enough to cause “flight to quality”. If the Swiss Franc were suddenly a gold-backed Franc, it could get weird fast.

  58. I appreciated the connection the article made to fiat currency allowing derivative investment and would risk a tumultuous economic environment for a period of time in order to ensure that that type of practice cannot continue.

    Bundeling debt is bad m’kay.

  59. Pee pee.

  60. Ca ca.

  61. h8 n discontent.

  62. Gordon Liddy with a Rage on!

  63. Wake te Dead!

  64. BBL

  65. I actually had to speak Spanish today. I H8 that. I really want to go Samuel L Jackson on people. African immigrants can be annoying too. Stop trying to negotiate for price. I H8 diversity.

  66. These strawberries are marked $1.99. I’ll give you a dollar. Do you have French onion soup? Sorry, I can only pay with pennies.

  67. New opossum in the barn. Two new traps set. She’ll make me do the dirty work, as usual.

  68. It cracks me up that Oso and Carin basically have the same terrible customers.

  69. Oso, I used you as an example in my classes last week. I was discussing why soldiers should always assume that the person they’re tactically questioning speaks English and I mentioned some of your stories about customers who didn’t realize that you could understand them.

  70. CoAlex, I really wish I couldn’t understand them! LOL Jewstin, I had closeout laptops. Already dirt cheap. Mr and Mrs Sierra Leone thought the markdown price shouldn’t include tax. I kind of like having Porfirio from the DR negotiate with Messicans. I’m still pissed that I had to use my Spanish.

  71. TiFW, I WISH!!!! We constantly got trucks from AZ with kittens/cats in the load with Target. Sam’s gets freight from WY. Fewer kittehs. More bad produce.

  72. Good day, racists who want to break up families.

  73. Anchor baby is rayciss.

  74. We have a VN Member named Vu. He was extended credit by our Club manager. Owes us 11K. He’s putting everything in his wife’s name. Getting ducks in a row to claim bankruptcy. I never liked him. His name is Vu. RL VN friends were named Nguyen. Only Vu’s I’ve known were Commies. Not surprised he’s a liar and a cheat. Even Thieu’s are better than Vu’s

  75. My mom sent me an article about polar bears, and how their numbers are down 40% from global warming. The article is all over the place.

    So I google. In 20 minutes I learn

    1) They only use data to 2010 so they can ignore population growth since then

    2) The loss in population between 2004-2006 was due to THICK ice.

    I liked it better when scientists didn’t have an agenda.

  76. Me, too, Scott. Me, too. Did you see Twitchy about the aggressive Ground Hog in PA? Is Fat Bastard really gone?

  77. Good day, racists who want to break up families.

    I don’t want to break up families. I want to create them. I want to adopt those American-born babies into loving, American, families.

  78. I liked it better when scientists didn’t have an agenda.

    When the hell was that? Certainly not since Galileo at least, probably before that as well.

    Scientists have always had an agenda, the same as everyone else.

  79. Picked up some new cordless phones, got some shit mailed, AZ State won its ball game and I got in a nap.

    It’s been a good day.

  80. Fat bastard is gone. I build a blind in the back of the garage. He didn’t stand a chance after that.

    I’m hoping a fox takes over his den.

  81. Ricoh wants Dan and I to adopt him. He’s black, but he has no athletic skills. If I was to adopt, I’d be looking to the DR for beisbol or an African with height for basketball. All about the $$$

  82. I’m torn. Glad Fat Bastard is gone. Think he needs a ballad. Or a Haiku.

  83. Only Vu’s I’ve known were Commies.

    I lived with a Vu for two years in college. His dad was a doctor in South Vietnam and consequently spent time in a reeducation camp after ’75. They were Boat People.

  84. Sean, were they Catholic?

  85. I had Dang friends in Taiwan. Their Dad was called back to VN before the fall of Saigon. I never understood why he returned. He left plans for his family to go to Cali before he returned. Took him a few years after the fall to make it to the US.

  86. 3) the study was based on one population of polar bears.

    No mention of the other 18 populations.

  87. Good day, racists who want to break up families.

    I don’t want to break up families – I’m perfectly happy having them ALL go back from whence they came.

  88. Nope, oso, they’re Buddhists. The parents, anyway. I don’t think any of the kids were particularly religious. His sister is the drummer in this band:

  89. Assimilation is cool. I know a Nguyen married to a Vu. He used her to become an American. And vice versa. I’m racist against Vus.

  90. Sean, I’m all about the Hmong, the Montagnards, and the Catholic SVNM.

  91. 4) They still allow people to hunt polar bears, even the ones in populations that are in decline.

    Before we destroy the economy, why not ban polar bear hunting?

  92. Oso’s agree with Scott. Sea Lions do too.

  93. If we killed all the poley bears they wouldn’t be endangered any longer.

  94. Because a ban on polar bear hunting does little if anything in the furtherance of left wing power, scott. And given the fact that they use any decline in the polar bear population to push their agenda even harder, a ban would probably be counterproductive for them.

    Plus, it would be racist against Eskimos or some junk.

  95. There isn’t a decline.

  96. I know a Catholic Vietnamese Do. She trained in Denver and practiced in Iowa until she was needed to return home to CO to care for her parents. Oldest daughter with no boys in the family.

  97. Jewstin, your beat up 1961 dime is worth a buck nineteen.

  98. There isn’t a decline in polar ice either. WGAF? SCIENCE!!! Retards buy Shamu & Crew gear at Sea World without realizing that the crew is Nom Nom to the Shamu.

  99. Jimbro, the Do was Catholic. Asian and Catholic guilt is double whammy!

  100. You people really need to comment faster. 5AM tomorrow.

  101. I don’t miss that.
    At all.

  102. Way back in the olden times there were Asian, Catholic Jews but they all died of shame.

    True story.

  103. Scott, I pray for your back and I boycott HD in your memory.

  104. Jew, way back in olden times there was guilt. And then Monty Python taught us to always look to the bright side of life.

  105. Guilt is a tool of the white patriarchy.

  106. I bet Sartre really hates that Monty Python guy.

  107. Thanks Oso! I’m boycotting them too

  108. I really H8 Mr Creosote.

  109. Scott, we are going to Lowe’s.

  110. Guilt is a tool of the white patriarchy.

    In conjunction with the Prison-Industrial Complex.

  111. I still shop there but I feel guilty.

  112. Don’t buy anything Jimbro. Use it and return it.

  113. No riots until Monday?

    This is bullshit!

  114. I’m still pissed about the credit breach. I’ve used cash there since which is a pain in the ass. The majority of my hardware purchases are at an Ace hardware store in Hampden.

  115. IKR? What do we want? Riots! When do we want them? Now!

  116. The Target hack is still echoing. I have friends that will lose their jobs this year. No one is making #s or bonuses. Good excuse to cut payroll.

  117. I’m still praying for firehoses.

  118. Home Depot was a reminder of why I don’t work for other people.

  119. Sean,
    Anita just showed me your shot at PeeJ on FaceChimp.
    Golf Clap…

  120. Before we destroy the economy, why not ban polar bear hunting?

    Because that would interfere with there sacred cultural practices, and everyone knows that the only cultural beliefs that can be disrespected are white Christians.

  121. Home Depot was a reminder of why I don’t work for other people.

    It’s getting too hard to hide the bodies?

  122. Their

  123. Scott, I’m still in shock. Our Group Director sent flowers and hugged Dan today. Club GM picked up the tab for our family lunch after the gravesite service. Plus flowers. Lots of flowers. Attended the funeral. SiL is a Target Pharmacist. 2 bouquets. 15 years. No one at funeral.

  124. Ferguson GJ outcomes:

    A: Wilson is indicted for murder.
    Celebration, looting and burning.

    B: Wilson is NOT indicted for murder.
    Rioting, looting and burning.

    Viva la difference!…

  125. Polar bears are Osos but fishy.

  126. Nothing says justice like new Nikes.

  127. Mare would agree.

  128. I miss Mare.

  129. Mare is a scam

  130. UGH. 4 straight 5AM. Dan is needy. Looks like bedtime.

  131. Okay,
    Just have to share. Anita is doing her viola practice tonight, but has strayed from her workbook.
    She is doing “Silent Night” by ear.
    She is doing well. I am very proud of her…

  132. There is no Mare. Only Zul.

  133. Your wife is lovely and talented and has an excellent sense of humor, Crispy.

  134. Sean,
    She is, indeed. The Hostages would love her, had the the chance to meet her…

  135. There is no Zuul, only Mare.

  136. Zuul, Mare…I’m the guy with the gun.

  137. Anyone heard how Roamy’s dad is this evening?

  138. I am watching The Blacklist on Netflix.
    Not bad entertainment. James Spader chews so much scenery that I am afraid he will burst forth from the TV screen and start nibbling on the Chaise Lounge.

  139. You have a chaise lounge?


  140. Actually I don’t even know what a chaise lounge is, except that it is some kind of furniture. It just sounded classier that couch.


    It’s like a couch, but for homos.

  142. I won’t mind a more useful version, like this

  143. Mmm, this 4 alarm pizza is delicious. Pepperoni, sriracha sausage, onions, jalepenos, and pepperjack cheese.

  144. Why not 5 alarm?

  145. I didn’t name it, just came up with the ingredients. One of our best sellers.

  146. I tried to watch The Blacklist, but the whole thing seemed too silly to me.

  147. Are the w’s smoking a turkey for thanksgiving? I’m doing one tomorrow, per amazingribs guy, with simon and garfunkel.

  148. Evenin’, homos.

  149. Did anybody fail to convince anybody else that a firebombing might just be taking the whole college rivalry thing a little too far today?

  150. I’m smoking one and frying a couple, Jay.

  151. Jay,
    I’m doing the artichoke, Roma, and black-olive, with an extra pound of mozzarella tonight.
    We’re gonna poop tomorrow!
    /poop blog

  152. I’ve got chicken thighs roasting on potatoes, carrots and onions in the oven and rice pilaf on the stovetop.

  153. Hey Andy, long time no see! I miss frying turkeys, but the one I have is too big. Got it from work at Xmas.

  154. I gotta remember to pick up artichoke sometime, and try that pizza. It sounds really good.

  155. Andy, Is your brother still in the service?

  156. Don’t forget the onions Jay. Ah like the reds.

  157. Jay, yeah, I apologize for my extended absence. I’ve been busy as fuck.

    Chumpo, yep, he’s stationed at Benning right now. Headed to the sandbox soon, it looks like.

  158. We’re having a bit of a turkey-off here on Thursday. I have a recipe I’ve been using in the fryer for a decade or so that’ll work great in the smoker, too. So why not do ’em both?

  159. Andy,
    You doing a “Gun Blog” tomorrow?
    How about the Walther P-38?
    I’ve an old “shooter” ( an “AC-38” upper on a P-1 aluminum lower) that is “interesting”, but the muzzle-flip from the light front-end is bad).
    The mechanism is fascinating, and it is an interesting machine, but it is flawed in the execution…

  160. Smoking on Thursday, or doing it before? We have to travel, so I’m cooking mine ahead of time, and warming it up.

  161. Jay,
    Get a can of quartered artichoke-hearts.
    That’s the only way to do this…

  162. >> How about the Walther P-38?

    Consider it done! My little brother has a shit ton of them along with a couple of Lugers. Ahhh, to be young and single again.

  163. Jay, I’m smoking it on Thursday.

  164. Artichokes are vexing. They’re wonderful things, but coring them is a chore.

  165. Baylor is ranked #7, and they don’t have the stands full? Wow.

  166. Colt 32 Police Positive.

    Benning, eh? They have a suhweet War Museum. Goering’s Marshal’s truncheon is there with an open invitation to te Gemans; if they want it back they can come get it.

    Best museum tour evan.

    Good luck to yer brother. When I met you he was a Boot.

  167. Yeah, turkeys don’t take long. It’s not like you’re cooking a brisket.

  168. Are you having sourdough for turkey day, Mr. Chumpo? My audience is of a limited palate (picky eaters), so I don’t think I’ll spring a real sour batch on them.

  169. Baylor is ranked #7, and they don’t have the stands full? Wow.

    To be fair, it sounds like they’re having some inclement weather. Lightning and such.

  170. Thanks, Chumpo. Yeah, he’s been in one school after another for a while.

    How’ve you been?

  171. Sourdough.
    How I love thee, Sourdough.
    Your crumb cuts my gum,
    but your smell, sour sweet.

    No, Jay. Bathing suit season is right around the corner (as usual in SoCal) so my winter fare is raw almonds and apples with cold cut rolls. I live on that shit for five months so that I can still drink as much beer as I like. I loose 30 lbs that way and stay drunk all winter.

    I’ll be cracking into sourdough this March. I might practice a batch or two before the chili cook off on New Years Day.
    Confidence is high. My friend has a starter for me. Someday I’ll use one of yourn.

  172. Good luck getting into that Speedo!

  173. Up and down, Drew. Mostly up. You know the drill.

    I’ve been directing a bunch of commercials here in Diego. I really want to do Hard hitting campaign spots though. I had some shit that sidetracked me this year but I look forward to one day soon showing Te Hoard my chops.

    Good work on the podcast, Man. You guys are rolling. Keep it fresh.

    I like how you roll a guest in there and make ’em talk a lot. That is a great way to program.

  174. Cool. 2016 is just around the … oh, shit!

    The Permanent Campaign(tm) should be good for business.

  175. That’s the ticket.

  176. Both the webtubes and real life are dead tonight. I blame Stanfurd.

  177. Finally finished this book. It was good, but long and dense.

  178. Holy fucking shit.

    I waffled all day on whether to go see my dad and finally decided that I wanted to see Rocketboy first, then I would head south, probably tomorrow. So I did laundry all day and packed for a couple of days in lower Alabama.

    Mr. RFH picked up Rocketboy in Paducah (at least the kid got a ride that far). On their way home, he got a call. It was the EMTs working on his dad. He was in cardiac arrest, and they wanted permission to stop CPR, and our niece isn’t old enough to give medical orders. (Or so he said. She’s 18. She might not have wanted to make that decision, and I don’t blame her.) He gave permission to stop.

    He leaves tomorrow morning. I’ll follow with the kids once we know what the funeral arrangements are. Repack for fucking cold.

    Stepmom was released from the hospital today. Dad is still in ICU but sounds closer to his normal self, just tired. Someone from their church brought her some clean clothes and gave her a ride home. Someone else gave her a ride back to visit Dad, and a third person brought her dinner. I feel like shit for not being there, but everyone seems happy to help. Thank God for friends,

    Rocketboy is five pounds heavier, might be an inch taller, and hasn’t had a haircut since July. He made me happy by eating all the leftover chicken vegetable soup.

    Don’t say anything on my FB wall. SIL is in Europe on business, so she doesn’t know yet, and neither do some of the cousins. I made calls for three hours, and I’m done for the night.

    If you find $20, buy me a drink with it.

  179. It is pretty dead out there. It was a beautiful day here, after being frigid for a week. We hit the 50s.

  180. Ugh, that’s awful news, roamy. Prayers and thoughts are with you and yours.

  181. blerg.

    I don’t miss mare. I don’t miss anyone who abandons us. foch ’em.

  182. Roamy’s got too much going on.

    So both her dad AND her husband’s dad were having issues? Dad was in car accident right?

    It’s unfortunate, but “we’re” at that age where we’re all losing parents. Jeff G lost his mom earlier this week. Most of my better friends have lost at least one .

  183. j’ames, I’m going to need you here on Thursday to fry a turkey.

    that’s a go, right?

  184. According to the jugeared clown, Mexicans all just mow yards, pick strawberries and clean bedpans

    Many folks down here are not happy with him right now

  185. Found a picture of Astrid what’s her ass on Twitter
    She’s marching, making a power fist

    I think her “three degrees” are in basket weaving, Chicano Studies and eating quesadillas

  186. Yes, my dad was in a car accident last night. Mr. RFH’s dad has been in hospice care for a year.

    When it rains, it pours.

  187. Jeebers, roamy. Prayers sent.

  188. On the other hand, if he had to pick a time where we could all gather for the funeral, this is it.

  189. So dad is going to be ok, FIL is at the end of his battle.

    A year in Hospice. that’s a good amount of time. I remember all the issues with him, I was just kinda taken by surprise.

    I can understand the niece thing. No one wants to make that decision alone. it’s really horrible to have to go through alone.

  190. Car in, sure, I’ll just pop over from Minnesota. Both states start with an M, so it’s gotta be close, right?

    That was pretty good turkey that day.

  191. I didn’t work a real double today, yet I’m tired.

    How weird is that.

  192. Awesome. So glad you’re not like Mare and i can count on you.

    A guy from work (yes, he’s gay) is making me a “B52” cheese cake. i can’t wait to serve.

  193. it.

    To my guests. bedtime now.

  194. A guy from work (yes, he’s gay) is making me a “B52″ cheese cake. i can’t wait to serve.

    Is it going to look like Fred Schneider?

  195. Man, it pisses me off when people want to tell me that I’m somehow anti-immigrant for wanting illegals to go the fuck back where they came from and wait in line. The VAST majority of people I grew up with were from legal immigrant families. The company I work for is owned by people who came to this country legally and busted their asses to build a life here the right way. Nearly every family on the street where I live has at least one person who was born in another country.

    But I’m a racist and an asshole for thinking people ought to obey the law. Fuck that.

  196. my family came here as immigrants in the 1890s. Both sides.

  197. Merry Christmas, from Joe Boxer!

  198. Huh. My relatives immigrated to Pasadena in 1870 as well, Jay. I’m pretty sure illegally. There were like forty-five americans then. right?

  199. Ah, Roamy, thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

    My (and Russ from Winterset’s) ancestors came over in 1722 from Switzerland. They wrote about getting attacked by Indians on the frontier, which was central Pennsylvania. Dad and two sons were captured by the Indians. Sons were released after 3 years and after 5 years the father escaped.

  200. He spends his weekends with a load of blokes
    He forgets the punchline when he tells a joke
    He wants to stay out, he don’t want to go home
    ‘Til his nicotine fingers are stuffed down his throat
    He’s just a stereotype
    He drinks his derp in pints
    He drives home pissed at night and he listens to his stereo

  201. prayers for Roamy et al –

    car in has an attitude thing (not sure it’s a problem)

    i luv mare – in a non-stalking kind of way (leaving that to X dude)

    Scene has to step up his game

    the only bright spot about Oshitwads amnesty is, Chumpo gets to stay….

  202. Thanks, y’all. Too stressed to sleep much. I’m going to vent here that the EMTs shouldn’t have had had to make that call in the first place. I thought when you were on hospice, that a DNR was part of that. Apparently FIL wanted to fight down to the last pea in the dish. I don’t know why.

  203. It’s got to be hard to make that kind of call. I’m so sorry for your family’s pain and stress Roamie. Glad that you got to feed Rocketboy again even though he looks like a damn hippie.


  205. Hi Romita. Hope you have a nice cup of tea if you are up. I know that in CA, Hospice (G_D bless them and fund them) gives the immediate fam and caregivers a set of papers to be posted near the patient with the clear instructions re DNR. If those EMTs couldn’t see those instructions or they warn’t filled out yet, well there hands are tied.

    I am so sorry that you have had this cubic ton of heavy news fall on you and yours all at once. That is a bumpy road. Keep on pluggin’ and get some rest when you can.
    All Love and Support.

  206. Chumpo, FIL filled the papers out. He even authorized a ventilator. I’m glad it didn’t come to that.

    One silver lining is a cease-fire in the health insurance/full-time job argument, which has been going on for over a month.

  207. (((squishy hugs)))

  208. I thought when you were on hospice, that a DNR was part of that. Apparently FIL wanted to fight down to the last pea in the dish. I don’t know why.

    that’s not really hospice, from what I know of it. Once you’re in hospice, it’s comfort only. Antibiotics could be issued, but not anything that required an admission, etc. A vent doesn’t = hospice in my mind, but what do I know. My dad could go to dialysis, but not if it required the hospital side , etc. only regular outpatient.

  209. it took my mil years to become a US citizen. tests, studying. Pat remembers her studying a lot when he was a kid.

  210. Quit rubbing you danskins on the carpet!

  211. It’s too cold for football.

  212. My dad is CMO/DNR at his facility. My mom lives across town and visits nearly every day to keep the staff on their toes. His roommate there is the husband of her neighbor at the “Over 55” community where she lives now. They act as a support system for each other.

  213. I didn’t know you played MJ. What’s your position?

  214. My position is Onyourmom

  215. Much condolences on the passing of your FiL, Roamy.

  216. My position is Onyourmom

    Left, right, or center?

  217. Right up the middle

  218. whats that xing the road?

  219. Pack all of the things!

    Today is all about clocks.

    You mom was fond of clocks.

  220. Em Jay, where might an enterprising fellow find all of the DOTW videos?

  221. Grandmom clock

  222. You know what they say about a clock with big hands…

  223. Banjo clocks are the worst.

  224. You have to take them apart to remove the weight.

    Some are worth thousands of dollars and there are no instruction manuals.

  225. I didn’t know you played MJ. What’s your position?

    He used to be a tight end, now he’s a wide receiver.

  226. “Banjo clocks”

  227. all right I’m making breakfast. who wants a Breakfast Jack?

  228. Who wouldn’t want a Breakfast Jack?

  229. According to the jugeared clown, Mexicans all just mow yards, pick strawberries and clean bedpans
    Many folks down here are not happy with him right now

    I have to wonder if this won’t backfire on the Dems with the Hispanic community.

  230. Oh man! I made the best Juans this morrow.
    Heads up, Gata!

    *Slides a Delicious Breakfast Jack East on I10*

  231. Comment by Cyn on November 23, 2014 10:54 am
    Who wouldn’t want a Breakfast Jack?

    The best part of waking up…


  233. Em Jay, where might an enterprising fellow find all of the DOTW videos?
    I haven’t put any up in a really long time, but here’s the channel.

  234. Is that like a Morning Handy?

  235. He used to be a tight end, now he’s a wide receiver.
    I give that joke one out of 5 fish sticks. BOO!

  236. I have to wonder if this won’t backfire on the Dems with the Hispanic community.

    Even “Morning Joe” was saying that the EO breaks a few laws, not to mention his word, on Meet the Press this morning. Heh.
    *nibbles popcorn*

  237. what’s a breakfast jack? Sounds good, but I didn’t find it on HostageRecipes.

    *drumss fingers

  238. Who’s the tall guy in the video, MJ? You’re the little dog, right?

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