Big Boob Friday

Hello sock tuckers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


Your model for today is from Los Angeles, CA, and is 33 years old. She measures 5’4″ and 132lbs, 34D-25-37. Please stop stacking the empty crates upstairs and welcome Miss Yvette Martinez!









1105-lrms-04-o yvette-martinez-lowrider-girls-model

The drink of the week is Milk, for strong bones.



  2. She seems nice tits.

  3. She seems nice.

  4. She seems Latina.

  5. Amnesty is pretty awesome.

  6. She is so ugly. I’m just not into the cartoon looking chicks with giant boobs and asses.

    If you saw her on the street you’d think she was fat.

  7. Check.

  8. Wakey wakey.

  9. Lake is frozen.

  10. Yesterday, i looked out and there was a flock of about 30 Swans just floating around. We never get swans.

  11. I like the actual cartoon at the top of the poat.

  12. Bazoombas!

  13. Better than puns.

  14. True

  15. Puns never sag.

    They start out low and stay there, but they never sag.

  16. that’s one of the perks of my small boobies. They can only sag so far.

  17. It’s like I don’t even know this blog anymore. The header has been the same since Nov 5, we’re not complaining about the mass of brown people header toward America (fuck yeah), and Hotspur is acting like Pinkman. He’s on the weed!

  18. FINE. I’ll change the freakin header. I have a few things saved.

    You guys want cat or chicken pictures?

  19. I GOT IT.

  20. Nailed it.

  21. FiAF

  22. I actually did have a picture. No chicken or cat.


  23. . I’m just not into the cartoon looking chicks with giant boobs and asses.

    If you saw her on the street you’d think she was fat.

    I’m going to start using this excuse. I’m not fat – I just have giant boobs and ass.

  24. That’s the excuse I use 🙂

  25. mousetrap just went off.

  26. Car in probably uses Gruyere in her mousetraps. Or maybe a nice Brie.

  27. With a little thimble of cabernet. I’m not a barbarian, I just want them dead.

  28. This wagon’s bolt-ons are hideous. Se’s probably an illegal.

  29. She looks a little Kardashian-y.

  30. Undocumented, HS. you have to get the terminology right, now that we’re in Obama’s kingdom.

    When will he start wearing a crown?

  31. If I heard undocumented one more time from the DSM ACLU rep, I was gonna punch the TV.

    Man, are they gloating, or what? And it’s just the small first step, according to them!

  32. I refuse to conform.

  33. I bait mousetraps with peanut butter and green cards.

  34. I didn’t listen to the Cum Guzzler In Chief last night. I’m more interested in what the impotent republicans have to say.

    “Please, more lube, Your Highness.”

  35. With a little thimble of cabernet. I’m not a barbarian, I just want them dead.

  36. I give zero fucks about this amnesty or whatever.

    I just want a cheap nanny.

  37. Everyone needs a nanny. Even those without kids.

  38. 6 mice last night.

    Obama just called. he wants me to give them amnesty.

  39. Undocumented rodents. Their children were born in your house, therefore they own it.

    Better move out.

  40. I am looking forward to 30M new minimum wage earners demanding the new minimum wage be $15/hour.

    Posted by: chiefjaybob at November 21, 2014 09:24 AM (z1e9n)

  41. They aren’t undocumented. We give them DLs. They are illegals.

  42. Secret Santa Sign-up – about one week left, You People and Undocumenteders.

  43. I signed up as Count von Hugecockmonster

  44. I’m going to get my ss this.

    Don’t tell them.

  45. Cyn, I haven’t signed up yet, but please give my name to Carin. I totally want that.

  46. “Not to be used as a stepping stool”

  47. My SS name is James, Baron du Spatchcock

  48. I woke up at 2:45 the other night, and among the myriad of things running through my head was “What the hell is a squatty potty”.

    I had to look it up the next day.

  49. My toilet is too tall, I have considered building one from lumber.

  50. Just build a fucking step stool.

  51. Stool Stepping Stool


  52. Just build a fucking step stool.

    And put one of these behind it:

  53. I can safely say I’ve never woke up in the middle of the night and wondered what a Squatty Potty was

  54. Come on, Jimbro, think hard.

  55. Why would I wonder when I have two already? One for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. We’re a double Squatty Potty family

  56. *wonders if Car in believes me*

  57. Your Mom

  58. Your Mom jokes never get old.

  59. Fair play.

  60. Comment by leoncaruthers on November 21, 2014 11:11 am
    Fair play.

    The guy on the right is probably gay.

  61. Your Mom jokes never get old.

    Unlike your mom.

  62. Leon, I tried to emulate your HTTP to make the image in my post say Your Mom, as a clickable link, but I can’t seem to figure the fucking thing out. Could you please make it happen so I can see how to do it?

    Thank you, and God Bless Us One and All.

  63. I can safely say I’ve never woke up in the middle of the night and wondered what a Squatty Potty was

    *wipes tear from eye

    you just haven’t LIVED

  64. I hear the Squatty Potty X-Treem comes with a power rack and olympic bar.

  65. I used squatty potties in Thailand and Japan. Not good experiences.

  66. Done, HS. Check it out, pretty easy once you know the syntax.

  67. RE: Header picture

    Lift with your legs.

  68. <a href=”link goes here”>Text goes here</a>

  69. don’t forget your quotes, both sets. If only one is included wordpress errors it out.

  70. Thanks, Jay. I think the mistake I made was writing nofollow as no follow.

  71. I don’t even bother with that, but it’s legal. And you’re right, that would error it out.

  72. <a href=”your mom goes here” rel=”nofollow”>This is what your mom looks like</a>

    figured it’s easier to visualize this way

  73. *low wolf whistle*

    Nice HTML there, Jay!

  74. P.S. I never use quotation marks or the “nofollow”

  75. But if I look at your comment the nofollow is there, so I am totally confused. I’m too old to learn this shit I guess.

  76. Spur – just use what Jay typed in at 12:03 pm and you’ll become a master.

  77. Look at the size of this dick

  78. \o/

  79. Hooray!!

    You’re a Master Inserter now!

  80. I have always been a master of insertion.

  81. If you have a green card, you are eligible for Obamacare and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

    So, Obama’s “non-Amnesty” is essentially just another massive redistribution of American citizens’ wealth.

  82. Your mom says that about me

  83. Hahahahaha

    Good one.

  84. I put the nofollow in to show you how it’s used. You don’t need it, though. And if Cyn says no quotes, then quotes aren’t needed either. I’m just in the habit of using them, because I’m a programmer, and I know things that can happen.

  85. What nofollow does is tell bots not to follow a link, when spiders hit the site (yes, actual terms).

  86. ^^ All I see are a bunch of words dumped into a poat in no particular order.

  87. Rattlesnakes pizza motorcycle drinking glass sombrero turducken.

  88. Just right-sizing that bitch, bitches!

  89. Eh, Squatty Potties, that’s luxury! How about holes in the ground with a disgusting hose nearby on a $3/day, 5 weeks in Egypt trip? Plus in various other places. My dad had to go once in Baccarat, France and came out talking about the thigh workout he just had. Europe has always been behind (!) us on modern bathroom facilities.

    One time I was on a small falucca
    going down the Nile. It was so hot and dry that you drank constantly, but only urinated twice a day. So one morning I hopped out of the boat, availed myself of a nearby field, looked up and there was a freaking water buffalo standing right next to me. If I hadn’t been so blocked up it would have scared the crap out of me.

    True story.

  90. I’ve squatted enough to poop in my lifetime that I have absolutely no desire to travel anywhere that doesn’t have quality comfy flush toilets.

  91. Oh yeah, me neither, Xbrad. Did that, done with that.

  92. In Germany they have these fucking toilets that don’t have water in the bowl. You essentially shit on a shelf, where it stays until you flush it, then WHOOOSSHHH it goes flying down the drain. Dumbest design ever, because it basically sits there giving off poop smoke the whole time you’re sitting on the thing.

  93. We learned the hard way that if you leave some TP on the German toilets it lets your turd surf over the edge. It took a few days of multiple flushes to learn.

  94. You guys are gross

  95. poop blog

  96. Poop smoke is my new favorite phrase.

  97. I can’t stop giggling.


  98. My sister and I rebel and push the side of the button that uses the most water every time. “Eff you, conversationalists!!!

  99. We learned the hard way that if you leave some TP on the German toilets it lets your turd surf over the edge.

    I’m not able to picture this. Surf over the edge?

  100. The water comes out at the back of the shelf. The outflow hole is at the front. Poop on the TP covered shelf, flush away and the water acts like a gnarly wave and lets your deuce hang five over the edge.

    *cues Beach Boys music*

  101. A little dated, but kinda funny.

  102. Brit toilets were like that too. With giant-ass deep bowls. Creepy.

  103. You can’t have poop blog without this story.

    It’s old.

  104. does the water really circle in the opposite direction in South America/New Zealand/Australia?

  105. You motherfuckers talking shit?


  107. I hadn’t seen the Compos story on You Tube…OMG, people say this, but it is so true now: my stomach muscles ache from laughing. That thing is fucking evergreen.


  109. Great stuff from Bill Whittle. Non political.


  110. Hearing that on Xtranormal adds a bit, dontcha think, lipstick?

  111. Oh yeah, Jay. Still feeling it in the gut.

  112. Unless I know I have time to recover after watching that Xtranormal version of Compos’ story, forget it – I have to back out. Too, too funny.

  113. Watching the news out of MO. I hope Rosetta, Beasn and any other Morons out that way are locked and loaded!

  114. I used to love making those dumb little movies.

    This is still my favorite:

    Followed closely by this one:

  115. Shitstain <<< poop smoke

  116. Huh, they found Lois Lerner’s “missing” emails. How about that?

  117. orly? Were they in the conservatory? With a candlestick?

  118. I hear a bus warming up. Waiting for the “thump thump” now that the election is over.

  119. Hotspur. In the bathroom. With poop smoke.

  120. I’ll be in the observatory with Miss Scarlet. Give us a while, will you?

  121. Leon brought the rope, didn’t he?

  122. If he were alone he could amuse himself with the candlestick.

  123. Aaannnddd we’re a poop blog again.

  124. The hotel I’m staying at is classy. They warm your nuts at the bar.

  125. Greetings, breast enthusiasts.

  126. They warm your nuts at the bar.

    This gets my vote as Comment of the Day, or for Oso, CotD.

  127. It’s delightful! Actually a classy cocktail bar. I froze when the guy asked me what I wanted. I’m currently having a Guinness draft beer which I can get at 4 or 5 places in Bangor that I can think of off the top of my head.


  128. Well, if that’s the CotD, there’s no point in trying to add anything else. Goodnight.

  129. I missed it, why are you at a hotel?

    The one I stay at now doesn’t even really have a bar.

  130. I’m at the New England Orthopedic Society meeting in boston. It’s at the Omni Parker House Hotel. It’s an older hotel that has a conference facility big enough for our group. We’re not too big, maybe 100 people combined, and the room holds that well.

  131. We meet twice a year, fall is in Boston and spring alternates between different resorts in the NE states. 2015 is in Maine, 2016 Vermont and 2017 in MA. Beyond that we haven’t decided.

  132. Sean, don’t be dispirited. Cyn should have said CotD so far. You’ll be awake way longer than me and a lot of stuff happens after I hit the rack.

  133. I polished the silver for this?

  134. Holy shit – aren’t this guy’s 15 minutes of fame over yet?

  135. That’s what kids are calling it these days?

  136. Do you use Tarn-x on your “silver”?

  137. Polish?

    Soooo gauche.

  138. I use some knock off brand from the dollar store.

  139. I haven’t polished metal for any non-destructive purpose.

  140. I have a silver tray from ROTC for being the Distinguished Military Graduate and they not only left an “e” off my name, they mounted the inscription off center. It’s out in the garage somewhere. I should have found it and sold it when silver was approaching $50/ounce.

  141. My folks used to have a metric shitton of silver service. Every time they left a squadron or command, they’d get a platter, a coffee service, some shit like that.

    We gave a lot of it to my niece. But we still have quite a bit. And it’s a royal pain to polish it. But today was just the flatware. A pain, but not a royal pain.

  142. We had silverware utensils. While my brother and I handled trash, firewood and coal hauling my sister was tasked with the polishing twice a year for Thanksgiving and Easter dinner.

  143. There’s supposed to be an “e” in Jimbro? Did you change it after they fucked up your tray?

  144. She got the silverware, China and Waterford crystal from my mom when she downsized.

  145. Jeimbro




    Nah, my last name contains 3 e’s

  146. Fucking rich doctor types like Jimbro, hogging all the “e’s” and not leaving any for folks like Cyn.

  147. Jiembro?

  148. Ceyn




    I like Cyen. Sounds like a good stripper name.

  149. Wasn’t Ejimbro a samurai movie?

  150. Secret Santa Gift Idea.

  151. Gladiator

  152. When I read about your local hoodlums drinking Sidepockets I thought of a story Paula told me from the ER. The local homeless beverage of choice these days is a big ass can of Bud Light Ras-Ber-Ita. It’s got about 6% ABV or whatever that term is.

  153. Omni Parker House Hotel.

    I’ve stayed there. Try the rolls.

  154. It has to taste better than Sidepocket.

  155. What’s Sidepocket?

  156. Sidepocket is a brand of dirt cheap beer.

  157. Gotcha. Now, can anybody tell me why today’s model isn’t posed next to a lowrider in any of the photos?

  158. Parker House Rolls were in my belly last night. You can get them with breakfast but once a day is enough for me.

  159. I want to know how those tiny little ankles don’t crumple under the weight of her ass.

  160. Some H2 music

  161. She’s a model. They’re photoshopped. Here’s an undoctored image:

  162. Evening Hostages

  163. Sean, she is posed in a garage next to tools. That’s pretty close.

  164. ‘sup, Bcork?

  165. Big boned

  166. Here’s some butthurt.

  167. Cyn, check your cox/g mails for a puppy picture.

  168. Sup Leon. How goes it?

  169. Not bad, just back from my monthly trip to NoVa. Got polygraphed. Took Thursday off to sleep on the couch.

  170. You pass?

    A day on the couch? Man. What I wouldn’t give.

  171. Who wants to make dinner? Pan fry some ham and some veggies?

  172. Nice music, Roamy.

  173. I pretty much had to. Barely slept at the hotel, flight left me sniffly.

    It was take a comfy “sick” day or an uncomfortably sick weekend.

    If kids ever come I won’t get to do it again for like 20 years.

  174. Pretty much. Even next weekend doesn’t get me a day off.

    Eldest has a dance performance on Wed night at a tree lighting ceremony. Thanksgiving with the fam on Thurs. Then another tree lighting ceremony on Fri.

  175. I’m fairly sure I’ve been awake for 4 days.

  176. Jesus, how many trees are you going to burn, BBC?

  177. I slept in until 1030 this morning. Just sayin’.

  178. I’ve got tree lighting experience.

  179. I like Cyen. Sounds like a good stripper name.

    *curses under breath and changes stage name again*

  180. xbrad, fuck you.

    scott, I wish. These trees are massive. Would make a helluva bonfire.

  181. Jimbro sent me a cute pic of his puppy… Go to the Pets Held Hostages page to see!

  182. I’m fairly sure I’ve been awake for 4 days.

    Stop doing meth.

  183. We didn’t do a tree last year, just an Advent wreath. Probably the same thing this year, and maybe a cresh if I can find one I like.

  184. I’m fairly sure I’ve been awake for 4 days.

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  185. It was gila monster venom, you pussies.

    So did they ask you if you what size thong you wear in VA?

  186. Did anybody have to stifle a giggle while using the phrase “With all due respect” in conversation with anybody else today?

  187. Yes

  188. You stifle the giggle?

  189. Oh, if we didn’t have to stifle it, what a world this would be.

  190. creche


  191. I’ve found that the fastest and most sure way to piss off an asshole is to laugh at him.

    I’ve done it several times during arguments involving work. They don’t like it much.


  193. Maybe he didn’t misspell it, Jimbroe…

  194. ISWYDT……..prick.

  195. That cresh makes Chulthu happy

  196. This looks good.

    I am so tired.

  197. ISWYDT……..prick.


  198. So did they ask you if you what size thong you wear in VA?

    The gila monster venom is messing up your grammar.

    And no.

  199. Gila monster?

    Leave your mom out of this.

  200. Homework turned in, tests taken, and dinner eaten. Now it’s time for a cigar and a glass of bourbon.

  201. Mare!

  202. Ham, taters, and green beans eaten.

  203. From the Emma and Cinnamon comments, there’s a potential Hostage in there:

    Janet Tolli
    4 days ago

    Not fair she is 3 I am 10 she gets a hores but I don’t 
    14 minutes ago

    It’s because you’re adopted.. sorry 

  204. I was on the phone the other day with my mother and it came up in conversation how some people do not look much like their relatives and she said, “Well, like how you and [your sister] don’t look anything alike.” And I said, “Yeah, but that’s not really fair, she’s adopted.” And this led to a conversation where she found out for the first time that I have been telling my older sister that she was adopted since childhood.

    I mean, she had heard me say that to sis before, once or twice. But she didn’t know I’ve been saying it to my sister since we were little kids. And how that line has been reliably pissing my sister off for over thirty years.

    I think she might have peed herself laughing.

    There are some advantages to being derived from basically evil people.

  205. Boston Market Salisbury Steak frozen dinner heated and eaten.

    This was new — if you wanted to heat it in the oven you had to put it in a different container. It was a WTF moment — who expects that?

  206. My mom has a younger sister. Irish twins. Born 11 months apart. When they were growing up, she never used to use the adopted line, but she would tell her “You know you’re an accident. They didn’t mean to have you. No one would do that on purpose.”

  207. My older sisters just beat me.

  208. WTF, O?

    You people (“You People!) Are wandering all over the place! Stop it!

  209. **calls sisters and asks them to beat Chrispy**

  210. My older brother made me carry his saxophone home from school.

  211. My brother and I don’t look all that much alike, but we both resemble my dad in different ways. I don’t think I ever tried to tell him he was adopted.

  212. You mean he *let* you carry it.

  213. It is a sacred trust.

  214. It’s not like it was a clarinet, right Wiser?

  215. >>You mean he *let* you carry it.

    Oh gosh, tell me about it. We live at the top of a hill and he would just plop it down in the middle of the street and say “you’d better carry this up because I’m not” “I’m not going to!” “Okay then, it’ll just be left here. . .” And I freaking believed him and carried that thing up.

  216. Good thing I’m not so gullible anymore.

    *hack, snort, spit-take*


  217. I shoulda *let* you carry my luggage at TITS.

  218. Happy birthday, Michael!

  219. If you remember, XB, our luggage arrived by different transport.

    *stern look*

  220. I know. But you could have at least carried it down for me.

  221. Bastage.

  222. You misspelled “baggage.”

  223. Where’s the party?

  224. Your mom’s mouth. Everybody’s coming.

  225. In my pants.

  226. WTF? I just heard thunder! Guess that really is rain that I’m hearing, too – just looked at the radar, and we’re smack dab in the middle of a green patch….

  227. That’s the Latino Hoard racing north past yer house, TiF. Better put some chocolate’ calor on.

  228. Teresa
    You said a very very bad word on AoSHQ today.
    I’m very surprised..

  229. She seems nicely Latina.

  230. If I told you things I did before, told you how I used to be
    Would you go along with someone like me?
    If you knew my story derp for derp, had all of my history
    Would you go along with someone like me?

  231. I wanna to hold yer hand.

    King Merdes

  232. TexasJew, you might not want to look at my FB then – I’m afraid I broke my cardinal rule regarding that word.

    I am, alas, now a poor soiled dove…..

  233. I’m sorry I forgot te TinyUrl.

    Please to fix?

  234. Fixt, Chumpo.

    We teased my cousin that she was adopted, and she didn’t fall for it because kids always do that sort of thing.

    She really was adopted.

  235. I (heart) Roamy.

  236. My sister and I both looked like my parents and like each other, so I never got to do that.

    My mother and her siblings have told my aunt Brenda that she was the mailman’s kid for basically her entire life.

  237. Signed up for SS.

  238. Where’s Cyn?

    Please rig SS so I get Leon. I have the perfect gift.

  239. You just don’t want me to get my Squatty Potty.

  240. Ugh. If any of you fine folks still listen to my radio show, I suggest giving it a pass today.

    I’m gonna be standing outside a grocery store for two hours with Tom Hill begging for good donations.

    This is gonna suck.

  241. Good = food.

  242. No DOTW, right? I gotta pick up GND at the aero porto and just wanted to make sure.

  243. At least you’re not at a car dealership.

  244. wakety wakety

  245. No stories from work.

    I did get a couple of $20 tips, though.

  246. Nope, no DOTW either. Just me trying to keep Tom from begging for free shit from the grocery store

  247. From FB friend Daniel.
    “OK, try to wrap your head around this. The same US Government that tells us there is no problem granting 5 million people from Mexico what amounts to permanent resident alien status is also telling us to stay the hell out of Mexico because it a collapsing narco-terrorist state. Now imagine when a bus full of 43 college students disappears, with said college students only to be found a few months later in shallow roadside graves, that this is a routine occurrence on our side of as well as south of it, because there is, effectively, no border, and people can travel back and forth freely. Are you up for that? Are you OK with those students being from, say, Iowa State or Rutgers or USC?

    People are leaving Mexico for a reason. Most of them are trying to get to a place where there is work, and where their children can be raised in safety. But in those 5 million are a certain number of terrorists, murderers, and criminals looking to establish control over vast new markets.

    Does anything the Federal government has done in the last decade convince you they can control this, or even have your best interest at heart? Does Lois Lerner’s IRS or the Veteran’s Administration or The Department of Giving Grants to Solyndra or the folks responsible for Fast and Furious, or the people in charge of releasing free range terrorists from Guantanamo have a good grip on this?

    It’s all theory until we have a refugee crisis on our border, like we did last summer. Like we now will every summer for the foreseeable future.”

    Well put.

  248. Roamy, Obama told us these people are hardworking, nice people.

    I’m sure he’s right. After all, he’s from the government.

  249. *patents the word ‘esse’

  250. I’d really like to get a-hold of one of those La Raza motherfockers. California, New Mexico, Arizona, and part of Texas should actually be Mexico? Huh. We should simply allow mexicans to take over those parts of the country? BECAUSE MEXICO IS DOING SUCH A BANG UP JOB WITH IT’S COUNTRY/SOCIETY.

    Just this past week, someone came out with piece saying, basically, that mexican males are amoral due to the total collapse of their society. Yea, let’s expand that shit. What a great fucking idea.

    All the messicans at work tell me about how wonderful it is in Mexico. Really? Then WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE???

  251. Wiser
    Donations for what?

    I could use a couple of cans of strained peas..

  252. I respect teh mexican who says that their country is completely fucked up and that they’re here because it’s BETTER in the USA. I’ll grant those people amnesty. Everyone else can fock off.

    [I think i’m channeling mare this morning]

  253. One of the girls already got herself an anchor baby. Had that baby on medicaid, and hasn’t work for the past year and a half since the baby was born.

  254. Obama is just taking advantage of the ignorance of the public. He knows that most people think the president is kind of like a king.

  255. Yes, Mexico is quite a shithole: corrupt, corrupting and corruptable.

    The political atmosphere being imported here is nothing this country needs.

    Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants to the US are left in legal limbo. These are the people with actual skills and education and these are the real victims of that worthless cocksucker’s power grab.

  256. I still really, really want to take a few million motivated souls and invade Mexico for its own sake. Mexico run right would be one of the wealthiest nations on Earth.

  257. Something interesting: this wiki page lists the 295 tallest buildings in the world.

    If you consider Canada and Amerca together, the the oldest skyscraper in the rest of the world was built in 1985. (Canada has something from mid1970s, but Canada is basically North Minnesota).

    Americas oldest skyscrapers are from 1930s.
    America was building skyscrapers 55 years before rest of the world.

    Building skyscrapers is basically a dick measuring contest. Other countries are still playing because they don’t have the balls to nuke another country.

    Once you nuke someone, you don’t need to keep competing in the dick measuring contest.

  258. Maybe if Mexico had a bigger dick they’d leave our country

  259. G’morning

  260. Tushar
    The Saudis are building a 3280-foot tower in Riyadh, the Kingdom Tower for some reason
    It’s not like it’s hard to find open space in the middle of the desert

  261. My dad and stepmom were in a car wreck last night. Dad’s in ICU, stepmom is bruised but okay. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated.

  262. Oh gosh, Roamy, I’m so sorry to hear that. Prayers and good thoughts in high gear.

  263. So sorry to hear that Roamy

  264. Prayers said, Roamy.

    And towers are silly unless you need to be closer to the sky for some reason of physics. Tall cities encourage congestion and pollution of every kind. Nature hates concentrations of anything, that’s why most of the universe is vacuum.

  265. I still really, really want to take a few million motivated souls and invade Mexico for its own sake. Mexico run right would be one of the wealthiest nations on Earth.

    Same here. I’ve been calling for the annexation of northern Mexico for years. Take it over, execute the local government and every member of the cartels, and impose a military governor for twenty years until you clear the corruption out of the system.


  267. *squishy hugs Roamie*

  268. I hope everyone recovers quickly Roamy

  269. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to your Dad, Roamy.
    And hugs for you.

  270. {{{Hugs}}} Roamy. Prayers already sent. If you need anything, please let us know ♥♥♥

  271. Speaking of illegals invading our country, isn’t there a state forest on the border of Arizona (or New Mexico, can’t remember off the top of my head) that has basically already been ceded to Mexican thugs?

    As in, Americans have been warned not to enter, lest they imperil their own lives?

    And the US Government wants to give MORE land to these people?

    Last time I checked, we PAID for all of the land we supposedly “stole” – and we have the treaties to prove it. If they want that land back, they can negotiate a new treaty with Congress and pay us fair market value for it.

  272. Yes.

  273. I think we need to give NY city and San Fran back to the Indians as a gesture of goodwill.

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