MMM 149: Leon’s out of town again.

By the time you read this, I’ll be on another business trip. This one with the least justification of any thus far, but I agreed to travel once a month, so away I go/went.

I spent most of the last few days playing the hell out of Saints Row IV, which is basically the best game ever.
It included this awesome tune:

at a pivotal moment late in the game. I was elated. Okay, on to pictures.

Saints Row IV had big guns.

It also had at least one really ripped chick.
And a fair number of big bewbs. 0 of which were real, because they were in fact pixels. AND SO ARE THESE!
Petra Szabo Fitness Model
There were a wide variety of possible wardrobe options. My avatar could have looked like and worn this.
You could also get tattoos on pretty much every body surface as well.
There wasn’t any yoga, though.
There were hipster glasses available. I really wish this girl hadn’t worn hers, they look awful.
There were occasional glitches, like getting stuck on objects, but it was mostly error-free considering the huge amount that could be happening on-screen.
And now, having finished it, I’m filled with melancholy, wishing there were more to it.
But it’s good that I finished it before my trip, or I’d just be sitting there having fits waiting to get back to it.

Now I’ll just have to find something else to live for, because I’m pretty sure I’ve peaked and the best times in my life are behind me. Enjoy your Monday!



  2. First four are the men.

    What do I win?

  3. The second guy did a terrible job of tucking his dick.

  4. I’m still waiting to peak.

  5. Just a reminder: Paleo challenge begins today.

    I only get 8 pts per day because of the coffee, but I’m not giving it up .

  6. Doesn’t sound like you’re all that committed, Car in. You need to reexamine your priorities.

  7. Good morning cool kids.

  8. It’s already time for Secret Santa Sign-ups.

    Where did the time go?

  9. J’ames, I considered giving up coffee. for about 3 seconds.

  10. I’d sooner give up onanism

  11. Jimbro, last time I tried to give up that, my right hand kept sending me selfies to get me back into the mood.

  12. SECRET SANTA!!!!!!! Sign me up!

  13. THE TOUCH was first featured in 1986’s TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE and later showed up in BOOGIE NIGHTS

  14. Onanism is a tough vice to beat. Bread is much easier. Both can be overcome, though.

    Not that many men even try anymore.

  15. I had coffee today. Brewed cocoa is not available on the road. Going to do burpees, bridges,and handstand pushups later in the hotel room.

  16. No more, “Them bitches got to have a dick.”

    No more, “She’s too veiny for me.”

    No more, “Damn…….that ho is lawdge!!!”

    No more, “Her breath smells like the shithouse door on a tuna trawler.”

    No more mimicking silly assed NFL players saying shit they don’t live but have been punked into saying anyway.

  17. My current latitude is 31.58 degrees north. The current temperature is 20 degrees Farenheit. It’s mid-November. That right there is what you call some BULLSHIT!!!


  19. Raining here. Snowed back home just in time for a 160# horse feeder to arrive while I’m out of town.

    Warming would have been nice. I so wish they weren’t dead wrong about that shit.

  20. It’s precisely BECAUSE they were wrong about that shit that they are now calling it Climate Change.

  21. H2 PSA:
    I’ve got a poat in the queue for tonight to sign up for Secret Santa.

  22. I signed up for your mom.

  23. at least 5 Y chromosomes

  24. Yeah, she told me.

    She also said that the TRO should be delivered shortly.

  25. I read an article this weekend which said that one of the other “hallmarks” of MG is problems with thermoregulation.

    Which probably explains why I am so frickin’ cold right now.

    *sits next to fireplace, wrapped up in 2 blankets and 3 layers of clothes*

  26. Someone’s knocking at my door.

  27. I’m in

  28. Somebody’s ringing the bell.

  29. Don’t feel too bad, TiFW, it’s a whopping 14 degrees, and windy, here today. Sub zero wind chills.

    Yay Iowa!

  30. I feel sorry for whomever becomes my Secret Santa victim, as I’m always really bad at picking gifts.

  31. So, Jason Heyward is a Cardinal now. Thanks roamy and bcoch!

  32. No danger of theft this year, at least.

    I should have another monitor delivered as bait. Maybe I can catch the guy.

  33. I’m in

    Into MMM?


  34. Peyson is beautiful.

  35. Everything is Beautiful

  36. It really was gorgeous up there; I’d forgotten how much so.

    It was in the high-40’s, no wind, beautiful leaves changing… I’d have loved to just sat on the deck and vegetated for a few hours.

  37. You have to drive there every day?

  38. No; Mom has a little place in Mesa. It’s about 15-20 minutes from my house.

  39. MesaBlue?

  40. My cousin used to live in Mesa. I only drove through it.

    Arizona in general is too brown for me to call it pretty.

  41. MesaBrown.


  43. Arizona in general is too brown for me to call it pretty.

    Racisss. Straight up Racisss.

  44. Good job dropping the pan of bacon and spreading boiling hot grease all over the kitchen, XMom!

  45. I hope she wasn’t hurt.

  46. Nope. She’s fine. But I’m a little annoyed she couldn’t wait the 10 seconds for me to move the hot grease for her. Not that cleaning up is a major task, but because it was pure luck she wasn’t burned.

  47. But the bacon’s okay, right? RIGHT??!

  48. There will be BLT sammiches for lunch.

  49. Mmmm, that sounds good. Wish I had some T.

  50. They were quite tasty.

  51. My $0.02 on current events. Gruber’s from MIT. I’ve only known one person who went to MIT who wasn’t a pretentious asshole, and even then, I met him before he went to MIT, so for all I know, he’s become a pretentious asshole in the last 25 years. (I doubt it though, he was a Carolina boy who liked fishing, water skiing, and kissing nerdy girls.) Gruber couldn’t help himself in calling everyone else stupid and easily fooled, because he’s the smartest guy in the room, just ask him.

    Obama “borrowed liberally” from Gruber and now doesn’t know him from Adam. This is what he gets for making speech after speech after speech. There’s video out there somewhere of all kinds of contradictions, and as Jim Geraghty has said, every Obama promise has an expiration date. Everyone gets thrown under the bus sooner or later.

    And any woman who gets frightened away from a career in science by a fugly bowling shirt needs to stick with the liberal arts degree..

  52. Cyn’s Payson pick made me want to go to the Red Onion in Heber. Mmmm…cold beer and great burgers!

  53. Where did the time go?

    I’m still recovering from TITS, so I don’t know.

  54. My flight from Las Vegas to Denver is delayed. Bleh. I want to go home and do some work and pour myself a bourbon and smoke a cigar. Instead I’m sitting at the airport watching old people play the slots before their flight.

  55. I have been authorized to empty the old Jim Beam decanters.
    If it doesn’t look bad I will try some.

  56. Greetings, daily grinders.

  57. We had authentic Mexican burritos for lunch.
    1.3 lbs each.

  58. Yummers, XBrad! Glad XMom is OK (even gladder that the bacon made it….)


  60. I think it’s weird how someone photoshopped a cute Asian chick’s head onto that dude in the first picture of this poat.

  61. I had a med school classmate from MIT. She was a great person, smart and attractive enough to be chased by most of the single guys in our class. She did straight Internal Medicine and got even better looking after she got married and had kids.


  62. Why is it dark?

  63. Scott, you should take pics of your food and post it on social media. What was in your burrito? Did it have cilantro?

  64. Did you feel like a python that swallowed a pig whole after you ate it?

  65. I think it had cilantro.

    I made two meals out of it.

  66. What was in your burrito? Did it have cilantro?

    I first read that as, “Did it have a clit?”

    I been hanging with you pervs to long.

  67. too

  68. Glad to hear that, Jimbro. I had a boss from MIT, and he made a point of hiring more MIT people. Two of the people he hired were affirmative action hires who did nothing except file complaints and burn up charge code. One ran a horse farm. I am dealing with an MIT grad at JSC who has been promising me data for three years and has yet to deliver.

  69. I have 2 3rd cousins that are MIT grads. They’re brother and sister. Parents are pot smoking hippies. They were assholes as kids, and assholes now. The only thing I really like is how dismissive they are to my Stanford/Harvard cousins.

  70. Were they space horses?

  71. They were at the International Space Stable.

  72. 3rd cousins? I don’t know any first cousins.

  73. Heh. That was actually Space Station Freedom days.

  74. Those were.

    Apparently my grammatical skills are kaput for the day.

  75. Scott, I know 5th and 6th cousins. Beyond that, I’m lost.

  76. Strangers.

  77. When Dan and I first got married, he refused to remember names past Tios/Tias and 1st cousins. We spent so much time with 2nd and 3rd cousins, he had to expand his memory. He knows more of my extended family than most of my 1st cousins. My Mom was always closer to her cousins, than her siblings.

  78. I never could keep 2nd cousins vs. 1st cousins once removed straight.

  79. That’s because you’re from Alabama and it’s common for 2nd cousins and first cousins once removed to be married to each other down there. Or at least to be fuckin’.

  80. All of my obscure relatives are cousins. One Christmas my (real) cousin’s husband’s son’s wife’s kid asked me how we’re related.


  81. “I think it’s weird how someone photoshopped a cute Asian chick’s head onto that dude in the first picture of this poat.”

    hahaaaa… i yelled at the neighborhood – “look at the guns on that asian chick/dude”

    and i didn’t mean “tits”

  82. Primos. I’m always the one who has to explain how we’re related. I’ve worked with and gone to school with people that I’ve ended up being related to.

  83. “Miley, if we get divorced, will we still be cousins?”

  84. Dan calls Hondo “Deliverance, NM”. Some of mi familia is Hills Have Eyes scary. Tree doesn’t branch scary.

  85. I don’t have any first cousins. My brother and I are the end of the family line.

  86. C’mon maaaaaaaannn! #2 didn’t even try to tuck.

  87. there’s a weird hex/pent – amater thing going on in this poat

    oh, and who called shotgun –
    re: “I signed up for your mom.”

  88. Dan has no Gorton cousins. I don’t know if he’s Uncas or Chingachgooch.

  89. Ugh. Just got a text from my boss asking me to work at 4AM not 5.

  90. Opening was the worst. I don’t miss it at all.

  91. We had an early Savings Event on Saturday. Another one this Saturday. I’ve been working so many 5AM shifts, I can barely think. We made 160,000K over LY. Got 66 new credit signups. The Club looked like crap. People are piggehs.

  92. Comment by ChrisP on November 17, 2014 8:21 pm


  93. Most of our night crew called out Sat and Sun. I was moving pallets doing recovery today. My right knee doesn’t like pallet moving/stocking.

  94. You need to teach your knee who the boss is.

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