Pretty Face Sunday

Hello clown punchers, and welcome to Pretty Face Sunday.

Occasionally when I’m scouring the internets in search of new Friday talent, I come across a prospect that meets all but the two most important criteria to qualify for a Friday Poat. This young lady caught my eye and I thought her poat worthy.

Your model for today was born April 23, 1979, in Warsaw, Poland, and moved to Illinois, United States, with her family at the age of five.She is a model and actress, and is best known for her appearances on the reality television shows Dancing with the Stars, Poland’s Next Top Model and The Real Housewives of Miami.

Please stop re-publishing old poats and welcome, Joanna Krupa!







  1. She must be from the part of Poland that the League of Nations stole from Germany or something.

  2. Thanks for the kitty news–they are insanely adorable.


  3. If you’re looking for something to do today, go see Interstellar.

    The last movie that made me say WOW was Shawshank Redemption. I said WOW after Interstellar. Highly recommended.

  4. Dave knows the number part is the distance around the back.

    Cup size is letters.

    *pats myself on the back*

  5. She can change my lightbulb anytime

  6. Hi Dave! Would you mind awfully a tacklehug?

    Oh, hey, look over there, it’s Wayne Newton!

    *sneaks up*

  7. that would be the worst thing ever.

    I’m so lying

  8. why u h8 clownsz’s’z’s

  9. “She can change my lightbulb anytime”

    what if she is oral-fecal adverse?


  11. “Scouring the Internets”

    What a perfectly adorable euphemism!!!

  12. Good evening, chiselers and grifters.

  13. Why did PG need to share a picture of an ass.

  14. Made it home alive. Surprisingly.

  15. Aureol- ah, no, ok, actually, whole damn nipples.

    Buffalone is gonna get our charter revoked.

    This humorless scolding brought to you by Bappo!™ Try Bappo!™, for a sparkling clean! Bappo!™ cleans porcelain sinks, tubs, tile, wordpress blogs, and murder scenes with hideous efficiency and thoroughness. Remember, it’s not clean until it’s Bappo!™ clean!

  16. I’m gonna get a pork belly and test out a recipe for jalapeno bacon. Or some other hot bacon. Switching it up for the Christmas bacon gifts this year. Maybe chipotle bacon instead? Then I wouldn’t smoke it.

  17. Bappo!™ is a scam.

    No, really, you think you’re getting a cleaning product and then they steal your identity. Like, literally. They look exactly like you and sound pretty much the same, but the accent is just a little off. You can’t really put your finger on it. Maybe from Pittsburgh or something? And they have really good lawyers. Freaky good. Mob good.

    Don’t be like me, kids. Stay far, far away from Bappo!™

  18. Bappo can bleach the nipples clean off this Sunday’s model. No lie.

  19. Bappo™ turned me into a newt.

  20. Anybody else notice that after the “Ebola Czar”(The Fixer) was anointed, that all reporting on “Ten Thousand Cases in Sierra Leone!” vanished?
    Looking at the “news” there is, now, no sign of Ebola anywhere!
    Obama has cured Ebola, world wide!
    He truly is the “Chocolate Jesus”.

  21. Fappo turned me into a newter. Temporarily.

  22. Ferguson MO cured Ebola.

  23. The news won’t break tomorrow, near perfect rioting weather.

    Later in the week it will be cold.

  24. Scott,
    I agree, they will announce the GJ verdict in the midst of the “Polar Vortex”, at about 1700, when it’s dark, cold, and raining/snowing.
    Sounds like a plan…

  25. I been waiting all day for Sunday Niiiiiight

  26. I think they’re on to you, W’s.

  27. I was pleasantly surprised to see Dinesh D’Souza’s movie DVDs prominently displayed and sold at Costco(yes, in the Soviet Socialist Republic of New Jersey).

    I bought the “America, imagive the world without her” and watching it now.

    Y’all get off your pasty white asses and watch this movie. It is awesome.

  28. She’s not that pretty……

  29. Bappo™ turned me into a newt.

    I got better….

  30. Tushar,
    What did you think of the interview with the SCoaMFs brother?

  31. Crispy, that is in the previous movie. I need to watch that one too.

  32. Bappo™ killed my liver this weekend.

    Wait, no, that was me.

  33. I don’t believe in movies.

  34. Tushar,
    Sorry, I watched both and run them together.
    We liked them both and could see why Obama sent the FEC goons after him.
    Obama has very thin skin…

  35. Can the Bears suck any harder?


  37. Bears are going to win this.

  38. I have a better chance than Keira knightley to be featured as a BBF model.


  39. Scott,
    That guy rides almost as well as I did.
    The older I get, the faster I was…

  40. Your tits are bigger.

  41. Comment by scott on November 9, 2014 9:54 pm
    Your tits are bigger.

    Yes, Mr obvious.

  42. Tushar,
    Someone stole that womans breasticles!

  43. Crispy, there was nothing to steal. The cupboard and the chest were bare.

  44. My pecs are bigger than Kiera’s bewbs too.

  45. I have never been to the pacific northwet. If I get there, we are going for a ride.

  46. Did any a’ yinz tell any a’ dese other jagoffs about Bappo!™ today?

  47. Good night.

  48. Nighty dreams, Scoott

  49. I’m OK with Keira Knightly having small bewbs.

  50. Scott,
    We can ride around “The Mountain”(Rainier).
    I’ll take the Thumper, you can ride the Duc.
    It’ll be great!

  51. Finally.

  52. The USMC has a birthday today. From a shaky start at Tun’s Tavern,
    to what they have become:
    And since the Meet at “Tun Tavern” , Uncle Sams Misguided Children have gone on to build themselves quite a history.
    From “The shores of Tripoli to Falluja.
    No better friend, no worse enemy.

    General James Mattis:
    “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

    They don’t build them like that, anymore.
    More’s the pity…

  53. I’m doing the midday show tomorrow.

    I would love it if every vet here called in tomorrow.

    You have all the air time you want.


    Call in, Chrispy. I want to hear your voice

  54. We don’t have any veterinarians.

  55. Ba-dum-bum-tiss

  56. Tricks are for kids he plays much gigs
    He’s a big derp wolf and you’re the three pigs
    He’s a big derp wolf in your neighborhood
    Not derp meaning derp but derp meaning good


  58. Morning.

  59. Call in, Chrispy. I want to hear your voice

    It’s a trap!

  60. I wish I could call in and talk…

  61. I’m up. MMM en unos minutos.

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