Visiting an old friend



  1. Drudge is an asshole.
    Huge banner photo of Bush Sr.
    My heart skipped a beat before I realized it is about some book W wrote about HW.

  2. Worky worky

  3. Car in killed it.

  4. Did that to me too, Tushar.

  5. This poat has been here for 3 hours. WTH.

  6. Well, shit. I poated from my phone. And put it on the wrong blog. I meant for this to go to my blog. Sorry.

  7. don’t be. I’m one foot on the boat and one on the dock. Happy fried day X.

  8. I saw it awhile ago but assumed it wasn’t supposed to be here.

  9. Now I’m in Utah

  10. Now I’m in New Mexico

  11. I just feel bad for pushing down BBF.

  12. Pushed her down like a trollop.

  13. Still, it’s a nice poat.

  14. It was a nice day at Ft. Rosecrans. It’s a weird setup. Technically everything in on Point Loma Navy Base. Each of the little military compounds is fenced off. So the cemetery is open, and then there’s Cabrillo National Monument at the end of the peninsula. I got some nice pictures there.

  15. Greetings, people who are suffering from poat/gender-identity confusion.

  16. Salutations Sean.

    X they worked on Project Orion there.

    Crazy idea.

  17. There’s all kinds of small secret squirrel shit going on there.

  18. Needs more boobs.

  19. There is a boob in the header.

  20. One large old white drunk scared boob

  21. Of all people, it’s xbrad who pushes down the hottest BBF post in three years……

  22. Memorial service, XB?

  23. Tomorrow would have been his birthday. I’m in town, so I drove out to pay my respects.

  24. Dinner and drinks with the widow.

  25. I think this technically put XBrad in the negatives for his November funneh quota.

  26. Gnu poat:

  27. Is

  28. this

  29. what

  30. you

  31. were

  32. talking

  33. about

  34. ?

  35. Going to bed early tonight.

    Got to fly very early in the am. Love you guys, have fun.

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