Big Bøøb Friday Saturday

Hello Tuna Fishers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was bjørn on August 9, 1994 in Rønne, Hovedstaden, Denmark. She stands 5’9″ tall, weighs 132 lbs and measures 35-24-35. She is was one of the Hot Shots calendar models that got some army folks in trouble in Utah. Please stop taking over Congress long enough to welcome, Miss Zienna Eve (AKA Fannie Munch).














  1. Sorry for pushing her down. 😦

  2. I don’t even know where I am anymore.

  3. Aunti Em! Auntie Em! It’s a Twister!!

  4. Her elbows are sharp enough to be dangerous.

  5. So…this is going to be our lives from now on?

  6. yes.

  7. Sharp elbows? Booo, maybe I’m glad I can’t see the poat.

  8. Cyn, how is your Mom?

  9. Look for Car in at about the 0:18 mark

  10. heh. My punch thought that was a cool vid.

  11. Comment by xbradtc on November 7, 2014 7:07 pm

    Sorry for pushing her down. 😦

    Like you wouldn’t push her down given half a chance 🙂

  12. Yup. Face down, ass up, bitch!

  13. This Poat is brilliant.

  14. Ay Yoooooeee!!!

  15. This is, hands down, the best post I’ve ever seen on this site. Bravo!

  16. So Jayson, um. . .

  17. Hey, Jayson….

  18. Crazy

  19. Fuck Embedding!!11ty!

  20. Did anybody thoughtlessly stomp all over something that anybody else had spent a lot of time and effort on today?

  21. She’s holding up, Scott; today was her second radiation with one more to do every day for the next 13 working days. She wants it to work rightfuckingnow so she can be out of pain and walk without a rollator again; with fingers crossed, the pain might start easing a bit after a few weeks of treatments. She’s a pretty tough broad.

  22. Did anybody thoughtlessly stomp all over something that anybody else had spent a lot of time and effort on today?

  23. Heh heh.

  24. I think you broke it.

  25. Maybe this will fix it.

  26. I have to go to Allen Park now so my wife can get free pumpkin seeds from some friends of ours.

    I will be asleep before we get there. I probably shouldn’t drive.

  27. You have my undivided attention.

  28. I’m pretty sure you can buy pumpkin seed at the grocery store.

  29. Vandalism.

  30. I have to go to Allen Park now so my wife can get free pumpkin seeds from some friends of ours.

    I don’t see what your wife getting pumpkin seeds has to do with you hanging out with a Korean guy, but okay.

  31. Looking at that picture, I have to wonder if the Vandals invented beer bong.

  32. They saved them entirely at her request and we had to bail early on their Halloween party, so I’m going to go and be drowsy/unconscious at their house.

  33. Sean, Allen Park is next to Lincoln Park, so Allen is probably the dad that hated him.

  34. There are free pumpkin seeds all over this neighborhood.

  35. Are Allen Park and Lincoln Park anywhere near Linkin Park?

  36. Pumpkins are full of them.

  37. Punkin seeds are better.

  38. Lincoln is more of a Filipino first name than Korean.

  39. Linkedin Park

  40. Did someone want my seed?

  41. That’s uhhh quite a stem you got there.

  42. Here, hold my hair.

  43. Here, hold my hair.

    Uh. . . You wait here. I’ll go get somebody.

  44. Mare!

  45. I’ve got a bag of blumpkin seeds. Anyone want some?

  46. What the ever-loving hell is happening here?

  47. Anarchy

  48. “Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;”

  49. Had you answered the phone, you would know.

  50. or what Cyn said

  51. Shit. I forgot that when in post in h2, wp send my phone a message EVERY TIME YOU COMMENT.

    //phone explodes

  52. Hi, Xbrad!

  53. Hahaha

  54. I should have answered the phone.
    I will be for ever sorry.
    The fate of mankind probably depended on it, and I blew it…


  56. Leon is gonna be rich.

  57. somebody makin’ soup?

  58. Hi XB!

  59. How

  60. are

  61. things

  62. ?

  63. Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf – Bagdad Bob – is evidently on the way out…

    for the more enterprising hostage that may mean pimping in on Stoaty’s site and stealing some dick.

  64. Jam2 is a terrorist?

  65. Great, now my computer has all kinds of Eastern European computer viruses and my credit card just got dinged for torturing some tourist to death.

    Thanks, jam. Thanks a lot.

  66. Sean killed it
    Thanks Sean

  67. To be more precise, Eastern Euro pron viruses kilt it.

  68. HBD Andy.

  69. Teachers told us
    The Romans built this place
    They built a derp and a temple on the edge of the
    Empire garrison town
    They lived and they died
    They prayed to their gods
    But the stone gods did not make a sound
    And their empire crumbled
    Till all that was left
    Were the stones the workmen found

  70. Morning

  71. wakey wakey

  72. snowing here.

  73. No snow here. Looks cold, but I’m not going out there.

  74. It’s a Taddy Porter kind of morning.

  75. Taddy Porter?

  76. ???

  77. Too early to drink.


  79. Mmmmmm breffis.

  80. ‘Sup, cuntz?

  81. I’m having some beef delivered pretty soon, and I’m drinking cocoa.

    I’m fully dressed and the cocoa is in a giant Jesus mug, though, so don’t go thinkin’ I’m some flannel-clad libtard.

  82. metrosexual cockholster

  83. I find myself muttering that phrase more and more as I drive through campus lately.

  84. If they’re metrosexual, aren’t they more than likely holstering a microclit?

    Just Wondering Aloud

  85. My first thought is almost always “cut your damn hair”.

  86. Moarnin.

  87. Moarnin’ Buff

  88. WTFITS?

  89. Exactly.

  90. Cocktail time!

  91. Cocktail lame¡

  92. Good job Wiserbud (but not Wiser) and MJ.

  93. Where the heck is everyone?

  94. I am working, or trying to. I was supposed to do a phone interview (which I record) and my recorder has crapped out. I’m glad that the folks didn’t answer their phone. I’m now letting Googleman disassemble it for the fix (a wire is stuck in the hold position) rather than buying a new one. I’ll go back to working a different file to get a report in with a denial recommendation. And I’m trying not to feel guilty about not wanting to go to my Mom’s again today and tomorrow like she’s asked; I’ve only seen her every day this week and will continue to do so daily for who-knows-how-long. I may need some Calgon time.

  95. I think I found Hotspur.

  96. Hotspur always has the best CFM heels.

  97. mmmm, ham and cheese FTW!

  98. I kind of like his handbag. It looks like it would easily fit a six pack.

  99. Well, it looks like it did have a six pack. Only one PBR left.

  100. You sure that isn’t Mare?

  101. I’M HAPPY!!!!



  104. *barfs*

  105. Important football information: Notre Dame is in Tempe (TITS!) to play our beloved Sun Devils. On now on ABC. You go watch nao.

  106. Sorry, Iowa State is getting beat by Kansas. I’m subjecting myself to that torture.

  107. Touchdown Sun Devils!

  108. And another! Touchdown Sun Devils!

  109. Devils!

  110. Here’s the shirt I’m not wearing today:

  111. Duck Notre Fame.

  112. I hate Notre Dame with a white hot passion.

    Dirtiest team we ever played. I only turn on the game when they are losing, so yeah, I’m watching.

    Just got done with my guided walking tour of Portland. Beautiful day and this is a very cool city.

    Bought some cruelty free, gluten free, non-GMO sustainable Pom-cherry cider beer at the open market.

    It is very good and makes me feel better about my drinking.

  113. If you can feel smug while drinking you’ve won.

  114. YAY DEVILS!!

    *pretends to insert another fireworks pic here*

    For those not in the know, every time ASU scores, fireworks are set off. Air traffic now gets re-routed because of this“ (but it didn’t used to, which was fun to see the planes flying over the stadium).
    “Phat Phact for the day.

  115. WOO HOO!

    I unscrewed my profile login and plugged it back in and IT WORKS!

    *brushes off registry guts*

  116. I insist upon a little cruelty in my cider. It’s kicky.

  117. Hell yeah! What Chumpo said! Whatever the hell that means! Yeah baby!!1!

  118. So want to nap right now, but have to wake up obscenely early in the am.

    Someone call and talk dirty to me (preferably female this time).

  119. Wasn’t me.

  120. *changes phone’s caller ID to “Xbrad”, dials Phat*

  121. Im goin drinkin w HexBrad this night

  122. Someone call and talk dirty to me

    What kind of dirt? Toilet dirt….drain scum….unwashed buttcrack of a fat hobo….unknown crap stuck to the kitchen trashcan… dirt….mulch pile dirt?

  123. Beansn, really?

    Like I need to spell it out for this crowd.

    The Christian Science reading room girls have already called.

  124. Brb, going out for pizza.


    Whoop whoop!

  126. What da funk be this shizz.

  127. Cyn, tell ASU to stop sucking.

    And to play some D.

  128. Yikes.

    Jimbro, why did I think you lived in IL?

  129. Sweet. Eat that Notre Dame.

  130. *shoots off fireworks here*

    Woooooo go Devils!

    All about the D.

    And the O.

  131. OMGOMGOMG!!


    Whoop whoop!

  133. Wow,

    Good job ASU.

    That was nuts.

  134. Jake the snake approves.


  136. Did you get to any of the games when you were here, Phat?

  137. goooOOOOOOO Devils!

  138. was college football always so much better than the pros?

  139. Texas A&M is blowing a big lead.

  140. Other than driving through IL to and from St Louis while I lived there and going to Chicago three times for boards I’ve not spend much time in Illinoise.

  141. Wow. Fumbled on the 2.

  142. Well all right.

  143. Cyn,

    I knew some of the ASU players because we played them in the Freedom Bowl in 87. When you play in a bowl game you get to know the opposing team because the sponsor’s have you do joint media appearances the whole week prior.

    When I went flight school at Williams AFB the next year a lot of them were still at ASU.

    Went out drinking a couple of times with Paul Justin, who was the QB. Usually we met at the Vine for nickel beer, quarter pitcher Thursdays.

    My cousin was a freshman at ASU when I was in flight school. I spent most of my time trying to bang as many of her dorm mates as I could.

  144. Big game in TiFW’s neighborhood starting now.

  145. Oh well, heading out to find some trouble in Portland.

    You kids be good.

  146. Felt good to work again.

    I might think differently tomorrow.

  147. Yep – Mr. TiFW heard the roars from the stadium when he went out to get dinner (the stadium is less than 2 miles from our house).

    We always have to check the team schedule during football season so that we don’t get stuck in stadium traffic….

  148. Phat, just go find a strip club. They’re on every corner in that town. In fact, I think most of the 7-11’s double as titty bars.

  149. You can hear the football stadium from our house, too.

    Not TCU’s, of course.

  150. Just got off work. Thought I’d be watching OSU/MSU and BAMA/LSU, but my Lobos are beating Boise State. We’ll probably lose, but I can only have 2 games on at one time. Stupid PIP

  151. Mr. RFH and Mini-me’s team won the punkin chunkin’ today. I am happy, sunburned, and exhausted.

  152. Awesome Roamy!!!

  153. Congrats to Mr. RFH and Mini-Me!

  154. I don’t care about Ferguson. Let them burn it down.

  155. Cops should go all France on Ferguson. Or Louisville.

  156. Did anybody feed anybody else to their pet tigers for delaying Phase II of Project Nemesis today?

  157. I missed Radio Free Wiser this morning — how was the guest?

  158. *shoves a flying monkey off roof*

    *looks down*

    Well, crap. Ok. I guess Ethel was not ‘faking it’ about her loss of wing mobility.

    *dials evil veterinarian*

    The nice thing about having an evil veterinarian is that you can tell them the truth about how this shit happened.

  159. It seems there’s a Bob Ross marathon on PBS right ndssyu87u7hyyg nhymj mm

  160. Sorry. Sorry. I think I passed out on the keyboard.

  161. BAMA/LSU!!!!

  162. Video of LauraW’s short-lived TV show.

  163. Break time’s over Oso.

  164. Hahaha

  165. Classic. Well played.

  166. Dan made posole for dinner. Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños as an appetizer. En fuego. Saving posole for tomorrow.

  167. Posole looks kinda tasty.

  168. One of our cooks got so drunk at work tonight that while I was cashing out, he fell, hit his head, start puking,e tc.

    So, phone calls, spanish, yada yada yada. An hour later a few messicans come to pick him up. Girlfriend and cousin (female). there is NO way they are getting him out of that car tonight. It took two bussers to get him in there.

  169. All the messicans KNEW he was that drunk and left him there for us to deal with. Girls did his clean up work, etc.

  170. Next time they ask me for a drink, I’m going to show them a picture of the passed out, drunk, vomit on his shirt, alone messican.


  171. I could have been home an hour ago.

    But hey, I only put in 13 hour today. No biggie. it’s not a real double.

  172. It’s only a shift and a half.

    Suck it up.


  173. J’ames, I H8 soup. Posole is New Mexican soup.

  174. Car in, hope it doesn’t get too cold. Messicans are used to sleeping in cars. Indians on the other hand…

  175. I love soup. Making some 15 bean soup tomorrow, while we are at the movies.

  176. I like bread. Will you make cornbread for your 15 bean soup?

  177. A really nice, crusty sourdough?

  178. Did you get your Kerrygold butter at Sam’s?

  179. I already made sourdough bread. I love cornbread, but Mrs Jay is meh on it.

    I don’t go for that fancy butter. I get the generic stuff.

  180. Generic stuff is for cooking! Kerrygold is for bread! And muffins.

  181. Maybe I’ll try it. Going to Sam’s tomorrow, for pineapples, meat, coffee, and Captain Morgans.

  182. It is very good. I’ve been selling books like crazy. I’ve sold 50% of my allotment of that stupid fireplace DVD with Christmas music.

  183. G’night guys. Getting PMs from drunks on FB so reading for awhile.

  184. haha, nite oso.

  185. stupid me. I though that meating XBradtc was going to be cool and sorta drinky.
    Turns out it was Aws and totally drinky.
    Best O Times.

    All Blessings, Dingbatz.

  186. Haha, hope you had a good time, Mr Chumpo. I wait for the next time we can share a drink together. xbrad too.

  187. Thank u as always Jay. That clip was Rad.

  188. Dude. Local Meats. Plus fun

  189. She’s comin’ on like a bicycle army
    Everybody’s waitin’ for the derp to come down from the tower
    Every day is just like a vacation with you, the King, Blackie, and I
    I’m watchin’ you and Fidel Castro in the sand, assassin

  190. Jay. You are way out front.

    Sean. Lunch very soon.

  191. That U.O album is really well produced. It always sounds so much better that other albums. deal w the devil.

    thanks for the trip. i owe/

  192. nice work Jay.

  193. XBrad’s day.

    1. Sleep in, then wake up to complimentary breakfast and coffee.
    2. Meet Brazilian supermodel for drinks.
    3. Gourmet bacon wrapped filet mignon hor d’ourves.
    4. Homemade Irish stew with cornbread for lunch.
    5. Go for a ride in an $80,000 Mercedes convertible with Brazilian supermodel.
    6. Wine tasting in trendy North County urban vintners.
    7. Dinner and drinks with friends in an English pub in San Dog with a meatup of Whovians playing in the background.
    8. Meatup with Mr. Chumpo at English pub- hit on very, very cute Irish chick, while solving all the world’s problems over Guinness.
    9. Barhopping in Hillcrest to closing time.

    Other than that, it was a quiet day.

  194. XBrad’s day was getting over about an hour before mine began. Puppy bladders are tiny or so it seems.

  195. How are you making your beans Jay? I made them years ago but didn’t add much besides the flavor packet. Not so good. I need to try again.


  197. For Car in only, no one else click:

  198. For Oso only, no one else click:

  199. I clicked.

    Whatcha gon do about it? Huh? Huh? Huh?

  200. For MJ only, no one else click:

  201. I am not crippled!

  202. For clicking inappropriately Cyn, you get to serve XBrad’s hangover.

  203. Damn. That’s pretty harsh.

  204. For MJ only, no one else click:

  205. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And a double shot of big boob. And some Rule 5 for the […]

  206. Thanks, Jimbro. I would need a Sriracha2Go, a Tapatio2Go, and a Cholula2Go. I may have a hot sauce addiction.

  207. For hotspur’s mom only. No one else click.

  208. MJ has a mansauce addiction.

  209. Click not an option now?

  210. ouch pg

  211. I am happy to say that my car insurance did not go up after the fender bender I was in 4 months ago. I was worried it would.

  212. I can kill it as fast as Xbad

  213. ~waves at Vman in Texas~

  214. Jimbro, I add a can of crushed tomatoes and a pound of browned sausage. Usually some hot sauce too.

  215. Howdy Oso

  216. Happy Birthday, Michael!

    The room next to the parlor is currently devoid of almost everything; Mr. TiFW is prepping it to paint. We’re also planning to purchase more tin ceiling tiles, crown molding, and a new ceiling fan so that the two rooms “flow” into each other.

    Hopefully this will all get done before Christmas – it would be nice to have everything back in place by then….

  217. I could talk about how cute my kittens are.


  218. Big Boob Sunday?

  219. Not Big Boob Sunday

  220. Morning.

    OOO, Car in’s got kittens! Did they wonder in, or was it on purpose?

  221. Whoa, those were some huge ‘uns on that woman, Jimbro.

    Wonder if her husband was a dick about it and discouraged the operation or said “okay, honey, I’m totally supportive, take them down to just double K’s”

  222. Lipstick, Car ins kitten story is here.

  223. Lippy, I’ve got two ADORABLE kittens. it was time. We’d gotten down to one, older cat. Mice were overtaking the house.

    Everyone is in love.

  224. Cosmo has gotten used to the kittens. He was REALLY upset at first. Then he switched to being in the house/around the family 24/7. I think he’s realized he’d been neglecting us and was trying to make up for it, but he’s hiss at the ktties if they got close.

    Now he just looks at them. He’ll walk away, but more because he’s probably afraid they’ll try to play with him. He’ll endure anything but that.

  225. New poat.

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