PSA: Thursday


  1. This poat could be my greatest achievement of the day.


  3. wakey wakey

  4. My woodstove fire is going out but I don’t want to get up because the puppy just conked out. He is on speed first thing in the morning and for the past two hours he ran around, did his business outside three times, ate and barked his head off. He cray cray.



  7. Did your power ever come back on or are you still living like cavepeople?

  8. beeeep beeeep beeep.

    You know, they can start right at 8 am.

  9. This is the greatest post ever.

  10. Thanks, man.

  11. Jimbro! I saw a semi truck with Maine plates today. Do you know him?

  12. Guten Morgen…


    Not one mention of illegal immigration in that piece. Fail.

  14. Power came on yesterday afternoon. 3 days of hell. Actually it wasn’t that bad. We have the generator for the furnace and woodstove to help keep the house warm. I bought a kerosene heater last year during the 5 day post-Christmas outage and store 10 gallons of kerosene. The worst part was no cable or internet. I had to read actual books and keep up with the world on an iphone.

  15. What’s so guten about it?

  16. Jay, was he wearing a LL Bean flannel shirt and hauling potatoes?

  17. Did you build one of those solar powered chargers? They seem pretty handy for that kind of situation.

  18. Silly Jimbro, potatoes are from Iowa. Or Idaho. One of those I states.

  19. We grow metric fucktons of potatoes in Michigan.

  20. Damn it feels good to be represented by a Republican again.

  21. We used to grow metric fucktons of potatos and carrots in the panhandle of Texas. But then the aquifer started running out. Mostly cotton and wheat now. Corn and peanuts where there’s still good water underneath.

  22. Did you see that turnout and viewership for this midterm was down from 2010? How is that possible, except for Dems not showing up?


    Fox had more viewers than the networks did. Has that happened before? Seems important.

  24. Nuclear-powered de-salination is going to be a complete game-changer. Texas should be a breadbasket.

  25. I like how one of the first things to a disaster area is an aircraft carrier. Not for protection, but for the water from the nuclear reactor.

  26. Looking at the usda maps Idaho kicks all the other states’ asses in spud production. Given the lack of industry in Maine, potatoes are a big deal. A secretary in my old office used to give me a 50 pound bag of potatoes every year from her husband’s family farm.

  27. I see that corn is the rotation crop. What is the growing season like? Seems like Iowa and the midwest. North Dakota has started growing corn, but it’s a short season variety. Lots of sugar beets and wheat up there.

  28. We really need to change our candidates. They are far too brown and have too many vaginas.

  29. You probably don’t get the heat we do in the summer. That seems to be when the corn really takes off.

  30. Xactly, MJ. What is the party of old white men gonna do about this?

  31. Most of the corn grown here is cow feed. There are a lot of fields full of corn but most of our summer sweet corn is from a bit further south.

  32. PG El Paso is still stuck deep in the fucking blue

    I remember when your area was represented by Republicans alone back in the 70s and early 80s
    It stretched all the way to El Paso.

    I believe it was Congressman White back then..

  33. Most of ours is too, Jimbro. Well that and car fuel, but I don’t feel like lighting that fuse.

  34. The libloons are in full court press on FaceRape. Seems the End Times have arrived, or so they claim.

  35. That was the best truckin’ potatoes song I’ve ever heard.

  36. I’m not lucky enough to live in the End Times, so they’re wrong.

  37. Jimbro, I’ve been listening to that song for many years. Glad you liked it.

    Several years ago, on the Saturday morning Down Home Show on WCBN (Campus Broadcast Network), the DJ played it for a half hour straight. I listened the whole time and was laughing my ass off every time it looped.

  38. TJ,

    Winkler and Loving county used to be in Mike Conaway’s Midland/Odessa district. The line ran along the Pecos river and we were east of it. But we got shiftedsouth into the 23rd last reallignment.

    I thought it was interesting that Brewster, Terrel, Jeff Davis, Reeves, and some of the other big counties in the Big Bend went for Abbot and Cornyn being how heavily hispanic they are. Not Presdio county though. All the fucking California artsyfartsy transplants that have moved to Marfa put it solidly in the Davis camp.

  39. Hotspur, I had some fun with a lib yesterday. They just don’t know fucking anything.

  40. Claimed AKA was working great. Unemployment was done. Stock market was proof the economy was roaring back. And that I need to stop drinking the Koch-aid.

  41. done – down

  42. Did they also remind you that the 10% unemployment rate that Obama inherited was down to 5.5%? And that Obama shot Bin Laden? If not, they’re only half retarded.

  43. She said the chief message she took from Tuesday’s election, which saw Democrats eviscerated at all levels, is that voter suppression was a problem.

    Hahahahahahah It burns.

  44. Here’s one of his responses- the original post (by a lib) was in regards to how is it possible that a congress with a 10% approval number won on Tuesday :

    ” Rob, in answer to your question, “Follow the money.” You can’t run for Congress without money. A lot of these 10% approval Congress members have war chests (or donors) that make opposing them difficult, if not impossible. It’s the best Congress money can buy. And all you have to do is look how much money was spent in kY and how the messaging was communicated. McConnell won by offering nothing about his past or future ideas. He ran against Obama and the the way Obama’s record has been manipulated by the Plutocrat’s messaging is sad but fascinating. I’m not saying Obama is the greatest, but how anyone can think he’s worse than Bush is astounding. Unemployment is lower. The stock market is up. Gas is down. But somehow, after where he started because of the Bush years, the fact that everything isn’t perfect again isn’t good enough. When you get hit by a truck, do you expect to come out of the hospital perfectly healed and ready to win the marathon without any rehabilitation? I guess people expect miracles. It’s so easy to blame the Black guy.”

  45. It’s pretty surprising how little the left actually knows.

    But not really. They’re coalition of voters are the least involved, hence they don’t show up for mid terms. They’re more into the pageantry than the substance.

    Except for the white, urban, educated, pegging enthusiasts.

  46. Your facezumba friend is an idiot/pegging enthusiast of the highest order.

  47. It’s pathetic, MJ, how often you hear the bumpersticker slogans spoken as if they are fully fleshed out ideas.

    As if saying I’m drinking the Koch-aid somehow “counters” the latest unemployment stats I just presented.

  48. that isn’t a friend of mine. The original poster somehow was recommended to me by a “friend” who thought this guy would be able to wrangle with me on political debates. This was all on his timeline, so it’s full of numbnuts. It’s funny, because I don’t know any of these folks, so I get a kick out of it when strangers “like” my comments. It’s as if I”m saying what they wish they could say to their “friend.”

  49. So, it’s somehow reprehensible to run against Obama while he’s a sitting president, but definitely okay to run against Bush after six fucking years.

    Got it.

  50. Because racism, Hotspur.

  51. What I love most is when I am told to turn off Faux News, and I tell them I don’t have tv.

  52. a girl at work told me that she voted against republicans on tuesday because all of their ideas were “retarded”.

    It took all I could to refrain from asking which ideas she was referring to. I would bet $1000 everything she listed would

    1) actually be some democrat idea
    2) completely made-up bullshit
    3) at best, a complete misunderstanding of an issue

    But she was really convinced of her opinion. I like this gal, so I had to walk away.

  53. A lot of the messaging is designed to alleviate thinking.

    Coexist is a just way to avoid the responsibility of thinking about the murderous bloodlust of the Quakers.

    War is Not the Answer is a way to avoid thinking about the contradiction of moral destruction and it’s applications. I’m sure the Nazis were just misunderstood, amiright?

  54. If it not on the Truckin’ Potato Greatest Hits CD it should be.

  55. Hotspur, it’s really sad to take away one of their four debating counterpoints:

    1) turn off faux news
    2) Just because Rush Limbaugh/ various pundit said that doesn’t mean it’s true
    3) KOCH
    4) Racism.

  56. Gas is down? What color is the sky in their world? Maybe they are thinking from last week.

  57. MJs Law:

    The left can kiss my button.

  58. PG
    One election in 1980 I believe. Loving County’s 60 residents were in the El Paso district
    A college buddy of mine was in the Republican Primary and Newt Keene let me put his sticker up in his cafe in Mentone

  59. Valentine is about the poorest-ass town in West Texas and they stuck that Prada Marfa thing right west of it
    Really tasteful..

  60. Obama trying to take credit for the oil industry is just hilarious.

  61. My other favorite is being told to turn off Rush. Then I tell them my dial is glued to WUOM, and they sputter like MJ motorboating a midget tranny hooker.

  62. I’m going to turn out just like Hotspur. I don’t watch TV and I listen to NPR.

    Thank god I don’t like Canadian beer.

  63. Hmm, Valentine Nebraska is way out in the panhandle too, in the sticks.

    Must be the name.

  64. I only listen to NPR occasionally. After a while all their special interest stories start to sound the same. The same ironic tone of voice. The glasses clinking in the background.

    Lately I’ve been loving mark Levin, but he’s on late so I only hear him if I’m driving home from work – which is about a 10 min drive.

    Kids don’t let me listen to talk radio during the day. Says it interferes with the homeschooling.

    I occasionally watch fox new’s 6 pm newscast. but most everything I learn is from internet reading. WSJ, etc.

  65. I like the 6pm news on Fox. I watch it every once in a while on the laptop.

  66. I like Levin, too, Car in.

  67. We don’t have a pan handle in Michigan, but we do have a thumb. Does that count?

  68. Listened to Levins rewind from last night
    It was classic..

  69. I mostly listen to the Ave Maria radio on the rare occasions when I drive anywhere nowadays, or podcasts. Only tv is reality shows from Discovery or History channel via Amazon. And Walking Dead because my wife won’t let me quit.

  70. Whatcha waitin’ for Hotspur?

  71. Amanda Marcotte is from Alpine, which shames all of us out here..

  72. Our thumb is deep red, though.

    It’s that bullet-wound called Detroit/Flint that drags us left at all.

    And those NPR-listening queers in Ann Arbor.

  73. I’m watching old seasons of Survivor. Those people are totally nuts.

  74. Seasons 3 and 4 of Swamp People are free on Amazon Prime right now.

  75. Gross

  76. I attempt to watch :Dr Who, Walking Dead, and Once upon a Time.

    I don’t do a very good job. I’m behind on all three.

  77. I watch Duck Dynasty and Duggars. Oh, and the Little Couple is starting back up next week.

    They don’t wind me up.

  78. BIL watches Swamp People – the folks on that show are quite the characters.

    Hard to look at sometimes, but they all seem like genuinely nice people.

    They’re also the people that limousine liberals make fun of.

  79. I don’t have any lib friends on FB and I’ve run out of patience with a couple of lib friends of a friend.

  80. Mr. TiFW and I like that new show “Forever” – we were both struck by how the show could easily stand on its own even without the gimmick which is the premise of the show.

    Sometimes we even forget that the main character “dies” all the time….

  81. I’d watch Dr. Who if our basic cable carried it but since it doesn’t, I’ll watch it when I visit beasnson. He likes Walking Dead, too, but I can’t get into it.

  82. Oh, I almost forgot – I saw the sweetest movie the other day on Netflix. It was called “Dean Spanley”, and it starred Peter O’Toole, Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam, and Bryan Brown.

    It started slowly, but built to a most satisfying conclusion – I highly recommend it.

    Here are some reviews of the movie from Amazon

  83. Listening to NPR doesn’t make you queer.

  84. So, you were queer before you started listening to NPR.

  85. Listening to NPR doesn’t make you queer.

    It was the chardonnay that did that.

  86. Or the rum.

  87. Howdy, hot chicks and “challenged” guys!

  88. Had to explain to idiot lob why it takes money to run for office yesterday.

    He said that if he ran for office, he wouldn’t take contributions from anyone. He would just drive around the state and calmly give speeches explaining why he should be elected.

    I asked him how he was going to pay for the gas to do that?

    Him: “Well, if someone is in a position where they can’t pay for gas, they probably shouldn’t be running for office in the first place”

    Me: “So, you think that only rich people should run for office.”

    Him: “I’m okay with that. Rich people usually get rich because they are smart.”

    This the day after he voted for the guy who basically vilified his opponent for being rich.

    Seriously, when I say “idiot” lib, you might think I’m exaggerating…..

  89. Exercise is important! Everyone should be exercising!

    But not THIS exercise, ‘cuz it scares all of the exercise poseurs

  90. Listening to NPR doesn’t make you queer.

    It was the chardonnay that did that.

    That, and the little paper umbrella.

  91. Ah yes Jerry Jeff Walker

    Saw him drunk and throwing up on stage back in the seventies

  92. Him: “I’m okay with that. Rich people usually get rich because they are smart.”

    People that contradict themselves that way should just immediately burst into flames.

    Wouldn’t that be fun?

  93. I liked the word lob.

  94. It’s like a cross between lib and lobotomy.

  95. Harry Reid was just libotomized.

  96. Unfortunately, it won’t take effect until January. Meanwhile, he’s free to run around and do a bunch of damage.

    Like backing Obama’s amnesty.

  97. He’s bluffing.

  98. well, anything that Harry tries to do can immediately be undone by the next majority leader, so he doesn’;t scare me much.

    Plus, he’s pretty much been told to STFU and STFD by the American people, so it will be interesting to see if he gets that message.

  99. Harry Reid can FOADIAF!

  100. “Don’t call my bluff!”

  101. Thanksgiving, Christmas, plus all those emails they have to delete.

    There wont be time.

  102. Honestly, the last couple of times that I’ve seen Harry Reid, he looks like he’s past the earliest stages of dementia.

  103. Amnesty is too unpopular. He’s going to try to get the republicans to do it.

  104. Half of the computers in DC are going to crash over the next the next two months.

  105. I would love to see the Benghazi hearing and the IRS hearing start again in earnest and finally get some people behind bars for that shit

  106. Half of the computers in DC are going to crash over the next the next two months.

    That one I believe.

    But I also believe he’ll sign the EO for amnesty lite. Once you ring that bell, you can’t unring it.

  107. Yup. The paper shredders and degaussing magnets will be working overtime. Welcome to government, Chicago style!


  109. Dammit, Salon made me consider doing crackfat for a second there.

  110. Something you want to share with the class, MJ?
    This whole thing is so fucking stupid.

    Overbid the job. If someone really needs it, they pay. At a certain price, principles go out the window. Find that price.

  111. He would just drive around the state and calmly give speeches explaining why he should be elected.

    Granted that CT is geographically smaller than TX, but an old democratic thug by the name of Lyndon Baines Johnson demonstrated to the nation why that campaign tactic wouldn’t work in the age of mass communication by beating the most revered of all Texans back in ’48. Coke Stevenson drove around the state and made speeches at the county court house. LBJ burnt up the radio waves, filled up the newspapers, and sent out fliers by the bushel basket. And then he manufactured enough votes down in the valley to get himself the rest of the way elected. I doubt that any politician has tried to get elected to statewide or national office since then by just driving around and making speeches. Wiser’s conversation partner is living in a hoplessly childlike world.

  112. TJ, I happen to know a couple of dozen people who either live in Alpine or have Alpine ties. Not a single one of them claim to know Marcotte or even ever heard of her. She supposedly graduated from Alpine HS in ’94 so she hasn’t been gone that long. I wonder if Marcotte is a nom de plume?

  113. Almost every lib I know thinks Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are massive toolboxes.

    Almost every conservative I know thinks John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are massive toolboxes.

    Both parties think the other party’s majority leaders are even more massive toolboxes.

    How does this work? Why do both parties put these fuckwads into leadership positions?

  114. Who wants to hear about my kick ass workout?

  115. If you worked out with booze bottles, yes.

    If you worked out with water bottles, no.

  116. I managed to break some enterprise-level software, so workout talk would be fine with me.

  117. I was going to go for a rum but it’s raining.

  118. Occupy couch – day 6

  119. I’m working on Occupy Recliner myself

  120. If you’re stuck on the couch, you could just do a little rumming in-place. You’d probably feel better too.

  121. I have to heal by Saturday.

  122. You’ll be right as rain by then.

    And hey – at least it’s not sinusitis of the prostate.

  123. Ligeetus of the blowhole?

  124. That probably needs an ointment.

  125. That probably needs an ointment.

    nah, probably better to go with an unguent

  126. Or an amputation.

  127. Get some comfrey and make a bath with it then soak for a while.

  128. HA!

    Amazingly, this phrase appears only once, ONCE, on the internets. Good job ‘Spur!

  129. Comment by Teresa in Fort Worth, TX on November 6, 2014 12:24 pm

    Exercise is important! Everyone should be exercising!

    But not THIS exercise, ‘cuz it scares all of the exercise poseurs

    No doubt this same writer will happily ignore the massive violence and nationalism associated with soccer fans worldwide.


  131. We had a neighbor when I was a kid, who would say when he wasn’t feeling well, “I think I’m coming down with Ligeetus of the blowhole.”

    It still cracks me up.

  132. “Comment by Hotspur on June 9, 2010 5:43 pm

    Hotspur, how’s the kidney doing?

    Pain is gone, thanks for asking.

    It might have just been a case of Ligeetus of the Blowhole.”

  133. Hey gentle folks. I was just lurking at the HQ. Jeez that place is FULL of The Whack O. scared me off.

  134. Laura can’t seem to go a day without boiling something and killing the clock.

    I solved the problem. The timer is in the kitchen and clock is on the porch.

    Sawzalls kick ass.

  135. I can send you to places even more whack-o if you’d like some perspective.

  136. Mr. Chumpo – I rarely wade into the swamp that is the comments section.

  137. Hahahahahaha

    Jimbro, did I really say that?

  138. Solid. Jeez Chief, that place’d make a Freeper blush.

    That’s ok, Leon.

    I’ll stick with the potty jokes and agreeing to disagree, thank you very much.

  139. I’ve seen things, man.

  140. well maybe if we went to the bad together. Back in the old days we would ride out to the nets using the buddy system. That was fun sometimes. (all the time)

  141. You want to read with me?

    It’s pretty much not safe for anything. People have anthropomorphized ebola as a cute anime nurse and are tracking her progress and success with a mock-religious fervor. And writing fanfic.

  142. So, like I said, AoSHQ? Normal folks.

  143. Tuche’, my friend.

    I’m not chanin’ nothin’

  144. *I really hope no one cllicked that*

  145. well it’s a little late for that Leon. So prepare for a call from my wife wondering why I’ve locked myself in the car and am huddled in the backseat laughing and eating fishing bait. (during the week)

  146. this is ch/chan.rum/drunk@0330 this morning.

    I larfed.

  147. Here, eyebleach

  148. diet coke will kill her if the squat thrusts don’t.

  149. The girl in the pink is sooooo hot.

  150. DAMMIT!!!!!

    So, Tom is not gonna be around on Saturday. No worries.Ben and I can fill his time.

    As of this, point, none of the people I’ve reached to to be guest have returned my call, so probably no guest. No worries though. Ben and I can fill.

    Ben just sent me an e-mail. “Can’t make it this week. Sorry.”

    S’gonna be an awesome show this week.

  151. Hmm. You want me to call in earlier? I have 10 questions I’d like to ask you that are totally ridiculous.

  152. Finally! A woman who can handle all of MJ.

    And I do mean “all” of him

  153. >>>You want me to call in earlier?

    Sure! 20 of?

  154. Question 1: Please give me your analysis on the midterm election and what it might mean for the a) the economy, b) foreign policy, and c) the 2016 presidential race.

  155. S’gonna be an awesome show this week.

    Describe in detail the saga of your sex change.

  156. …errrr…I mean, gender reassignment.

  157. Is 20 of 1:40 or 1:20?

    Question 2: How many bullwhips do you have up your ass RIGHT NOW?

  158. 20 of means 20 before, you dickbrain.

  159. You show up in NC and don’t even tell me and I’m the dickbrain?

    Puh leeze.

  160. Hahahahahaha

    Nice try.

  161. I made homemade sourdough rye bagels today. It was so funny boiling the dough!

    *eats a birthday candle*

  162. In-laws here for dinner.

    Later, gang

  163. Scott should co-host the wisershow.

  164. I think Mr Chumpo would be hilarious and interesting.

  165. How did they turn out, lauraw?

  166. OK, a little too fluffy, instead of ‘NY bagel’ dense. And I think I didn’t use enough salt in the dough. Tomorrow will be the real test. You’re supposed to let them cool all the way (supposedly they’re not like regular bread where it’s better fresh and hot), and of course sourdough really is better a day or two later.

    To really get that deep traditional bagel flavor I need to see if I can find some food grade lye and some malt powder.

    Scott loves bagels and it would be great if I could get good at making a classic NYC egg bagel.

  167. We used to have a place in town that made fragels – deep fried bagels. Them sonsabitches were awesome.

  168. OH- I want to try making really good pretzels too. That’s what I need the lye for.
    I think I actually have some lye but I don’t know how to tell if it is food grade.


  170. I make bagels at home. I use my pizza dough recipe but they don’t rise enough. Please keep me posted, Le Hump.

  171. They sell bread in grocery stores down here. It’s cool as shit.

  172. Just eat some of it. Then you’ll know.

    What could go wrong?

  173. No more fragels? I never even had one.

  174. Chumpo, you can’t use pizza dough to make bagels. Legally, I mean. In an international sense.

    *calls the IDF*

  175. Anybody got a link for the game tonight?

  176. You can if there’s a hooker on it…

    Wait, wrong joke.

  177. I’m watchin’ Hockey, Buffalony. Kings v some rat bastards at 1900 PST. Come On.

  178. Exercise is important! Everyone should be exercising!

    But not THIS exercise, ‘cuz it scares all of the exercise poseurs

    I don’t know if it’s because of where I live, but crossfit is very pro-military. Many of the workouts are named after military heros, etc.

    We’ve got an American flag on our wall.

  179. Who wants to hear about my kick ass workout?

    *raises hand
    *looks around and see that I’m one with my hand up

    *slowly puts hand down.

    I deadlifted 210 today. Woot. Previous was 205. Slowly inching up. I could have done more, I think, but we had other shit to do and I’d held up people long enogh.

  180. Try this

    remember not to click anything

  181. Awesome job. I did about an hour of lifting then a spin class.

  182. Oso’s workout: I worked 3 pallets of books, loaded a pallet of flooring, and set up a 4 pallet candy pod. I also loaded pet food for an old lady.

  183. Did anybody figure out that anybody else was the masked racer who helped them win the Grand Prix today?

  184. I don’t know if it’s because of where I live, but crossfit is very pro-military. Many of the workouts are named after military heros, etc.
    We’ve got an American flag on our wall.

    Crossfit is very popular with military folks. There’s actually a study being done right now comparing it to normal command PT, and other studies have been done in the past. A lot of units will do it in addition to/replacing their unit PT. It also has a bit of an reputation as a workout for “high speed” types (SF, Ranger, SEAL, etc).

  185. this is either Kim Jong-un (masquerading as a lesbian in hollycould), or Sean’s masked racer.

  186. It’s a cult.

  187. Last time we were in La Jolla, we saw a personal trainer and a bunch of stroller moms exercising and incorporating the strollers and babies in the workout. Saw the same thing in Vegas last month. Cousin is stationed at Camp Pendleton. His wife participates in stroller run events.

  188. I’ve seen those stroller-workout groups.

    The hammer throw event was particularly impressive.

  189. My cousin’s wife has had 2 kids in 3 years and she looks great. She’s a butterface though. I think she’s cute. Dan and a few of mi familia call her BF. They are mean.

  190. Listen to Scott, he’s pre-med

  191. A good face is a birthright. A good body is something you earn.

  192. One man’s butterface is another man’s meat or something like that.

  193. She really has a great figure. Even before the kids. They both Crossfit.

  194. Thanks nice tiger lady.

  195. Butterfaces are why light switches were invented.

  196. How’s Hotbride?

  197. “It might have just been a case of Ligeetus of the Blowhole.”

    isn’t that usually cured with a cumfree rumming pessary?

  198. Stupid TNF. Leah Still is a cancer warrior. I think she just got overwhelmed by the support. Tears and Prayers.

  199. Butterfaces and chubbygirls. The best thing after a long night of drinking.

  200. I am seriously thinking about using our big tea-ball think to make a comfrey bath next time I’m really sore.

  201. Beer-goggles.

  202. Butterfaces and chubby girls is too arbitrary. What is chubby? What is butterface? Back in the day, guys had “No Fat Chicks” posted on the party wall. I H8D all the TeeHee’s who were like “Am I a Fat Chick?” If you have to ask…YES!!!

  203. Hey MJ. one of my gardening channels is seconding your recommendation:

    I think you mean it’s too subjective, Oso. That said, “fat” vs “chubby” is easy. Chubby is a girl with some real softness, but who still has a discernible waist. Fat girls are on their way to having a fridge full of genetics.

  204. I’ve never had a discernible waist!!!! (Runs from blog crying)

  205. It’s different when it’s because you don’t have hips.

    That just makes you a boy.

  206. Back in the anorectic phase, my hip and waist # was 28. Even now as a boozer apple, my waist and hip ratio is uniform.

  207. I have never measured my hips. True story.

  208. You should find the most expensive hardy water lily you can find and farm that.

    We had one that was amazing. We paid $50-$80 for it.

    We could have made 30 new plants out of that one each and every year. Laura didn’t sell any of them, but she traded them for several hundred dollars worth of plants.

  209. *debriefs and cocktails*

  210. If it would out-compete my cattails, it’d be worth it just for that.

  211. Hotspur,
    How is the Missus?
    Hoping she is doing well and that they have cultured the “BUG” and got her on the road to a cure…

  212. “Butterfaces and chubbygirls.”

  213. Cattails are famous for being impossible.

  214. Bangles are famous for playing like the Jets.

  215. That link should have been this:

  216. Bangles? I thought it was Bungholes? Mind blown!

  217. Weird. I’m listening to the Bangles (Susannah Hofs, et al) on youtube right now.

  218. XB, I sent back the seasons of Buffy and Angel today. Thought of you.

  219. Weird. I just referred to all you juice-boxers as buttholes earlier.

  220. They can probably beat the Bengals.

  221. I’m a butthole.

    I just know it.

  222. what day/time are ye going to Shakespere’s?


  224. I thought they closed that bath house.

  225. nope. It still serves the bangers and mash.

  226. That is a cool ole jam, Jam2. I haven’t thought about them in a long tyme.

  227. Woo hoo! I just brought in a 40 lb bag of pellets and fed the stove.

    I love this heating pad.

  228. That something new, Scott? The pad? And are pellets still hard to find? Was talking about them to someone thinking of changing over.

  229. 1 40# bag? I’ve been selling pallets of pellets. True story: I need a push to get a pallet of pellets going. Tuesday, I was pulling a pallet of trash bags. Woman walked in front of me. I turned to stop the pallet. Felt something pop in my knee. Lippy, in Cali you need to look at air BS before converting to wood pellets.

  230. Pellets are becoming a pain in the ass.

    I wrecked my back a week ago.

  231. Saturday at…. 6?

    shoot me an email at bariejr at the g string thingy and I’ll send you my phone #

  232. copy

  233. I thought the really cool cash register wrecked your back?

  234. I’ve been blaming a pallet of pellets on my knee. Nothing like having a bunch of grown men look at you and let you load their pellets. They make comments on how “Little” I am. Still let me load their pellets. Laminate flooring guys are worse.

  235. It did.

  236. Just got over my election hangover yesterday. Still taking a sabbatical from political sites and radio.

    My version of rehab.

    Have 33 hrs off in Portland this weekend, signed up for a ‘walking history tour’ of downtown.

    Then I will go on my own ‘drinking tour’.

  237. Scott, I hope that couch duty helped you. One day of couch duty helped my knee. Ibuprofen and elevation.

  238. When we were building this house, we were gonna put in a pellet stove.
    Our friend, who was a builder, and the “supervisor” of our project, and whose aircraft I maintained, told me;
    “With your back? No Fookin way!”
    He made us put in a propane gas-log.
    He was absolutely right.
    He and all the other folks on the airport, have pellet-stoves.
    He knew damn-well that I could not shag bags of pellets in here to feed the stove.
    I am very great full to him…


  240. Phat,
    PDX is an interesting place.
    Anita & I grew-up there.
    It has “evolved” quite a bit from those days.
    I think that for the most-part, it is for the better, but for the influx of illegals and gang-bangers, not so much…

  241. Our Condo can’t have gas fireplace or pellet stove. We have gas heat. I’m not a pussy. 3 straight years of space heaters. Get a blanket you pussy. AKA Dan. This year, he has decided to winterize and go with our gas heat. Heater guy is coming next week. Joe. Our dogs love Joe. Good thing he charges by the job and not the hour. Airborne. Joe is watching airborne friend’s dogs. He’s had Jethro and Ellie Mae for years. I met Jethro/EllieMae’s Dad a few years ago. Dude has been stateside like once since 9/11.

  242. I will see your, ‘Walking Down Your Street’ and raise you.

    ‘Going Down To Liverpool’ featuring Leonard fucking Nimoy.

    I first got this on their very first 4 song cassette in the mid ’80’s. I think ‘Hero Takes a Fall’ was on there as well.

    Always loved the Bangles.

    Screw cover song theory (oh yeah, I went there). ‘Hazy Shade of Winter rocks.

  243. HSoW is my favorite Bangles song. And Going Down to Liverpool is always in the sidebar if you watch Walking Down Your Street.

  244. Also, MCPO is gonna cut a bitch if you keep embedding vids.

  245. I will never forget this.

    Was in college and a buddy (Tonehead) went to go see ‘Less than Zero’ on the insistence of his girlfriend.

    We were out drinking that night and I asked him how the movie was.

    He suddenly got all serious and said (very loud), ‘Phat, I learned something from that movie.’

    Me: ‘Really, what was it?”

    Tonehead: ‘DO NOT EVER SUCK DICK!’.

    Me: ‘I can’t believe you needed a movie to teach you that.’

  246. Just tag MCPO with a John Denver song. He’ll totes forget about embeds.

  247. I’ve never seen it. But I’ve had it on my computer for a couple years.

  248. I loved Less Than Zero. RDJ. Squeee.

  249. I will never forget this.

    Was in college and a buddy (Tonehead) went to go see ‘Less than Zero’ on the insistence of his girlfriend.

    We were out drinking that night and I asked him how the movie was.

    He suddenly got all serious and said (very loud), ‘Phat, I learned something from that movie.’

    Me: ‘Really, what was it?”

    Tonehead: ‘DO NOT EVER SUCK DICK!’.

    Me: ‘I can’t believe you needed a movie to teach you that.’

    I had to get married, have daughters, allow them to achieve teenhood and then get drug to chicflicks in order to learn this lesson. I’d say he got off light.

  250. That movie was totes sexy.

  251. XBrad,

    Susannah Hoffs and Matthew Sweet have done a couple of albums of ’60’s covers.

    ‘Under the Covers’. They are very good.

    on the first one, I recommend ‘Run to Me’ and ‘Baby Blue’.

    Their harmonies will give you chills.

    MCPO friendly linkage:

    Run to Me:

    ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’


  253. best milf evah

  254. love you guys. Busy busy busy tomorrow. FiL H8s nursing home. MiL has no idea what is going on. We’re setting up phone and letting inlaws duke it out as only dementia patient vs. let me watch tv til I die can do.

  255. Matthew Sweet is great. Played that tape till the magnetic field broke down and the songs started coming on with out the vocals

  256. good linx Phat. Thanx.

    Bye Oso.

  257. Yowza. Whats Jeff Goldblum doing on the bottom of Load heat. (I keed, it looked like a GE commercial.

  258. G’night senor Chumpo.

  259. This one baffles me:

    Hoffs and Sweet covering ‘How Soon is Now’ by the Smiths.

    Hoffs and Sweet:

    Granted Sweet obviously has the better voice, but the reason the Smith’s were so good is that Morrisey’s toneless drone melded with Marr’s guitar so well.

    The Smiths:

    Gonna go with the Smiths on this one.

  260. Goodnight cool kids.

    Got a long day of flying tomorrow that ends in Portland.

    See you there.

  261. Bye Phat.

  262. Wait,

    Isn’t Jenn in Portland?

    Or was it Seattle?

    I get those two cities confused.

    I signed up for the ‘underground walking tour of Portland’.

    Will let you know how it was.

  263. Oh, you look so tired
    Mouth slack and wide
    Ill-housed and ill-advised
    Your derp is as mean
    As your life has been

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