Seno Grande Venerdì

Hello asswipes, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a porn star and was born on December 15th, 1980 in Rome, Italy. The tape says 38E-23-35, 5′ 6″ and 135lbs. She enjoys espresso, using her hands when she talks and getting dorked in the squeak-hole. Please stop hoarding wood pellets long enough to welcome, Miss Floriana Panella (AKA Roberta Missoni AKA Roberta Gemma).










The drinks of the week are toilet-bowl wine and Go-Pro wedding whiskey.


  1. Lei sembra una bella ragazza.

  2. Nice complexion for a wop.

  3. Il bunk!

  4. *buys Platinum membership to “CLUBGEMMA”*

  5. Nothing wrong with her that a little crossfit couldn’t fix.

  6. Let’s talk about my new workout schedule, Car in.

  7. Pretty sure she’d have whiplash with a crossfit workout

  8. Black eyes for sure.

  9. what’s your new workout schedule MJ? I’m going to crossfit in a few.

    I found a fun run everyone here could do:

    “Join Dave, Chuck, Lisa, and James as they lead off a beer run like no other following the Wyandotte Christmas parade!

    You’ll run an exhausting half kilometer to a party filled with ice-cold and refreshing BEER! “

  10. Good job, Buff – I’d hit it.

  11. Is this page loading slower than your mom for anyone else today?

  12. It’s working for me. But my computer is basically brand new.

  13. No trouble here, but I’m on my linux box.

  14. I think it’s a half kilometer from Carin’s house to her mailbox.

  15. testes

  16. There’s something on the page that isn’t fully loading.
    Win 7 64-bit Chrome 39.0.2171.42 beta-m (64-bit)

  17. *waits for assistance from tech support*
    *realizes I am my tech support*

  18. Block more scripts.

  19. She seems nice.

  20. Big gifs load slow.

    *shakes fist at buffalo*

  21. SRG, has anyone asked you about bullwhips in your rectal cavity yet?


  23. Anyone want an adorable little asshole of a dog?

    Benny has dug his way under the fence twice this week in two different spots. I’ll probably have to spend $1k to keep him inside it.

  24. No.

  25. What Cyn said. ^^

  26. Hahahahaha

    Ace called Mary Landrieu The Senator From the District of Columbia.

  27. 16″ paving stones can be bought for $1.03, each weighs 15#.

    I need 327 of them.

  28. Sounds like a job for Carin.

  29. I doubt it will take that many 15 pound stones to sink your dog in the lake.

  30. Lotta miles on that face….

  31. Are we sure the gal in Leon’s AoS link isn’t Pendejo’s buddy’s wife? Last time he was telling tales on her, she was getting a little frisky….

  32. Ordered them. We’ll see how soon I can have them delivered.

  33. Happy Birthday, Michael!

  34. *puts on shocked face*

  35. The headline made me expect pr0n. Happy/disappointed to not find it.

  36. Well, I guess it’s there if you click through, but I recommend against it.

  37. “miles”

  38. Hotspur, I find that whole story very sad. And I feel like she’s really being “used” by the movement. Proper hospice care (as opposed to what I had for my dad) could insure that she didn’t suffer.

  39. The AD at Michigan resigned. This is going to be interesting.

  40. I just thought she was an attention whore from the start.

  41. UM athletics has basically been a total mess since Carr retired, hasn’t it?

  42. Wow, you guys spend a lot of money! But not as much as Wisconsin, Texas and Alabama.

  43. Yeah, Jay, that’s a shit ton of money, and a vast amount of it is raised off of the football program. The alumni are a lynch mob, and they want changes. Brandon was bound to fall. Brady Hoke will be gone at the end of the season if not before.

    They lynched Rich Rodriguez four years ago, and he’s gone on to be a great coach at ASU.

    Dumb fucks.

  44. Just did a shot of the funky power juice recipe that Carin suggested.


  45. I know your football program brings in a lot. 100k seats will do that for ya.

    I was surprised at Wisconsin. But they really have revamped their sports programs.

    Iowa State is way down the list, not surprised.

  46. Back to my workout schedule…

  47. Good morning, ladies and gentlem…. uh… hmm…. you…. uh, people?

  48. God damn Ebola nurse is ordering pizzas now. Isn’t there something in the Hippocratic oath about this? I really dislike that SJW.

  49. Anyone hear about the Shaheen/Scott Brown debate? Did George Snufalufagous ask about birth control?

  50. Good point to all this is that if Kaci gets Ebola, by law we’re going to have to throw gasoline on her and immolate her on the spot, like in John Carpenter’s ” The Thing”.

  51. Actually, J’ames, if she paid by credit card, pizza is good to go. Just have the guy knock on the door, set it down, walk away. Heck, aside from the risk of a sneeze, handing it to her would be fine.

  52. People I know that don’t normally have opinions about anything FUCKING WHITE HOT HATE this nurse.

    I could care less except for hoping that she shits her liver out.

  53. One part of me wants this reckless, narcissistic cunt to come down with ebola, so others can learn what foolish thing it is to endanger others for your own immaturity.

  54. Okay, more than one part of me…

  55. aside from the risk of a sneeze, handing it to her would be fine.

    Porn has lied to me my whole life.

  56. Porn has lied to me my whole life.

    This statement is deeply, profoundly true, regardless of how you meant it.


  58. You mean movies aren’t real??????

  59. *cancels plans to joint the rebel alliance

  60. Awesome tune

  61. I just had a client hit on me. In writing. By email.



  62. Is she cute?

  63. Post the text or it didn’t happen.

  64. Actually, J’ames, if she paid by credit card, pizza is good to go.

    Just no. You have to verify the card, and they have to sign for it. It’s in the credit card agreement. Otherwise they can just claim it isn’t their card, and you eat the cost.

    Plus you have wear gloves, or anything that they touched, you can’t. Even the presigned receipt and/or card would have to be disinfected, in a proper environment.

    If you like giving away pizza, this is a good way to go.

    It’s nice in theory, but actual practice and real life step in quite often.

  65. Maybe she used Apple Pay.

  66. Post the text or it didn’t happen.


  67. Maybe she used Apple Pay.

    I didn’t know she was a gay guy.

  68. You know there are guys that get a Brazilian wax? WTF?

  69. “Guys”.

  70. How is that even possible?

  71. I didn’t know she was a gay guy.


  72. So what does your massive douchebag costume look like, HS?

    Just the usual khakis and button down?

  73. I’m dressing up as your mom.

  74. How is that even possible?

    Wax, and a strong desire to be buggered.

  75. Is she cute?


  76. I don’t even care that that’s embedded.

    I did it on purpose.

  77. No you didn’t.

  78. So, I guess Cyn’s story is debunked. Let’s move on to Leon’s heterosexuality.

  79. Cyn, you know me. You know I know how to do a proper image link that won’t embed. It was deliberate.

    And hilarious.

  80. So, I guess Cyn’s story is debunked. Let’s move on to Leon’s heterosexuality.

    Yep, totally debunked. Now what?

  81. Zowie… we’re exchanging more emails.

  82. You. Must. Post. Them.

  83. At least bcc me1


  85. So, I guess Cyn’s story is debunked. Let’s move on to Leon’s heterosexuality.
    Yep, totally debunked. Now what?

  86. Yep, totally debunked. Now what?

    Perhaps Leon could run a regression analysis on the probability of Not.One.Stinking.Applicant. that HR sent for Mr. TiFW’s group to interview for his new program being white.

    A program which requires Top Secret clearance and a not-insubstantial amount of highly technical aeronautically-related engineering knowledge.

    Seven interviews. Not one person was white.

    Because apparently HR is under the delusion that the engineering field is overflowing with Eric Holder’s people.

  87. TiFW, I’m still working on the “why are so many guys in this three letter agency using English as a second language?”

  88. Mr. TiFW said it wouldn’t have been so bad if at least one of them had appeared the least bit competent.

    Instead, he wasted an entire day listening to people answering softball questions incorrectly without losing his shit and going all Samson on the place.

    Meanwhile, a guy in his old group can’t get HR to give him the time of day on his application to interview with the new group because he can’t check off any of the Diversity Boxes.

  89. Kind of a rough week for private spaceflight

  90. also those are big ones

  91. What are the quals for the job? I’m getting bored with this Big Data crap, mostly because I spend too much time waiting to be able to work.

    I’m semi-hoping to get laid off so I can volunteer on some open-source work and start farming for food and profit.

  92. Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two exploded at ignition.
    One dead, one critical…

  93. Asian?

  94. Is it wrong to suspect sabotage at this point? WTF is going on?

  95. Asian?

    That’s the case with my ESLs. From TiFW’s comment, I’m assuming African in hers.

  96. All very dark-skinned individuals.

    Mr. TiFW was trying to “be nice”, but he said he was just about ready to zing every last one of them with pointed questions which he knew from listening to them they wouldn’t be able to answer, just to make them realize that he wasn’t impressed/fooled.

    He knows quite a few AA engineers at work who are excellent, so it’s not like he isn’t willing to give someone a chance.

    But these folks would all be a drag on the program, and at this point, they just can’t afford that.

  97. Leon, I honestly don’t know what the program is about – he was just read into it a couple of days ago – but if you would like more information, shoot me an e-mail and I can forward it on to Mr. TiFW.

  98. Wow, Whittle hits another one out of the park:

  99. Just sent you a connect request on LinkedIn, Teresa. Feel free to show it to the Mister.

    I’m probably the wrong person and I don’t particularly want to move, but it can’t hurt to chat.

  100. i can do it! *fills out resume with crayon

  101. With Antares I think you’re better off suspecting a 30 year old Russian main stage engine. One of em blew up on the test platform a while back.

    Spacecraft 2, they’ve been struggling to scale that “semi-solid” fuel engine for a year. Even changed the fuel formula. It just doesn’t work so good as the small one.

  102. Winter storm warning for Sunday, 7-12 inches of wet heavy snow possible in Maine. Fuck.

  103. I know it’s just an unlikely statistical cluster, Dave, it’s just so soon after the other one.

  104. Patriots vs Broncos in the snow!

  105. WTF? Why are we being so smart today? I can’t keep up!

  106. Who the heck thought flying a rocket ship on OCT 31 was a good idea?

  107. I don’t understand the skin color thing. Either they’re not qualified or they are. Who gives a shit about anything else.

  108. I think her point was more that it was a highly unlikely scenario that 7 out of 7 people recommended for the position were black, MJ.

    7 out of 7 also being unqualified is enitrely plausible regardless of skin color.

  109. Winter storm warning for Sunday, 7-12 inches of wet heavy snow possible in Maine. Fuck.


    you live in Maine……

  110. >> it’s just so soon after the other one.

    I know. They should schedule em further apart.

    Also if I was planning a 3rd one somewhere I’d postpone it.

  111. We hit 29 last night. First hard freeze.

  112. who’s got two thumbs and just installed an under the counter dishwasher all by hisself without a single trip to Home Depot?

    *points to chest

    This guy…..

  113. We were supposed to get a freeze, but we got warm rain instead.

    “Warm” meaning 40F.

  114. We’ve had snow before Halloween many times but just a dusting. This is a real storm way too soon. Maybe it’ll limit the Ebola nurse’s travel.

  115. dude… you. live. in. Maine.

    You should expect snow in June.

  116. Maybe it’ll limit the Ebola nurse’s travel.

    *up twinkles

  117. I just gave away my television. I haven’t turned it on for months.

  118. Cyn, did he succeed?

  119. I think her point was more that it was a highly unlikely scenario that 7 out of 7 people recommended for the position were black, MJ.
    Oh I see. That’s not possible.

    Out of 7 there’s probably a decent candidate though.

  120. Did who succeed at what??

  121. Comment by Cyn on October 31, 2014 8:32 am

    Good job, Buff – I’d hit it.

    Thank babe. Sorry about those emails.

    *pantomimes ‘call me’*

  122. Sorry about those emails.

    Sorry? Are you kidding me? Those suckers just won me a one year subscription after I submitted ’em to the Forum. Well done!

  123. Comment by MJ on October 31, 2014 4:11 pm

    I don’t understand the skin color thing. Either they’re not qualified or they are. Who gives a shit about anything else.

    Yeah, what Leon said – HR sent 7 applicants, every one of them was AA.

    Given that only 11-12% of the US population is AA, there’s something else going on; especially since AAs tend to be under-represented in engineering as a rule.

    Mr. TiFW doesn’t care about skin color, as long as the person can do the job – there are plenty of excellent AA engineers at Lockheed, so it’s not like he’s making generalizations based on skin color.

    And for this particular program, they are looking for people with a very specific set of skills – there are going to be plenty of white applicants who won’t qualify.

    Mr. TiFW just found it interesting that HR isn’t bothering to send anyone for an interview unless they meet certain criteria which have absolutely nothing to do with their technical ability.

  124. who’s got two thumbs and just installed an under the counter dishwasher all by hisself without a single trip to Home Depot?

    Did you plug it in?

    Jiggle the handle?

    Go to Lowe’s?

  125. I should give away my dishwasher. I haven’t turned it on in months.

  126. I saw some folks putting stuff in their car when an acquaintance of theirs walked over and chatted them up.

    Guy: Blah blah blah. Oh, hey I owe you some money. Didn’t I borrow five bucks from you? Here, I’ve got a ten.

    Woman: You can pay me later. I only have a twenty.

    Guy: Oh. A twenty. Well, give me the twenty, I’ll give you the ten, and that will cover the five.

    Woman: Uh. . . Okay.

    Guy: *walks off*

    Moments pass

    Husband: Wait. That was a twenty. THAT FUCKER JUST RIPPED YOU OFF!

    Me: *snortle*

  127. I just had the most annoying phone call, lady called for a quote.
    I needed to now her phone number, auction lot number and her zip code.

    It took 5 minutes.

  128. Online auction tomorrow, it’s freaking huge.

  129. No trick or treaters yet.

    *eats snickers*

  130. I’m trying to decide if I want to go buy candy, or just ignore any knocking.

  131. Greetings, ghouls, goblins, Senior Senator from Nevada, etc.

  132. *lets dogs out into front yard*

    That should cut down on the knocking….

  133. Buffalone has good Halloween candy.

    Unless the Snickers are actually for you and you have a bowl of Smarties by the door.

  134. It looks like my street has given up on this holiday. Almost every house is dark.

  135. Kids just aren’t coming out for the Michelle-Obama-approved turnips this year for some reason.

  136. Who has two thumbs and just had a delicious 90 minute nap?

    **does thumbs at chest thingy**

  137. Who has two thumbs?

    This guy!

  138. I handed out pocket lint.

  139. I’m handing out thumbs this year.

  140. //can’t wait for November//

    //has absolutely nothing funny to say the rest of this month//

  141. Kid just showed up with a green lantern costume wearing a Frankenstein mask.

    GREENSTEIN! I gave him money instead of candy.

  142. I think you just committed a hate crime, buffaloaf.

  143. Giving out full size candy bars.

    Yep, we’re that house.

    And now it’s pouring.

  144. If you have any left over, bring them to the next meatup.

  145. I have a big bowl full of Circus Peanuts and despair

  146. The “and despair” is kind of redundant.

  147. Maybe NSFW, but certainly safe enough for here:

  148. Serious question: why is there no space program?

    In my lifetime launches of the space shuttle were so frequent it became routine.

  149. why is there no space program?

    Carl Sagan died.

  150. I taped a label to the bowl that says “DESPAIR”

    Kids are dumb you have to drive the point home

  151. Sequester.

  152. They just mentioned on the news that the Meheecans are releasing our Marine. That’s great news, but Greta Van Sustern is gonna have to find something else to do now.

  153. How many terrorists did we trade for him?

  154. Serious question: why is there no space program?

    Combining your question with TiFW’s observation, they started hiring for diversity instead of competency. Laws of physics don’t give a shit what color you are if you missed a weld or forgot to carry the 2.

  155. Howdy!
    Good Job Buffalone,
    I am a little late but she seems nice

  156. Did anybody get offended when anybody else guessed their costume was supposed to be “Sexy Chewbacca” today?

  157. I don’t understand this Buffalone stuff.

  158. >>>They just mentioned on the news that the Meheecans are releasing our Marine. That’s great news, but Greta Van Sustern is gonna have to find something else to do now.

    As loathe as I am to question the timing here…….

  159. Today I learned that it hard to tell someone that they smell like gas.

  160. Snowing

  161. I question the timing, wiser.

  162. Xbrad,
    Strange stuff on your “Tactical Yoga” link. I can see the first picture, when I click “next”, nothing happens here.
    I has a sad…

  163. >>>>I question the timing, wiser.

    I never wrote it down, but this possibility occured to me a few weeks back. Obama let our Marine sit in a Mexican prison until it was in his best political interest to get him out.

    This is how this admin does business. This is SOP.

    And it ducking sucks the lives of American soldiers and citizens are seen by this administration as mere pieces on a gameboard.

    I fucking hate these people more and more every day

  164. And the people who continue to support/make excuses …

  165. Wiser,
    Obola considers servicemen as “slaves”, obligated to do his every unconstitutional will.
    They have no choice, as he is CiC..
    I really hope I live long enough to see “Karma” take her toll on the JEF…

  166. Anita has worked for a bunch of folks over the years(we’re old).

    Seems like some of those IT folks get together, now and then.
    Someone will offer-up, “Dude I’m, having trouble getting what I need out of my Access-APP.

    “Have you talked to Anita? She can totally fix that”.

    People call her, say that “Joe Blah” gave them her name, and here is their problem.
    She has NOT the ability to say NO!

    She has been doing SQL-shit for one of those folks for a couple weeks. When she gets “Heads Down” in code, I don’t talk to her, or interrupt her.

    I just quietly bring her food and take away the dishes.

    She is trying to retire, hates to code/design, but people will not leave her alone!

    I was being pissed about this until one of the folks that she has been working for for the last couple weeks just sent her a check for $4,700.

    I *may* have to adjust my attitude…

  167. *cocktails and debriefs*

  168. Got Mom fixted up with a rollator (hip going bad), some new house coats, a few tower fans, another cable box for the bedroom, and picked up a gallon jug of demineralized water. Every freaking item was a different stop. And I think I’m missing one of those stops, but it all got done in four hours.


  169. I hate hips going bad.

  170. How has your mom’s hip been doing? Well I hope.

  171. Wow – more wiped out than I thought; gonna hit some early hay.

    See you cool cats tomorrow for Saturday Morning Cartoons and Coco Pebbles. I call girl-dibs on making a pillow fort in the family room tomorrow!1!

  172. Sorry if you’re already abed, but she’s doing alright. Kind of in a holding pattern, which she’s getting frustrated with, but it looks like she’s gonna have another surgery by the end of the year to put in some custom components that her new surgeon is coming up with.

  173. Wow. It just started raining so hard here that I couldn’t hear the AoS podcast with the volume all the way turned up here in the office.

  174. Sorry that your Mom needs one more surgery. Hopefully it’ll fix her hip for good. Rain? In SoCal? Be careful driving home. Roads get really slick.

  175. From my laboratory in the castle east
    To the master bedroom where the vampires feast
    The ghouls all came from their humble abodes
    To get a derp from my electrodes

  176. Oh, and I made it home just fine. It came down pretty hard, but only for about half an hour. G’nite.

  177. wakey wakey

  178. Morning.

    Almost ran out of candy last night. Parents were cruising the neighborhood in pickup trucks and minivans with kids jumping in and out. Madness.

  179. I fot zero trick or treaters.


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