Thoughts on this election cycle

I’m also going to talk about this on Saturday, but I wanted to toss this up here as well.

And while this is kind of specific to Connecticut, I think it pretty much happens everywhere and in every election.  It’s a pattern that I’ve seen repeated by every incumbent against their challenger.

I recently heard a Democrat candidate say  that all her Republican opponent does is talk about how bad things are here in CT and demanded to know what her plans were to fix it. This is not the first time I’ve heard that argument.

Wait… It’s not an argument. It’s just a focus-group tested talking point that is tossed out as though it is an actual argument.  It’s a simplistic and calculated response that is carefully designed to give the impression that the challenger has no plans. And they know this.

But the reality of campaigning is… no one talks specifics during the campaign. Have we heard any specifics from Malloy other than “Things are awesome! My plans are working!!” And as easy as it is to dispute that position, just ask yourself this: Would CT Gov. Dannel “Dan” Malloy have been elected 4 years ago if he told you what he was going to do once he was safely ensconced in office?

Twust uh.. me.  I’m ..uh..weally not a far-weft uhh..  pwogwessive.

“I’m going to implement the highest tax increase this state has ever seen, while doing nothing at all to rein in spending. In fact, I am going to give all state employees a raise, while the private sector workers are still struggling to find or keep halfway-decent paying jobs”

“I’m going to give hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to private companies (who, let’s be fair, really don’t need it. see: ESPN, NBC/Universal and Bridgewater, for example) of my choosing, for which we will receive practically nothing of any significance in return.

“State-subsidized companies created far fewer jobs than expected”  (story is behind a paywall, but first few paragraphs are available and pretty much make the point.)

“Governor doubts UBS will stick to jobs deal” 

“Those rich business people will, in return, throw millions of dollars back into my re-election campaign, which is really the primary purpose of that program, let’s be honest.”

“I’m going to push through and approve the building of a busway at a cost of $1,000 per inch that very few people will use and is projected to lose $20 million per year in perpetuity, just to appease my union buddies who are going to get me elected.”

“I’m going to promise to use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles at the state level, but ignore that promise once I’m elected. In fact, I am going to use all kinds of slick accounting tricks to make it look like I have a balanced budget, when in reality, we are going to face a deficit of approximately $3 billion (that’s with a B) deficit by 2016, despite the largest tax increase in our history.”

“I am going to force thousands of people to join a union, even if they don’t want to, just with a stroke of my pen, in order to please the union leaders who will benefit greatly from that legislation.”

“I’m going to shamelessly exploit any tragedy that should befall the citizens of this state to ruthlessly and dishonestly push my own far-left agenda.

“I’m going to sign legislation that will screw over small businesses just as they are starting to get their feet back under them after barely surviving the worst recession this country has ever seen, just so I can get lots and lots of face-time with the media and the President.  What’s going to make that even more fun is that our state was one of the hardest hit and is probably never going to fully recover from the economic downturn.  At least, not if I have anything to say about that.”

“And when I run for re-election, I will blatantly and fearlessly violate our fine state’s campaign finance laws, put into place by my own party in the wake of a previous administration’s corruption, comfortable in the knowledge that absolutely nothing will happen to me.”

Does anyone actually think Candidate Dannel “Dan” Malloy would have gotten elected if he had given us those specifics during the 2010 campaign? Of course not! What amazes me is that, over the last 4 years, we HAVE seen what his plans are and how they are hurting this state. And yet, he still has a decent chance of getting re-elected!

So asking the challenger for specifics during a campaign is a bullshit ploy.  And thanks to the average intelligence of the American voter, it works!




  1. Jerry Brown will cruise to reelection. So at least there’s that.

  2. OT right away, but Jew, I thought you guys had bathroom rules. And by you guys, I mean men. Kind of like movie seating rules when guys are involved. Urinal rules. Whatev.


  4. If Malloy wins again, I am going to blame the idiot R running as an I.

  5. Negative ads are negative. And effective. Now, we’re just waiting on the margin of fraud here.

  6. We definitely have rules, Oso, but D sleep walks when he’s been drinking.

  7. As a sleep walker and a sleep talker, I believe that anything that happens while asleep is off limits and grounds for divorce if publicized.

  8. ” ‘get off my dog, you have to get out of here.’ He said, ‘No, today is the day we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.’” ”

  9. >>>He said the man told the resident that he was the anti-Christ

    I’d never in a million years guess the form the Anti-Christ would assume is that of a Naked Dog Fucker. Alright, maybe I would.

  10. I don’t sleep walk, that’s Jonathan.

  11. Oso loved the stage as a child, until

  12. He’s an asshole.

  13. Fucking wordpress

  14. I been waitin’ all day for Monday Night

  15. Jerry Brown will cruise to reelection. So at least there’s that.

    I hate to say this, but aside from his obsession with the Hi-Speed Choo-Choo that nobody wants to use, he hasn’t been nearly as terrible as I thought he’d be.

    I’m still voting for the other guy. You know, Ned What’shisname. The Republican or whatever.

  16. Nobody has.

  17. The resident then retrieved a gun and used it to detain the man until police arrived, according to Corbett. He said at some point the woman fired a warning shot into the ground to stop the man from advancing towards her.

    We must keep guns out of the hands of reasonable citizens like this woman!

  18. Oh gosh, Tushar – that is so cute and sad at the same time!

  19. I would agree but it’s more drunk walking than sleep walking.

    I crash on his couch when we go to his place and one time I heard his girlfriend saying “Not in the closet! Go to the bathroom.” He was pissing in the bedroom closet.

  20. Sean,
    His name is Neel Kashkari, and he is brown skinned.
    It is a Brown vs Brown fight.

  21. He was asleep.

  22. it’s more drunk walking than sleep walking.

    They’re called blackouts. Not a good sign. And, yeah, they often involve peeing in places that one thinks are the bathroom but really, really aren’t. My brother once woke up just in time to catch me about to piss on his TV.

  23. I was 5 and I didn’t realize I was in the closet!!!

  24. Tushar, yes. Just like that.

  25. how’s mare?

  26. “They’re called blackouts”

    Not always, Sean.

  27. I hate to say this, but aside from his obsession with the Hi-Speed Choo-Choo that nobody wants to use, he hasn’t been nearly as terrible as I thought he’d be.

    Jerry Brown’s sexual consent law might be the most retarded, invasive, and egregious law I’ve ever heard.

  28. I fell downstairs twice while sleepwalking, before my parents moved me to a downstairs bedroom.

  29. >>>If Malloy wins again, I am going to blame the idiot R running as an I.

    You mean, the guy who promised that if he lost the primary, he wouldn’t run as an I, and then lost the primary and immediately started collecting signatures to get on the bolt?

    The guy who’s supporters then insist that he is the most ethical and trustworthy guy in the race?

    That guy?

  30. Not always, Sean.

    No, not always. But the stuff he’s describing sounds very much like stuff I and a lot of other drunks I know used to do.

    Jerry Brown’s sexual consent law might be the most retarded, invasive, and egregious law I’ve ever heard.

    Yeah, I forgot about that. But per Ezra Klein, it’s all of those things but it’s super necessary because RAPE CULTURE.

  31. I drove across Iowa while asleep.

  32. Yes. That guy. I would love to vote for him but he is polling at about 10%.

  33. Sleep driving is scary!!! I would sleep work at Target. Overnight stock team.

  34. “a drugged, drunk … person cannot give consent, and silence or lack of resistance does not constitute consent, according to the new law. ”

    college is gonna suck here on out…

    @xbradtc – #Rohipnol no longer allowed

  35. I think most people are asleep while driving through Iowa.

  36. It was snowing too.

  37. >>>Yes. That guy. I would love to vote for him but he is polling at about 10%.

    What I really like about him is that he has no chance to win, but he would obviously rather see Malloy get re-elected than drop out of the race.

    ‘Cause that’s exactly what a smart hard-core conservative would be expected to do, since he’s a man of integrity and not simply an obnoxious egotist with an axe to grind.

  38. Med school classmate was a sleepwalker, drunk and sober. He survived a fall off an 8 foot loft by landing on a bed positioned below it. He’s an ER doc now.

  39. Scott, you’re killing me!

  40. I’ve had a few blackouts, SHOCK!!!! I don’t end up outside. Sleep walking on the other hand…

  41. Malloy might be paying him.

  42. Oso, I am good at micronapping.

  43. While driving?

  44. Oh, and any plans for bugging out with Pepe need a hell no. He’s posted pics of a rattler and a tarantula on FB. Round up time.

  45. @xbradtc – #Rohipnol no longer allowed

    Only on college chicks, Jam. Using it on your mom is still cool.

  46. Oh man. I just saw Obama giving the oceans slowing, planet healing line.

    God, that’s embarrassing. Who wrote that?

  47. Gary Johnson weighed in on the Martinez/King race. Decrying the negativity.

  48. >>>Malloy might be paying him

    All I need to know about Visconti is Ferris is one of his biggest supporters, as are all the other nutjobs who occasionally call my show.

  49. >>>>God, that’s embarrassing. Who wrote that?

    Well, he is a better speechwriter than his speechwriters….

  50. While in college I sleep-typed. I’d be writing a paper and fall asleep in the middle of typing a sentence, write two pages of stream-of-conciousness dreams and then pick up the original sentence write where I left off.

  51. Well, he is a better speechwriter than his speechwriters….

    The sad part is that I can see one of his twisted sycophants writing that crap.

  52. He sucks at everything except for being a bullshit artist.

    I mean, even when Bill was lying about being a pussy hound you kind of got the impression he wanted you to know he was a pussy hound.

    Obama truly believes his own bullshit.

  53. I truly boggles my mind that in the middle of this supposed “wave”, we can’t get rid of such an unlikable person such as Malloy.

    We need to change the nickname of CT from “The Land of Steady Habits” to “The Land of the Fucking Idiots.”

  54. We should find some clever way to fund hard lefties in close races to Nader-ize them.

  55. Sorry, wiser, we already have “The Land of the Fucking Idiots” copyrighted here. And the copyright only came in $1 billion over budget, too!

  56. How about “Land of the Public Sector Leeches?”

  57. “Land of a Thousand Dumbasses”?

  58. Illegals may cost NM their only GOPer in Congress. Rocky Lara is a pig. Michelle Lujan Grisham is a Commie. Ben Gay Lujan in the North. NM sucks.

  59. CoAlex!!! How is the headache and did you catch up on comments after dropping your sheepdog comment at the HQ?

  60. “The Land of the Fucking Idiots.” =

    im prolly missing some

  61. FL just for Bcoch.

  62. The Northeast has been declining since the 50’s thanks to the tax-loving Denocrat shitheads that keep getting reelected
    When I moved to Austin as a kid in the 60’s, the city and surrounding areas had way less than 200,000 people
    It’s now 1.7 million and climbing like a rocket (even Iowahawk has just moved there!)
    OTOH, most NE states have been steadily bleeding population
    NY state had almost 18 million in 1970, while Texas had around 11-12 million
    Texas is now something like 26 million, I think, while NY has declined to 14 million or so.

  63. Mea Culpa –
    NY State ( including the city) is up to 19 million
    I was reading the numbers wrong
    Still, that’s pretty sucky growth after almost 50 years..

  64. “Land of the Perpetual Corruption”

  65. Why is Kansas in that list?
    I don’t recall it as that

  66. Nutmeggers

  67. Sebelius and Roberts. KS is toast

  68. Nutmeggers sounds kind of racist.

  69. Can we transition to a football/alcohol thread now?

    The Cowboys are beating the Redskins.

    Chew some social justice on that little nugget.

  70. Phat, NFC East. You’re talking crazy talk.

  71. Redskins now beating the Cowgirls

  72. Vodka is currently beating my liver.

  73. I’m actually in bed watching the first 48, set I’m Memphis. I’m in Memphis.

  74. 5AM Tune in Tuesday tomorrow. Dan is cutting off my bourbon supply.

  75. MJ, did you find authentic Memphis BBQ?

  76. You guys are lucky you don’t have dachshunds. Dan keeps sending me wiener pics. He thinks it is funny. Just donged me with a picture of Ginger in Crocs. Favre’d/

  77. Did anybody decline anybody else’s invitation to see a slideshow of their recent trip to Africa today?

  78. Y’all need to comment faster. Sleep police turns off all electronics in 24 minutes

  79. Washington.


  80. **types inane comment very, very slowly**

    **wanders off for a moment before hitting “post”**

  81. Oso, I’m feeling much better. I think it was a combination of the heat and allergies.

    I did not catch up on the comments.

  82. A few people challenged you about your sheepdog analogy H8.

  83. Can we transition to a football/alcohol thread now?

    Well, shit. Almost dinnertime anyway.

  84. BBQ. Huh.

    Nope, after the BBQ fest in Charlotte I think I’m done for awhile.

  85. I prefer Carolina BBQ. There are people out there that are cray cray about Memphis, KC, and Texas BBQ. Cult like even.

  86. MJ~

  87. Heh. WWE going long. Electronic police hasn’t pulled the plug. Red red red red red neck.

  88. Oops. Plug has been pulled. Family bed time.

  89. Washington.

  90. Well how about them apples.

  91. Wiser, aren’t you supposed to be at the record shop?

  92. Well how about them apples.

    When I was a little kid, I thought the Redskins were from Washington state and that the name referred to apples. I was kind of sweetly stupid.

  93. I was kind of sweetly stupid.

    **takes called 1st strike**

    **waits patiently for a perfect pitch**

  94. I know. I stopped being sweet.

  95. I’ll turn you on like a tiger, baby
    Hard body, motor city, love life
    I’ll take you for a ride down the derp way, baby
    Be my little human sacrifice

  96. Is everyone working a fake double?

  97. Only on Fridays. Mines a real double.

  98. No double today. On call though. Which sucks since I can’t be more than 30 minutes from the hospital. It’s like I’m in quarantine!

  99. Snowstorm possible this weekend?

  100. Snowstorms would be helpful electorally.

  101. I think snowstorms would help the other side, leon.

  102. They already aren’t showing up. Snowstorms keep us from showing up.

  103. 40% chance of snow showers on Monday is my forecast. Cold the whole weekend though. The boy’s going with grampie to look at deer Saturday. Maybe shoot one.

  104. Bow, rifle, or shotgun, jimbro?

  105. I thought bad weather tended to favor the motivated?

  106. Grampie has a 30-06. Boy has a .410 with slugs his dad left him (he won’t be shooting, they’re just getting him ready for the big day in the future). We shot it with buckshot last weekend which made him happy.

  107. Coastal storm may develop on Saturday. If it happens ME will get the worst of it.

  108. Heh, shooting slugs feels a bit different, but buckshot is different than bird loads.

    Has he shot anything above a .410?

  109. We don’t have rifle season in Iowa, all slugs and bow.

  110. Morning thunderstorm here.

  111. I brought my 22LR pistol which he enjoyed, so, nothing larger. Grammie has a .243 he’ll probably use to bag his first deer.

    Maine goes through archery to rifle to primitive firearms (muzzle loaders which are anything but primitive).

  112. Heh, Hillary! as a presidential candidate, again. Get the popcorn.

    BAIER: You think this is more detrimental than “you didn’t build that?”

    KRAUTHAMMER: It will be played again and again. It’s a signal to Democrats. I mean, if you can’t make the elementary liberal argument about the role of government without having this ridiculous statement that jobs are not created by corporations, then you are not going to be a good candidate as she showed in 08. She is a person who said in the White House we were dead broke. We had trouble paying the mortgages on our houses. If you are going to plead poverty, you don’t refer to your homes in the plural. That’s pretty elementary. She is not getting the elementary stuff.

    From the sidebar.

  113. They have muzzle loader season on turkeys. I want to shoot a muzzle loader sometime, looks like fun.

  114. I don’t have one but they look like fun

  115. Jazz made Twitchy too.

    Of course, so did Cuffy, but he’s famous now.

  116. Venn diagram of CT politics

  117. wakey wakey

  118. Morning

  119. I made that for Wiser’s radio show

  120. I need to figure out which season I can use a railgun in.

  121. Wabbit season?

  122. Excellent visual aid, Dave!

  123. railguns are for secession season

  124. Well yes, obviously.

    White tailed deer are the beta testers.

  125. leon this has been in the news over the last year or two… looks promising:

  126. Although honestly at humandeer scale you’re better off using electricity to compress air and using that to throw slugs.

  127. Yeah, I’ve been following that. The advantage of a railgun is primarily in scaling. For replacement of a gunpowder weapon, compressed air or even springs will do nicely.

    Unless you’re fighting armor. That’s when you need the rails.

  128. Amazing technology.

  129. So, it’s a big Daisy Red Rider BB Gun.

    The advanced model pumps up with air.

  130. rain

  131. Jeez. You all get goin early.

  132. I’m thinking of something a little more burly, Jay, like a .30-06 powered exclusively by a rush of compressed air. That way you only need slugs and some way to compress it.

  133. I acknowledge that the final weapon might be a bit bulky, and might need a backpack unit for storage.

  134. 35000 to 50000 ppi to rock a 12 gram slug at ~900 ft/sec.

    A guy like you could do that with a foot pump.

  135. It’s not so much that they all get up early, Chumpo, just that they’re all at least 2-3 time zones ahead of you guys on the West Coast.

  136. Exactly, you could power it easily. The thing I worry about is volume and speed of delivery. Cordite expands dramatically when ignited, so you’d need to deliver the air as fast as that to get comparable muzzle velocity, and I haven’t done the math on how compactly you could store it, let alone whether you could get it into the chamber fast enough. My intuition says it’s possible, but that’s all I’ve got.

  137. I killed it with an air rifle.

  138. Leon, opening valves fast enough to provide the oomph would be problematical. Steam catapults have a similar problem. That’s why they have a holdback that doesn’t break until a certain pressure threshold is reached.

  139. Yeah, I figured that. I was thinking about something like a solenoid and a some electronic logic to operate the valves, but even that might be a timing nightmare.

  140. Gunpowder seems to work pretty well.

    Even for catapults.

  141. If it were easy, somebody in England or Australia would have built it by now.

  142. Gunpowder isn’t sold at Home Depot. Everything else on my list is.


  144. Hey Lady.

  145. Like dis.

  146. Hey backatya Chump

  147. Whomever invented end of month should be shot and kilt. That is all.

  148. You can blame Julius Caeser for 2 of them, July and August. But he was already stabbed multiple times, so he got what was coming to him.

  149. Want.

  150. Dems are saying Obama is a drag on them in the midterms. That’s undoubtedly true, but to what extent? How much of that is blamestorming, and how much of their troubles are a result of their own actions and policies in Congress? Will scapegoating Obama rescue their chances in 2016?

  151. They are almost certainly hoping to blame him now for precisely this reason, when the Dem-controlled senate is no less than an equal conspirator in all our sorrows.

  152. There isn’t enough workout/gardening talk today.

  153. It’s my light/rest week and it’s raining.

  154. My chickens are laying 5-6 eggs a day, so they’ve bought themselves a few months.

  155. good job, girls!

  156. I also just remembered that I have some leftovers to take out to them.

  157. Barry is definitely a Drag on the poor old put upon and beleaguered Defenders of all that is good and nobel and legal as far as they see it Democrats. That said, it’s becoming obvious that younger voters will tune out when even the rah rah legacy media can’t fabricate any kind of narrative of success and that really does fall on this congress’ shoulders in that even a robust spirit of bipartisanship reflects well on both parties and the country in general.
    Sucks that President I won stepped on his crank right out of the blocks. Sucks for dems sucks for the yoots, sux for the old hippys who cherished the prize if the first Black Ceasar. Sux for us (we?) who knew what to expect and couldn’t short circuit this time bomb in 2012.

  158. We picked up an antique cash register today, over 100 years old and it still works. It looks similar to this one

    167 lbs

  159. I think I’m going to go for a run in Nashville, which is kind of a dump, by the way.

    I may stop to plant some flowers, or do a bit of weeding to spruce the place up.

  160. Take a dump on a cop car.

  161. Hey Hotspur, these Daniel Silva books are DARK!

  162. I already did.

    *orders bean burritos

  163. >> 167 lbs

    anti-theft feature

  164. Yeah, Jay. They get a bit tedious later on because he has to retell the backstory stuff in every book, for people who haven’t read them all. The last book, The Heist, had very little actual story. So I may call it quits after this one.


  166. A Death In Venice was pretty good. Nice twist.

  167. Dammit Cyn, quit making me laugh in the cube farm. Now everyone wants to know what’s so funny.

  168. Just tell them that you were looking at a picture of their mom.

  169. That’s a beautiful cash register, Scott!

    Jay, I’ve managed to work my way through all 14 of Silva’s “Gabriel Allon” books – I’m currently about halfway through his latest one.

    What Hotspur said – although it looks like he may be taking things in a different direction now that Mr. Allon is getting on in years. Could be interesting to see things from the administrative side of things….

  170. I just wish there were more Longmire books. I love those.

    Any other suggestions?

  171. TIE Fighter is being released updated to work with windows. I am way more happy about this than I should be.

  172. I just got slammed with work.

  173. Antares blew up about 20 seconds into launch

  174. hahaaa – cyn’s house of pumpkin glory holes­­™

  175. Congratulation on your slamming, Scott.

  176. I am Even Steven.

    Quit work……other work comes rolling in.

  177. If I threw a $20 bill out the window I would find a different one within a week.

  178. I just watched our slow witted president defend his decision to quarantine soldiers because they didn’t treat patients. Medical staff are treating patients so they shouldn’t be quarantined.

    This was reported on PBS as a good explanation.


    Already on youtube.

  180. Scott is Jerry.

  181. A couple of years ago Laura was convinced she lost $1500. I said to her, “don’t worry, I’m Even Steven.” She looked at me like I was insane.

    That weekend I won a $1500 prize playing fantasy nascar.

  182. A chick at work won $4000 last friday on Keno.

  183. Is she single?


    moonbats should love this one

  185. She has a boyfriend, but perhaps if you showed up in your bike shorts* you could win her over?

    *per Wiser

  186. the secondary explosion was quite impressive

  187. I’m sure Cyn told me a way not to do that

    *goes to eat dinner*

  188. Dave is in the hospital and not well.

  189. Bike shorts

  190. Sorry to hear that, Scott. Prayers.

  191. He’s the coolest guy I have ever met and I have told him that.

  192. Appears it’s raining Tang off the coast of VA tonight.

    Sorry Roamie, that has to sucketh.

  193. Definitely an every day hero.

  194. phat,
    That was Orbital Science, a NASA contractor, trying to send 5,000 pounds of stuff to ISS…

  195. Oh well, hope it was insured.

  196. Sorry to hear about your friend, Scott. {{hugs}}

  197. Missed the comment but I see “past tense” and that makes me sad Scott. I really loved the stuff you shared about him

  198. FYI guys: Don’t make fun of the Bay City Rollers. Beasn is scary.

  199. A chick at work won $4000 last friday on Keno.

    I’m sure Sean will lose it at Wal-Mart by next week.

  200. Phat, at what Chad rating are you this evening?

  201. I’m sure Cyn told me a way not to do that

    Secondary Explosion would make a great band name. Or cocktail.

  202. or a good date night

  203. I saw Secondary Explosion open for Twiztid at the Gathering back in Ought 7.

  204. If you want a secondary explosion, you’re gonna have to let me take a nap or something.

  205. Secondary Explosion would make a great band name. Or cocktail.

    College Band or Sex Act? Needs to be a game at the next meat-up.

  206. I’m still giggling about Sean losing Keno money at WalMart.

  207. I bet there’s something in the Kama Sutra about secondary explosions.


  208. Are secondary explosions internal combustion or external?

  209. Did anybody find out that Stockholm Syndrome made anybody else, like, super clingy today?

  210. No past tense Dave.
    He’s lost all mobility, speech included I think.

  211. Oh damn.

    I’m very sorry Scott. He loved on a lot of people.

  212. I am not counting him out. He has probably been in the hospital 20 times during the 7 years I’ve known him.

    He wasn’t supposed to get out a couple of those times.

  213. Cyn I don’t think Tushar’s mom would let him have a Kama or a subscription to BOOBS

  214. I helped out on a spine fusion during fellowship on a teenage girl early in my year out in Denver. Her dad was a handy guy and he rigged her an off road wheelchair with fat knobby tires. It wasn’t motorized but it got her out to the pasture and woods. Dave’s work was definitely appreciated by those who benefited I’m sure. Sorry he’s taken a turn for the worse.

  215. H-how did you do that, Cyn??!

  216. I’ll show you on the bus for a dollar.

  217. Cyn,

    Sadly, I’m only about 2 Chad’s *looks on other side of scale*

    or 4 Indians, if you prefer.

  218. Getting to see boobies on the bus for a dollar is a hell of a deal.

  219. Someone posted this Elon Musk quote from 2 yrs ago on twitter.

    Eerily prescient (maybe why that’s why he’s a visionary billionaire?):

    “One of our competitors, Orbital Sciences, has a contract to resupply the International Space Station, and their rocket honestly sounds like the punch line to a joke. It uses Russian rocket engines that were made in the ’60s. I don’t mean their design is from the ’60s—I mean they start with engines that were literally made in the ’60s and, like, packed away in Siberia somewhere.”

  220. You fumkin puckers! Get off mah lan!!!

  221. Cyn,

    May have a PHX layover this Saturday night.

    I’m trying to trade it for another trip (OK State football team charter to Kansas State), but will let you know when I will be in town.

  222. The Royals game has gotten out of hand in a hurry.

  223. Elton Musk is a brilliant grifter.

  224. MJ,


    However, I still want to drive a Tesla Roadster.

    3.7s 0-60?

    Damn, that sounds fun.

  225. I’m a terrible person. MiL and FiL didn’t make plans for absentee ballots. MiL was feeling bad about not voting this year. I asked Dan if he wanted to take her to vote. Dan: 2 fewer votes for the Democrats. Nope.

  226. Elon Musk is a Bond villain.

    I’m certain he’s only trying to discourage general AI because he’s busy building it himself as a sort of Frankensteinian brain-child.

  227. Cool car as long as it doesn’t rain.

  228. If things had gone slightly differently in my career, I’d be working for Orbital Sciences right now.

    And likely drinking heavily.

  229. Okie light is flying to Manhattan? What is it…….maybe a three hour bus ride?

    Back in ’81 I rode a bus from just outside of Amarillo to Wichita to play a game. Got our ass kicked and then rode all the way back. Get off my lawn.

  230. Oso, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get 2 thousand fewer democrats to vote.

  231. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 28, 2014 10:02 pm
    If things had gone slightly differently in my career, I’d be working for Orbital Sciences right now.
    And likely drinking heavily.

    As opposed to the teetotaler that you are now?

  232. Keep me posted Phat – my calendar is clear.

    FYI that downtown hotel where you normally stay just had a fire earlier this week and had to relo about 800 guests; not sure what the status is as of today though.

  233. Oso, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get 2 thousand fewer democrats to vote.

    That’s easy. Just show up to the polling places and shout “immigracion!”

  234. Pendejo,

    Yep, they chartered a 737 for the 1 hr flight.

    Not only that, they have to pay for the whole 3 day trip, We fly to Stillwater for the pickup, drop them off in Manhattan, then reposition the jet to Kansas City until it’s time to pick them up Saturday night.

    T. Boone Pickens is good for it.

  235. Cyn,

    Will do.

  236. OK, that Royals base running play was nuts. Never seen a guy run outside the 3B coach.

    BCoch? You here?

    Probably bigtiming it over at moron central.

  237. Can you get tickets?

  238. As opposed to the teetotaler that you are now?

    I only have a few drinks a week. If I worked at Orbital right now I’d be looping the kaboom footage and drinking Beefeater gin right from the bottle.

  239. Pendejo,

    Now that I think about it the flight from Stillwater to Manhattan is more like 40 min.

    I used to fly from Ft Sill to Manhattan in the DC-9 all the time back in my USAF days.

    Aircraft speeds are very similar.

  240. Teslas are pretty cool. You get 100% power immediately.

    Still for fags though.

  241. Jay,

    After dropping off the team we have to fly the jet to Kansas City for the night.

    Manhattan is a small airport and they don’t have room for us on a football weekend.

    Also, we have maintenance in KC, so if something is broke on the first flight of the day (when things usually break) we have people there to fix it quickly.

  242. COAlex, now it’s “ICE” but everyone knows that there’s no deporting.

  243. The LockMart Atlas-5 uses Russian R-180 engines.

    The Orbital Sciences SplodeyAntares uses Russian engines from the failed N-1 Moon Rocket program.

    It was a HUGE rocket, with many engines, that had resonance problems and tended to tear itself apart.

    When that program crashed, followed by the Soviet Union, there were orders issued to destroy ALL those engines.

    They were ignored, and the engines were warehoused, and later sold to American entrepreneurs.

    The engine itself is sound, as long as you don’t cluster 32 of them together. The Antares uses two.

    This was not, as so many ignorant of the AoS commenters jumped-on, a NASA fail, as it was an Orbital Sciences failure.

    Watching the video, it seemed (to me) that there was some kind of “blow-out”, half-way up the 1st stage.

    WTF do I know? I’m just a busted-up old pilot/mechanic that can fly things with fixed or rotary wings.
    I ain’t no rocket surgeon…

  244. They are Morons.

  245. I’m sure it was a fluke, they’d flown them successfully before. I’d only be drinking because I’d know my job was on the line, whether I was anywhere near that contract or not.

  246. Isn’t Pupster still on sabbatical?

  247. ChrisP,

    I think most of the comments aren’t targeted toward the design, but the sheer age of the engines.

    I used to fly jets that were built in the ’60’s (T-38, C-9, and C-5).

    They tended to break a lot.

    I was built in the ’60’s. I tend to break down quite a bit these days.

  248. Leon, the 1790’s called, your air rife is ready.


  250. Yet another data point in favor of my idea. I just need to cobble a parts list and build a prototype.

    I will get a bazillion hits on the youtube.

  251. There’s even more impressive video of the splodey now:

  252. Nice find, Xbad.

  253. Sure, if by “find” you mean “it was right there in my twitter feed.”

  254. Phat, my young friend,
    I was built in the ’40s.
    You ain’t seen nothing, yet.

    I watched airline travel go from DC-4s to 787s.

    I watched the space program go from Vanguard, to the men walking on the moon(slide-rules), to the ISS.

    I watched aviation go from the F-86 to the F-35.

    The oddity was Kelley Johnson turning the F-104 into the U-2 and designing the SR-71(again, slide rules) that has never been matched or exceeded.

    With the communiststeachers union running the schools for the last 40 years, we will NEVER see advances like that again.

    This WAS a GREAT place to grow-up, in the ’50s and ’60s.
    The country will NEVER see such progress again.

    In some respects, I’m glad we bore no children.

    In others, I’m very sad.

    At least they will not be subject to this countrys fall.

    I blame it on turning our back on GOD.
    I’ll be dead before it plays-out…

  255. Twitter Feed is kind of a find. Sort of. Meh links for the lazy. It’s all good.

  256. ChrisP,

    Sorry for the AARP reference, but you are about my Dad’s age.

    He graduated the Air Force Academy in 1964 and flew F-100’s in Vietnam. He left the AF and retired from Delta flying MD-11’s. Pretty wide range of tech.

    He used to tell stories of some of the Captains he flew with, original Delta guys from the late ’40’s when Delta was a regional airline/cropdusting company. Hilarious.

    The stagnation of space exploration was the biggest disappointment of my career.

    When I entered the Academy in 1984, all full of Heinlein and optimism, I was sure that by the time my career was over I would be flying in LEO/Suborbital, at the LEAST.

    Nope, retired flying ’60’s tech.

    ‘Civilianization’ of Space exploration should have happened much earlier. That’s where the innovation and entrepreneurship is.

  257. And Space Aliens!

    It still pisses me off that I retired flghting the same Islamotards that Jefferson did!

    Our first war as a country and one we are still fighting.

  258. I think we’re gonna see some special things in space exploration, now that private enterprise got ahold of it.

  259. and with that, it’s time to hit the hay. Gnite H2!

  260. NYTOL!

  261. Damn
    I wake up and everyone’s asleep

  262. Hey, TJ! I’m still up…

  263. Apparently, three steak and onion sandwiches make you fall asleep for a bit and have really weird post apocalyptic dystoptian dreams.

    And gas.

  264. Dana’s exorcism required patience.

  265. This is accurate. Women are weird creatures and like to mess with men’s heads.

  266. I am not very optimistic that any Govt or private enterprise can make space travel a consumer industry. The places that are attractive (other planets that are habitable, in our solar system or outside) are either not there or too far away to be reachable with our current technology.
    That leaves space hotels. It has cost us 100 billion plus so far to put up one small hotel(ISS) up there.

    The only thing I see develop over the next 50 years is asteroid mining, if there is money to be made in that.

  267. We will probably find lots of valuable minerals in asteroids, fueling further travel. I hold no illusions about habitable worlds. They just aren’t within our reach, at this point.

  268. I think we’re our attention has turned inward. Exploration isn’t very important anymore.

    We still have no idea what happens in the oceans.

  269. I’m a terrible person. MiL and FiL didn’t make plans for absentee ballots. MiL was feeling bad about not voting this year. I asked Dan if he wanted to take her to vote. Dan: 2 fewer votes for the Democrats. Nope.

    damn shame, right there.

  270. Any word from Roamy lately?

  271. That’s where all the global warming is stored. Haven’t you been keeping up?

  272. Join us on the NEW POAT, which roamy posted, Car in!

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