A Thorsday wink

A funneh.
A reminder about today’s partial solar eclipse
And Thor.
There. New poat.


  1. Meh.

  2. My neighbor is mowing again, or potentially just shredding the few leaves he hasn’t already blown onto my side of the property line.

    But the sun’s out, so he must run a machine outside no matter what.

  3. I think you should hang Christmas lights, Leon. They make an excellent tool of vendetta. Especially the distracting blinky ones.

  4. He raked leaves off his side of the pond shore. I’m planning to rake all of mine to it and then set them on fire to clean up the cattails.

    Also, he’s not like, evil or anything, it’s just weird that he cannot go a single day without doing some kind of lawn maintenance.

  5. It is meh, but it’s fresh. Like anyone pays any attention whatsoever to poat content when there’s no flesh exposed.

    I still think the horoscope is funny. If my ex-SIL hadn’t already unfriended me on Facedouche, I’d post it on her wall.

  6. Roll it up in a little ball, mail it to her, and tell her to stick it up her hoohoo.

    No, you’re to nice to do that. Just think of doing it.

  7. I have a gnu point of great importance, but I don’t want to push Roamy’s down like a fat girl’s prom dress.

  8. too

  9. Hotspur, heh. So how’s Hotbride today?

  10. Push away, Carin.

  11. Yay! Space pens! What?

  12. I’ve got it scheduled for 4. I think.

  13. Off to finish pumpkin pie. crust is done.

  14. Are you poating a recipe?

    Also, pirate metal.

  15. One of my people came to see me today, all upset and shit, because somebody hacked his wife’s cloud and posted a picture of her nekkid on some website. A) Dude, your wife is no Kate Upton…..nobody’s going to the trouble of hacking her cloud. B) She’s probably fucking some old boy who put her shit on some website as a trophy. or C) She’s probably fucking some old boy and that old boy’s wife found her shit on his phone and put it on some website as revenge. D) Even though she possesses a pair of tits that would make Carie Marie go on a 57 state cheeseburger eating binge, I still don’t want to see them.

  16. sweet potatoe pie vs. pumpkin pie.


  17. i like how even Bristol Palin gets under the media’s skin. And ace’s. And Charles W. Cooke.

    I still like her mom.

  18. Alestorm reminds me of Dropkick Murphys.

    Pendejo, I agree with you on “A” for sure. Is that the same wife that was trying to show off her rack before?

    Jay, pumpkin pie with real pumpkin, not the canned stuff. Though I do like sweet potato casserole with the little marshmallows on top.

  19. He was just trying to show you the pic, PG. Swinger invite.

  20. Never had sweet potato pie.

  21. Dropkick Murphys = coding music

    Really fast coding music. Shuts everything else out.

  22. Speaking of hunks…one is permanently off the market.
    Shed a tear.


  23. Also;
    Pumpkin pie.

    Sweet potato pie is a sham.

  24. Haha, the header of that site, is hilarious, Car in!


  26. Pumpkin.

    I can’t get used to the taste of a sweet potato. Too intense or something.

  27. *reads the paleo pumpkin pie recipe*

    Blech. Don’t like nuts mixed in my food unless it’s a Baby Ruth and can’t stand the taste of maple syrup.

  28. Jay, loan me one of your hogs for the weekend? Also one of your motorcycles?

  29. Quite a cartoon for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, killed in the terror attack in Canada:


  30. OH man. That brings the sniffles. Early lunch rum com in’ for chumpy.

  31. Okay, this is funny as hell. This is in the trending column on faceass.

    “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: TLC ‘reassessing’ show’s future after report claims mom is dating a sex offender”.

    And they had no problem with the fact that she had 4 daughters by 4 different men, all of whom were felons. She just dumped Boo Boos daddy, Sugar Bear.

    And some pretty decent people can’t find a date.

  32. Aww geez, J’ames.

  33. …And some pretty decent people can’t find a date.

    Well put B.

  34. Honey Boo Boo is evidence of human speciation.

  35. Time to go blow leaves and prepare for conflagration.

  36. and prepare for conflagration.

    I hear they have a shot for that now.

    And Jenny McCarthy is against those vaccinations, too.

  37. Yesterday, the media reported that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the man allegedly responsible for a horrifying shooting spree in and around the Canadian parliament, was a convert to Islam. News reports on the shooting then spent much of the day fixated on that unconfirmed fact — even though there is as yet no evidence that his religion was a motivation for his actions. More sensational coverage discussed dubious social-media connections to ISIS.

    –why discussing the Ottawa shooters religion says more about us than him

    Weapons grade Stoopid from vox

  38. MJ, is there a drink with one part Gin a splash of Campari w/ Soda OTR?

    If not there should be. I’ve been drinking them for a week and I love.

    Also; a pox on Vox.

  39. Salmon $3.49 per lb!

  40. Grocery stores are a scam.

  41. Not really sure, Chumpface. Sounds delicious though. I’m a sucker for Campari.

  42. A Muslim kills a Canadian in Canada, and our government vows its “full support”.

    A Muslim kills an American in Israel, and our government tells them to “avoid escalating tensions”.

    Hey, U.S. Government: your antisemitism is showing.

  43. Is that real salmon, scott, or farm-raised pink goo?

  44. Weapons grade Stoopid from vox

    Repetitive redundant, MJ

  45. Real Atlantic salmon. We had to buy 42 lbs of it, but we split it up with family. Laura’s chopping it into steaks.

  46. Pendejo, I agree with you on “A” for sure. Is that the same wife that was trying to show off her rack before?

    No. That was my boss’ wife. This is a guy who works for me. Boss’ wife has store bought after market product. This gal’s are real.

  47. 100 clams $25.

  48. NEW POAT IS HERE!!!!! YEA!!!!!

  49. News reports on the shooting then spent much of the day fixated on that unconfirmed fact — even though there is as yet no evidence that his religion was a motivation for his actions.

    Ezra Klein is 100% correct about this.

    I can’t tell you how many times I read about an attack on military personnel in one form or another, think “Damn those Amish. They are a threat to Western Civilization.” and then am later proven right when we learn more about the bad actor who got to meet their maker after killing a few other people first.

  50. Did anybody find out that anybody else had grossly misrepresented themselves in their online dating profile today?

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