Tuesday Review: President Barack Obama


  1. Short and to the point. Pithy, even.

  2. Brevity=wit, soul of.

  3. well then. See you in the audit line!

  4. From the last thread:

    Every single time it’s the courts. Every time. Will of the people, rule of law? meangless. Might makes right is the law of the land.

    Iowa was one of the first to go this route, paving the way forward for the rest of you.

    You’re welcome.

    (PS, many Iowa Supreme Court justices paid for this with their careers, when they were recalled 2 years later. Yet another thing the libs screech about here)

  5. And yet their rulings will stand indefinitely, because there’s no ground to challenge them from.

  6. How does the cat get back to the starting point? Does that hallway go all the way around?

  7. Wait. Obama sucks?

  8. I like this one better:


  9. Or the classic:


  10. >>>Wait. Obama sucks?


  11. stupid embeds

  12. Circular, Jay; you can even see the bump of the camera as Cat In The Box rolls behind it nudging it a bit.

  13. When the entire shithole of Honduras and Guatemala gets free citizenship right the election you racists will thank Obama for his brilliant wonderfulness

  14. When the entire shithole of Honduras and Guatemala gets free citizenship right the election you racists will thank Obama for his brilliant wonderfulness

    Si. Gracias, el Presidente Obama.

  15. *moves to now-vacant Honduras*

    Muy bueno!

  16. We had Mexican food for lunch. Spicy.

  17. I was not aware of this http://is.gd/KScX7x

  18. Back from memorial service – it was a VERY nice one (I’ve been to some that are really bad….).

  19. I had a Gyro.

  20. I’m trapped in the house today and not liking it.

  21. I had your mom.

  22. Since my case was cancelled I was able to go with Paula to the puppy’s first Vet appointment. The Vet was a 30-something woman who was not a knock out but attractive. During the exam it became apparent that she eschews underwear. Squatting down to examine the pup allowed me to examine London, France and her lack of underpants. I’m not sure how I feel about that whore treating my pup now.

  23. Full bush? Landing strip? Hitler mustache? Totally bald? C’mon dude!!

  24. Maybe she just forgot.

  25. It was the ass PG. Smooth and white. I’d say she forgot but when she lifted the pup up her high beams were showing through her sweater.

  26. With that memory tucked into the VLM* I’m off to tap a knee**.

    *VLM: Visual Library of Masturbation, first used by my dear younger brother. Kevin, I miss you man.

    **”tap a knee” doesn’t mean the same as Tap Dat Azz. Stick a needle and pull fluid off a knee to see if it’s pus.

    (Unlike Oso I translate my bullshit.)

  27. could have been a thong

  28. Yeah, there are a lot of ways to hide pantyline, thongs are the easiest.

  29. Alrighty then!

  30. I’d rather tap a keg.

  31. So we just call the poats in now?

    I interrupted hiding from a migraine for this?

  32. I’d rather tap a keg.

    And somewhere, in a closet of shame, Dolly is pouting.

  33. Women’s underwear is a scam.

  34. Women’s underwear is a scam.

    With a 300% mark up at retail.

  35. PG

    Am having a road trip to Kermit to look at some oil wells in two weeks

  36. Women’s underwear is a scam.

    So is masturbation.

  37. So we just call the poats in now?

    Honestly, did anything more need to be said?

  38. I had a magnificent post in mind but then my super expensive, always works, Mac shit the bed.

  39. Was it just a bunch of pics of GND’s butt? Because that would be a pretty good post.

  40. My li’l win7 netbook is bulletproof thus far, and my Linux desktop is also indefatigable.

    But I’m sure Macs are better.

  41. Bubba likes pulling my Toshiba laptop off of the coffee table. It has crashed onto the hardwood floor about 10 times and it keeps on ticking.

  42. Know why he does that?

  43. For fun? Because he’s a luddite?

  44. He does it because he’s an asshole.

  45. I thought that was covered under “for fun”.

  46. I didn’t get much of anything done today at work. I had legit blockers, but our senior systems engineer is leaving the company next Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure everything crashes and burns after that happens no matter what I do.

  47. Colorado Alex needs this http://is.gd/GDZvGH

  48. That would require me to own a smartphone, and I refuse to sell my soul.

  49. The Dash 8-300 I was just on was flown by Chad at 11.5 Chad.


  50. Got to that knee just in time. It was filled with…gluten.


  51. Mmmmmm. . . gluten!

  52. Maleka leka hi leka hi di ho

  53. The racist, homophobic Dallas Cowboys just cut Michael Sam from their practice squad/team.

    Barack is probably pitching a hissy fit right now.

    Wonder if the usual suspects will start yammering again.

  54. I bet someone’s pretty butthurt over the whole thing.

  55. If Obama had son he would look like Michael Sam. Except pussier.

  56. If 0bama had a son he’d look like Serena Williams.

  57. Obama Jr. would look like Dorothy in The WIZ

  58. Obama Jr. Would say “Fuck you, you’re not my real dad.”

  59. Hey Chumpo! Saw your note and sent you a candygram

  60. Thank you DiT. You ‘da Boss!

  61. True

  62. Obama Jr. would look exactly like Rachel Maddow.

  63. Did anybody give the puppet show higher billing than anybody else today?

  64. Albert Einstein almost created the singularity with an Albert Einstein puppet

  65. That’s not a Hotspur puppet?

  66. Could be a Mark Twain puppet.

  67. Could be that f’n singularity thing happened and we just don’t know it.

  68. I thought the singularity were the Cookies ‘n Cream Oreos.

  69. Okay, that sentence is wrong, and I’m too tired to fix it.

  70. Puppets are ghey.

  71. This is why we need 30 round magazines:

    rare.us – This guy just pulled off the most American thing in the history of Americ

  72. Thankfully that’s a marionette. Which some would say is more ghey than a puppet.

  73. That is SO two days ago.

  74. I can play the anthem too. Here, pull my finger.

  75. The world ended right on time in 2012 just like the Mayans said.

    This is the fan-fiction sequel.

  76. I’m an ape,ape man. I’m a King Kong man. . .

  77. >> I thought the singularity were the Cookies ‘n Cream Oreos.

    Two alternate universes now Rocket Chick.

    I’m just a dumb operations guy, I need somebody smart to splain it to me.

  78. I’m just a dumb operations guy, I need somebody smart to splain it to me.

    Jay Carney isn’t doing much these days….

  79. MCPO,

    Thanks for the Lindsey Buckingham clip.

    Always thought he was overlooked on the ‘greatest guitarists’ lists.

    I have no idea how, as a picker, he gets the sound out of an electric that he does.

    Maybe Wiser or Dave can enlighten us poor rhythm guitarists.

  80. Maybe Wiser or Dave can enlighten us poor rhythm guitarists.

    I don’t know jack shit about guitars or how they are played….

  81. Here’s an example:

  82. That guitar has to be a custom and it’s about the size of a cigar box.

    Lindsey makes it Wail by just picking. Never seen any one else play that way. So, yes, he goes his own way.

  83. I don’t know jack shit about guitars or how they are played….

    That’s why you work at a record store.

  84. To clarify, never seen anyone able to play a big rock song that way. Alejandro Escovedo used to mix both styles.

    I’m a casual friend of Alejandro Escovedo. Back in the ’80’s when he was in ‘Rank and File’ and then moved on the ‘True Believers’. He can mix genres effortlessly. This song from his solo album is a classic:

  85. The reason McCartney and Entwistle were great bass players is because they were great lead guitarists first.

    I never developed the talent beyond a few classic licks.

  86. Funny story, met Alejandro when he was playing in my step-dads bar.

    Nice guy. Ran into him again 20 years later at O’Hare.

    He’s looking a little lost in the C concourse.

    I walk up and say, ‘Mr. Escovedo, how can I help you?’.

    He needed to get to another terminal and I had time on my hands so I walked with him.

    He didn’t remember me from the old days, but was surprised that I knew him from ‘Rank and File’.

    It appears there are no vid of Rank and File with a very young Escovedo on guitar.

    Here’s a good one from them:

  87. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard DiT play “Smoke on the Water”.

  88. You build me up then you knock me down.
    You play the fool while I play the clown.
    We keep time to the beat of an old slave drum.
    You raise my hopes then you raise the odds
    You tell me that I derp too much
    Now I’m serving time in disillusionment.

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