Tetas Grandes Viernes

Hello butt carnivores, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



I was not able to procure any demographic information about your model for today, she is a TV and internet video show host and seems to specialize in video game and cos-play convention reporting for spanish speaking audiences. Please stop stepping on scorpions for the percocet long enough to welcome Miss Marilyn Vianney Uribe Solis.

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  1. Nicely done!

  2. How do you say “somewhere between big and medium” in Spanish?

  3. L to R @ 5AM

    Buffalone, MJ


  4. Gotta graze.

  5. Redheaded bewbs

  6. She seems nice.

    I’d like the second outfit in short sleeves, kthxbye.

  7. L to R @ 5AM

    You’d look like that too, if you had to watch the Astros play all the time.

  8. So, anyone else hear about Biden’s son this morning on the news? Me either.

    I saw xbrad mentioned it, but that’s the only thing I’ve heard about it, until Vic said something about it at AOS.

    What if it was Bush’s daughter?

  9. She seems meh.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Haha, Michele Bachmann on retirement:

    “People ask, ‘What will you do when you retire?’ I tell them: No. 1, I will take a long, extended vacation. You get tired here.”

    She joked that she will vacation at the site of “MSNBC Primetime.”

  12. Flu’s here!

    “Message: Influenza has officially arrived in Maine. Maine’s Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL) detected the first positive influenza A virus by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on October 16, 2014. The patient was an unvaccinated mature adult from Lincoln county with no underlying medical conditions who did not have any recent travel, did not require hospitalization, and is recovering at home. The virus was typed as an Influenza A (H3) strain. Both Influenza A and B strains are currently circulating nationally. The 2014-2015 quadrivalent influenza vaccine contains components of both A strains (H1, and H3) as well as two B strains (Yamagata and Victoria) and is likely to offer good protection.”

  13. You’d better start brewing my super-master-blaster Jimbro.


  14. They’re building that house right next to mine. Fucking things started at 7:59 this morning.

    Honestly, I’m awake, etc. It’s just dang unpleasant to listen to trucks, etc all day. ugh.

  15. And the hammering. All day.

  16. *licks blog and sharts toxic goo.

  17. I didn’t know Interpol has a new album out?! My internet won’t let me preview.

  18. Did Tubgirl have Ebola? If so, it’s been around longer than we thought.

  19. *thud*

  20. ^^ for the poat, not HS’s comment, which was gross but typical for a man wearing dickslippers.

  21. Tomorrow is the last day of duck season.

  22. have I mentioned that my duck is laying? She’s been laying daily.

  23. I hope HB is getting a bit better every day.

  24. Mmmmmm. Finally a redhead. This is going to be a good day.

  25. Ella aparece muy cariñoso.

    Honestly, I’m awake, etc. It’s just dang unpleasant to listen to trucks, etc all day. ugh.

    My neighbor spends 1-2 hours outside running a small ICE for one reason or another basically every day.

  26. I think Benny has pica. He’s digging a lot today and eating it.

  27. It’s a damn good thing I’ve already sold my soul…..

  28. I’m watching From Dusk ’til Dawn: The Series. Not bad so far, but it’s only episode 1.

  29. As long as we’re on the topic of hot senoritas, let me present you with my favorite. There are pics of her topless on tittyweb jenkins but I’m way too much of a caballero to link to those.


  30. Craigslist came through for me. Chickens are being picked up later today.

  31. I’m commenting with an abundance of caution.

  32. Paz!

  33. Got my flu shot on Wednesday

  34. Scheduling mine now.

  35. I’ve got my master blaster juice. I don’t need no flu shot.

    Plus, I’ve *never* gotten a flu shot.

  36. Damn this joint is dead. Glad I got my hazmat suit on.

  37. Fuck it. I’ll be dead in 3 months anyway.

  38. Can we have your wake now? I could use a drink already today.

  39. Got a call from one of Googleman’s teachers: he and another kid did a joint paper on interviewing someone notable; they chose Hannibal Lecter. And she was offended at having to read some of the boys’ questions and answers, and has turned it into the principal.

    It was very, very hard not to laugh during this phone call.

  40. Hotspur, the Wash. Post gave the claim that the GOP are only to blame for ebola research cuts, 4 Pinocchios.


  41. Cyn, sounds like something my kids would do.

  42. A few of the questions:
    —“Cooked or raw?”
    —“Is Mexican spicy?”
    —“Light meat or dark?”

    She offered to go on reading, but I said no thank you (as I’m not sure I could keep a straight face going for that much longer without busting out).

  43. http://tinyurl.com/pbllq7b

  44. Tell that teacher to put on her big girl panties and view the assignment objectively – did the boys do what was asked of them? Was their grammar correct? Did they cover all of the points which were required?

    Then STFU and grade the paper.

    This isn’t about some wilting flower’s delicate sensibilities being offended. Is she a strong, powerful, liberated woman of the 21st Century who can do anything a man can do or not?

  45. What kind of questions did they ask, Cyn? It’s not like you give fluff questions to a cannibal.

  46. HA…just saw them.

  47. No shit on the panties!

    Unfortunately, they did not follow the assignment instructions – it was to have been serious. Had it been, I’d have argued on their behalf.

    I was able to get in (and have her agree!) that while we as adults are aware of the intricacies of correctness and offensiveness, they are still plainly 16 y.o. boys who are still learning.

  48. Oh, and I’ve heard that we taste like pork.

    The cannibal in Germany said so.

  49. Be thankful they didn’t interview Larry Flint.

  50. And what adds a layer of suck to this is that it was an Effort Grade Assignment, meaning that it won’t get permanently recorded nor was it even required. And he may end up getting a suspension out of it because it was offensive.

    *sighs and opens “The Vodka Drawer”*

  51. Can we have your wake now? I could use a drink already today.
    I’ll start the eulogy.

    What a dick that guy was. I’d also like to pass along how much he hated each and every one of you.

  52. Hahahahahahaha. I still doubt that someone of your youth can have children, Cyn, but that is goddamn hilarious.


  53. >>>…Larry Flint.

    Ha! No kidding.

    They really could have pulled off a killer interview (heh) with Lecter, but they got giggly. As boys are wont to do.

  54. Those are perfectly valid – dare I say scientifically observant – questions one might ask of a well-known cannibal gourmand. They are certainly questions about which the average person would have no clue, and the answers could be quite enlightening.

    Would the teacher be offended if a student asked a food critic or chef if they preferred their steaks well done or rare? Or if they prefer sushi to cooked sea fish?

    Perhaps some Mexicans DO taste spicier than people who don’t use as many spices.

    And no one would blink an eye if someone asked what kind of chicken or turkey they prefer; who’s to say that a cannibal wouldn’t have a preference, too?

    This teacher needs to keep an open mind – wouldn’t want her to start being compared to a stodgy old biddy.

  55. And now I have to talk with him while keeping a straight face.


  56. *drops another check in the mail to MJ*

  57. And what adds a layer of suck to this is that it was an Effort Grade Assignment, meaning that it won’t get permanently recorded nor was it even required. And he may end up getting a suspension out of it because it was offensive.


    Seriously – why is this even an issue if that is the case? Just tear the damn thing up and pretend it never crossed her desk.

    If they try to suspend him, raise holy Hell – there is absolutely no excuse for that nonsense.

  58. If they try to suspend him, raise holy Hell – there is absolutely no excuse for that nonsense.

    Yep… to all of it.

    Second look at home-schooling?!

  59. The BBF girls seems firecrotch boobs.

  60. Second look at home-schooling?!

    You are paying the salaries of every teacher and administrator in that school – time to remind them of that salient fact.

    *hangs head, scuffs shoe in dirt*
    I *may* have been known as THAT mom a time or two…..

  61. Firecrotch??


  62. And now I have to talk with him while keeping a straight face.

    Only when it comes to the part of not doing the assignment as asked. As for the rest, let your face match your inner mirth.

    And what Teresa said regarding a suspension. It’s not like they did Larry Flint or they guy who hacked off his junk.

  63. I hear ya, Beasnsnsns. And he will already know that my insides are giggling over this.

    Seriously: Had they done Flint, or Hitler, or any other ‘questionable’ figure, if they’d have kept it on the up-and-up, I’d defend them right down the line. But, they behaved like… wait for it…
    16 Y.O. BOYS!!11ty!

    I’ve never liked this teacher (he had her his freshman year) and practically begged him to let me switch him out of her class. C’est la vie.

  64. >> Plus, I’ve *never* gotten a flu shot.

    I don’t care if you get sick.

    I only care if I get sick.

  65. Aaaaand the progressive idiocy circle is now complete:


    Somebody go grab some lawn chairs while I make the popcorn….

  66. I’ve never liked this teacher (he had her his freshman year) and practically begged him to let me switch him out of her class.

    Maybe he just likes jerking her chain to see what will happen.

    Sounds like she deserves what she got.

  67. Flynt

  68. From the start, Timothy introduced himself as “masculine-of-center genderqueer.

    WTF does that even mean? You are a girl until you change your DNA to say otherwise. Dips.

  69. If you think Mexicans will be spicier, you don’t want to eat an Indian (dot, not feather). Whoa, their food is hotter than Thai food.

    Right Tushar?

  70. Here is the entire article and I’m not going to read it again (did it a few days ago) but I think she got the position she wanted. Seems other women’s concerns, on campi, that it is a ‘women’s’ college are being shoved aside as more trannies are whining they are being marginalized for turning male and not recognized for their identified ‘maleness’ (real men don’t whine about this shit). Also the women students are complaining that trannies – female to male – are getting more attention and their needs being deferred to as in the real patriarchy.
    Not to mention, these female to male trannies, are saying they are getting more action now than when they were women…by other women on campus.


  71. MOOOOOMMM! Jimbro knows the correct spelling for that porno guy!!!

  72. This from someone who knew the Hedgehog?

  73. I don’t care if you get sick.

    I only care if I get sick.

    I hate to drudge up how infrequently I get sick, because i fear I could be tempting fate.

  74. Chicken coop cleaned.

    All ready for a reduce flock of birds.

  75. I spent two hours digging dirt.

    A couple of more days and it will be filled.

  76. I bet Mexican is spicy.

  77. http://is.gd/Ru9VNi

  78. I think Jay may have been right with the Indian (dot, not feather) as spicier. If we’re using the Scoville Heat Scale that is.

    OTOH,those damn Scandis are pretty saucy.

  79. >> I hate to drudge up how infrequently I get sick, because i fear I could be tempting fate.

    I suppose it would be unhelpful of me to point out you come into contact with a lot of people.

  80. I very rarely listen to radio any more but I was listening on my way to the bank this morning and a Greg Abbot (republican, current AG of TX, running for gov) advertisement came on. It mentioned that Wendy Davis was just like Barrack Obama and that if elected, she’ll implement all of his agenda, including Obamacare, in TX no fewer than a dozen times. It even had two spots where Obama himself was blabbing about keeping your health plan. The people that are running Abbot’s campaigne know that any reference whatsoever to Obama is poison in TX.

    I also got a flier from the republican running against my US Rep, Pete Gallego who’s a democrat. Pete is finishing up his first term after reallignment put a whole lot more Hispanics in this district. You would think that Pete has been to the White House every week for dinner and drinks with the effort they put into making him and Obama appear to be BFF’s. Again, the people running that campaign know poison when they see it and are not afraid to apply it liberally.

  81. Jimbro or PreMed Scott or any of you other hooligans –

    Explain like I’m five please the differences, if any, between delayed onset concussion vs. post-concussion syndrome? [Date of injury 09/27, PCP visit 10/07, ER referral to concussion clinic 10/11]

    Nude photos await in thanks for the feedback.

  82. PG, I like that your avatar looks like a straight-jacket-hazmat-suit.

  83. Sounds like insurance fraud to me.

  84. If this winds up happening, it only confirms that the Pope is a vindictive hack.


    Yes Francis, by all means, let’s elevate teh gheys and forget how much you have had to pay out due to the abuse of that elevation and protection of your gay priests. Or ignore the stories of Argentinian slums where some of your priests have an unlimited buffet of young at their disposal. Or how about those gay orgies involving many a priest and bishop around Rome?

  85. Which kid did you have to beat this time, Cyn?

  86. Morning of 10/7 – visits lawyer

  87. I suppose it would be unhelpful of me to point out you come into contact with a lot of people.

    And yet, I still do not get sick.

    The other girls at work get sick A LOT.

    *knocks on wood

    i haven't had to call in sick once, and I've been there two years. in my prior years in teh restaurant business, before the break, I never, ever called in then either.

    I gots what they call a healthy constitution.

  88. Where’s leon when you need him to fix my tags?

  89. I wish it were, Dr. Scott, but based on my research so far… nay.

  90. And, no attorney yet. Interestingly enough.

  91. I really, really hope that Francis is playing some kind of long game where he gets everyone to lay their heretical cards on the table and then tosses the lot of them, but I don’t see that happening.

  92. Cyn, from my own skull smashing experiences, I have no clue how there could be delayed anything from a concussion. You either smack your head and it happens or it doesn’t. Though post-concussion, I have experienced episodes of dizziness, nausea, and feeling like I’m going to pass out.
    My nephew had that and memory loss still lingering after a couple of years.

  93. Where’s leon when you need him to fix my tags?

    Look again, and see that all is well.

  94. I’ve had head injuries that felt like nada at the time and became nagging headaches and nausea a week later, so it’s a maybe.

  95. Leon, I doubt it seeing as how he didn’t like the secret synod vote that preferred the conservative bishops, and appointed, without warning/notification he was going to do so, 6 very liberal bishops to counter that vote in the writing of the final report.

    Yeah, quit talking about abortion or trying to end baby butchering…y’all put too much emphasis on it. ‘Reinterpreting’ God’s laws is more important.

    I suspect many of these guys pushing the changes are really gay and want to be recognized as special snowflakes – like Obama want and desire to destroy religion.

  96. It seems that concussions can be delayed due to slow bleeders, but the amount of time between incident and symptom onset seems suspect to me.


  97. My headache happened immediately and lasted for days. The other symptoms happened later and lingered for a long time. I’d be walking along and then BAM, I’d see green and black spots, get nauseous, and have to sit down until it passed. No warning. Off and on for months.

  98. LOL.

  99. My Dad died after a blood vessel behind his eye let go.

    20 years earlier while playing tennis, he took an overhead slam right in the same eye.

    My Mom is convinced the two are related.

  100. Oh gosh, Scott, that’s heartbreaking.

  101. Scot, I’m betting your mom is correct.

  102. leon, back in the day, I would have thought that a sweet gesture. I loved ‘too cheesy’ pizzas.

    The vegan shows proof, yet again, her brain has atrophied from lack of the right kind of protein.

  103. Cyn, it was actually a blessing. He had Alzheimer’s and was long gone.

  104. Beasn, we may be at a point right now where Paul needs to grab the lapels of Peter’s cloak and guide him. Pray for Paul’s intercession, and Peter’s.

    If Benedict is watching this with interest — and I know he is — he may decide to make a trip south.

  105. I’m glad for the blessing part of that, but the bleeding in the head had to have been painful.

  106. Tomorrow is my last day. No more 5 AM alarms. No more aching legs.

  107. It was sudden.

  108. If it has to be, sudden is good.

  109. >> I gots what they call a healthy constitution.

    the ebola don’t GIVE A SHIT

  110. Greetings, motorboating enthusiasts.

  111. Remember the music they played in grocery stores when you were younger?

    Today I heard Talking Heads – Take Me to the River.

    I am a geezer!

  112. Click to access guidelines.pdf

    Don’t know much about concussions Cyn. This is a press kit from AAN.

  113. Perfect – thank you!

  114. Library/Costco/99cStore/CVS

    Long afternoon.

  115. scott, I remember hearing “Cruel Summer” on the oldies station and going, “Wait, when the hell did stuff that came out when I was actually aware of pop music become fucking oldies?”

    Then, I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time…

  116. Stairway to Heaven as muzak in the elevator is the worst.

  117. Car in’s gonna shit the first time Tool or QOTSA start playing at Safeway.

  118. Safeway has far too much musical taste to ever let that happen.

  119. Hunh – you can get muzak in a variety of flavors:

    What’s Playing Now/Last 10 Songs

  120. Someday, if we’re not all wiped out by Ebola/The Machines/Nuclear-Armed Islamist Whackjobs, there will be AARP commercials with Limp Bizkit music.

  121. Hearing aid commercials featuring Soundgarden.

  122. A hologram of Kurt Cobain selling deodorant.

  123. When they start playing Tool and QOTSA at the grocery store, I’ll be shopping ALL THE TIME.

  124. I don’t mean to freak you guys out, but the young guys who came for my chickens (they just left) – Chinese. They are for “his mother”. What the heck do you think some old chinese lady is going to do with a bunch of old hens and some roosters?

    Kung Po Chicken, anyone?

  125. sellout

  126. I do feel a little bad.

    but I’m not running a retirement home for chickens here.

  127. They asked me if I was a “homesteader” . lol

  128. I really hate this, but one of the chickens was making a horrible sound in that box. I’ve never heard one make that sound.


  129. I meant that you were a sellout for the grocery shopping, not the chickens. You’re an accomplice to murder for that.

  130. http://tinyurl.com/m6kqlha

  131. I wonder if Chinese east General Patraeus Chicken?

  132. *cries hard, goes for “the hard stuff”

  133. I wonder if Chinese east General Patraeus Chicken?

    Colonel Sanders. Duh.

  134. Free chicken?

  135. I did give them away for free.

  136. Did they see your dog?

  137. Too bad they weren’t Vietnamese. You could have asked them for some Dongs in exchange for your cocks.

  138. She’s probably outside with a flashlight and a shotgun.

  139. awwww…

    My uncle Oscar raised chickens. They were like pets to him.

    I remember one Christmas when I was staying there we heard a ruckus in the henhouse. Oscar came out wearing boots and long underwear, the kind that had the flap in the back not the buttons. He had a shotgun and a flashlight. He said he was gonna get whatever varmint was spookin the chickens.

    So he went out and his dog Rommey followed..

    We waited, and waited,

    and then heard both barrels go off

    He came back inside all mad. Aunt Florence said “what happened?” and he said “I was point the gun and the light inside and Rommey stuck his cold nose up my butt.”

    He killed four hens.

    Which were delicious.

  140. Kung Po Chicken, anyone?

    They must have run out of cats.

  141. If you like your Ebola…


  142. I’m borrowing the turkey fryer from my sister tomorrow so I can scald my birds when the time comes.

    Next time I will acquire the free birds, after I have some practice.

  143. Leon,
    What does “scald my birds” mean?
    I don’t understand the context, other than you don’t mean torturing chickens, I hope…

  144. After the slaughter and bloodletting, you scald them in hot water (between 140 and 160F) to loosen the feathers for plucking.

  145. Did anybody find out that anybody else had a worryingly high number of pet cats today?

  146. Cats? Umm…not today.

  147. I’m worried that if I move my Royals Rally Monkey, I’ll mess with the mojo.

  148. No cats. Sox is over in Irvine. But two nights in a row, I’ve opened my front door to find Mr. Toad staring at me accusingly.

  149. Does Mr Toad eat Hoppers?

  150. Not that I know of. Not sure what the fat bastard eats.

  151. I admit it. I wuss’d-out.
    It got to 64 in the house today(the computer-room was at 70 because we keep the door closed) so I turned the gas-log in the front-room on.
    I guess the trigger was Anita taking the space-heater into the master-bath so she could feel her fingers while practicing the viola in front of the mirror.
    I finally have to admit that fall is here.
    Fuck, I hate the cold…

  152. But two nights in a row, I’ve opened my front door to find Mr. Toad staring at me accusingly.

    Did he have Ratty and Mole with him?

  153. No. I killed them. I think that’s what’s behind the “accusingly” part of the stare.

  154. Try licking him – he might take you on a wild ride.

  155. TiFW ‘s advice works for me too. Lick me in. The right place and see what happens.

  156. You never listened to a derp that I said
    You only seen me from the clothes that I wear
    Or did the interest go so much deeper?
    It must have been the color of my hair

  157. Happy birthday TiFW and Michael!

  158. Did they see your dog?

    My son did make a joke in that vein, after they left. Something about them trying to sneak the dog into their trunk.

    I did ask Erin if she’d seen the cat.


  159. I do love my chickens and it kinda bugged me … but they aren’t laying much anymore, and the ones who are laying … etc.

    my coop is smallish and the feed gets expensive. That many birds in a small coop all winter isn’t good. They did look so cute last night. I had put in extra roosting bars a month or two back and they were all over them . Even the really high ones.

  160. I still have 15 chickens and 3 ducks.

  161. I followed a link about Belgium’s health minister (better one http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2791369/20-stone-minister-public-health-accused-big-credible-hits-saying-s-s-inside-counts.html ). Facedouche will suggest three other links, the first one was a Youtube of Jabba the Hutt laughing.

    And is it just me or is TPNN a little too much like Infowars?

  162. TPNN?

  163. http://www.tpnn.com/

    Tea Party News Network

    One of my cousins links a lot of their stuff.

  164. Feels more like NewsMax.

    InfoWars is generally more conspiratorial in tone.

  165. I’m going to Gobles today for a wedding. My cousin is marrying her babydaddy. Super enthused-ish.

  166. Happy b-day Teresa!

  167. I sense a bit of sarcasm in Leon’s comment.

  168. Ok, for the next hour it’s only supposed to be a 30% chance of rain.

    I really ant to go for a run this morning. le sigh …

  169. Eh, I want to see my other family members, and I do genuinely hope for the best for my cousin, but I’m not planning to drink and I don’t expect the meal to be anything special, and I’ll be driving for 4.5 hours today.

  170. Happy Birthday TiFW!

  171. HBD TiFW!!!!

  172. Whoa! Slow down, Leon.


  173. Cyn, I’m still giggling about Googleman.

  174. He’s quite the stinker.


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