Incoming Justice

Yes, baby, I’ll be right there.


  1. Today’s Poat Title brought to you by Band Name Generator Thingy.

    That is all.

  2. *clears off mantle for another trophy*

  3. Last night I watched a local school Super and the county epidemiologist assure a bunch of concerned parents that the 2 students on Ebola flight 1411 were absolutely no danger, no reason to isolate them, everything’s cool we’re all going to school tomorrow.

    This morning 3 schools are closed.

    One parent asked a killer question yesterday: “I appreciate that you checked the flight manifests and they show the students sat very far away from the infected nurse. Do the flight manifests show which passengers went to the bathroom?”

    Redneck wisdom > county epidemiologist

  4. Game, set, match.

  5. $4 for coffee? both choices are for idiots.

  6. Obama: I ‘Hugged And Kissed’ Nurses Treating Ebola Patients In Atlanta

  7. Epidemiology has been widely criticized in nutritional circles for years for its lack of rigor in that area. Nice to know it’s a broadly applicable criticism.

  8. Who ever thought that the Obama incompetence would reach this level? It’s sad when you long for the good old days of a Clinton.

  9. A nurse took care of me this morning

  10. I gave her the tip too

  11. Could I cover up that chick’s right cheek with my hand to save her further embarrassment.

  12. You could just give her the “O”

  13. You should ask Paula if they teach nurses how to be shitty tippers in nursing school.

  14. Hopefully lauraw will be sick the day that is covered.

  15. I’m not sure I’d want to be a nurse in the near future. Maybe she already dropped out to go learn something safe, like deep-sea welding.

  16. She knows how to weld.

  17. She’s a good tipper. She was raised on a farm, moved out at 18 when she had her first kid and earned a living cleaning houses before she became a nursing tech/MA and eventually a nurse. She knows what hard work is and tips accordingly. The nurses you’re dealing with are probably the ones who were 21 when they finished and truly believe their shit smells like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

  18. She knows how to weld.


  19. Yea, I’m sure Jimbro. i have some friends who are both nurses (married) and they are great tippers. They both went into nursing as a second career, so they know their shit stinks.

  20. I’ll go with the generalizations of douche bags who I deal with. It’s variable among groups but the trend is definitely there. Who are the douche bags? Certain well to do towns, college professors, engineers, nurses, health care providers, neurotic mommy bloggers, teachers. There are notable exceptions among the groups.

  21. Bar Harbor and Orono residents are notorious for being douches. People who live year round on the inhabited islands can be either end of the extreme. They’re either ultra wealthy or just scraping by. You can guess at who the asshats of that group are.

  22. Oh, there are douchebags in every walk of life.

    I only care about tipping trends. lol. A party of nurses would be my worst nightmare. A group of moms out for drinks? Iffy. Lawyers usually are 15% but NO higher, which is just a sticking point because they usually have $$$.

    Best tipping group? After any storm, the tree guys always come to our place for a meal when they’re done for the night. Those guys don’t make a ton – but I’m sure they do OK and they’re working overtime. They are VERY nice, easy to wait on, and throw money at you.

  23. Alright, I gotta get some stuff done.

  24. I hear things about Grosse Isle, about Downriver, about Taylor-tucky, etc. I’ve found none of them to be true of the people I know from there, so I always assumed it was something the people who told me just sort of picked up in high school and so forth.

    “Ann Arbor tends to be liberal” is about the best generalization I can think of that’s been true.

    Oh, and “Detroit is a bombed-out war zone shithole”, but even that has notable exceptions.

  25. The heavy rain is here.

    I have to go work in it.

  26. So

  27. >> Nice to know it’s a broadly applicable criticism.

    she could stand to lay off the cheeseburgers too.

    I got yer broadly applicable criticism right here

  28. Link for band name generator? Rocketboy is in a nascent band, and I’ve been sending him names from Dave Barry articles.

  29. My customer site development environment is going to be offline tomorrow, so I’m taking the day off.

    My only really competent coworker in Virginia still on the program gave his two weeks’ notice yesterday.

    The sooner this thing crashes and burns and I get my severance package, the better.

  30. How are you doing, MCPO? Spoiling DG?

  31. Here ya go, Roamy; it’s made an appearance here before:

  32. Obama: I ‘Hugged And Kissed’ Nurses Treating Ebola Patients In Atlanta


  33. Thanks, Cyn.

  34. Oy !!!

  35. There are arrogant engineers and down-to-earth engineers; the arrogant ones tend to be the ones who think they are better than they really are (Duning-Kruger writ large).

    And then there are the social misfits of the engineering world who really should never be let out in public without a handler – Lord love ’em, they mean well, but they just don’t play well with others….

    I’m with Leon – most of the engineers that Mr. TiFW and I hang out with blend in with just about any crowd; they tip well (or their wives insist upon it) and they mind their manners.

    Sometimes, though, they’ve never been TAUGHT to tip. They don’t offer courses in deportment in most engineering schools….

  36. Hey, I never learned deportment either. Maybe cuz I’m a natural born citizen, huh?

  37. My husband said the engineers run either VERY nice, or complete assholes. He sees car engineer guys, who are very arrogant-horrible when dealing with him. Because, they know EVERYTHING. Some guy lectured Pat about how he was doing some battery stuff wrong BECAUSE HE’s WORKED ON THIS STUFF FOR BLA BLA years.

    Pat was tempted to get out the manual, written by the automotive engineer guys, who said to do things the way he did them. I mean, the fact that pat has worked in the field, nothing but batteries for 25 years means nothing.

  38. The arrogant ones in my world are the Ph.D’s, both scientists and engineers. You insist on me calling you doctor, I assume douchebag.

    Randy Pausch said in his Last Lecture that his mother introduced him as a doctor, “but not the kind that helps people.”

  39. TiFW,

    Just got back from a campus visit to Purdue.

    My god the boys on that tour were the walking/talking definition of engineering nerds. One of the few colleges that still have a significant majority male enrollment, BTW.

    Even the younger phatspawn, who is a serious nerd her ownself, rolled her eyes a few times.

    Eldest phatspawn is tall, athletic and cute. She could rule that campus.

    In one of the academic buildings there is actually a statue of a 1950’s era couple sitting on a bench. The guy has a slide rule holster on his belt. I laughed my ass off. A couple of the other dads saw it and laughed. Then we had to explain to the kids what it was like to be an engineer back in the ‘olden times’.

    You know, back when we put a guy on the FUCKING MOON!

    Neil Armstrong, Purdue grad.

  40. Phat, Gene Cernan is a Purdue grad, too, so they had the first and last man on the moon.

  41. Tired, going back to bed.

  42. Roamie,

    They made a point to mention that Purdue has the most alumni astronauts of any college.

    The combo of world class engineering school and top notch flight school leads to that.

    I wish the Air Force Academy put the same emphasis on flying that Purdue does. Planes were flying over all day.

    Purdue owns it’s own airport/flight school. It’s just across the street from the main campus.

  43. There is so much to be concerned/outraged/upset about during the obama years, that something like this doesn’t even make the radar. But the consequences are serious, and lasting.

  44. Spicy ranch dressing? Used to be a favorite. Now, it’s regular ranch and sriracha sauce, yum!

  45. National Geographic just had a story on Nero (timing?). Wait until he puts up a huge statue of himself!

  46. “Because, they know EVERYTHING.”


  47. *puts on helmet

    It’s gonna get rough, I can feel it.

  48. *begins popping popcorn and sets up lawn chairs*

  49. That job sucked, even my belt was saturated. It was POURING.

    Guy I picked up from was drunk at 11:00 AM.
    He’s a financial planner.

  50. All financial planners are drunks.

  51. Naw. Anyone who thinks they know everything is an asshole.

    I don’t know HOW much you know, there is still plenty of stuff you don’t know.

    Like, complicated Zumba moves. Or how to make a Mai Tai.

  52. Nicest home office I have ever seen and his “assistant” seemed nice.

  53. And those insurance people?

  54. I have no insight into how financial planners are as tippers.

  55. And those insurance people?

    Inorite?!! The worst.

  56. Hahaha, that’s hilarious, TiFW!

    *imagining the cost of sterilizing all the deer in Iowa.

  57. Ok, craigslist ad is up to give away chickens. This worked SO well last time, I’m nervous that was a fluke. I think the chickens were gone w/in a few hours.

  58. *checks email

  59. We should introduce wolves to the Cornell campus.

  60. Answer the one from Mr. Tyson, Car in.

  61. We’re trying to get rid of two of Erin’s favorite. They’ve been good layers, but they are getting up there in years. They’re pretty, but not particularly friendly, so I think that’s why she’s ok with saying goodbye.

  62. Remember when Hotspur told me how to pack his iPad?

    That was his inner engineer.

  63. Got a crock pot?

  64. Guy I picked up from was drunk at 11:00 AM.
    He’s a financial planner.

    You been watching the stock market lately?

    Lucky he didn’t also have a heroin needle sticking out of his arm.

  65. J’ames, I don’t care who does what with ’em. I just don’t want to be involved.

  66. J’ames, it the cutting of the neck, and the plucking of the feathers that I wish to avoid.

  67. He’s a financial planner.

    You been watching the stock market lately?

    Lucky he didn’t also have a heroin needle sticking out of his arm.

    I should call up my cousin’s husband and see how he’s doing. You know, the one who told me that THE STOCK MARKET IS DOING GREAT, Obama’s doing a bang-up job a few years ago.

  68. Scott,

    It’s High Noon here in STL and I’m about 4 Indians.


  69. Derp.

  70. I would be too, phat, after that game last night.


  71. Noon news has Obama doubling down on his, ‘by giving them all the help they need (Africa), keeps us safe’. That includes the continued handing out of visas to those in infected areas.

  72. Jay,

    Just pre gaming for tonight.

    Maybe need to go out and buy a Royals jersey.

  73. It’s High Noon here in STL and I’m about 4 Indians.

    What is the Chad conversion for that?

    his, ‘by giving them all the help they need (Africa), keeps us safe’. That includes the continued handing out of visas to those in infected areas.

    I suggest the visa’s come with free guided tours of the White House as their first stop in the US.

  74. Guy I picked up from was drunk at 11:00 AM.
    He’s a financial planner.

    Nicest home office I have ever seen and his “assistant” seemed nice.

    *hangs from pullup bar*
    *looks at scattered dog toys on floor*
    I am doing everything about this wrong.

  75. Benny’s a nice assistant.

  76. My bet on pulling 75% of my 401k into cash equivalents a few months ago is finally starting to look smrt.

  77. He’s primarily a distraction, but he’s nice to have around. If I have to get a real job and go to an office every day I’m going to miss him a lot.

  78. J’ames, it the cutting of the neck, and the plucking of the feathers that I wish to avoid.

    Hey, maybe they’ll just show up with a couple of hammers….

  79. I must be confused – I thought the “National” Guard was charged with taking care of things INSIDE the United States’ borders. Why is Obola signing an EO to send NG troops to AFRICA?!?!?!?

  80. To get them away from the border per Gov. Perry’s order, Teresa.

  81. My bet on pulling 75% of my 401k into cash equivalents a few months ago is finally starting to look smrt.

    My husband did that back when the democrats took both houses of congress. Rolled it into land.

  82. Rain is almost over. I’ve got steaks to smoke.

  83. I learn something new every day:

    Ignore my earlier rant….

  84. Actually, the National Guard was instituted so the Feds *could* deploy them overseas, after the 1847 war with Mexico when several states refused to allow their militias to be sent.

  85. In 1903, with passage of the Dick Act, the predecessor to the modern-day National Guard was formed.

  86. *snickers*

  87. with passage of the Dick Act,

    Wait, I thought the Dick Act was what brought about the creation of the Hostages blog

  88. I think that was just a Dick Move.

  89. I think that was just a Dick Move.

    No, that was what caused the creation of H2.

  90. Ah, right.

  91. The Dick Act brought about the possibility of the Dick Slippers. Then Tushar kicked Rosetta in the ass with them, and nothing has been the same.

    Next thing you know, it was Dick Butt.

  92. What about dictate?

    As in, “how do my dictate?”

  93. the blog has taken an ugly turn this afternoon.

  94. Got any tips for us?

  95. Who knew the Center for Deceptive Cretins was staffed with medically ignorant political hacks?
    I’m shocked, I tell you…

  96. Well, when you fail in the private sector, you have to work somewhere. Who’s hiring?

    Oh yeah, the government!

  97. Laura just took my BP and it’s good.

    I always thought it was high, because the only time it gets taken is when I’m in a lot of pain, or sick, or bleeding to death.

  98. Romy, did you see Tushar’s comment to you on the last poat? Hilarious.

    Had an exam oggi and I have another exam domani. Just absolutely need to take a little breather in the study marathon.

    Just reviewed the last thread and wanted to point out that some of my best friends are engineers and I love them anyway. It’s not their fault.

    They really ALL do measure and quantify every fucking thing until you want to scream “PUT THE GRAPHING CALCULATOR DOWN AND JUST BUY THE SANDWICH.” Again, this is simply how God made them.

    Also, they fuck handpuppets.

    And don’t get me started about that genital birthmark they all have.

  99. Then when MJ arrived on the scene, Dick Face was established.

  100. Ever try to build a house for an engineer?

  101. I saw Oggi and Domani open for Milli Vanilli at the Diamond Ballroom in 1991.

  102. I thought Oggi and Domani WERE the guys from Milli Vanilli!

  103. This is absolutely true, because my old store was near some firms that housed a lot of engineers:

    when I would cut yardage goods for sale, I would cut the rolls a foot or so longer than the length that was printed on my package labels.

    The reason I did this was so that the engineers would have to measure it twice.

  104. They are the guys in Vegas who put on a show with tigers.

  105. I think you can understand that this is a fun-loving tweak and not hatred. At least I hope so.

  106. Laura have you switched your major to deep-sea welding yet?

    If not, why do you want ebola?

  107. Oggi & Domani® Asti Spumante

  108. Heh

  109. >>>Heh

    Guy behind the dog looked like an engineer

  110. Ebola sounds delightful. I hear that you basically liquefy from the inside out.

  111. HI LAURAW!!!

    I just dug up a bunch of my horseradish. I’m making some sort of cider concoction which is supposed to boost the immune system. Not for ebola, we’re all going to die. I just don’t want to catch a cold.


  113. Horrific nursing school story. Don’t read that, don’t even click it.

    Ebola is better.

  114. Is it just horseradish and cider, Carin? What proportions?

  115. The good thing about ebola?

    You only get it once.


    My lips are burning. I must have touched them after I cut the hot peppers.

    I’m not sure if this stuff keeps you healthy because your immune system is strong, or if your breath just keeps everyone far enough away from you.

  117. I’ve heard of something like that being some sort of Hungarian habit. I was eating an ounce or so of raw root a day, but it’s a hard thing to make into a habit.

  118. Slow cooked steaks are the bomb!

  119. You see this yet, Scott?

  120. I bet Ricola sales are down.

  121. Redneck engineering students.

  122. I bought 2 packs of Ricola today. They promise to sooth my cough and revitalize me. Should’ve made Car in’s master blaster recipe.

  123. Didn’t use rockets or quadrocopters.

    Engineering fail.

  124. The story of us

  125. I was eating an ounce or so of raw root a day,

    I don’t know that I’d have shared that.

  126. I guess nobody’s gonna share anything. RIP bitchpoat.

  127. I’ve been failing at work all day. Did leon put on his big girl panties?

  128. You continue to deny that the federal Life at Conception Act is a personhood bill, which you’ve sponsored, is a personhood bill to end abortion. And we’re not going to debate that tonight, because it’s a fact. Your cosponsors say so. Your opponents say so. And independent fact checkers say so. So let’s instead talk about what this entire episode may say about your judgement, more broadly. It would seem that a more charitable interpretation would mean you have a difficult time admitting when you’re wrong. And a less charitable interpretation is that you’re not telling us the truth.Which is it?

    This is an actual question during a debate last night. Why do Republicans keep allowing this ‘when did you stop beating your wife.’ questioning? They know it’s coming.

  129. Wow. Ded blog.


  131. No kidding.

  132. Obama is an idiot without a prompter.

    And with a prompter.


  134. BTW, Joe Biden’s son was kicked out of the Navy Reserves for cocaine.

  135. Good evening, Hostages, Morons, Lurkers, and Malevolent Watchers.

  136. Bought my Batman postage stamps today

    Designs were okay, I would’ve used one of these:

  137. Did anybody find themselves shipwrecked on anybody else’s island full of human-animal hybrids today?

  138. Forever stamps are one of the greatest investments ever.

  139. Hi.

  140. I have a box filled with old postage stamps from my old private practice. There must be a couple of hundred dollars worth of random denomination stamps in there. Sadly none of them are Forever.

  141. So, a little excitement around here past 24 hours.

    Not the good kind

  142. What’s up, Dave?

  143. Now the Pope is renting out the Sistine Chapel to corporations.

    It’s a f*cking church.

  144. uh oh.

  145. He should charge what Obola does per plate at his dinners.

  146. Sweets the English Bulldog is adorable.

  147. Way over Floyd’s head.

  148. If you want to lose weight, read the Hot Zone.

    Soooo gross. I had no idea you could literally crap out your intestines.

  149. Intestines are overrated.

  150. Thanks for the visual MJ, *Mind bleach STAT!*

  151. Our Club Manager’s 9yr old took bullets to school. Suspended 5 days and might have to transfer schools.

  152. Rubber bullets?

  153. Hotspur is here, introducing us to the term dickless.

  154. I think 22s. Guns are locked up.


  156. Hey…that isn’t REAL eye bleach.


  158. Or

  159. Guy bleach is much better.

  160. Well, when you have a wife who has been sick for twelve weeks, dickless is kind of a moot point.

  161. Any of you reprobates in Boston this Saturday?

    This is what I will be doing during the 32 hour layover:

    I initially looked for something a bit more historical, but then I decided to embrace my inner Chad and go with beer.

    The phrase, ‘My Dick’s not hard yet!’ may be uttered. I make no promises.

  162. Rusty Nail: Underrated Classic Cocktail or tetanus vector?


  163. HS I hear ya. Still Praying for HB.

  164. I took dynamite to school back in ’77 and blew up the band hall. Me and the principal did Jack shots afterwards. Times have changed.

  165. Classic Cocktail.

  166. Well, when you have a wife who has been sick for twelve weeks, dickless is kind of a moot point.
    Yeah, probably a waste of Viagra just to jerk it.

    How is your better 99% these days?

  167. This made me laugh today

    They also have Mountain Lion soda. Not sure if they have a diet version.

  168. In Texas back in the early ’80’s having a rifle/shotgun in the gun rack of your pickup was a non-issue.

    This was as you were parked in the HS parking lot. We often went hunting right after football practice.

    People would totally lose their shit if they saw it today.

    My dad was on the rifle team at his HS (Pittsburg, TX). Brought their guns to school and put them in their hallway lockers. Again, not an issue back then.

    *Shout out to all of the Phat family in Pittsburg!

    At what point do we become too stupid to continue as a functioning society?

    SMOD take me now.

  169. *Shout out to all of the Phat family in Pittsburg!

    I’d always assumed that you were Anglo. The more you know.

  170. pendejo,

    We used to make homemade pipe bombs and blow up outhouses at construction sites.

    What can I say, been a fan of things that go boom from an early age. Glad I found my calling in the military.

    It’s mostly out of my system now that I’ve retired.


  171. Haha Jimbro.

  172. Pendejo,

    I am a sexy mix of Irish, Cherokee and Welsh.

    Basically means I like to drink, can’t hold my liquor and love to fight.

    Really a bad combo.

    Not a big fan of eugenics, but every now and then you do need to think these things through before breeding.

  173. My HS had a rifle team, and the range was in the basement of the elementary school.

  174. Phat, can you sing? I thought all Welshmen can sing?

  175. Oso,

    I’m a baritone, but can’t carry a tune unless I’m inebriated.

    So, yeah, I’m a Welshman.

  176. So is Dave gonna tell the class about his day, or do we all have to guess what went on?

  177. BTW,

    3-2 Cards, bottom of the 7th.

  178. phat, the few times I’ve seen a pittsburg football team advance to the state finals on tv it would appear that the entire community is AA. I didn’t know if any European Americans lived there. Never been to that part of the Pine Curtain.

  179. Sweet!!! Men of Harlech is my favorite!!! Danny Boy from the Irish. Don’t really have a Cherokee song, so you’ll be ok there.

  180. Dave’s not here, man.

  181. TiFW,

    I think we should all just guess what happened to Dave today.

    My initial thought…

    ‘Anally violated by a perturbed duck’.

    Let’s start there and commence the downward spiral.

  182. BTW, I heard the Yale student was non-positive for Ebola.

  183. I think one of his daughter’s teaches in the school district that had 3 students on the Ebola flight. I liked his East Texas wisdom comment earlier today.

  184. ‘Pine Curtain’?


    Can’t wait to ask family if that is a phrase they know, certainly new to me.

    Lots of AA families came to East Texas (Pittsburg, Tyler, and Longview) post Katrina and stayed because there are jobs and it’s not New Orleans.

    That would probably explain the racial shift. Never been a big deal in East Texas/West Louisiana/SW Arkansas. When everyone is equally poor you tend to get along just fine.

  185. I graduated(escaped) from HS in ’66. We had guns in our lockers, went plinking after school, had a rifle-team.
    Everyone in school had a knife in their pocket(all male technical high-school).
    No school shootings, no knife violence, but then, my teachers were, for the most-part, not communists.
    We did have some “chemistry adventures”, but that’s another thing…

  186. Earl Campbell was The Tyler Rose. (My HS English Teacher hated him. He refused to play until they integrated Tyler Cheer)

  187. Weird shit today. About 1530 Anita was in the front yard “golfing Horse Chestnuts” and I was sitting in the computer-room after loading the crock-pot with tonights dinner.
    Loud rumble, increasing in volume. I got-up to look out the window and Anita stopped and looked-up.
    A C-130 came out of the west at, maybe, 1,000′, headed NE, and it was hauling ass right over the house!.
    Interestingly, there are no C-130s based at JBLM, so it was a transient aircraft, yet it was running at treetop level.
    No idea WTF is going on.
    That seems to be the norm, more and more as I get older…

  188. Pine Curtain is what all us west TX dipshits call the area east of Paris/Greenville etc.

  189. Jay (Baghdad Bob) Carney comes-out for travel-ban from the “Hot Zone”?

  190. I’m on so many planes a week that I’ll likely die from E—bola!!

  191. I gotta friend in Atlanta, TX who revels in being from behind the Pine Curtain. I thought it was a real thing.

  192. Oso,

    Last time I read about ‘Men of Harlech’ was from a book about the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. Forget the book. Maybe ‘Carnage and Culture’, by Victor Davis Hanson.

    First movie of Michael Caine, If I remember correctly.

    Damn, he was a good looking guy back in the day.

  193. East Texans called it The Piney Woods. Mebbe that was just Mesquite.

  194. I was thinking about flying to Chi-town next September. Maybe ebola will be like disco by then.

  195. Phat, that scene and a favorite of Rick Rescorla. <American Badass. From Wales.

  196. Dave was arrested for giving zero fucks. Texas law clearly states that you must give nary a fuck.

  197. Y’all note that my avitar has changed into a hazmat suit. That’s because I don’t trust you fuckers to not be all infected and shit.

  198. Dave started the day with a dozen fucks and ended with twelve. He acquired no fucks in the interim. So I’m saying he didn’t give a fuck all day. No Justice, No Peace.

  199. ChrisP,

    What is JBLM?

    If you’re really curious i can get you an answer on what they were doing.

    I don’t have my mad ninja skills anymore, but I have friends who do.

  200. I just wandered out to the kitchen, my glass was empty, and grabbed the book out of Anitas hand. She is at page 1351 of 1357.
    She would kill me now if I did not hand it back to her, NOW!

  201. Phat,
    JBLM = “Joint Base Lewis McChord”, Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB, as they are right next to one another(a fence separates them).

  202. I like PGs new HazMat suit. We’re selling through our prepper crap. Dan isn’t interested in food with a 15yr expiration date.

  203. oso, I’m trying not to catch any shit from you outstanding citizens.

  204. ChrisP,

    Yeah, it’s confusing.

    KTCM is McChord.

    I forgot what the airfield on the Army side is called. I think it’s Gray AAF.

    Given you’re location, it was airdrop training.

    C-130’s dropping shit low to the ground with extraction chutes.

    Surprised you haven’t seen the C-17’s doing it over there. It’s pretty standard.

  205. Phat,
    C-17s are over the house all day every day. Both of us have attuned to the sound and we no-longer even look up.
    We notice the V-22 and C-130…

  206. PG, good luck. I guess there’ll be no trips to Ruidoso this year. So far, we haven’t had any D68. Our CA’s were confined to Artesia and then moved along. We didn’t get any CA DREAMers.

  207. Tragedy struck the Tushar household today.

    The pumpkin carved for Halloween was brutally and mercilessly defiled and devoured by squirrels.

    There was considerable expression of grief and utterances of belligerence and revenge on the part of younger members of the family.

  208. I’m prolly ditching Riudoso in favor of Ft. Davis.

    Similar traps.

  209. Did the pumpkin have a red dot between it’s eyes?


  210. Tush,

    Now would be an excellent time to ‘gift’ them with pellet guns.

    Air powered, Neighborhood safe, squirrel killers. I get about 5 rabbits a year with mine.

    Until they really start fucking with my garden. Then I break out the Ruger Mini 14.

  211. Tush, what Phat said. ‘murica

  212. California is the only state that regulates flamethrowers, Tush. Just sayin’.

  213. That’s why we never invite Uncle Wally.

  214. Well, unless they are a major nuisance, I am reluctant to kill animals.
    I think it was cute. And the kids will get to carve a new pumpkin on weekend.

  215. Jew, HAHAHAHA!!!!

  216. Tush, have you watched Bambi with the anchors? Most of the animals in Bambi need to be culled. Disney plying heartstrings since 1942.

  217. *debriefs*

  218. CYN!!!! I’ll float some JB Kentucky Fire on some bourbon for you.

  219. Make it so!

  220. Time to go beat the boys. Once a day whether they need it or not.


  221. >>*debriefs*

    One of these days, Imma pull an XBrad, hide in the bushes and watch Cyn debrief.

  222. Not likely, Tushar. I’m not sharing the best seat in the house bush.

  223. xbrad, they still haven’t found a contractor willing to scrub down the three schools where two children exposed attended.

    Also, awesome, one of their parents sat 3 feet away from the infected dumb ass nurse who flew back from Cleveland.

    Protocols don’t mean shit when people are dumb

  224. **sprays DinT with FeBreeze and Super Topical Bleach**

  225. Really looking forward to flying through Newark 3 times in the next two days.

    Thanks guys!

  226. Phat, hazmat up. MJ, too. I can’t believe we are looking at bug out locu. Our place is not as cool as Scott in the Gila. Grammo’s.

  227. Heh. I opened a youtube video and this was the add that played beforehand:

  228. we could derp away
    wouldn’t that be better?
    me with nothing to say
    and you in your autumn sweater

  229. God I hate 5 am.

  230. Bewbs

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