HHD: Zumba edition

Welcome to our FIRST ZUMBA HUNKY HUMP DAY!!!!! Isn’t this going to be exciting? I’m just so happy I can share this with all of you, my darlings.

My zumba “studio” knows I prefer to listen to metal when I “dance party”, and they usually accommodate me. So put your Belly Scarf on and let’s get started!

First, a little background information. As most everyone knows, I used to belong to a cult, and it was only through the loving intervention of the H2 that I saw the error of my ways, abandoned my “box” (whore mouths, shut them), and switched to the fitness craze (and dance party) that is sweeping the nation.

From Wiki:

Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. Squats and lunges are also included.

Oh, but there is more:

Zumba sessions are typically about an hour long and are taught by instructors licensed by an organization called Zumba Academy.[6] The exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms, as well as resistance training.[7] The music comes from the following dance styles: cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, reggaeton, soca, samba, hip hop music, axé music and tango.

OK, enough of that. On to see the amazing results men can get from Zumba.

These men can’t wait to get started:

men runningGames

I don’t remember if this is a mambo move, or a samba? A little help?


He’s supposed to be wearing a sparkly skirt over these shorts, but perhaps we can forgive him?
I don’t know if this is a regulation move …


Watch these men samba … I could watch them all day …

I'll take three

Zumba can really get the blood pumping. I know my heart-rate is up at the moment:


Now, proof that the Zumba craze truly is a world-wide phenomenon (or is it phenomena – Hotspur will tell me), here are some of our warriors doing it in Fallujah

crossfit in fallujah

And here is one in Kandahar:


Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?

Impotent Update! [Leon]: Genuinely cute male here



  1. Pfffftttt….

  2. This makes me want to go do Zumba RIGHT NOW.

  3. Phenomena is the plural form of phenomenon.


  4. Lots of ‘roids up there.

  5. Bunk!

  6. COCK!!!!

  7. My snatch sux. whore mouths, shut them. That’s what the military man in Kandahar is doing. It requires not only strength to get the weight up there, but you also have to have good core strength or you just fall over.

  8. Colonoscopy Report: 4 polyps removed; a lot of damage in the sigmoid part of the colon was observed. Looks like I’m going to have to have about 12″ of my colon removed – the sooner, the better.

    Thanksgiving is gonna be loads of fun this year….. 🙂

  9. Heavy deads and squats should help with core.

    Or bridges, planches, and hanging leg raises

  10. It’s not so much my core is weak – it’s that I need my muscles to LEARN the move.

    My deadlift is 205, and i’m around 170 with my backsquat. Not too bad for an old lady.

  11. Sorry to hear about that Teresa. Prayers for an uneventful removal.

  12. Usually when I snatch, I’m concentrating on my legs too much.

  13. I’ve only ever power-snatched, but I found the best cues for it were to focus on the path of the bar and not to think too much about my body alignment or parts.

  14. You might also try lunges with a plate held above the head, should help with the catch.

  15. Prayers for Teresa’s colon.

  16. Good luck, TiFW! You’ll pull through with flying colors!

  17. With most of the more complicated moves, I’ve found I really just need to do them over and over – with light weigh – until my muscle memory learns to do it right. The more I do it, the more I can feel the mistakes, and understand what the corrections mean.

    We’re supposed to be working on our “goat” this month, which for me is any move where the weight needs to go above my head. I’m going to work on my presses.

  18. Working on form always comes first, we are told in class. Speed and weight come later. Must be the muscle memory.

  19. The corrections mean NOTHING until you do the move a couple dozen times. Around lift 30 or so, you can start to feel the move enough that “tighten your core” actually means something, etc.

  20. I’ve even done some, at home, with a broomstick.

  21. I found that for deads and squats I had to put some weight on the bar to train form, but “light” is relative.

  22. Bench, too, now that I think about it.

  23. I’ve used a broomstick first for any move that involves a squat.

  24. squatting in not perfect form, and you’ll fuk things up. Best to learn it with no weight.

  25. Added an image of a cute male to post so Oso will have a smile when she gets here.

  26. I can’t wait until Wiser shows up. Think he’ll “like” my poat?

  27. I got three good-sized mums for $3 yesterday.

    /garden blog

  28. What’s the purpose of mums?

  29. I got your mum for $3 too

  30. My snatch sux.
    Impressive. I saw an interview with a porn star who said, ‘my ass sucks better dick than my mouth.’

    Is Car in that pron star? No, but apparently they are related.

  31. “interview”

  32. Impressive. I saw an interview with a porn star who said, ‘my ass sucks better dick than my mouth.’

    She probably has to wear a diaper now.

  33. What should I do at the gym today? Lifting stuff…

  34. Deadlifts.

  35. Leon, we call that position “The Full Cockroach”. Dachshunds are goofy about sleeping in weird positions and places.

  36. I had just gotten done rubbing his belly.

  37. Oh, great!


    Some asshole on the radio this morning (Diane Ream Show) wanted to assure everyone that there will be NO OUTBREAK of ebola in the U.S.

    I know, why the fuck was i listening to her show? I do it so you don’t have to.


  38. Pat listens to it too, Hotspur.

  39. I’ve heard that Ebola kills people too fast to become airborn, so there’s that.

  40. I really can’t take the commercials on AM radio, and FM isn’t much better. NPR is how I keep tabs on what propaganda the left is using, and the entertainment shows are worth listening to because they aren’t Top 40/Heavy Metal/Rap/Oldies crap.

    I don’t donate though. Every time I come across a Beg-A-Thon, I say, “See you next week.” Then pop in an audiobook.

  41. The guys in the first picture were told, ‘Last one to beasn’s house is a smelly chicken’.

  42. I pretty much just listen to 990AM anymore.

  43. Not that I’m in the car much.

  44. Looks like I’m going to have to have about 12″ of my colon removed – the sooner, the better.

    For realz. Get that bad sh*t gone. And I hope your recovery will be quick. Do they know what damaged it? My dad had 12″ removed due to diverticulitis.

  45. Did y’all know that there is an ‘ebola czar’, who three years ago was involved in a scandal where she was funneling money to a dem donor instead of to a company developing ebola drugs, which is now being used to treat ebola victims.

    She is still employed and is nowhere to be seen.

  46. I saw a teenaged kid yesterday who had on a tshirt that said, “I Wasn’t Even At Band Camp!!”. It made me think of you sick fucks and laugh out loud.

  47. Link, Beasn?

    I have a lefty friend who is trying to convince everyone that it is the GOP’s fault due to budgets.

  48. I banged your sister at Band Camp.

  49. I banged your mom while you were at Band Camp.

  50. hotspur, here you go


  51. TiFW’s doctor called:


  52. hotspur here is one regarding the GOP appropriating more for the CDC than Obama requested.


    And there never were any budget cuts, sequester or not. The increases were cut a little and the democrats screech the entire budget – which has never been passed since 2009 – was cut.

    Remember — Harry Reid refuses to pass a budget. They have carte blanche.

  53. HHD… BUNK!

  54. Thanks, Beasn.

    It’s a good piece by Mollie, but nobody on the left will read it.


  55. Hotspur, don’t link the federalist….she does link her sources…..you can link those as I do believe there are some from huffpo.

  56. And a second Dallas healthcare worker is ebola’d…who has recently been flying around in a plane.

    I’m not liking this shit AT ALL. My husband and son has to frequently fly for work.

  57. This is important. Or at least ought to be in a poat at some point.

  58. My friend at church who works for Ford told me that if there was anyone displaced by my office and looking for work I should pass him a resume.


    *updates resume*

  59. Intern Intern – Hourly
    22 Ford Motor Salaries

    Is that what you are going for, leon? An intern learning to be an intern?

  60. Get that bad sh*t gone. And I hope your recovery will be quick. Do they know what damaged it? My dad had 12″ removed due to diverticulitis.

    I’m not sure what caused the damage – my maternal grandfather had digestive issues, but he passed away in 1976, so I’m not sure what his official diagnosis was (everyone said he had ulcers; now I’m not so sure).

    It’s possible that I haven’t gotten enough fiber since being on a GF diet – I certainly don’t eat nearly as many “bread” products as I used to.

    I have an appointment with the surgeon on Monday morning; Mr. TiFW’s gonna go with me to that, and we should know what the battle plan is from there.

  61. *looks upthread*

    Awww, Leon – Benny is one happy puppeh!

  62. I’d probably be coming in as a research engineer if I do this.

    I suspect I’d face a slight pay cut initially, but it looks like I could rebound nicely.

  63. Laura bought me a burrito last night. It weights 1.5 lbs.

  64. “burrito”

  65. Did you say that like Brick, Cyn?


  66. I laugh at your puny burrito.

  67. Heh – not today, but that always makes me giggle too.

    This was in my head at that moment: http://media2.giphy.com/media/qs6ev2pm8g9dS/200_s.gif.

  68. LOL

  69. I love the kids on The Middle. Sue reminds me so much of my daughter.

  70. Heh. We’re driving by Chipotle…right now!!!

  71. TiFW, putting you in my Prayers. Read your “Teresa” post. I think of you as TiFW. Pronounced “Tiffwah”

  72. We want to try KHalid Shaikh Muhammed in NY instead of in Gitmo, because what does it say about us uf we don’t?

    Similarly, we have to fight Ebola in Dallas Presbyterian and Saint Peters Hospital in NJ, instead of in Liberia.

    Because that is the kind of people we are.

    Idiotic, evil, asshole kind of people.

  73. Looks like I’m going to have to have about 12″ of my colon removed – the sooner, the better.

    Why not 13″?? 😉

    Good thoughts and prayers to you!

  74. *subscribes to Tushar’s newsletter, again*

  75. Dan is explaining to his Mom how to use her phone. She forgot how to answer the cordless.

  76. Hey Tushar, I was thinking about something while observing the dozens of IT folks walk out of the BoA building yesterday.

    Indians like to have sex, obviously. There’s a billion of you brown people. But what about when people come here? Do they adopt western norms for premarital sex or keep it Indian style.

    I ask because there was an attractive young woman with her coworker leaving yesterday and my first thought was, ‘they’re obviously fucking’ but then I reconsidered.

  77. I ask because there was an attractive young woman with her coworker leaving yesterday and my first thought was, ‘they’re obviously fucking’ but then I reconsidered.

    *sprays iced tea all over monitor*



  78. I imagine the Indians who migrate here are as widely varied in their sexual activity as anyone else who moves here.

    They were probably fucking, or she wishes they were. Male body language on that is sometimes harder to read.

  79. My daughter’s Indian friends are good girls.

    *kicks MJ in the vag*

  80. Who says this ebola outbreak is all bad?

    Dear Leader has canceled his campaign stop here in CT because of it. Seems he decided to stay in DC and do something that closely resembles his actual job.

  81. Guess he figured he could blow this off without any harm to his rep.

    After all, he was planning to speak to “his people” who, I’m sure,understand just how hard it is for a man in his position to get away when he has so much on his plate,

  82. “his people” = Africans

    He said so.

  83. Isn’t there some science suggesting that blacks are especially vulnerable to ebola? I know some black celebs are claiming it was invented by the White Man to wipe them out.

  84. “his people” = Africans

    zakly. Just quoting him and his sidekick AG Holder.

  85. I know some black celebs are claiming it was invented by the White Man to wipe them out.

    You would think that, between AIDS, crack and ebola, there would be no black people left.

    I mean, seriously, it sure seems like us evil white people are really not very good at this whole “wiping out the black race.” thing whatsoever.

  86. And that’s with their willing assistance.

    See: Planned Parenthood.

  87. You would think that, between AIDS, crack and ebola, there would be no black people left.

    All pale in comparison to Margaret Sanger. She’s killed more black people than Hitler killed Jews, and she managed to get them to pull the trigger themselves.

  88. We want to try Khalid Shaikh Muhammed in NY instead of in Gitmo, because what does it say about us if we don’t?

    “WE” don’t want to do that, THEY do.

    “WE” are the knuckle-draggin’, cousin-humpin’, toothless hillbillies with common sense on our side.

    THEY have a bunch of alphabet soup after their names, but they’ve never been able to figure out how to apply all their book learnin’ to real life situations.

    After all, it’s “Survival of the Fittest”, not “Survival of the Most Politically Correct”.

  89. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 15, 2014 3:32 pm
    Isn’t there some science suggesting that blacks are especially vulnerable to ebola?

    At least one study is out there which suggests that certain haplotypes make people more likely to die from Ebola than others.

    And that’s among black people, because all of the people who were studied were Africans.

    It may well be that Caucasians are better equipped to handle Ebola than some blacks, but there have been white people who have died from Ebola (most recently that Spanish priest).

    It is interesting that none of the people from Patient Zero’s apartment have shown signs of Ebola yet. That we know of.

  90. Beasn, I appreciate the link. The comments in that article prove why you can’t reason with the rabid left. When their own “go to” site for stories paints the real story, they still insist upon blaming the GOP.

    Frankly, given the waste and corruption extant at the NIH and CDC, as have come to light, it isn’t any wonder why cuts were being proposed. Studying fat dykes, fruitfly mating, poop flinging monkeys, and Vietnamese TVs, etc. was a wise use of money, was it not?

  91. Spaniards are white!?

  92. White Hispanics. FFS, get with the program.

  93. Forces from Uranus.

  94. Ebola does that.

  95. Poor Miranda.

  96. Yes, Miranda looks just bizarre.


  97. Actually kinda forrealz important:

  98. She won’t be very warm in that getup at all.

  99. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 15, 2014 3:47 pm
    Spaniards are white!?

    OK – “not” African.

    Although, I suppose some – perhaps many, in fact – do have some African genes/haplotypes coursing through their veins.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Nurse #2, given that she is black.

  100. Laura is on her way home from school, and I am about to leave for work. We may cross paths in the driveway.

    We call this a “high five day”.

  101. Scott’s comment reminds me of an old joke.

    There’s three stages of marital sex.

    In the beginning there’s kitchen sex. You’re so horny that you can’t wait to get to the bedroom so you just clear off the table or some counter space and get it on.

    Then you evolve into bedroom sex. You still want each other but you can wait until you get into a comfortable setting.

    Then there’s hallway sex. You just say “fuck you” to each other as you pass in the hallway.

  102. Then there’s hallway sex. You just say “fuck you” to each other as you pass in the hallway.


  103. We call this a “high five day”.

    Best euphemism evar.

  104. Most popular Halloween treat this year:


  105. I think the “fusion” part is still necessary, to consider a plan.

  106. Leon, the University of Washington had a similar announcement this week.

  107. I was content with MSRs for thorium, but anything that makes oil into salt is fine by me.

  108. Gabe Malor / Ace shout-out on The Five just now.

  109. The Five is still on? Huh.

  110. UW looks closer to the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polywell IEC stuff.

    LMart appears to be combining about 6 of these ideas at once.

  111. name the H2 parents of this lad:


  112. http://tinyurl.com/qflsvt4

  113. No Lucky Charms?

  114. name the H2 parents of this lad:


    It’ ain’t TiFW. All of those cerials have gluten.

  115. Your mom’s vagina is the size of Western Africa and I may have contacted it.

  116. name the H2 parents of this lad:

    Rosetta and your Mom.

  117. It’ ain’t TiFW. All of those cereals have gluten.

    All of the TiFW chillins were born while I was still eating gluten.

    They are all perfectly fine….

  118. Just sat through a meeting with FiLs medical “Team”. They are recommending a nursing facility that takes Hoyer patients as he is unable to do simple transfers. Has an oncology appt next week. SiL is a money grubbing bitch.

  119. “Rosetta and your Mom.”

    rosetta is mom… go figure



  120. new header pic suggestion:


  121. {{{Hugs}}} Oso ♥♥♥
    (I had to look up “Hoyer” – when I first read your comment, I thought that perhaps that was the name of the hospital complex that is treating him….)

  122. Thanks TiFW.

  123. I look forward to the day that Brazil leads the world economy with its fusion-powered AI supercomputers.

  124. I killed it, but that’s ok because I was watching baseball.

  125. I’ll settle for fusing with a Brazilian supermodel.

  126. I’d settle for a Cartagena hook.

  127. Did anybody leave a banana peel on the floor to see if anybody else would actually slip on it today?

  128. Erryday.

  129. XMom is yelling at me because she can’t find the Seattle Seahawks game on TV.

  130. She’s been waiting all day for…Wednesday night?

  131. They had the replay at 8PM on NFL Network XBrad. I watched it the first time around.

  132. XB, after watching Dan explain to his Mom how to answer the fucking phone 5X, I really appreciate your Pogo stories. You are a good guy.

  133. One thing a competent nurse learns quickly Cyn is to document document document. They’re used to being thrown under the bus and learn how to cover their ass. Her calls to the CDC indicate a level of awareness and understanding of her condition. If she flew for some frivolous reason I might need to walk that back.

  134. …document document document

    Good for her for doing that. She obviously had concerns herself or would not have bothered to make the calls that she did. And that tells me too that she probably went to her superiors first and they had no freaking clue whether she should or should not fly.

    Mere underlings *cough* at many companies have been known to do this document-document-document thing too. *cough*

  135. She was planning her wedding and apparently got the ok from the CDC. RL friend has a MD friend at Dallas Pres. There is a LOT we aren’t being told.

  136. No tornado damage here, other than some branches down and glitchy internet for a while. Catching up on what I missed.

    I want to use one of those random word generator programs and print out enough pages to break the desk of the guy in Houston who wanted the sermons. Read all this, jackhole.

  137. I have no idea what this means but my RL friend said original protocol was “Contact” not “Droplet” and the 2 infected so far observed protocol for these but not aerosol.

  138. Glad you came away unscathed, Roamy.

  139. … but not aerosol.

    Maybe it’s just me, but Frieden looked like hell today – the realization that they’ve been trying to contain the spin but not the virus perhaps and failed on both fronts??

  140. Thanks, Cyn. The first storm moved in so quickly, I ran to make sure Mr. RFH hadn’t been flattened by the hail.

  141. They would never throw a nurse under the bus!


  142. My understanding of typical contact precautions means a gown, gloves and a paper mask. Aerosol means the same gown, gloves and a better mask. Other than contact precautions for MRSA or neutropenic patients I really don’t do the precaution thing much. Except for your mom.

  143. You know shit got real when TFG cancelled fundraisers…in NJ and CT. Those polls must be showing something toxic even in bluer than blue states…

  144. FNC saying they’ve flown the nurse to Emory because she’s more advanced.

    If I’d been on that plane with her, next to or close to her… I would be shitting.

  145. LOL, I think the donors cancelled on Obola.

  146. We had to do the MRSA precautions for months with my Mom. LOL Car in didn’t have to do nearly as much with her Dad. The VA was strict. Gowns, gloves, mask. Kindred had a MRSA sign on the door and my Mom had an Hispanic roommate. Kind of freaked me out a little that the sign was all they did.

  147. I sent that to Paula who is working in the ER now. As we walked the dog this morning our little guy asked her what would happen if she had to take care of someone with Ebola. She told him she wouldn’t come home afterwards. I’m not sure that was what he wanted to hear.

  148. I was a bit surprised to see so few nurses and docs that were gloved-up in the ER. Maybe not so much ebola, but spread of flu even. I could not use enough hand sanitizer while I was there.

  149. I’m not sure that was what he wanted to hear.


  150. Obama has now cancelled his trips to NY & RI tomorrow.

    …dollar short, asshole.

  151. I’m kind of a hand sanitizer addict. Used it 4 times during today’s meeting. I know the location of every hand sanitizer at the VA!!! I can navigate that building without touching anything with my hands!!! WTF is the deal with the revolving doors at hospitals?

  152. You know, when we inevitably get an airborne virus, some sort of flu likely, it’s gonna be terrible. You’d THINK this episode would be a learning experience.

    It won’t.

  153. She did all the mommy lies about not seeing Ebola in Maine which, so far, we haven’t had except for 2 cases refueling at BIA. We have D68 in Maine however FFS. Okay, I’m freaking myself out now.

  154. Jimbro, mega hugs to Paula and your little guys.

  155. My Grammo lost her sister to the Spanish Influenza. In Hondo freaking NM.

  156. I’m thinking about insisting on driving to VA next time.

    Or wearing a surgical mask on the plane.

  157. Mommy lies are necessary; good on her.

    I think we may have recorded our first D68 death and I wasn’t aware that we’d even received confirmation of its presence yet.

  158. Hugs to Jimbro and Paula, too.

    The prepper blog I follow is going nuts with essential oils and colloidal silver advice.

  159. Change of pace story: I did a case a few weeks ago on a teenage girl. Benign mass excision on the finger. We have to sign our site with our initials using a skin marker. She was nervous and teary eyed before surgery and I got her to laugh with the drawing of a smiley face under my initials. I let her keep the marking pen and told her that if anything hurt she could draw on my hand when she came back to the office. Of course I completely forgot about it until today when she stood up, whipped the pen out of her back pocket and drew a smiley face covering my entire palm. Took most of the day to get it off and I can just barely see it now. So, not everything is bad.

  160. Based on breakroom anecdotes, the LIVs are closely following D68 and Ebola. They are H8N on TFG and are fearful. Social media is reflecting this. FB peeps that aren’t “Political” are freaking.

  161. Dammit, Jimbro. Dust warning next time!

  162. I wanted to make man-lesbian jokes at work today when we were talking about Rosetta and the comet rendezvous. Should have said something like “you’re calling it a her but it’s actually a him.”

  163. Of course I completely forgot about it until today when she stood up, whipped the pen out of her back pocket and drew a smiley face covering my entire palm. Took most of the day to get it off and I can just barely see it now. So, not everything is bad.


  164. ICYMI

  165. Roamy, I have to watch my mouth all the time. H2 is always my first response.

  166. Stupid Weirdpress.

  167. I wanted to make man-lesbian jokes at work today when we were talking about Rosetta and the comet rendezvous.

    Gotta be hard to keep a straight face

  168. FB peeps that aren’t “Political” are freaking.

    Link the story about the Ebola Czarina.

  169. Has the government gotten anything right over the past 6 years?

  170. http://imgur.com/gallery/jv7Ovre

  171. Yes. The government decided Assad had to go, then bombed the shit out of his enemies.


  172. Leon, already did. Crickets.

  173. Tush, don’t get me started on petroglyphs.

  174. Do it, Tushar – get her started!

  175. Petroglyphs are a scam.

  176. Petroglyphs are nothing more than graffiti. Nobody cares!!! Stoopid Feds land grabbing over stooped graffiti.

  177. Scott…EXACTLY!!! 20 fucking years to put 1 road through petroglyph park.

  178. The other one where I found it hard to keep a straight face was the Japanese module Kibo. They say “hope”, I say “knowledge in, bullshit out.”

  179. MJ,

    When I was a young lad, sex outside of marriage was a relatively rare thing in India. But now that a lot of young people are living away from home because of education and career, they have more freedom to do what they want without the parents knowing about it.
    When one comes to US, the anonymity you have make it that much more tempting.

  180. http://is.gd/t8j2xE

  181. Debriefed. Still need booze.

  182. “knowledge in, bullshit out.”

    This wholly encapsulates my college experience.

  183. If Bubba were a cat http://is.gd/GOGHxF

  184. Rocketboy and Mr. RFH are arguing tangent ogive vs. conic nose cones. I’m watching beisbol and pulling for St. Louis. I didn’t care until Barry Bonds showed up, and then I remembered why I don’t like the Giants.

  185. I love Bubba.

  186. Roamy, I recently realized I H8 the Gigantes more than a LaRussa-less STL.

  187. Not a Royals fan, but you sure do have to appreciate what they’ve done so far.

  188. All that H8, Oso, you just need to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake,
    shake it off, shake it off.

  189. Leon, already did. Crickets.

    Is that a hopper joke?

  190. Cyn, have you recovered?

  191. AUGH!!!!

  192. I heard hoppers can crossbreed with scorpions.


  193. I would say I’m at 96%, Scott. A bit disconcerting that I’m still numb in the immediate area where I was stung, but I’ll give it a week for all the venom to dissipate.

    I have yet to go barefoot in my house other than the shower, and it crossed my mind to leave my flip flops on for that even.

  194. Screw flying. I am not paying money to get into a can of Ebola.

  195. Not seeing a problem with Cyn’s flip flop protocol.

  196. Scott, we call those Jericho Crickets.

  197. Lippy, needs a flip flop protocol.

  198. I was stung by a lion fish 25 years ago. The treatment was almost as bad as the venom. After it was all done my hand was numb for several days after.

    The lion fish in my aquarium did not live that long.

  199. Work sucked.

  200. That post at AoS about the nurse calling CDC BEFORE she got on the plane.
    They *want* to spread it.
    They *want* people to die!
    I figure the good Dr, Frieden will resign by 16:45 Friday.

    All is well! All is well!

    /Chip Diller

  201. Whore mouths, shut them.

  202. The treatment was almost as bad as the venom.


    *wonders if there’s a scorpion fish, decides not to google this*

  203. Vman, let it go…let it go…

  204. No.

  205. I hate to say it, but it looks like they are trying to spread it.
    I wouldn’t put it past these assholes.

  206. Scorpion fish and lion fish are related
    Let go of what Oso?
    I killed the fish that stabbed me. It is done

  207. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorpaenidae

  208. If it’s a full panic, they can delay the elections.

  209. Can’t click that.

    It took every ounce of strength in me to search for and post a pic of that bark scorpion the morning after “the event”. {{shudders}}

  210. 1) don’t go and save a booth during prime dining hour, when you’re dinner parter isn’t going to be there for another half hour

    2) then be a total bitch when the food isn’t exactly to your liking (the late spouse calls me over, cuts into her meet and says “This isn’t going to work”)

    3) then tip me $5 on a $50 tab, after sitting in one of my primo tables for two hours.

    She was a nurse. I’m sorry, but nurses are the WORST tippers. Absolute worst. Even worse than female teachers. I do know one nurse who is a great tipper, but they are friends, etc …

    I think they’ve done studies and everything and nurses are always the worst.

  211. If it’s a full panic, they can delay the elections.

    One tinfoil hat please. Oh and I’ll take the matching cape too.

  212. Nurses are worse than teachers. Truth!!!! I loved the ICU nurses. The rest were a bunch of fucknuggets. Vman killed a fish, y’all!!!!

  213. Engineers are the worst.
    Then lawyers.

    I won’t work for them.

  214. I was just playing along with scott, cyn.

    I think this episode illustrates two things, spectacularly:

    1) The Obama administration is horrible at EVERYTHING it does and

    2) Government is basically unable to do the simplest of things.

    I honestly think they are so used to just saying WORDS they want to hear, which are unconnected to reality, they figured if they said Ebola wasn’t going to be an issue … that would be enough. I mean, they said Global warming is real, and everyone went along with it. Word devoid of meaning. It’s all just a big marketing campaign.

  215. Martial Law!!! Absentee voting! BOO!

  216. Scott, Engineers and Lawyers are the worst! Followed by the Pink Mafia and the Gluten Police.

  217. Right there with ya, Carin.

    I wouldn’t put it past these assholes.


    What ever it takes with them.

  218. Nurses
    REAL ESTATE folks.

    OMg, there are these realtors who do a christmas party every year at my place. 15% although they do round DOWN. I’ve waited on them the last two years, and afterwards the guests came up and said how WONDERFUL I was, and the next day at the gym again I was approached and told how everyone at the office was saying what excellent service I gave.

    Ok, great. Get another server next time. If great service means 15% (rounded down) on your party of 20+ who sit for a few hours …

    no thanks. seriously.

  219. Maybe those assholes at CDC should try reading a fucking Tom Clancy book once in a while. He had pretty good instructions on how to deal with ebola.

  220. 3000 troops on the ground. Not in Iraq. But, hey…Top Men!

  221. Car in, thought about you today. We’ve been taking MiL out every week. She’s seriously losing it. Couldn’t even decipher a menu today. I H8 Country Bucket. (Cracker Barrel) Wait staff was above and beyond. Atypical for ABQ.

  222. Xbrad,
    Anita is in the last 15% of “Executive Orders”, and all essited!

    “Oh, I wish I could tell you what is going on, but it would ruin the book! I can’t tell the difference between the news and the book!”

  223. Good waitstaff make or break a restaurant.

  224. I’m an engineer. I tip well.

    And they want to give Texas ebola so they can put the possibly-infected into camps.

  225. Roamy?


  226. Oso, people are horrible and I hate them. I try to be nice when they’re assholes. The horrible people with the $5, I did everything I could to make them happy. Ug.

    I just cling to the idea of karma coming to bite them in the ass.

  227. Engineers are fucknuggets when dealing with retail. Get back to Los Alamos or Sandia and STFU you douche. Nobody cares.

  228. I cling to karma for Car in. Not real karma, STFU Tush, but the American concept of karma.

  229. Leon, I haven’t really noticed a tipping trend with engineers. I honestly am nice and do my best with every table, because I NEVER know, etc bla bla bla.

    Kids often do not tip, but I’ve gotten AWESOME tips from younger folks. My best tip was from a young couple who outwardly looked not very promising. But i know looks are often decieving. And especially if the people are nice, i get suckered into give good service, etc.

    It’s just galling when people are NOT nice, and I do my best – and I’m not touting my own horn, but I’m a good server. Despite what people say, there is a NOT small percentage of folks who think 10% is fine. Servers don’t deserve more.

  230. Car in, you should serve them Ebola.

  231. I’m totes booking my seat on the Hell Express with the people I’m hoping Ebola on.

  232. Oso, seriously, there are assholes in every profession. You don’t notice the people who aren’t.

    Want to hear about all the dipshits I’ve encountered in retail?

  233. My best tip tonight … ^^^^

    They were kinda cute. Guy didn’t know how to eat crab, etc. I gave them instructions. Also ordered a Manhattan, but didn’t know what “Well” meant, or “up”. I esplained it all to them.

  234. Leon, there are assholes in every profession. but i’m telling you, those groups I mentioned are horrible tippers. Nurses, teachers, lawyers, realtors.

  235. Leon, engineers ALWAYS let you know that they are engineers. Retail peeps are always seen as minimum wage ‘tards.

  236. Honestly, even if you did want to hear it, I couldn’t give you a specific instance. That stuff used to register but at a certain point I just stopped noticing.

  237. Sorry to hear about your MIL, oso. That’s gotta be especially rough on Dan. Give him a gentle hug from the TiFWs.

  238. Oso, I only mentioned it because I was included in a broad-based smear that isn’t accurate. And you’re still doing it.

  239. Thanks, TiFW. The combination has been tough.

  240. Leon, engineers ALWAYS let you know that they are engineers.

    And again, how the fuck would you know if they didn’t tell you?

  241. Leon, yep. I deal with enginerds on a daily basis. I stand by my scientific anecdotal observation.

  242. They always tell you!!!

  243. Engineers can’t buy a fucking pack of gum without telling you that they are engineers.

  244. Are you entirely missing that you’re impugning me falsely as some kind of asshole and not relenting when called on it? Seriously?

  245. We get a lot of engineers (the pocket protectors give it away – I KIDDDDD). They are a mixed lot and I cannot make any generalizations regarding their tipping. They are often rather precise, though. it’s always interesting because if they want to give me 18%, it’s to the penny. lol. We always notice when a weird tip doesn’t add up to an even number (on the credit card slip for example).

  246. I just know they are engineers because they are regulars, in town on business, and we eventually ask.

  247. I tried to google “worst tippers by profession” but it keeps giving me results by race/nationality.

    Canadians are bad tippers. black folks CAN be bad tippers, but they often are not when they come to my place.

  248. My wife suggested earlier that we might not want to eat out until ebola is done. I’m not sure that’s warranted, but we can’t be the only people thinking it.

    That’s gonna hurt tips.

  249. Canadians don’t understand the concept of tipping. Not practiced in Canada. FL menus have messages about tipping just for Canadians. Leon, because of the labs, we have lots of engineers in NM. I have lots of engineers in my family. They don’t tip for shit.

  250. We make fun of all kinds of shit, Leon; she wasn’t attacking you personally.

  251. I feel for nurses who are good tippers. There are some.

    i just find it kind of interesting. As if there is some sort of make-up that creates the type who is pulled to one type of career, who has similar traits (such as bad tipping).

    I’ve often thought with nurses and teachers it was a sense that they felt THEY were underpaid, so they certainly weren’t going to tip well to someone they felt was so beneath them.

  252. You want to talk about engineers in your family, fine.

    Every time you say “they” meaning engineers in general you are including me and slandering me in the process. How many times and in how many ways do I have to fucking say this?

  253. So you’re saying we cannot make light of engineers anymore?

  254. Eh, eating and Ebola.

    I find it interesting that NO ONE IN THE HOME of that Ducan dude has come down with Ebola.

    NO ONE.

  255. Can we just please focus on the fact that I hate humanity?

  256. Maybe they’re just not telling us, Carin. Care to share a tin foil blankie with me?

  257. Really? Really? Put on your big girl panties. You may be part of the 1% of engineers that aren’t fucking douchebags, but for the most part engineers are a bunch of fucknuggets. Real World experience in several retail environments.

  258. Cyn, I have a theory.

    So, yes, scootch over and share the tin foil blankie.

  259. I’m primarily dubious about Oso’s Infallible Engineer Detector, but mostly I’m hurt when people say “all so-and-so’s are like this” when I’m a so-and-so who isn’t like that.

    Once is fine, but when I object and get doubling and tripling and quadrupling down, it’s hard not to get frustrated.

  260. Ok, I’m going nighty night.

    Please, no blood on the carpet. The band aids are in the medicine cabinet. Someone bleach the blog down when these two are done.

  261. FFS. Out.

  262. Bagging on groups of so-and-so’s is one of the threads in the quirky weave that makes us this little H2 disfunctional family, and frankly, we’re God damn good at it. And we all have done it, none of us has been above it. We all have a good laugh and we move on to the next piece of dumb shit or silly fourth grade crap that seems to save us from the outside world, and sometimes ourselves, known as reality.

  263. Yet there are so many engineers that hang out here,
    or in my case kind of engineer.

    You have been commenting mofo’s I talk to the girl for an hour and Bam! 60 comments

    Hi Carin!

  264. And a fine hello to you, Vman!

  265. Hey vman.

  266. So, yes, scootch over and share the tin foil blankie.

    I read this as “scotch”. And I’m okay with this.

  267. Speaking of scotch, let’s make Vmax all pour us one and toast each other. And one Diet Dr Pepper please.

  268. Yeah, I find it interesting that we haven’t heard one thing about that man’s family since they were “quarantined”, either.

  269. I’ve worked with and known dozens of engineers in my career and nearly all of them have been the salt of the earth. It’s hard not to get a little pissed when Oso says they’re all fucknuggets without ever having met them.

    I raised my hand, I contested, I signaled that I wasn’t okay with it. I got told to put on underwear.

  270. I’ll drop it, I’m done.

  271. Here Here!
    Balvinie Double wood for all!

  272. I spelled the Balvenie wrong sorry

  273. Wood alcohol? Are you offering me methanol?

    Eh, whatever.
    *goes blind*
    *learns to play piano*

  274. Should have gone to bed 3 hours ago. Fucking insomnia. All damn week.

  275. Baby’s gotta have the things she wants.
    You know she’s gotta have the things she loves.
    She’s got a ten-inch bamboo cigarette holder
    and her black patent leather gloves.
    And I’m doing everything just tryin’ to derp her,
    even crawling around on all fours.
    Oh, I thought by now that it was gonna be easy,
    but she still seems to want for more.

  276. CDC HQ


  277. How long has their whole house been in shambles, that we’re just now seeing it, I wonder? Gotta be at least six years.

  278. Are we all in a better mood today?

  279. *douses Jay in gasoline*
    *sets Jay on fire*


  280. Large bureaucracy can do nothing.


    Remember how Saddam thought he had an active chem weapons program? People kept just telling him that. Apply this to the CDC.

  281. I would think that an engineer would think of a more creative way to do that.

    *gives leon the sideways look.

    Are you EVEN an engineer?

  282. Never use a complex solution where a simple one will work. Pretty sure it’s a corollary to Gall’s Law.

  283. I can’t believe no one has thought to state the obvious:

    You’re both fucktards.


  284. You too, Car in. You’re a major asshole.

  285. We’re both here, it goes without saying.

    You’re here too.

  286. You too, Car in. You’re a major asshole.

    sure took you long enough to figure that out, you fucking genius.

  287. I’m a minor asshole at best.

  288. See? Wiser’s more of a “major”. I’m a lieutenant at best.

  289. I’m a minor asshole at best.

    Don’t sell yourself short, Ca Rin.

  290. See? Wiser’s more of a “major”.

    I embrace my status with great pride.

  291. Trigger Warning:

    Engineer disputes statements that are generalizations, therefore providing an example of one of the qualities that provide fodder for the generalization of engineers.

  292. That’s sweet, Wiser. Compliments coming from my mentor mean a lot.

  293. sure took you long enough to figure that out, you fucking genius.
    I’m slow. It’s widely known.

  294. And for the record, I love when friends tell each other to put on their big girl panties.


  295. We do have a tendency to prefer statements of fact rather than conjecture, but #NAEALT

  296. I’m also a former tranny, being told to put on panties is a trigger for me.

  297. I have great news:

    Obama: I ‘Hugged And Kissed’ Nurses Treating Ebola Patients In Atlanta

  298. They probably make panties big enough to fit me but I’ve never acquired any. Maybe one of you heavy bitches could mail me your old ones.

    Not so fast, Car in.

  299. Obama: I ‘Hugged And Kissed’ Nurses Treating Ebola Patients In Atlanta

    Related: gif

  300. Carin doesn’t wear those, PG. I know because hers never fly around the room like other women’s seem to.

    Ergo she must not wear any.

  301. Morning.

    Poat: https://thehostages.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/incoming-justice/

  302. I have great news:

    Yeah, it would be even more impressive it he hugged some nurses in Dallas.

  303. Great. Ebola might be in CT.

    At Yale-New Haven Hospital, they wont confirm or deny.

  304. They are probably going to discharge the patient so he fly to Dallas and attend the Giants game.

  305. They are probably going to discharge the patient so he fly to Dallas and attend the Giants game.

    Tony Romo is at Yale-New Haven Hospital???

  306. 2 students who traveled to Liberia.

    They volunteered to be quarantined, but the CDC decided that wasn’t necessary.

    Yeah CDC!

  307. *points scott to gnu poat.

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