Tuesday Review…Boobs! Good or Awesome?

Car in came up with a great idea last week; the Tuesday post should be a review of some kind, related to something we’re interested in. Gardening, books, movies, music, or big ‘ol tittehs. For this week I’ve selected big ‘ol tittehs. Thanks Car in!!!!

There are small boobs, medium boobs, big boobs, and fake boobs. I won’t be reviewing fake boobs other to mention that if they look fake, you paid too much. If they look real, then we’d never know the difference, so good on you.

Small boobs: Totally fun. They look good without a bra and should be flaunted whenever possible.

L to R: MJ, Some Random Chick

L to R: MJ, Some Random Chick

Medium boobs: Totally fun. They look good without a bra and should be flaunted whenever possible.


Large boobs: Totally fun. They look good without a bra and should be flaunted whenever possible.



In conclusion, I think we can all agree that boobs are nice, no matter what size. Any other opinion makes you a hater, racist, misogynist, asshole that is worse than Hitler, Al Qaeda, and the holocaust.

Thanks for your attention!!!

UPDATE: As Dave in Your Mom notes in the comments section of this blog, there’s a size between small and medium. Let’s call it perfection, as illustrated by my girl Mila.

mila-kunis-topless-esquire-cover-02Update [ Leon]: Benny, cute or adorable?



  1. Brilliant.

  2. I remain boob indifferent. Shape >>> size.

  3. I still think it’s funny that you’re a 46S. How is that possible? The waist for a 46 is a 40 or 39. There’s simply no way.

  4. I have a 32″ waist. She’s cutting enough material out of my sport coat to make a vest.

  5. I hate you MJ.

  6. Being fat all those years left me with a big rib cage, lifting these last few made me a V shape. But I’m still short.

  7. I can squeeze into a 44S, but the arms are tight and I can’t raise my arms even a little.

  8. Awww. I love you too Car in.

  9. It’s also tough to find a men’s jacket without shoulder padding.

    I really shouldn’t pad my shoulders.

  10. I’m going to review this poat.

  11. Someone is sick at work and asked if anyone would cover. I actually thought about it for 10 seconds or so.

    I should credit for that, right?

  12. It’s the thought that counts.

  13. Any other opinion makes you a hater, racist, misogynist, asshole that is worse than Hitler, Al Qaeda, and the holocaust.

    MJ is channeling Amanda Marcotte. Or something.

  14. Tuesday ta tas

  15. I rule!

  16. Review: 3 thumbs up!

  17. So, a guy at work last night lost his shit. We don’t know if it was drugs, or mental illness. Possibly a combination of both. Paranoid schizophrenic is my guess. Just coming to fruition. He’s my son’s age, and went to school with him.

  18. I spent about 2 hours reading up on #gamergate last night, and was pleased as punch to discover that the #gamergate guys are largely leftists fighting against SJW extreme leftists and corruption in journalism as a whole. There are a few right-wingers in the movement, but they are swamped by people that were disappointed in MSNBC taking the anti-gamergate position yesterday, because they are “usually so balanced”.

    They were literally suggesting that they go to Rachel Maddow to get their side told because she’s unbiased. Not kidding.


  19. That’s about the right age for that to strike, Carin. If he’s already doing any street drugs as self-medication, it’ll make it worse.

  20. They also believe Faux News is the GOP by another name, but MSNBC is partisan people being objective.

  21. Now THAT’S what I’M talkin’ about!

  22. So, on to more important things:

    Should AJ Pierzynski start at catcher for the Cardinals in Molina’s absence, or Tony Cruz?

    I’m going with AJ.

  23. Yep. That’s what I told the manager. At first I thought he was just straight up on drugs. he had behaved a tad strange, and when things went down, he was responding to questions completely wrong. Like two different conversations were happening. then he got aggressive and violent.

    One girl was upset, said he had issues before (supposedly depression), and this event could make him suicidal. Humn … the way he acted was VERY strange and borderline dangerous. If no one is aware he has “issues”, you are ill prepared for when they flip out. If it wasn’t handled correctly, then sorry. Restaurant managers and waitstaff aren’t really equipped to handle mental issues. Overcooked steaks? Yes.

  24. You should have tasers.

  25. Did you talk to your SEIU rep yet? If not, why not?

  26. No tasers, but we do have a REALLY big messican named Claudio and another big fella named Nate, who escorted him out.

  27. AJ. SMOD game for me. Realized I H8 the Gigantes more than a LaRussa-less Redbird team.

  28. Ok, now this is two days late, but on Sunday I watched Meet the Depressed, and Susan Rice was on, and i got the biggest kick listen to her various pronunciations of “ISIL”, which she said a million times. I find it interesting that it is ONLY the administration who insist on calling it ISIL, and even when the MSM asks the white house, they use ISIS. EVEN in the interview with Rice, they ask about ISIS, she responds ISIL.

    I really don’t think this is a minor thing.

    Anyway, she called it “e”sil (short e). Then called it “i”sil. Then shifted back to “e”sil.

  29. I think you missed a size mj, gotta be something between small and medium

  30. I may have to fold and finally buy a chainsaw.

  31. http://tinyurl.com/q69attd

  32. Good point, Dave. I’ll do some research.

  33. grande or something maybe. I’m talkin mouthful to handful range here

  34. This post has been updated like a BOSS.

  35. I’m liking this Tuesday review post. Let’s me be me.

  36. Did an image search for the nurse with Ebola. She’s a looker.


    Hope she survives and tells her story.

  37. Oh well done sir. Exactly what I was thinkin

  38. *down twinkles

  39. I’m liking this Tuesday review post. Let’s me be me.

    Egregious use of apostrophe. 10 points from Hufflepuff.

  40. *calls Car in to chat about celebrity gossip, Zumba (the real kind), and how much we love the Obamas.

  41. I’d hit it.

  42. *likes* Cyn’s comment

  43. If she’d get a drug problem, lose everything, be shunned by hollywood, and move to Charlotte, I’d have a shot.

  44. You wouldn’t want her by then, and there are hotter women who aren’t Hollywood tarts.

  45. They’re going about this all wrong. Here’s the right way:

    Those DIA folks look pretty white to me. Can’t we find more diverse candidates?

  46. It’s amazing, because for the last two years or so we’ve been trying to find a way to save the DIA. It isn’t self-supporting and other funding dried up. Months and months of “should we sell the artwork?”

    I like museums, but I don’t understand how these super elite folks can’t figure out a way to at least have the joint pay for itself.

    The article says it needs to pay the ginormous pay in order to attract the “top talent”. How top can they be if they run at such a deficit.

  47. I’ll run the DIA into the ground for a mere $400K per year.

  48. I should go to the DIA all the time and steal the toilet paper.

    They’re stealing straight from my property taxes, so it feels fair.

  49. I bet every one of those people working there vote D.

  50. I bet every one of those people working there vote D.
    Does mare like pudding? And chocolate ice cream? And birthday cake? And cookies? And whipped cream? And gummy bears? And pie? And dildos?

  51. Mare would put all of those in one bowl and call it a Sundae.

  52. I was making an obvious comment, MJ, yes. but the irony of it just makes my head want to explode.

    I bet those EXACT same people are campaigning for democrats. They’re not just supporters. They are the driving force.

  53. As they make half a million dollars from taxpayer money. As they “successfully” run a business that loses money. As they advocate for policies, when their life demonstrates what a fail they are .

  54. A. I miss Mare.

    B. I am totally against any public funds being used for “art.” I think the DIA should be sold. Period. There should be no CFPB, PBS, NPR, NEA, or any other liberal scheme for stealing money. If they want that shit, let them pay for it. I’ve never been in the DIA, and I never will be. If I want to see art, I’ll google it.

  55. Memories for Hotspur, maybe to give Hotbride a laugh:


  56. Taxpayer funded art worth supporting:

  57. I am not against public funding for museums, but then admission should be free, imho. It’s either a public good, owned by the public, or not.

    Also – the wages of the employees should be transparent.

  58. Jimbro, HotBride always intended to write a book about her seven years in hell. She’s actually a very good writer, and she can be really funny. But I think the exercise now would just bring up too many painful memories.

  59. I was making an obvious comment, MJ, yes. but the irony of it just makes my head want to explode.
    I bet those EXACT same people are campaigning for democrats. They’re not just supporters. They are the driving force.
    It’s perfect. You support the people that support you.

    The outcome of what you do isn’t important to anyone.

  60. 127th Wing: Persevere, Adapt and Evolve

    Good one Leon.

    When she writes the book it can be featured on the Sunday book thread. There’s always at least one book on that that catches my eye.

  61. We don’t know if it was drugs, or mental illness. Possibly a combination of both. Paranoid schizophrenic is my guess.

    Guy at the bakery where I worked was the same. He was a diagnosed schizophrenic and recovering alcoholic when I knew him.
    Most days he would come in, turn on his music really loud and get to work. One day he came in and just started working. When I was packing up to go home, he was just sitting quietly in the back staring off into space.

    Next day, I found out he freaked out ranting weird stuff, sneaking up on another worker and talking in her ear about spaceships. They called the girlfriend to come get him and he supposedly slapped her around and raped her once home. His MiL lived with them and she had to lock herself in the bathroom.

    Apparently he went off his meds thinking since he was doing so well he didn’t need them anymore. He was put in a psych ward for a week or two.

  62. yes, and the circle is complete, MJ. because the democrat voters don’t care that the policies of their leaders don’t lead to any positive results either.

    Here’s a game. Name ONE thing that liberals are actually good at, in a free market sense.

    outside of the music/entertainment industry, most everything else is subsidized.

  63. As they “successfully” run a business that loses money.

    I should move up there and tell them I’d take $250k to do the one guy’s job. Other than keeping up a decent humidity level and pay for a cleaning crew, what more does the place need?

  64. because the democrat voters don’t care that the policies of their leaders don’t lead to any positive results either.

    That’s because as a bunch, they are all jealous, lazy, grifters.

  65. beasn, he was stacking dishes too tall (they will eventually fall over). So the manager called him over to explain it (he’s new) and he responded “I DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING!”

    it just got weirder from there.

  66. So apparently the first lady of Oregon is a former pot farmer.


  67. I keep telling Mrs. Leon that she should send a link to that channel to History Channel so we can go be big-time TV peoples on a reality show.

  68. Well beasn, they rotate the artwork and they also arrange for new exhibits/traveling ones.

    I think any business owner could do it. Probably with more success.

  69. Mrs. Leon also has a Fine Arts degree. She could run the DIA forrealz.

  70. “God’s laws are meant to lead all people to Christ and his glory, and if they do not, then they are obsolete, Pope Francis said in a morning homily.”

    “”Am I able to understand the signs of the times and be faithful to the voice of the Lord that is manifested in them?” he asked.”


    Considering what he did in the synod, plus the above…..

    If the Church reinterprets God’s laws for ‘the sign of the times’, it becomes obsolete. The Law is the Law and if you can’t figure out a way to reach the masses, it’s a problem with you, not the Law.

  71. I think that’s the problem, leon. The peps running the DIA have art history, or fine art’s degrees.

    Let’s give the B school a chance.

  72. I think any business owner could do it. Probably with more success.

    And probably for a lot less.

  73. We’ve seen an uptick in homeless here in Colorado since pot was legalized. A lot of them seem to be coming here because they wan’t a “natural alternative” to their lithium medication.

  74. Probably, But if he could make it profitable, he’s deserve more $$. CAPITALISM ROCKS.

  75. I miss Benedict XVI.

  76. I’d settle for a DIA that didn’t lose money.

  77. So a friend of mine lives in Detroit now. He just took a job with GM.

    Baghdad would probably have been safer.

  78. bingo:

    Prior to his tenure at the DIA, Beal served as director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from 1996 to 1999. He held the position of director of the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska, from 1989 to 1996 and served as chief curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from 1984 to 1989. Beal has published many exhibition catalogs, books, and articles including an exhibition catalogue on the DIA’s American paintings. He has served on numerous art panels, was a member of the Federal Advisory Committee on International Exhibitions from 1991 to 1995, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Association of Art Museum Directors and Chair of its Art Issues Committee from 2002 to 2005. He served on the Board of Trustees of the American Association of Museums from 2004 to 2007.

    Beal is a native of Great Britain, born in Stratford-on-Avon. He has degrees in English and Art History from the University of Manchester and the Courtauld Institute of Art.

  79. our local university used to have a private firm manage their entertainment bookings. We used to get ALL the big name bands coming through here. Now the university does it, deciding they should make all the money from it. Now we get 0 bands coming through here. Can’t tell you the last concert I went to here.

  80. Annmarie Erickson, DIA executive vice president and chief operating officer, saw her compensation increase by 36 percent in one year to $369,366.

    How do you suppose this woman spends her time? Her salary is higher than the president of any public university, and she’s responsible for one building full of inanimate objects.

  81. #2 in charge:

    Prior to joining the DIA, Ms. Erickson worked at the Cranbrook Educational Community for eight years, serving first as executive director of Public Relations and Marketing and later as Communications Counsel to Cranbrook’s president. While she has concentrated her career in the nonprofit sector, Ms. Erickson spent several years in the for-profit sector as a vice president at Casey Communications Management, a full-service public relations firm. Early in her career, she was employed as a newscaster and news director at a major Detroit radio station

  82. Sean and Lipstick,

    I will be in downtown Long Beach Sunday afternoon/evening.

    Short layover so I won’t be able to get my ‘Chad’ on.

    Can do an early dinner if anyone is in town.

  83. #2 is Annmarie. You will not she spent “SEVERAL YEARS” in a for-profit business.



  84. CO- if he lives anywhere near downtown, he”ll be fine.

  85. One of you humpers may need to do HHD tomorrow: Rocketchick’s Internet is iffy and I am working the system to have an appointment with a poolman that could last until Friday if I’m lucky.

    Speak now or forever hold your peas.

  86. “poolman”

  87. PR.

    Read that as “clerisy”. Possibly “mandarin”.

  88. I could probably do it, Cyn.

  89. I’d eat horse if I could find them being raised for meat rather than abandoned pets.

  90. *plays Bonanza theme

  91. I wonder if Hotspur could do HHD with pinup art.

  92. I just got offered the Atlanta office. Gah.

  93. One of my friends back in Worcester, MA was from an old school Italian family. Every once in a while they’d have a get together where horse was served. He was always vague about the details but gave enough info to get the point across. I’d eat it if it meant the difference between living or dying or even if I was just hungry.

  94. Thank you, CarIN.

  95. Wow… That’s awesome, MJ!

    And they haven’t tried to recall the email yet? Congrats!

  96. Hold out for the Gary IN office, MJ!

  97. I think I’m going to turn it down. Dunno. I’ll go through the list of stuff tonight. I fucking hate Atlanta.

  98. LoL

  99. Do you have to actually work there?

  100. I hear they have a good transit system.

  101. Yes. I’d have to move, go to an office everyday, lots of stress, supervise 100+people, and I’d be accountable for the P&L.

    25% more pay, though.

  102. Considering I have turned down the same thing (more or less) to move to DC, I wouldn’t blame you for nixing it.

    I want to be a slumlord like Tushar when I grow up.

  103. I hear they have a good transit system.


  104. Tell them you’ll do it for 50% more and a manservant.

  105. Eh. I wouldn’t want to live in Atlanta.

  106. Hold out for Lapeer!

    Tell them you’ll do it for 50% more and a manservant poolboy.

  107. “manservant”

  108. Back home again – going to crash on the couch. Have a nice day!

  109. BEST. POAT. EVER.

  110. Car in, I told him he should buy a couple of blocks and build himself a compound.

  111. Carin, all of that bio. info. is precisely why there should be no govt. funding for art. Those fucking people couldn’t get a comparable paying job in the private sector, because all they’ve been taught is bullshit, and all they know is how to get grants and beg for more tax money. Then when the shit hits the fan like it has in Detroit, somehow the elites think the art belongs to the people.

    Fuck that. If the people want the art, let them buy it. I don’t want it or need it, and I sure as hell think Detroit’s creditors deserve to be paid.

  112. *subscribes to Hotspur’s newsletter.

  113. Honestly, I only think SOME of the creditors deserve to be paid.

    Here’s a list of who the city owes money to. i know the dude who ran the fire fighter’s dealo. Crooked as the day is long, and I’m sure many of these organizations are similar.


    And, the elites don’t truly believe that art belongs to the people. That’s just a populist ruse.

  114. In that picture, you can see where I grew up. just on the other side of the park area.

  115. Elites think that art is too good for most people. It must be protected from the masses who are truly too stupid to understand or appreciate it.

  116. Does anyone want sleeping Benny pictures?

  117. Elites think that art is too good for most people. It must be protected from the masses who are truly too stupid to understand or appreciate it.

    I happen to agree, so let’s sell it to someone with the money to protect it.

  118. Leon, you’re among those unable to appreciate it. You didn’t receive a liberal arts degree. Plus, you’re a capitalist pig. Modern Art is designed to criticize your type.

  119. Modern art is shit.

    I went to the DIA to look at the real art they still have. It could sell for quite a bit.

  120. Elites think that art is too good for most people. It must be protected from the masses who are truly too stupid to understand or appreciate it.

    I disagree. In fact, I’m in negotiations to purchase a Thomas Kinkaid original from the store at the mall.

  121. I hate modern art.

  122. I love modern art. This is super pretty.

  123. This is nice too.

  124. I just went to look on the bookshelf for my Uffizi guide and noticed a quran. WTF?

    Mr. Beasn took me to Italy (Rome, Florence) for our 20th anniversary. The entire cities were museums filled with beautiful art. The buildings, every corner church, and even some of the people who had the Roman look about them.

  125. The problem with modern art is that it’s all thought/concept. No talent.

  126. MJ, I like the colors of the first but that is something anyone can do. The second, meh.

  127. I want sleeping Benny pics!!!

  128. Here’s a photograph of Jackson Pollack and his mom.

  129. Poat updated with photograph of dubious artistic merit.

  130. Our art museum was pretty lame, but free admission. It was the most visited museum in NM. Politicians decided to charge admission to make $$$. We haven’t been since then. Seems like few others attend anymore.

  131. Oops, we went there for our 11th anniversary. Sheesh. St. Peters Basilica is a giant museum. And it’s ‘free’! The cupids are 6 feet tall. Saw some fat tourist put his hanky in the font and rub the Holy water all over his bald head.

  132. I’m thinking the Vatican is free too…except for the Sistine Chapel.

  133. Your mom may not be free, but she is certainly reasonable.

  134. You’re wrong on the second count, hotspur.

  135. Benny is adorable!

  136. Benny is adorable.

  137. JINX!

  138. oso, did you see the video of the Bad Vicar that Fr. Erik posted?

  139. The Denver Museum has a huge collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts. Last time I was there, they were having a debate as to what to call the crap. Anything with Columbus is rayciss. The modern art was crap, too. I only went to see the traveling Impressionist Exhibit.

  140. Here you go. It’s his intervention at the synod. Picture him doing this. LOL


  141. Ha Jinx. Beasn, I haven’t. Just got home. Chillaxin on my phone.

  142. Who is Fr Erik?

  143. I linked that video here months ago.

    No one remembered 😦

  144. Please update this post with boobs to redeem yourself.

  145. Car in, facechimp.
    Check your FB messages.

  146. Leon, it’s funnier coming from a priest wanting to do that to some of the bishops.
    (no, I never saw when you linked it, I’m sure I would have laughed then too)

  147. Where the heck am I going to find boob pictures on the internet?

  148. It’s a frequent sentiment among a lot of laity, I’ve seen. At least in my parish. Our archdiocese appears to have some good bishops, though.

  149. I think I finally get gamer gate. It’s stupid.

  150. I want to go to Utah just to attend Mass at Fr Erik’s church. Peej went there during one of her horrible MiL trips.

  151. MJ, my lefty friend is confident that it’s entirely a hate group of misogynists and men’s rights activists who harass innocent women, so I had to at least research it.

    There is some of that, but for the most part he’s entirely misguided, as per usual.

  152. Also, there’s this important thing I see happening, unrelated to the issue itself: dialogue.

    The anti-gg people are almost all leftists, the gg people are left-ish, but still a mix. The gg includes a lot of people who would never speak aside from this common interest, but they are speaking, and discovering other things in common. For a lot of these folk, this is the first time in their lives that they’ve said “that guy is a conservative, and he’s right about this”.

    I’m also learning that for a lot of them, it’s the second time. Zimmerman(!) was the first.

    This could be something, as Ace would say.

  153. Women gamers will take over gaming. I’m guessing the dudes are all blue pill.

  154. Women taking over gaming ends it. A $400B/yr industry will vanish.

    And yeah, a lot of the dudes are proud blue pillers.

  155. Depression Quest was a real thing.

  156. http://www.depressionquest.com/

    The anti-GG journolist crowd was pushing this.

    GG’ers were like, “Who the fuck wants to ‘play’ this shit? Can’t we just read about fun games?”

    So of course, they’re awful.

  157. It was a choose-your-own-lameness website. I watched a playthrough.

  158. Gaming is for fags.

  159. Seriously – total fags.

  160. Didn’t you play Skyrim, Hotfag?

  161. >_>


  162. I occasionally still play, but never online anymore. I’m not hardcore enough for MMOs or FPS killfests.

  163. Last good one I played was Dishonored. Excellent single-player stealth game. You can play it as an assassin, but you can also win without killing anyone at all.

  164. Oil is down 4% today, just in time for the election.

    Thanks, 0bama?

  165. Oh crap, Phat, on Sunday I’ll be in Slovenia.

    I just had to write that because it sounds like a line in a book or something. A bad book. “Sunday I will be in Slovenia to meet the mysterious Daria for the microfilm exchange…”

    Except, I really will be there.

    Next time for sure, it’ll be great to see you.

  166. The last game I played was Civilization V. Pretty addictive.

    Beyond Earth is due to launch this month. I’m eagerly awaiting it. I was addicted to Alpha Centauri back in the day.

  167. Last game I played was Wings over Vietnam. I almost exclusively play flight sims. I’ve never owned a game console.

  168. I haven’t had a PC I could game on in awhile. I did that on purpose so I could quit WoW. I did play Civ IV, though. Pretty fun.

  169. Not a gamer. What’s grinding my gears is the NYT Book List establishing the POGs for major retailers and the deceptive counting they do to hurt conservative authors while inflating book sales for the liberati

  170. Oh, I forgot. The last game I played was your mom.

  171. If I was a pastor in Houston, I would tell the city of Houston to GFY. This ain’t Canada.

  172. Mom Quest:

    First one to win tastes my spooge.

  173. Ew.

  174. I really like Jim Beam Kentucky Fire. Good with Coke Zero, but I can do shots too.

  175. So, I’m pretty sure I just flunked my calc exam.


  176. I’ve tried to play WoW, but it never appealed to me. Too much repetition and not enough story.

    I have been playing through old stuff that I already have, such as the Half-Life games. Oh, and occasionally I’ll get sucked into Skyrim again.

  177. I’m not a gamer.

    I know. You’re all shocked.

  178. Next time take the test buzzed or hung over.

  179. COAlex, when will you know? How important is this test to your final grade? What are you drinking?

  180. There was a Simpsons game where you could drive around Springfield and get stuff. I liked it. You kind of had to be a Simpsons nerd to find the obscure clues.

  181. Games can be fun but chasing girls is more sporting.

  182. Car in, not a gamer either here. Double shock!

    The ex played something that was cute called Overlord. Really made me laugh.

  183. Where are you these days, lipstick? I had a ton of fun hanging out with you.

    GND adored you.

  184. Really hope you don’t end up in Hotlanta, MJ.

  185. Common Core Math on the window sticker: If each baby daddy in prison has multiple baby mamas, show the number of people on WIC/EBT/SNAP using sticks and circles.

  186. I think I’m going to turn it down. Quality of life and what not.

    Plus I love my job at the moment. I’m learning all kinds of new skills.

  187. By skills I assume you mean how to appear less faggy.

  188. MJ, have you bought the big box of gloves at Sam’s and face masks yet for all the traveling you do?

  189. Aw MJ, I adored her too, that’s nice of you to say. That weekend was not long enough.

    I’m finally moving out of (Real Housewives of) Orange County, CA up the coast about 35 miles to the place I adore, Manhattan Beach. Long time coming.

    It Will Be Good.

    Fuck you Thomas Wolfe, it IS possible.

  190. I’m good Oso. I was a bit startled seeing people in full protective gear last week. I don’t fly again until next Wed so it’ll either be defcon 1 or a distant memory.

  191. I LOVE Manhattan Beach. Meetup at Lippy’s!!!!

  192. I’ll try to schedule a trip out there but my boss has been going West, lately.

    If we can do a drink-up, I’d love it.

  193. MJ, I’ve been seeing people with gear for a week or more. Not chemo peeps.

  194. I may actually get to be a bum tomorrow. Meeting at hospital includes SiL and Dan is worried that I’ll go all Latina on her and her family.

  195. Meetup in Manhattan, oh yeah!

    MJ, let’s make sure the boss gets Ebola and grab Oso and Cyn (and Dave, CoAlex and everybody) on your way out.

    Oso, when were you there? Where did you go?

  196. Did anybody figure out that anybody else was pretending to be The Phantom of The Amusement Park in order to discourage people from looking for Old Man Thompson’s hidden cache of gold bullion today?

  197. My sister is pretty freaked about traveling overseas right now. I might be too if I had an ounce of sense.

  198. I’m in

  199. I’m basically always in at this points

  200. Lippy, part of our honeymoon was spent in Redondo. Spent a lot of time chilling on MB in the 90s.

  201. Bars, restaurants, movies, and shopping. I still prefer SD beaches.

  202. AND….Dan just asked me to attend the meeting and take his Mom to lunch. I’ll try to get some books out of this.

  203. Can someone please translate Oso for me?

  204. MB = Manhattan Beach

    SD = San Diego

    I think.

  205. Si, si, Sean.

  206. MB = most booze

    SD = short dick

  207. I still love SoCal. Even though I can’t afford to live there.

  208. My inlaws used to live in San Juan Capistrano. Spent a lot of time hanging out at Dana Point and Laguna Beach. The place gave me the creeps. Something not right about those people.

  209. I can’t afford to live here. but I make it work.

    Who knew free wi-fi in a dumpster was a thing?

  210. Family in La Jolla. Friends in NB. Dan has family in Laguna Niguel. It’s the lack of “real” weather. June Gloom really isn’t a thing.

  211. I thought MB was man-boob.

  212. Sean, I love Sean. Marge’d/

  213. Milton Bradley

  214. Methadone B

  215. MB

  216. DiT, still Praying for Erin. You’re a good guy.

  217. Man-boob v. Side-boob. Discuss.

  218. I’m too lazy to have skills. Did anyone step up for HHD? Jew? Teresa? Beuller?

  219. I can’t afford to live here. but I make it work.

    Si, si. Plus prostitution. I’ve caught Sean on my corner a few times and had to cut a bitch.

  220. Hahaha Love you, Lippy. (Can’t believe GND knows more Hostages than I do. Cries)

  221. Thanks Oso. Not the best news today, but also not the worst.

  222. Why didn’t you go, Oso?

    If I remember right, you couldn’t go because family was coming.
    They didn’t.

    And you had to go to a football game.
    You didn’t.

  223. St. Louis thug update….they are now showing up at trooper’s homes.

    They are expanding out beyond Ferguson. Yesterday they were causing sh*t in the city of Frontenac, which is a very wealthy area.

  224. Dan is starting to freak about air travel. Looks like I’ll be going to Nashville by myself in June. If I survive Ebola. Moloka’i 25th Anniversary starting to look like SoCal road trip.

  225. Scott, it totally sucked!!! Family didn’t show and I got sick and didn’t have the time off. Still pissed.

  226. Soon, Osita, soon. You now have the Golden Ticket for the next meetup.

  227. I already told Dan that I am going to the next meetup.

  228. Oso, had you been to one, you wouldn’t have let that happen.

    Meat-ups trump family weddings.

  229. TITS caused some serious shit in the OSO household. Finally, had a meet up in my hood and familia fucked it up. Now, Dan is going to PHX for a game in Nov. I wasted my vacay in Sept. He has promised me a Cyn meet in January.

  230. Scott, I know! Dan is learning. His rules for my TAS meet up in Vegas: Don’t get drunk in the hospitality room with a bunch of guys you knew when you were 12. He’s evolving.

  231. Lippy,
    I didn’t answer you last night about Lidocane patches ’cause I ate a wonderful pork-loin roast with honey-mustard glaze, a bunch of carrots, onions, and potatoes, and went to bed.
    I was looking at them on WebMD and it says they changed the “On Label” prescribing to Shingles pain *only*.
    I figured that I couldn’t get them without Shingles, and I don’t want Shingles.
    I’ll ask my Doc the next time I’m in there.
    It would be *GREAT* if they worked for this!
    Thank you!

  232. Scott, I’ve never been to NE. Neither has Dan. On his bucket list. Booyah! I’m prepping to go without him for a meat up.

  233. Why are you going to a meatup in Nebraska?

  234. heh. New England. Still trying to incorporate Dan into the H2 lifestyle. I have to negotiate TAS and H2 into my travels. (Taipei American School)

  235. I don’t believe in Nebraska.

  236. I don’t believe in Dan.

  237. I believe in Dan, because he makes me feel like I matter. He’s kind of a douche that way.

  238. KC/Orioles on TV. Dan took the remote and he’s watching The Waterboy. We own it. We’ve seen it a bunch of times. Live baseball. SYWM Flypapered to The Waterboy.

  239. ChrisP, mmm, that pork loin makes the cold El Pollo Loco taquito in front of me look even more pathetic.

    I really hope the patch might be something to give you some relief.

  240. I believe in Dan, because he makes me feel like I matter. He’s kind of a douche that way.

    That’s so goofy yet profoundly sweet. Totally Oso!

  241. Lippy, when do you leave for Slovenia? (El Pollo Loco was where the Architecture/Design geeks would eat) Why was I a jock snob? WHYYYYY?

  242. Lol, you could have been married to Mike Brady!

    Leave Friday. My plan is to go up to MB tomorrow and have a spare day to hang there, but stuff keeps trying to get in the way of that.

  243. Stupid stuff!!! (I keep seeing guys I friend-zoned on FB that are mega rich today)

  244. I’ve been to Manhattan Beach. It was right near a work site. I liked Hermosa Beach better.

  245. Yeah, Hermosa, since they made the last block to the pier a walk street got touristy.

  246. Mission Beach, y’all.

  247. But those mega rich guys wouldn’t be Dan and wouldn’t make you feel like you mattered. Oh, they would for a while, till the next start-up came along.

    Yes, I’m generalizing.

  248. I’d like to go back to the 1700s and walk the California coastline before it was… well… what it is.

  249. Lippy, I know. They aren’t as cute as Dan either. Pretty much all gouty though.

  250. http://tinyurl.com/m2jtt8d

  251. Leon, Cali in the 60s was pretty awesome, too. We were stationed in NoCal in the L8 60s. Loved it.

  252. Hey all

  253. Hi, Jenn!!!

  254. Navy Story: We were supposed to go to Mission Vallejo. Mom sold all our stuff. Extended.

  255. anything interesting happening?

  256. Navy Story: We were supposed to go to Newfoundland. Mom sold all our stuff. Sent to Taiwan.

  257. Jenn, Royals/Orioles.

  258. Kim Jong Un is alive.


  259. Leon, I know. I was ready for the Weekend at Kim Jong jokes.

  260. Tuesday is now done.

  261. LOL, I have been to both. Taiwan was better. and sorry, Mariners aren’t playing so no interest 😛 which means i will never watch a world series.

  262. https://vine.co/v/OqJKZVQami9/embed/postcard

  263. Jenn, I loved Taiwan. Still do.

  264. Damn you XBrad I was getting ready to eat dinner

  265. >>before it was… well… what it is.


  266. Sorry, Jenn. Just think of it as part of a weight loss program.

  267. Relevant: TD4W

  268. Cyn, do you need a hand debriefing?

  269. Debriefed about three seconds after I walked in the door. Maybe two.

  270. hmm in my house we call that tuesday leon

  271. Cyn’s version of “Tuesday.”


  272. I’m down to three ciggies a day now but mom’s two or three on the drive to the hospital at o’dark thirty (today was biopsy day-boo!) and then maybe 10 more at home with her this afternoon and evening, I could not wait to get my clothes off.


  274. I vote that all Hostage Health problems are hereby solved and kicked to the kerb. Can I get a Hey-yo?

  275. yep i would wear those boots 🙂

  276. Cyn, those boots looked synthetic. Hold on for one more day.

  277. Hey-yo-hell-effin’-yeah

  278. Ooo, thanks and smooches, XB, I hadn’t even thought of gelato there. Yippee!

  279. Surprisingly cheap:


  280. The last time I bought a pair of boots, I think I ended up paying about $110 for the boots, and $60 or so to have a Vibram sole put on ’em.

  281. Need to go vegamatate for a while – g’nite, cool kids.

  282. I have stupid duck-feet and mega calves. If I don’t settle for Boy Justins, I get J-town specials.

  283. Oso, you can get the lace-ups and adjust!

  284. Why were you putting vibram soles on thigh highs with 6 inch heels brad

  285. Lippy, I wish. My feet are really freaky.

  286. Rant: Reversible boy basketball shorts only have pockets on 1 side.

  287. Why *wouldn’t* I put Vibram soles on them?

    //and you know the boots were Cochoran jump boots.

  288. Just got cut off. Nite.

  289. I want Cyn to have those boots.

  290. i know but you’re the only one i know well enough to really harrass. 🙂

  291. Shut up! Jenn, you’ve been here for years. YEARS!!!!

  292. I *would* rock those.

  293. Family bed, yo. Ew. Dog hair.

  294. Why the hell am I still awake? I should have been in bed hours ago.

  295. You’re thinking of Cyn’s boots.


  296. That’s cause you need Benny up there with you.

    Come on, do it!

  297. Men are from Mars, (or the Playboy Mansion), etc.

  298. I’m a man, and I’m from Virginia.

  299. Sorry had to go watch Agents of Shield.

  300. I gave up on it after the pilot.

  301. it’s gotten much better but you have to get to about episode 10.

  302. I heard that. Once the Hydra part of Winter Soldier came out, MAoS was able to better integrate the universe.

    I just don’t have time to watch it, and still download terrabytes of busty lesbian pron.

  303. I’ve been told it’s possible to do both at the same time.

  304. I just watched long enough to notice Chloe Bennet


  305. I kind of figured you would be a Ming Na Wen fan

  306. Not really into Asian chicks. I like her, but keep forgetting to feature her. Plus, I get a lot of complaints about skinny chicks.

  307. He sang this song to young olive eyes
    And took her hand across the burning sands
    From desert plains they moved, so young so wild and alive
    They were raised to believe the sea would derp before they died

  308. Morning. Breakfast?


  309. wakey wakey

  310. I needed more sleep than I got. Staying up too late lately.

  311. Mark Zuckerburg is complete moron. He donated $25M to the CDC to help fight Ebola. They have an annual budget of $11.3B.

    Not to mention that they have an unlimited budget when it comes to things like Ebola.

  312. He spent the same amount supporting illegal immigration and importing ev68.

    Bond villain.

  313. Survey time!

    What’s everyone’s favorite chili seasoning? I’m partial to Williams.

  314. I usually put chili seasoning together on the fly. I use something called “chili powder” but that’s sort of an afterthought. The first seasoning are the chiles from the garden.

  315. The seasoning is the part I’m after. I have the chiles already.

  316. Cumin, salt, a little coriander and paprika. Touch of ginger and turmeric if you want some tang.

  317. HHD IS HERE!!!!!! YEA!!!

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